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"Now come on!" An annoyed skunk had to drag someone through half of the town. She doesn't understand how Crash could be so stubborn. He had to visit his brother only once and maybe ask if everything was all right. Was that so bad with siblings? Admittedly, she doesn't know much about it because she grew up as a single child. Not that she ever wanted a brother or a sister. At least she never spoke to her mother about it. But she thought it wouldn't be so hard to deal with someone of the same age. After all, she once read that twins sometimes had the same idea in their minds without anyone talking about that. With her luck, this was only the case for these two opossums when it came to stupidity. She also doesn't care what other problems the man had at her side and that they got strange looks from animals around at this walk.

"For your age, you are quite insolently. Don't you know that's out of place to just grab men by their middle?" Said the possum with a slight stupid grin to distract from his situation. Ruby just rolled her eyes, than she was already used to it. Probably the other thought it would embarrass her or something. The school alone inured her too much. Sometimes she wondered how this time was when the opossums went there, but now they don't have to discuss it.

"Be glad I didn't get this spot with my claws." With this she showed her pretty but also sharp things, before she pulled the older one by the arm, because she could already see the hospital.

"Come on, now! I also promise to bite any doctor who comes close to you, when this is the problem." Her companion laughed a little.

"As if that's good with you. You're vaccinated against rabies." She blinked, but it was better not to ask now. Eddie claimed he would soon be released from the hospital again. But her mother told her it would still take a while. So much to they only want to find out what he was allergic to and then he was allowed to go again. How many tests can there already exist that he had to stay here for so long?

The idea that it could really be something serious made her really done. It wasn't just that she was concerned about the striped idiot, but it couldn't be any easier for his family too.

"Who's afraid of the animals in white now?" He put a paw around her shoulder, but an elderly animal with a certain genetic defect came past them at the entrance and coughed slightly. Of course, Crash got an angry glance for what was being said.

"I meant the doctors and no albinos." The skunk laughed a little.

"You also have a paw for such things. But forget that. We're here for something else."

"I agree. When I last visited such a place, the nurses weren't so sexy." The skunk stretched out her tongue, as if she were about to throw up and she wriggled out of the others arm. Great, she once again got the proof that the brothers more or less really thought the same.

"Already forgotten, you wanted to keep away from the staff." The woman at the front desk looked questioningly at her, but she just shook her head.

"I know where we have to go." And she simply dragged Crash along with her paw. This really must not chat t with every younger nurse.

Of course the man by her side found it less amusing. Normal parents had the privilege of being able to deport the unintended and annoying children. Unfortunately he couldn't do this with Ruby so easily. He saw that she was more than old enough to have a boyfriend or a whole regiment of fellows. But no, the cheeky something likes to preoccupy herself with his brother. And sometimes also she was getting on the nerves of the molehog. As he always heard from Peaches. Now and then he wondered if his niece was a little jealous. On the other paw, he wasn't really sure of it. Than he could never judge such things well. Besides, he knew how clingy skunks could be.

Suddenly an imaginary lightbulb went over him. After all, their prickly friend could be the solution to their problems. Lorene also mentioned something similar that her daughter has perhaps a crush on Louis. Would at least explain this pushiness. Probably the girl did the same thing twice. One paw the molehog and on the other his brother. He assumed that it was a matter who gave in first and Ruby would then completely get involved with this guy. Suddenly, in his head past scenes made so much sense. The young skunk had more brain than he first thought. So it could only be a matter of time before the young lady decides here. If he looked at it, Louis and Ruby would fit perfectly together. Or had she planned to ride double-track from the beginning? It wouldn't really surprise him. But the story should rather end with the fact that this skunk appeared less frequently at their home.

"In which room is he?" With that he tore himself loose and wanted to run ahead, because his plan had to be told before something came between it and he no longer had any interest in this.

