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“So? Is there a reason why you kidnap me?" Diego was a little upset that his buddy took him to an unknown journey. Although he likes such men trips, but he wanted to spend as much time as possible with his family now. Especially Manny had to understand that.

"It's because of what Ellie has told me." Tried the mammoth to explain the thing here.

“If you two have problems, you may want to contact a consultant."

“That's not what I meant. Our marriage needs no third party who doesn't know us." If there was nothing to discuss, the other shouldn't react so irritated, thought the saber tooth.

"In addition, it would make little sense to bring you out of the town because of that." Now that really confused him.

“Just say where this is going. Then I have no idea what that means here." Because the big cat wanted answers. And there already was the sign on the roadside that indicated that they left the city.  

“We don't want to do anything illegal or something like it? I mean, I wouldn't be really against..”  

“No. Actually, I don't know what to expect.” Said Manny a bit thoughtful.

“You driving here! There you should know it."  

“As Shira was in the hospital, you really haven't heard anything.” The big cat wondered then what he might have missed. The most important was to see his child and that his fiancee was all right.

“My wife was certainly foresighted and has also talked to the doctor.”  

“About what? Is there anything wrong with Shira?” Diego wondered whether she has hidden something because she doesn't want to be a burden.  

“Calm down. It's nothing serious, or at least nothing that we didn't get back together. Ellie thought already that something could happen. Since you two actually are predators.." And so he got explained everything and the big cat was a little ashamed that he hasn't even thought of it himself. He lived for so long with his friends in the area, that he no longer knew it otherwise.

“Do our women know where we're going?" He inquired at the end as his buddy had finished the speech.  

“Actually, Ellie wanted to drive herself or come at least. But I think that's a great chance for a men's trip."  

“Did you hit him unconscious because of that?" Diego pointed back to the seat, where a motionless sloth was.

“He absolutely wanted to come. He also stood up earlier because of it. But he was hardly five minutes in the car and he fell asleep." This was once again typical of the sloth, Diego thought and pulled out his cell phone, because the driver had to concentrate on the road anyway. He has even missed a message.

'Sorry that you were kidnapped.' He read and frankly, he was no longer angry for it.  

'Why didn't you say anything?' He wrote back and it doesn't take long until he got an answer.  

'I even wouldn't have thought that the recent events would tug so much at my body.' She probably thought because women frequently have children, she also could do that in a easy way. Diego felt a little disappointed, but not because of his partner, but of himself. Whether male or female, he was still what is called a predator. Thus, he should have thought much earlier about such things.
'I can understand if you are mad at me now.' The next text came and reminded him that he had forgotten to reply.  

'Of course I'm not mad at you. I also could have thought of that. Let's discuss that more later. Do I get at least an indication from you where my trip goes?'  

'Ellie probably hasn't even told her husband more details. Perhaps she thought he wouldn't do it if she reveals too much.'

'So we really do something illegal?' The saber-toothed tiger became a little nervous at the thought to get meaty food with his buddies. It wasn't like it, that he wouldn't do almost everything for his fiancee. But maybe that was going too far here. He has endured it long without this bloody stuff. Diego doesn't really want to know what happens when he has this smell of fresh meat in the nose again. Would he think about the past, before he met his friends and yearn for this life? He quickly shook his head, as the next message arrived.

'Do you really think a mammoth is so kind and sends you to a butcher?' Why doesn't learned his girlfriend to use these smileys? If she wrote something like that, he never knew whether she was serious or just kidding. But he also doesn't believe that Ellie would let them go to such a shop.
'It should be a kind of substitute product. I first wanted to go myself. But you know, I've got something that can't get away from me.' Then Shira sent him a picture of their son. It felt like that he already was too long away from the little one.

“How long must she do that?"   

"You have to ask her.." Only then he realized that the sleeper from behind, has also looked on his cell phone. He quickly pulled this out of sight, because Sid really shouldn't stare at his wife after she was nursing the baby. You couldn't see much, but for him that was enough to give the curious sloth a head-knock.  

