(New) Ice Age

BY : EvilCatgirl
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"Stay at home, she said. You have earned your peace after all that has happened." Energetically, Crash repeated his sister's words and ran around in the kitchen from the saber-toothed tigers to prepare a vial. Which wasn't easy, because the doors of the cupboards weren't made of transparent material, nor were the pieces of furniture labeled. So how should he know where everything is? Worse than after Lorenes cleaning party in their apartment. If this keeps up, he drinks the stuff for babies himself to test if it really makes sleepy. He didn't understand how Ellie really believed that the child's father stayed here while she was following a new trail. At least Diego kept it up for a few hours and then jumped out of here.

"Why doesn't the little screamer want to stop making that annoying noise?" Complained his brother, who was rubbing his temples again. The guy was also no help at the moment.

"Now stop whining and don't leave him alone for too long! Then the siren only gets louder." He said and took the finished bottle into the living room, where the little saber tooth cried loudly.

"So I hope it tastes good and lets you be quiet for five minutes." The kid wanted to push the thing off defiantly, but the possum had slowly enough and pushed the tip into the child's mouth. First there was an indignant tone, but then it was drunk contented.

"I've heard there are animals that do it professionally. Why didn't the guy call them?" Eddie asked, still having a headache from the night with the molehog. Too late he noticed that the prickly one was just sipping on juice, while he wasn't too squeamish in the selection. In his opinion, the young lad hung too often with female animals. No wonder he didn't know what a men's night is. Next time, maybe he should go to a bar with him, where only alcohol is served. Exactly and there he takes the other guys with him. The more, the less he has to pay. But of course only the singles. Since Manny and Diego are forgiven, they have caught an allergy to fun. In his defense, his brother and he really didn't know that last year was shirtless night in the club Bosom on the birthday of the saber-tooth.

"At least you could have taken me with you." Said Crash a bit sulky.

"You were pouting because of your boyfriend." Eddie threw back, grinning.

"I was NOT pouting because you made silly jokes. And you're so lucky he here can't babble yet. And this guy isn't my boyfriend!" At that the saber tooth began to whine and threw away the vial.

"No, don't cry. Uncle Crash didn't mean it that way. You can continue drinking right away. Here, you have it back." The drink was put back to the youngest one.

"Yes exactly. You can't help it if Uncle Crash can't handle his feelings." Came from Eddie and he had to dodge his brother's paws that wanted to punch him.

"Stop this crap already. It's just going to be embarrassing if someone else hears you say that."

"Oh, Elliot, for example. I can write it to him, if I'm not allowed to say it in front of him." Eddie answered and Crash didn't find these sentences funny. Did Manny and Diego always felt like this as they were still single and he and the other always teased them? And what's with his brother and Ruby? It's not great at all to be in the situation yourself. Wait a moment! He was NOT in this situation, because Mr. Coon, he should always distancing himself, only helped a little in the store because of the old school days. They chatted and the raccoon occasionally laughed at his jokes. No matter how silly they were. But he certainly did that only out of courtesy. His brother had not done this for a long time and that's why he was always happy when the 'only' school friend came by from time to time.

"You wouldn't do that!" The phone was already drawn out and his heart pounded faster and faster in his chest. What was wrong with him? Had he caught something?

"Just take a look. He stands under E like Elliot. Well,...um should I write this the way you always court your women? Yes, like that. Hey, my brother found you totally sexy in the rag yesterday. He also would like to see you without it. So why don't you two meet.." Since this the device was already torn from the paw, because the other possum rose to the table to take the thing.

"Boah, not a single word is there." Crash sighed with relief. Did he really start to sweat because of this stupid act?

"Of course not. But you should see your cute-embarrassed face." Eddie grabbed his brother and quickly shot a selfie with his retrieved cell phone.

"That's coming in the family album. The title is 'Crash's first love." The other rolled his eyes in annoyance.

"How long are you planning to do this now?"

"How long do you always do this with Ruby?"

"There are differences here, because I.." Crash broke off his speech when his cell phone rang.

"Well, hopefully there is something new. Or better, we will be relieved from babysitting."

"Because you need some time alone with your new love." Eddie kissed the air to this sentence like someone special was there.

