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"And you're sure it's okay?" Inquired Peaches from the saber-tooth who just got out of her car. This rolled a little annoyed with the eyes.

"Now don't start like this too. Yes, my stomach has become a little rounder, but that doesn't mean that I can't go out anymore. On the contrary, a day on the beach will surely be good for me." The mammoth looked over it a little thoughtful, she felt somehow sorry for Shira because everybody touched her with velvet paws. To be exactly the one who did it the most was only her uncle Diego.

"Actually, I just wanted to know if it's ok to be here without your fiance."

"Well, the guard has to work and I got the permission to go out. So it's fair. The weather looks good too. But why aren't your parents here?" Then the younger one sighed a little.

"My father has never been one who is for such places where so much is going on, but recently, he also drags my mum in this matter. Because she doesn't want to come too. It's really not so full here at this beach. Although the drive here has taken for a while but for cooling, it was worth to me." Her talk partner nodded in agreement and then the two women set off to find a suitable place on the sandy beach. That went relatively quickly, which probably was because that Peaches could better look over everything.

"Your boyfriend had probably to work too." Actually, it wasn't the business of the big cat but she also knew the girl for a while and so it was also important to her that she was fine.

Moreover, Manny can't stop to emphasize that this Nathan wasn't the right one for his daughter. Although the mammoth exaggerated a little sometimes with the protecting, but most of the time he acted very reasonable. In the past this always had a good nose to detect inconsistencies. That's why she now want to talk a bit with Peaches about her future views. It means if the girl really wants that. After all, she doesn't even know if she is after all these years seen as aunt or something like that, or only as Diego's girlfriend. Although she had never previously thought about, now she wants to be accepted by all.

“Something like that. He's just a little difficult right now." Declared the mammoth a bit irritated while she lay the things on the ground, spread the large blanket and put up the parasol. Although Shira still waited, but it already seemed to be all what she got as response.  

"Would you mind if I already go into the water? The trip over here has made me sweat pretty much." 

"Of course not. Just go." So Peaches threw her clothes to the floor and ran to the water. Shira would just relax a bit here, because she doesn't found it so warm. On the other paw, she hasn't so much fur like a mammoth.

When she had gone sure that nothing slipped from her turquoise monokini while undressing, she sat down at last. Like her companion she had the bathing suit already underneath. That was simply more practical. Not that she was so wild on swimming, after all she came her to just enjoy the change of the surroundings. Maybe later ruled not so much trouble in the water, so she can also go into it. Now there were too many other animals.

She saw how Peaches has to go through several children to finally swim free. A smile played around her mouth, when the mammoth was very careful because she certainly doesn't wants to shove someone smaller or worse. Her gaze then wandered to a few children with their mothers. One scolded just her older son, probably because this has annoyed his little sister. This sat crying next to a crushed sand castle.

Will she look like this in a few years as well? Certainly, and the image in front of her, doesn't deter her in the slightest. Although she had first to get one birth behind her and was therefore always a little nervous, yet she would appreciate it even if she would get a sibling for her present child in the future. Of course, she doesn't mind if that wouldn't happen. Shira was happy with the fact that she got pregnant at all. Though Diego had repeatedly asserted her that they can be happy without children, but then she would maybe always wonder what if.  

She shook her head slightly, now was neither the time nor the place for such thoughts. Relaxation finally went quite differently. So she opened the cooler bag, which they brought with them and took out a cold drink.

"Hey sexy mama. All alone here?" The saber-tooth had to take a deep breath, because actually she should have expected something like that.

“Say, did have possums the strips so that you know where to place claws in position?" She inquired in a slightly sharp tone. Crash held defensively his paws high while his brother arrived with two other animals.

“In your place I would be careful what you say. I'm sure her husband makes no difference between friend and foe right now if you're doing lousy jokes with her." Warned the molehog and then welcomed the saber-tooth polite while Ruby left it with a simple Hey. Shira doesn't corrected him that Diego still wasn't her husband because it sounded nice.   

“I hope you don't mind if we stay here?" The other smaller striped ones rolled only with the eyes to that question. They all knew each other for a while, but Louis still used the formal term to address all the adults. The exception was Eddie, Crash and Sid. But Shira could understand that sometimes it was very difficult, despite their age, to see them as adults.  

“Of course not. Sit down, please." She explained, even if she would rather dispense the possums, but these were fortunately not really long around her. Because soon as their stuff touched the ground they ran to the water.  

