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Ellie couldn't believe that one of her friends had such a good idea, but her husband doesn't want to admit how he stood behind it. She understood that Manny is worried, because with more carnivores could occur more problems in the city. On the other hoof, it wasn't so that there were no criminal acts at all here. The mammoth mother knew that it wasn't just the fault of these animals, that such things happened. Just because you are a herbivore, doesn't also mean you have always a good character.

Now she felt a bit disappointed, because the stubborn mammoth beside her in the car doesn't fully supports his buddy. What did he thought would happen if Diego got to be mayor? That the criminal rate rises to the highest limit? Probably not. Finally, this doesn't happen in other cities, where both species lived together for a long time. Ellie sighed, because if the Internet wouldn't exist, she couldn't inform herself so easily about such things.

"You just let him go there alone. What a great friend you are. You know exactly how they will act there.” The male mammoth on the passenger side said nothing to it. Than he explained his point already. Of course, he doesn't found it wise to scrub the idea on Diego and then refrain from it. But the big cat said himself he wasn't suitable for the job and would rather be there for the family. There had happened something that completely changed the mind of the saber tooth. Only what it was, he haven't heard.

They always said that he was the stubborn one in this relationship. Out-standing animals should see them once when his wife really wanted to get something. Just like in this moment. She simply dragged him away from the workplace and pushed him into the car. Then she got behind the wheel to drive to the quarters of the mayor. It was a bit strange that you must make a audition there to even be taken as seriously candidate. But the trifles were of little interest to him. When Ellie was angry, she had an even worse driving style than usual. He doesn't want to say anything about it, because that would distract her from the street and he would like to avoid that.

However she always glances over sometimes from her side as soon as she has to stop or to drive a little slower. Men don't get anything settled by themselves, she thought, as they finally turned into the street where the quarters were. Of course, she knew that the two have a disagreement, but to remain silent on it wasn't the best solution. If it would go after her, it would never be a thing that could help with problems.  

She sighed once again for a thousandth time because she hoped to make her husband talk with it. That and with a pouting look. She could also threaten not to cook anymore, but then Manfred would only stuff unhealthy things in his mouth and she doesn't also want to drag him to a doctor.  

Her day was already filled enough, there she doesn't really wanted to plan two struggling guys in it. At least Sid was with his grandma at an exhibition, which the old lady wanted to see. The male sloth would only complicates matters here. Sometimes this has the simple talent to aggravate such situations.

Nevertheless, she later had to stop by her brothers. Eddie must have hit it really bad. The poor one has been lying flat for a while. She was informed that Lorene temporarily moved in with them, but this had no car and the pharmacy nearby was under renovation at the moment. So she explained willing to pick up the medicine as a helping sister. Crash would have been able to do this too, but afterwards he takes the wrong stuff. The opossums don't take so many things exactly and that often worried her. But fortunately everything went well so far.

Tonight she wanted to go by her daughter to see how she was doing. This has recovered from the cold relatively quickly. Still, her instinct said there was something in the bush. Her husband was right when he said they didn't have to know everything. Ellie also found it odd that this came from him. She also thought that one should know some things as a mother. In her opinion, Peaches went too easy on from the separation. Finally, this relationship with Nathan lasted over two years. There you don't simply avoid the issue as if it had never existed. She also met the mammoth girls. But they only told that they wanted to help her daughter with parties. Sometimes they didn't behave according to their age. In addition, Peaches wasn't one which quickly throws herself to the next man to get over things. But to go out with the other girls certainly distracted her a little. To stop by Louis and chat with him about it, would be an option. After all the molehog was the best friend and knows always more. On the other hoof, she doesn't want to be like the skunks or her brothers, because she knew that they knock sometimes too often at the door of the prickly one.

