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"Not really conspicuous if we collect one ticket after another here. How many times have you driven over a red traffic light? We're not at the game where you put everything on red!" Diego tried to sound annoyed, but he doesn't really care what penalty points they got here. The main thing is to approach their goal fast, because he already felt a twitch in his paws. While driving, he held back not scratching the dashboard aggressively or other achievable things to test his claws before it went to the real thing.

It had been coincidence and actually he doesn't believe in something like that. Just as little as Manfred and yet it happened that they tracked down remains of Gutts's crew. At least one member they could pack and hopefully throw this unobtrusively in the trunk of this car here. Of course, both of them drove out to a isolated company ground that was rarely used. Except, of course, as a nice environment for questioning, as they both had in mind. The saber tooth was sure that in this place not the first criminal or maybe even the innocent was beaten up for something or worse.

But he couldn't think about that now. Even if it distracts him from being more tense. He wanted to mangle the badger when he recognized him. Maybe his buddy would even let that happen. It was so hard to hold back. And not many words were lost. The name of his tigress was enough to convict this black and white wretch. The guy's eyes spoke of panic and that didn't happen when you mentioned someone you supposedly shouldn't have seen for years. In the group, this badger must have made a better breakthrough, but on his own he seemed pretty cowardly. Probably everything is confessed as soon as they stop and only the trunk rises open. On the other paw, Diego also doesn't hear anything from behind. He hopes their prisoner wasn't taking anything in to be still forever. No, that was too absurd. Although in this situation anything could happen somehow.

Nevertheless, the saber-toothed tiger felt a little relief when they finally arrived at the desired location. After all, he just wanted to 'tickle' the victim with his claws a bit, if the expected answers didn't follow. Although both of them are more than mad at the kidnapping, murder wasn't on their to-do list. Not yet.
But he wasn't fast enough to ask the questions, as the mammoth ripped the smaller one from behind. This looked a little dazed, but the shaking of his friend quickly brought back the spirits. And then Manny raised his fist.

"Normally you first ask the questions and.."

"This scum knows exactly what we want to know! And if he doesn't give it out fast enough, he'll find out which bone fracture causes the most pain. I'd say we're working our way from down to the bottom up." The biggest animal on the field cracked his knuckles with his fists, trying to accompany his spoken text.

"You don't dare to do that, after all." The badger replied, sounding not really relaxed.

"Do you really want to find out?" Even Diego now showed his sharp claws and pulled a few stripes through the top clothes of the kidnapper. Now they had turned the tables and abducted the accomplice, but the two of them didn't feel at all guilty because they knew it was necessary and they were practically forced to the act.

"It's your choice. Either cuts or fractures. Both certainly don't feel good either. So don't strain our patience any longer and give us the information we want. Where are the two?"

"I don't know." This time the tiger couldn't hold back. Oddly enough, the answer sounded at the same time not like a lie, and yet he wanted to continue scratching the face of his counterpart. His buddy pulled him back after all.

"Couldn't you concentrate so much on the top half by your job?! Like this he couldn't bring a word out!" Diego took a deep breath to step away and get back under control.

"Do you think that bothers me? He is doing it like a kitten. That reminds me, whats the offspring doing?" If this continues, the saber-toothed tiger would think twice about the murder.

"He just wants to provoke you!" Manny intervened and held him back by the shoulder.

"Oh, that young mammoth. She has slowly grown into a real beautiful woman. If Squint had not injected her with this stuff then.."

"The bastard doesn't want it in any different way. A surgeon will not be able to fix that again if I.."

"Wait!" Even though it was difficult to stop a mammoth, the big cat did it somehow.

"You have injected her something?" It darkened the face of Diego, because how bad could the kidnappers still get.

"That's why we no longer know where the two are. The plan went wrong, so I can tell you everything right away." And then the mask came down that the badger actually wanted to hold upright, but slowly some parts were already hurting his body. Besides, he didn't have anything from it if he played the silenced man here forever, because the others wouldn't help him out of it either way. They didn't even know where he was.