“Those idiots. They could at least have waited a minute for me." Said the young skunk rather to herself, before she walked away too. What remained was a sighing molehog and a grinning tigress. Because she saw that Ruby has quickly caught up with the brothers and made them wet now.

“Let me guess, they have persuaded you more to come here." Louis, who sat now whit a respectful distance beside her, agreed to it nodding.

"They're also right that I should go out more from time to time."


“But they don't take the work so seriously. I mean with Eddie and Crash can nobody do anything. They just do what they want and when they want it. However, Ruby is still a child. Of course, having fun is just as important for her, but I think she neglected the school again too. Although her mother mentioned nothing of such things." The large animal looked down at the other and thought that the little one really was thinking too much for his age. On the other paw this probably had no choice, if certain animals are just around the corner and that three times a week. Also the molehog was someone who couldn't easily say no.

“Maybe the girl is just in a difficult phase. We were all in it and with you it shouldn't be so far away that you don't remember it." She joked and opened the icebox again to offer her call partner a drink or a piece of melon. It came to her mind that her female companion planned the trip better.

Suddenly she noticed that the other doesn't answered. She looked at him again. The molehog was just staring straight ahead silently and so she followed his gaze. She realized that this has probably discovered Peaches. Because the girl just came back from her first swimming round.

“Shut the mouth Louis, otherwise something will fly in there." She whispered to prickly one, who then came out of his rigidity and looked around a little embarrassed.
So the little crush isn't really over, Shira thought but that's really none of her business. Thus, she will not tell anyone of the precisely observation. She even could imagine that it must be hard to accept that someone you like in this way would never feel the same.

"So soda or something else?" She asked again to save the little ones from the misery.  

“Soda, please." He said a little sheepishly.

“Louis? What are you doing here?" Inquired the now arrived mammoth a little surprised.

“No. Don't say anything further. The three over there have dragged you here." The tigress grinned a little, because even for the larger one it was probably obvious. The smallest in line just nodded. Peaches grabbed a towel to dry herself a little before she sat down on the blanket between Shira and her friend. She wondered though, why there was such a big distance between the two, but blamed it on Louis occasional shyness.

“Couldn't you bring your surfboard?" Somehow Shira found the molehog cute and pathetic at the same time. This was in fact trying to begin a conversation without looking much at his friend. Apparently, he's one of those guys who got fast uncomfortable when the girls take off their clothes. But she noticed nothing like this with Ruby and herself. Probably Peaches was the only reason. But the two have known each other for very long, so he should be accustomed to such a sight.

“I have left it at home because I didn't know how much rush would be here." Louis really hasn't thought of that when the skunk girl had persuaded him to go to the beach. Actually he imagined rather that the other three have fun in the water and then he was able to read a book or something like that. Now he knew he couldn't read or play something on his cell phone. Because with such a woman on the side, his concentration would vanish permanently. Otherwise his friend always wore her surfing suit when he agreed to go the beach after all in the past. Actually, it should be quite normal that Peaches also wears  something like that by the water. Why did he then feel so embarrassed?

We had all this stuff behind us, he urged himself inwardly, trying to act cool outwardly. What wasn't so easy, as his friend leaning to the cooling box, which was more on Shira's side. He doesn't know what was worse, that he stared at Peaches butt like a pubescent teenager or that he got caught by doing so.

“Oh Wiener. I see we still have the old problem." Meant Crash played disappointed.

“You can fly halfway around the world, old love doesn't rust." Eddie added and the molehog gave the brothers a warning look.  

“I think the saying went differently. But they're both right a bit."  

“Why do you ally yourself with them?" The skunk even knew of his secret, but this wouldn't just say it out loud here. The possums sometimes were just stupid, but Ruby was anything but that.

“Oh come on. It was just fun. You can look at everyone here if you want. I would just stop the conspicuous starring.” The prickly one would like to give a thing or two back, but in the presence of Shira and Peaches he doesn't do it. A moment later the mammoth pushed the chatterboxes simply aside, as if nothing had happened and handed Louis a piece of melon.

“Hey, don't just ignore us! At least give me something too. I said nothing about it that his girlfriend has left him." Silence. Peaches gave Crash for the mentioned things a glare. But this couldn't also help now, her uncles had never some sense of tact. Even the tigress rolled her eyes, but with the brothers hops and malt was really lost.

