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Meanwhile the young skunk hastened to get away from school far as possible. Today she really wasn't in the mood to endure idiots. If she was honest, there were rarely such moments. But on some days this place is just corrosive. It wasn't even the learning that is hard for her. Although she wasn't outstanding smart, but she doesn't have to be ashamed of her grades. That is when she showed up at school. The other animals around her were all simply exhausting. Sometimes she wondered if life always continues like that, only changing from school to job. The stupid things around remains the same. She has tried to find a solution to it but alone she can probably do nothing.

There are these chicks who constantly complaining about her outfits, as if there is a dress code at school. Ruby puts on what she want, when she want it. Neither her mother can forbid something, nor such pubescent girls. Anyone can wear the latest trends from the stores, but it doesn't mean she has to like it too.

Unfortunately that wasn't the only thing that bugged her at the school. There was of course a guy who said that they would work well together and so he bothered her permanently. That she has once smeared chewing gum into his fur, saw the guy as a proof of love. Finding real friends was harder for her than for others, so she therefore has no other choice than to be alone.

The teachers found her too rebellious and the other students probably too dangerous. Yet she took no drugs or drank excessively alcohol. But even her own mother hasn't believed her when this was ordered to the school because Ruby was caught with a little bag. She knew that someone smuggled the stuff between her things. Moreover, it could have been herbal tea because those teachers aren't such experts. No one has ever looked what for substance that was. The main thing of all this was that she got out of the school for a few days. She wouldn't have cared if they had thrown her out completely.

If it was all just about raising money, she has other ideas in this terms. That's why she was on the road today. She had already written a while with a man from the net. This had made her an offer that she could dance and sing in a bar. Of course she wasn't stupid and that's why she has informed herself before what kind of business that was. After all, she doesn't want to land under the claws of a pimp in the end. Honestly, she wasn't against dancing and undressing as long as one of those nasty guys doesn't touch her. The sum she should get for it, sounds all too tempting. Then she could finally have her own apartment. She likes her mother even when they argue now and then. But she needs more space than just a room. She eventually wanted to take a man home and if her plans work, it will be also the right one.

But first she must see if they are observing her age. Although she had put on a little more makeup to get a few more years but not everyone could be easily fooled. That made even the way to the clubs sometimes difficult for her. Although she occasionally doesn't want to have too many animals around, she still liked to dance. Like this she also ended up at this guy with the offer. First he said she should only dance, but then he even begged her to sing. He seemed pleased that she mastered it because he needed urgently a singer for his show. This should be held soon.

Today she will see if this is something for her or not. Of course, she thought of another name before the whole thing. She just hoped her mother must soon make night shifts more often, than this wouldn't notice when she isn't home.

Although she was a little nervous as she walked into the store, but she thought only on her destination and when she wants to achieve that, she must go through this here. She also can defend herself should someone do the wrong thing at the first meeting. For some animals she looked harmless, but she also has claws and know how to use them. No one can simply dissuaded her from something. Yet she should first stay down to earth and not even dream of what might happen. No, she should only allow it a little when she had the job really in the pocket and the first working day lay behind her. Should that really arrive, she will prove to everyone that she is more than just a cheeky brat.

"And it doesn't really bother you to leave your wife alone today?" Teased Sid his pal the saber tooth. This gritted then with his teeth, because he found it indeed difficult. Although Shira had assured him that she's okay. Also he had often helped Ellie with something, when she was pregnant. But that was so many years ago and now he is going to be a father himself, that makes the whole thing not easier. Since he heard of the child three weeks ago, they were already together by the doctor. Perhaps he is too careful with her, but that's still his first time that he learns the joys of fatherhood. Diego knew absolutely not what he should do sometimes. Now he regretted almost everything he said at the time for cool quotes to Manny when this discovered the news from his pregnant wife.

“Now stop that!” Admonished the mammoth the smaller animal and drew the saber tooth back from the thoughts. Even the biggest one in the round found it a little funny to tease the newly engaged, but it doesn't have to be exaggerated. In addition, Diego will be a nervous wreck soon enough. Manny thought briefly back to it, as Ellie had told him she was pregnant. Oh, that was already long time ago and soon he will surely be a grandfather if this continues with Peaches boyfriend. He shook his head, because his wife was always right. It's not good to worry that much at his age.

“Now you're the only one who still needs a woman." Gave Diego in the same tone back, but that sloth wrinkled his nose to that.

“The single life is great. You can have another woman every day. You two don't know what you're missing." The big cat and the mammoth threw a particular look at each other.

“You're spitting big words now in exchange that you've still complained last week that you will never find someone.” By the way Manfred turned on the TV because the game would start at any moment.

