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“Why are you looking around all the time as if a criminal comes out to get you?" Lorene meant it only as a joke, but her companion behaved so strange the whole day. Although Crash had almost promised voluntary to do some errands together when he got a free meal. But how the possum was acting, you could use it for nothing. Continuously it turned around and searched every corner of a room from when they entered both a new one. Her arm may soon fall off certainly, because the other hold on it so tight.

Of course, it has long been known that the two brothers are sometimes a little crazy. But the behavior here was different. It seemed as if her companion was suffering from severe delusion of persecution. She also looked around unnoticed now and then. But no one seemed to be there who got too close to them. Probably she should have picked up the other brother. Ruby was already in this summer school and she needed someone who could carry her stuff while she further completed all the things that were otherwise moved to the side. Crash explained that his brother was probably sick or something like it. Since that she doesn't really wanted to see him and perhaps even get infected. In addition, it sounded a little serious and she wasn't used to that of the possums.

So she had to make the whole thing with this guy with whom she doesn't came quickly forward. If they both would seemed like a couple at least, then she might not mind the forced body contact. But she knew they looked to other animals just more like a mother with a large spoiled child.

Strange that her friend always forgot to look around when he stood before something he wants in a shop.  

Maybe she should slowly looking for someone for a long term relationship. Because her daughter will soon be old enough to have her own place to live. She already indicated that she like to do that very soon after her next birthday. The skunk mother sighed as she thought that her child will soon be eighteen. She saw now how quickly children can grow up. But she should see it positively, because she got more free time for herself. Ruby wasn't even long in the summer school, but she found it just very boring and lonely at home. Nevertheless she really enjoyed the life of a single. Probably it will doesn't take long until she searched for a strange hobby.

"It's not what you think." Spoke her companion again with her and took her from the thoughts.

"What do I think?" She wanted to know and doesn't care whether that was about some women. Finally, she was just friends with Crash and it wouldn't be the first time that a strange lady followed the possum. When she analyzed the selection of the females of her companion there was always something wrong with all of them. At least the women she has heard of. Since she also belonged to this circle, she wondered what wasn't right in her head. She shrugged her shoulders, because she could be an exception.

“Oh, just forget it." Has now been answered a little brusque. Certainly he doesn't wanted to tell her, because sometimes she just has such an unfriendly way to handle things. But maybe it was better that way, because unfortunately, she hasn't a character like Ellie. Therefore she couldn't give the appropriate advice to everything. It could be that this was her blemish.

She secretly envied the mammoth mother, because this seems always to be calm and balanced. If you look to the partly stubborn husband then, you couldn't really imagine that it was love at first sight for the two.  

Lorene thought that she should focus more on the here and now. They both ran through a shopping street. Short she eyed her bag carrier again, but then she noticed something on a shop sign. Someone was reflected in it, who was behind them. At first she thought the looks at the possum beside her was just pure coincidence. At second glance, as she pretends to look for something in her purse, she realized that her companion imagined nothing here. The pursuer had just done very good work so far that she doesn't notice this. Granted, she wouldn't really believe that someone stalks one of possums voluntarily, if it wasn't before her own eyes. The unknown seemed not really threatening now, and he wore a suit. He rather looked like a nice insurance salesman. But they also have their dark secrets, thought the skunk and made a decision. Because if these games run for a while already, she could imagine how tiring it must be for Crash.  

Thus, she took first one paw of the animal with the ailing nerves and pulled him further. Maybe the stranger gives up at some point, because she still has many tasks on her list. If the guy still sticks to them after that, she will have an unpleasant conversation with this.

Of course, the two crazy brothers were annoying and sometimes unbearable, but they haven't deserved this. Once again, Ellie was right. As friends they could play as many pranks as they wanted, in the end they were still there for each other. The possums are also included there. In an emergency, you could rely on them. The two were also there for them when she herself or Ruby needed help and for that she was always grateful. Although she shows it not as open as others, but her mammoth friend said that one doesn't have to express everything in words.

After a while, she even managed to divert her companion so that this almost forgot his previous problem. Then came a rumbling to her ears and she sighed, because actually she wanted to do one thing more before they go to lunch. But Crash was one of the varieties that are intolerable when they got hungry. So they sat down in the next snack shop, which was on the way.

Apparently their pursuer had stopped or that simply wouldn't want to come to close to them.

