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"Ah!" The molehog went up frightened. His breath was heavy and he felt too warm. He realized that he was sitting in bed. In his bed? Hasn't he just been somewhere else? When he switched on the lamp next to him, it was confirmed even more that this was his bedroom. Relieved, he brushed back his sweaty hair.

Was it just a nightmare? The lack of sleep really made him slightly skeptical. But he didn't always want to go to bed with pills. He was able to rest more with the things, but they made him clumsy the next morning.

Now he needed a drink first. His throat was so dry. Louis couldn't even remember what he had done exactly last night. But somehow he got to his bedroom.

"No." He moaned softly in pain, because when he got up he noticed that his head hurt quite a bit. This probably only just noticed that he is now vertical.

He tried to walk to the bathroom with heavy steps, but already in the hallway he stumbled over something. A little annoyed, he scrambled up again, because he never really just left something like that. Blinking a few times helped improve his vision and he certainly did not want to switch on the bright hall light with his aching skull.

"Hm? How do you get here?” The thing on the floor looked like his scratchy jacket. Strange that this garment was lying around here. Just carelessly dropped on the floor. Otherwise it was not his style and the fabric was still slightly wet.

He smelled it carefully, because maybe yesterday he cleaned out his closet and poured something on the ugly part. There was no other way to explain that the jacket was here. He certainly hadn't put it on because he only did it when his family had a funeral. His mother once forced him to wear it and somehow it became a habit.

Swallowing, he paused as his nose could smell a little cigarette smoke, alcohol and the smell of rain. That would also explain the moisture. With a bad feeling in the stomach area, he got up and finally strolled to the bathroom. He pulled the garment behind him and then carelessly threw it into the laundry basket in the dark. At least in the direction where he suspected the thing. He could take care of that later. Now he had to really wake up.

Though he resisted, he turned on the bathroom light. Again he couldn't see anything for a brief moment. It didn't help his headache either. Still, he looked around slowly and saw nothing more unusual here. Ok, his mirror cabinet was open, certainly because the piece of furniture no longer held on. At some point he should take care of that too.
But when he saw the bottle in his sink, all thoughts of the cupboard above disappeared. How did the alcohol with this high percentage get into his apartment? In addition, the bottom of the bottle is broken and some fragments were spread out in the basin.

When he bent over it, of course, he bumped his head on the open closet door. Grumbling, he tried to close it and then saw the shattered mirror. Now he saw his gruesome appearance and that several times. His eyes were red and a little swollen. Did he cry? That would explain the dark circles under his eyes. At least no shards fell off. Only a few small ones from the middle were missing. He looked down at the bottle and could add up one and one. But why should he leave his jacket in the hallway and thunder the bottle against the mirror? Of course he was sad when someone in his family died, but he had never reacted that way before.

Ignoring the bottle, he threw cold water on his face to finally clear his head. He had to find out what had happened here because the memory was still not coming to him.

Searching for clues, he strode from the hallway to the living room. Here, too, he switched on the lights everywhere. A stench came to his nose as he got closer to the couch. Great, the molehog thought annoyed, because someone had vomited on it. Probably he and the rest of the alcohol he dumped on the floor, because he was suddenly standing in a puddle.

Where is his cell phone? Maybe he'll find more information on there. At least then he could call someone and ask for clarification. The clock on the wall said it was half past three in the morning. Maybe the call had to wait. He also had to find the phone first. If that was in the mud on the sofa, he should probably buy a new one. But now he wasn't thinking about cleaning up, but kept walking towards the kitchen.

The spiky man just barely manages not to step on other pieces of broken glass that were spread out in front of a wall. Exactly on this, there was a small and lighter square. He stepped closer and thought that the sun had faded the color a little around the nearer coming square. Picture frames of his family and friends hung above it. But one of the largest photos was missing now. The fragments probably come from what is missing from the picture frame.

Louis got a headache again when he wanted to remember what kind of picture was hanging here. He remembered that he was also shown in the photo. But who was also there? He just didn't want to think of it. Was it someone from work?

No, the picture with its first discovery was not here and not on the wall at all. If someone hadn't gotten him to do it, he wouldn't have a photo wall at all. His parents only hung here because he and some siblings were in the family picture.