Manny and Diego were told about how the current mayor commissioned them to kidnap the two animals and should use them as a tool to prove to all the inhabitants of the city that carnivores are quite bad. He also blabbered about the mishap that the hare was responsible for.

"Ouch, what was that for?! I told you what you wanted to know!" Gupta roared furiously, but also desperately, when he was beaten again after the truth was revealed.

"Those who join in such stupidities must also expect the consequences. So where did they go?"

"I don't know how it works with you, but we all carry no tracking devices. Besides, Squint didn't have the technique either. The guy doesn't even have a simple cell phone, otherwise we would have tracked him down already. The deal was that employers get to see the goods once before paying. Now the whole effort was just for nothing."

"I would like to drive off and haul in our valued mayor. And I'm not really in favor of beating women." The mammoth grumbled and kicked a boulder with his foot so he wouldn't start beating again. Even if he would like to freak out, his daughter and Shira wouldn't bring this back. But there has been good news here. The abducted animals were still alive. At least that badger claimed to have last seen them alive.

"I was thinking the same thing, but it wouldn't take us any further. What should we do to the wretch here?"

"Since we don't need him anymore, we throw him down the bridge." The fidgeted animal fell silent in fear, staring at the biggest one almost pleadingly.

"For such things we have time later, because he can still help us." With that the saber tooth pulled the one in the rope to him, because he couldn't really say what was meant seriously.

"Hey, do you really think I would do something like that?"

"I'll take Sid's part because he's not here. But I saw you pushing someone off the stall at the flea market and knocking them to the ground."

"The guy had see it coming. He watched that I had first discovered the snow globe. Nevertheless, he had also to reach for this one." Gupta rolled his eyes in annoyance, because now he was dragged back to the car. If he had to listen to more such conversations, he almost wished he would fall off the bridge. Eventually he was accustomed to landing in cold water through time with Gutt.

"You could have taken another thing, too." Diego said, this time dragging the badger to the backseat.

"The important thing is that Ellie likes it. And why is the guy sitting in the back now?"

"How else should he say where he last saw Peaches and Shira?" Manfred sighed and reluctantly fastened the third passenger.

"Not that anything happened to you during the drive." He patted the striped man for a moment, as if he were a toddler. He didn't really care if anything was happening to the scumbag, but if he lay on the floor of his car, he couldn't see him in the rearview mirror. And putting Diego next to the guys wasn't a good idea either. Should the criminal again find it funny to talk disparagingly of the saber-toothed tigress, there would be sliced meat and that would ruin the car seats. So he instructed his buddy to sit down in front. He also threw a blanket over the caged man so that other animals wouldn't know that someone was here against his will. To explain their whole story to anyone would be too tedious for them.

For once, they finally got on with finding the missing person. The journey took a while, but he didn't care how often he can't go to work or how many nights he had to go through to get to his destination. He would definitely find his daughter alive again. He just wouldn't be able to bear everything else.

The mammoth swallowed as something from the past wanted to come up. No, he thought, he was already over this. Nothing like that would ever happen again. It just couldn't be that way. If he failed again, as he did back then, he wouldn't be able to handle it. That couldn't be that he could only experience so many happy years with Ellie and Peaches, just to get hurt again now. That's what life brings with it. The excuse that was mostly heard from animals which never lost anyone.

Pull yourself together, he admonished himself inwardly and leaned against the wall for a moment, breathing deeply. Although the mammoth would have liked to spoil this former pirate in this warehouse properly, as this explained that was their previous hiding place with the abductees. He knew that Diego wasn't telling him everything, but the brown-red spots on the floor told him enough already. His nose doesn't work that bad either. So that meant that Peaches and Shira were injured. For that the badger got a black eye. Not on purpose, but in his blind rage and with the thoughts of what his daughter had to suffer here, he just couldn't aim well. Unfortunately, he also made their prisoner unconscious.