Ellie tried to banish all that from her head. Than she almost missed the driveway for the parking lot to which she has to go when they want to the quarters of the mayor. A muffled groan from the side, told her again that her driving style needs improving. She doesn't even get a ticket in ten years because of too fast driving or wrong parking. But she just rolled her eyes because she doesn't want to start a discussion about this here. After all, they had come here for Diego and when she has to drag her husband by the ears into the building, she would do it. Apparently, he was reading her thoughts, than he followed her voluntarily.

When they both entered, Ellie looked around as she went for the reception. There was never a reason to enter this building before and now she found it interesting that she could go in here. The mammoth beside her did, of course, as if this were all incidental. The main thing was for her he walked obediently behind without making trouble.

She was given a paper, where it was noted in which room their saber tooth stayed but they had to find that first. Now that they were walking through the corridors, they noticed how much space was here. There are countless rooms, stairs and other corridors. The building doesn't look so big from the outside. Probably because the floors went more into the cellar instead of going up as usual.

“It's sure a bit creepy. As if there was something to hide." Her husband said as they were alone in a stairs hall. The mammoths choose to do this because they don't want to squeeze themselves with the workers from here into an elevator. Manny has never admit it but this got very quickly claustrophobia by little space and too many animals. To be honest, others of their kind were similar.

She herself doesn't know this fear. Probably because Ellie grew up with an opossum family. She also found climbing stairs at short distances healthier anyway. Nevertheless, she had to agree with the statement from her man.

“I don't want to know that exactly. We're just here because we want to support Diego."  

“Why can't you fill out a form at home and send it here?" The female mammoth rolled with her eyes.

“Probably he would have immediately received a red stamp with 'Rejected' on this letter.”

"I find the dress that you wearing today really nice." He just changed the subject and plucked a little at the end of clothing so that the elastic fabric snapped back.

“Hey, stop that!" She meant determined, but smiled as she put her man's hoof away.

"There are cameras everywhere." She continued, smoothing her dress again because the fabric was hanging on the fur before.  

“Besides, if you'd like to flirt with someone to apologize, then it would be better if you do it with Diego.” Caught saw Manfred on the stairs under him. He also asked himself if he has to climb them up again afterwards. Running down wasn't really a problem, but the number of steps they have taken until now could be too much for him on the way back.  

“He's never wearing anything so inviting." When they were both on a level where a stairway stopped and the other started, Manny put an arm around his wife. Even so she stopped once. He doesn't think it would disturb his buddy if they were still five minutes longer at the stairs. Because even if he doesn't want to accompany the big cat, he still knew when this one had an appointment here and his watch said it wasn't the time for that. He could have explained that to Ellie, but he doesn't want to make her even more angry.  

“Now that you mention it, this is perhaps the wrong outfit for such an important conversation. I look like I was going to a picnic in the park and not to the mayor."  

“Don't tell nonsense. No matter what you look like, you can always be very convincingly if you want that." Once again she pushed him away, but gave him a little kiss with the trunk on the cheek. It was clear to her that her husband never meant it evil when he did something. Or not in this case. He can't get out of his fur and that is why he will always worry about something. But that was all right as long as she was with him to calm him down.

"Ehm, Ellie?" Now she was eyed a little nervous, surely because she pushed him unintentionally into the corner. Actually, she just wanted to put her arms around the other mammoth and not exaggerate it. When she heard someone coming into the stairwell, she quickly left her husband to concentrate on the steps.

There were fifteen sections. Five of them, went upstairs and the rest of them they're running down. Their goal was number nine. Then they had only to find room 75 there.

“Come on, we'll have time later for gimmicks." She explained teasingly, then ran quickly down the stairs. It doesn't have to be that they get thrown out, because they were here for too long or because Diego was already gone. But these cameras watched everything. So it would be hard to snoop around by the way. Than some animals told already strange rumors about this building.

For example, they do forbidden and cruel experiments in the cellar. But that couldn't be true, because it was too easy to walk in here. Or maybe that was part of the disguise. Someone who locked everything, made it too obvious that one had to hide something. However different tactics were applied here. Just because almost everyone could come in, no one would investigate here more. So many stories came from various animals to her ears that she wondered why there were so much rumors about the building at all. It could be because one of them came from the truth and the others should only distract from it.

