(New) Ice Age

BY : EvilCatgirl
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"It really is sport! Ahhhhh!" A sloth whined such sentences or similar through the halls in which the friends were rushed through.

"It's not that bad." A saber tooth called almost enthusiastically, because it was a while ago that something like this was demanded from him.

"It's nice for you Diego, that you enjoy this. At least one of us has fun." Manny grumbled, because it must have been some time since they fell through the floor. After that they were probably all benumbed and put into these ridiculous suits. The biggest of the three friends felt like a clown at the worst performance in the world. They ran around a corridor and had to dodge things. These bolts are not really dangerous to them. It's the wall behind them that drives all three to run. Because there is electric power on the thing. Good old Sid has already demonstrated several times what happens if you stop too long. Manfred didn't necessarily have to experience that and so he just tried to hold out. Even if he didn't want or couldn't anymore.

"Something is wrong here."

"We are tortured, that's not right here! I don't want to run anymore!" The smallest animal here had no voice anymore, but he still didn't want to be grilled. Suddenly he felt something in the neck. Again, such a staff to jump over it? Relieved, he sighed loudly when he realized that his mammoth pal grabbed him by the collar and threw him over his shoulder.

"And what's wrong here?" Wanted to know the big guy now from the saber tooth, because he noticed nothing here. Thinking also doesn't become easier when the body is slowly finished with its energy.

"We run in circles." Proclaimed the big cat and looked around searching. So far, all he saw was that this pattern of obstacles emerging from the floor, wall and ceiling is repeated. Not only that, he believed that some blockades were even used more often.

"And how do you get to that?"


"Yes of course. We also have time here. Ah, damn it!" Manny cursed because he almost stumbled and the wall was getting closer and closer. He knew that was because he was slowing down.

"Up there! Do you see this barrier? I just let my claws roam over there."

"Ok, so we're going around in circles. But what helps us this information to stop this madness?" The other still responsive wanted to know, because the sloth looked as if it would sleep on the shoulders of his friend.

"What if we just stop running?"

"What? Diego no! Keep walking!"

"You better stay there!" And with that the saber tooth jumped at his cronies feet so that he stumbled. He took one hand of the mammoth and held it against the wall. He did that with his foot and one of Sid's paws too. When all three touched the wall at the same time, it finally stopped. Also, none of them got an electric shock.

"That. Was. Stupid!" Threw Manny out and let himself fall completely out of breath on the ground, because he was already sitting before. Now he was finally allowed to breathe normally again. The tiger put his paws on his thighs to breathe. He better not mention that he just had no idea what would happen. If more such tasks follow, they will soon bite into the grass. He just hoped the other team came through this hurdle better.

Incidental went the question through his head, whether the other women stay here as well. So far, he couldn't smell any of the two missing animals, but he was no longer the youngest. So he couldn't really say if they were here. Even if he finally knew where Shira and Peaches are, he would like to avoid seeing them again in this place. Probably his big buddy beside him was hoping the same and that alone for those torture methods called tests. Still not, he wanted to grasp the meaning of these almost only sporting activities. They hardly want to prepare them for any event in which they have to be fit. He noticed something.

"Are you hungry?"

"Now that you mention it, open the picnic basket." Said the mammoth sarcastically.

"I'm serious. How long are we here and yet I feel no urge for food."

"Maybe there was something to eat and we just slept on it." Means a broken voice of a sloth after a long yawn.

"Gross! Do you think they pumped us full of some high-energy porridge?" Manny inquired of his friend and he was more than disgusted with the idea. But unfortunately that could be true, because his stomach didn't even announce itself, otherwise he didn't move so hectically back and forth.

"If that's really true, it also means that we're not the first of our kind here." Diego expressed his realization aloud, because other thing as thinking about it they couldn't do. Those who direct this here, decide when it goes on. They had to get used to that quickly.

"They have already driven these games with others. Damn, now we could use the cheeky kangaroo.." Added the big cat, because now he regretted it a little that he hadn't questioned the pirate more. However, earlier he was so sick and it all came so suddenly that his brain didn't really help him out. Now they have to get along with what they have or, rather, what they become from here.