"It'll be hard to prove that to our mayor." It came rather monotonously from the saber-toothed tiger, who put the little animal back in the car.

"I'm least interested in that. Since the abductees are no longer here, that means.." Manny ran around with a flashlight all the time from his car, because the time said it was already two o'clock in the morning. His buddy didn't need that. But the reason why he broke off his sentence was the wall with the door he was standing in front of. Both were rather more on the floor and he was sure a door of this material didn't simply bent by mere decay. The bricks looked solid enough to hold the wall for years to come. His buddy didn't have to explain much, so he knew that this destruction happened only recently.

"What happened here?" The big cat threw in the room, because his friend had no answer. Yet he too saw more evidence that his wife was really staying here. Although her smell was clearly in the air right from the start, he now also discovered traces of her fighting. Why didn't Shira use her claws? Couldn't she do it because she didn't want to hurt the attacker? These and other questions crossed his mind.

"Anyway, the two came out of here alive." He stated, trying to follow the trail outside, but it was futile. The rain a few days ago messed up the tour. The increasing cold didn't really help to maintain odors.

"We have at least something." Manny didn't sound quite happy as he stepped back to the car to get the unconscious inside. The saber tooth sighed as it started to get wet. It wouldn't really be worthwhile to search the area more thoroughly. Although he wondered who had previously served with the search groups before, this huge abandoned warehouse was omitted. Maybe the missing would have appeared long ago, if some animals had searched more thoroughly. On the other paw, Gutt's old crew made sure that no one came in or this structure at all too close. No matter why this wasn't reported here, he couldn't blame anyone. After all, it was all about a harmless search. Not to prevail against criminals. He couldn't ask anyone to go into danger because of Shira and Peaches.

"Let's take him to the nearest hospital and then we'll see what to do next."

"Such a stubborn guy." Ellie whispered in her kitchen and put the phone away. Diego and her husband weren't coming back last night. Normally she had no objection to such expeditions, but with these circumstances, the two only caused her grief. Most of all, of course, her mammoth, because he seemed strange since they told him that Peache's disappearance was a kidnapping. A father worries when his own child disappears, but she knew there was something else. Something Manny concealed her and that hurt her a little. They both could tell each other everything, even if it was new information about their daughter. Did her husband want to protect her from the cruel truth that their little girl will never come back? No, she would sooner or later hear something like that. And she had a right to it.

How fast things can change suddenly. She was just thinking about becoming mayor and the next moment, your daughter and best friend disappeared. All the thriller series suddenly went to her head and she didn't want to see any more of it. There were so many possibilities. All this wasn't about money since the beginning, otherwise someone would have contacted them.

"Hey, Aunt Ellie doesn't taste well." But she didn't scold of course, as she spoke to the baby saber tooth, which bit her arm again. Okay, he really didn't use his teeth anymore. He just needed something to chew on because his teeth were growing. Maybe she should ask Lorene if the skunk girl had bite toys as a cub. After all, this breed also uses sharp teeth. She also couldn't remember at the moment if her brothers needed it earlier. This is probably one of the bad things when you grow old. Some things you just forget. But her brain will know what is important and what isn't.

"We go out now. You also need a little fresh air." And maybe the nature hike brought her something. Caring for the child gave her the variety she needed to not go mad with worry. It was not easy to break down with each passing day because she didn't hear anything about the abductees. When her husband was around, she managed to be strong and keep him in a good mood. Or her brothers cared for her, although she didn't want them to overwork.

Crash and Eddie felt the same way she did, only the two expressed it with humor. The two of them were good guys and if all this came to an end no matter which one, she should spend more time with them. Because somehow she had the feeling to miss the life of the two. For example, this raccoon suddenly appeared, that she had never seen before, but Crash said he knows him from school. Strange, because usually she always knew who they were with earlier. Finally, she had to take care of them as a big sister.

She shook her head, because they were grown-up enough to decide who they would meet. She also tried again to fight the tears that always wanted to come up when she was alone. At least almost.