“Can't you say that you're awake?" He wrote back to Shira, that he doesn't hope that the trip gets exhausting, before he put the mobile phone away.

“Stop fooling around you two. I don't want to make an accident with the babe here.” Mixed now Manny in the conversation.

“Do you speak with the car like that also in front of Ellie? No wonder she feels disadvantaged.” Meant Sid mischievous and got another a hit on the head.  

“Hey, let me do this hitting stuff. You should watch on the road." Added Diego half jokingly, half seriously then he certainly doesn't want to end up in the hospital because Sid was just Sid. But the sloth ignored the two who sat in the front quickly again, as he also got a message on his cell phone.

After Manny drove on a country road, they met less and less cars. The two larger animals threw repeatedly quick glances at each other while they the landscape just goes past them. Their friend in the backseat probably doesn't really know where they were going. This was just glad to be able to do something with them. But the saber-toothed dared not quite to express his thoughts.

Replacement product he read again from Shira's text and yet he doesn't quite know what he has to expect.

“Mrs. M? What are you doing here? Not that I have something against it that you are here.." Louis stopped talking. After all, he stood in front of the apartment of his friend, there it shouldn't be unusual, that he found her mother also here sometimes.

“It's all right, but you can't see Peaches now. She has a cold and high fever. So she will try to sleep for a while."  

"But she gets rarely sick." Last night it rained for a while, but a mammoth would never caught a cold by this. Wait a moment? Hasn't she gone from this party earlier? Because it just started to rain later on the evening.

Peaches mother glanced again into the apartment and listened. But everything remained quiet, so she went out completely and closed the door behind her to explain a bit to the little one. Although she could only say what she knew from Peaches, but perhaps the molehog could do more with it. Shockingly her counterpart hasn't known that there was a separations discussion between her daughter and her boyfriend. Well, at least until now. Ellie was then a little uncomfortable, because she thought the friends shared everything. Then both were at the party.

After that she asked the molehog anyway if he knew what Peaches could have searched in the school swimming pool. This looked completely clueless, so she told the whole story to him. Louis responded a little frightened when he heard that his friend has jumped into the cold water at this time. What has she lost in the pool that she doesn't care about her health anymore? The calendar said it was still summer, but last night ruled anything but warm temperatures. The school swimming pool wasn't even heated when no one used it.  

“What was it?" Surely a gift from Nathan. But how fell it into the water? The swimming pool is fenced and closed.  

“She hasn't found it yet. When she got discovered, they had to give her a sedative so that she stops to swim at all. I know Louis, you have nothing to do with it. But could you search for someone who looks into the water. Since Peaches is stubborn like her father sometimes, I'm sure she jumps back into the pool as soon as she can.” The older mammoth was probably right. His friend could be very stubborn when she wanted something.

He has to move the conversation with his friend to another time anyway so he could also do that. Actually he has taken time off to relax a little today. But he could still do it later.

So he said goodbye to Peaches mother and ran the way back to their old school. Unlike yesterday, today the sun was shining. Nevertheless, he doesn't see much at the bottom of the pool. The pool was clear, yet very deep. He never could swim well, so it would be pointless to jump into it himself. At last he saw something flashing at the bottom of the water. But it doesn't have to be that what Peaches has lost. Finally everyone could climb over the fence, to freshen up then. When not careful, you can easily lose something here.

He could now try it with a landing net, but he was sure his size wouldn't cooperate with him.  

“John!" Exclaimed suddenly someone behind him and he looked around. But then he got only an almost contemptuous look from an otter, who was more than a head larger as him. What occurred to him immediately was the dipping suit that this guy wore. Probably this was here to make secretly swimming exercises. This type of animal he saw rarely in their environment, but he would be the last one who has prejudices against foreigners. That meant as long as they remained at a tolerable level. But the other one already pushed past him.  

“Um, sorry, but don't you want to go into the water?" But he was ignored. At least until someone showed up here with a key. It concerned thereby an older hedgehog who looked a little grim now.