"You almost stand in front of it. Just two doors further." Ruby doesn't know where the opossum suddenly picked up this cheerful energy, but she still found it better as to drag him all the way the whole time. Getting Crash out of the shop was already a pain for her. Her mother could have helped her, but she just said that they shouldn't interfere. That was hard for her when she saw Eddie so depressed in a hospital bed. Whether there was a beautiful nurse beside or not, she couldn't just ignore it. She also wanted to chat with someone about what happened on Friday evening. Usually the possum brothers liked to laugh with her like this. Well, Louis doesn't found it with the movie so funny. But she doesn't think so much about threat at this place. The prickly one simply doesn't have the character of being mean. What he mentioned there, he did only because she made him angry. At least she hoped that.

When Crash finally opened the door, they found no third striped animal.

"Are you sure this is the right room? I mean the beds here don't look very used." Without really wanting, the girl got slightly panicky. According to her mother's statement, Eddie was still doing well yesterday. This should be only a week at the hospital.

Why wasn't he here? Have they moved him because of some difficulties? Or worse, he could already..

"Hey, now calm down again! Probably it's only the wrong room." For somehow the present opossum doesn't like to see his companion so anxious. If he once ignored the scene in this club, she could still be seen as a child in need of protection.

Before Crash could put his arm around the skunk again, both heard a water noise nearby, which was very much like a toilet flush. Shortly thereafter a door creaked.

"I'm so glad I don't have to hear the sound anymore. They should really.. " But the speaker broke off as he walked around the corner and noticed that he was no longer alone in the room.

"You idiot!" Ruby punched the older man vigorously into the side, for a moment she was seriously worried that her favorite possum got worse. And here the guy just disappeared too long in the bathroom.

"Ouch! For what was that? Do you want me to stay longer here.." Again, Eddie came with his sentence to no end, than the girl embraced him suddenly. Frightened, he lifted up his paws and looked helplessly at his brother. This only shrugged his shoulders, but then grinned.

"Grouphugs." Added Crash and threw himself at his brother. The other man replied this fleetingly, which he would, of course, later push back to the drugs and the surroundings here. Then Eddie pushed the others away with a jerk.

"At such moments, you want to have a contagious disease." He gave an annoyed look to it.

"Why didn't you say you could get out again today?" Ruby said admonished. Otherwise she would have started her day earlier.

"I also wanted to have my peace." He replied a little brusquely and pushed past the two to grab his bag. It was already standing next to the wardrobe. The young woman wondered why she hasn't noticed it before. Hospitals probably made her too nervous.

"We don't have to stay here too long. Although I had prepared a speech to say goodbye to you." Crash joked, walking first out of the door.

"Very funny. Have you also already thought about rearranging my room?"

"So if I'm honest..."

"Woe you touched my things!" The girl in the middle had to laugh and the brothers looked at her irritated.

"What?" The question came almost from both at the same time.

"Nothing." So she pushed the possums, after a short farewell with the doctors, finally out of the building. After all, they don't have to stay here longer than necessary.

"So if we had needed longer for the way here, then we would also have come for nothing?" She doesn't really understood why Crash had to nag on further, but she couldn't say a word to it.

"I wrote you a message that I can probably get out today. If you don't look at your phone."

"Oh, yes. I think now it's safe to turn that thing on without receiving thousand homesick calls from you. I'm sure.." The possum wanted to annoy his brother even further, but then he saw the missed calls and messages on his cell phone. Most of them were not from Eddie, but from their sister.

"Let me guess. There's more work for us." But Eddie got simply the display of the phone in the face without a word. Ruby, standing next to him, was also reading the lines.

"It sounds serious. We should go to her and.. "

"We're going to her. You can go home now. Don't you have to do housework or something?" Eddie simply left her standing and called a taxi. Than first, he doesn't want to come from a hospital and play the babysitter all the time. Second, the doctors warned him that a occasional weakness could occur and he found, the skunk doesn't necessarily have to be there when it happens. Crash looked at her briefly, but then shrugged his shoulders unconsciously before he followed his brother to the car. He doesn't really want to go all the way back alone.

The girl who was left behind clenched the paws a little furiously. She planned the day to visit this idiotic opossum in the hospital and maybe talk to him about these things that were buzzing in her head. But no, the fine gentleman planned better stuff without her.

She admitted she persuaded herself too much there, because the news from Ellie looked like an emergency. There was nothing exact in it, but apparently only the brothers should come by. Since she wasn't a family member, she was simply left standing here.