“How about we bury both in the sand and leave them here?" Although Shira wouldn't just leave the possums here, but they don't have to find out that right now.  

“Peaches would never let that happen." Threw Eddie against it, but this just grinned.

"If you two keep that up, I think about it."  

“But now let's face it, Louis. You can't mope because of this woman all the time." In a encouragingly gesture the skunk girl put a paw on the shoulder of the spined one, while the mammoth watched this thoughtfully. Because she was surprised that the two of them were close in this way now.  

“I'm a little confused. Who is meant here?" Here the molehog really hoped that they all don't speak of his friend, who was sitting next to him. But Crash mentioned something about that he was left by someone. They couldn't be talking about his cousin.

“Wiener, you were never the brightest. But you have certainly noticed that there was a woman with a baby living with you." The statement from Eddie to his intelligence, he just doesn't heard for once. But suddenly made the behavior of all sense.

"That was just my cousin." He gave finally out, because all looked at him.

"Dude, that's really disgusting."

"Yes, what were you thinking.." But the second possum doesn't come to the end of his sentence because he was interrupted by Ruby's laughter.

"And you thought all, he now has his own small family." She still got out and kept laughing.

“Something like this isn't funny. It's his cousin and.." This time Peaches came between.

“Don't you two understand that it neither was his girlfriend or his daughter." The spined looked questioningly around.  

“You all have thought that? Why has no one just said something? Peaches you still should have recognized Marie. You met her before after all." A little was the mammoth embarrassed, because as she thought about it now, she should really have noticed that. It was the molehog girl which often visited Louis in past when he still lived with his parents. Now that she compared the images in her head, not really much has changed. The girl just has grown a bit more.

"I wouldn't start a family like that. It would be.."

“Enough stories of the prickly old man here." Crash interfered again, because what was funny for the possums a minute ago, bored them now. Therefore the mammoth girl distributed sighing something to everyone, so that the animals around her were satisfied.

"I'm sorry." She explained after a while, as all the others were in the water. Even Shira had decided to swim a bit. Louis has simply laid a little bit in the shadow of the parasol and plugged headphones into his ears. But the music wasn't too loud, so he noticed it when someone spoke to him.

“For what are you sorry?" He inquired, pulling a plug out of his ear. Peaches lay beside him on the stomach and the head resting on her arms. For other animal species that must look difficult because of the tusks. But if you were born with it, you learn also to deal with it.  

“Well, for how I have behaved lately. Now you're already a while back from your trip and yet we have really done nothing together. If I wouldn't have been by chance by your apartment or met you here at the beach what then?" Somehow he was confused because he doesn't really know what she meant. Of course, he missed his friend also, but this has a boyfriend and he doesn't want push himself in between.

“We can do something on the weekends now and then, if you wish."

“In the past we have seen us so often and told everything to each other." Why she said this so depressed? Was she really so sad because of it or plagued his friend something else? He would like to know it. Because it was never nice to see her in that way. Even if she has lovesickness for another, he will always try to help her. She sighed suddenly and sat up to look right at him.  

“I'm talking such nonsense. Surely you would have called me or one of the others when the work gives you the time." Here the archaeology just wasn't hard in the slightest. Although he still has to type all the wrote down information from the trip in his computer and besides he planned some things for smaller expeditions in the area, but without the two other molehogs there was no more stress.  

“It sounds a little selfish, but I wanted time just for me a while. So don't get me wrong, I like to spend time with you all.."  

“Hey, I know how this is. You don't have to apologize for it. But can you make a free day next week for me in your busy schedule?" He noticed that she was joking.

"Of course. What are you up to?"  

“Well, Nathan wants to meet you. We three can go anywhere or we make a movie night or something like this." The molehog nodded, even though he was inwardly shaken a little. Not that he had never met a mammoth that dated Peaches. But this time his friend has a serious relationship with this guy. At least if he can believe the possums once. Sooner or later he has indeed no chance as to meet him this guy.

“What would you have actually done if Ruby had pulled you into the water?" She changed after a short pause the subject.

"It's all right. Just because I let myself drag here, it doesn't mean she can do anything to me." His friend smiled a little.

“You could have told why you don't like it to go to the beach."  

“I don't really wanted to look like a loser. I mean it's not that great that someone at this age can't swim.” A little depressed he sipped at his limo. When the bottle was standing on the side again, something ruffled over his head. Because of it his other earplug also said goodbye.  