"Exactly. And the week before a woman has just left you. Well she has hit you to make it clear." Also added Diego and searched his place on the couch. Sid was already sitting on the other side and of course Manny had his beloved armchair in his living room. The big cat often pondered lately, whether he shouldn't perhaps also look for a small house. With a garden for playing and a working-room for his fiancee.

“Well thank you, for the memory of that event. But I really thought we would go well together. She had such a beautiful smile." Raved the sloth and then pouted a little.

“Maybe you should look next time for a woman who is the size of you.” The mammoth mixed in again because Sid was the only one of them who had exquisite taste in women. Not that it really bothers him, but nevertheless his friend should start small at first.

"What does that mean?" Irritated looked the sloth to his big buddy.

“What Manny means by that is, a giraffe lady shouldn't be one of your dating choices." Helped the saber-tooth out, even if he doesn't know exactly what to say, because if he was honest, he's not against dating other animal species. Even if he doesn't have much experience with it, it could have been that he falls in love with a different kind. While he doesn't want to say that the thing with Shira was just coincidence, but Sid should also know his limitations.

“Hey, she has clearly hit on me. But maybe you're right. By the time we X#X#X# and X#X#X#X, then we couldn't have kissed us." The other two grimaced, because they would have done it alright without hearing this.

“Too much information, Sid." Declared the mammoth and turned up the volume, because the game started. The microwave beeped already because Ellie had put popcorn it before she was going out. That was finished now. Sid declared himself quick to pick it up while Diego opened the drinks. Strange that their sloth buddy wasn't then lazy when it came to food. But then he wondered why it still surprised him after all these years. After all, they should know each other after such a long friendship. Maybe he is just getting old and that not very slow.

Of course, the thoughts that plagued him lately, must appear in his head again. Namely whether his wife would like to have a second child or not. Until now he hasn't been able to open his mouth and talk to her about it. When he heard how excited she chatted with Shira, she surely got the idea to have something little for herself again.

"You're making the evening really lousy. You know that?" Thus the sloth punched him in the shoulder and Manny began again to notice his surroundings.

“What? I haven't done anything." He only said as the other two watched him with examined eyes.

“If we'd known each other since yesterday, we would have noticed nothing. But this isn't like that, so out with it. Now they're just showing advertisement anyway.” Demanded Diego and put down his drink. He has already noticed repeatedly in recent days that something was wrong with his big buddy. Or at least somewhat serious was going around in the mammoths head. Although they are all friends for so long, he knew that it would be always difficult for Manny, to go openly around with his problems. They must tolerate this if he really doesn't want to talk about it, but they could at least try to help. The called party stuffed some popcorn in and then took a big gulp of his drink. Then he sighed and took a deep breath.

"I think Ellie wants a second child." Except that the TV made its noise, a moment there was complete long silence between the men.

Sid looked between the two back and forth. Because he doesn't quite understand what was so bad about it. Yes, Ellie had assertiveness if she wanted something, but he also doesn't believe that she will force Manny to it when he is against this idea.

"Is there more?" Inquires the sloth, because Diego apparently wants to remain silent.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Well, if that's all then.."

"Yes, that's all Sid. I tell you then when Ellie throws the next baby shower."

"OK. Hopefully there is again such delicious cakes, like last time." The saber-tooth rolled his eyes to that but shouldn't the mammoth be glad somehow.

“Sid, he meant it sarcastically. Still there is no reason to be that worried about it."

"You can talk. You two don't understand that. I might be soon a grandfather and there I should also be a father a second time? Since that the children can grow up just like siblings." At the end of a sentence, the mammoth got still a little upset and Sid slides over to the big cat to whisper something to him with reproached paw.

"I think now begins the midlife crisis." Also Diego doesn't know better as to just shrug his shoulders.

"I heard that!" Manny complained loudly but then calmed down again, trying to change the subject by looking to the TV. After all, they were going to have a great evening.

“First of all, starting a conversation with your wife is the least you can do." Meant the saber-tooth after a while and looked back to the mammoth. Of course his friend was right, but the largest animal wasn't prepared for the whole drama that could come with the conversation.

"That will probably be the best when I do that first." So he replied casually, reaching for the popcorn. Only to notice that this sloth has stuffed all into himself.


"What? The game is almost over anyway." The largest animal sighed and looked back to the TV to check that.

"And how excited is our saber-tooth dad?" Ellie wanted first to go to see a movie with Shira, but then they have changed their minds and now they sitting in front of a laptop and looked at clothes for babies, while they were drinking tea.

"Until now he takes it quite well." Shira knew that her fiancé was here and there a little nervous but she is it also herself. Together they were managing it just fine.

"Are you already talking about names? I mean it's better to start it earlier." The tigress nodded and took another sip of her tea.

