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Eddie yawned once heartily before he unlocked the shop door. He hoped that a certain animal would spare him because he had something to do today. Something in which he really doesn't want to be disturbed. But first his brother had to reappear. Since they had the store, it wasn't really like him to stay out all night. A little he was himself even a bit worried. Finally, it wasn't so safe out there anymore.

But when he saw to the front door and spotted somebody in a shaky state, he knew it wasn't worth to worry. The other had apparently fun while he waited here. Typically, but he would also like to go out and have fun again. But lately nothing seems to work the way he imagined it. Tonight must be different, otherwise he's going insane.

"Dude, where have you been all night?" So he inquired a little annoyed, because the other should notice that such things aren't fine. It interested Eddie never really what his brother did but he could only run the shop alone when few customers are there. That's not always the case. In addition, it can't be that they both work here, but only one throws the money out for drinking deposits or other stuff.

“At first I was at such a conference. You know, to make the store a bit better. The whole listening would still have been ok, but there was a guy who knew everything better."

“And then you went with him on the lash? You stink." It would be pointless to deny that, but he wasn't banned from alcohol.

"Never. But it seemed as if some of his friends found my ideas quite well and so they invited me. It would have been rude to say no.” Meant Crash and doesn't understand what was so bad about going out sometimes. Finally, they couldn't spend day and night only at this place.

"Maybe. But you don't need to exaggerate it every time. Go up to shower." The other possum rolled his eyes but then did just that. He also refrained from saying to his brother that this more and more sounded like her mother or Ellie.

When he walked out of the bathroom, freshly showered, he thought about what is going on with his brother lately. Because this is got more seriously in his opinion.

"Maybe it's just because he hasn't seen a wife for a long time." Said Crash to himself, as he looked in the refrigerator. This course offered not much, since none of them went shopping. Back when they still lived with her sister together, there was always something to eat at home. Now they've been living here for several years and yet they both can't do simply housework.

Maybe they should get a housemaid. He grins to himself as he thought that this would then get a nice outfit. Now that he thought exactly on the subject, it's also a long time since he let off steam with someone. He should have taken his chance last night because in this bar were both men as well as women. It could also be better that he doesn't have annoyed anyone. Because his head was already aching a little and he couldn't really remember where he slept. He just hoped that he doesn't made anything stupid during the blackout. Because if his brother wasn't there with something he rarely managed to box himself out of story's. But until now nothing strange happened on the way home. Nor he got strange messages on his phone.

"Wait a moment! Where is that thing, anyway?" But it wasn't important now. As he put on fresh clothes, he thought about pushing his brother on the road tonight. This allows them both to be among animals again. Finally, today is Saturday, there they had to keep the store open only until noon.

But when he found the way down his mood changed quickly. Because his phone was by his brother at the counter. That's why he couldn't find it above. Ok, he hasn't really felt like to search for it. The thing partly doesn't mattered to him anymore when he saw that the dumb guy from yesterday just walked out of their door. It was good that he doesn't met this guy himself again. Otherwise he would have told him soberly, how stupid he is.

"Do we have left something?" Said Eddie but still looked through the glass of the door.

"I haven't noticed that at all." Crash stood before the other possum, so this must look at him.

“You're lucky that such a nice young man was there and brought it to you." The other made a gesture as if he had to throw up.

"Nice? That's been the odd guy from this conference. Certainly he has done something with the phone." Immediately he looked to see if something was wrong with the thing.

"I found him really nice and handsome."

"Do you see? There we have the proof that the guy is an idiot." The other just looked at him clueless.

“Every time you go out with men it turns out afterwards that they are stupid. Stay with the women. Since there you have at least some talent in choosing." If you knew, Eddie thought and just rolled his eyes annoyed about the matter. Then he probably will not mention that he got the number of the 'idiot'. Actually it was meant for Crash because the guy took him at first for the other possum. But that doesn't last. Eddie wondered if the conference participants had his eye on his brother or this guy really wanted only talk about topics like management. More he will find out later if he should decide to use the number himself.

He shook these thoughts off for now and brought a little tidiness in the store, while his brother reads the newspaper from today. Or at least this explained funny things from it. The morning was actually pretty quickly over and there were even some customers who still needed something for the weekend. This brought even a little extra money.

