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"Come closer my child. You have been always the dearest of all my grandchildren." Crooked Eddie jokingly. The lying around made his throat dry so fast.

"This isn't funny at all." Ruby said a bit annoyed. Actually, she doesn't wanted to get on the nerves of the possum for a while, but it was difficult when one of them was in the hospital. It wasn't easy for her not to run in right here, when her mother reported the news. In addition, she had to wait until the rest of the family withdrew, because somehow she had been willing to admit before the others that she liked Eddie, but the mammoth mother was something else. She doesn't want to cause Ellie any more trouble because she was always there for her when she needed to talk to someone. Neither her mother nor Peaches know about it, but the female mammoth could also be concealed when it mattered.

Since she knew that she felt a little more for the one possum, there was no more dare to speak openly with Ellie. After all, the larger animal was anything but has fallen on the head. She also thought about it during the summer school and was ashamed of her past deeds. Even if she explained it all, the mammoth would try to keep her from the idea of having a deeper relationship with Eddie. Simply because it was the most reasonable solution. Sid had hopefully not blabbed it out and as far as the brothers were concerned, they sure haven't said anything of the evening. Her mother always talked to Ellie, but she will hopefully keep that to herself. She wasn't really sure of it.

Ruby couldn't say anything to her, because she doesn't want to disappoint the mammoth. She doesn't want that the friendship between the families breaks because she has a little crush on Eddie. But she also thought that at fifteen years. Now she was going to be eighteen soon, wondering when this would stop. If he had at least something on him that made her run away. Even now, when he lay so weakly and anything but good-looking in his bed, she wanted to lie down with him.

“Now don't let your head hang like that. One might think you're worried about me." He patted her paw a little, as if she were a toddler. Either he really doesn't saw that she wasn't a kid anymore or he treated her with intention this way. She could never say with certainty what was true of the two things.

Without saying a word, she slipped closer with the chair and took the paw, which touched her briefly. This felt so thin between hers. Eddie probably lost weight. Why did the possums have to be so idiotic and develop a phobia against hospitals? Of course, she also found these facilities not really inviting, but at least she went there when she had to. Fortunately, this was very rare so far.

"Why so much feelings today? The doctor has said that they only want to find out what I am allergic to and then I can disappear from here again. I've given them the tip, they should try it with skunk hair, that had been too much around me lately." Then he grinned. At least he tried it. The stuff, which should ensure that his throat doesn't swell again, unfortunately also paralyzed too much his face. The girl in front of him also looked as if someone had died and it was his fault. He was still alive here and he doesn't intent so soon to go in a wooden crate. How could she manage it that he stayed in the bed, but still felt bad about it? He also couldn't help it if his body suddenly decided to do such things.

Now she lay down with her head on his bed as well. Eddie doesn't know how to help and simply said nothing more. If she was angry or in a good mood, he could handle her. He couldn't stand this here, but he still had no idea what to do. He sighed annoyed and pulled his paw away from her, because that was slowly getting too warm under her head. But before she could get up from the bed, he began to stroke her head. Not as fast as he always did when he wanted to tease her, but slightly slower. Later he would push the action on the medication and the hospital air. And there was nothing to it when he did this. It only looked as if a father would stroke his daughter's hair. Can parents do this with their children, when they are already at this age? He doesn't know. But actually, it doesn't matter to him what others thought if they were seeing this.

After a while she stood up without a word and went into the hallway. Eddie sighed and tried to close his eyes. At least until two other animals came loudly in. He had forgotten that the room wasn't only for his own.

"Did you see that ass of the girl?" Asked the guy in the wheelchair, who had broken his leg because of some stupidity. At least that was his thought since he first noticed his roommate.

"Yes, she was so hot. Didn't she come out of the room here? Maybe she'll come back."

"Nope. Whom is she going to visit here? The dying old geezer over there?" Both guys laughed and Eddie vowed to find out the address from the two so he could play them pranks when he was fit again. For now, he doesn't get up annoyed, because that would only hurt his body. Apparently, the hospital had all the other rooms full. That would be the only explanation why he must share this with such an idiot.