“Hey, what are you doing?" He inquired, while he stroke a few hairs backwards again.

“Sometimes you're just too serious. Do you think it has all these years been a big matter to me that you can't do it? Of course it would have been great to go surfing with you or other things in the water, but we still had always fun. You could have at least bragged that you're good at volleyball. Or have you forgotten that already?" Louis shoved his musical thing aside and smiled because Peaches managed it from time to time that one sees only the best in themselves.  

“No I haven't. I think I have seen a net over there earlier. So when the others feel like it, then I can show how much I still know." Now laughed even the mammoth.

"That's the right attitude. I look briefly what the others think. Otherwise, we will probably be bitter rivals." She stood up and looked around for her other friends.  

"Don't think that I cringe back just because you're bigger." Threw the molehog challenging to her.  
“Now someone spits big words here. We will see how that looks on the field later." That was the last thing she had to say before she ran off. Her uncles were in her view, but she couldn't discover the saber-tooth and the skunk. Ruby was probably over at the beach bar and got invited by someone to ice cream. It wouldn't be the first time that this girl did something like that. But the other, she looked for was also gone. It already went slowly towards the evening and it got clearer on the beach.

Louis really wanted to take the time to finally catch his breath. But the exit of the mammoth from their place doesn't really cool its body. Actually he should be ashamed that his best friend excited him like that in this outfit. The time when hormones pushed him to distance himself from her, because sometimes he became hard when he only smelt her fragrance, was over. Nevertheless, he got very unpleasant thoughts as Peaches appeared with this swimsuit earlier. Everywhere she was still slightly wet and some water pearls ran shamelessly in places, where he never could touch her. It was very difficult for him to turn his eyes away from her, because the saber-tooth said something.

Now he was alone at their berth and doesn't come around to watch that mammoth until she disappeared in the crowd. Her hair, the fur and those curves are perfect. Everything on her is just right.

The molehog was wondering how Nathan could leave his girlfriend alone on this beach. Doesn't he know Peaches new swimsuit looks like that? The fabric covered everything neat, but at the same time snuggled so tightly against her body that you don't need much more imagination.

He realized that the possums were running towards him. Perfect, he thought and called out to them that he would have to leave for short. He also left them no time for an answer, because if he let the two run to their place, they would certainly have noticed his problem. The brothers would just make fun of something like that and he couldn't use it now. Thanks to his size, it wasn't noticed by other animals, what he hid in his swimming trunks. At least he hoped that.

Relieved he closed the cabin as got to it, which was here on the beach for changing. It was bad enough what he did here, but he reassured himself that something like this has happened rarely or not at all lately. So he tried to convince himself that it was due to Peaches swimsuit. He would just make it quickly, then take a cold shower and go back to the others. Maybe he could just think about other things and his erection would go away by itself. But he realized that this was probably not going to happen because in the last few weeks he had little time to become sexually active. It wasn't that he really doesn't want to, because his breed was unfortunately known to be very active in that matter. On the other paw, he wasn't the type to always play around on his own. If he had to have sex, he would like to have a partner. He was also lucky that there were more willing women on his journey than in this place. He simply doesn't dare to go to a one-night stand here because her town wasn't built so big that you could never see certain animals again.

Because Peaches was also the reason for his present situation, he thought more of her as he lay down on the bench in the cabin and a paw slowly got down into his shorts. The molehog had already exercise through his teenage age to masturbate because of his best friend and later to act as if nothing had been. The first time was so unpleasant for him, but he shouldn't think of that now.

A picture appeared before his inner eyes, as the mammoth in the wet swimsuit bent forward. She rarely wore things that made her breasts look so good. These soft but also solid looking curves. He always wondered how they would feel under his paws. Slowly he began to stroke himself, as the mammoth in his imagination went to her knees. She touched her upper part, showed him how she liked to be touched, which of course he could only guess. Perhaps she really liked it a little rough.

Then he came back to think about what she was going to do. Would she be shy and moan with a reserved hand so that her partner couldn't hear it? Or would she leave it out unrestrained? The last thought and his movements made his manhood full erect.