"I don't know if we're better off that way. But this criminal and the weird bird will hopefully make sure nothing happens to Ellie, or something will happen to them." Making threats now was pointless, the saber-toothed tiger thought, but he let his friend live out his frustration. Otherwise you feel completely helpless. He knows this feeling too and here they can't use it.

"Ellie is going through it. She is the most tough woman I know." Added the sloth encouragingly. And the other two nodded affirmatively. Only with positive thoughts, they can continue.

"I really don't understand this here. And slowly I'm tired of this mischief!" Complained the Dakotaraptor more than ever. But of course it didn't work.

"Come down again, you poultry. We're in this too." Raz brought up to the Dino annoyed, because no matter what you said to this, he did so far just the opposite of it. Even literally go up the walls. They could only avert the worst because the mammoth reacted so fast. Which surprised even her, because she always thought this species was lazier. But she wasn't here to praise others for their athletic qualities.

"Anyone who initiates these tests must be aware that it will have consequences." Gavin spit back to the kangaroos face. If you thought he was annoyed, then that would be far from understated. Why wasn't he locked up with the three other idiots? It wouldn't bother anyone if he uses his beak as bit there. But no, he had to land here, with the women. The bigger animal had such a nice and helpful way that he really didn't like doing her any harm out of frustration. Even if their laws from below probably don't apply here.

And with the other lady, he got the feeling that it was better to keep his distance. Still, no one here chose this blabbering kangaroo as the leader of this strange excursion. The Raptor had not risen so high in rank to be pushed around by a ignorant. As soon as his cellphone works again, he will check her back story. The aura alone promised hundred percent full of crime. Before that, he didn't quite heard all the facts, but apparently, this woman had something to do with the disappearance of some family members from these mammoths. They always say, the surface is a better place for all living beings. That's what activists believe, who work hard in their homeland to finally get everyone up without passport and full check. In his eyes, he world up here is just colder. And in many ways.

"He still doesn't understand it. But we have no time here to catch up with the elementary school again. So just follow what I tell you. I know for you as an alpha male it's hard to do what falls out of the mouth of a lady. But your life depends on it, so you'll probably have to ignore your damned ego." Raz bellowed to the Dakotaraptor.

On the other side of the room stood Ellie, who didn't know if she should intervene or stay out. It wasn't easy to be brought together with characters you didn't even know. Being in the tightest of spaces made the situation even more tricky. Also, she knew that the whole thing here would be a harsh test for the three other men. But by them, the mammoth mother knew that they can master everything if they stick together.

Her group didn't really get along with forced cohesion. Although the pirate advised her to simply leave the dinosaur to himself if he doesn't want to accept the help, she couldn't agree with herself if the man gets hurt. So she simply grabbed the feathered one on some tasks and pulled him against his will with her. Under normal circumstances, she would never do such a thing and she also apologized, but this policeman still doesn't want to realize the seriousness of this situation. Maybe he reacted the same way when the panic got to his head. She didn't know and unfortunately they didn't have the time to have a nice chat. At least until now. Because now they were back in one of those empty rooms where every wall looked the same. This also applied to the floor and the ceiling. Probably those out there will decide, who ever they are, what they should do next now.

"How sweet. He even has pictures of his little ones in his wallet." The kangaroo exclaimed in played delight. That made the mammoth aware again. Actually, she wanted to give back the stolen object immediately, but then she took a look at some pictures herself.

"You must be very proud of them." Ellie added as she grabbed the wallet and first saw little dinos and then pictures with almost grown ups in them. In some pictures you could see a woman, but not in the later photos. A thought went through her head but she asked no questions, because it was none of her business.

"Hm, a little bit." Gavin admitted and picked up the wallet. But he didn't miss the chance to stare angry at the kangaroo woman again.

"That's why we three have to work together." The mammoth mother continued.

"For your children, that they get their father back and we our daughter."

