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“That was fun!" Crash declared sarcastically after he had finally put the shopping bags in their apartment. Simply dropping it could be called exactly, but no one saw him. Besides, it was either the heavy bags or his arms. And he was reluctant to renounce his limbs.

"This was really a torture." With that statement, he left the food lying simply there and walked into the kitchen. When he filled a glass with water and drank it, he felt a little better. Shopping could be really hard, if you have to do it alone. Otherwise, he always went with his brother and they liked to fool around. Their new household help had unfortunately a short patience, which concerns such games and again he was fast to clean something here. Before the possum doesn't know that they had so many things in the apartment that they could clean up.

As he lingered on the sink and thought about his stressful life, he was only beginning to notice something. The water tap dripped a little, but that was the only thing he just heard. He thought hard about whether Lorene mentioned earlier that she still had to work today. No, he was sure, she strolled from work here this morning. But in the case of a nurse, it was the same as with the doctors. If emergencies occur, everyone must work with overtime. Or not?

Crash rolled his eyes at his own thoughts. He shouldn't care where the skunk was. In addition, the younger specimen reappeared a few days ago. Perhaps her housekeeper only went home, because she was a mother too. He was much more astonished that Ruby hasn't come up here yet to take care of his poor brother. Also he admitted, if she wasn't playing the unapproachable and the party-animal, the girl could be really nice.

But he has long stopped questioning what she found so great about Eddie. Was this really just a father complex or was there more behind it? The other possum emphasized again and again that this skunk was only a confused child. To this assertion he has to listen since the little one got fourteen years. Maybe she was confused at that time because of the whole feelings chaos. But in this club, the young lady seemed to be anything but confused. None of his ex-girlfriends had ever told him so clearly what they felt. However, Ruby threw these words to his brother's face in front of strange animals and her mother. Of course, then the girl's temper got wild with her and she still packed an insult on it. But this was to be expected, than they both crossed her plans.

He was already a little curious as whether the young skunk was really sticking to the rules of her mother. The summer school was certainly not so much fun that you wanted to go there again next year. Although somehow Ruby will be eighteen and then her mother could certainly no longer send her to such a place. Besides, she grew slowly over their heads. Perhaps the girl soon realized that she wanted to hang out with other animals. He already knew how Mister I-like-to-be-sick-so-long will react then. On one paw Eddie complained that he doesn't want to be seen as a father figure, but on the other paw, he behaved exactly that way.

There are probably crazy times coming to them. Just when he thought that her big sister might be mayor of the city, he had some ideas in mind. Ellie would surely say no to all, but he can still dream. Even though they were always labeled as the idiotic possums, they were really proud of their mammoth. That's why they promised not to do any stupid things in the next time. And there they both really thought before that their sister hasn't got anything about the thing in the club. Either Sid or Lorene chattered to much at a tea party.

However, now it doesn't matter. Because Eddie was still playing the weak guy, he couldn't stand alone against a larger animal. And Ellie has sure something else in her head as to care for her childish brothers.

For a moment he was really getting a little nostalgic and thought of the past. Her mother would certainly be very proud if she could see them today. Well, less with what he and Eddie did. But it always seemed to be important to her that they are happy. And Crash could claim to feel something like that. Of course, not everything worked out always. There was much confusion, which often were arranged by them. But as long as they had their family and friends, he always believed in the good.
It was a good thing he just thought of all this. He would never let such kitschy stuff come over his tongue. That was all Eddie's fault anyway. If this wouldn't complain all the time, then he probably wouldn't have such thoughts.

As he slowly began to unpack the purchases to distract himself, he was glad that her mother never got the idea to put Eddie and him in such a summer school. They might have deserved it.

“Did I buy a salad?" The food he brought with him, they would probably never get by themselves. He just hoped Lorene was still going to cook all the stuff or whatever you did with an eggplant. At least he thought that this purple thing was one. It stood on the paper and he compared it with the descriptions in the supermarket. He couldn't do anything wrong there.