"I told you I'll get the keys." Only after that sentence he was noticed.

"And who have we here?" The question came not accusatory, but rather friendly.

“I really doesn't want to interfere." That was more for the otter, because this seemed not to like that he got here.

“But someone has lost something in the pool and can't get it out again themselves."  

“With someone, he meant his girlfriend. He believes if he brings back what was lost, she will be so glad that she throws herself at him." Declared the largest animal in the round and Louis became a little embarrassed. But it was only partly true. In his head, it was enough if he got a smile from Peaches. He no longer hoped for more since a long time.

“She's my best friend and what has fallen into water means a lot to her.” The hedgehog put a paw reassuringly on his shoulder.  

“My friend here wanted to jump in anyway. He will certainly find what you are looking for."  

"But John." Wailed the otter. But the other doesn't cared much about what he just heard and pushed the largest animal easily into the cold water. With an offended look, the swimmer dipped then under and was looking for something that doesn't belong to the bottom of the pool.  

"Is he always like that?" Actually, he doesn't want to be rude, but the character of the hedgehog wasn't somehow so matching to the other one.  

“Sometimes. Well, almost always. When you ignore his rough style, he is actually a good friend." The molehog nodded, because it shouldn't be matter to him, with whom the elder hedgehog spends his time. Everyone had to know what was good for them. Not even fifteen minutes later, the otter swam back  to them to the water's edge.

“Was that so hard?" Teased the older one beside him, but the swimmer just looked briefly offended before he lay down what has found. There were only two things. When he saw what belongs to Peaches he felt a little churning.

"I suppose the old hair tie isn't from your girlfriend." Meant the otter and threw the mentioned thing over to the trash can. Usually a throw like that would have impressed him, but now his eyes and thoughts only hung on the necklace that was left. He took out a handkerchief and dried the jewel carefully before he wrapped it in a second one. Then he remembered that here are two other animals still were beside him.

“Thank you for helping me. I probably wouldn't have done it so fast alone."

“He can't swim." Told the otter harshly.

"Be quiet!" Then said the older hedgehog to this and turned to Louis.

“It's nice that we could help. But I must ask you to go now. The caretaker of the school will also appear at any moment. He certainly saw you earlier climbing over the fence, because when I picked up the key, he had mentioned something like that. If you're not here, I can tell my impertinent friend couldn't wait."  

"Hey." Complained the otter, but it was the truth that this had no patience to wait for the key. But the molehog doesn't wanted to stay longer here anyway. So he thanked the men again and said goodbye. When he was back outside of the school, he doesn't quite know what he should do or think.

There they were, on a parking lot in front of a kind of shop. However, you couldn't see much from the outside, a few promotional posters were hanging there and even other animals went in and out. Animals who normally eat like Diego.

“Well then let's just dive into the fun." Said the sloth and walked easily through the door, like that would be a normal shopping experience here. Sid never thought much about things but just did them. The saber-tooth and the mammoth found that enviable in some cases. But they would never admit it. A few seconds later, the sloth stepped out again.

"And?" Wanted the other two curious to know.

“It's a revolving door and my arm got stuck." Manfred rolled his eyes on it, tore the stuck one free and pushed his other friend through the door at the same time. Inside wasn't exactly that what they called dense crowd, but they weren't the only ones here. An employee from the store, just walked by with a box. As this noticed them, he put his goods quickly on a shelf and they got the full attention. They probably made a great impression that it looks like they're lost here.  

“Nice, new customers. What can I do for you?" They were greeted friendly.

“Good man, we would like see quickly the products. The bigger the better. See him there? He would have almost nibbled at us on the ride here.” Thus the sloth was pulled away from the seller.

"What are you talking about?" Wanted Diego to know a little angry.

"You See? The sharp teeth here need something to bite." So Sid pulled on the jaw of the big cat to underline what has been said. The saber-tooth has trouble to get the nuisance away from him. At least until it became too much for the mammoth and this placed itself between them.