'You were so cute with that tooth gap back then.' Heard the molehog say a voice. Since nobody was here, it must have happened in his head. Or? He always decided not to drink alcohol because he could never tolerate the stuff. Just like the night Katie was with..

"Ouch!" And his skull boomed again. A silhouette gradually formed in his mind and he slowly suspected what was going on here. Someone close to him had died.

"No!" He said decisively, because this thought, which was just trying to be fixed in his head, could not be true. It just couldn't be true.

He shook himself in a hurry and continued to search for evidence in his apartment to find out the real truth. His cell phone wasn't in the vomit, but unfortunately not far enough away that it didn't smell of it. He was less interested in that. Several unread messages and missed calls were shown on the display.

'You have to slowly come to terms with it.'
'She wouldn't have wanted this behavior.'
'At least try to start therapy for her.'
'I know it's hard for you. It is for all of us. But I don't want you to have to deal with that alone. You can call me anytime.'

At first this news confused him, but then there was a name and a thick lump formed in his throat, which took his breath away.

"No, that's not true!" He said in a broken voice. They all had a trace of their friends that they were following. He wiped his eyes with his paws because he didn't want to cry for a lie. For him it was only that. Á cruel lie.

Louis had to open the window because he needed fresh air now. Just before he could do that, something rustled under his feet. A crumpled paper was now in front of him. As if in a trance, he unfolded the paper that turned out to be a newspaper. He stared at the headline and the pictures below. This building was exactly the same thing that he visited with Ruby.

'Horror in the research center. For years, a very mentally ill man has been doing experiments, in his eyes needful, on harmless and mostly kidnapped animals. The police made some cruel finds and unfortunately many missing persons could only be recovered dead from the building...' The prickly man did not want to read any further, because all of a sudden he remembered everything. His head still hurt, but he didn't care when he started sobbing against his will.

Before, when his best friend disappeared, he was thinking about giving up. That it could happen that he never sees her again. Now he was at her funeral and got drunk because, despite all of this, he couldn't live without her.

If he had known that beforehand, he would not have flown anywhere. He would have jeopardized this job for her if that meant preventing things and spending more time with her. Hadn't they both set out to remain friends all their lives? The pain in his head was nothing compared to that in his chest.

"How could you...leave me alone...Peaches?" Suddenly something unexpected happened because he felt a pain in the head again, but more in the face. Did he imagine that or did the pain actually go in other directions?

There. It happened again, leaving a brief burn in one half of the face. The third time, he could make out the location of the brief pain even better. Something hit him on the cheek all the time. But he was still alone in his apartment. But for some undefined reason, he couldn't move up now and look around properly.

"Please .. stop crying..Wiener..We find...mom and...dad.." The mouthful heard it abruptly, but somehow also muffled. He had heard the voice before, but not in this pitch.

"Damn Crash! You.. drool on him ... yes full. Clean your..nose.” Someone else came along and it slowly dawned on the prickly one that the possums brothers had to be somewhere around here.

"Shut your…mouth! Look at yourself...” Louis stretched out his arms and realized that someone was really standing there. And then also grabbed his paws.

"I'm here..my boy..I'm here.." Because he felt something wet, he pulled his paw back. Something was wrong here, so he felt himself as best he could. Then he realized why he couldn't see the brothers. His eyes were covered. It felt cold like plastic and metal. He also noticed cables on this strange device. Probably some kind of helmet.

"Oh, we should have... taken the thing off before..." He heard this sentence and then everything went black. Well, only for his eyes. He was still awake.

"Oh, no!" Then Louis got a little panicked, because that didn't sound good.

"Well, he had to…expect that something..w-would happen to him..beforehand." What's going on? And why, did the spiky man only now realize that his mouth wasn't working either.

"OK. That will...hurt us more...than you. "

"Do you want to...tear ... the thing ... just ... right off?"

"Should we wait ... until this ... damn ... machine ... starts up again?!" The molehog would also like to contribute, but somehow he got tired.

"We .. lose the .. patient .. Doctor Crash.. So what ... now?"

"All right. But ... if it ... breaks down, then ... then ... I won't take ... the parts."