“Ellie was asking if we come for lunch tomorrow." Told Crash his brother as they had a sandwich. That was the last their kitchen just could give away.

“We have to go. I want to hear it whether Diego will soon be handcuffed."

“I would never have done this. I mean Shira doesn't seem bothered to continue to live unmarried with him." Eddie grinned slightly.

"Eventually we also fall in love with someone and know what it's like to want to never let go of the other. Day and night only thinking of one animal even if this isn't there.” Both looked briefly seriously at each other but then they began laughing almost at the same time. Finally, both don't believe in such things. Even when Ellie repeatedly claimed that they both will meet the love of their life one day, it sounded ridiculous every time. In addition, they weren't the types for good relationships. They are brothers, permanent single but that still doesn't meant they land here and there not with someone in the bed. Crash found that their life doesn't have necessarily to be better. It's good as it is. That meant when he won often the games they play to decide who does the housework such as shopping.

“You cheating yet again!" Grumbled Eddie but that doesn't mattered anymore when he saw something strange out there.

“Say doesn't Peaches mentioned that Wiener eventually comes back?"

“I even think that was yesterday or today. I'm not sure. Why do you ask?"

“Crash followed the gaze of his brother and then saw a molehog with a stroller. But he saw him only from behind so it could really be anyone. Moreover, what should do Wiener with a child, this also doesn't knew how to keep a woman at his side.

“It's not him. Before he manages to get a child he more likely says that he is gay. Dude, that's Louis!" He explained then a little shocked when the observed one turned to them and even came up to their shop.

"I thought he was in foreign countries learn stuff about digging and not about women. Wiener always was like the reasonable one but then you leave him alone for a year, he has a child.” Meant Eddie and shook played disappointed his head as the boy opened the door.

"Hey guys. I know we haven't seen us... Um, is something wrong?" The possums saw between the two molehogs back and forth as would it change anything.

"It's as if he had gone out of the door as a boy yesterday and now he comes back as a man and father." Sniffed Crash and held a handkerchief to his nose.

“Time goes by so fast and the children become adults." The brother got also in the theater the other was doing. The molehog looked as if he already regretted that he has come in here. Actually, he just wanted a magazine which his new roommate asked for. He thought to himself, he still gave polite hello to the possums. After all he hasn't seen them for a year. Now that he was standing here, he wondered why he thought that time had changed something. Idiots remain idiots.

"Could you maybe stop? I just want quickly to take something and then I'll disappear before you make the girl cry.”

“It's all right. It probably makes you humorless when you have to watch over a child." The last sentence said Eddie rather to his brother. This nodded understandingly.

"Well, you should have thought about it before you got yourself something like that.” Penetrable they looked at the molehog, then of course they wanted to know who the mother is.

“What? She just stood in front of my door. There I couldn't just say no. Ah here, I have what I wanted." Thus money has been put down and Louis disappeared in a hurry out again. He might be able to endure the brothers, if he had been alone. But now he doesn't felt like it. He still had to do so much, because he was up all night to care for the baby.

But he is sure to thank his mother for that. Oh what did he delude himself for because his parents could never take his life decision seriously. If it were up to them, he would be married already and had at least two kids. Yes, his kind tends to get faster offspring than other animals. Nevertheless, this doesn't meant that he must be a husband and father. No definitely not. At least not like this.

Perhaps that is why couldn't hold relationships, because he also internally struggled against to do this step sometime. Well, by his last girlfriend that wasn't really the case, but he had to try to make it better next time.

But for this he has first to lead a normal life. That meant doing his job and then see if he gets to know someone nice here and there again. Which will be difficult as long as he has two new roommates. And the most annoying person wasn't the baby. The little girl was really a sweetheart and the mother doesn't know how good she has it. But he couldn't change anything and he would certainly not take care of the child forever.

"Are you sure that you feel better now?" Diego was worried because his girlfriend never had a attack of weakness. She always took a good care of herself and otherwise she is a very strong woman. Therefore the situation made him a little panicked. He was glad that he decided earlier to get up. Otherwise he wouldn't have noticed it.