"Let's go out again. It's so boring in here." Eddie was glad to hear that.

"There she is again. Too bad, she got a boyfriend already." He still heard, and then opened his eyes again to see to the door. They couldn't have meant Ruby before, because she was alone here, he thought, clawing his paws a little in the blanket, than he can't stand up and get out of bed alone easily. In addition, the door closed completely, which left him almost nothing at all from the outside, except some animals were standing in front of it.

"Those are such idiots." Remarked the young skunk, annoyed as she stepped back into the room. She has only got some tea and brought along more visit. Than Louis was now also standing next to his bed.

"Does he still live?" The molehog has previously seen that the possum moved and was now only joking, because he also found it strange to see Eddie like this.

"Very funny, wiener." Squealed the animal in the bed again. Ruby handed him something to drink at once, as he straightened a little.

"Now you come to visit me too, huh? Ungrateful pack! Always want to have extra pocket money, but when grandpa Eddie is barely sick, the brats don't even come to the hospital." The possum continued to rumble after drinking. He was forbidden to speak unnecessarily, but this was too much fun.

The prickly one doesn't said anything, but merely rolled his eyes, then looked to the skunk. This shrugged only her shoulders to it. A little it surprised him that he met Ruby here. He also wondered why she wasn't here with her mother. Finally, he heard from Peaches that this was here this morning. But then he remembered what day was today and that the girl had surely to go to school. Such things are forgotten once, when one doesn't deal with that for a while.

"So you're still quite fit, hm?" Said the younger man, and was also a little glad about it. But before he could get an answer, the door opened again.

"Louis, you could have waited for me." Peaches has entered, but when she saw the skunk she knew why he wasn't waiting for her.

"I'm sorry, but she just dragged me here." The mammoth had already thought of it, so she dropped the subject and went to her uncle's bed.

"Hey Eddie, is it going fine here?" Of course, the animal in the bed couldn't play games anymore by this glance. Peaches looked so like her mother when she was sad or worried.

"Everything is ok. I'll be out of here soon. So stop coming here and pulling such depressed faces." Now he explained easily, and the bigger one smiled a little at it.

"Well you do crazy things, too. It wasn't very nice of you to frighten Mum like that." Scolded the mammoth a little, but also saw that her uncle had not really done it with intent. Nevertheless, they were all afraid when they got the news.

"Now everyone was once in a hospital. So we can check it off too." She added a little quieter to change the mood, because she doesn't want Eddie to feel guilty.

"Well, almost." Whispered the animal in the bed and looked a bit sorrowful on the blanket.

"What do you mean by that? If Sid wasn't here yet, don't take it so hard." When the molehog mixed in it suddenly became quiet.

"It isn't about him." Ruby also knew that Crash was the only one that hasn't yet appeared here.

"He has to make the store work by himself now. This is certainly not easy for him." She continued to cheer Eddie up a little. After that the thing was simply ignored by the present possum. The other three animals knew that Eddie was depressed that his brother doesn't come to visit him. But they couldn't do anything there. Peaches knew that the two made things out under themselves for years. Her mother also said no one should interfere in this.

"Next time you can bring something nice to an old and sick man." Croaked the striped one when they were told that the visit time was over. This said them a young and nice nurse. Nor did the hermlin lady object to shaking the patient's pillow. Ruby wondered where the hippo from before was, that she met in the hallway. This nurse seemed much too pretty for the guy in the bed. Nor did this paid attention to her any more. Probably because his gaze was too much attached to the chest of the helping woman.

"Why are you still staying there?" Louis wanted to know, because he had already said goodbye with Peaches, but they should take the skunk with them.