"And I will get my beloved revenge!" Raz then realized that if the two abducted are really here, then the annoying rabbit had to be here too. After all, that hasn't reported for ages. That wasn't like him. She didn't really care what Squint did in his free time, but ripping and locking someone from the crew was against the rules. There wasn't much that they believed in, but the pirate codex was always respected. Gutt always did it, and she would do the same for as long as she was alive.

"Prepare yourselves. The next task is coming to us." She warned her current team members. Whether she wanted it or not, she needed the two to survive. That stinking skunk stopped for nothing and no one. Even the tiny fact that this knew Raz from the past wouldn't bother him to use her for these experiments.

Before they came in here, she really believed that this crazy cattle had long been dead by his own special treatment. She was so wrong. But she already had the wanted stuff in her paws when she noticed it and so she just disappeared with the others. It almost surprised her that she was still alive now, because the professor hated being dabbled into his affairs. On the other paw, he never missed a chance to test an invention on anyone. As stuffy as the air was in here, it could even be that they are exposed to a new gas. One that you don't smell and that slowly turns your brain into mush.

No, such thoughts were meaningless. This was also a specialty of the owner of this place. He makes animals crazy, without having to do anything big for it. Just by isolating them or locking them up with other stupid ones. She certainly didn't want to end that way. No, she didn't begrudge him the fun.

"It's useless to scream around more." The molehog noticed and stopped for a long time to hit any walls. It would only wound his paws.

"But they can't just do that with us! Since when do you lock animals in?! HELLO OUT THERE! I NEED SOMETHING TO EAT AND A TOILET. So really, A HOTEL IS NOT WORKING LIKE THAT!" Ruby had a loud organ and she would use it if necessary. Even if she was screaming around for a few hours, she didn't care. The point of being polite was long gone.

"I know that I'll repeat myself, but you should save your energy, you'll probably need it for other things." He sat down on the ground a while ago to concentrate his energy and mind to other stuff. But before he spoke again, he looked a bit ashamed to the side.

"So if you have to go to the toi .." Annoyed he was interrupted by the skunk.

"I'm definitely not going to pee in front of you in the corner, who do you think I am? We're not on these weird TV shows, animals natural in the woods, big trotter or something stupid like that."

"I just wanted.." But she didn't give him time to explain himself. He wondered inwardly why he still wanted to raise his voice. If the girl remained in a mood, it was difficult to talk to her normally.

"See how I react? Yeah, sure, what do you suggest for my hunger? One arm of yours?!"

"It's alright. It's good that they let us at least oxygen, because otherwise we would have long since gone out of it, because you are screaming around here like a child."


"What's up with you? Do you think I've chosen to be locked up here? But still, we shouldn't lose our heads."

"Okay, maybe the Mister is right, we were just caught and locked up by strangers, so there's no reason to get upset." Offended, she turned back and crossed her arms. Why didn't she go to the possums earlier? Oh yeah, because she managed once again to create a strange atmosphere between Eddie and her. She still had to learn how to do things and accept the consequences. How did the guy next to her just do it? After all, he wasn't so much older than her, and yet he seemed to be growing up so much better. She's probably smarter in a few years, but that long she didn't want to spend in here. Ruby sighed and turned back to her fellow inmate.

"It was not my intention.." Louis interrupted her this time, with his paw raised and a faint smile.

"Forgiven and forget, everyone freaks out in his own way. You let everything out and I like to lock everything up inside me." The spiky one said quietly. She just nodded and silently sat down next to the molehog. As her back touched the wall, she realized that it was warm. So they shouldn't freeze here.

"What do you think they will do with us?" After a while, the young lady inquired after a bit of silence in which she had bent her legs and pulled them close.

"No, don't give me that look! Talk freely about what you think and not what you believe I need to hear as an innocent child." She spiced the whole thing with a grim expression.

"Alright, if you really want to hear the truth, this is probably one of those farms where animals are first fattened and then slaughtered to sell their remains to greedy carnivores."

"What?" It came barely audible from the skunk and a shiver ran down coldly on her back.

"Oh no!" Actually, the man in the room just wanted to make a joke, but the eyes of the younger one suddenly showed fear and he knew he had really exaggerated it.