"Ahhhh!" The prickly man probably felt a strong pain in the neck and a bright light as a result of the discussion. Gradually, the familiar possum faces appeared to Louis more clearly before his eyes. Nevertheless, it took him a while to be able to see everything correctly in this sharp brightness. It also took a moment for him to notice that a wound on his neck was being treated.

"That .. should hold for... well now." Crash said and he tried to look at it properly, because apart from its location, something was wrong with the twins. They smelled strange and twitched every few seconds.

"What ..." He wanted to ask what's going on here, but his mouth felt like it had a sponge in it. His tongue never felt so heavy.

"This Dracula ... Professor thought ... well, he can ... connect us to ... his machines ..." Eddie started to stutter, explaining.

"He ... really thought ... that we would be stopped by harmless ... electric shocks." His brother added and waved off.

"The guy doesn't ... know at all that ... we have already connected ... us to a ... car battery." The molehog found it better not to question this. He should actually be a little happy that the possums are so crazy, because otherwise he would still be attached to this nightmare machine. So what he saw is not true? Still, they were locked up in here and didn't even find out if Peaches and Shira were in this place.

With all the strength he still had, he tried to move out of this chair. Now that he could properly examine the thing, he felt a little sick again. He was really tied up there, but it all looked more mechanical and not like in mental health institutions from horror films. He didn't want to know how the device really works and how it could control his dreams. Surely he should have been electrocuted, but his rescuers had thought of cutting the cables beforehand. It looked as if they had gone to work with their teeth. The strange smell came from the burned fur.

"Thanks guys." Because he didn't really know what to say, at least he thanked them first. Everything was so messed up in his head.

"No problem ...Wiener ..." Crash said smiling with his countersunk whiskers.

"But wipe your face ... You look so…ugly because if ... crying.” Eddie joined him and he saw that his paw was injured too.

"That's ... nothing." Was added, probably because he stared too long. It reminded him of his wound. He touched the back of his neck carefully and looked down at himself to check the rest of the body. Why was he wearing such a strange suit? His eyes went to the possums and they also carried an overall.

"OK. Let's ...” When Louis let his head get more thoughts, he remembered how they got here and how they were knocked out. The disadvantage was, however, that his body did not really want to stand up straight after this horror device. That's why he was swaying after trying to walk.

"Hey..calm down. Slowly…first." Crash stopped him and helped the prickly one to lean against the next wall.

"We don't have that much time! Won't they ... whoever they are here, don't notice what we're doing here?" The molehog tried as best as he could to avoid his current physical weakness. Which was not so easy for him, because in the past few weeks, staying physically fit hasn't been at the top of his to-do list.

"Isn't Ruby with you?" Only then did he notice the absence of the skunk.

"Well, Wiener. The one who goes to dance with the ... g-girl should ... should also march home…with this girl." Eddie probably wanted to sound funny, as usual, when the two of them try everything to ridicule. But even with the twitch that reverberated in the twins from a surge of electricity, these words were uttered as seriously as the youngest in the room rarely heard from these men.

"I do not understand that. It almost seemed as if the guy was after her.” Slowly more saliva came into his mouth and so it was at least a little easier to speak. After his words were out, one opossum clenched his fists in annoyance, while the other gave him a ‘that was stupid’ look. The molehog couldn't quite understand the situation. Yes, he was also worried about the girl, but he didn't want to destroy things because of that. Eddie apparently did, because he tore and bit at the chair in the room like a wild one. Maybe he should react more emotionally, because after all, they still didn't know with certainty whether the missing animals were here. What if they get a sign out there or at home, but they all couldn't answer because they were trapped here.

The spiky man thought that such thoughts would not help him. It was hard for him, but thinking positive is the only thing he could do now. He should at least give it a try for Ruby because she was probably alone now somewhere on this property.

"Stop it! You'd better save your energy to get out of here.” He admonished the opossum and then noticed a strange detail.

"Say, did you wake up in these things?"

"Yes, exactly ... like you. Or were you asked ... to put on this fashion crime ... and of course you said ... yes." Crash went on and continued to watch his brother, because he didn't seem to let go of the desire to destroy.

"No offense, but…your taste of clothes leaves… a lot to be desired."

"Do you feel better now?" Said Louis rather with an annoyed eye roll.