"I never said or did something so stupid. Oh, hey Lorene. What's up?" But the animal's message on the phone sounded less enjoyable.

"Calm down. I'm sure she just wanted to stretch her legs out somewhere else a bit. Ah yes. OK. Isn't she with Louis? You were there already. Maybe they just went somewhere together. Yes you're right. He would let you know this. Just come over here. We're at home by the meat eater." After these words, he pushed the button on the phone so her voice went away, because his brother stared at him strangely.

"This skunk is getting mad too fast. The not so little girl is now eighteen years old. She's just trying to enjoy that."

"Does she have to do it with the wiener of all animals?!" Eddie briefly held his display from his cell phone to his brother's face. Since you could read a message from Ruby, which wasn't noticed before.

"Don't be jealous. Somehow, it's your own fault. You still have that thing on silent mode when she calls." Crash thought superiorly and then looked satisfied that the little saber tooth was already snoozing.

"I'm surely not jealous!" The other possum hissed between his clenched teeth so as not to get louder.

"She is old enough now and can finally meet other animals. She doesn't bother us, or more me anymore." He added, his paws crossed.

"Lorene would like to have our spiky boy as son-in-law." Crash whispered casually as he rocked the baby in his carrier back and forth. At least he tried. If Diego could think clearly, he would never have given the child into their care.

"What? You defently just made that up." Eddie meant upset, but actually he should be glad about this statement. The molehog was nice and decent. Well, they all believed it, until now. But they have also seen the ex-girlfriends of the spiky one. Maybe Louis is a different person behind closed doors.

'No! The events here are not my will. You know, I can not fight back. Please do not undress me so shamefully.'

"Dude, he's falling asleep!" Crash pulled him out of his imagination and he shook his head. First, Ruby was far from helpless. Secondly, she would never talk like that and third, he didn't understand why they looked like Red Riding Hood and the bad wolf in his thoughts.

"Yes, sorry, kid. Now do your Bubu or whatever that means." And Eddie wanted to run resolutely to the door, but he was stopped by the arm.

"Where do you want to go now?"

"You know that Louis could have left for the mysterious address too. What if he took her with him and put them both in a dangerous spot?"

"What if you go now and you're there too?"

"So I should wait here and do nothing? It could be that the others need our help and can't reach us with the phone or anything else."

"Still, you should wait." Crash felt the same way, because her sister and friends stayed far too long without answering their messages. Ellie did not do that.

"On what? The police? You've seen what they do for a good job." For the first time, Eddie found it hard to stay in control. The brothers had mostly repressed it during the day until their niece was gone. He couldn't handle it if the others disappeared, too. Although they both never admitted so, but they liked all their friends and needed them too.

"Actually only on Lorene, because they say a lot about us, but I don't want to hear that we would leave a baby alone. What are you looking at me like this? Did you think I let my little brother go alone?" The other grinned broadly and ruffled over Crash's head.

"We don't argue about who really is the bigger one here. It's me." The last sentence went more to the saber tooth, which winked at them both tired.

"You wish. But.." The bell was already ringing and Crash immediately went to open it."

"Is she really not with you? I know.." But the arrived skunk got no time for long speeches, because she was pulled in by one opossum. The other stormed past her to stop the taxi.

"Will Eddie go somewhere?" The woman inquired suspiciously.

"Actually, we both have plans for something. I promise you, it also has to do with finding your daughter." Explained Crash apologetically.

"And I'm supposed to play the babysitter again?" Then Eddie came quickly to the scene and both men made big and begging eyes. Lorene sighed, because she had not imagined her afternoon like this.

"Fine. But bring Louis to me later, so I can pull his ears. He knows for himself that it's not a good moment to just go through the streets."

"You're the best." It came almost synchronously from the twins and both jumped to the waiting car.

"I know, but I'll still regret it." When the skunk said it, almost at the same moment the little saber-toothed tiger started to cry.

"I knew it."

"Damn, I feel sick. Where .." The male saber-toothed tiger quit his question as he got used to the light and saw his friends around him and this policeman. Someone else was there to. It was just a shadow now.