"Hey, I didn't mean to.." She started to whine so loud that the molehog couldn't finish his sentence. So he tried to hug somehow comforting.

"That's not fair! Hopefully I will not even be covered in chocolate. I don't want to be a bonbon, even if I'm so cute." And then Louis left her annoyed, because now he knew that she was only playing theater here. A few seconds ago, he still believed that he had made the girl cry. But she came more after the mother, as one saw at first glance.

"Stupid." He added and got up, because his ears heard something. Or the silence made him crazy. If he had known what would happen to both of them, first of all, his stomach was full and, secondly, his friend wasn't here, but with her mother. She will rip him apart if something happened to Ruby. But who can foresee something like this here?

"Don't be mad, ok? And really, you started it... Do you hear that too?" Then he just nodded in response and he looked at the ceiling, because apparently the sound came from above.

"Over here." Suddenly she said and stood right under the spot, probably now a scratching was heard.

"Now they are starting to torture us."

"Take care, that you don't get hit by anything if something falls down from up there." The molehog advised his companion, but she rolled her eyes.

"I'm not.." But then it almost happened, if Louis had not pulled her over by the shoulder.

"Wait a minute, we know him." Ruby was delighted to be rescued. Anyway, she believed that when Eddie fell from a hole in the ceiling.

"What are you doing here?" The spiky one wanted to know a little surprised, because the brothers should actually be at home.

"What 'we' do here?! You're lucky we're well trained to enter this way."

"Trained? Of course." And Louis crossed his arms. He wouldn't argue now that the two got into it like criminals. He also ignored the tone in which the opossum spoke to him. Actually, it was just too good to be true at this place, that the two haven't been discovered before.

"Now don't pretend that you're the smartest, Wiener! What did you really thought when you brought her in here with you?" Eddie wanted really to get mad at the younger man, because he found that one had gone too far here. If the prickly one wants to endanger himself, none of them could stop him. But this didn't have to involve the skunk girl.

"Damn Crash! I was just here to.. Wait! You should stay up there and.." A loud noise came up that sounded like two metal plates pushed towards each other. All four looked up, where there was no way out anymore. The ceiling looked like before, as if there had never been anything there.

"It was some robotic thing that shoved me down here. Somehow I'm starting to wonder if I'm going to find it cool or scary here." The other striped man, still sitting on his brother, gave his opinion out.

"Now get up from me!" Eddie complained again, but louder because he was still pushed to the ground.

"What's up with him?" Inquired the molehog openly at Crash, because he didn't care that he was heard. Lately, he was less worried about manners.

"He already had a seizure out there, because we found some quad with Ruby's smell." The man in question then whispered as Eddie stood back under the now closed plate, probably looking to see if anything could be done there .

"Does that mean I stink?" Actually, the skunk wanted to help her savior too, but if the possum had a certain mood, then she should better leave him alone. These facial features were rare on Eddie and therefore she didn't know what to say or do at such moments.

"Well, to be honest.." Crash started a sentence, but the spiky one just pushed him aside to signal that such jokes were really inappropriate now.

"It's your perfume. Please don't be angry and it doesn't smell really unpleasant, but if you have it on you, one can smell you a hundred miles against the wind." A little caught, the young woman looked to the side. She liked the scent. It's true, a strong hint of strawberries and other beautiful things enveloped when she used this bottle. But that wasn't the only reason. When she turned fifteen, she finally wanted to have something for her birthday that made her seem more mature. Her mother said she didn't need such things. But Eddie already understood that. Well, somehow. He gave her this perfume. At least the first copy. After that, she always bought it again and wore it when she went near her crush. It quickly became a habit to use it whenever she thought she saw the possums. Or at least one of them.

"Now don't make the girl embarrassed, because of such a trifle." Then also the previously busy Eddie interfered again in the conversation. Some words simply triggered a key stimuli that brought him back to listening.

"I never would have thought that!" Astonished, Louis looked at his counterpart, who had his paws on the girl's shoulders to pull her out of the light a little. In a flash, Eddie had the same shocked face because he was getting nervous that the prickly boy had just found out a secret.