"Somehow. Phew, now that I have said that ... I can die in peace..." The idle possum gave out.

"What I was really aiming for is why your brother is wearing an orange overall?"

"Hm, now that ... you say ... it. Actually…I-I thought they just ... o-only did this to be able to tell us apart ...” Added Eddie, who was breathing a little heavily and foam was sticking to his mouth. The youngest of the group looked thoughtfully between the two. Somehow he had the feeling that the twitching lasted longer or played a trick on his brain. Maybe Eddie got a bigger electric shock than his brother, but the two mentioned that they were attached to devices. Certainly also on different ones, that's why the different clothes. This information is probably unimportant for now, but it helped the prickly one to get his head back to work. He also looked around the room, whereupon he noticed that the door was open. The twins didn't get through the ceiling this time.

"So we can ... y-now ... Damn it! Slowly ... that annoying!” The striped one in orange deliberately took breaks this time. Louis didn't want to force him to speak and so he pushed Crash through the door. He just didn't want to touch the other one, because he had such a crazy look. Eddie's pupils were also dilated, which gave reason that something was probably given to him.

"It will be...just... rabies." Crash whispered in his ear as they stood in a long corridor and he tried to find the right way.

"Have you come from up there?" Because another square plate was missing from the ceiling.

"Yup, we were ... just across from you. Your cell also has ... at least a great window. Did you ...flirt... with vampire skunk? I tell you ... this is not going... on like in your ... kitschy fantasy ... novels. The guy wouldn’t smooch ... with you ... and then turns you into a vampire." Normally Eddie would add something now, but he was still busy with being strange. On all fours, he crawled around on the floor of the corridor and muttered incomprehensible stuff.

"We'd better keep distance." The spiky man said softly to his normal companion. The latter nodded in agreement, because he didn't know what was going on with his brother. The lamps on the ceiling suddenly began to flicker and the opossum that crawled ahead suddenly disappeared around the next corner.

"Wait Eddie! We have to stay together!” Louis called after him and really tried to go faster.

"By foot, Eddie! Come here, boy. If you run away from... your master, you won't get a treat either.” Crash looked at him, because he himself noticed how this sentence sounded.

"Yes OK. Let us make you limp faster and ... forget the saying. It was really stupid.” The opossum demanded and they both did their best to hurry to follow the other.

Manfred was getting slow enough from all of this. From all the stress, to his missing daughter and concern for his wife. If Peaches isn't here, where is she? Is she still alive? No, he mustn't allow this thought in the first place. It was so long ago and he swore that nothing would happen to his family after his new start. To lose someone he loved once and for all, he just couldn't take it. The mammoth was sure, there was a certain limit to what you can endure in life and his is almost reached.

He should be out there wherever his little girl is and help her. But no, he wasted valuable time, which can probably be crucial and spends it here in this hole. Where they are all treated like test objects while doing these damn useless tasks. In his opinion, these animals are sick in the head, who did something to others and watched. Everything was recorded with cameras, but not because of evidence for the police. No, that's definitely not why. It was done to enjoy their suffering later again and again. This is torture and nothing more. At most, they are researching how well you can torture a soul, the mammoth thought and let his gaze wander.

Even though his saber-tooth buddy was reluctant to admit it, he was slowly reaching the limit too. It wasn't about their athletic ability or brain power, but about making them tired because they tried some new concentrate or similar drugs on them. In addition, they had been put on these silly clothes. Unasked, they had cleaned and trimmed their fur, which the sloth beneath them was also happy about. He assumed because Sid didn't have to bathe himself for once. Manny, on the other hoof, felt uncomfortable in the overall and the shorter fur. Mercy to these animals, whatever they believe in, if they dared to took one single hair from his wife.

"Do you also hear this muffled rustling?" Sid asked, after a while of silence. Probably because he had unfairly yelled at the guy. For the umpteenth time. His sloth friend didn't really deserve that, but his nerves were bare. The sloth didn't really help, either, being just Sid. Diego also said nothing for the most part, certainly because he couldn't think of anything else. Aren't they best friends? A few hours, or how long they have been chased back and forth here, should not be enough to make this here out of them.