"Diego, I'm fine. Really." She tried to reassure him but of course she felt a little uncomfortable. Probably that was only because she hasn't eaten while it was almost noon. Just to lie in bed with him on Saturday can be so beautiful but in the future she would have to refrain from that for a while. At least she should chose to get up to take a small snack. But she wasn't a animal which simply can lie down again when she was once up and awake.

Also she thought if she should confess her little secret to him today. Now don't seem to be the right moment. She also had the feeling that he had still to digest that she said yes yesterday. No one could have said just no to his facial expressions.

“We should both get some breakfast. Then I'll feel better.” She added. He nodded only to that. Actually he wanted to say something, but he doesn't want to destroy their time together with a perhaps pointless discussion.

So they sat in the kitchen at their small table and enjoyed the sun shining through the window. Diego was still worried about the health of his partner but when she sat there he noticed something else. Either it was just an illusion but something was really different about his girlfriend. Yes, she now wears a ring from him on her finger but that wasn't the change that struck him. He couldn't really point it out even though he checked her from top to bottom.

Smiling, she looked back at him. Seeing this he melted practically here. No matter what he did, that he has earned her, he must keep this up in the future.

"What would you like to do?" Shira has ensured that she will not be confronted with work today. She just wanted to be there for her man even if she doesn't know until yesterday that he would be her fiance. Of course, it made her happy but she has never thought about getting married before. She simply believed that he only wanted to continue living with her until it does come otherwise.

It couldn't be that she thought until last night that he would turn to another woman someday? After all she was never the perfect woman which a man wanted as a wife and mother. But now he has shown her that even after all what she has done, she was still worth it. Six months ago, she actually thought that her life can't be better.

"Shira what's going on?" Horrified he threw the newspaper aside, when he saw that tears where running down her face. He immediately thought about how they got the fastest to a doctor because if she reacted like that she really must be in pain.

But when he stood beside her chair, she began to smile again. She wiped the water from her eyes and beamed at him from below. He doesn't quite know what to make of that.

"I'm pregnant." She replied finally to his question and that made him briefly freeze to a pillar of salt, while his brain was working at full speed.

“You still have to think about it. I can understand that." The tigress wanted to act understandingly but was nevertheless disappointed by his reaction. Of course, she knew that she would be no suitable mother. Yet she has believed that they are both work it out somehow.

“And I thought I couldn't love you more." He grabbed her shoulders to turn her back to him and gave her a kiss. Because he has just noticed how he must have looked right now. He doesn't want at all that she felt bad because she had just confessed this to him. It was just unbelievable for him. Yesterday he feared she wouldn't even say yes to his proposal and now he is also going to be a father.

"So you are happy?" She asked when he let go of her mouth again.

“How could I be not happy about something like this? It's just that the good news are a bit too much at once. I'm still thinking on whether I run out and shout it around or if I should carry you through the apartment all day as my queen."

“I would say second one is better. So that the neighbors don't think you're a lunatic. But afterwards you will walk somewhere against a cupboard and then simply drop me." Again a few happy tears ran over her face. Normally she wasn't so whiny and hoped that she felt like that only today. When the hormones make her so confused all the time then she was already feeling sorry for her partner. This just kissed the last drops from her face before he picked her up.

“I would never do that." But he left it then by a long hug before he took her to the couch to continue to caress her neck and other places. She smiled and began to scratch him behind the ears when he arrived at her shoulders. In response she got a slight purr but that's not the only sound she heard. She was sure that it's the phone of her boyfriend. Probably their friends were curious how she responded last night.

But her tiger seemed as if he doesn't want to notice the noise because he was busy kissing her belly.

“Don't start to talk to it already." She told him in teasing tone and sat up a little while Diego put his arms around her waist. Wit a light grin he listened with his ears on her stomach as if he could already hear something. She let him do it and continued to stroke him lovingly over the head.

“And? Tell me now!" Ellie had been so exhilarated all morning but what should her husband tell when the saber tooth hasn't reported yet.

“I told you that I haven't received a message." Manny was also a bit worried that his friend wasn't in a good state because his adored one really declined the offer. But then he shook his head, because Shira would be long gone if she doesn't loved Diego. The two have simply forgot everything around in the togetherness. It happened also to them every now and then.

"They will say something soon... Hey!" His wife has just fished the phone out of his pants to look on thing for herself.

