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"Do you like it?" The saber-tooth tigress was asked as she entered the beautifully designed room. Someone has really done great work here, she thought first to herself.

After birth, they found both relatively quickly a suitable small house for their new family. Shira wasn't so picky like her fiancé. Main thing for her that there was a little garden at the house so they had some greenery around them. Diego even ensured quickly that everything was set up. Of course, all their friends helped and so she announced that everyone was invited to a garden party. Only the weather wasn't lately in the sunny mood and it was still summer. But no one gave them the blame if they move the celebration to another day. Ellie even wanted to know how she could stand around so many animals after the birth.

“Honestly, no." The other saber-tooth turned scared to her as Shira answered him, than now he finished the room for their child and his wife just noticed that she doesn't like it. But when he saw her face, he knew that she was joking.

“Of course I like it, but my opinion doesn't matter here. Finally, your son is the one who has to like it.” After the sentence, she looked down at the baby, who was all the while in her arms and probably still considered whether it wanted to be awake or should go back to sleep.

Shira has to grin when she again remembered the scene where her opposite had the little one for the first time in his paws. First he just stared an eternity to the child, as if he couldn't proper believe what he was seeing. Then really ran a tear of joy over the face of the tough guy and before she could do or say anything, she felt his arms around her. When he was so close to her, he whispered to her that he loved her very much. Of course, she can understand that he was afraid beforehand that something may be wrong. If it were up to her she would have liked to do this without the abrupt pain in the middle of the night.

Before her child was in the world, she found it a bit annoying, that he protected her like that. However, now she was happy for it because she needed a little more rest. Otherwise, both of them were fine and they didn't have to stay too long in the hospital.

“Diego, if you wish to hold him, you can just do it. You remember that you are the father, right?" She said slightly amused, because the long staring went on at home. Her man was either in front of her or looked at the child when it slept. The mammoth mother said to her on the phone yesterday that something like that could happen. The males needed a little longer to capture the reality. It was good to have a friend like Ellie at such a time. Although she wasn't a saber-toothed tiger, but she could help with many things. And when this was done with only one piece of advice it was enough to her sometimes.

"I'm glad that he looks a lot like you." Again, she looked down at her son. She now knew that he will be later more like Diego. Because the fur color was almost the same, just a little brighter. But a few black stripes mingled already there between, she was curious to see how the pattern would develop.

“He has your beautiful eyes."  

“They can still discolor and now finally take him on the arm. We aren't in a museum, where it's forbidden to touch things." So she handed the little one over, without waiting even for a response of the other. Eventually, her fiance had to get used to it, that he once in a while has to look after the child only by himself. Although she doesn't want to get sick or something similar. But you can't choose stuff in life like that. She also needs some photos for the photo album.

Maybe the father hasn't noticed it yet, but the baby liked him much more. It was just too cute when the little paws tried playfully to grasp Diego. Now Shira was the one who began to stare.

Thus, she shook her head and explained that she made a bite to eat, because she slowly has enough of light food. Luckily Diego had thought of it and so he filled the refrigerator and remaining stock with enough food. She also found he perhaps exaggerated it a bit, because even if they ate properly from now on more than three times a day, they needed months nevertheless to the consume this. At least a she could be choosy today. Still, her son will soon be hungry too, so she shouldn't stay too long in the kitchen.

But only vegetables wouldn't fed her up. If she was honest, she had a strong desire for meat since she left the hospital. She wasn't after the fish replacement, but rather the original. It was impossible to tell that her fiance. All these years, she lived well without this stuff. Demanded a pregnancy and a childbirth so much from her body that her primal instincts got awakened? Certainly not. Otherwise she would have had other thoughts when their friends were here. Of them she would never think that they are food. Finally, they lived in a civilized world for a long time. At least a part. Her self from the past would have just gone to a ruthless butcher who got her anything for money. When the memories came up again, her last meal wants also to do this. She doesn't knew it otherwise back then and now she felt sick that she got so low to do something like this. Also because Shira never found out where the meat came from that she bought in this street.

She shook off the images. At her new life with Diego she got more than what she has ever hoped for. It would be really silly of her to abandon everything just because of such a trifle. If her fiance is out of the house and her little one sleeps, she will search on the net for a solution to the matter.

“Does that mean you want to leave me?" Peaches really wondered if she was such a bad girlfriend. Finally she tried everything, so he stayed with her. Of course, she noticed that he was a little strange lately, but she thought that was related to his work.  

At the same time she also wanted to know how crazy the week could still get. Because first her parents wanted to know if she is expecting a child and then Nathan made a proposal to her out of the blue. It was impossible for her to respond immediately to that. Finally, something like this should be carefully considered. She doesn't even know if she ever wanted to marry, because she thought she could still live with someone that she loved without a wedding.  

As if she doesn't have enough confusing thoughts in her mind lately. Now, only two days later her boyfriend simply wanted to push her off. At least she saw it like that. And that's only because she doesn't want to put the ring immediately on her finger. The timing was also chosen quite inconvenient, because they were at a sort of reunion. What more escalated into a party to which everyone could come, who was somehow connected with this school. How can let animals themselves go like this in a few years? But that wasn't her business. For her it was partly also not easy.