"Yes, I've been hearing it for a while. But now the sound seems to be getting louder.” The saber tooth commented on how he thought about it. The pachyderm also tried to concentrate better. When something suddenly dripped onto his face, the ceiling above them got his full attention.

"Is that water?" These plates were very high up there, but you could still see from the lighting where the metal was composed. A place of these encounters shimmered very much in the flickering light. Again many drops landed down on him.

"Something is wrong here. No matter what we tried before, the lamps never gave up. Either that's a good sign...” Diego did not finish his sentence, because he also found it strange that more and more water was raining down.

"I hope there isn't a toilet leak somewhere." The sloth added a little disgusted and stepped away from the dripping area.

"At least it doesn't smell that way." The big cat confirmed, even if he couldn't really rely on his smell here. Everything smelled like nothing here. Even Sid, who usually smelled like a stink bomb or garbage disposal, didn't get in his nose, even if he was standing next to the sloth.

The mammoth decided not to stay below it when the drip turned into a small stream of water. Something happened over there and it doesn't seem to have been planned by their controllers. In any case, a crack in the ceiling didn't really seem to him to be the intention, contrary to what they had experienced before.

"Someone is hammering it." Diego recognized and wished that they should not be tested for water suitability now. Did these mad animals want to let the room run full and then test who drowns first? There have been no logical explanations here for a long time, so this theory would be possible.

As more and more water pattered down, the big cat looked around in this otherwise empty square. But again there was nothing here that could help them in any way. This on and out of the lights didn't seem to stop either. His eyes stayed on the ceiling again with the leak. He narrowed it because he thought his eyesight was going down when an unexpected hand poked through the hole where all the water came out. A clearly powerful blow was then heard and he tried to warn his friends before something larger fell off the ceiling and splashed on the floor with even more liquid. Like a waterfall, more flowed into this room that their feet were already wet. But that only seemed to last for a short time, because it was rapidly subsiding again. What remained was a coughing animal that had turned its back to them and tried to gasp for air. Diego then still had to wipe water off his face in order to take a closer look at her new cellmate.

"Peaches!" The three men roared almost simultaneously when they recognized the fur color and other clear details of the missing woman. The young mammoth in front of them turned around, startled, after it finally managed to breathe normally again.

"... Dad, Diego and Sid? What ... what are you doing here?” And without thinking much about everything, she ran to her father because she was so happy to finally see him and her other two uncles again. Manny immediately hugged his child and he was overwhelmed that his Peaches seemed to be doing well after so much time of grief. Once they are all out of here, everyone will be better again, the oldest animal thought for himself and gained new hope from this moment. His daughter was still alive and that was the most important news for him in a long time.

"Wähhhääää! We are so glad that you are doing well!” Although all eyes here got a little wet at the reunification, Sid's tears were pouring down. He knew that there would be a happy ending. Although they hadn't quite arrived at this point, how he pictured it.

"I'm no different. I'm so much ... but ...” And then Peaches started to think again after wiping her damp hair from her view. Actually, there was always a reason why she was locked up alone.

"You shouldn't be around me! I ... I don't want anyone to get hurt!” The younger mammoth panicked away from the other three. She immediately tried to check her body. Did her hands tremble? Did the vision start to blur? Did she feel the urge to destroy something?

"What are you talking about?" Manfred wanted to know, because he is guaranteed not to let his daughter out of his sight again so quickly. At least not before they leave this hideous place.

"When the pirates kidnapped us, they gave me a drug .." She tried to start explaining and held her hands away so that nobody could get close to her. But the expected didn't seem to happen.

The young women felt relief that she was allowed to see part of her family again and that she managed to destroy her shower. The only place without a camera in her prison cell seemed the deadliest. She barricaded the little alcove so no one could get inside. Then she jerked the shower head and the rest of it out of the wall with all her strength. It just struck her as previously thought. She was probably trained too well and the facility was too easy for her. Then she waited a moment for something to happen, but nobody looked after her. So she removed the next thing that looked out of the wall. The water pipe. Peaches didn't really know much about such things, but there should be something between the pipes behind the wall covering all this.