So she went slowly home again. Though she was already thinking of visiting Louis, but he was likely also convened for this family meeting. Ellie always treated the prickly one as the son she never owned. Or the son-in-law, that mammoth would like to have. But those were only theories of her and Peaches mother wanted to be only nice, because the family from the molehog lived farther away. Now that she was thinking about it, she found it strange that she never saw his parents in all these years. On the other paw, she wondered why she was thinking about it at all.

So Ruby decided to take her way home, because probably the prickly guy was still angry anyway because of the cinema evening.

The very same decided to visit Peaches on Sunday evening. He thought about it for a while. In addition, she doesn't even reply to his messages all weekend.

At first he thought she had other things to do. But it was very rare with her that she doesn't write him back for one or even two days. When her cell phone was broken once, she even called him to say that. Of course, she wasn't obligated to report to him, there was surely something more important. But if she did, she does it by herself. But the more thoughtful he became when silence reigned between them. No matter which kind.

Here he lived at least in the same area and could see her because an inner feeling urged him to. It was finally allowed for friends to do something like that. Since he was never very popular at school, Peaches remained his only real friend. That's why he sometimes doesn't really know how to act around her. Of course, he also knew other animals and could occasionally meet with them. He was even aware that this could perhaps be a way to get rid of this secret feelings for his best friend. At the same time, he doesn't want to leave her on the side too much, because in things like love he would likely remain a hopeless idiot forever. However, until now he was able to live with that.

At least if he doesn't travel around. Than the resulting breaks between their messages and telephone calls he found the worst. It went on weeks to months where he doesn't know exactly whether Peaches really was all right or she sometimes said it only because she doesn't want to burden him. Of course, he still had the work, but this rarely occupied him long enough to keep his thoughts away from her.

There were days when he just wanted to fly back home to see his best friend. Strange, but if he knew that everything was all right with her, he also could sleep much better. And he thought it had nothing to do with his love for her. The mammoth meant a lot to him, and he doesn't care what his own affinity to the matter said. With Peaches and her family, he felt more like home than with his own. He would never say that he had a bad childhood, but who has many siblings came rarely in the first place. The family of his friend could be a strange group in the get to know process, but he was always noticed there, even if the house was sometimes just as full.

But Louis should now shake that off. He would simply look at Peaches when she was just alone and maybe talk a little about his ex-girlfriend. Normally, the mammoth would never hesitate from saying anything if she thought it was right. However, on Friday it seemed to him as if it was unpleasant for his friend to continue talking about Shenaia. Actually, the molehoggirl was quite reasonable. Unfortunately, sometimes she just likes to chat to much about everything and everyone. Louis doesn't even want to imagine what stories the mammoth had to hear about him. Because that would be the only explanation for the behavior of her.

It was a little puzzling to him that Peaches acted normal, as they went to the hospital. So either she really doesn't remember the thing until the evening or she just pretended to be okay. Or worse, his ex and his secret love exchanged numbers and talked a little about him yesterday. When his best friend heard bed stories about him, he also could bury himself at the next expedition. Now he became paranoid and when he continued to pursue such thoughts, he could just go again, because it confused him too much to make a normal conversation.

No matter what the reason was that she ignored him, it could also have nothing to do with him. Because even if he liked to be so important to the mammoth, as vice versa, in reality her head wasn't just thinking about him. Even though she has been more interested in his work lately. Somehow he thought she was interested for archeology. Or at least what he did in his job.

All the more oddly he found this attitude to him. Even if Shenaia gave out some private things, the mammoth would more laugh with him about it as this here. There were rarely topics that made Peaches restrained. Except perhaps the one thing, which he only designated as an alcoholic accident. He tried to act cool himself, but he couldn't easily forget the kiss. Bad enough that his mind had to let him dream of it in different ways. As if it had nothing else to offer.

Now they both probably just need a talk in peace, without a skunk in the room. Just them two alone. Yes, they have planned to do something on the weekend, but rarely were they just two. Not that he had anything against their friends, but before them he could never talk about things that Peaches and him really occupied.