"It just could have been that you only don't know how the new one works." Said Ellie a little disappointed.

“We are still in a shopping market. What if someone has seen this?”

"Do you mean this?" Then she tickled the other mammoth more with that what she did before.

"But now is enough." Declared the largest animal and held grinning his wife's hoofs.

“This will have an sequel at home." He added then in a teasing tone.

"I am looking forward to it." Replied Ellie just as mischievously and wanted to step even closer to the other but was stopped by a stick.

“I thought that's a shop and not a boring bar where you have to watch others snogging.” Manny has forgotten that Sid's grandmother was with them. She is probably the exception of her kind because she almost sleeps never until noon. In addition, his wife volunteered look a bit on the older lady during the day. When the grandson has to work all day or is just sleeping, it would be irresponsible to leave her permanently alone.

So he let go of Ellie with a sigh though reluctantly and then got again a punch with the stick. But he saw that it was his own fault then he blocked the way to the strained prunes.

"What do we need to?" The mammoth mother looked back at her note. She has this actually only because of her husband. When she went shopping alone, she has all in her mind.

"Definitely fruit puree." Threw the sloth in and ran off.

“Do you think we can lose her here?"

"Manny! Don't make stupid jokes and better get the flour and sugar." So also the male mammoth made his way to look for these things. Although he often went shopping with Ellie in a year, he still never memorized where some things are. Probably the stores are also rearranged constantly.

Pasta, rice, other whole grain foods. Somewhere here must be the baking ingredients. At least he thought it. Conserves in glass. Bag stuff. Ready meals. Frozen food. A line further is baby food.

"Hey Louis."

"Hello Mister M." This situation will never change, he thought. Although Ellie told the molehog years ago that he may address them by their first names, he never did it. He probably wanted to be polite. While Manny would never admit it, but the little one was the best of all Peaches friends. Of course he is the best friend of his daughter, that must not even be pronounced. She had also other animals around her in the last few years that weren't so nice. But Ellie was right here too, Peaches must have her own experiences. Now his little girl was together with a halfway decent mammoth as well. Actually it should make him happy.

Maybe it's true what his wife said. That he will never be satisfied with a man who goes out with his daughter. No matter how nice he acted.

Somehow the time passes to quickly for him and Peaches already shares an apartment with the guy this time. He hasn't to be a clairvoyant to know what follows next soon. He wasn't ready to bring his girl down the aisle or even to be a grandfather. But when that happens, he will have to accept it.

Eventually he could question the molehog a little about this. Of course that just came back from a trip but he was sure that this stayed in contact with Peaches all the time. Although he wasn't always listening but when their daughter ate with them in the evening sometimes, then she told every now and then from the traveler. At least he had a bit of it in his mind.

When he was right in front of the flour, it then made click with the mammoth. Because Louis wasn't only in line with the items for babies. This also had one with him. Certainly he hasn't been listening at the dinner yesterday by all the topics the others talked about. But he was sure he would have noticed it if such words as child, baby or offspring would have fallen.
Wasn't Louis gone for so long because of his work? Had the little one changed his mind and instead created a family? He's also only twenty-three years old. Manny doesn't understand why all must have children so early these days, if they don't even get real money.

But when he stood by the baby food again, of course the little one is already gone. Maybe he puts too much thoughts to that. It's probably because he knew Louis since Peaches went to kindergarten.

“Manny has the dentist said recently that he can't do anything more for you and you must from now on eat puree?" Joked his wife behind him. Probably because he is still standing in front of the baby food.

"I thought the fruit puree is also here." He spoke himself out. Besides, he put the flour and sugar in the cart.

“Why are you looking at me like that? Can it be that my big toddler wants something specific?" Then he couldn't help but grin. But actually, he wondered if she has already met Louis. The store was large but luck was with such things never on his side.

"I don't think I can get something like this from the store here." He explained back in the same tone and snuggled a little closer to her. Also to look at the list to know what they still need.

"So what should I also get?" But at that very moment began a baby screaming behind them. Manny hasn't even time to distract his wife before she turned around.

“Do you remember when Peaches was at that age?" By this reaction, he also turned around. There was a hippo mother with her toddler. But he ignored his concern from before because he saw how dreamily Ellie stared to the scene.