Because Lorene could indeed take a look at him and if he was going to step through the door of the store, then an uncomfortable scene could happen here. That meant probably that this noticed her looks from before. Now she sat on purpose so that she had the entrance in the eye while they ate. Although she doesn't want to catch the delusion of the possum, but the stranger must have a aim. The skunk couldn't begin to discussion it with Crash now, because if this doesn't like that, he might just go out without her.

The book she had read recently helped not really in this situation. It was about a stalker who got tracked and then killed in the end. The events will hardly happen in reality, but you should nevertheless take such animals seriously. Therefore, she also thought that it would be good if her friend stayed a few days with her.  

Thus she could fix this problem with him together. Although when she goes back to work, the possum would be alone in her apartment. That would probably not be the best solution.  

“How about I come to your house for a few days?" Crash who was just stuffing his food in the mouth, almost choked on it now. She patted him with a roll of her eyes on his back before she continued the conversation.

“First, I want to look at your brother for once, because I know you two and can tell that Eddie wasn't by a doctor. Secondly, I could help once again to get your home clean. It smells sometimes in the shop below as if something died above." The possum found the idea not so fantastic. Than he knew how she meant it with the cleaning up. It would only look like that Lorene tells what to do and he has to do it alone. Since he couldn't also count on his brother. This was determined for no use the next few days. He doesn't really have the great desire to perform the housecleaning under the reign of this tyrant. But then this with the younger skunk came back to his mind.  

“I know what you're up to. You want just to be with us because you are currently alone in your apartment. But you can't solve the matter like that.” So he wanted finally to have the last word for once. After all he was a man and has his pride.

"Both of you get something real to eat every day." She mentioned that, because she knew what the brothers otherwise malnourished. Cooking wasn't really that hard, so she never understood the way of nutrition from Eddie and Crash.

“Ok. Are you coming over tonight?" From folded paws, his attitude quickly changed to a drooling mouth. Although he still has leftovers of his food before him, he was already beginning to dream of future meals. It can't be that bad if the skunk wants to cook for them. Although she wasn't as good as their sister, but still better than junk food. They still could break off the whole thing if he had to do too much housework. Lorene nodded because she knew that she could sway the other with food.

The mobile phone from the molehog vibrated again. He knew he should do his job now and stop writing messages with his best friend. They were doing something like that often before he went abroad one year. Sometimes they spent half the night, to send funny pictures or videos with no words. Just to bring each other to laugh.

However now it seemed as if the mammoth faked her mood and he doesn't like that. He was aware that Peaches still has the separation in her head. You can't just forget it overnight. And nobody demanded that. But when he visited her after she finally got better, she behaved strangely. Louis had been worried that she still doesn't felt better after a few days. But it wasn't the cold that could explain the behavior of her. During the visit he gave her the necklace again. He thought at first to throw it in the mailbox earlier. Perhaps that could have been better, then maybe this strange mood wouldn't have come up.  

Of course, his heart got warm by the thought that his friend was still wearing his gift around the neck. Here the chain wasn't even particularly valuable or beautiful. Nevertheless, he still found that she doesn't necessarily have to jump into the cold water for it. But what happened, happened and he doesn't want to rub on it.

Actually, he also doesn't stop by to ask questions about Nathan. But Peaches began to speak on her own after a while. So the nice male mammoth changed fast to an idiot. But in his eyes everyone was stupid who despised such a wonderful woman.

Also he felt his stomach go a bit sick when he heard something about a marriage proposal. He immediately had to think on Ruby's words and was wondering if she has already knew that. But the skunk was indeed traveling for a while, what he found good for the most part. Maybe he should suggest Peaches also such a thing. Just vacationing for a while and that farther away from here. Not that he necessarily wants to got too, because the peachy mammoth surely would like to travel with the other girls.

Louis sighed, but then smiled slightly as he still was reading her message. She said that she has forgotten to write that she visited the saber-toothed tigers yesterday. A little he always wondered if his friend chatted with Shira about problems if her mother or he wasn't an option for it. Certainly, since the silver-gray tigress looked at everything from a different angle. It can never be wrong to have multiple animals you could talk to.

The picture she sent from the small saber tooth tiger, looked really cute. He also realized that Peaches has the little one in her arms. One day she will be a very good mother, he thought while his face fell. That Peaches wanted to have children in the future wasn't a secret and this was also another reason why he never has a chance with her.