"My house key was actually in my pocket." She answered and slammed the door a little before she marched off. Of course the key was only used as an excuse, because she wanted to be alone again with Eddie. But this one did it quite well without her. She knew, of course, that she was in a state of jealousy, which wasn't really for her at all. But she couldn't change the confusion in her. Even if she persuaded herself that she no longer liked this possum in this way, it wouldn't happen overnight.

"How about we go to the cinema? Isn't that straight down the street?" The skunk now needed change and the way the other two looked, they too. Even a blind animal could see that something had happened between the two. However, Louis seemed more normal. Peaches was the one who glanced at the molehog absently when he wasn't looking. Ruby hasn't gotten everything from the story with Nathan, but maybe she shouldn't know it. Her head was already full of other things.

"I don't know. Actually.." But the mammoth had no chance of unlocking her car at all, because Louis already grabbed her hands.

"Come on. We seek out a dumb movie, to laugh about it afterwards.” The skunk girl blinked as the smaller one pulled the bigger one with him. She could say what she wanted about the prickly one, but he always had to keep an eye on others. In this case, of course, it was again about the mammoth. But she thought before he doesn't noticed that something went through Peaches head. Apparently he doesn't even have to look at the bigger one to know what was going on. Even if you don't know all the background stories, you also really don't know what to think of that.

But then an imaginary light bulb came over the skunk and she grinned a bit diabolically. Maybe a movie with a romance between two different animals is in the cinema. Her two friends are now single again. She has to take advantage of that. Of course the whole thing shouldn't be too conspicuous on the poster, otherwise the man with them would immediately say no to it. Finally, the prickly one wasn't stupid.

"Well, yes. You've convinced me. But for that you have to buy the popcorn." There was a slight smile of the mammoth and Ruby wondered if they still knew that she was there too. Perhaps Nathan has also noticed that Peaches and Louis sometimes behaved more like a couple than it was appropriate and had therefore simply quit. But she doesn't disturb the two now, because she has to look on her mobile phone, which movies they could watch in the cinema.

"How about a horror movie again?" Suggested the tallest one at the entrance when the posters were already on display.

"First, how long will you wait here? We have it just half past six in the evening. Second, we have a minor in our midst." Explained the molehog, who was at the same time glad that the mood of his friend has improved a little. Of course, he realized she was worried about her uncle, but it was said that he was on the way to recovery. And so the skunk was right. They all needed a little change. If only for one evening.

"I could write to my mother that I would stay with one of you. Then we can still see your horror movie." Ruby said that played poppy, because actually she had quite different things in mind. If she was lucky, the evening was still quite funny, because a certain film actually ran here. In addition to the romance, it is supposed to have action. So she doesn't give her money out just for nothing.

Besides, it would be noticeable if she wanted to go to a movie that was schmaltzy, because everyone knew she doesn't like this. In the net, she doesn't saw many pictures with her mobile phone, because this time again it doesn't want to load. But when she saw the poster on the wall of the film, she had to master herself not to smile even more conspicuously. The couple from the film consisted not only of two different animals. No, the male part was also a bit smaller than the female colleague. Quickly she had to check something on the Internet, because the film certainly had a hook. The whole thing just seemed to be too perfect for their situation. But she doesn't have much time to crawl all the forums for information about the story, because they couldn't stay here until she knew everything. The skunk had to accept it. She also wondered if she could really go through it now. Wouldn't it be a little nasty to let Louis run into the open knife?

On the other paw, it would be interesting to see how Peaches would react. Than she knew nothing about her. And just because the mammoth had so far only one kind, doesn't mean that she wouldn't also like to fish somewhere else. It only came to her mind that she had always done the whole thing wrong. Ruby always wanted to make the prickly say something to his chosen one. Perhaps in the future, she should make sure that Peaches took the first step in the right direction.

"You want in that movie?" She was probably asked because she stood too long in front of the poster.

"Didn't you just said you want a movie which you can laugh about. This looks like the perfect candidate." Meant Ruby loose and put the phone away. Fortunately, the picture in front of them gave nothing out.

"What else did you want to see? This animation film with these humans?" The other two just shrugged.