'You will never be able to satisfy me.' Said Peaches smiling in his imagination. Of course, she never said that, but it came from an actress from the net. If he was looking for certain films on the Internet, then it seemed they have only videos where larger women humiliated smaller men. Not that it was difficult for him to masturbate to that, because he could imagine Peaches in a dominant role. But sometimes he wished for more romantic or that the man is in control. Because he still thinks the size doesn't matter if he knows what to do. Not every woman wants just something big in her. Well at least if he can believe the girl that lived for two years besides his brothers flat. Now he saw that it was a bit fast to sleep with that antbear. But she had almost the same fur color as Peaches and she wanted it too. Actually he just should have looked after his brothers belongings on the weekend and the neighbor had a bad day. She also confessed that she flirted with his brother but he acted like an idiot. Louis himself would have said asshole then his brother saw most women as toys. Of course he got nervous but she showed him that he could do so much more as just trusting into her. His first sex with a bigger woman and he began to become addicted. Not just because he learned that it could be sexually possible for a smaller and a bigger animal. But also he saw a chance with his secret love again. Well, he thought that for a while because then he was still half-baked.   

That weekend he experienced good and bad things but that was nobody's fault. They had just different likes in bed but since that time he tried more stuff and was more open. That memory also helped him here a bit.                

'Look at you! How pitiful you try to hide that little thing in front of me.' He really did, but here in the cabin he could finally free it. Sighing, he looked down briefly and wondered if he was really so small. Perhaps the thing alone wouldn't bring a mammoth to the climax, but he still has other tricks in his pocket.

But the thought of sticking his head between her legs almost made him come. Even if she would crush him with his thighs during orgasm. It would be worth it. Perhaps he could even be the first to explore her intimate sphere with his snout, because he doesn't know if mammoths were doing anything like this at all.

Or he could also use toys. One that had the form of his manhood. The Peaches in his imagination already enjoyed it when he rubbed that thing only at her hot middle. She took away the disturbing material from the swimsuit so he could see more of her. Softly, she leaned backward on the free arm, opened her legs more and waited for something to happen. Now he could see how wet she was and finally he was released from his suffering. Louis gritted his teeth and tried to be quiet while he was splashing himself with his seed.

'That feels so great. Am I right?' Now she sounded nicer almost like his real friend and he could just nod with a relieved smile.  

“That doesn't look too bad." Meant Diego and looked out of the window from the large living room. After he could allow himself to finish his work a little earlier, he wanted to see a few houses or at least larger apartments. Finally, they will soon need a child-friendly environment and not going up long stairs with a baby on the arms. And the child is supposed to get a own bedroom. In his present home they were living in a confined space, because at that time his wife found it ok to move into his apartment.   

“Yes. This one also has a good view." He has asked his pal Manny to come along to subtract the big selection a bit. So that he could save his Shira later from hours of back and forth. Namely, she knew nothing of it, that they will move as soon as their child was in the world. It's supposed to be a surprise.

“In the rooms above, the light could also shine through in a nice way." Spoke the mammoth further because he had seen already more of this house. The saber tooth wasn't as fast, because he also wanted to examine everything for errors. It was clear to him that nothing can be perfect. But they shouldn't notice disturbing things later when they moving in.  

“Have you and your partner looked around already?" Both men were a little embarrassed and looked to the door. But when they realized that there was only their friend the sloth, who had just changed his voice, they rolled almost synchronously with the eyes.

“Very funny, Sid."

"Oh, come on. Diego is overwhelmed that he suddenly becomes a father and Manny, you want to try something new at your age again. That is why you two search for a house together. So behind the backs of the women.” That was too much for the good and the sloth got a head knock from the mammoth.

“Ellie takes you for once with in the bookstore and then you are reading such novels?"  Commented Diego now the whole thing, because he remembered that the mammothmother had mentioned it.

“You don't really believe that." Manfred jokingly added.

"He only looks at the picture books in the kids corner." The sloth found it not acceptable.

“Hey! Some of them have really instructive stories."

"Yes, for example.." But Diego broke off when a cell phone rang shortly. All saw to the mammoth, which annoyed took the thing out.

“Why did my wife have to change it back so it's loud again?" He complained muttering as he looked at the phone. When he realized who it was, his mood got even worse.

“Well, did we have forgot again to bring the garbage out?" Meant Sid amused.

"If it were only that, but it's Nathan who goes permanently on my nerves for a week."  

"Peaches boyfriend?" Inquired then the smallest animal confused because this couldn't imagine what this mammoth wants from Manny.

“Yes, exactly this one. He certainly wants to have That Talk with me."  