Once again the male mammoth came to his mind. What if Nathan called again after the separation? This now realized he was making a stupid mistake. Even when that was bothering her, she doesn't have to tell him, because it wasn't his business. Still, Louis believed she could talk to him about anything. Maybe she thought he couldn't help her anyway. Or it was just him to get worked up over nothing and she had only a little stress at work.

Again he shook his head to get rid of all the thoughts. By the way, he stepped faster. In this way, he thoughtlessly threw himself into things, which in the end probably weren't there at all. Surely the week was just not good to her and so she just wanted to rest a little at the weekend. By the way she forgot the mobile phone. Or it even slipped out of her pocket and it was all the time in her car. It could also be that the mammoth girls visited her and therefore Peaches came to nothing else. Wouldn't be the first time.

So he finally rang at her door, with the thought that he could go right back. Or much more had to. Than he once visited Katie, when she moved into a flat share. Of course not at the official inauguration party, but a few days later because of his job. So he burst into a female gathering, where everyone had already drunk a little too much champagne. It ended with the fact that he got too much information, which he doesn't want to hear at all and they put make-up on him. Peaches wasn't there, but she laughed the next day. She only had to come to him, because he doesn't get the colorful stuff from his fur. He doesn't have such things as water and other utensils to remove makeup. Yes, his best friend found this funny, but at the same time she made sure that none of the other girls kept a photo of the event or put it on the web. He wasn't thinking of that at the time, but was inwardly grateful when Meghan accidentally mentioned it later.

However, Louis was quickly back in the here and now, than he had not heard anything at the second press of the bell. For a moment he waited, but then shrugged his shoulders to turn away from the door. Certainly she visited her parents or someone else. The mammoth doesn't have to spend the whole weekend at home. Even if she was always there at that time, because usually Peaches had to leave early on Monday morning.

A glance at his cell phone told him that the evening was still quite young, despite the night's arrival. The prickly one thought for a little while whether he should wait here. On the other paw, it maybe seemed strange for the neighbors if he would hang around here for too long. So he slowly went back downstairs. Even if he took his time, no one came past him. Most of the inhabitants in the area either made themselves comfortable at home or they were also absent.

Only he doesn't really know what to do with the evening. For archeology, he also finished everything. Even if he wanted to continue working, he needed a few documents from his job. Of course, he was allowed to show up there at any time, but he doesn't want to bother the few animals that were there on Sunday.

At the bottom, he noticed that his friend's car was standing in the parking lot. So he thought at first glance because of the bright color and the usual parking lot, than without glasses he couldn't see anything exactly. Outlines were sharper at night but unfortunately not at a distance of about thirty meters.

More from boredom he went to the car and asked himself, if a Stalker does the same thing. He should just leave. Peaches just doesn't have time for him once and that was all. They both saw each other on Friday and when it's going well, the next week again. There was nothing in the bush, he only was thinking too much.

He wanted to disappear with a sigh, but then something caught his eye. He bent to look even better under the car. Probably he just imagined something. Strangely enough, he was only confirmed that his head wasn't playing tricks to him, because his friend's handbag was under the vehicle. Gradually it became more than peculiar and so he pulled out the thing. Briefcase, mobile phone, car keys and everything else a woman needs was still there. Once again he looked around, because now the bad feeling that something wasn't quite right came more up. But there was peace in the parking lot as always. You can't expect anything else from a Sunday evening.

The bag also gave no further clues, except some dirty spots. At one end were tiny brown spots. It could also have been wiped from the ground with or simply be a pattern. He held his nose to it, but it smelled of car exhaust and road in general. Breathing deeply in and out, to keep himself calm, he ran around the car to the driver's side. If the bag had really just fallen down, then it should have been lying here and not under the vehicle close to a car tire.

The mammoth always parked near the lantern. He assumed that it seemed more safe for her. Of course, she never mentioned it. Exactly to this lamp he was running straight. It was only two steps away. Well for a mammoth. By the way, he was paying close attention to his surroundings, so as not to overlook any clues.

When the molehog was standing directly under the street lantern, there seemed to be more light on him. It wasn't raining on the weekend, and no one else came by. At least nobody looked at this red-brown strip, which graced the ground here. Even if he doesn't really want to do this, he knelt down and smelled it. His nose wasn't doing a good job like the ones of well-known predators, but unfortunately he could still say that this was blood from Peaches. Slightly panicked, he inspected the patches on the bag again. Under the lantern, the splashes looked more red-brown.