"Ah, Sleeping Beauty has finally awakened." Remarked the Raptor as he played around with his cell phone.

"What are you doing here?! We said you shouldn't come with us!" Manny didn't wasted much time yelling at him and so he got up from the corner. Well, he tried.

"Stop doing that! I knew he was going to lose patience." After Ellie reprimanded her husband, she leaned down a bit to the friend.

"How do you feel? You were unconscious for a very long time." The female mammoth thus ignored the biggest animal and looked worriedly at the big cat from top to bottom.

"I.. Yes, I'm ok. But.." Diego didn't manage to finish his sentence because he had to vomit.

"Great. Couldn't you have taken the other corner? That's what your stupid friend has already beautifully decorated." Now scolded a kangaroo with him. Confused, he looked at that until it occurred to him that this lady belonged to the pirates. So he wiped his nose on his sleeve and was about to head for her. But that wasn't working out. His legs didn't want to work after the long laying on the floor time.

"Take it easy." Ellie was still near him, supporting him a little while his bigger buddy furiously crossed his arms.

"What if she has information about.."

"She doesn't know where Peaches nor where Shira is at the moment." The mammoth mother explained, to quieten his anger.

"If she lies, she will regret it later." Manfred forcedly added and gave the pirate a mean look. "Hey, I just did my job. If I had known that I wouldn't even get paid and had to go back into that hole here, none of this would have happened."

"Why do you still have to do these evil things? You all could have been looking for a normal job. I mean you are so smart that you could break in here and escape again." Now, a sloth pressed between the kangaroo and the mammoth.

"I agree. Sid says something important for once." The meant animal nodded affirmatively.

"I can't really think of a career path in a hurry, but I think there's something out there." The saber tooth slipped away from Ellie and shoved his smaller friend out of the way so he could speak to Raz himself.

"Not the thing with the work. I see we've been trapped in here for a while and she managed to get out of here before." He pointed his claw at the woman to intimidate her. Of course, it didn't work and she knocked his paw away.

"Listen to me, kitty! Your friends here are to blame for being caught in first place."

"And we don't have any information yet on whether the missing animals are here." Gavin disturbed the captivity tremendously. For no reason they were overwhelmed and locked in this room without a window. A lamp on the ceiling provided enough light, but in the long run he couldn't stand it here. He would make sure that the responsible animals get a high penalty for this. At least once he gets the chance to send messages to his station. His cell phone had no reception at all. The others devices also fell away. So there was a dead zone in that hole here. That was probably generated intentionally. And those walls here were so strong that not even two mammoths could do anything about it. Even this strange door didn't move a millimeter. He also somehow got the feeling that pursuing this weasel was a bad idea. Not that he was imprisoned for the first time against his will. But this problem seemed bigger and he hated working with others. And also with amateurs.

"That funny bird wasn't also helpful until now. I just wanted to see if Gupta and Squint were here. You could have left a note before you bring one of them in a hospital." The pirate said a little too calmly, as if that wasn't so bad. But Ellie punished the tiger and her husband again with her eyes. The two of them knew that they would have to hear something later because of their methods.

"Sometimes you have to use hard methods on rough guys like you." Sid said to the kangaroo until her face twisted dangerously.

"Um, and the one rough lady in the group." Added the sloth apologetically. His counterpart growled, indicating a strike. Sid immediately disappeared behind Manny, saying it was better for others to do the talking. The female mammoth sighed.

"I'm sorry they behave like that. They aren't like this otherwise. But Sid is really right. You could have changed your life. What did you do instead? You have taken animals from their environment without thinking of the consequences. I can still hold the three back here, but if anything happens to Shira and Peaches, I can't guarantee for anything." The kangaroo lady listened to Ellie, but she didn't seem to care.

"No matter what you're begging for here, we've all already done the worst mistake." Waiting, Raz was looked at and she rolled her eyes. The captive animals wouldn't understand where they stumbled. This was bigger than the little adventures of Gutt.

"We got caught and imprisoned. Forget what you've ever heard about the High Security Prisons. This place is a lot worse." Of course she couldn't resist, grinning gloomily. Sid peeked carefully out of his hiding place, anxiously swallowing an imaginary lump.