Also he found it a little unfair, that he doesn't even get a little money to buy something for himself. For that he has to cope with this effort alone, he earned a reward. Unfortunately, he doesn't dare to forget something and to take a thing for himself. Because he was afraid that he has to clean something again when he arrived at home. He doesn't feel like to do that. If he had known that her housekeeper wouldn't be in their apartment on his return, he would have been able to get at least one cup of chocolate ice cream. That would be really tasty right now. But no, they had to eat healthier. Yes, he admitted that everything was delicious, what Lorene had prepared for them.

Nevertheless, a little sweets and other unhealthy stuff should be allowed occasionally. Not even Ellie was that strict as they both were still living with her. In addition, the healthy eating will disappear very quickly as soon as the skunk does the same. Crash felt really a bit fitter, but that was certainly because he has to work so hard. Perhaps the ladies will be happy about it as soon as he finds time to go out again.

A little annoyed, he hoisted the last pouch on the table. The shopping was already stressful, but by the unpacking you have also so very little fun. He doesn't even know where some of the things in the kitchen belonged, because they haven't had some of them before. Maybe his lazy brother knew where to put rinse aid. This could leave his room today. It wasn't like he wanted to see him so bad.
“Hey Eddie? Could you bring your sick ass in the kitchen?!" He shouted to the other possum as he sniffed at the soap. Crash smelled wild berries and thought that it would be very idiotic to taste the stuff. Perhaps he could make the other to do that.

But as before, there was only more silence when he stopped rummaging with the packages. Now he noticed that it was a little too quiet here. No caught or choleric moans came to his ears. He was bellowing so loudly that his brother had to understand him even when this was sleeping. Annoyed he let go of the purchases and marched to the room of the sick possum. But he doesn't even think of knocking or being quiet.  

“Dude, you could be slow with the..." He complained but he broke off when he switched the light on in the dark room and no other animal was found. Eddie's bed was empty. So he ran to the bathroom, and here he also just opened the door. No one was there again. Perhaps his brother got up and went out, although it was forbidden by nurse Lorene. For safety, Crash looked down in the shop. Than it doesn't have to be that the other stays there too long, because this was too weak to come up again. After all, he has cleaned everything up and this bacteria slingshot shouldn't contaminate everything once more.

“Why don't you turn on the light? I know for a long time that you read this magazines with..” Once again, he dropped the sentence when he doesn't spot anyone. He grabbed his cell phone and called the disappeared one. As expected, no one answered. He found it really strange. But for the time being, he ran upstairs again to put the remaining purchases away. Of what he has no idea where to go with it, he just put in the corner next to the refrigerator. Then he saw that a small piece of paper was attached to it. The skunk probably thought that one would see white on white perfectly. What was the colored paper there for, he wondered. However, his head was completely empty quickly when he realized what was written on the note.

“I went to the hospital with Eddie." He whispered to himself, and he turned back to the sink, than he has a lump in his throat that couldn't be swallowed down without water.

“Sorry again because of that night. But I wouldn't have thought you'd just jump on him." A little offended, Peaches walked beside the mammoth, that should actually apologize to her and Louis. But Katie found the whole thing rather amusing.

“Come on. Nothing bad happened." The peach-colored mammoth sighed, than she couldn't even tell the molehog why it felt wrong and also she said not everything to the girl beside her. Now, she wasn't finding it any easier to tell this stuff.

“Yes, it's all right." Actually, she was on the way with the blond, because this wanted a new piercing. Near this studio was also a tinker shop, where she got something for some posters. Even if her mother doesn't win, what her father secretly hoped, they all had a good time and learned something from it.