"I see we need oil and that's standing in the next line." Of course, the stuff wasn't there, but now he doesn't want to deal with the matter if he could be a father again. It's not so bad when Ellie still wants a child but he felt far too old for that. He figured out already, when it will be in the school then he is certainly in the retirement home. Suddenly he was no longer in the mood to look for any things in the store.

“The air in here is a bit too stuffy for me. Do you mind if I'm going out?" His counterpart shook a little questioning the head but he let his wife no time to ask a question. Surely at home was still enough time for chatting. On the one hand he couldn't refuse her desire for a second child when she really wants it. On the other hand, age is also a reason for her not to do it.

Finally his phone made a sound. The message should certainly distract him. Manny's mood really improved a little as he looked at the text on the display. Diego wrote that he is now engaged and is looking forward to celebrate it a little with them tomorrow. This even said that he wants to invite everyone in a restaurant. He wrote back that it wasn't necessary and he even declared that all will be with them tomorrow. He would be poor fast when they go all to an expensive restaurant. Shira and Diego namely have in that matter a rather unusual taste. Not that he had something against it to eat something noble from time to time but it's already clear how Sid and the possum brothers will behave there. He hasn't the desire for that soon even if he doesn't have to pay this time.

His phone made a sound again and his friend offered to move it to another time when they are just four. Now that it was written before him, he realized that they weren't out for a long time in a group of four. Nor was he out alone with Ellie. Strange that this hasn't complained about it yet.

"Well? Are you feeling better?" Inquired his wife now and pushed the cart to the car.

"A little. By the way, Shira said yes." Then the other mammoth beamed at him.

“Do you see? I was right. Diego was worried for nothing." She opened in addition the trunk to stow the purchases. Manny joined next to her to help.

“And? Want the two still come to dinner to us tomorrow? Or do they want have the weekend rather to themselves?”

“Of course they come anyway. He also proposed to eat elsewhere.”

“Did you agree to that?"

“Ehm, I still can change it if you don't want to cook.”

“No. Although it's nice of them to invite us all, we still should move it to another day. The fish I bought must be eaten as soon as possible." The male mammoth nodded and then realized that Sid's grandmother wasn't by the car.

"Where did you.. Ouch!" There he had his answer and a new bruise.

“Watch it where you step! You can't just shove a defenseless lady to the side. If you hadn't felt the stick in your hip then I would have been mush." Manny rolled his eyes and he is sure the old sloth wasn't standing behind him a second ago. But he doesn't comment it further and only opened the car door to allow her to get in. A moment later he felt something on him again. This time it was a hand on his butt.

“Hey!" He turned a little energetic.

“What? I can't let you run around dirty.” Ellie grinned but her hand still lingered at the same spot.

“There I can say nothing. After all, you always do the laundry and I have no idea how to get stains out of clothes.” He said just as amused but before further things could happen their appendages complained already.

“Are you two teenagers or what? Please do it somewhere else where I don't have to see it." So his wife stepped from him to close the trunk and then shoved the cart away. He was really happy that he doesn't have to endure the old sloth repeatedly.

"Peaches, now don't make such a face." Said Katie and pushed her to the storefront were the other two girls are already waiting. Perhaps she should have canceled the shopping day because for some reason she was no longer for buying things since she saw baby clothes.

“We go in here." Commanded Steffie and they all knew why they have to be in this store. Meghan grinned to the blonde and Peaches sighed.

"What do you mean? Is that my color?" Steffie is holding a bathing suit to her body, which probably will not cover up much later. Meghan grabbed a two-parter and Katie several things. It wasn't long and the eyes fell quickly to the girl who looked for nothing in swimwear section. Peaches doesn't really understand why she should buy something new. Her surfing suit is still perfectly fine. She doesn't need something else at the beach. Lying in the sun and bragging with her body wasn't her thing. It's not that she is unhappy with her appearance, she only found this activity somehow always pointless. Maybe if Nathan had asked her if they would go together to the beach. Then she wouldn't have been averse to the idea. But he isn't for such activities.

“Come on. Get yourself something or we'll do it.” Meant Steffie determined and Peaches had the feeling that she can only leave the store again when she bought something.