"It is OK. You can let go of my leg now. She tells only scary fairy tales, so that the matter seems hopeless." Manfred patted the head of the sloth with this explanation. This trembled and didn't really want to let go of his strong friend.

"Think what you want." Raz shrugged.

"Can you run against the wall a few more times? That drives away the boredom a bit. There's nothing else to do anyway." Then the bigger one clearly had enough and he grabbed this criminal by the collar to pick her up.

"Manny, please don't!" Called his wife, but the mammoth didn't care.

"You belong to them who are doing this to us!"

"And why did they lock me in here too then? It's hardly a pleasure to have fun with your stinking fountain over there." The big guy sighed and let go of the kangaroo. Somehow it was true. If she was one of those, she certainly wouldn't have had the same treatment as everyone here. In shame, Sid looked at the floor. He couldn't help it if his body didn't like the sleeping pills or whatever was given to them. Diego must be feeling like this too, he thought as he looked at the big cat.

"Nevertheless, you know this place. So what awaits us here?" Added Manfred, after he and his wife had an agreement, that he didn't treat anyone in here like this again. The mammoth mother thought that they were all in here and therefore had to stick together. The biggest animal here didn't want to cooperate with the pirate. Unfortunately, it also corresponded to the truth, what this previously gave out. Too reckless, her group approached this fortress. Who could have guessed that they would be imprisoned right here? He didn't want to imagine that his little girl probably was here too. The situation didn't improve with the silence of the kangaroo.


"It's alright I'm not deaf! Actually, I was just thinking if it was alright telling you, by your nice and happy world, about this dark hole. No matter if I tell you all about this 'facility' as he likes to call it, in the end it will not work out." The Dakotaraptor had enough of the drivel.

"Stop it! I don't care if the others here have too gentle minds or something. I finally want information about all this here and about 'him'. Whoever that may be, he'll get into a lot of trouble later." The Dino wants facts that he can later include in mass arrests. Because this building is certainly not operated by a loner. Raz wasn't impressed by the inhabitant from the underground thing. Even though she seldom saw such lizards, they were no better than all up here.

"You think that your pretty uniform hasn't been noticed here. The later maybe someone comes in and says, Sorry sir, there was probably a little misunderstanding, but you can go out now." First she grinned, but couldn't resist a laugh.

"Nothing is overlooked here and origin or such a shiny police badge doesn't matter. Certainly something is planned specially for you, because I don't know how often someone from your species arrives here alive." Again a loud whining noise of Sid sounded. But the others in the room felt the same way, even if they didn't want to admit it. After the saber tooth looked a bit better and the male mammoth was more in control, Ellie stepped forward again.

"Please, don't talk around it. If my daughter and Shira are really here, what could have happened to them? Who is 'He' and what are his reasons to do all these things?" With all eyes set, the mammoth lady looked down at the other. Inwardly praying that her child and her friend are still alive.

"If they're here, it's better for them to die." Manfred rejoiced at the pirate. Although the others believed that he wanted to use violence again, he threatened only with his fist.

"Shut up, if you just give out garbage!" He didn't want to hear what happened to Peaches here. Maybe she isn't here and they all got caught without reason. That meant they were wasting precious time.

"He only kills if he thinks it's necessary. After all, living specimens are reluctant to come by for their experiments. Well, you idiots are an exception." The kangaroo continued quietly.

"Everything that happens here now, every word and every movement of you is recorded. He will immediately recognize your weaknesses and strengths. Physically and psychologically. He will analyze you. He will use the information he finds out and us them against you if you don't play as he pleases."

"But there has to be a way out of here! Whoever traps us here can't do that forever." The saber-toothed tiger mingled in again.

"Yes, it's strange. Otherwise he is very happy to welcome his new guests. Still, we haven't got a task or anything else yet." Someone rustled loudly in the room with a crumpled paper and everyone suddenly saw the cause of the noise.

"Disgusting. Sid did you have to clean your nose with that piece of paper?" Manny asked grossed out as he tore the crumpled thing from his pal's paws.

"I couldn't know that we should read this. I thought it was a modern toilet paper dispenser or something similar. Now that I see the letters, the pattern seems a bit strange to me as well." The sloth apologized and the male mammoth tried not to pay any attention to it.