"So let's just watch this movie. You wanted something to laugh." So the skunk marched in with the hope that the others would simply follow her. And it really worked out, than neither the mammoth, nor the molehog decided for another one. When they arrived in the cinema hall, she has to resist the grin again.

"I'm sitting here." She said, taking the place to the right. Then she directed Peaches to sit next to her. So she sat between the prickly one and her. Most of the time, darkness prevailed among the seats here. If Louis knew what was going on, he could just kill her and no one would notice it. Ruby was aware that he doesn't like such things. But at the end of the film there is perhaps a real happy ending and he will thank her. Or the molehog will instead of digging out something, he will bury a thing for a change. Namely her and their friendship. Does she go too far with the movie?

She shook her head as some trailers ran for other films. Now it was too late to get out of here.

"Won!" Shouted an excited sloth and rushed into the office of his buddy.

"What?! That can't be. Came the elections already to an end?" Then Sid was a bit confused and then he remembered what his opponent was talking about.

"No, I didn't mean that. And I will not tell Ellie how much you enjoyed her victory.” Now the mammoth seemed a little relieved, but wanted also to know why his friend would burst in here. He should also change the subject quickly.

"That doesn't understand the eternal single anyway. But who won what? You in the lottery?" Manny doubted this when he dumped some files properly, but at the time everything seemed to be possible anyway.

"No. Much better."

"What else is there for an increase?" Finally the mammoth looked up and his buddy now holding up two scraps of paper with a wide grinning face. The larger animal tried to read what was printed on it, but this was impossible with Sid's jumping around.

"Well, guess it."

"Just tell me. Because I still have some things to do, as you should see." Manfred pointed to the unedited papers on his desk.

"Brooke." Beeped out the smaller one in higher tones. Somehow the other had the feeling that the said word should tell him something.

"A nursing home for your grandmother?" He asked a little enthusiastically, than he still had bruises from the stick of the old sloth.

"Do you need tickets for this nowadays?" It came back a little perplexed, before the other shook his head.

"This are cards for Brooke. I won them at a radio show. Isn't that simply fantastic?"

"Still, I don't understand why you're making such a big deal out of it?” Manny tried to keep small things on his desk while his buddy danced around joyfully.

"Because this are tickets for Brooke and then also in the front. I am the happiest sloth in the world."

"It's ok. Now calm down again." So the big animal stopped the other one, who was giggling and turning like a roundabout. When he made sure the intruder was a bit quieter in his office, he left his shoulder.

"So is that a magic show or something like that?" Finally, Sid fixed his attention back on the mammoth.

"What? You don't know who Brooke is? Manny you want to make fun of me, right?"

"Does that mean no, it has nothing to do with hocus-pocus?" For a moment, thought the bigger one, than if his friend has two cards, and this wasn't running after a lady now, the question remained open, with whom the he would go to this.

"Honestly. You should hear the radio sometimes, or even listen just to music, and you maybe have a better mood."

"I haven't heard that just now. So is it a concert?"

"Yes, because Brooke is a very well-known and talented singer. You should really do something about your general knowledge."

"If you come to me like this, then my answer is no." Then Sid fell to his knees in front of the desk.

"Oh, please, Manny! Actually, I wanted to take Ellie with me, because I thought with you she comes so rarely out of the house. But when I participated in this competition, I didn't know that she would soon rule the country." The gaze of the mammoth got a little bit dark, because it wasn't so bad for his wife, if she doesn't just want to be a candidate.

"You already know that the thing with persuading works differently." Then he sighed.

"So that we can understand us correct that isn't yet a firm promise! But when will the concert be?" Because Manfred was clear that he wouldn't be able to get rid of the sloth again until he showed a little interest. Data were exchanged quickly, and his buddy even trusted him to give him the cards because that doesn't want them to be a victim to the blunderer. Then he managed to shove his friend out of the office. For Manny it was already clear why Sid doesn't go to one of the others. Diego and Ellie were still busy with the candidacy. Shira has to look after a child. The possums would either argue about the one card or don't want to go at all and Sid's grandmother had certainly no desire for such thing. He could still suggest that his daughter should go along, but he doesn't know if she still likes that.