“Oh, what are you doing that face for? I know it's raining outside, but that is no reason to make a pout.” For a moment he almost forgot that he was at work, and not alone. Although he preferred to do his tasks alone, he can't always choose that. He knew who he would see if he turned around now. That he got so deeply away, so he doesn't even notice that someone came in, was abnormal for him. Probably the other animal had also expected it and crept in here, because this likes to made such jokes.

"Are you not talking with me today?" The voice inquired again and finally he turned to this. It was his work colleague Fiorenza Renard. But all should just call her Fio. She was also a little older than him, but he was never good in guessing. Especially women react sensitively sometimes when one said something wrong. That's why he never asked her and also her age doesn't really matter to him. The vixen knew this place for longer than him, but she was still so nice back then and helped him to learn how they work here.

“Of course. I just were bit in my thoughts."  

“I noticed. Come tell me everything. Which woman gives you a heartache?” She put an arm around him. But he shook that off because he knew she doesn't mean it seriously.

"I wasn't thinking about something like that.” It was a lie, but she wouldn't find it out.

“Not? That means the good Louis has no one in his mind right now. Then how about if we go..." But his colleague has to cancel her sentence because someone who seemed to be angry called this from the hallway outside.  

“Probably you are needed more elsewhere." He said and she ruffled his hair in which his reading glasses slipped a little.  

“I'll see you later at lunch. Until then just try to think of positive things. You know, the boss also doesn't like to see it when his workers are moping the whole day." From the door, she still gave him an air kiss before she disappeared. The molehog smiled again and pushed his vision aid in the previous position. Somehow, she was also right, to think all day about negative things just makes depressed.  

So he left the thoughts of the mammoth on the side for once and got his concentration back to his work.

Diego came home with a slight soreness that afternoon. These chairs in the office are no longer what they once were, he thought and put his bag aside before he hung up his coat. Slowly but surely, it was autumn and therefore quickly cool the country. His mammoth buddy probably seems to be the only one out there who can still walk around with a shirt. For him, this was clearly too cool, but everyone had to know that themselves.  

Even the conversation doesn't went out of his head, which they carried on the way back from this store. He couldn't really be a mayor, let alone go as candidate. The saber-tooth doesn't considered himself as a leader.

When his tigress came into his gaze, he quickly drove out the thoughts. Because when he saw her he doesn't want to seem distressed. It turned out that this replacement product had as many proteins like real meat and so Shira soon felt better. A little he was ashamed, but now he recognized a distinct difference. His girlfriend looked much better now. If anyone would get to know her just now, this certainly couldn't say that she was pregnant a while before.  

“Why are you just standing there in the doorway and staring at me? Come in. Sid came also over." With that she pulled him on the paws and gave him a small greeting kiss on the cheek. He grinned slightly, but then remembered what she just uttered.  

"Where is he?" Because he could neither see nor hear the sloth. Since he has decided with Manny to give their buddy always a overlapping aftershave, that with the smell wasn't so bad anymore. What the lazy friend doesn't know that they both have exchanged the stuff with furniture refresher. It neutralizes unpleasant odors, but also wasn't toxic or dangerous if one accidentally sprayed it in the face. And the mammoth and he knew that this would happen more than one time.

"He plays with the..." Shira couldn't even finish her sentence because her fiance was already running to the nursery. She rolled her eyes and went back to the kitchen. Probably the anxious father thought Sid couldn't take care good of children. But she had the baby monitor on all the time and nothing dangerous happened.

Diego, who had almost slipped through the fast race, now looked confused in the nursery. There lay a drooling something in the playpen and his son was cheerful looking beside it. The little one tried to pull on the sleeping sloth with his paws. Or this wanted to crawl on it. He doesn't know what was going on, because so much couldn't the little saber-tooth do. As this gave a few happy noises out and then wanted to bite into Sid, finally Diego intervened.

“Don't do this. Maybe your teeth aren't growing anymore after it." He joked and wanted to take the little one up. But this began to cry. He was probably just a spoilsport right now. But thereby also the sloth woke up.  

"Diego? Why do you make him cry?" He got asked with a yawn.

"And why do you sleep there?" Caught climbed Sid out from the playpens.

“The stars who are hanging here make someone really tired." The sabertooth pretends as it would be enough as an explanation. Because he was trying to calm down his son. This worked when his buddy made some grimaces. Apparently the baby doesn't quite know what was going on, but it stopped at least with crying.