Her opposite sighed and then moved closer to her. Surely that he doesn't have to talk louder.

“You're a nice girl and in other ways it would have worked really well with us. But I'm not the one you want.”  

"What are you talking about?" She was really confused. Slowly, he touched her neck. At first she thought he was going to touch her cheek as usual. However that doesn't happened this time. Nathan pushed the collar of her top part to the side until he saw the necklace she always wore around her neck. Suddenly he quickly grabbed it and pulled until he has everything with the pendant in the hooves.

“Hey, what was that for?" A little annoyed she went to him to get the jewel back, but he doesn't made it so easy for her.  

“When I gave you something you have never worn it. You said you weren't the type for it. Yet you still put this on every morning. Now I finally know why.” Peaches was still confused because she doesn't understand a bit of what was going on here. Or what the necklace had to do with their relationship. In addition Nathan hasn't given her so much jewelry. Just one pair of earrings. She found them nice, but they weren't suitable to wear for everyday.

“You've never really searched for someone. Much more you wanted just to have a replacement, until your true boyfriend is back on your side.” Each sentence of him brought just more confusion up in her.  

“What's that supposed to mean? Now just give me the pendant back. It's bad enough that you have just torn it from my neck.” She scolded him but the male mammoth looked elsewhere. She followed his gaze and knew what he was going to do now. Because they both weren't far away from the school swimming pool.   

“No wait! Don't do that!" But it was too late. He lunged out and she could only see how her necklace disappeared in the basin. Furious, she turned to him.

“Have you completely lost your mind? What was that for?!"  

“Do you understand me now? You're in love with the guy, which gave you this necklace. All the time you are looking only for men who are like him, because you can't have him for some reason.”  

“That's bullshit!" Perhaps her counterpart had been drinking, that he now gave such crap out. School party or not, the mammoth girls have certainly also smuggled alcohol in here.  

"Just think about it." With that her boyfriend just went away. Actually it was Peaches duty to run after him and say that he was wrong and that she really loved him. But all she could think about now was how she got her necklace out of the water again. It couldn't be that Nathan was right with what he said. No, it simply couldn't be the truth. It would make her life only more complicated.  

She saw that other former classmates just wanted to come in her direction. Probably their theater was partially observed. Nevertheless, she just doesn't want to talk to anyone right now. So she went up to the side entrance, where she would get more quickly to the toilets. Unfortunately Louis was suddenly in her way, when she opened the door.

“So there you are. Listen the... Now wait a moment!" She pushed just past him, because he couldn't also help her in this situation.

"Not now, Louis."

"So what's going on? With me you can always..” Probably he could read her face too well.  

“No, I don't wish to talk with you about it!" She said aloud and then ran up the stairs. She knew that the molehog hasn't deserved this. But she just wanted to be left alone now. Peaches couldn't even go home because she would certainly find her now ex-boyfriend there. Disadvantages when living together. So far they have never really quarreled. Or they made it more to go out of the way of an hard argument.

Peaches was glad that no one was in the corridor to the men's room. So she could stop fighting back her tears. The stupid thing was, she doesn't even know why she exactly cried.  

This morning she thought that her life slowly got to the point where everything was alright and now she hid in the toilet for guys because she has seen Steffie with the girls standing around in front of the other toilet. She really could do it without them in this moment because these mammoths were never good in cheering someone up.

In addition, she rather wants to be alone right now and because the event was on the other side of the school, nobody would run over here.

Now he did it again. Eddie would like to throw his phone away, because he couldn't stop to look at the display. Slowly he should be used to it that he will not get annoying messages of some skunk anymore. Lorene surely took her daughter's phone as punishment. What he more than advocated. Nevertheless, something inside him told that he should check whether the girl was well and if she still hated him. They had already done a lot of nonsense together, but she never said that.  

Teenagers tend to dramatic outbursts, he thought. At the same time he was thinking to see a doctor. Perhaps he was just sick and the whatever-it-is infected his brain already. That would explain the stupid thoughts.

Yet the boredom started slowly again in his life. Well, he and his brother were distracted for a while, because Ellie has ordered them to assist by new move in of the saber-toothed tigers. Working with the meaning of lifting heavy things, wasn't one of their favorite activities, but what could they do against her sister.

While they were hauling all the stuff, they could besides also throw a look at Diego Junior. The child has really hit it hard already in life, because it looked really similar like the father. Unfair he also found that he and his brother weren't allowed to do a color battle, but Peaches and Louis was granted this fun. After that, this Nathan suddenly disappeared and they had to work more. This guy was pretty weird. Sometimes even he wondered if that was the right one for their niece. Or Peaches always liked such men, but doesn't showed it previously.  

Now it was no matter anymore because they had brought everything behind them. Moreover Shira promised that she will soon throw a party to return the favor.

