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Slowly Diego wondered whether the election campaign was called like that because it was more like a real fight, than on the first thought. Of course the thing couldn't be so easy, otherwise anyone could do this. Still, there were some things that he doesn't even think animals would do. Some of the opponents do as if Ellie wanted to enact the complete laws. But also here he knew that they only acted like that because of him. Probably it would have been a better move to keep him hidden as a work partner.

The day finally came to an end and he was looking forward to spending a little time with his family. He couldn't see them less lately, but when the election came to an end, there will certainly be no other way around too. Unless the female mammoth would also search for someone else to work with her. Such similar ideas hovered around in the back of his head, and he should probably wait first to see if Ellie ever won. Their plan to publish past stories about their opponents wasn't so easy. Than it shouldn't look like as if such things were their last straws. They wanted to do all the trickery without mentioning in the press that they found some information.

Wherever he was thinking of journalists, he got that woman in his head again. When he tells Shira that an antelope flirted with him today to make the interview more interesting, she would certainly laugh. Luckily it was an article to be printed. If this had become a video for the net or TV, he would have to listen to it for a month, that he made a lady of this species a little embarrassed. Even though it might soon be possible for more carnivores to live peacefully here, he couldn't simply put down his inner instincts. In this case, an antelope defeated a saber-toothed tooth, with words of course but it still scratched on his ego. At best, he will not even mention it at home. When Ellie reveals it, his girlfriend will have enough to laugh.

Worse enough that the ladies are constantly sending messages to each other. So Shira also learned that he was already looking through magazines for weddings. He just wanted to know a bit what such a spectacle could cost. Here and there, he got a little clever, but he never counted the whole thing together. Even if they haven't set a date yet, he found the time between the spring end and the beginning of the summer quite tolerable. Until then, it was almost ten months, and if his fiance wanted it, then they can celebrate it later. But he would like to have an approximate goal, because they shouldn't be one of those couples who are eternally engaged, because they can't agree when the wedding should be.

Diego should perhaps not mention at home that he was already entering a bridal shop. It was a little strange for him, than he saw Shira there in every dress, which was visible. Also he doesn't believed that thing with bad luck if he sees the dressed bride before the ceremony. Nevertheless, it would be a nice surprise for him to find out only at the altar what his tigress had picked out for her.

All the thoughts about his wedding, made him somehow sentimental and he doesn't wanted to show now that he was a cuddle kitten. He couldn't describe it exactly, but perhaps he couldn't be weak anymore as a father. Of course, he was conscious of the fact that Shira sometimes only teased him, but still he wanted to be a good example for his son in the future. Since he had left his old pack, he also learned that feelings haven't anything to do with weakness. Just like his girlfriend. It wasn't easy for both of them to leave all that behind and decide for a peaceful life. Some may not believe it, but that was the difficult way.

However, now he was standing at the front door and should get such things out of his head. After all, he has everything he ever wanted and so he could be happy. Everyone has doubts here and there, but therefore was the partner on the side. But he doesn't want to talk too deeply into such conversation tonight. Perhaps the Midlife crisis began, he thought jokingly, and opened the front door.

"What a day. Hey Shira, I should really.." But he broke his sentence of because oddly he doesn't heard anything. Nor could he smell anything. Perhaps he only caught a cold, with the animals he met all day that can happen. His wife felt maybe not well and therefore she went to bed early. He couldn't take offense in that, because being a mother was sometimes also very stressful. And he doesn't know if she slept last night at all. It was true that he heard his son cry only once. But now that he was thinking about it, he couldn't remember when Shira came back to bed. As soon as the election campaign was over, he really has to take a few days off. Perhaps his fiancée needed peace for herself and he doesn't even noticed it. He wouldn't want to be such a husband who simply ignored this things.

Arriving on the upper floor, he sneaked into the room of his son to see the little saber tooth. If he doesn't get to see him very much during the day, he would at least look briefly at his peaceful face when he was asleep. But there was no baby in the crib. Probably Shira took the little one into the bedroom, to keep him busy. So he went to the bedroom to look around there, but he got only silence and darkness again. He quickly searched in the rest of the rooms up here and then ran a little panicky down. Finally, they had it almost half past ten. It was rare for his wife, even without a child, that she went out so late without him. And she couldn't be with Ellie, because he had just said good-bye to her.