The next moment it didn't seem to matter, for she could hear voices from below as she followed the pipe down to the floor. The only thing that was stupid was when she wanted to hear more and tore out another piece of brass, a fountain sprayed at her. It started to fill the hole it was causing and the shower with water. The young mammoth decided to hammer even more on the floor, where construction workers were clearly cheating. Luckily, otherwise she couldn't have broken out of her room. Her hands will surely hurt tomorrow because of that, but so far everything seemed to be still useful. Now she was here. One floor down, she also noticed.

"Are you okay?" Her father asked worriedly and she nodded slowly when asked. Strange, the peach-colored mammoth thought, because everything about her seemed to be normal.

"What about Shira?" The saber-toothed tiger interfered, because he wanted to distract the disturbed woman and get information about his girlfriend.

"She is here. But only for my sake ... if I had known ... I would never have asked her for it and now ... Julian said he couldn't protect her from the professor ... I haven't seen her in a long time.“ Because now she remembered the tigress and what the staff in front of her room chatted about her. The professor couldn't possibly be so cruel, hoped the young woman and looked apologetically at Diego. If she was honest, she could have avoided a lot.

"Calm down! I am sure that she is fine.” Manfred was anything but really sure about the matter, but he could not now ensure that his child and the saber tooth collapse. It is also enough that Sid is already fainting again. They were experiencing a little success, even if Ellie was still somewhere else in this madhouse, he did not let the thought go that they all came out unscathed.

"Your father is right. Rather try to explain what this is all about. Who is this professor? Is Julian one of those workers who control everything here?” Diego regained consciousness because his buddy was of course right, they had to look ahead now. He prayed internally that his saber-toothed tiger was fine and if not, the person in charge will get to know a real carnivore. At the thought, he immediately thought of his son and that he was probably a bad role model. But he could not use such thoughts now, he knew that the little one is doing well with the twins and Lorene. He could or had to rely on these animals in this situation. Waiting in delay of danger was never one of his strengths. Shira was always more patient from both of them.

Peaches took a deep breath and really tried to stay calm as she told the whole story. In any case, what she could give out from her point of view. And it was both relief and disturbing to tell the others about their time here. Her father hugged her again and she allowed it because she was now almost certain that she would not suffer an outbreak. Whatever the reason was, she could only see it positively.

"Aha. OK. Hm. Yes. Better not tell us.” It came from the sloth in the end, because that was horrible and he wanted to be even less in this place. He just got so close to his favorite singer Brooke and thought that his life was generally improving. However, now he should just wait for his end here. He found it all so unfair and what the peach-colored mammoth had to go through was of course not nice either.

"Is that normal with the lights?" Manfred asked to keep the conversation alive. According to his daughter's story, they simply couldn't go back into a negative mood. Nevertheless, he also put a hand on Diego's shoulder until this gave him a small nod to explain that they could go on.

"It's actually the first time today that I see something like this." The female mammoth replied and pondered what this could mean, because all the lamps could not go out at the same time.

"Unless ... something doesn't have to be right with the power source. There at the door! The little light also flashes.” The three men looked at the wall in surprise. None of them knew there was a door here. Finally, after their last assignment, they just went up four walls and then there was endless silence.

"I know you don't see anything at first. But you shouldn't look at the middle of these plates but at the corners. Here, do you see that?” The young woman gestured the others to come closer.

"It's hard to see that!" Complained Sidney, who just kept his nose a little way from the wall to better explore the little light.

"Probably because we shouldn't see that either. But what does that bring us now?” Diego also found it irritating that he never saw lights shining from these metal plates. But even if he did, it wouldn't have helped him to find a way out. What counts now is that they four still discover unusual things here.

"Phiz, you sick bastard! If I get you in my paws, I will let you die in the most painful way I can think of!” Raz shouted angrily and full of hatred because she had blood on her fur again. Usually, that was something that bothered her not at all. Sometimes you get a little dirty at work. But in such circumstances, she didn't want this stuff to stick to her. But it didn't help her to yell at this professor if he wasn't listening to her anyway. No, she was definitely not the most important test object in here.

So she turned furiously to the remaining team member, which looked at her aghast but also warning as she quickly got closer to it. She wouldn’t give this scaly guy another quiet minute to help him recover from the previous event.