"For real? Now?" Inquired the saber-tooth, but wasn't really astonished. Finally, you could see when the two young mammoths were together that they really liked each other. Manny nodded on it and there was silence again.  

“Hello? Perhaps you could tell me which conversation is this about."

"Can't you think of that yourself? His daughter is together for a while with a nice mammoth and now this would like to have a chat with Manny. What do you think is this about?" Started the big cat to explain it and probably thought his buddy would come to the solution himself.

"Ice cream?" Gave this just out. The other two threw a annoyed look at Sid.  

“Well, he told once that he works in an ice cream shop. Perhaps Manny and all who belong to the family get everything for free." He raved already of an ice cream sundae, while the other men were a little amazed that their lazy friend had actually remembered that. But it was indeed again about food, so it should be nothing new for them. Manfred snapped in front of the face of the sloth, so that it stopped dreaming.  

“No. He wants to know certainly whether he gets my approval, if he asks for my daughter's hand. On one hoof, the boy is all right, because he takes actually the time to ask me first. But on the other side is Peaches too young for a wedding. The two know each other not even that long." Diego threw a certain look to the big guy.

"And how long did you know Ellie before the wedding came?"

"That was different. We were older and Peaches was already on the way." The mammoth suddenly looked a little pale, if one could ever say that by the thick fur. His friends still noticed that.  

“Manny? Everything ok?" Asked Sid, but they were interrupted by a sound of the door. It was the broker who got a bit late here. Anyway, the largest animal shook everything off and said it was nothing.

He should respond simply polite to the message later and meet the boy at some point next week. Maybe he painted it in his mind worse than it really was. He doesn't also have to postpone it as much until his wife got wind of the matter. If it were up to her, he were sitting with Nathan much earlier together for a men's conversation. Actually, he had done that, but his usual threats should his girl get hurt, doesn't count for his women.

“Oh come on. First you thought that Ellie becomes a second child and now this. I mean if you're going to be a grandpa, you can easily just busy yourself with the nice things that kids bring with them."  

“Sid." Tried Diego interrupting his buddy who got his ice on a stick after inspecting the house and now cheerfully blurted out his thoughts.  

“And the two don't want to move so far. I mean it's like with him here and baby mammoths still need more space. Just imagine.." But the sloth chattered merrily on ignoring the warning glances of the saber-tooth. This made himself ready that the smallest in the round gets crushed by Manny at any moment because with each word the mammoth looked more angry. Abruptly this let his shoulders fall.

"He's right." Said Manfred with a sigh.

“I am? I mean, of course. I have finally read that in a guide. So it has to be right." The big cat ignored this comment now.

"What do you mean, he's right?"

"Well, Peaches isn't a little girl anymore. She can start her own family, when and with whom she wants. Probably we will see her then less but that doesn't mean that she is out of this world." The other two couldn't say more to this either.

“Now I also like to eat ice cream. Come on we stop over there." Declared the mammoth then to improve the mood a little.   

“And I got just such a ice lolly from the gas station. That's not fair.” Of course, Sid had to wail again until he was satisfied.

“We can't probably just suspend that child on the roadside." The mammoth grinned at Diego's remark, because sometimes they would really like to do that. Especially because the sloth was the only one who still dribbled in his car like a toddler. He had just cleaned the car last week.

"Well, I have told you that you should let him eat his ice first." His buddy added and glanced over the shoulder to the back.

“But he needs so long." Whined the driver half jokingly, half seriously.

"Well then you have to buy a special seat."  

“A transport box would be something more for him." The two in the front row laughed at their jokes while behind them Sid was eating his ice cream and looked through a car magazine. Therefore the cold sweet dessert remained not long in his paws because he dreamed to have such a cool car himself to perhaps impress women. To buy a car wouldn't be a problem, he just had to save money for some time. But he doesn't even have a driver's license and with his talent at such things, a cool-looking car would probably stay a dream.

Meanwhile the silver-haired big cat sat on some rocks, a little further away from the tumult. The sun was setting and from here you have a very good view. She found it strange that no other couples were hanging around at this corner. If she were here with Diego, she would certainly have some indecent ideas. But that no one was at this spot could also be because they came here on a weekday. So nobody  who has to work tomorrow has the time for a little romance now.