There was no one in the kitchen. The living room was also wrapped in darkness. Even if he doesn't believe that the two saber-toothed tigers were in the cellar, he also looked there. But again he found no animal.

He hurried back up to grab the phone. He had to call someone and send a search group or something. Diego noticed that he was supposed to take air, so as not to panic. Surely there was a simple explanation for all of this.

However, he cursed when half an hour later the police just brushed him off. They can ask around, but it would be probably too early for searching. His wife and child could have disappeared since this morning and may be in danger, but these animals weren't interested because they were saber-tooth tigers. His kind could take care well of themselves. Of course, nothing was said directly, but the hints were enough. Or he just couldn't think clearly in this case.

"Here." Of course, he also called his friends. At least he reached Manny and his wife. Although he doesn't told the two they should come right away, but his buddy probably wouldn't leave him alone in such a situation. Ellie doesn't said it directly, but when she handed him a coffee in his kitchen, it was so clear to him.

"We'll go and see what we can do." Announced the male mammoth, who hung on the phone for a while to find out some things. Diego felt miserable that he couldn't even say what his fiancee could have done the whole day.

"Have they said anything yet?" He asked energetically as the two went to his doorstep. He noticed the look exchange between the others. So his friend kept something from him. But Manfred ignored his question and marched out to the car.

"Listen, I want you to stay here. When the police calls again or Shira and the little one come home, then you can be there for them. If anything happens, we will call you first. But please stay calm now. I know I can easily say this, but you've seen what some of the animals think of you at work. I'm not concerned about the election, but about you and your family." For a moment, he looked begging at Ellie, probably hoping that she would take him with them. Unfortunately, she was right, because he should better stay here and so he just nodded. The woman patted him again sympathetically, before she also disappeared outside.

As soon as she sat in the car, she hit the dashboard. Because she found the whole thing more than unfair. They should have caught her. After all, she wanted to change the country. But in the eyes of their opponents, there was little point in kidnapping her. Of course she was still trying to believe that there was a simple explanation for everything. But she knew Shira and also knew that this wouldn't simply leave without a note.

"And that's why I'm sitting behind the wheel." Her husband remarked and probably meant her brief outburst. She had to stay strong in front of the saber tooth, because he looked as if he were going to panic any minute. So at least they both had to remain calm.

"Why can't they turn to us directly?!"

"You're already starting like Diego."

"But Manny, he's right. Everything tells us that the two were abducted because of the election campaign."

"Maybe they are.."

"Maybe what? Shira decided spontaneously to leave the city?" He sighed loudly at it and started the car.

"Yes exactly. You don't believe that either. There's a lot that we might not know about her, but I can definitely say she wouldn't leave our Diego like that." So she fastened the seat belt and looked out of the window to distract herself from her anger. Ellie was clear that an election campaign can't be a sugar lick, but that animals and even children get kidnapped, never came to her mind.

"Maybe she's only with a friend or workmate and has forgotten the time." The male mammoth tried to calm his wife, but it was apparently too late.

"Of course. And she immediately decided to stay there and her battery from the mobile phone was also empty. So she couldn't call home."

"If I had said all this, you still wouldn't give any rest, would you?" He got an evil look for it.

"How can you remain so calm in this situation at all? Above all, I know you've learned something from the phone call." He sighed, thinking that he could keep this information for himself until they reached the destination with the car.

"One has found something." And that was the last thing he gave of himself. He doesn't understand everything on the phone, because the connection became bad. Nevertheless, he doesn't have to tell Ellie everything immediately. It already made him whacked that a saber-tooth-cub was found. Even if Manfred only knew his friends of this kind, it was still not for sure whether this was Diego's son. He hoped very much that the guy was no longer chatting about the find because the child was still alive. Silence could also mean other things. But he refused to allow any imagination in his mind before he saw the clear facts. If it were for his child, he would want to act just like his buddy.

Nevertheless, one had to remain calm in this situation in order to be able to regulate everything with clear thoughts. Ellie was very strong for outsiders and she could even convince a saber tooth. However it was clear to him, that she took the matter very seriously and she was very concerned about the disappearances.

When he had to stop briefly because of an priority traffic sign, he grabbed her hand. For him, it wasn't easy to say that everything was going to be all right. That it was really a series of misunderstandings. It was clear to him that criminal acts were going on in their town, but he thought more about the theft and embezzlement of some money. That there would be perhaps a kidnapping and murder, he never wanted to think about it.