Although she was a bit worried that Eddie still seemed to be sick, but she was assured that he was already on the road to recovery. She found it really strange to meet Uncle Crash alone. Although the opossums weren't grown together, it was very rare in her childhood that she met an uncle without the brother. Probably because they all still lived together in the past. It was weird that this time seemed so distant and she missed it a little. The reason for this was surely that she lived alone now. But she did a lot with her friends and the family, to not even think that she could be lonely.  

“Or is he really mad about it? What I can't imagine, but I could talk to him." Her friend brought her out of her thoughts.

“What? No, you don't have to. Louis isn't angry. He said himself that nothing bad had happened.” The other nodded with a lightly grin, what she doesn't really understand. But she doesn't have to, because the reaction from her best friend still occupied her. Why was she the only one who couldn't forget this? The reason couldn't be because she has never done something like this with another animal before and now she was curious. No, definitely not. Besides, she only remembered pictures and not how it felt. She couldn't tell anyone, because she was supposed to forget the incident and not try to recall every detail in her head.

“Maybe I should go to him and let him press a smooch on me. Just so we're all even.” First, Peaches was a little irritated about it, but then she gave a fake and quiet laugh out.

“Yes, do this. He will be happy about it." She added sarcastically.

“Ok, I'll write him now, when and where to meet for our first date."  

"What are you thinking?" That came more annoyed from her mouth than she intended.

“Well, it's decent to go out before you rip each others clothes down." The peach-colored mammoth got a little nervous when she realized Katie really wrote a message to the molehog. She quickly took the phone away, because there was already a peculiar mood between Louis and her. Although they both claimed that everything was fine. Or did she just make the whole thing strange? In any case, the other mammoth doesn't have to aggravate it with her original humor.

“Stop these games!" So she deleted the text and then put the thing in her bag.  

“Don't be so jealous. I just wanted to invite him to the party." The blonde complained.

“Of course. That's why you formulate your messages so ambiguously." Why does the thought that Katie was going out with her best friend irritated her? After all, both were grown up enough to know what they wanted. So she sighed and took the phone out of her bag again.

“I don't know what's wrong with me today. Probably I am really a little jealous when others are happy." Then Katie pulled her by the arm, while with the other hand she was already sending an text. They both stood now in a nice restaurant.

“Come on, let's sit down. I have no desire to walk more with a empty stomach. Earlier, I was too nervous to eat.” The two mammoths sat down at a free table, and immediately a gentleman came to them. The drinks order went relative quickly.

“Why are you still getting nervous when you let yourself be pierced? It's not like that's your first one.” Meant Peaches and thought that she should deliver the stuff she bought for her parents still today.

"Yes, but you're also not ticklish at any point." Replied Katie, put her phone away and thought that was a good comparison.

“Besides, you should also have one. Just to celebrate your independence." She added, but she knew exactly how the other would react.

“No thanks. It seemed we should quickly find someone for you. Otherwise, you're full of metal in a year."  

“Very funny, Peaches. Tell me, how does your mother's campaign go now?" But the addressed one doesn't come to answer it, than a group of girls walked past their table. They were smaller animals, but they were also louder. To the misfortune of the mammoths they sat exactly behind them, so they both had to listen to the babbling.

“Forget this guy, Shenaia. If he thinks that one woman isn't good enough for him, then he should just piss off." Katie found her place practically, because she could also observe these smaller chatterboxes. But her friend came into her sight and looked at her questioningly.

“You should look for a real man again. Like your ex-boyfriend." A different girl said a bit infatuated now.

“Maybe you're right." Meant the one with the name of Shenaia. Peaches couldn't believe that she was watching the strangers as well, because they were reflected in the window. Only the girl, who probably also has a separation behind her, was hidden by a plant. She should probably answer Katie finally and try to ignore the others. They were only a little upset and will surely calm down quickly. Besides, they don't intended to stay here for a long time either.  

“So she is.." But then the conversation behind them went on.

“Right, call him. Although his name was strange. But haven't you said, he was very good in bed?"  