"We can be glad that he only used it for his nose. Although it doesn't look much better. But what is standing there now? I can't read it." Diego was glad he didn't have to take the paper in his paws.

"So the man needs a pair of glasses." The bigger one teased monotonously, although he couldn't decipher the fine print without reading glasses either.

"Hey, if Sid didn't spread his nose content on it, I could do it from the other side of a football stadium and.."

"Stop that guys! We are here asked to divide into teams." Ellie had enough of the bickering and read the letter herself as her husband held it up.

"That old story. He wants us to compete against each other in different disciplines." Raz added annoyed.

"Where are we? At school, at the youth sports games?" Manfred said in the same tone and squinted over to the Dino, because he stayed quiet for a long time. But when he saw that he was working on the door, and without success, the mammoth quickly turned back to the others.

"Sport?" Shouted the sloth horrified, because it thought, the thing couldn't get crueler.

"Well, he's less concerned about keeping us fit." Sid wiped his not sweaty forehead on the kangaroo's statement.

"But to test his new toys on us. Granted, I'm a little curious about what the guy has been up to all this time. Now that I'm here anyway, I can also take a look at his stuff." Added the pirate a little not so disinterested. The others didn't pay attention to the undertone, but the mammoth mother did. But she wasn't saying anything else now, because she did not want to make a pointless argument when she got it wrong.

"So we three against you." Ellie began splitting the teams up. Being here forever just wouldn't help them.

"Did you go insane just now?! You come to us, of course!" Manny complained immediately, as his wife turned to the prehistoric bird and the criminal.

"We're all in here now and need to help each other. Only if we divide ourselves fairly, we all have a chance." Of course, her counterpart didn't like this words at all.

"He will not be fair. Whoever he is. I just feel it." The female mammoth interrupted her husband.

"I don't care. We don't have to stick to any rules either." Raz actually wants to be against her sentence. But probably it would be unwise to break the fighting spirit of this lady too early, especially because she was going to be in her group. She thought that the four or five would be more together.

"But can't you at least.." Manfred wasn't easily convinced and grabbed his wife by the shoulders, so that she had to look at him properly.

"It is ok. You three know each other inside out and you will become stubborn congruence. I need to get to know my teammates first." Ellie looked appealingly at the other mammoth. Of course, she wants to stay with him, but then Diego or Sid would have to switch to the others. The smallest in the round here needed his mates and the saber tooth wouldn't be able to work with the Raptor. It all didn't even have to be said.

"I love you." She opened her eyes a little bit more frightened, because that Manny was saying these words like this in public, told her how scared he was. Even if he still seemed strong for the others.

"I love you too. Everything will be alright. Okay?" Her counterpart nodded, though uncertainly. She leaned her head against her husband's, even though she heard annoyed noises in the background. It was ignored.

"And now we getting over with this! I want this guy who's responsible for this alive, so I can slap his face myself." The mammoth mother changed her mood so quickly that even the pirate was a little bit impressed. But she would never admit that.

"I thought that's going to be such a kitsch shit right now and everyone's starting to cry. We probably will not get better at splitting up, and we're not plaiting any braids or anything like that so we can get to know each other better." Raz noticed and continued to look around the room while the sloth hurried, and in his opinion unnoticed, and wiped the small droplets out of his eyes because it was thinking of a singer.

"Pity. A yellow band would fit your ears so nicely." Ellie gave back to her teammate and she got nasty smile for it.

"Hey, fatso? If you die with your playmates here, I'll take your wife with us. If Shira is here, I'll pick her up as well." Diego jumps at the words faster than his big friend.

"You will not do that! I.." But the big cat felt a hand on his shoulder. At the same time, he noticed that this criminal gave them another reason not to lose. It was probably her way of saying good luck.

"The poultry is going to be my best friend, because he keeps his beak shut all the time." Only then did Raz look around for the Dino. Almost at the same moment, he jumped up pleased.

"I did it. While you chatted nicely, I did something meaningful here." The door made a small peep, but didn't move. But the ground started to vibrate slightly.