"What would you never have thought, Wiener?" He nicknamed him and laughingly tried to cover everything that was going on inside him. Surely he had exaggerated it with the protector number before and now the younger knew everything. But this would never blabber it out loud, because the guy was smart. Well, since Peaches disappeared, the lad was missing something here and there. Eddie could understand that, but he didn't necessarily want to play truth or dare in this situation. If Crash said stupid stupid stuff, Ruby didn't believe him because he always talked nonsense. But Louis wasn't a guy for lying. Not even for fun. That's why one would believe him, if this claims a opossum had feelings for someone. One in the way that certain possum shouldn't have.

"Well, that you know the word trifle." The spiky one answered with a slight grin and waved it of with his paw. He knew, he had just stung into something. But he didn't have all the pieces for this puzzle, nor did he really want to solve this now or ever. After all, he didn't have to know everything.

"Idiot!" The strained possum sighed with relief, but then looked back up to the ceiling, because that with the perfume reminded him again why he bought it as a gift. He could never tell Ruby that. She would surely get angry. But it wasn't really his fault that boys around her age are so stupid and come up with stuff to go to a girl's underwear? He really couldn't know that this 'gentleman' who rubbed Ruby openly on the buttocks and neckline, was allergic to strawberries. Who knows something like that, by a phone call to the parents , after getting the phone number from flirting with the school secretary? Everything was pure coincidence in his eyes.

"Where was I? Oh yes, you idiot! Something irresponsible.." Eddie noticed someone pulling on his jacket.

"Please don't be angry with him. I begged until he had to give in." The skunk had to interfere now, because the prickly one was actually not to blame for her stay here.

However, Eddie could hardly be deterred by the small distraction. Now he wondered again if a father felt like that? If anything happened to the girl next to him, he knew it would hurt him very much. That his niece had disappeared stabbed his heart as well, but when it came to this child, no, the young woman, everything in him went somehow crazy. That's why he really wanted to stay away from her. Although he always wanted to ask her mother how she was doing but that should be everything. Why have things never really worked out the way he used to lately?

"Still, he should have stood firm as an adult."

"I'm not a.." But Eddie just interrupted her, because he was tired of the proverbs.

"YOU ARE STILL A CHILD AND WILL ALWAYS BE IT IN MY EYES!" He turned to her, so she understood him correctly. When he looked at her big eyes and there was silence in the room that you might think that everyone else had stopped breathing, he first realized how loud he had become. Of course, the meaning was that she was listening, but he didn't really want to yell at her like that. Maybe he should have done that for a long time, so that she finally sees and thinks clearly.

"It makes no difference to me if you are eighteen or older." He spoke sternly, but in the normal tone, and stood tall as possible. But he couldn't look down on her when they were almost the same size. She still hung her head.

"That's what he stole from the series 'forbidden relationships'. If we were home now, I could make microwave popcorn. So Louis, now you push yourself again in between and say something dramatic too, so it will be more exciting." Gave Crash an almost amused speech to the molehog, who annoyed put a paw on his face and shook his head.

"Guys, calm down and just focus on how we get out of here. Yes, Eddie you are right. It was very stupid of me to bring her here. But I didn't know that we ended up in a kind of prison. Crash stop chewing on your claws, you could use your teeth for something else."

"Don't you want to order me around too?" Ruby said a bit blatantly from the side.

"Do not start to.."

"I'm not crying!" With that she looked stubbornly into the face of the prickly one, but nevertheless small teardrops were recognized at the corners of her eyes.

"I did not want that.." Almost synchronously Eddie and Louis began to speak. Whereby they stopped quickly when they noticed it. However, the opossum wanted to touch the young woman still apologetically, on the shoulder. Yet, she moved away from him.

"Don't touch me!" She explained coldly, wiping herself from everyone, hurrying her sleeve over her face. After that, she checked the room again, even though she probably had done so many times already. Then she took a breath and turned cool again to the three men.

"So? Does anyone have a plan? Now that we're four, something more or less better would have to come out." At the word less, she threw another venomous look at Eddie, so that he was a little punished. She probably deserved his outburst because she didn't really let go of him.