Fear grew quicker in his chest. He had to shake it off, because before he lost his head, he had to let someone know of all this. He took his cell phone quickly so he called Peache's parents. He really doesn't want to alarm them, but they should look at this at least once. For police, it certainly seemed too early, because he doesn't know whether the mammoth had disappeared for more than forty-eight hours. He wanted to look for her himself, but on the other paw he doesn't even know where to start.

Later it doesn't really soothed him that one of the saber-toothed tigers was also missing. Because if the two had not been able to live safely here, who was allowed to do that? He was, of course, aware that there were probably more carnivores in the underground, but so far, no conspicuous news was heard.

"You knew she doesn't feel well and yet you let her go home alone?" After Peache's father looked at everything, he was simply taken away, surely to give out much details as possible.

"Stop yelling at him, Manny! You should still know that a baby is sleeping next door. Besides, how he should know right away that our daughter gets abducted? Nobody thinks of the worst. Except maybe you." Ellie was worried too, but it wasn't fair to blame the molehog for all this. On the contrary, they should be glad that he wanted to visit Peaches at all today and noticed the matter so quickly.

"But maybe it's true. Finally, she doesn't answered my messages all weekend. I should have looked for her earlier, then.." The mammoth mother briefly stroked over his head and interrupted his sentence.

"It's really not your fault. We just have to keep a cool head and wait until the police calls us back." 'Or someone else.' But for the time being, she kept that to herself, than she could see that all of them were thinking about it. Just to get other things in her head, she stood up from the kitchen table and looked for the little saber-tooth. It was luck that they gave the parents a travel cot as a present, because they could use it faster, than for the time being believed. Even if she spoke to Diego, she also knew that they couldn't stop him from searching for himself. Ellie could only hope that the tiger did nothing stupid. Her husband promised to look for him as soon as the matter lasted too long, but there they weren't knowing that her daughter was abducted too.

"Look at that disgusting thing." Grossed out, Crash took his paws up.

"It's drooling so nasty. How can it sleep like this? Wow, now it's running out of the mouth and the nose." Eddie held out his tongue as if he were about to puke.

"Really guys? Why don't you told me the little boy is awake? Instead, you watching Sid in his sleep." The mammoth mother shook her head smiling and tickled the sloth at the foot, because that was sleeping upside down on their sofa. His preoccupation with his grandmother and the older hare made him very tired. It was also getting late.

"I'm not sleeping." So Sid fell down from the piece of furniture and the possums laughed. Ellie gave the still sleepy animal a handkerchief, when she had the little saber tooth on the other arm. This also doesn't quite know what to do now. Probably because the situation was so new to him. She hoped he could go back to his mother as soon as possible.

"If you have recovered, please set the table in the kitchen. We should all have something to eat." Especially because her husband still had almost nothing eaten all day. Just the breakfast.

"I just got off from the.."

"Eddie, don't try this on me! I have talked with your doctor again to inform me exactly. Such work as putting stuff on a table, wouldn't really kill you." Crash already took air, for the announcement, why his brother had nothing to do. But now he grinned and pushed the other into the kitchen.

"You have to work your way into normal everyday life again."

But dinner wasn't as simple like in the mammoth's imagination. The little saber tooth ate his meal, of course, with pleasure. At that age he doesn't understand what it meant to worry. But it can only be a matter of time until the boy misses Shira too. She knew all the babies are different, but there is a strong bond between mother and child. This meant if it wasn't a case of a single-parenting father.

After she was done with the little one and he dozed a little on her arm, her gaze fell back on the molehog. This one wasn't even touching his food. Certainly not because he doesn't have hunger, but because he always started to think about what could be and what not. They probably did it all in their own way. Her brothers and Sid by fooling around. Manny also starred more wordlessly on the table but this one ate now and then something. Probably also because he doesn't want to start any discussion with her later. But the prickly one looked just lost and so she nudged her husband with the free elbow. A little confused, he looked at her and she gestured silently across the table to Louis. The other mammoth hesitated, because after all this time it still doesn't know how to deal with the prickly one. She couldn't really understand the behavior of her husband. The molehog had a nice character. Then why did her idiot made it ever so hard to chat with him? But it was important to support each other at such times, no matter how bitter the situation could be.