In addition, he doesn't have to send his child knowingly to such events. He followed her once, when she was at a music festival at the age of seventeen. He would never understand what the kids loved about it and feared the worst. In the end, Peaches doesn't drank alcohol or took any medicinal herbs. Ellie had predicted it exactly the same, but he was very nervous at that time because his little girl soon became eighteen years old.

Well, now he wasn't also the calm and understanding father, but that there was no wedding around the corner anymore, relieved him a little. Of course, he gave his daughter all the luck in the world and he found it a pity that she had separated immediately from Nathan. On the other side, there were certainly better men out there for Peaches, who also let themselves a little more time with everything.

"So that was really a varied movie." Ruby explained with a forced smile.

"I'm going to leave for a short time." She wanted to go with Peaches, but she was held up by a paw. She tried to calm herself again, because Louis would never really kill her here. Too many witnesses nearby.

"Have you completely lost your mind?!" Or he freaks out and everything else doesn't matter anymore.

"What? I couldn't know that the plot would go out like this."

"Ruby I'm not stupid. If you were rich, one might even have said you produced the garbage yourself."

"So now you really exaggerate. Besides, it has nothing to do with either of you. You interpret too much into it."

"I interpret too much into it?! She was quite pale and couldn't even look at me." Ruby rolled her eyes, than she really thought she'd get a reaction from the mammoth. But it was only the usual theater of the molehog.

"Firstly, you can talk quieter, I'm not deaf. Secondly, this is certainly not the first movie that Peaches has seen, which includes such things. I admit, the love scene came over a little exaggerated, but it wasn't a movie for kids either. And they put also much action into it." Louis tried to screw down his anger. On the one paw, because he doesn't want to hit the skunk girl down in public and on the other, because it was also suspicious, if he would be annoyed all the time. Peaches would also notice this and then ask questions. So he breathed deeply, than what happened couldn't be reversed. Still, he grabbed Ruby by the shoulder and pressed her against one of the pillars that stood in the entrance of the cinema.

"Just so that we can understand each other right from now on, when my secret comes out, I let yours out too." He came dangerously close to her with his face, to look at her angrily. It wasn't his usually style and he doesn't even know if he did it right. But with this girl there had to be some things that she finally drops the subject. Apparently, it worked, because for a moment she looked a little panicked.

"It's good." The skunk shook him off and drank the last sip of her lemonade before throwing the mug into the garbage.

"Sorry, it took longer, but apparently you don't go here today because of the films, but you meet in the toilet." Said the mammoth a little annoyed, but then seemed normal as always.

"So, what are we going to do tonight?" She asked, and by the prickly one fell a stone from the heart. Apparently, he had previously really interpreted too much into the behavior of the mammoth. This was now more relaxed. It also seemed as if it has almost forgotten the worries of the day. So Louis sighed and then smiled. So he doesn't have to worry about certain things tonight. Still Ruby owed him something for this chaotic movie.

"How about if we get something to eat?" The skunk needed a while to be herself again after the words of the prickly guy. Because she wondered how he could find out that she was also in love. In the end, she wasn't as obvious as the molehog. Or was she? No, that was nonsense, because otherwise her mother would have found out beforehand and advised her not to meet the possums any more. This still doesn't want that she makes big planes with the brothers, but since one of the two got in the hospital, there was probably an exception. Or at least from her point of view.

Luckily, the molehog was something like normal again when they were eating pizza. She wouldn't have endured this attitude with the evil eyes all the evening. The guy was also sometimes really sensitive in the wrong places. She probably should be thankful that they allowed her to go with the 'adults' to Louis home.

"I remember I should greet you from your ex-girlfriend Shenaia and say you're an idiot." Shocked, the prickly one spit his drink immediately out again, that he just took to himself and then coughed also a bit. The problem was, Ruby was in the way.