"So where are we going today?" She wiped her face with her handkerchief before running away from her house with the baby in the stroller. Helplessness became more and more prevalent when no one understood her problem. Worse was only if you didn't know who to seek help with. The fresh air will certainly do her good too. Perhaps the path through the nearby park brings new confidence.

But as beautiful as it looked in the autumn, memories of her daughter came up again. Peaches liked to play in this park as a small mammoth and strolled as a teenager every now and then through it, when she met her friends. Maybe her girl wasn't dating someone right now, but somehow she thought her grandchildren might even see this park. Her child wanted her own family for the future and it would be really nice if she could see something of it.

"Let's go to the pond. Maybe we'll see some fish." Ellie knew that the kid didn't really care where to go. He seemed happy to see something other than their house. Although she always got funny looks, but she doesn't care. The same animals stared at her as a child, because her mother was an opossum. Probably now because she was walking with a saber-toothed cub. Sometimes she found the world strange. Does it matter if a child is adopted or not? The main thing is that it gets everything it needs at home. If parents are capable of doing so, it shouldn't matter if everyone in the family belongs to the same race. Or in the circle of friends.

First she felt grief and now anger. But she couldn't use the feeling, so she took a stone and threw it across the pond. However, she underestimated her strength a little because the water spot in the park wasn't very large and so she almost hit a bike from a cyclist on the other side. He saw the stone fly, but Ellie turned quickly to the baby, as he wanted to look in their direction.

"There are probably no fish here." She still said and pushed the stroller on, while she looked over the shoulder again to the other. But the cyclist continued his way to already to her luck. So no throwing stones more today.

Nevertheless, she ran a few laps around the pond, so her little companion got a little tired. But it came to something else, because he started to whine. Either the diaper was full or the tiger got hungry. The baby wasn't stinking, so he wanted a little something in the stomach. Or at least the vial had to be brought out. It didn't help, she had to quickly find a bank for larger animals, because I wasn't easy doing it when standing and running around like that. Because she already knew the place, she found what she wanted, of course.

"So here you have something to drink. But don't tear the tip off again." She said, but still had some as a replacement. She wanted to be prepared for anything with the saber tooth so that he doesn't feel uncomfortable because his parents are absent. Yes, the child got used to it quickly, but it shouldn't be a permanent solution. Unhappily, she wants to tell Diego, that if his fiancee really never returns, he had to think about how to raise the kid without a mother.

"Oh I am sorry. I didn't notice you. The little ball of fur gets impatient soon, if he doesn't immediately..." At first she saw only in the corner of her eye that someone sat on the bench next to her. But when she was sure that the young big cat in front of her in the stroller had the drink firmly in the paws, she turned her head completely in the direction of the animal next to her.

"Hello Mrs. M." Ellie briefly got speechless when she recognized the young molehog. His voice didn't even sound tired but only weak. As if he needed a lot of power to even get words out.

"Louis boy, what are you doing here? You don't look healthy at all." With that, she might still understate this and touched the spiked man's forehead immediately. Normally she didn't do it that easy, but the time they were in changed a lot anyway. Besides, she always treats Peaches best friend like a son she never had. Although his parents took good care of him, she knew that the family was quite large. So some just came too short.

Without first answering, the smaller one on the bench went through the treatment. He wasn't able to defend himself against anything anyway. Not really.

"I.. had to get out." He added then and then looked at the baby. But his head was turned back with one hand.

"But you don't skip work for this?" Ellie was more than grateful that he also was worried and wanted to help. But all this didn't help if another life was ruined. Then her counterpart couldn't look at her properly and withdrew from her touch.

"It's the only thing that distracts me. But my boss said, I should not exaggerate it." That came a bit angry from the mouth of the molehog.

"Everything would be a little to much for me. I should take a vacation to work things out better. No one has it so easy when a beloved animal goes. He said it... as if she wasn't here anymore. How can he just assume.." When the baby saber tooth began to cry, Louis first realized that he had grown louder.