"If you want, you can sleep here." 'To be there if there are new news.' At least that was what Ellie thought, but she couldn't just speak the sentence to the end. So talking around it was ok somehow, but she couldn't really make a loud statement that her little girl got abducted.

"No, no. It's not necessary. I have to go back to work tomorrow." Then the molehog finally ate the salad that lay on his plate. Normally it was one of his favorite foods here and he knew that Peaches mother made it extra for him to cheer him up a little.

Earlier when this looked after the saber-toothed baby, even the male mammoth apologized for his behavior. No matter how often it happened, it always surprised him. In any other situation he would be pleased that the older man wasn't treating him like air.

But now he doesn't care. Although Louis explained that he could understand the behavior of the bigger one, he doesn't speak much more. On the place, where the car of his friend was, he chattered everything out what he knew. The mammoth father was certainly surprised that he could talk so much at all. But he wanted only one thing that the police got as much information as possible to find the disappeared ones quickly.

"Come on. I'll drive you home." The mammoth father said after eating as he grabbed his jacket. At first he wanted to protest again, but the other doesn't allow it. Probably Peache's father also worried about him, but he doesn't want to or couldn't show it like the woman at his side. So he just nodded and said goodbye to everyone before he went outside to the car where the male mammoth was already waiting. Normally he would avoid moments where was alone with this animal. However, now everything seemed to be negligible, except the concern for his best friend.

"Typical woman! It is totally uninjured. So why are you making such a theater about it?" A nimble rabbit, with whom one always had the feeling that he was always linked with a electrical outlet, examined the unconscious mammoth. For the first words, Raz gave the little one a headknock and an evil look.

"You have no idea of such stuff!" Squint was pushed backwards. He doesn't want to accept it, but the kangaroo grabbed his beloved dagger so quickly and pointed it to him that he had no other way but to stay silent. Then the taller animal looked to the unconscious and threw the weapon carelessly against the wall. There the thing was stuck on a wooden beam. Raz grinned as she saw from the corner of her eye that the little one couldn't jump to the blade. But she quickly took care of her task with a serious face.

"Bring her to the hospital." Shira doesn't care that she told the same thing for hours, but now that she was in the same room as Peaches, the smell of blood gradually made her feel nauseous. Because the stuff slowly made her think of other things. Terrible things.

"Maybe we should really.." Flynn now mixed in too, because he just came back from pizza restaurant around the corner.

"Be quiet! Did you have to go to the uncle doctor when you cut yourself into the fin?"

"No. But.."

"She also cut herself. Just on the leg. I'm reluctant to say this, but I'm glad our zappy bunny had made the bungler disappear. Did the idiots pulled the mammoth over a nail field or what? I hate it when wanna-be gangster destroy our good reputation!" Raz nagged a little further, while the saber-toothed woman tried to sit up, or look around at least. Now she was in the room that was above her prison. There were windows, though they weren't large or clean, it was enough to let in daylight.

Gupta mentioned earlier, before he went out to throw up, because he can't stand the view and the smell of blood for too long, that Flynn was buying something to eat nearby. Just like in the past. If you don't see the sea-elephant, he was always getting a little something to satisfy his hunger. Unfortunately, she doesn't recognize the sign on the pizza carton, otherwise she might have figured out where she was. Finally she knew her city by heart. But she ordered too little food at home, so she couldn't tell by the color of the cardboard alone to which business it belonged.

"Perhaps I should have fetched more. I go again and get a pizza for everyone. Shira, do you want one with anchovies?" Flynn got a kick from the hare in the side. But he got thrown back again by the belly.

"You're not supposed to tickle me." Laughed the big one briefly.

"And you should know that prisoners don't get food! At least not like that. How stupid are you, that.."

"Enough now! Don't get on my nerves." The kangaroo was done with the doctor work of the unconscious prisoner. Shira knew that she was doing just so much to keep the girl alive. She would like to show that she had not lost her fighting skills in all these years. But since she was again tied up and this time much better, she could just stare angrily at the other one.