The pregnancy has strange side effects, because in the past she would never have thought about such things. But slowly it would be better to run back to the others. Although the younger animals dealing with her a little more relaxed then Diego currently, still she should avoid that they have to worry about her. In addition, the waves are getting too high here and thus the stones are also slippery. About this she had to go a little back before she could step on the sand again and she really shouldn't slip here.

The way back seemed even shorter to her. Probably because she knew where she should put her paws without falling into the water. She saw already the place where more animals where. So it wasn't far to the others.  

But suddenly she took a smell in which she hasn't in the nose for a long time. She wondered whether if that organ could be wrong in her current situation. After a moment, she realized that this unfortunately wasn't the case. A very old acquaintance came directly towards her now. Perhaps he hasn't seen or recognized her and so she wanted just to go on. But the snow leopard reached out to her, so that the way was blocked.

“Well, who we have here?" He greeted her played friendly, but Shira doesn't feel like chatting with this guy about old times. Thus, she pushed herself past him, but the other dared to touch and hold her on the shoulder.  

"What do you want?" She looked at him with a nasty gaze, so he would know that she wasn't in the mood to be nice.

“Should you speak in such a tone with old friends?" As he moved down with his paw, she was beating that thing off and hurried to made a big step space between them. She has to have him completely in the sight, should he try something again.

“But let me see you better. You look really good. Still the same, huh? Almost. The number with the offspring probably not worked right, because you are still alone.” She rolled her eyes in annoyance, as if she would use her child as a lever. Even if Diego doesn't want to be with her anymore, she could never do something like that.

“It's not your business what works in my life. And now go away!"
"Now wait! Don't run away so quickly after we just have found each other now." Again he grabbed her arm, but this time, she used her claws. No one was allowed to simply touch her when she doesn't wants it.

“In the past you weren't so snappish. But if you absolutely want it the hard way..Ouch!" When he was just about to hold Shira again in his arms a third animal intervened. The tigress saw the skunk girl which probably just kicked the snow leopards shin. She hasn't noticed it quite, but once the guy let go of her, she took more distance. Actually she doesn't wanted overexcite.

"You little beast!" Insulted the guy Ruby now, but this couldn't be deterred.

“I wanted actually to hit you elsewhere but got lucky there. Take this chance and get away!" He held briefly his leg. Probably he had another injury under his shorts, otherwise this wouldn't hurt so long. She shook her head, because the guy hasn't changed a bit. Just like how in the past he always has small wounds and a bunch of bruises, because he liked to beat others out of fun.

“I don't take orders from little girls!" Now he was angry and Shira wanted to pull the skunk away from him, but he grabbed the young animal already fast by the arm.  

“Let her go! She has nothing to do with it." But Ruby wasn't really defenseless because before he could hit her, she bit into the paw, from which she was held.

“Just wait you!" He yelled and reached out again. The saber-toothed tiger couldn't just helplessly stand by and tore the free girl back as far as possible. The beat from him then hit her on the shoulder. It doesn't hurt really, because he missed her more. But too late she saw that the guy was using the moment to get a hold of her again.

“Now that I've found you again, I will not give you up so quickly." He announced loudly, but the next moment he just let her go because his other arm was suddenly held by a mammoth.

“We also have a say in that matter." Stated Peaches and began to push the violently struggling leopard in the sand.  

“Are you ok?" She inquired then from the other two women. Ruby said nothing but spit the attacker in the face before she run off to call the lifeguards and the police for this incident. Also Shira nodded. Although she wanted to quickly get away from the guy, but she doesn't dare to leave the mammoth alone with him. Though Peaches was strong, but the snow leopard had certainly still the same lousy tricks up his sleeve like in the past. But the overseer of beach came quickly and took the guy with them. This even promised not to come close to her again. It was clear for the tigress that he only did it, so she kept the police out of the matter. Actually, she shouldn't agree to it but she has no desire for further stress now.

“Hey, have you.." But Crash couldn't finish his sentence, because the molehog shoved past him.

"Are you injured?" Inquired this and looked in the direction of Shira and Ruby. Both shook with their heads. Nevertheless, the little one still opened that thing he brought, which turned out to be a first aid kit.  

“We are all fine. No one got hurt in this matter." Although the mammoth tried to calm the spined one down but that doesn't worked so easy.

“Then how do you call this scratch on your right forearm?" The saber-tooth also looked at that place, because she should have noticed it before. She has a very good nose, but probably because of her pregnancy and the salty air here nothing works like it should. But that seems to be the only wound that the mammoth girl got. Although this was an adult, she still felt guilty about it.