A light shiver ran down her spine when she thought of the story with the clone experiments. Ellie doesn't hope that this thing took place somewhere down here. The details of it sounded as if they had sprung out from a horror thriller.

“How far do you want to go?" Her husband took her from the thoughts. She would probably have followed the stairs to the end, if the other mammoth hasn't said anything.  

“I must have overlooked the number." She got an examining look. When she was standing on the same level, she saw the number nine in bold-black and almost as big as one of them on the door.

“OK. I just don't really paid attention to the numbers anymore.” She admitted and her husband opened the door like a gentleman for her. But she couldn't notice that now, than they were now facing the next test. After all, they still have to find this room with number 75.

“They don't mean that serious?” Manfred asked annoyed because they were standing in an endless looking hallway. The door to the right had the inscription 1A and the left 1B. He hurriedly walked a few steps, but unfortunately that with the letters doesn't get any better. He stood clueless at the doors of O and P and looked back helplessly. However, Ellie has disappeared. He ran back quickly. Just to notice that his wife has simply entered a room.

"What are you doing there?"

"It was open." He only got this answer, as if this would explain the unauthorized entering. But there are two doors in the room. Ellie stepped through the second one, when he was still looking around.  

"Now wait!" He admonished her, but tried to be not too loud. After all, they shouldn't be noticed here.

"Just like I thought." Heard Manny now and stood again in a hallway. The only difference here, however, was that the entire letters had the number two before it.  

"Who made all this up?" Slowly he wanted to know that, because they saw that they don't have to use a door now to get to the next corridor. Beside the door 2A the corridor simply went on and already after a step he saw the door 3A. But of course, it doesn't go any further. This cellar was built like a snake. That probably means that a curve was at 1Z and at 3Z must be the next one.

Ellie, on the other hoof, had just as little desire to play this silly game. So she knocked at the next door and as she heard a 'yes', she just entered this room. Now there was someone, with a desk in front of the other door. Also the door handle was missing  on the other way out.  

“Sorry, I just got the wrong door." Exclaimed the female mammoth. The guy at the table shook his head and grinned back.

“No problem. I would like to help you.” Manfred doesn't like to see it when other men began to flirt with his wife.  

"Thank you, but no need for it!" So he explained a little capriciously and closed the door as Ellie stood in the corridor again.  

"Maybe he could have helped us." He then heard of her and was given an angry glance before she went to the next door. The male mammoth snorted silently as his wife entered the next room. There was no light and it looked more like a store room. He almost flew over some cartons, because he sank a little in his thoughts. But he was still held by the arm. Already he got the second punishing look. Who should tell him that he has be more careful. As she looked away, he rolled his eyes annoyed. At the same time, he wondered why they both were doing this. Diego certainly doesn't mean to become the mayor of this city anyway. So what was it, that this still came necessarily here? Was he convinced by Shira with strong arguments? Manfred couldn't imagine it, that the silver-grey tigress would like her partner to stay more away from the family. This will surely happen if his buddy accepts the job.

“It will continue like this forever. And even if we're finally in line 75, we still don't know which door we should take." He complained now and he doesn't care anymore if he was heard by someone. He also found it a bit peculiar that there were no cameras in these corridors. With this guy from before, he shouldn't have exaggerated it. Perhaps they would have been smarter now.

“What is that?" He asked his wife when she has a note that looked like a map of this structure here.  
“There is no corridor 75." The male mammoth sighed annoyed again because he thought they are lost now.   

“That is 7S. The letter was only printed really indistinctly, which it made it look like a number. Come on, Manny. At the latest when we had reached line ten, we would have noticed that it doesn't go on. In addition, somebody has marked some rooms with a pen.” She held the paper in front of her husband's eyes, so that he could puzzle a little too.