"Tell Gupta that it doesn't look so bad anymore and that he should get the gift out of the car." Raz removed the dagger from the wooden beam and threw it to Squint. He even gave his weapon a kiss, when he thought that no one would notice it. The two prisoners and the marsupial was left behind. Last one jumped down through the hole to get the box, which the tigress doesn't touched. The woman above in the waking state wanted to somehow roll to the opening to try to close this. Maybe she would get a little time. But it was thought of, because she only now saw that she was chained to a pipe.

"Shh .." Shira turned her head to the mammoth and in fact this gradually came to her senses. It certainly wanted to pronounce her name and blinked at her now, as if it had no idea what was going on here. Like how when the girl was unconscious all the time. As quiet as possible, because she doesn't want to attract the attention of her guard, she crawled over to the lying one there. At least as far as the chain allowed.

"Are you okay?" She whispered, and her opposite looked now with more watchful eyes. Probably Peaches slowly like her, remembered her abduction.

"I guess so. What do they want from us?" The girl's voice sounded just as scratchy as hers. Apparently she got the same stuff, only in a higher dose.

"I don't know exactly." Actually it was a lie, because the tigress knew that her former 'friends' would like to use revenge. Only in what form wasn't quite clear. The case was disguised as an abduction because of the election campaign.

"My mother.. Uncle Diego..?" Apparently, the mammoth could also get these facts together and she nodded only to the not clearly asked question. Shira wondered if the animals that hired her old crew for this crime, even realized they had burrowed their own grave. No matter who was a part in this matter, she has to prevent a escalation.

"Listen to me.."

"We're five minutes out there and you leave them alone here!" Spuint jumped between the tiger and the mammoth. He forced them to slide away with his weapon.

"What could they have done, huh? Talking to us dead?" The hare said something else, but a evil look from the kangaroo left him quickly silenced.

"Since you were a very polite guest who doesn't touched my box, you now get a little something." Raz let out a nasty grin and stretched her paw to the badger. He looked everywhere except the prisoners.

"Gupta!" Then he hurriedly reached for the suitcase which he brought in.

"Do you really think it's a good idea?" Because the striped found it more than dangerous use untested drugs for wars now on more or less innocent animals.

"Don't be so frightened and give the stuff to me!" With that, the syringe, which he held uncertainly in his paws, was torn off.

"We shouldn't at least take them down." Flynn also took a little distance and stood only in the doorway.

"You're all such chickens! That still will take a while until it works." These sentences from the kangaroo made Squint go into rage mode. Because he was scared of nothing. So hastily he jumped up, grabbed the needle and hopped to the prisoners.

"Let me do it!"

"Wait, you stupid bunny!" But the warning from Raz came too late, than the little one simply rammed the thing into the tiger's fur. At least he thought that.

"How hard could it be.." But also he, with the loosely moth, suddenly stopped talking big. Because he noticed that he gave the drugs a prisoner, but he doesn't hit the saber-tooth with it. The previously still weak-looking mammoth, moved more swiftly than thought to Shira and held her arm protectively over this. A little shocked the rabbit took his distance, but the big cat quickly pulled out the still sticking needle.

"Peaches... Are you ok?" She doesn't quite understand why the already injured girl was doing this for her now.

"Somehow headaches comes up." The prisoners were briefly distracted by a shouting.

"Hey, let me out!" Squint knocked at the door a bit desperately, as the rest of the gang was already outside. Now he really was afraid, because the others don't know that he was the only one who knew the effect of this stuff.

Emotions and rational thinking gets eliminated. Just the whole character, what identified a animal before, simply disappears. There would only remain an angry and also very murderous something that could destroy everything that was close by. These drugs don't make any difference between plant eater and carnivore. Every living specimen carried badness in itself and with such a treatment, it all comes to light.

"Stop whining!" With this the marsupial left her little colleague out again before she closed the iron door.

"Because you made the mistake, you will still be staying here and watch what happens!" Squint nodded only at this command. Because he was glad that he got at least a advance, should the signs are coming that this mammoth is going to snap in there.

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