As soon as they arrived at the little police station, he looked at his wife again briefly. Finally, they could really expect everything in the building and he wants to save Ellie as much as possible.

"Don't try to say anything to keep me in the car!" And with that the female mammoth got out. He just sighed and left the car too. Because if not like this, he has to try to keep his wife back a little in there. For this he had to run a little faster now, Ellie was already at the entrance while he was still lounging in the parking lot.

"Especially with such things you should... Sid?" When Manny was with the other mammoth again, he also saw a well-known sloth sitting in the hallway.

"Guys, what are you doing here? I hope the big one hasn't done anything bad?" The last sentence was whispered with an upheld paw.

"Haven't you got any news?" The mammoth mother ignored the words. But when his question was denied, because of Sid's mobile phone the battery was empty, she explained the whole story quickly.

"That's terrible. But I think the little one is doing quite well."

"How do you know that?" Manfred asked, than now wasn't the time to tell fool things.

"Just when I arrived here I heard a baby whine. It seemed familiar to me, but I don't thought it was Diego's son. Besides, I couldn't see him and the policemen wouldn't let me go to the little rascal anyway, just because I know him. By that everyone could come." The mammoth mother nodded sympathetically and felt a little relieved. But their meeting was disturbed by a fourth one.

"Do you belong to him and his grandmother?" Then the mammoths came back to ask why their friend was staying here. Apparently, Sid's grandmother rampaged with a friend in a pharmacy because they don't got the right drugs. However, Manny cut himself off with the cop from the rest turmoil to inquire about the man with whom he telephoned. He was also sent immediately to this. A little he was glad that Ellie wasn't taking care of him and that he could fix it alone. He also lied a little and said he was looking for the toilet.
In the right office arrived, he knew immediately that the little saber tooth was really alive. He still doesn't saw him. But the policeman at the desk had fresh bandages and patches on his arms and face. Something told him very well that the wounds came from a small killer cat. The only foolish thing here was that he forgot to take a note from the father with a signature. This would only allow him to pick up the child. He simply doesn't thought of that trifle, and in the past he himself already made such notes when his friends wanted to pick up Peaches from the kindergarten or school.

But fortunately, they all had the latest technology and so a call to Diego was enough and this sent an e-mail and a fax to the ravaged gentleman. The policeman then wanted to have some data to be sure. A little annoyed he gave that out but he could understand that, because if something should happen, the man behind the desk could lose his job.
As they went back across the hall to get the little one, Ellie greeted him with a slightly angry look. Manfred looked at her briefly apologetically before he went past her to follow the policeman.

But when she finally saw the little saber-tooth, she forgot all the trouble. The animals here seemed to be quite happy that they finally released the child. Even if they weren't opponents of carnivores, it was generally rare that they had to take care of a baby. The mammoth mother was very glad that there were still helpers out there who don't just ignored the screaming little one. Even if it was a saber tooth. Than without a mother something else could have happened. Ellie tried to make it clear that Shira also doesn't expected to be kidnapped. In spite of this incident, she found the criminals a little too cold-blooded. It was only a election. Why should you bring such a small kid in danger because of that?

"What did you think?" Sid's exhortatory voice, letting her look up from the little cat.

"Oh, don't make such a drama about it. The pharmacist himself was to blame." Answered the old sloth and just ran out of the door. Since nothing was stolen, but some things were broken, only a punishment in the form of money was required.

"I agree. He shouldn't have been so unkind to this lady. Youth has no respect anymore." An old hare continued to follow Sid's grandmother. At first the young sloth wanted to add something, but Manny stopped him and said that the older animals wouldn't hear him anymore, even if he would scream after them. In addition, the male mammoth wanted to avoid the fact that they got noticed here even more. Since they don't have much in their pockets, they shared the money for the rampage. Strangely enough, Sid could give the most to it.

"What were your plans for today?" Inquired the biggest in the round to his buddy, when they finally stood again in the parking lot.

"It doesn't matter now." Ellie mixed in again because they had another problem. Six animals were standing in front of the car.

"I go in the back with the little one." Explained the mammoth mother, because they had no baby seat for the small big cat.

"Ok, then Grandma and Grandpa go into the trunk." But Manfred repented at the same time, as he said it, because he already noticed a stick on his leg.