"You're a damn comrade traitor! The mammoth has helped you needlessly here more than once with the shit. And how do you thank her? You let her just die miserably!” She wrathfully accused him. Even if she knew this freaking skunk before, she didn't see these events coming. Maybe she didn't want it either. Back then he was on the verge of losing his mind. So everything around her was the result of a brain rotting in that miserable body for decades.

"Get away from me! I haven't ..." But the kangaroo grabbed the poultry by the collar and pressed it against the wall. She wanted the dino to really get to know her. Who should stop them now, because their third and calm member has just been wiped out of this gruesome game.

"What? Didn't have the time to save her life because your miserable existence was more important to you? You're not worth the uniform you show yourself with otherwise! Not even in the second hand shop does anyone find this disappointing shred useful!” With that she spat at him in disgust and pressed her blood-soaked paw to his beak. This sissy immediately began to choke, which caused her to let go of him.

"That ... That wasn't my mistake!" The raptor tried to take a deep breath as he slid from the wall slowly more the floor. The mammoth injuries were not his fault. The animals they kept here were responsible for that. No one could blame him for it. He let his face sink into his claws because he just lost his composure.

"Had she ... I couldn't have known ..." Gavin broke the sentence because he realized that he really had killed someone innocent. An innocent animal that was locked up here with the others and him by an instinctual and probably multiple offender. He felt sick when he remembered that Ellie had a daughter she was looking for. He took a wife from a man and a mother from a child. He immediately thought of his own children, who were most likely sitting at home waiting for a message from him. But they knew that undercover operations and other things came with his work where he hadn't been able to contact them for a while. If one day he found out that his late wife was murdered, he would not know where to go with his feelings of anger and revenge. The mammoth will surely react that way if the guy finds out what he had done. He would have deserved everything that would come after that, of course, but he didn't want to leave his little raptors alone in this world.

What should he do now? He could flee back home as soon as he got out of here. Would he ever get out of here? Could he then look his children in the eye again, when he knew he killed a mother? It was sometimes hard for his two to grow up without a wife in the house, even if he really did his best to portray both parents. Now a strange animal learned what it meant to go through life without a mother. Yes, at some point parents die, but the mammoth looked relatively young.

"Stop this compassionate number! Sitting there and rocking like a pitiful pile of dirt. Stand up! I can’t believe it, he howls at the first dead like a chicken.” Gavin heard this pirate broad talk to him. No, Ellie wasn't his first body in the basement.

Only this time could he have prevented it. When criminals make an accident with their vehicles while chasing through the city, it doesn't scratch them at all if innocent people are drawn in. Then a dealer burns in his cart, who previously had nothing better to do than hang around in front of schools to distribute adulterate drugs to minors. Or clumsy pedophiles who act against their probation requirements and then stumble out of their window on the third floor. All individuals who have had multiple opportunities to change their lives. But who doesn't want to listen...

"Do not ignore me! Or do you really want to lie on the floor all the time?” Raz pulled him on collar up and then she gave him one hit with her less used paw. That hurt too, but not as much as the original punch.

"Come on, fight back! Stepping on someone who is already down is one of my hobbies, but we don't know each other enough for this.” She kicked him anyway and he just rolled around on the floor.

"The mammoth?" It came from him groaning. At first the raptor wanted to decide against getting up, but then the floor vibrated slightly, which seemed strange to him. He also wanted to learn one more thing.

"What? Speak clearly if you want something!” The woman demanded and he had to admit, she had a pretty hard punch. He rubbed his beak briefly when he got up on his feet again. This vibrating didn't stop at all.

"What about the floor? Do we fall down again or what?” The dino tried to keep an eye on the whole room. Gavin decided to get out of here alive and then pay for what he did. Just as the law required.

"Why?" The kangaroo had no idea what he meant because she didn't notice anything.

“These plates hum or vibrate lightly. Don't you feel that?” Raz would not now admit that her feet had become a little numb over the years from kicking animals around.

"Probably the old psycho games will finally come. Then the washout is watching us. Something like that is exiting for this pervert.” So she distracted him and probably checked this room for the hundreds of times. It didn't matter, every little change a few seconds later could help them escape.

"Ok, I suggest we don't go to each other’s throats anymore." The Dakotaraptor meant it completely seriously, even if he would have liked to take more blows because of his previous mistakes. He more than deserved it.