"Oh I'm so happy for you two." Again the other just smiled, but then she remembered something.

“Say could it be that your husband is a little tense too lately? I mean it's nice if he's excited for us, but he doesn't have to make such a stress. Or is it because of your daughter?"

“Manny get's slowly old and maybe a little grouchy. He probably thinks he must lead our daughter soon to the altar or something like that. Of course she's a little young for such a step, but if it makes her happy. Nathan is also a decent mammoth.”


"I don't know. It's somehow stupid that I thought that she will come together with Louis someday. When the two were teenagers the small one has been very in love with Peaches. But Manny might be right when he says that the molehog has grown out of it. Finally, the signs for it are gone now. Moreover, it shouldn't happen because I would have liked to see it. If the two are happy, that's enough for me."

“So it's true that Louis has a child." Shira added after a little pause.

“He doesn't say it but my brothers have also claimed that. I even wanted to ask Louis but I haven't seen him since our meal together."

"You're really worried about the little one?" The big cat understood that, because she heard that Peaches knew the molehog for a long time.

“I know him since Peaches went to kindergarten. I would really find it a pity if he no longer comes to visit us. But as I said to my husband, children become adults and I must also accept that.” Ellie sighed and poured herself a little more in of the hot drink.

"And have you two thought about a second child? I mean you're not that old yet, you don't need to give that up." But the mammoth laughed.

“No. I have thought of it, as Peaches went to school. A sibling for her could have been great. But it wasn't meant to be and now Manny would freak out if I would be pregnant again."

"Are you sure?" The the taller one nodded knowingly.

"He probably thinks now I let myself be carried away by your pregnancy that I want a baby myself again. But as long as he doesn't say anything and I'll keep my mouth shut too. He is old enough to begin the conversation about it."

“He is probably a bit complicated sometimes."

“Oh yeah. He can be very mammoth-headed at times, but I love his stubbornness too. Because thanks to this characteristic we're married today." And so the two women talked a bit about the past. Although Shira doesn't want to reveal too much of her youth, yet she realized that Ellie wasn't judging her. She is after all a good friend, even if she wasn't a saber-tooth.

In the same time the molehog had picked up the skunkgirl. He actually wanted to send her straight home, but he had no strength for a discussion. Somehow he felt not so well today. That is why he was calling the girl's mother from his apartment, so that she can then take over the scolding. Hopefully at his home is still everything alright, because his cousin wasn't the best in cleaning up. She has a child and so she should keep a little more organization in her life.

Louis sighed, because she was already two weeks with him and so far she probably doesn't want go back. Daytime at work goes fine but also feeding a baby at night is too much for him.

“Hey, are you sure you're alright?"

"Just a little headache." He answered, while they have finally mastered the stairs to his apartment. Maybe he should make a light day tomorrow, than it's Friday after all.

“I can't stand the fumbling with the keys. Give that damn thing to me!" So Ruby snatched his keys and opened the door herself. Somehow his eyes are already tired.

"There you are at last." Greeted him not his cousin but a mammoth. First the light of the evening sun blinded him because it shone right through his window, but he recognized his friend on the voice. Peaches sat on his couch and had the little molehog baby in her arms. One might think that such a large animal can't handle something so small. But the mammoth held the child gently and carefully on the arm. He had never dreamed of such a thing. Is he really so confused, that peculiar daydreams come to him already?

“This is like a glimpse into the dream future, huh?” The skunk girl beside him nudged him in the side grinning. So she probably saw the same thing. He was going to say something, but his body went finally limp and he suddenly keeled over backwards.

His eyelids felt heavy. If he was honest, actually everything about him felt like that. Thereafter he couldn't lie here forever. Even if the ground seems to be soft now.
Someone suddenly stroked his forehead and then put a cold cloth on the spot. Yes, that was a little more pleasant. He sighed and then opened his eyes. Because he knew very well who is here with him. If you know each other for so long, there must not even be uttered a word.

“What are you doing stupid things for?" Inquires the mammoth and gave him a slightly angry look. But this doesn't last long. Probably because his friend knew he couldn't change something on the situation now.

"I'm sorry." Apologized Louis nevertheless, but actually he doesn't want that she was here and saw him in this state. It wasn't that he hoped that his cousin disappeared, so he can do something with Peaches. Namely, he also found out that the other two molehogs are the distraction he needed. Because he doesn't even think to call the mammoth once. Although he received messages on his mobile phone from his friend, but somehow he answered only polite to them. In retrospect, he realized that it's not good for a friendship when they no longer see each other.

“I thought I had told you not to overdo it with the work. But now it's not important. Nevertheless, you could have let me know that you're a little overwhelmed with this situation." As always Peaches is likeable and helpful.

“This is really only my business." He explained, but doesn't sounded very annoyed.