"Hm, that's probably all the rooms where no one is in there." Ellie then stroked his head as a reward, but he shook it off. Sooner or later they would have come to that without a card. It doesn't change the fact that he found the system here still stupid. In corridor five, they had to walk a little longer because the empty room was further down.   

As they at last arrived in the desired line and they soon saw also a well-known saber-tooth. Ellie greeted their friend as always, but couldn't believe that the men wouldn't want to talk to each other.

Or why her husband doesn't mention exactly when the appointment took place. But she could discuss this later, when she was back home with Manny. Now that was only about Diego. But just as she tried to get them to clear the matter, the door opened and their friend was called in. Of course, she pushed Manfred in the same direction.

“Come on, help him!" She whispered and closed the door. At least she pretends it, because of course, she was too curious to wait. On the other side, there was silence until the man behind the desk pulled out a document.

"Unfortunately, you were refused." Was declared and Diego growled a bit, but the male mammoth was heard more clearly.

"What are the reasons for this?" Before the saber could ask for himself, his buddy was faster. But even if he doesn't like it, he couldn't change it either. At least he has tried it.

“There are some requirements that must be fulfilled in order to compete as a candidate.

Unfortunately, you don't cover all of them." The speaker became increasingly silent at the end of the sentence. Probably because Manfred confronts him with an angry look. The mammoth knew what was being said here. His buddy Diego was always stamped as a carnivore by some animals. Their opposite seemed to be such a specimen. Nevertheless, he couldn't think of a better solution. To intimidate the guy behind the desk until he wrote a yes or accepted on the paper wasn't certainly a good idea. It would only worsen the chance of his friend.

“See, we'll find it good.." The guy cleared his throat as he looked at Manny.

“..that animals with different views come for this job. Nevertheless, we can't give everyone the opportunity for it. There are rules that we all have to follow."  

"It's the thing with the work, isn't it?" The big cat knew the answer already, but doesn't thought that they would take everything so exactly.  

“Precisely. Until now you haven't worked in a public building to help others. Nor can you really show whether there have been incidents in recent years." The mammoth would most likely to pound the guy in front of him in the ground. Then this would have experienced an 'incident' from a herbivore. As long as his buddy was already at his side, there were no unpleasant situations in their company. Of course, there were some animals here and there which don't like the saber tooth, because this was by nature a hunter. But they never reported any incidents. In addition, each one who gets hired hears the explanation with what they have to work. Manfred makes the thing himself, because he has quite a good knowledge in animals and he really doesn't want any troublemakers in his workplace.

Still, it wouldn't make any difference here if he would vouch for the fact that Diego never had such incidents. It just doesn't count here, because they were friends. Even if they ask all employees from their company, no one under this roof would accept that. He has really thought it would be enough if a saber-toothed tiger was a good citizen in this city. After all, his buddy never got together with the police. Why doesn't that count too? But it wasn't a matter if idiots come for this job. As long as they aren't carnivores, they were still better for this building and the current mayor. Sometimes he found this government not really fair. Without moving his expression, he looked at his friend. It was obvious to him that he had resigned himself to the fact that this here wouldn't work anyway.

“Don't misunderstand me either. I am sure that you could achieve a lot with new good ideas, but so is the law. In addition, there are still many animals who feel uncomfortable with the idea of having a saber tooth as a mayor. It should simply be someone who presents the majority of the animals out there and at the same time understands and appreciates the differences." They both nodded only as they were already opening to the door.

"Living in this city isn't so badly." Said the guy who was standing now in front of them.

“Right." The door was closed without great farewell speeches. In spite of the fact that Diego had already known it before, he was now a bit depressed. Because he hoped that he could do a little more. But to work in a nursery or hospital for five years just to get him in here, wasn't exactly the best solution. First, he had to find a facility that hires him. Secondly, he doesn't know whether he wanted to become mayor at all, when this time has passed. They probably want to do just that to keep one busy until you don't feel like it anymore.

"Let's go, guys." He announced, because they were still all three in this corridor. He looked briefly at the mammoths. The big cat noticed only then that Ellie has a insidious grin on the face.