"It's all right! Then go sit down in the front. So Sid goes to the back." This one already took air for the next word, but with the look of his friend, he let it rather be unsaid.

A headache. This was the first thing the silver-gray tigress felt when she finally came to her senses. By the last time she was a bit batty, Gutt had one of his victory celebration with plenty of utensils that left you forgotten all evening. But she shouldn't recall such memories now, and maybe never again.

She had to blink to get used to the light conditions. In this place wherever she was, there wasn't much brightness. She could see normally enough in the dark, but no matter who dragged her from the street, they had injected her something. Shira felt quite dazed and her vision wasn't really clear.

Slowly, she tried how the rest of her body worked, but it doesn't helped her much, because she was also tied up. Someone must have a lot of fear for sabers. Otherwise she wouldn't be tied up like a package and also under influence of drugs. This alone, explained her, that they went direct after her. Was she recaptured by her past? No, she had to forget that. Gutt was dead, even if his corpse couldn't be found. And the rest of the gang escaped either or they were somewhere else in prison. If you took it exactly, she belonged there too.

Shira shook her head. She now has a better life with her soon husband and her son.

Panic arose in her, she opened her eyes as she recalled the fact that she doesn't walked alone before this misery. What happened to her child? If something happened to him, then the rules and laws in this city wouldn't matter to her anymore. She would wake up her killer instinct and bring the responsible animals on the line. But first she has to get out of here.

Pull yourself together, she admonished herself and tried to get off the ground. At least she wasn't only lying on the cold stone floor or something like that. Somebody was planning to hold her here longer, because there was a mattress under in the room.

As she finally managed to sit with her arms on her back, she wondered at the same time that she doesn't heard anything. No cars, other animals or other noises. Strange, since she actually lived in a busy city.

Moving more wasn't going easy either. Everything felt as numb as if she has been here forever. Unfortunately, she couldn't even say whether it was day or night. When she was torn from the street, the sun was still in the sky.

She just hoped her son was doing well, because she couldn't smell him. On the other paw, she should be glad that he wasn't in that cellar or wherever she was.

But while her nose was slowly getting better, she noticed not only that someone could air the place, because it smelled scruffy and also like mold. The moisture in the walls must had caused this. Was the roof maybe leaking here?

She shook this off, because she has to concentrate on more important things. For example, the other scent, which was fine in the air. Shira smelled it only lightly, but she wasn't mistaken. Blood. Very fresh. She quickly looked around, than she has a few scrapes, probably because her kidnapper pulled her unconscious body across the ground. But her smell was almost overwhelmed by another. It was definitely familiar to her. Just with this befogging stuff in her, it was damned difficult for a saber to do a good job. Thinking was so complicated for her and her limbs doesn't really want to wake up. Her eyes remained as the only help for her, as visibility finally got clearer. Normally such a situation wouldn't be a problem for her. In the past, it wasn't uncommon to get kidnapped or threaten because of her former boss.

Mammoth. At last the senses told her what animal was caught with her. Yes, it was definitely this animal, but she couldn't see it. There were only four walls around her, nothing more. So she could only smell the blood of one of those specimens. It made her a little afraid that the fragrance seemed familiar. Only who had to share this fate with her? Manny? No, his blood odor came too rarely in her nose. The animal had to be younger.

Out of the blue, a scene from the beach shot in Shira's head. A molehog was helping his best friend there. Then she breathed that smell once again in, but that only confirmed her guess.

"Peaches?" It came so weakly from her throat. She tried to collect spitting in her mouth to moisten it. Slowly she understood the importance of the matter here. Than she belonged to Diego and the mammoth girl to Ellie. So it was clear to her that they were abducted because of the election campaign. Of course, she learned from her husband that there were some problems. But she doesn't expected such things. So much for vegetarians would never harm other animals in that way. She knew long before that the diet had nothing to do with the character.

"Peaches!" Shira called again for the younger woman, but there was silence again, although she could put more strength into her voice this time. In contrast to her, the young mammoth maybe saw the attackers come and she defended herself. The blood, which was in the air, could be the result that the aggressors had to use more violence. But if it was only about the election, nobody would be so cold-blooded and left an animal wounded and probably unconscious back here.