"Since when is Louis a strange name? And yes, he was very good." They have nerves to discuss such things in the public. Hopefully there will not come any more details, thought the peach-colored mammoth. It also wondered why her companion was staring so transfixed there.  

“I did mention that we were separated for good reason. Because I can't be with someone who loves another. Unfortunately, he isn't the guy you can just call for.." There they were, the unpleasant information, and so she stood up a little louder. Katie held her hand to her mouth, but she knew this was hiding a grin.  

When she was standing in front of their table, she just wanted to say that she would disappear shortly, but then she just happened to look at this other table. What shocked her a bit was that her gaze crossed with one of the girls. A little now she was confused because she was staring at a molehog. It made the previously heard things no better. But nobody had mentioned that this ex-boyfriend was also a molehog. And Louis could simply be a widespread name. Even though so far she only knows one animal with that name. There were coincidences in the most peculiar situations. At least she would have a funny story to tell on Saturday night when she meets the prickly one. They both had agreed to meet again at least once a week to do something together.

Now she realized that the little one doesn't turn her eyes away and that made the whole thing really strange. Probably the other girl was only lost in thoughts, and looked at her accidentally. That happened also to her many times.

"Katie, I .." But she was already interrupted.

"There she is." This Shenaia, if she understood it correctly, also pointed at her now. The others from this group also turned to her.

"Uh, sorry. Is there a problem?" She inquired to finish the whole thing finally. The molehog girl also got up from her seat and stood in front of her. The little one looked really cute and Peaches envied that a bit. But she wouldn't say anything about it now, than smaller animals sometimes don't like it when you describe their size with well-meaning words. She then inquired about her best friend Louis. First name could still be a coincidence, but when the surname was also right, then one couldn't confuse things anymore.

“Then you're Peaches?" Came the question and she was looked at with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes. Since I have always been friends with Louis, he has probably mentioned me once or twice, hm?" She said, smiling slightly, hoping that the prickly one doesn't revealed embarrassing anecdotes from school. Her opposite laughed softly, shaking her head a bit.

“Good. Do me a favor and greet him from Shenaia. Also tell him he's an idiot." So the little one turned to her group, said good-bye and left the restaurant.

“That was really strange. But our Louis has a good taste.” Gave Katie out as her companion sat back on her seat. Peaches found this more than just strange. The previous conversation sounded as if the girl wanted to make contact with her best friend again. But why should she call him an idiot? The separation took place a year ago and since then much has happened. Perhaps her prickly friend would also like to see this Shenaia again. She wanted to write a message to the molehog, but it was probably better to wait until the weekend. It could also be something unpleasant and she doesn't want to annoy Louis with it or something like that.

Meanwhile, the silver-gray tigress strolled with her son and perhaps the next mayoress through a more elegant clothing store. Actually, they had come here to dress Ellie, because she needed more formal clothes, if she was more often in front of the camera in the future. Then the mammoth woman came back with something, which she really shouldn't look for here.

“Isn't that cute?" And the striped dungarees were held to the little saber that Shira had been carrying all the time. Diego only mentioned by chance that their mammoth friend needed new things, but she couldn't just send her fiance for that job. The man had so little idea of clothing for the female sex.

A few years ago, she made the offer to her tiger that he could buy her underwear for Valentine's Day. He thought it was a trick or something. There she really wanted to be nice, because she has read on the net, that guys like this. It was something with searching the wrapping themselves or so. She doesn't know anymore. In the end Diego came with something that she could wear, but wasn't made for her at all. Everything was pink and rose. Or was it called salmon colors? Then it glittered also in some places. That was what she doesn't care about when she has washed the stuff 'accidentally' too hot in the washing machine. She couldn't just bring it back because she doesn't wanted to disappoint her partner. Then she marched herself into a shop again to find something quite different. So she surprised the other sabertooth then, when this came unsuspectingly home from work. She grinned to herself as she took these memories back in front of her inner eye.  