"Welcome! I hope you enjoy the stay so far. Please be patient a little longer. We really have a lot to do today." It all sounded suddenly from a speaker on the wall.

"That wasn't crazy at all. Did we book the room or what?" Meant Crash, who found the whole thing more scary now.

"Do you see? Just a hotel. One of the weird sort." Ruby said to the molehog, who was looking for the spot where the voice came from. Everywhere only these plates. There couldn't possibly be a sound go through. Or one of these metal plates is thinner up there. But even if they were all four on each others shoulders, none of them could still touch the ceiling. It was a bit of an great act that the twins were falling down without hurting themselves. Certainly, they are used to such things and he always forgets this detail. Suddenly a low hum came from a wall and everyone immediately looked there. The panel wall shifted and a gentleman in a gown and a smaller lady with modern clipboard became visible.

"Are you the guy, who's responsible for making everything here?" And Eddie instantly went for the stranger because he had a lot to throw in front of him.

"Wait, Eddie! There is.." But too late and the opossum ran against the invisible barrier.

"Glass. Well, now you've seen it yourself." The spiked boy continued then and looked at the transparent wall more closely.

"Excuse the inconvenience, but that's a rule here."

"What? To lock up animals?" Crash helped his brother up, who sank to the ground again after the head hit the glass hard. Yes, it looked funny, but he realized how serious it was. Besides, there was no reception in here, otherwise he could have asked Mister Coon what was lawful here. And somehow he felt satisfied that he wasn't telling his old schoolmate anything about this place. Lorene couldn't follow them for the time being because she had to take care of the little saber tooth.

"After all, you invaded us unbidden. Some safety precautions shouldn't bother you." Proclaimed the strange skunk. Normally he would treat these invaders like everyone else, but they had someone of his own kind with them. First he just wanted to watch what happens when he leads these possums to the other two newcomers. To his surprise, the four seem to know each other. Maybe he had to do a bit of acting here once and find out what the four want here. If things went well, all he had to do was let the girl go. After all, if she sees his views, she will surely understand.

"All this is certainly a misunderstanding. But it is dangerous for you to just walk around here. You got a few workers in trouble here. After all, everything has to be clean for a research. With your sudden visit you have brought bacteria and germs in.." The male skunk didn't come to the end of the sentence.

"Hey, we are not dirty or verminous!" Complained Crash. Yes, he didn't always take a shower when there were a few days around, yet this stranger wasn't allowed to insult him and his friends.

"He didn't mean that. But strangely enough, you still didn't call the police." Louis was sure everyone would do that if somebody broke into there house. But here must going on dubious things, because of course there you can't use law enforcer.

"Clever guy." Said the one in the gown with a smirk, which caused some goose bumps on Ruby. When he saw her, the facial features vanished and she was penetrantly eyed. Hurriedly she hid behind the prickly one, who also noticed these weird behavior of the man behind the glass. Of course, Eddie also got this and jumped right in front of the stranger's face, as far as the glass allowed, to distract him from the young woman.

"Stop that and look at me!"

"But where did the manners go? Forgive us. This facility has been well managed by us for years. Professor Percula is the name that.."

"Really now?! As in Dracula? Oh well, now we are going to be sucked out by a modern vampire. He wants to know a lot about us before, so he doesn't have to drink dirty blood. That all around us makes sense now." Crash spoke up again.

"I don't care who you are, but this is illegal!" Eddie didn't feel like listening to the ramblings or being locked up any longer. The very fact that this Professor was looking at Ruby in a creepy way made his fur stand up in a rage.

"We must probably proceed differently." Then something was spoken into a device, what the four caged animals didn't understand. Suddenly music began to play.

"Finally someone switched on a radio here, the silence in the background makes you really upset." Added Crash because he wanted to suppress his emerging fear and waited for the entertainment to continue.

Nowadays thinking is quite difficult for some of us like a stain.

"Is he really starting to sing here?" Inquired Eddie confused. Especially because a second ago he wanted to have a serious conversation with the madman. The guy has really strong mood swings, he thought and looked at the others. But they looked just as confused to this professor.