“You know what? That's a good idea." The other three were grinning and a few minutes later she knew that it wasn't a good plan to leave the choice to the others. When she saw the first part in the locker room, she was a little embarrassed. She is sure she doesn't even have to try something like that on to know that it wasn't for her.

“And?" Inquired Meghan and she heard the mischievous undertone.

"Absolutely not." She gave it out and there Katie was giving her already the next item in. How can it be that the swimwear increasingly tends to run around like in Eve costume, thought the peach colored mammoth and shakes her head. She would also not put that on.

Nearly half an hour later she was ready to leave the store. Apparently the others don't take the matter seriously. Honestly, she could walk around naked on the beach. That would be more respectable than all she had just seen here.

"Now don't be like that. In the last one you really looked good. Perhaps black is really more your color."

"Katie if she doesn't want to, then let her. I want to go up now.” Steffie can be quite impatient when she had what she wanted. The addressed mammoth waved her off.

“You two can go. I stay here with Peaches a while longer.” And so the other two girls were gone.

"It's nice that you want to help me, but I really don't need..“ But Peaches doesn't even came to an end.

“You really should stop wearing these loose clothes. It may be comfortably for home and work, but you should also put something on sometimes that shows a bit more from your good sides. You know looking sexy doesn't mean to be uncomfortable." Sometimes she really wondered how a girl like Katie can remain single. A moment later she was standing in the locker room and looked in the mirror. She turned a few times to make sure that this material doesn't looked strange at any spot on her. Although summer still needs a while to be here but now she was ready for this season. Maybe she should more often seek advice from the bright mammoth.

“And now we go up and also search something nice for you there." Meant her friend delighted when she came out of the locker room. Peaches rejected the idea from before immediately. Because one floor up was the underwear. That alone would have been ok for her. But she is sure the girls pull her in the corner where the stuff is, what more men want to see on women. Again she doesn't mind to wear something different, but she couldn't somehow ask Nathan what he would like to see on her. Simply buying something wasn't for her because she doesn't want look ridiculous in front of him.

“Well, how do I look?" Wanted Steffie to know and wore a bodice that reminded Peaches of a very holey net. The clothing in this area was definitely not there to hide something. Meghan arrived already with the next strange thing. It looked a little like a belt, only for the whole body. Peaches couldn't really imagine herself to wear something from here.

“Peaches, you're not blushing, hm?” Teased Steffie her and she rolled her eyes then. Because that around her doesn't really made her feel embarrassed. Or? No, thought the young mammoth. She is a beautiful and confident woman. With these thoughts she grabbed what she liked a little bit because of the color and then disappeared with it in the next locker room.

"He would definitely like it." Said Katie with a grin when they finally left the store. Now Peaches has bought more than she wanted. Yet she had to admit that she liked what she saw in the mirror in the dressing room. She hoped her boyfriend would like it too.

“Which reminds me, haven't you said that your small appendage comes back this week." She almost forgot the matter with Louis but Steffie remembered her back to it. This made even a gesture with the hand to emphasize the word small. She ignored it, because she doesn't understand until today what was wrong with the molehog's size.

"..a love triangle." She heard Meghan whispering and thought it went around someone else as the two girls giggled.

"If we are speaking of relationships, we can also talk a little about your nonexistent." Threw suddenly the blond mammoth louder in. She also looked a little angry at the other two. Peaches thought for a moment that she must have missed something.

"Hey. It doesn't mean there is nothing like a relationship just because Ethan and I don't see each other at the moment." Declared Steffie a little sulky. That was another thing that the peachy mammoth doesn't understand. Since they were all teenagers, Ethan and Steffie are sometimes together and in other times not. That because of the strangest reasons and she can't quite get it. Well she doesn't actually have to. The two are should just see that they get it together or not themselves. Even the other two girls have long stopped to help them somehow.

“Exactly. Besides, you're also single." Mingled now also Meghan in to avoid being the fool. The problem with this mammoth was that she doesn't know what and whom she wanted. In a way she may want a relationship, but she can never lay her hoofs just on one person for long.

“It doesn't matter how it is. Let's get over there to eat ice cream." Threw Peaches in because they don't have to argue now. Besides, she really would like something cool after all the legwork.

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