“It's not so bad." Stated Peaches, but she knelt down to the molehog in the sand nevertheless, so that this could inspect the wound himself. Shira found it interesting how quickly the boy could leave all other feelings behind, because his friend was hurt. Not only that, with the serious glance all the cuteness was gone and he even looked a few years older.

Then she also noticed something else. Eddie babbled no stupid comments out on the matter like his brother. This was rather behind Ruby and checked this secretly from head to toe. At least the possum was thinking that no one saw it. As the tigress had caught his eyes, he looked quickly elsewhere.

“Enough of this drama mood here. We should go." Said Eddie loud a moment later and trudged through their small group, so that everyone saw him disappear.

"He's right. It is getting late." So they all set back to the berth and began to pack up their stuff.

“Could you please tell Diego nothing about that matter?" When they were all in Peaches car, the big cat said what she thought.

"All right, but you will tell him later yourself."

"Of course." Replied Shira, but when she was delivered to the apartment the mammoth couldn't chat with the male saber-tooth because this wasn't even there yet. So she just said goodbye before she drove on, to bring the other animals in the back home.

Louis had it not very easy on the drive, because although the skunk was no longer a toddler but the experience made her still very tired and so she slept quickly in the car. That would be no problem for the prickly one but the girl leaned in her sleep against him and for some indefinable reason, he also got a deadly glare from Eddie. And he still hasn't even done anything. This time couldn't his quills sting a possum tail because between the brothers and him was still the cooling box. So he tried to shake it off what came from the other side because probably this was just another of the craziness from the two striped ones.

“So see you. And Manny? I would maybe clean the car from the inside thoroughly. Otherwise, the sloth smell stays forever in there.” Joked Diego and went to the front door of the apartment building. He decided to climb the stairs, he hasn't been active athletic today. He wants to stay rather fit. Just because he soon will be a father, doesn't mean he can let himself go.  

Well, Shira and he haven't it regulated yet, how they do it with the work and parenting. But they will equitable distribute it. Just because his wife becomes a mother, he doesn't want that she is always waiting for him at home.

He looked at his watch and that said it was almost nine. Although not really late, but perhaps his fiancée slept already. So he crept rather in the apartment. The lights of the city doesn't seem very bright through their windows, but his species doesn't need much in the dark to still see properly.  
But when he hung his coat in the hall, he heard something that alarmed him.

His ears twitched as he listened a moment longer to be sure that it really came from that apartment. There was no doubt it was a sob from their bedroom. Thus he quickly but quietly stepped into this room. But as soon as he arrived there, the noise fell silent. Probably it was because his wife has noticed him. The saber-tooth stepped around the bed, that he was now on her side to look at the other big cat, but she turned away.  

It was very difficult for him not to panic and ask her if something was wrong with their child. Because that just came to his mind.  

“What's going on?" It took a while before she has decided to look at him. No matter how many times he saw her sad face, every time it almost broke his heart.

“Today I was on the beach and no, not alone. Peaches has agreed to take care of me. Later we met also the possums, Ruby and Louis." With every word from her, it seems that she got more angry. Thus he waited still and doesn't interrupted her.

“It could have been such a beautiful day but no such an idiot had to screw it up."  

“What happened?" He sounded more serious than intended, but no matter who had made his wife so upset, the one should hope he never gets to meet him.

“Unfortunately someone from my past was on the beach."  

“An ex-boyfriend?" Diego also doesn't know where that came from but he has a great desire to attack something.  

“Well yes, you can call it that. Now calm down again before the idea comes to your mind, to sharpen your claws on the bed.” She wanted to touch him and he immediately slipped closer to her, so she doesn't have to move very much.  


"The baby is fine." Because she would feel it when something was wrong. Both of them needed only a little rest after that matter, nothing more. I was just so upset because I feel so weak right now. Thanks to the pregnancy, I can't always move the way I want." The saber-toothed tiger crawled further up, to lean his back on the head of the bed and took his wife into his arms.  

"I am aware that is the most annoying thing for you in your situation. But it doesn't take long anymore and you can push the stroller around and beat up bad guys." He noticed that she smiled while he stroked soothingly over her stomach.

Both remained still a while in this position. At least until Shira commanded her tiger to change clothes because she smelled something sweetish on his shirt. She doesn't care what he has eaten, her stomach couldn't just stand it right now.

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