But she quickly changed back to reality when Aunt Ellie exaggerated it with the clothes for her son.

“This is all very nice to look at, but I don't think you fit in there. No, seriously, he has enough things. He also grows very fast. And I wouldn't put my fingers there for too long.." But it was already too late and the little one nibbled at a finger of the mammoth.

“He can grab one vigorously already."  

“Wait until the first teeth come. Then he will want to bite into everything." There, as parents, they have to take particular care of their friends, because their child doesn't know yet what to do and what not. Should he even be in the vicinity of a smaller animal than that could be gnawed quickly.
As soon as Ellie pulled her hand away, the little tiger made a grimace and then screamed. The mammoth looked apologizing at her friend, but that kept a cool head and took the teething ring out of the bag. She also fasten this on the top of her son, so that the thing couldn't fall down if the small saber tooth should let it go. This looked a little unhappy, but when he realized there was nothing else, he chewed on the ring.

Afterwards, Shira shooed the mammoth into the changing room, because slowly she also had no desire anymore to stand in this too warm room. She also wondered how her friend with the thick fur endured that. Then everything went relatively quickly, even if Ellie doesn't try everything what was brought to her. She said that she just wasn't a saber, and despite all the formalities, wanted to show off a little of home. This meant that there was always something colorful or a flowery pattern. But the tigress found it also fine and saw later herself that she had it a little exaggerated.

“Shall I drive you home now?" When the women finally made it to the parking lot, it began to rain slowly.

"It would be good by the weather." The little saber tooth was already a bit sleepy and Shira thought it should be better if she puts him in the bed right now. The time was like this when you have children. They always came first. Ellie understood this, of course, because she know this from the past when Peaches was still a baby. So she said good-bye to her friend after she made sure that she was with the child in the dry home.

It's funny how life could go. Than all her old accomplishments, which were carried out during the day, were almost gone. Not that she really complained, because that was to be expected with the job as a candidate. Nevertheless, she already missed it a little. Now, at noon, she doesn't have to call her husband to chat with him about the food she was preparing. She couldn't even go shopping quickly or also drop by their friends. That today with Shira was an exception, because this found her husband had no taste in clothes. Inwardly, she was glad to see the tigress again because all the time she heard only of Diego how this was doing. Before this work she could always have convinced herself. Now she has no time for short visits.

On the other hand, she couldn't show it anybody because all around cheered her up and were enthusiastic about her and the new ideas. However, most of the time they were the ideas of her secretary. It was true that she did manage something here and there, but the saber just knew how to communicate better with other animals. She still found that he was more suitable for this job.

But like this they had also something to laugh about. Her husband doesn't found it particularly funny when he was reading in the newspaper in the morning that his wife might have an affair with her secretary. But then he finally saw that not everything was true what was shown in the media. In her opinion, was Manny a far too easy convincing mammoth. Her friends, on the other hand, found the article really funny, because this knew all that was fictitious. When Lorene wrote her an text, that you should try everything once, her husband naturally responded a little sensitive.

Grinning, she drove the car to his place in front of their house. Than she saw that her mammoth was already in the kitchen and tried something again. This took it really serious to make something to eat when she came home later. And if Manny made an effort, then his specialties could really be great. Ellie would say, this had only made it comfortable in the last few years and had become accustomed that she was working in the kitchen. Maybe she should have given him the chance before, but there was never a good reason that he had to do it. Of course, she would have understood if he had done nothing, than they both went to work now. And just because her job lasted longer, doesn't mean that the one of her husband was less stressful. But until now she always got a meal when she came home in the evening and she was proud of her cook.

“Well, what are you making today?" Ellie greeted the other mammoth from the hall as she put her bag aside and then went to the kitchen.  

“Is more like a recipe from remnants.” Explained Manfred quieter than usual. She blinked into the pot, thinking nothing of his tone first.  

“It will taste good." But when she finally looked at him, she knew there was more going on.