"What was that?" The skunk stared at him a little annoyed, pointing at her now wet shirt. He was already with tissues on it to wipe the rest from the couch off, because apparently he was good in far spitting.

"Everything ok?" Now the mammoth inquired from her little friend, than he seemed a little alarmed since she mentioned the name of this girl. He nodded hastily, but doesn't even looked at her.

"Yes, of course. Just simply ignore me here. Limo doesn't stick in the fur or so." Mixed the skunk in before the others could chat on.

"I'm really sorry. Wait, I'll get you a towel and an old shirt from me." With this the molehog quickly disappeared from the room. Peaches looked a little depressed after him. Probably the moment hasn't been well chosen to raise the subject.

"You met his ex. Tell me, what does she look like?" Pushed the striped one, as she took some handkerchiefs to dry herself.

"Um, just like a molehog."

"You know exactly what I mean. Was she hot or something?" Peaches considered that briefly, that is a description she would never use with a molehog. It just doesn't fit in her head.

"Well, she was very pretty."

'The prickly girl could put things on that I can never wear.' However, this part she thought only, because it would sound strange, if she said that out loud. In fact, she found it weird that such thoughts arose in her head. Bows and ruffles were never her style. Dresses and short skirts are also out of the question. These clothes looked sweet on children, but she was an adult mammoth. With this size one couldn't describe anything with cute.

"Here, I've only found that." With that, Louis came back and threw the garment and a towel to Ruby. This probably wasn't thinking it through, because she immediately began to undress her wet top. However, Peaches was quick to pull the fabric down again. At the same time, she pressed her friend to herself because she wanted to keep his eyes shut.

"Are you crazy?! Disappear in the bathroom! You have to wash the sugar stuff out of your fur."

"Okay, okay. You better be careful that you don't suffocate Louis here." So the skunk went annoyed out of the room. Even if she was naked, she doesn't believe that the only man here had paid much attention to her.

"Wasn't on purpose." With this the mammoth loosened the grip from her little friend. She also doesn't know what was coming over her. Without thinking, she held her hand against Louis eyes and pulled him back to her body. Could it be that she reacted this way because she thought the other could like what he saw of Ruby? She hastily banished this thought from her head. That was nonsense, because this never showed such an interest in the skunk. Nevertheless, the two behaved strangely in the cinema today. In addition, the prickly one still belonged to the male species. So that wouldn't leave him quite cold.

"Alright, okay." With that, the little one slipped a bit on the couch away from her. The gap between them was suddenly much bigger than before. Surely it only appeared so because it was getting dark and only the TV ran along. Earlier she sat, as usual, on the left outside on the couch. Her friend then put himself on the right side. Ruby could have placed herself in the middle, but she preferred to sit in the armchair. Previously Peaches has to slide this extra from the window, where the occupant enjoyed reading a book, nearer to the coffee table. She found the girl sometimes really strange, but she also doesn't want to discuss with the skunk. As long as Louis doesn't mind that they shift his furniture, there was really no problem.

"So, eh, would you like to meet your ex-girlfriend again?" It wasn't really her business at all, but she asked anyway. Well, she had to transmit this message, so she could be a little curious. She also tried not to remember everything Katie and she heard in the restaurant. The prickly had always been her little cute friend ever since she has met him. Even though she could understand that he doesn't want to hear this. However, now she slowly came to a point where she began to see him differently. Namely, that he was also a man. She doesn't even want to. Nathan started with this strange thing just because she liked to wear a certain necklace. Then came these feverish dreams, which she had when she caught a cold. On the day she tried to persuade herself that they had not happened, just like nightmares. Nevertheless, she had thought about it in the last days. All this made so little sense and if she would tell Louis about it, he would certainly find that ridiculous.

"Hey, are you still here?" She blinked and looked to the side to see a worried molehog.