"I'm sorry." But the mammoth mother reassured the child quickly.

"It's alright. He was just surprised." The woman had felt fleetingly the same. Probably because she never saw this side of the prickly one. Or had to see much of it. This got cornered and was with everything at the end. But she didn't give up hope for the disappeared and maybe from the beginning she should have supported the boy more.

"But it's good to hear that at least one person still thinks positively."

"Your husband and Mr. Delsablediente don't really believe that.." She sighed shortly before answering.

"Of course, the two want to continue to believe that everything goes back to normal. But without proof you can't satisfy them. And me.."

"No. You must not start to think like that! I know that Peaches is still alive. I just feel it and.." A little ashamed, he looked to the side and took down his clenched paws again.

"Of course the two are fine. They just are not in town." The bigger animal put a hand on a slender shoulder until she was looked at again. Then she showed an encouraging smile. Although this was only weakly reflected, but better than nothing.

"From now on, we should work together." Heard Louis and wanted to object, but then an envelope was held under his nose. Hurriedly, he took it in his paws when he recognized the names of the missing animals.

"Since when did you do have that?" His heart was beating hard against his chest.

"It was in the mailbox. I didn't dare to open it by myself. But my husband didn't come home this morning." He nodded and took a deep breath. As much as possible, he gathered strength to be a support here. He shivered a little while opening the letter.

"They are both well, but now they are leading lives elsewhere. Please stop searching for them. It has no purpose whatsoever." He read more calmly than thought. Then he did it again.

"Louis, the text doesn't change anymore." Certainly this was stated because he couldn't stop reading what was written.

"Excuse me. It's just... this handwriting." First the mammoth wanted to inquire if someone had come up with a bad trick for them. But after she made sure that the little big cat was satisfied, she looked again at the person she was talking to.

"Have you ever seen it somewhere?"

"Yes. A few years ago, Peaches had a boyfriend who still wrote love letters to her by hand. She showed me one of them because I couldn't believe that someone would do that anymore. Unfortunately, I've never met the writer." At the time, he was occupied with other things than figuring out who his best friend found now hot.

"If I only.."

"That's fine. Both of us are definitely a little further. Without you, I wouldn't even have known that my daughter had received letters by hand. Even though I'm her mother, she's not obliged to talk to me about anything. I'm glad she has you." At that sentence, the molehog stared at the paper, because he didn't deserve such words. A good friend shouldn't find the other animal sexually attractive in some moments. But he tried to shake it off, because finally he got a hint.

"Let's go." The mammoth mother was already pushing the stroller away.


"To Peache's apartment. Although my daughter doesn't entrust me with such intimate details as you are allowed to hear. But I still got a spare key for emergencies." And the mammoth started encouraged to take the right path. The prickly one knew that just what was said was meant only jokingly. Nevertheless, his cheeks were a little warm, at the thought that Peaches said some things only to him alone. This feeling helped him to regain his strength. So he jumped off the bench and quickly followed the larger animal. And to follow a trail, he still found better than to kill his involuntary holiday alone.

Slowly a saber-toothed tigress had to realize that finding a way out of this prison wasn't so easy. No matter how much she thought about how her former colleagues came in here, she didn't get any good results. The only solution would be for someone to know the building by heart beforehand. But a plan for the walls you can hardly procure so easy or download on the Internet. No, someone from the crew must have been here before. But who?

Even if Shira found out, an escape couldn't succeed faster. More information could always help. She would like to know more about the skunk that played the boss here. But this gave out little next to nothing about himself. Although she met it without the monitor before, but it didn't help her. This professor gave no smell, nor did the behavior of this give anything useful price. Except that his knowledge had already driven him to madness. Yet there were animals here that respected him or were afraid of him. Nevertheless, they all support this 'work' without argument.

That's what the guy called his research, and he also meant that everyone here knew his place. It took a while for her to realize that she, too, had long since become a part of this. She didn't have to choose a job. She was just kept as another experiment.