"No. No and another no." Manfred threw at his wife and waved his arms around to make it clear what he meant. He looked a bit confused between the two.

“Could you enlighten me?" He inquired then, because apparently his friends communicated telepathically. The male mammoth was simply pushed aside by the female. This said something with grunting, but he couldn't hear it, because Ellie was excited and grinning before him. She tapped delighted on his chest, so he has to take a step backwards.

“If you can't become a mayor, there is still the hope to be the secretary of the new mayor.” She explained her thoughts excited. But he looked helplessly to Manfred, because he still doesn't understand what was being played here. This sighed as if he doesn't has the desire for that what was coming.

"From now on, Ellie wants to be your new boss." Then it clicked in his head and he noticed how a grin crept on his face.  

“Then you find the idea acceptable?" Ellie wanted to know and it sounded a bit as if she would doubt herself.

“Acceptable? This idea to suggest you as mayor is fantastic." The mammoth in the background slapped his forehead.  

“Why do you also encourage her?" But that was ignored. Ellie and Diego were already on the way to leave and were happy as little children. They talked cheerfully about what was still to be done and what ideas were still emerging. Manny rolled his eyes annoyed, but followed the other two quickly. This avalanche was already rolling, since he knew nothing about it and now it was clearly too late to fight against it.

It occurred to him that he might be able to pull some of his friends to his side, but everyone would certainly be enthusiastic about this. Only when he thought of Shira alone, she would certainly like to paint posters while she was preparing baby food. He could also forget Ellie's brothers, who were enthusiastic about everything that the big sister did. The main thing was the two don't have to do so much. Also he could ignore Lorene which would otherwise be immediately back on such a why-don't-you-support-your-wife-trip. And he doesn't really want that. Peaches would surely help her mother too and he doesn't even have to think about Sid.

Annoyed and done, he finally stepped out of the building. Then he noticed that his wife had simply left the place with Diego, without talking to him again. At least she was so nice to leave the car keys here, he thought. Although he got an text, that they would see each other this evening, but he still has mixed feelings in the belly with this thing. It wasn't that he doesn't like the idea. Manny only found the things that came with it not fine. His wife was strong, but still he doesn't want anyone to hurt her. Verbal wounds can also hurt.

Probably he should go to work for now. Perhaps later not everything looks so bad.

So now I fall comfortably on the couch and watch cartoons, thought an exhausted opossum. There were even leftovers from the lunch, Crash wouldn't spurn. Their temporary roommate had to work to his fortune. Otherwise he probably must have done more. He could do it without now. It was already enough for him that Lorene was driving him to clean up half the store downstairs.

First he doesn't found everything so bad, because there was also delicious food. Now he asked himself if it was a mistake to let the woman in here. But she insisted on staying until his brother felt well again.

For tonight he could forget the other two and simply enjoy his peace. Even though it was slowly becoming strange without Eddie. After all, they used to either go sick together or not at all. He remembered when they were both still in elementary school. Then he broke his leg, because he had to climb on a wall at the school. Of course, almost the same thing happened to his brother.

At that time he thought they were both not very smart. Today it came to his mind that Eddie only broke something, so he himself doesn't have to go to the hospital alone. They were both never very enthusiastic about doctors and the stuff around them, but he thought the other opossum could bear that a little better. Nevertheless, they always went together as if they were siamese twins. Only the place where they had grown together could no one see but them.  

Crash shook the old times from his head, because he shouldn't pity his brother too. Soon this will be fit again. They will then again throw stupid jokes to each other and plot good pranks.

He switched from one channel to the other, but somehow nothing came in the TV. Naked in the wilderness would be interesting, if not a guy would run in front of the camera the whole time. Just as this was bending down on the ground to pick something up, he went on quickly. The next channel showed then more femininity, but it was about baking. He would only get hungry for things that he doesn't have in the flat anyway. So again he quickly pushed the button. Medium, animals from the beyond speak to you. Then he rolled his eyes and zapped again. He found it not really fair from the TV, that this just showed nothing good when he sat before it.