"Without the mammoth, I can't promise anything. But I guess I can thrash you outside of this crappy facility.” The pirate agreed.

"What do you have...? You seem to know him. That professor. What's all this about? You haven't explained much yet? Is he your ex-boyfriend or something like that?” And the dinosaur reverted to his police role and her paws struck out but did not hit him this time. He knew he was getting to a sore spot. Or at least he was poking around in the right direction.

"Another cursed saying like that and the wall here gets painted red!" She explained loudly and in disgust.

"Ex boyfriend?! That's abnormal. Yes, I did it here and there with really disgusting guys, but I also have standards.” With her paw she pointed upwards where she suspected the camera and microphone.

"And that something is far below my level." Gavin took the only useful information from her announcement.

"You really know this guy. Then we chat a little bit about him. Everything is useful. It doesn't matter whether he hears it or not.” After all, this professor already knew himself, the scaled man thought.

"If we have to." Raz said more annoyed. She wandered around the room, stroking her ears back with her paws and sighted. Then she started to nod and turned back to the one of her fellow prisoner who was looking at her waiting.

Usually it wasn't really her way of chatting about the past. Everything experienced always stayed inside and was never talked about elsewhere over a coffee table. She hated having to repeat things. And then it wasn't the way it is told. Squint became braver in his stories and Flynn forgot the half. It wasn't like that. The captain alone was allowed to inquire about something and still then she gave everything briefly out.

Now she had to dig something out of her head that she didn't want to touch for over twenty years. Why should she, because at that time all of her studies and research came to an end because she decided that it was no longer interesting enough for her. Animals offered her jobs and large sums of money just so that she could research from morning to evening things that could not be used by the public or anywhere else. Afterwards she might still end at a pharmaceutical company and should make old people with glucose younger again.

No, her young life was a shame for her then and she turned to a group that should improve this world. She was assigned to a team that consisted of only two other members who had just as good a degree and a thirst for knowledge as she did. Although she was brought to a remote location, Raz already knew such methods. Some research could not be carried out on the street.

When she actually entered her own laboratory, the surroundings didn't bother her much. She also got competent assistants and free rein for side projects, as long as they were legally and previously registered. It all seemed so perfect and she happily plunges into the work for the first few months. The other two from this research team, who were in the same building, she didn't get much to see because they were all busy. Because especially when you start a job, it is important to show small successes quickly. To become redundant is the worst thing in this area, because when you quit, you couldn't just ring the next door.

So at some point she had to know what the others were doing. To her bad luck, there were also men who would most likely be preferred if she made a mistake. From a helper she heard that it was a skunk and a weasel. Genetic research and biological weapons.

Now that the pirate was thinking about it years later, she should have seen a pattern. She researched cloning, which was still ridiculed by many like an old joke. The kangaroo also didn't want to double house spiders or anything stupid. She had a dream that no one would have to ask about donor organs anymore when someone needed them. That you could simply reproduce your own organs from the last passed check and then exchange them for the sick or damaged part.

Young, naive and just stupid. That was pretty good for Raz to describe herself from back then. She didn't want to disappoint her employers, who gave her all of these freedoms. Unfortunately, she found that her new boss was only interested in one thing. Money.

"Is that why you became a criminal to be freed from these constraints?" The raptor broke the silence after a minute or two nothing was said. At first she stared into space, but these words made her grin.

"Maybe. I also joined Gutt because it is easier for such angry animals to be cold. You don't have to bother the uncle from the police. Although, I often liked to do that.” She said, smiling a little too darkly at the scaly one. But she quickly got serious again and reported on her team members.

"You can leave out the weasel. I want to get to know this self-proclaimed professor better." Gavin immediately ordered, because she became a little taciturn. She paused a long time after each sentence. Certainly only a few seconds or maybe several minutes. In any case, it seemed too long for the dinosaur so he pushed it a little. Eventually she had to realize that they had neither the time nor the personalities for politeness.

The kangaroo would like to give her conversation partner her real fighting paw because of the impatience, but they shouldn't really fight. Afterwards she couldn't stop because she had to blame someone and then she was stuck here alone with her thoughts. So she let out everything she knew about her research colleague, Professor Phiz Percula.

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