It took a while for her to realize that. Actually her body would still have to produce mother's milk for her son, but that didn't happen. At first she thought it was because if the injuries she had suffered. But even when she was fully fit, nothing happened. It could also be because her child wasn't around. But medicines were also available for such things and smuggling them into the food would be easy. Still, she couldn't disdain the food, than starving to death in that place would not bother this madman in the smock.

At least she was finally allowed to talk to the young mammoth. The girl blamed herself for her physical condition when they arrived here. But she didn't want to hear about it and tried to make her realize that there was nothing for which an apology would be necessary. Besides, they both have to stick together in here. Peaches nodded and tried to smile, but she saw that time was tugging at the younger one. On the outside, she looked a little more well-trained than usual. Or did the other always have such muscles and you couldn't see it, because of the thick fur? Either it was the light, but it looked trimmed.

She thought it all over, if Manny knew about it, then they could all experience a real wild mammoth here. And all without the drug. As a mother, she would act that way herself, but she felt that her son was fine and hoped that this new instinct that had awakened in her since birth wouldn't deceive her.

She shook it off again, even if she didn't really want to, now the saber-toothed tiger had to think of Peaches and herself. Although an escape from day to day seemed like a dead-end, Shira wasn't allowed to give up. Nobody was perfect. Not even this building here, with its insane host.

Unfortunately, the lives of the employees didn't belong to the list of weaknesses of the skunk. As soon as her claws were ready for action again, she took the chance. But when her sharp weapons stuck to an employee's throat, she realized that it wouldn't bring her anything. She could show that she was capable of killing, but that would be all. They probably would just check the box on 'able to murder' by her file and nothing more. In vain she didn't want to kill anyone, even if it were animals that worked here. They all had a reason to do it, just like them.

Blackmail and other things came to her mind. Although this was true for some, she couldn't ask. She didn't want to make the lives of the other inmates any harder by nagging them with her theories. Besides, she could risk being locked up in her room for a longer time. For some reason, she had managed to make the professor believe that it was safe to let her run free here. At least in a part of this underground labyrinth. A few days ago, she inquired whether she could see a map or something similar from here. A tired bat pointed to it on a wall and flew away without further word. Probably because it just wanted to go to sleep and went through the night before. Or the day. Seeing only old clocks with twelve hours, she never really knew whether it was day or night.

When did she last see a calendar? A week or two ago? Even if she had counted the time from there, she wouldn't be on the same day today, which was actually outside of here, because her sleeping times were sometimes odd. Nothing happened. She still wore those strange clothes when she woke up and her body wasn't hurt. Nevertheless, something gnawed at her, almost like a mosquito. Only a slight feeling on the fur until it stings suddenly and you hit after it.

If Shira was honest, she didn't want to be stung here. Because real insects didn't exist. At least not free-running or alive. She trusted the mad skunk that one of his hobbies was dealing with removing such poor vermin from the sun and then nailing them death to the wall in there. Not that the big cat really wants to know what the guy was doing in his spare time. But when she thought about it, a cold shiver ran down her spine. She already saw scary things in her life. But it's always the uncertainty that keeps your thoughts out of control to give yourself an idea. Perhaps she had lingered too long in this place and was slowly losing her mind.


"Stop it! My name is Shira." The tigress turned to the one who was addressing her. Only to find out that she had shocked the older lynx lady a bit. But she wasn't thinking to apologize. How many times did she have to repeat that she doesn't want to be treated as an object? Even though she didn't like the fact that animals here addressed her by name, as if they had known each other for a long time. But that was much more dear to her, because these code names with these numbers and letters just annoyed her. Not only because she didn't know what they meant. But also because she wanted to cling to as much as possible from the outside. It seemed to her that her younger companion the mammoth and her name was the only thing that reminded her of a previous life. She then again remembered that the woman next to her wanted something from her.

"What should I do this time?"

"It was asked that you go down.." It was again looked at a clipboard. It surprised her a little, because most of them already walked around with the latest technology. You probably shouldn't care about such things, but maybe the small details are important for an escape.