Well, his food will be warm enough anyway so he can take it out of the oven. The opossum doesn't want to put the lasagna into the microwave, because he would have to wait five minutes with each piece. After all, he couldn't know how much he wanted to eat before.  

He almost forgot to take the baking pan out with gloves. It wouldn't have been the first time he'd burned himself. With the smell, the water in his mouth flowed together. Here he found it good that his brother was sick, than there was now more left for him. The bedridden had to be satisfied with a vegetable broth. Order of nurse Lorene.

The baking tray was now ready on the couch table in front of him. Just wait two or three minutes so he doesn't burn his tongue. To bridge the time, he took the remote control in the paw again. When he had almost all the channels through, he chose wrestling.

Perhaps I can learn from the show how to drive a stalker away, he thought jokingly for himself and finally pushed a piece with a lot of cheese on the fork. Shortly before the tasty food touched his mouth, the apparatus in the hall gave nervous noises from itself. He could simply ignore the phone, because at some point the caller will already have understood that no one wants to talk.

Unfortunately, it doesn't ring just once or twice. After ten minutes, the phone still terrorized him. Annoyed, he stood up and marched into the hallway. Ready to scream in the phone, when there was a certain guy.

“Have you ever looked at the clock?" Crash said without wanting to know who was calling at all.

“I'm sorry that I'm calling so late." When he heard the voice of the younger skunk, his mood changed a little. The girl hasn't spoken to them for a long time or even talked to his brother after the chaotic evening. And he knew, because Eddie's cell phone had been lying in the living room for days. Probably the owner had simply forgotten it.

“No. That's fine. So, how are you? I hope you haven't made too much trouble that they want to send you away again.” He heard a light giggle.

“Who am I talking to? My mother? But no, I haven't done anything worth mentioning.”

“Good child. Attracting attention, but don't overdo it."  

“Was that your motto when you were both my age?” If it was, they never kept it, he thought to himself. But he doesn't want to talk too long with the skunk, because after all, a delicious meal is waiting for him. Besides, she definitely doesn't called to talk to him.

“So to speak." Strange that he could almost hear how she rolled her eyes at the other end. There was a brief silence. Probably because she doesn't quite know what to say.

“I happened to hear from my mother that your brother caught a cold.” Teenagers and their hormones made it difficult to become direct or at least for the young skunk. If she wasn't so far away, she would look after Eddie in a different way. However, she could only 'say hey' like this, because the other opossum doesn't notice his cell phone. Of course, he often teased his brother because Ruby has a crush on him. But he doesn't understand what is so bad about that when it's true? They had seen that she was no longer a little girl. To be honest, the skunk came with her deeds in this club, very close that what they used to be in the past. Both of them have often skipped school to pursue interesting things. Of course Ellie and her mother noticed only half of it. Even if everyone thought they were very stupid, they were good at keeping things secret if it really had to be.

“Hey Crash, are you still there?" Irritated, he shook his head, because it was just as pointless now to break his head about stuff. In addition, his lasagna was getting cold.

"Of course." He replied a little sighing to her before called his brother.

“Phone for you!" Roared Crash through the flat and he had slowly enough of it that he has to serve the other. In his opinion, was this sick longer on purpose. He doesn't know how, but their new home help has to be the reason. Lorene has a little too much pity for Eddie. Here this was his own fault that he caught something. Of course she agreed to look after him once he was sick. His ears only heard that because the other opossum pointed out to her that he was jealous. Nonsense.

Nevertheless, he doesn't get infected from his brother and he really did something for it. When the skunk caught him, he had to watch the shop alone for a whole day. The whole thing had a good point, because the peculiar guy couldn't be seen here anymore.

“Dude, you absolutely wanted a phone in retro-look with a cord. So now swing your a..”

“I'm already on the way. If you have a headache, I'll be also so sensitive.” He heard Eddie croak in the hall.