“What's wrong? Stress at work?" She leaned in front of the stove a bit against him.  

”The best thing to do is you sit down first." She looked up again at the oppressed voice. Now she realized that something was really wrong. So she sat silently on a chair in her kitchen.

Manfred then scratched a little helpless at the back of his head. He simply doesn't know how to deliver the news, because he also doesn't want his wife to worry unnecessarily. On the other hand, he doesn't know whether these worries would be so unnecessary. After all, there was already a good reason.

“Now just tell me what's going on!" Probably he made her nervous, because he remained silent for too long.  

“Good. But remember, even if it sounds bad, it's not so serious."

"Manny!" The other mammoth again demanded and he sighed.
“It's Eddie. Apparently he had an allergic shock and is now in the hospital."

”And you are still saying it's not so serious?!" Ellie stood up energetically and wanted to storm out again. But she was quickly stopped by the other.

“Wait! Lorene assured me that he isn't in danger of life any more."  

"Not anymore?" Then he has realized that his choice of words wasn't the best. But he still tried to hold her in the place.

“Besides, you're tired and they will not let you in at this time." Although he doesn't know whether they would make an exception for his wife as a candidate, but they don't have to find out that today.

“He is fine now, because they are taking care of him there." So he pulled her slowly back into the kitchen so she could finally eat something.

“Come eat something first and then we go to bed. Tomorrow morning, we can drive there at once." The female mammoth nodded, even though she'd rather go to the hospital right now. Yes, she was a little exhausted from the day, but that still doesn't mean that she let her family down if they need her. But probably her husband was right, at that time she wouldn't get anything. So she really could only hope that her brothers are alright. She also thought of Crash, because she knew how the two behaved when they were separated. Ellie would like to speak to him, but she left it with a message and also sent one to the skunk. Than she was tired too much to make even more worrying discussions.

Then she ate the meal that Manny cooked, with this rather in silence, because her thoughts always began to circle. The male mammoth put his hand occasionally on hers and she was glad that he doesn't start big talks about something else. Perhaps it would have helped and distracted her a bit. But probably she would have just broken a senseless argument from the fence, why she wasn't informed about her brother earlier. Her counterpart had certainly his reasons and she doesn't want get upset so close to sleep time. So they don't speak a word to each other this evening before they finally went to bed.

But Ellie could do what she wanted, so she couldn't sleep. She needed distraction, and as she turned to look at her husband, she knew what to do. Smiling, she slipped closer to him and ran a hand under the blanket into his sleep pants.

"Even if you're married, you don't have to be sexually harassed." He said in a joking tone but eyes still closed. Experienced as the female mammoth was, she knew what she had to do to get Manny in the mood.

"Before you go too far, do you really want that?" Ellie did not understand why he was against it, but took a hand from him to put her on her already free chest.

"We have not touched each other lately, I just need you." She tried to answer with the most beautiful voice. Even if the other man opened his eyes at last, he did not look as if he were in the mood.

"So either you'll satify me here soon or I'm looking for someone younger and that still today." She explained and played the offended.

"They don't know how to deal with you." A little jealous, he went to her. But Ellie doesn't expected him to turn her around again. She wanted to protest, but she felt a hand between her legs already. The other one doesn't wait long to massage her reachable breast.
It feels so good every time. Why do I have to force him to do it? She thought and enjoyed the beautiful touches for now.

As if she would ever find someone as good as her husband. But it worried her that he did not want to have fun. They were no longer the youngest, but she doesn't want to enjoy it alone. When she reached back into his pants, she noticed that he wasn't even aroused. Manny got that fast and made it then a little rough.

"No, wait... I want to .." But it was too late and the climax came over her. Breathing heavily and with the feeling that she had no longer an orgasm, she threw her head into the pillow.


"It's all right. Just sleep now." With that, Manny turned away from her again. Even if it helped her fall asleep, she now had a worry more in her head.

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