“What my friends really wanted to know is what exactly do you sell here?" The employee quickly tried to refocus on the essentials.

“We offer actually almost everything a predator wants.” The other three threw briefly a shocked look at themselves.

"Just nothing here consists of meat." The friends felt relived after this.

“You can look around here. It's just a store like others." Diego nodded understandingly and then declared, that the man could further pursue his work. They would come back later, if they have questions. But first, he grabbed a shopping cart. Perhaps he really found more than one good product to buy. He also assumed that it would appear on the packaging, what was in it. There were even small stalls with tastings. Of course Sid was the first one who stuffed his mouth full. The big cat has also to try something, because he was supposed buy at least one thing from here.

Suddenly his mobile phone wants to be noticed again.

'And how is it going?' Shira was certainly curious, he couldn't blame her for it. Nevertheless, he still doesn't quite know what to buy.  

'It's fortunately not that what I expected.' He wrote back and then saw that Manny also threw something into the cart.  

"Hey, if Ellie cooks again for us all, she can now prepare for you two too."  

“Because she made never fish before." Meant Diego and put his phone away.

“He just doesn't want to admit that the chips over there were delicious." Sid interjected and has also some bags with him.  

“I don't understand why they aren't selling the stuff in every shop. Until now I couldn't find a fault in it." Manfred read everything carefully from each package, but until now he found nothing harmful or meaty substances in the food products. Though he doesn't know what all the words mean, which were standing in the table of contents, but by his favorite chips he doesn't do it too and yet he was still alive.

So the three walked a while through the store to taste and to buy. At the end they stuffed the car of the mammoth so full that one might think, you can never again buy something like that. Too late noticed the saber tooth that you can also order something online. But now he wasn't interested in it any longer and they drove back at last. He never believed it when animals say shopping can be stressful, but now he has the proof. Usually he also knows what he wanted when he went into a shop.  

“If the stuff is well received, it may also gets sold in our city." Manfred started a conversation while he drove down from the country road again.

"And maybe the mayor will soon open the gates for more animals like you.” Sid added and the big cat looked distressed for a short moment. Because it came back the memory when he moved in this city with his friends. The woman who watched over this city, don't wanted such animals like him here. And there were some others who thought that way too. Only thanks to his friends, he could live with Shira here. Of course he found it unfair that anyone who had the teeth of a carnivore, got so many difficulties by just merely traveling through their city. Yet every vegetarian wasn't trusting and kind-hearted.  

"Cheer up, Diego. Eventually someone else gets dialed and the one doesn't have as many prejudices towards you." The mammoth tried to cheer him up, but only now he has to thought about that his son must grow up in this world. He doesn't want that other children exclude him in kindergarten or at school. A flick from the back seat, took him from his thoughts.

“That's it. You just have to be a candidate by the next voting." Suggested the sloth excited. The saber-tooth looked irritated to the driver so that he could say something against it. Although Manny fetched for air for an answer, but then the mammoth was thinking over it again.  

“Sid, you'll probably hear that the first and the last time, but the idea isn't so bad.”

"Mum, how could you tell him that?" Peaches has rested a little. Although she felt still not really better, but she couldn't also sleep all day. She certainly doesn't wanted to go back to bed when her mother confessed, that she had a visitor.

“What's wrong with that, if he knows it? He is your friend and surely likes to help you." Got she as an answer, but she just sighed. How should she explain that exactly Louis shouldn't help her with this problem. But she thought that the school was closed anyway due to the holidays for a while and the molehog had certainly better things to do.

It was only a normal necklace. She asked herself, why therefore she reacted so dramatically. The best thing would have been, if she simply had run after Nathan and that with the jewelry she could have solved later. But because everything hit one her so unexpected, she doesn't mastered to respond rationally. Of course, she doesn't met her ex-boyfriend when she finally arrived at home last night. Although she would like to call him, but first she must organize her thoughts. Maybe Nathan expressed all the things because he wanted to leave her anyway and just doesn't know how to explain that. But when it was like that, then the marriage proposal made no sense at all.