"He is certainly hungry." It came from the door frame and Shira brought a bottle.

“Or it's a full diaper." Meant the sloth, closing his nose with paws.

“I'm sure the daddy would like to do it this time." Heard Diego, before he was left alone with the child in the nursery. Meanwhile the gray-haired tigress brought the visitor to the front door. As the sloth was gone, she went back in the direction where she still suspected the other two. Now and then she namely has to control how her fiance did his work as a father. What surprised her from the beginning that this could do some stuff better had then her. If she wouldn't breastfeeding the little one, Diego could do almost everything alone. That means if he doesn't would go to work in between. They both have agreed that he can continue to do it. Because she has no strength nor the desire already to struggle with her job again. In addition, she would miss her son as soon as she leaves the house. She found it already hard to leave him alone in the room. But it was clear to her that it couldn't go on forever. Thus, she forced herself literally to leave the room of the child when the little one was sleeping.

The molehog tossed from one side to the other. This night is probably going to be rather restless. On one paw he should sleep, but on the other he couldn't stop thinking about how his best friend behaved in his presence lately. Maybe it was just because that he had been away a year and her boyfriend just left her. Since that one can sure deviate from the daily habit.

Also he has really thought these twelve months would provide him with plenty of work to finally delete Peaches from his heart. But slowly he had to realize that he would drag this problem all his life with him.

Suddenly the doorbell rang and he wondered who was going to visit him in the middle of the night. He briefly glanced at his cell phone before he rose from the bed. Time told it was 2:33. Woe to the visitor wants nothing important, Louis thought and jumped into his pants. A shirt was also thrown quickly on before he went to the door and turned on the light in the hallway.

"Who's there?" He doesn't care if he sounded rude, because it wasn't nice to wake people up at night.  

“It's me Katie. It's about Peaches.” When he heard that name, he immediately opened the door.

“Hey. I'm sorry that we are disturbing so late or more early. But I didn't know what to do with her and then it occurred to me that you live in the area.” Examining he looked at the two mammoths and then knew what was going on.

“Is she also drunk?" He knew that it was totally unnecessary to ask this question, but he's just shocked. Peaches normally never drank so much that someone else had to hold her. She acted more reasonable so far.

“We thought so a girls night would be nice. At first she doesn't wanted to take something, but then Meghan poured a bit alcohol in her drink and soon after that she drank almost a whole bottle alone. It's better I don't tell you the details what she has consumed." The molehog sighed over these girls, but he wouldn't just let them stand in front of the door.

“Bring her in."

"Peaches, you are with Louis now." The previously tired mammoth, was suddenly wide awake.

"Hey." She yelled and rushed at the smallest in the round. As if he were a stuffed animal, he was pressed to her body. Annoyed, he looked at Katie, who stood giggling beside them.

“Could you then go and close the door?" The blonde nodded and said goodbye. However Louis sighed and cursed his size once again. Peaches smelled of alcohol and cigarettes. He hoped that she hasn't started to smoke.

"When do you let go of me again?" Abruptly she made her arms a little loose. But just as much, so she could see his face.  

"Are you mad at me?" She sounded like a toddler, looking at him sadly.

“Of course not." He patted her arm a bit because he couldn't do more in this moment. He wondered just why his quills doesn't bother her. It was probably the alcohol.

“But let's go to sleep. It's really late."  

“You're right. It is about time...* hic *..that we sleep with each other."  

“Yes. Should I...What?" His brain was probably still in bed, because it took him a while to understand her sentence. Peaches doesn't responded and just let him finally free. She removed hastily her jacket and throws it with her purse aside. The top that she wore was either borrowed from her friends or just purchased new. It doesn't hit her usual style. The molehog namely couldn't remember that he has ever seen his friend in something with not much fabric. Suddenly he was ashamed to look because his eyes were just hanging on her upper body. He hastily turned away his gaze.

"Do you like what you see?" Shocked, he looked from the ground in her face. Her voice sounded so inviting as never before. He had to think of something fast. The sober Peaches would never do such a thing and he wanted to spare her the shame at daybreak. Too late, he noticed that she started to open her top.

“No!" He held her by the arm to make sure the fabric stayed where it belonged.

“You don't want me." From one moment to the next, she began to cry. It was even worse for him than before.  

“That's not it." How he would like to say that he of course wanted her.