“Who is it? Ellie?" Apparently the other hasn't heard the conversation from before. Like how, if you just want to sleep in peace. In the light the other possum looked really a bit sick. No, thought Crash. He shouldn't be vulnerable to compassion. Although he wasn't really the brightest star in the sky, but slowly he felt that it couldn't be a simple cold.

“Your girlfriend calls from the jail with fresh air. Don't exchange too many expressions of love, you will certainly be heard.” He joked and got a evil look before handing over the phone. Crash raised apologetically the paws to signal that he wanted to make no further trouble. Then he strolled back to his lasagna because his brother seemed unpleasant enough that he has to talk at all to the girl in his constitution. He tugged nervously at his pajamas to make him presentable. Which of course was nonsensical, because Ruby couldn't see the possum.

Shaking his head, he turned from the hallway to his dinner, only to notice that it was just as lukewarm. But Crash was too lazy to get his butt up again. He swallowed the lasagna down and although he doesn't wanted to listen, he heard the conversation from his brother while he was pretending to concentrate on the TV. Later, he wouldn't belabor it of pure brotherly care that he had to attend the most embarrassing phone call of all time. He also put it on Eddie's disease that he was stammering around like a school girl.

'Oh no. I's all my fault.', 'Now it's alright, okay.' and 'This can happen to everyone.' Of course, the nervous giggle couldn't be missing. It's just as bad as in the dramas that their sister always watched and at any moment says his breakfast Hello again at this love ramblings. He hasn't really imagined the evening like that.

Cheerful and still enthusiastic about the day, Ellie left her new secretary. First, she wasn't so convinced herself of the idea to become the mayor. But she doesn't wanted to show that on the outside to not to disappoint Diego once more. Because she saw that it hit him hard because he couldn't have the job and she also knew why. He doesn't want this work because of the power or because of the employment. The saber tooth has good ideas and finally wanted to change something in this city, so that it was a bit better here for his own kind.

However, she now was already looking forward to working with Diego. Of course, it will not be easy either, but she finally got something to do again, which makes her feel important. Yes she has chosen to be a housewife, but lately she felt a little bored at home. Manny had to work during the day and Peaches owned her own flat. One of her friends just came around when the time allowed it. Everyone had his own life.

So sometimes she spent the whole days alone with baking and monotonous television broadcasts. The house work wasn't really very much, if in a house lived only two animals. With this task as mayor or at least as a candidate, she finally got the opportunity to do something exciting.

At least the saber tooth had been so nice and has promised to bring the medicine to her brothers. She could indeed visit a pharmacy earlier than one was on their way. Diego liked to do such things at least partly because they were friends. Manfred would have complained for an hour, why he had to do it.

“Well, look who's coming home so early." When you think of the devil, she thought jokingly to herself. But even her husband couldn't spoil her mood. Of course this was a little stinky, but that doesn't mattered to her now.

“Don't be so miserable. Have you cooked something nice?" She inquired as she put her handbag away.  


"Yes you. I hope you still know, that we have settled no matter who is home first prepares the food." Now that Ellie mentioned this, it really came back to him. Finally he set this rule up when they had moved in here. But until now it was very rare that he has to wait for his wife. Otherwise she was always there when he got home from work.

“Oh, don't look like that. You get enough time to practice. I'm not that hungry anyway. But you'll be able to make a sandwich or... Peaches?” She broke her sentence up as she entered the kitchen and saw her daughter sitting at the table.

She looked like as if she doesn't want to be too upset, but she as a mother immediately noticed that her girl was a bit depressed.

“I'm in the living room." Manfred apologized and disappeared from the room. It wasn't as if he hasn't tried to talk to his daughter, because he also noticed that there was something in the bush, but maybe he doesn't seem to be the right animal to talk with. Later, he would certainly hear from his wife what it was about.