The other mammoth behaved really strangely for some time. When she thought back to the day when they helped uncle Diego and Shira to move in their new home, she noticed also odd things. Peaches believed it started when she accidentally splattered Louis with paint and this returned the favor then. Was her boyfriend perhaps jealous and she doesn't even noticed it? But when the molehog visited them, the male mammoth behaved not so strange.

To bring the whole mess to an end now, would be pointless anyway. She saw herself that she neither could go out nor can she lead a rational discussion in her current situation. To defer the conversation with her ex-boyfriend wasn't also a good idea, but if this found out that she risked her health because of the pendant, then she would only confirm his words. She doesn't want that too. Probably the fever was guilty that she now thought such nonsense. Because a part of her has to agree with what Nathan told her in the face.  

When she was finally able to convince her mother that she could do it alone and would call when she felt too bad again, there she stood up already once this were a few minutes disappeared from the apartment. Luckily she found her phone quickly because she could only remember that she put her purse on the edge of the pool before she jumped into the water. Probably she grabbed more unconscious to it, or someone brought it with her.  

No new messages from Nathan. But what had she expected, that he writes it all was a bad joke or a misunderstanding? Probably not. As she walked back into the room with the bed, she realized she probably should sit or lie more down rather than standing. Because somehow she quickly felt dizzy.  
Peaches doesn't know what her mother had blurted out, but it was clear to her that she only meant it good. And because she knew Louis for many years, so this thought she wouldn't mind asking him for help. In any other situation, she might not have said no, but now everything seemed only to be weird.

She shook her head, took a sip of the warm tea, which was standing beside her bed and began to write a message. Precisely because she knew her best friend for so long, she should now have no inhibitions to talk to this about any topic. Probably the molehog worked on one of his projects. Maybe there this forgets the time and what her mother has told to him before. Thus she kept it short and wrote only that she would later look after this thing when she felt better.

That she sat now alone in the apartment, wasn't really the best solution, because her thoughts began to wander again. She should still rest and not think about how the problem could be solved.
But her attention diverted back on her cell phone, as this mad itself noticeable suddenly. Apparently Louis had just a break and could answer her. She swallowed as she read the text. Because it turned out, that her little friend had found the necklace faster than she would have liked. She should be glad that she no longer had to jump into the water. On the other hoof, Louis wanted certainly an explanation for why the jewel even landed in the pool.

'Thanks, but you shouldn't have done that.' One would think when an object ends up in deep water and a non-swimmer will approach there, then it would take a while.

'Because of the old thing you jumped into the pool at night? That's crazy.' She got the next message and this irritated her a little. But still better than to become embarrassed.

'And this came from the guy who gave me that thing. The necklace became my good luck charm over the time. So it's understandable that I wanted to have it back again.' No minute later came an answer to it.

'You've caught cold because of that. So it doesn't brought much good luck to you.'  

'This was just because I no longer wore the necklace around my neck.'  She shouldn't have sent this sentence. For a while there was silence in the room and she thought that she wouldn't get an answer anymore. Wearily, she rested her head on the pillow, which still smelled of her boyfriend.

She immediately sat up again and took another, but on the whole bed was the scent of her now ex-boyfriend. Otherwise Peaches liked it always to have his male smell in the nose. So she knew that she wouldn't be alone at night for long before he lay down to her. However, now it was just offensive. Quick, at least as her body allowed it, she pulled everything off the bed and stuffed it in her washing machine. Although she could have gone into the living room, but sooner or later she has to do this work anyway.  

'I hope you and Nathan could fix things again.' When she then took her phone again, she saw that Louis still answered. Sighing, she put the new hot tea beside her bed and then dropped on the freshly covered cushions. The molehog hoped that she clears things up with her ex-boyfriend and so they come back together. But what was, when she perhaps doesn't want that? No one was now at her side and probably she should use the opportunity to finally make out with herself what she even wanted for the future.

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