"I mean, you're tired. Let's talk about it tomorrow." He grabbed her hand and pulled her up to his couch. This he folded quickly to a bed. But Louis doesn't switch the light on in his living room. Because he wanted to avoid it, to make her more awake and give her more ideas. He ran back into the hall to march into his room. The wanted was quickly fetched out of the closet. When he came back to her, he was glad that there was no light in the room. Because she got rid her jeans.

“So now you can lie down." He told her and looked back to the interesting floor.  
"Well then, good.." But he couldn't react as quickly as she grabbed him by a paw. As mammoth it was an easy task for her, to just pull him over.

“Do I get a goodnight kiss?"  

“Are you covered properly? I don't want that you freeze at night."  

"Yes." She replied and he said that only so he could look at her again without seeing her underwear.

“So?" A little peck on her nose doesn't kill me, he thought before he exactly did that. But when he moved away from her again, she looked disappointed at him.

“Not like this." She turned his head slightly with her hands, her trunk raised and then it just happened. She kissed him. Mouth to mouth. The moment was short, but Louis thought his heart would stop to beat at any moment. Peaches smiled at him in the dark, when she pushed him gently away again.

"Goodnight, Louis."

"Good night, Peaches." Oops. In what octave had slipped his voice there? Like mechanically controlled, he walked backward and left the living room. Of course, he still closed the door to this room. He doesn't want to wake her when he would now scream under the cold shower. Until that moment just now, he doesn't even know that they could kiss each other. It was fleeting and tasted like alcohol, but he doesn't care. That was the best feeling ever. No kiss he ever shared with his ex-girlfriends felt that way.

When he arrived in the bathroom, he realized that he had let his thoughts wander too far, because his lower half showed too much interest. The only way this could happened was of course because of the unattainable mammoth, than normally a simple kiss wouldn't excite him so fast.

Quickly he jumped out of his clothes and under the shower. The water felt good, but it doesn't freed his head. It was no use, he had to let his imagination run free if he wanted to come down again. Even if the object of his desire slept next door.

Louis should simply think of other things that turned him on. He is a molehog and he likes his species. Women with smaller breast were just as attractive to him. With his kind, he doesn't have to be afraid of being crushed. A kiss wouldn't take his breath right away and the body next to him wasn't so big and soft. This makes it easier to find out what the partner wants. For larger animals, it would be more difficult for him.

And yet he could accept it, to look for a big girl like Peaches to find her weak points. He would even ignore his own body and rub his manhood on her soft fur if she let him do this. Even if it would take hours before he came to salvation, he wouldn't care if he did it properly for her. Of course, he couldn't act like a male mammoth and just bump his thing into her. No, he should take the time and prepare his partner for the orgasm. If he were really to die, it would be at least a beautiful death.

Suddenly, the shower opened behind him and he turned around in horror. Embarrassed, he tried to grab a towel, because he doesn't want to be seen like that. At least not from his best friend. But he doesn't get to the cloth because she stood in the way and just stared down at him. So he covered himself with his paws. The whole thing was also not better that she stood only in her underwear before him. Why did she wear such a seductive black lace on a girl's out evening? Did she wanted to land with someone in bed? Now he was even more glad that she got to him. Although this here also wasn't exactly the normality among friends.

"I'm sorry." Actually, Louis shouldn't apologize because she ran drunk and slightly clothed into his bathroom. But that always happened when he doesn't know what to do any more. He also looked longer at her as it was needed. Then the water was turned off, and there was silence between them.
As if it couldn't get worse, she went down to her knees, leaned her hands on the shower entrance and eyed him even more closely. He couldn't do anything and she took one of his paws to pull him closer. It was difficult to hide his still aroused part of the body with only one paw. Abruptly, he felt a trunk on his head, then it went down his neck and to his lower half. He looked unaware in her face. But his dream-woman only looked down at him and not with a derogatory glance. She looked rather curious and a little shy. At least her eyes, her hands were pushing his paws to the right and left on the tile floor, so that her trunk could continue to explore him.

The molehog bit his teeth together, to suppress what was going to escape his throat as she stroked with her trunk tip along his entire length. She did it lightly, probably because she doesn't want to hurt him. But he almost lost his mind by the act.

Suddenly a moaning sound came from her and he looked up at her questioningly. One hand let go of him so she could touch herself. As if it were perfectly normal, she ran her fingers down between her legs. He shouldn't watch, at the same time he would like to know what to do that she felt good.