They go through life as if they had no longer a brain.

"Dude, the song is about you." Joked Crash and patted the other possum on the shoulder. However, his brother pushed him slightly annoyed aside. Now wasn't the moment for such jokes. The other striped one, crossed his arms a little insulted. Since they entered this shed, Eddie was so serious again. That didn't really help to hide that unpleasant feeling here.

It is not fair and we will not watch how they waste lives and make a fuss.

The man in the gown pretended to be very touched by his own words.

No, definitely not.

Then he shook his head to the beat and made another negative gesture with his paws.

Then it is so much better if you donate your time to us.
It also serves a good purpose.

The assistant in the corner nodded affirmatively, to the statement.

Oh don't look at us with those eyes,
Everyone here is doing a decent job and it's just so nice.

Crash secretly tried to show Ruby and Louis with a paw to his and circling motions, what he thought of the matter. Of course, the professor got this and cast a sharp look to the opossum. This hid now also behind the molehog.

Oh the research,
can be a pretty hard and cold place,
and some animals despise us.

Again a approving humming from the assistant.

But that does not matter to us here.
We create a future with potential not fear.
The reward in the end is ...

"Yes, you are definitely crazy. Should I rhyme too? I wasn't delighted and your song is just lazy. Now I even sang the sentence." Ruby mingled loudly in the performance, because even if she feared the appearance of the man a bit, the singing annoyed her anyway.

Yes, of course, there are always those who stay in the dark for a long time.

The gentleman in the gown gave the young woman a certain look again and he came closer to the glass.

"Hey, stop the scary glances!" Eddie asked the guy, because he still did not like the way the skunk was patterned. What did the stranger look at the young woman only? He did not really stare at the bust or anything like that. No, he looked her in the face as if he wanted something. Ruby did not know this professor. So what was going on here?

Later, they want us push to share our ideas, and think it's fine.
It's always like this.

The assistant suddenly spoke softly with a button in her ear and looked startled. Then she looked at her glowing clipboard. Almost careful, she approached the male skunk and shoved what she was reading now from her paws. At first it seemed as if the guy didn't want to be disturbed by his performance, but then he also opened his eyes in surprise. Just to hurry to make sure that the glass wall disappeared.

Crazy and evil? How worse can the words be?
But the moment will come when you also see.

"Stay away from her!" Eddie intervened as the professor hurried toward the young woman after releasing the clipboard again. Louis and Crash also recognized the threat and wanted to protect Ruby.

Nothing stays always and forever.

Zipp and an opossum went down. The sound came from a strange-looking pistol that the gentleman in a white coat pulled out. The others in the room didn't interest him at the moment.

So choose something.

"What did you do with him?" The younger skunk wanted to know, but there was no time to look for Crash on the floor. The other two and she were pushed further to the wall. A new zipp from the weapon and also the molehog fell to the ground.

It only gets worse with time so stay with someone smart together.
Much worse.

Eddie, who still survived, managed to escape a shot because he now had to protect the girl alone. But his opponent didn't do it for the first time, and he also didn't like wasting time either.

"No!" Ruby shouted desperately, as the other opossum also hit the ground. Immediately she wanted to look for her protector, but this professor didn't allow it and grabbed her arm.

"You monsters! What did you do with them?" She asked the question close to tears, because none of the three still moved.

"That's not important, my child. Come on, we have a lot to talk about." But she was reluctant to be touched by this disgrace or to be led away from her friends. The professor didn't have patience for that either, so he shot the female skunk too. Of course, he didn't let the young woman, who according to the latest test results was his own flesh and blood, sink unconscious to the ground.

"Soon you will understand everything." He whispered to her and took her in his arms so he could carry her out of here. Already when he saw her the first time, he knew there was a connection. But he believed more that it was their species and thus understanding for each other. He would never have guessed that he would become a father in this way. Of course, he would have to go through some of the tests again, but his staff knows that a punishment will follow if false results are presented. In addition, her appearance was enough to tell him who the mother is. The only question was where she is now.

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