"I hate that game! The square plates here will disappear soon, before you will feel only a slight vibration." Explained the kangaroo loud and clear so that the others could hear it. She also quickly stepped away from the Dakotaraptor.

"What are you talking abooooouuu..." The plate on the door first left a hole and Gavin fell in the depth.

"Wahh Maaaaannyyyy!" Screamed the sloth desperately and jumped into his friend's arms.

"Damn it, Sid! With your shaking, I don't know if the ground is vibrating or not. Ellie, what are you doing?!" The female mammoth just grabbed the pirate and was about to jump behind the Dino.

"We have to stay together!" Also Raz couldn't defend the big one this fast and two more animals had disappeared in the ground. The saber tooth already left some holes and jumped from one plate to another.

"We're still talking about this at home!" Manfred shouted angrily into the black nothing, where his wife jumped in, before the plate in front of it brought his feet to tingle.

"Ha! For the first time I am really happy for my size! He said, as he almost slipped away with one leg, but still made it to the side panel.

"The things look too small for you anyway. It's like these wooden blocks. You just can't get the ball into the square." Sid said smartly, feeling safe on his buddy's shoulders. The male mammoth barely managed to get up to give the other one his opinion, as four plates disappeared under him at the same time. Then you could hear Manfred loudly cursing.

"Like the family game night. I always have to save the two." Diego said to himself, praying that no water tank was waiting for him in the hole where his friends disappeared. Nevertheless, he jumped without further thought, because Ellie was right. They all had to stick together. Only he believed that she probably chose the hard way, with this team of a wanna-be policeman and a criminal.

"Ah, there you are. What are the analyses of your girlfriend doing? Anything new?" Inquired a skunk with a certain energetic undertone, without looking away from his monitor. In his mind are already some plans for his new guests. Apart from the usual procedure, sometimes other ways had to be taken, so that no monotony arises here. The ones who do things out of habit committing, in his experience, worse mistakes, than someone who is inexperienced with something.

"It's.. You know, she will not really improve on that path. No one can actually be better than her." Julian tried to suppress the voice that actually wanted to come up with him when he looked at the monitor as well. He didn't know these animals, but this one mammoth looked very much like his new friend. He immediately wondered if it could be the mother. But how did she get here? He did everything so no one could track his message back down.

"Yes, it's amazing how fit a mammoth can be. We are so excited about her. If she keeps those achievements, she should really get a reward." For most, it sounded nice to get that kind of thing. But the younger one jumped a bit behind the professor, because he doesn't want that this man comes too close in any way to Peahes. He also wanted to protect the saber tooth tiger. But with two new objects after such a long time, he was powerless and didn't manage to keep them both away from the skunk. Not even the fact that the tigress had a baby recently held the doctor back for something or made him think about releasing her. Yes, he himself too got the choice. But he couldn't easily give up on the peach-colored mammoth. It was enough for him when he saw her here for the first time, then his heart was beating with joy a little faster and also with fear for her. She spoke to him from the past. Some things about it were very black in his head. Of course he immediately got the feeling to have seen her before. But he rather thought of a dream. The café and the letters he wrote to her were so far away and yet so real. Because he would do such things for this wonderful woman. That's why everything seemed familiar with her right away.

It occurred to him that the professor had something to do with his memory lapses. Questions would be pointless. If the skunk doesn't want to talk, it just didn't do that. Teasing him would only endanger Peaches. The other one, of course, had noticed that he liked the girl and this will use it against him if he becomes careless. She was still safest in her room, even if she didn't understand it. He followed the mammoth in day and night to keep the professor from getting close enough to her. Planned her time so that she didn't accidentally cross the path of the skunk. Of course, this could visit her at any moment, but the man only had to deal with too much other things, then Peaches will be spared from this special program. Also, she shouldn't know what happened to the tigress, it would only make her sad. But at some point she will want to see her friend again and not listen to him anymore. Now he could still lock her up. But how long will that last? At some point, the professor will be bored with his current object, as with all the others before, and then Peaches will be the center of attention. Then the question will arise, how far he really wants to go for this mammoth, because his foster father didn't just stop when he asked for something.

"We didn't expect this distribution. But alright." The striped animal spoke to itself rather than to the bigger one in the room.