Then he saw how she licked her lips and came quickly down. Louis noticed too late that the trunk wriggled around his body, lifting his lower half a little. Before he could protest, his erection was in her mouth. Warm and moist. It was a torture for him not to come immediately.

"Ah..Peaches .. you don't have to do that.." But she doesn't answer him, but laid down on the side with her head on one arm. The other she doesn't even take from her intimate sphere and her trunk wouldn't let him escape from the situation. For a moment, she looked at him only before she  used her tongue. He had no chance against that. He could only hold on to her tusks while his body twitched violently. It felt so good since a long time. Partially also because he was forced to orgasm, because Peaches controlled everything. The mammoth left him, but still tried to bring himself to climax. He wanted to help her so much, but he lacked in strength. Still, he stared as if her hand was working under her panties.

"You're such a good girl. You deserved to come." Only when she suddenly groaned did he notice that he wasn't only thinking it, but also expressed out loud. And her voice sounded so aphrodisiac that he wanted to do more with her. But his body was exhausted from the day. Then there happened such a powerful but nice thing here. No, he shouldn't go too far now.

So he left her alone so she could take a shower. It was impossible to look longer into her face, because his juice hung at her mouth. His knees went soft again at that sight. A smile couldn't leave his face nevertheless, as he brought his friend back to his couch. Now she had to sleep naked, because her underwear had become totally wet in their game. He tried to shake it off and ran into the bathroom to finally get ready for the bed. He could still sleep for a few hours.

When he fresh went out of the shower and climbed onto the stool to grin cheerful in the mirror, he noticed something. The smile vanished when he finally realized what had happened. Peaches wasn't his girlfriend and also a by alcohol triggered stuff, doesn't change that. Whether it made him happy wouldn't be important. The mammoth had no such feelings for him and that was the reality.

“Is he sleeping again?" Shira inquired from her man because she simply couldn't get back to sleep after her son wanted attention in the middle of the night. However Diego previously just laid a paw on her arm to signal that she could remain in the bed. Although she was grateful but waited nevertheless for the return of the other. Sleeping was hard for her anyway since two days because the baby bed finally stood in the nursery now. Previously she always has been afraid to leaver her son alone for too long, so she pushed his baby bed into their bedroom. Now she had put the baby monitor permanently on as loud as possible, so that she got everything when the little one missed something at night. Sometimes the baby just wants to cuddle shortly or be carried around before it quickly fell asleep again.  

“He probably had just a bad dream." She got finally an answer while Diego went back to his side of the bed. Immediately she snuggled a little up to this.

"What do you think of the idea?" Although they haven't spoken about it much today, she knew immediately what he meant now. Finally, this was the reason why the sloth came to visit them. This had namely a feeling that his buddy doesn't shared the theme of the drive from the specific store with Shira.

"I don't know." She explained honestly. Of course she would find it wonderful if more animals, that were just like them, would travel in this city and live here in the future. Then perhaps it would no longer exist so many prejudices against them. Her partner had just a good job, because he worked in the company of Manny and she was also lucky with her work.  

But if Diego really competes as a candidate, he would unfortunately also have less time for the family. That was the negative point she absolutely doesn't like. She wants that her son saw his father at least once a day.

“I sometimes see you anyway only in the morning and then evening. Should I really do this, then I'll have even less time for you two." He spoke out himself what Shira was thinking.  

“Can't you hire someone for this job?" She inquired then rather jokingly.

“How do you imagine the job ad? Looking for predators for mayor of a small town." The saber-toothed tiger laughed a bit even if he doesn't felt like it. He wanted a better future for his son, but at the same time he wants to be there for him. If he truly ran through the matter, the boy will know him only from posters, newspapers and the internet.  

Maybe he is exaggerating it a little, but he already explained Manfred that it doesn't work that way. It doesn't need to be him of all them who should be the mayor just because he was one of the only listed predators.  

“Hey, don't worry so much about it now, ok? We'll find a solution." Meant his wife and gave him a kiss for reassurance. He just couldn't do anything else but agree with her. So he snuggled a little more to her before trying to sleep again.  

The tigress still was awake a while, but she saw that she couldn't find an answer to the problem tonight. She closed her eyes to relax a bit in in the bed. At least as long as she got the time for it.

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