In the kitchen, Ellie set up a tea first, because talking was easier a bit better with that. A few minutes it was all quiet in the room. Well, almost, because you could hear the water cooking. Only then she noticed the rinsed dishes.

“You know, I wanted to test if your father can do this alone. But when you look after him and make him something to eat, nothing will ever come of him.” She explained jokingly and she heard Peaches laugh. But as she turned around with the two hot cups, she noticed that her daughter was just wiping a single tear from her eyes. Worried, she just put the tea down and laid a hand on the younger mammoth's shoulder.

“Peaches, is it so bad?" She asked when she turned briefly to reach for the tissues. Her daughter took them gratefully and she tried to wipe her face dry. Of course it wasn't easy for Ellie to see her child like this, but she also knew that sometimes crying freed the soul. So she just patted the other mammoth's shoulder soothingly and waited patiently until something was said.

"I did something very stupid." Peaches finally gave out when she was sure her voice sounded normal again. It was embarrassing for her to tell her mother that. But sooner or later, it comes out anyway that something happened between her and her best friend. At first she also thought that she interpreted too much into the matter and was now acting too dramatically. To get drunk with the girls was the stupidest idea ever. Of course, the next day, when she woke up in Louis apartment, she had no blackout. She remembered everything. So she hurriedly put on her clothes and wrote on a note that she would have to work early. As for that, her friend was understanding. But in the other case, she doesn't seem so sure.  

“Did you fight with Louis?" She looked up a little frightened.


"Let's say mother instincts. But why did you argue with him? After all, it's been ages since you last had a strong disagreement."

“He is to blame for this. He is simply too understanding and amiable." Peaches would never have thought that these qualities would be in the bad light. But it was true, than Louis was simply too compliant with her. Perhaps the molehog should more often represent his opinion, then there would have been nothing between them.

She sighed, because the little one couldn't be blamed at all. It was bad enough that Katie had totally misunderstood the whole thing. This thought that she had finally overcome with the alcohol to ask the molehog for a date.

Peaches doesn't understand anything anymore. Her boyfriend had just left her and now she should throw herself at Louis? That doesn't make any sense.

“You can hardly blame him just for this."  

"I know. It's also my fault that we have a problem. I've done something I can't undo.” Even if she wanted to be a grown up and do this alone, it nevertheless felt good to tell her mother about it. Of course, she could't reveal everything. There is still a part that doesn't fit perfectly in her head. What was really happening with Louis and what not?

But no matter what will be, Peaches could always count on her mothers help. Nevertheless, she was ashamed of what she had done. You can't even let this go through as a joke in the drunk state. Strangely enough, the other mammoth found her story funny.

"Mum, that's not funny," She said a little snapped.

“I'm sorry. I just thought you were coming with something worse now."

"What do you mean.."

“Listen to me. Do you really think such a thing could destroy your friendship?"

"Of course not. But he.."

“Louis is a clever guy and yes, sometimes perhaps too understanding. Still, you should talk to him before you paint everything so black. Or doesn't he want that?" Peaches admitted that she simply doesn't dared to call the molehog or to visit him. Her mother understood how she felt, but also said that it wouldn't be fair to the prickly one to just let him in the dark. After all, he hasn't done anything wrong.

"You're right, as always." Sighed the younger one and finally drank a sip of tea. She then remembered what her father has mentioned before.

“Dad said you'd have a new job soon." Ellie forgot that for a moment. But now she happily laid open the news. At first she thought that her daughter would take it a little bit like Manny, but she seemed very enthusiastic about the idea that her mother would become a mayor.

At least, Peaches tried to bring that over. Of course, she thought the thing was good, but that certainly brought many difficulties with it. Nevertheless, she wanted to swallow this and the problem with her best friend down for now, because it wouldn't be fair to her mother to spoil the mood. Her father was cranky already enough today, there she wanted to at least act encouragingly, because she also got a good advice.

So they both chatted for a while until the younger mammoth decided to drive to her flat. Although she as always got the offer to sleep in the house, but she decided for herself to do that only on holidays.

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