"Are you still here to confess something?" That didn't sound annoyed and yet goose bumps went down Julian's back. Although he wasn't punished for the first time, he doesn't want Peaches to give her head for him and his mistakes because the older one thinks this girl is messing him up.

"We clarified a long time ago that honesty is the most important thing here." The conversation continued and now the skunk turned around slowly.

"We forgive you for spying on project S39.." These numbers made the mammoth slowly sick. He had to say something.

"Shira. She has a name. They all have... or had one." Stubbornly he looked down with his fists clenched.

"You know the rules here and we will not change them for your girlfriend or for you. Without this constant everything would collapse here. Do you want that? Do you want everyone here to lose their jobs and their homes?" Julian also didn't want the other animals that are employed here being punished.

"No of course not. But.."

"But what? Isn't your work fun anymore? Do you want to be transferred?"

"No! I only thought.."

"We believe you are thinking too much lately. Don't get it wrong, your own thoughts are important, but not if they are pointless and wasteful." Julian knew that he was easily replaceable here and his work could be done by anyone. Yet such words hurt him again. Probably because he himself hoped for a praise from this man at some point, but that will never come.

"And now for your punishment. As I said, forgive you for showing interest in our latest project, and if you should behave yourself better again, you may be allowed to attend a few test runs. But before that you will often go to Sector G for sending letters to the outside." It was clear to the younger one that sooner or later it will be noticed or someone here has betrayed him. It doesn't make a difference.

"That's too far away from.."

"That's the point. The surveillance of the female mammoth is taken over by someone else." Shocked, Julian now looked into the other's face. He should fight back. But not seeing Peaches for a few days wasn't as bad as never again. Of course, he will still try to monitor her with the cameras to rush to her in an emergency.

"I.. I understand." He pushed out as nicely as possible.

"And you also stay away from the new guests. Also from this Raptor. As a kid, you liked these lizards especially, but this isn't there to play with you. Actually we should separate him completely from the others, because we don't have enough information about this breed. He could get hungry for meat any minute. Strange, too, that another saber-toothed tiger arrived in the company of mammoths. Are the animals all getting together out there?" The professor asked himself, because he really didn't want to talk to the mammoth in front of him anymore. That just disappointed him too much. It got clothes, food, a roof over the head and a good job, and yet they were so deceived.

"Now go! You can see her again today, but tomorrow we don't want to see you near her area." With that, the mammoth hurried out of the room with an apology that meant nothing to the skunk. It was clearly on the paw that this girl twisted Julian's head. There was no time for this teenage stuff.

"What do the blood tests say?" He asked, at the push of a button, to call the responsible laboratory. Because it was caused to take a small sample from the newcomers so that nothing impure would come in here. Of course, his guess was confirmed, these two new mammoths are indeed the parents of his still untouched object.

"The next following time will under guarantee not getting boring for us." With a gratifying grin, because he could soon let off steam again, he pressed another button, so that the animals that care about the two teams, hear his voice.

"We stay with the standards first. Anomalies are reported back immediately." These procedures for the new arrivals are lasting always awhile, so the skunk could finally take care of M423, even though Julian didn't want that his girlfriend gets approached. But her results were just too good to be dropped. The older specimens that have just come in will certainly not perform so well. No, the young woman was just too good for his special program.

So far, saber-tooth tiger woman had no complications. A quick visit to this project will not hurt, because even if capable employees are hired here, personal monitoring was still the best. Especially because for nineteen months no suitable object could be found for this type of research. Of course there were other tasks in this institute as well, but this one thing that fascinated the professor the most. Before their new guests arrived, almost everything just went to nowhere. Research just brought better data from living material. Theoretically, you can go through everything as many times as you like, but in practice there are always differences that lead to completely different results.

"Yes, what is it?!" Inquired the skunk annoyed, because it didn't want to be disturbed now. Although it was still on the way, to the young mammoth, to rummage in the documents of this, things were already planned along the way. A call was just annoying, because everyone knew their work and duties. Nevertheless, the professor didn't hang up immediately, because more newcomers were reported.

"Wonderful. Work according to the protocol. We will visit the entrance area again later."

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