"Oh, exactly. To the laboratory A5."

"Can you tell me what to do there?" Finally, she was never allowed to use the stairs or the elevator up or down. Just getting permission, as if bringing a coffee or something, seemed suspicious. Especially since she was stunned on the last try, because she was standing only near the stairs. Although the professor said that one of his interns was a bit overzealous, she still had to stay away from it.

"Only this was communicated to me. You're probably ready to see more." Great, Shira thought. Finally she got a tour through the still spooky cellar. As if she wasn't already walking in the underground, she was allowed to descend a little further. Nobody but the cameras noticed her as she walked to the stairs. First she thought about informing Peaches. But it certainly took more time for the girl to get permission to spend time with her. She sighed, it didn't really help her that the younger one had a like-minded person to talk to. Julian came over so innocently and then she overheard some coworkers, as they said that the guy would touch her friend against her will. Unfortunately, the male mammoth no longer came close after hearing this. Otherwise, she would have rebelled again here. She didn't care what the professor thought about this thing, she wouldn't let that happen. Although Peaches assured her that it was just a misunderstanding, the girl wasn't hearing how the landlord talked about this either. Although she didn't believe that the guy wanted to bring the two together romantically, but something was definitely planned in this direction. That Julian thought he was the madman's son, she found strange enough. Of course, she doesn't object to adoptions, but here it seemed more like the skunk had accidentally gotten a mammoth baby in the paws to do experiments on it.

The changing lighting brought her back into reality. Finally she came to the end of the stairs. Everything seemed calmer. There were hardly any other voices from the staff in the background. But other sounds came to her ears the more steps she walked down this corridor. Machinery. Only what they were, was for the time being denied. The saber-toothed tiger didn't even have to test whether the doors she passed were closed. She wasn't allowed to move more freely than wanted. That's why she decided to go where she was ordered to. At least for now she wanted to have something obedient, otherwise this is certainly her last excursion here.

"Come in." Of course the skunk watched her again. She only heard the voice through a loudspeaker and the door opened automatically. Of course, it closed itself after her entrance and she realized too late that she couldn't opened it again because there was nothing on the inside of the door. Nevertheless, she remained calm, because it was more important to look ahead.

"Good day. How can I help you?" She almost didn't notice anyone else was sneaking around here. But the animal wasn't behaving silently when it approached with a tray and water. She was supposed to take a glass, but the shock stopped her, because she had not seen the other creature since they arrived here.

"There you see Shira, everyone gets a job here. And after the good Squint finished his punishment well, he decided to help out in the lab." She heard the professor again and could hardly take her eyes off the hare. No matter who this was, the insane criminal from before certainly not. The expression blank with a forced light smile to look friendlier. Rather with terror than with thirst, Shira grabbed a glass of water and immediately swallowed everything. Her throat suddenly became so dry from this sight. As if the former pirate had always been a butler, he carefully brought everything back to the place as soon as he realized that she wouldn't ask any further. She barely believed it herself, but something like compassion for the long ear just came up, because you didn't have to be a genius to realize that something was being done to him. She probably doesn't want to know any details about that. But the lousy skunk wouldn't just let her come here, so she could see her old colleague again.

"I hope everything is prepared, because we are reluctant to let a lady wait." The body of Squint immediately started moving again.

"Of course." Some buttons on a machine were pressed. Only now did the big cat notice all the other stuff in the room. Samples and other things in glasses were on a wall. She didn't want to see much of it. Thus, she quickly turned her head back to the thing that was pressed. The hare lingered in front of a switchboard and next to it clamped, stood a large metal box. A screen on it showed data that wasn't telling her anything. A faint hiss sounded and the box opened. A water tank was revealed to her. Anyway, it looked like the animal in the tank was sleeping in this liquid. Another unintentional surprise made her ignore the man muttering something over the loudspeaker. She just stared blankly at the picture in front of her.

"What is he doing here?"

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