Without power, she dropped back onto the mattress. Perhaps the numbness in her arms was more rapid, because she had to get rid of the fetters first. If she doesn't get out of here at once, she wanted to look at her fellow prisoner as early as possible. Even if she could get out of this healthy and cheerfully, it still would hurt Diego very much if something happened to the young mammoth. He saw the girl growing up, and so she was very attached to her.

Besides that, her free paws would also be more useful to defend herself, than she was sure that the kidnappers would return sooner or later. However, for now she has to manage to regain control of her senses. Maybe she saw something nearby that might help her. It annoyed Shira that everything took so long. When it came to certain things, she was never a patient animal. This place wasn't also exactly perfect to master this property. She tried to get a clear thought, but the blood odor made her slowly mad. She doesn't know exactly whether she was worried about the girl or whether a different instinct was coming. Disgusted by herself, she shook herself and sat up again. The thought of eating the real meat again made her sick. Thanks to these substitute products it was also going good and she could always eat enough. The doctors said that it was safe to feed this their son soon. When this food covers all nutrients of carnivorous without the need that a different animal must die, why then was there no more stuff in normal stores?

Shira sighed annoyed. She and the young mammoth were trapped in this filthy hole, but she hasn't anything better to do than to think about something banal. She could still find the hook in the diet when she got out of this. Perhaps such thoughts came to her mind on purpose, than in the past she also always distracted herself in this way when there was nothing nutritious to eat.

Gradually the feeling of numbness soon subsided. So she tried as best to get out of the shackles. But with these cable ties she just scratched off her fur and some skin. Annoyed, she realized now that she couldn't use her claws, because the hijackers took their time and even gave her a manicure. Strange, it reminded her when she was still living at Gutt's side. He always cut her claws when she took a step too far. Actually, she can now be glad that the monkey wasn't removing her natural weapons completely. But it all belonged to the past. These stories came to light only because of her present situation.

The silver-gray tigress breathed again in and out. Now, however, it should be possible for her to get up without falling to the ground again. It also worked out, but by standing she felt so sick that she just would like to throw up. But she tried to avoid this and looked around. Something had to help her. The room was special, than it has no door. Or at least it's not a normal one. Nor does she find any windows. If there were any, then boards were nailed over them. Now she saw a long wooden shelf. Either this building should be rebuilt sometime, but then one thought it differently and left it so simply degenerate. Doesn't matter which was the reasons for the legal owner, to care for it no longer, on the street there were always some who like to use something like that. In her case, unfortunately, no harmless homeless animals who need a roof over their heads were using it.
Nevertheless, light penetrated through small openings. Though weak, but it was enough for the room not to sink into complete darkness. Unfortunately, the holes weren't big enough to recognize much outside of here.

It made no sense. She had already walked two more times around to search a door. But all she could see and feel was the walls. Even if someone put her in here and blocked it up with bricks, the wall should still smell of fresh cement or something similar. But her nose found no such thing.

The hijackers knew their job very well and worked very precisely, because all she could use as help was the mattress. Shira already pulled that thing back and forth, but also underneath was nothing.

"Peaches!" Her voice sounded a little stronger now and she doesn't care whether she drew the attention of someone else. She just has to know that the mammoth girl was all right. But she doesn't got an answer. There were some explanations for it. The room could have been soundproofed. Or the younger one was further away that she couldn't hear anyone. Shira doesn't want to think about why she smelled so much blood. This sensory organ for smelling told her that this animal was nearby. And so she came to the last two options. Peaches can be unconscious or even be dead.

"No." She said to herself, so that she believed it more. She tried to persuade herself that no one had to leave his life by a simple abduction. In doing so, she has to suppress to remember the number of innocent killings by Captain Gutt's abduction plans.

It's always said, that the past comes back to everyone once again. But she doesn't have a head for her past life at the moment, and that she couldn't find a way out here, made her slowly mad. There has to be a way out of this hole.

At last her ears heard a different sound than this silence and her own breathing. This time she wanted to scream for help but unfortunately her voice failed again. The stuffy room made her throat so dry that her own spit wasn't enough at the moment. Probably it wasn't the best idea to make herself noticeable, because it could also be the kidnappers. Someone, or more, came towards her. Unfortunately, she couldn't make a precise observation because of the walls. Even though it wasn't possible for her to defend herself, she got still in the fighting position as far as she could do it. Just because she was tied up, doesn't mean that she would not try to escape.