“As a certain someone tipped over, I have made it to my business." He was startled when he couldn't hear the baby. Had he been so accustomed to hearing the child on the day in the background? Even if it was only through the baby monitor. He immediately wanted to get up.

“I hear nothing. Where are the other two?" The larger one looked briefly as though she would have to tell him a terrible message. Nevertheless, she pushed him back on his shoulder into a lying position.

“She has gone as she noticed that you're not alright." A little he was surprised at the tone, but he doesn't want to ask about that now. Then swallowed the smaller one, because he realized that there will be a sequel to it. Well, the two are gone for now and that's at least something good.

“Also Lorene has picked up Ruby already. She should have really noticed that you're not alright." Here, the mammoth again made a slightly mad face.

“Don't be angry with her because of that. She often asked me if I'm okay, but I have tried to let on nothing.”

“That's why you also don't wanted to meet me. It would have been obvious to me if something is wrong with you." The molehog nodded slightly smiling, because that's probably true. Peaches could read him like an open book. Well, except for one small thing.

“As I said, it doesn't matter. I'll make you something to eat. Rest a little more before I bring it to you.” Although he wanted to know what's with her. After all, she certainly doesn't want to stay all the time here and take care of him. But the mammoth was out of the bedroom faster than thought. So he had no choice than to lie down properly again and close the eyes. It's still time later to clarify anything else.

“What are you doing that face for? Wasn't the game so great?" Inquired Ellie when she came back home. She has expected three drunk men who yodel some hymns. It hasn't happened that often but she missed the opportunity by each time to make a video of that. And so she thought today would be her chance for it.

"We need to talk." Was the only answer that came from her husband and it sounded so serious that she refrained from any more jokes.

"Hey. It can't be that bad." She leaned on the side of his chair and looked at him encouragingly.

"You know I'm getting older." Ellie smiled slightly as he stared at the floor. With one hand she grabbed a tusk, to get him to see into her face.

"I don't even noticed." She said smiling and leaned her forehead against his.

"You are aware that I am getting also old, right?"

"Yes, but not as fast as me. I don't know if I can put up with it any longer."

"I don't knew at all that I'm so unbearable." She joked now because she was aware of it that Manny meant something else.

“No. I'm talking about to become a father again." A little shocked she jerked up and looked at him directly. A moment of silence arose between them and then the female mammoth had to start laughing. It was just too funny that she previously was speaking exactly about this with Shira. Her instinct is getting better every year or maybe she knew her husband simply very well.

"That's not funny!" Grim turned Manfred from her, because for him the situation was serious. Nevertheless, he waited until his wife has calmed down to continue the conversation.

“How do you think that is..." But she interrupted him easily.

“Do you think I will still get up at night and change diapers? I'm really happy for our friends that they finally become parents, but I don't want a kid on my own anymore.” Again they exchanged meaningful glances.

"You don't want a child." It came then relieved from the male mammoth. Ellie punched this then slightly in the arm.

“If you had come to me immediately when you have troubles, you wouldn't get gray fur."

“It's just difficult to teach old mammoths something."

“Yeah, like that. You aren't that old. So I go to bed for today. Want to sleep here on your chair, because you still have to ponder a little over your age or are you coming with me?” He sighed, because he again made himself worry about nothing. But quickly he followed then his wife, not that this thought, he really wanted to stay in the living room.

Lorene sighed as she cleared the table. Her daughter had hardly changed word at table with her and that's just because she mentioned that Ruby shouldn't get on the molehogs nerves so often. But Louis was sometimes too nice. At that age she wouldn't certainly just let anyone in her apartment.

Well, she couldn't also really compare, because she had already a child at that time.

But the way it looked like the molehog had the same problems. Although she never judged him for that guy but she just shrugged her shoulders as she drank her cup of tea. There were finally been others where she completely lay wrong with the personality. She had probably come to terms that this wasn't her thing. At her age, it's also no longer so important.

But she talked with Ruby about on whether she saw Louis just as a friend or liked him more and from then, there was silence. She herself was never good at showing feelings. Why should her seventeen year old daughter suddenly be an expert? She doesn't want to see her child sad, but she couldn't also get involved in this. Nevertheless, she shouldn't allow her daughter to do what she wanted and let her walk in animals homes. After what she had noticed the molehog was busy enough already anyway. Here Lorene thought that he would recover first after this long journey. In the end he has overworked himself. At least that was the information that she got from the young mammoth. Peaches may perhaps know the molehog for years, but she couldn't simply scare of his girlfriend and child.

She still doesn't understand what Ruby found so amusing about the scene. But she will eventually find out more about it. At the very latest by the time she meets up with Ellie again.

But for now she had enough. So she went to a relaxing shower and then into her bed.

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