"Sorry. Perhaps it was a little too much at work today." She said, and decided to leave. Actually, she had already strained the time of her friend enough today. After all, Louis wouldn't have had to come to the hospital, nor play the entertainer for their evening. Otherwise, she was actually the talkative of both of them. Something pulled her down and Peaches absolutely doesn't know what it was. But her mood shouldn't rub off on others to.

"I'll go, then." Than she could still pretend to be tired of the day. She also wondered why she'd gone to the apartment at all. She could have gone home at once. Does it bother her that Ruby spends a bit time alone with her best friend? A little. But saying that out loud would be childish.

"So I'm clean again." She heard the skunk proclaim in the hallway.

"Great, I can take you with me right away."

"What? But I don't want to.." But the skunk had no chance, because the mammoth already grabbed most of her things.

"Louis certainly has also other things in his mind than to entertain two silly girls." Peaches added, before she said goodbye to the prickly one. This one doesn't found the right words anyway to stop the other two. So he made up his mind to see what he was messing up in the living room with his spitting around. It was still a mystery to him why he had been punished so much recently. After they had brought this alcoholic accident behind them, he actually thought it would be normal again between Peaches and him. But then the skunk suggested such a movie. What was only worse that Peaches has met the girl from whom he separated because of the mammoth. As if it wasn't embarrassing enough. Maybe the mammoth wanted to hold back because of Ruby, but he was sure that Shenaia was chatting about him.

Everything is ok. Just make the living room clean again, thought the molehog and tried to remove the small spot from the carpet. Normally this would have been enough tomorrow, but he needed a distraction now. That's why he will scrub the stain longer than necessary.

One was busy with the cleaning and the other two almost home. To deliver Ruby to her mother wasn't difficult for the mammoth, although this was wondering. Apparently the younger skunk had already written an text that she wanted to stay with Louis over night. Peaches said nothing about Lorene's educational methods. On the other side, the child was only on a summer school, but suddenly it seemed to be perfectly fine to sleep alone with adult men. What else could happen?

She shook the pictures off which wanted to get in her head and also said goodbye to the skunks.

The journey to her apartment seemed so long and monotonous. Nothing good came from the radio. The street and the houses were unfortunately still the same. She just needed a hot shower and then her bed. All just nonsense, what jumped into her mind around. If she doesn't dream of it, she wouldn't be disturbed in her sleep.

Sighing, she got out of the car when she finally arrived. She wondered again what was going on with her. Hit her the separation from Nathan more strongly than she thought and now she clings emotionally to the next guy? Granted Louis just wasn't anyone. He was her best friend. It is precisely for this reason that she shouldn't have such thoughts about him. Whether he is going to resume a relationship with his ex or maybe start something with Ruby, she should support him. After all, she will soon have someone for her side. She always seemed to be a strong and independent woman, and that is what attracts males. Even if she just doesn't feel like it. But if it was time again, she doesn't want Louis to remain alone. Maybe she just had to be the good friend in this time and play the matchmaker. Strange that she couldn't imagine the molehog in a relationship. This had already some behind him. She doesn't see all the ladies of him, but this encounter with this Shenaia confirmed her that her best friend had a sense for women.

"Uh, sorry?" A gentleman spoke to her from the side and took her back to reality. She was glad because of her size, than her opposite looked rather shifty.

"Yes, can I do something for you?" She doesn't want to have any prejudices, because maybe everything was just harmless. The night made the situation look so creepy under a flashing street lamp.

"Can you tell me what time it is?" Relieved, she took her cell phone out of her pocket, but turned not too much from the guy. At the same time, this was a mistake then suddenly she noticed as someone pulled on her jacket from behind. Before she knew it there was something pressed to her mouth. Although she wanted to breathe through the nose and shake the one on her back off, but the other with the question of the time, also squeezed a cloth on her trunk tip. She still managed to turn, but fell to the ground anyway.

"Good night, darling." Then she heard someone laughing, but there was nothing more, because everything went dark.

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