But she doesn't need to exert herself, than now she saw where the way out was. The path led up, because there was just a hatch opened. The thing had to be heavy, because the crack that arose as a result of opening the passage completely echoed loudly in the room above her. Her visitor brought a flashlight with here and then blinded her. Because the light was so bright, she turned away and couldn't see first who was up there.

"Well, have we slept enough, Princess?" Shira doesn't have to look up again, that voice told her enough. Still, she wondered how this was possible. Perhaps the stuff in her body caused her to imagine things. Yet, she looked up again.

"Have we forgotten how to speak? Or has this little bit of nothing given you too much of the drug?" No, that wasn't a illusion. Raz, a former member of her old crew, stood incarnate at the opening and looked down at her.

"What do you have to do with that matter?" Brought the silver-gray tigress out then.

"After you made sure we don't have a decent boss anymore, we had to be content with smaller jobs like this one."

"We?" She rasped out, disbelieving, because if more of her old gang have found here, then this wasn't a simple abduction. The concern for her son was growing again, but so far she doesn't got any signs that he could be nearby. This might mean that he maybe wasn't in here. For this reason she shouldn't inquire about him without any knowledge.

"Of course we. Have patience a little, my pretty one. Soon we'll be holding a nice class meeting." She'd like to jump in the kangaroo's face for this arrogant tone.

"Nice, that you also want to invite me. If it's just about me, let the girl go." Now she could smell exactly that Peaches lay hurt somewhere up there.

"Oh, the mammoth. We had to hire a couple of helpers because we don't had the time to bring her ourselves. Gupta has hired pure bunglers, than they haven't left the goods untouched."

"She could die. Bring her to a doctor." But Raz just laughed.

"It's strange how much you've gotten into this happy-ending story. But you've always been too soft. It was also the reason why you were rejected by your family. Born as a saber tooth, yet you have never really used this existence. You're a shame for your species. I never understood why Gutt chose you. In the end it was even his ruin that he wanted to have a cat in the group. But enough chatting, I have to take care of the other prisoner." She threw down a small carton.

"Here. We don't want you to starve. For a while you still have to stay alive." The hatch popped down again and got even locked this time. Probably it was forgotten earlier, because she heard Raz say something annoyed before she moved away from the thing over her.

It seemed to Shira a bit like a nightmare. Of course she never knew with certainty where the rest of Gutt's gang was, after their last meeting. She also avoided to do a precise examination, because she finally found her life beautiful as it was. Pocking around useless in the past in order to find these bad bunch and thereby lose her present existence, she couldn't just risk that. It went really well for the first time in her life and she doesn't have to worry about anything. She owned a job, friends, and a man. They all learned to accept her without big questions. Not everyone got that lucky. And all this should be taken back now, just because old acquaintances reappeared and thought they could take their toll for past or something like that.

Shira doesn't really understand it. Didn't the other members of the old crew see that they were better off without Gutt? In any case, she was doing so much better and shouldn't let her life destroy so easily. If they actually want to put that game on again and blood should flow, she also will not keep her claws clean. Even if there were now a few years between them, she could say with certainty that neither Raz nor any of the others changed very much in time. They all had the same bad character and most likely also the sneaky tricks.

Actually, she stood away all the years from any bad influence on purpose. She wasn't only doing so to let her friends believe that there could be something good inside her. That also was done because she doesn't wanted to go down again. Sometimes these thing happen so easily. Now if that road can't be avoided to protect her family and friends, then she would go there.

This turning back and forth with her paws behind the back, felt for the saber-tooth like an eternity. But now she managed to slip all cable ties down to her forearm. She could already imagine that Flynn took over this work. It also seemed to be luck in the misfortune that no one else looked on it again. Or they just didn't have the time. She doesn't care what was the reason as she freed her paws from all plastic stuff. She cut herself even deeper at some places on her arms, but that wasn't important now. She tore the right sleeve from her top, because the one side of her arm blew a little heavily. She took care of the cuttings quickly before she took care of her legs. The teeth of her species should be razor sharp. Now this things can show that they can cut everything. And she already freed her remaining limbs. The plastic tasted a little after frying fat. What further confirmed her that a certain sea elephant was taking care of the plastic chains.

However this irrelevancy was unimportant, for now she was free to move and her body slowly came back into motion. Now she could finally get out of here. Of course, she doesn't forget the carton of Raz. You never got anything good from her, and because she had nothing but the mattress, she left her paws from that thing for now.

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