That will certainly not happen soon, because the sky darkened and led to the conclusion that it starts raining again. Such weather also brought them just the usual customers who wanted to have their magazines or cigarettes. But it shouldn't matter to him, so he hasn't to chat for long with others.

This guy which clearly development interest for Crash, also walked more often in their store. Unfortunately, he could then show his best side as often as he wanted. Even as twin brother he wasn't accepted as a substitute. That doesn't improved his mood. He found the other possum should just get involved in the adventure or whatever the guy wants from his brother. Because this was persistent and would certainly come back until Crash shows himself. Because he always disappeared quickly when he saw the animal through the window glass. Or the guy lost the desire for these games someday.

“Just go out with him." Eddie uttered and the other striped one dared to occur when the shop was empty again.  

“Ok, when you go out with your beloved Ruby." Came it back and that made him a bit angry. He put away his cell phone and looked over to the other.

“She is simply a child with delusions.”

“You then also have one at night. I can constantly hear you through the wall.” His brother then grinned at him with a knowing look. As if he can look into my thoughts, Eddie thought and hoped, that this is never will be possible.

“I'm not the one who hides permanently when the door merely creaks. What is so wrong with him that you escape every time?"  

“Because you were so high, you only have caught the half in this club." Crash said in his face. Until now, he has tried to hush up the matter. Not even Ellie knew of what had happened. With Sid they were both not quite sure if this has simply forgotten, because he drank too much or doesn't want to tell it.

“Someone has tipped something into my drink."

"Actually I don't care what you do. As long as you don't overdo it." Then Eddie rolled his eyes.

“Oh, my brother, the moralist. How often do you still should go to church because they couldn't handle all your sins at once?” But that was ignored and then he heard that this visitor who came frequently here was also in the club. On the evening this followed them and tried to persuade his brother again on a date, but probably that worked not so well. As Crash preferred to talk with one of the women, it should have been rabidly, but his interlocutor could twist the truth as well because he hasn't seen anything from that.

At the end of it, the stalker flew out the door and his brother started since then to avoid the guy even more. Surely the admirer just would like to chat normally for once. Or even this was to blame, that he felt so badly on this night, because the drink with the extra something was actually for the other possum. They were simply mixed up by the light. For outsiders it wasn't uncommon. If that with the drink was the truth, then the guy should prepare himself for something. Although they were two chaotic animals, yet others weren't allowed to exaggerate the jokes on them. He was the only one privileged enough to play the other such lousy tricks.

“Then why don't you report him for harassment?" His brother came again with an apologetic smile and he immediately knew what was going on.

“You can't do that, huh?"

"Well, not really. Do you remember the pretty bunny woman?” Yes, she came to his mind and he should have bet on it that she was forgiven.

“Who is her husband?" Eddie asked even if he doesn't really needed an answer.

"The police director."

“Brother you're sometimes so lucky in such things."

Outraged stormed Louis in the rather abandoned men's room in the hope to get some peace. But the girl who followed him doesn't care if she enters this room. Actually he was rather looking for Peaches. Earlier he wanted just to give her a bit time, so she can organize her thoughts. Although he doesn't really know exactly what has happened, but after he couldn't find Nathan, he just assumed, the two have been arguing about something.

The search for his friend remained so far without success. Probably the mammoth was already home and came to terms with her boyfriend. Slowly he has really to stop to worry about something like that. A couple is arguing sometimes, which was normal. But there seems to be no matter how old he gets, he would always be concerned when Peaches looked sad.

“There is nothing that could stop you, hm?" He now asked his chaser.  

“Just because you escape in here doesn't mean our conversation is over." Ruby had no intention to leave the discussion just hang like that. Finally, they made progress. At least she saw it in that way.

“What I don't understand is, why you get involved yourself in matters that is none of your business?” It also doesn't come to his mind why Lorene allowed her daughter to go to this party if this was actually grounded. Because of what he doesn't know, but by this skunk, it had to happen sooner or later.  

“First, you are my friends and secondly, I can't watch this tragedy anymore." Explained his interlocutor as if she knew everything better and leaned on the tiles left to the entrance door.   

“Tragedy? Do you have any idea what it's like to be in such a situation? Just because YOU think that we're a good match, I don't simply destroy my years of friendship to her.” Ruby sighed annoyed because she slowly was tired of it too. Why saw the molehog a barrier in it that his beloved was a mammoth? Or perhaps he was ashamed, to expose it to love a bigger animal? No, it couldn't be that. Anyway she wanted to use the latest information to drive the spined one to a confession.

“I don't understand what prevents you from trying it? If it doesn't work you two can be friends again."  
“That's just it. I don't know if I could do that, or whether she still wants it. I know her for so long now and find it better to be friends as losing her completely.” Suddenly he heard a noise from the cabins.

“Then you even want to play her best man, if she marries such an idiot one day?” She mentioned exactly that because playing the best man could come sooner than thought. The skunk overheard not often her mother's phone calls because she spoke mostly about uninteresting stuff. As the words Peaches and wedding fell, she got her ears in because she knew what that means. Dared this Nathan really the step now, then she also knew what would follow soon. The peach colored mammoth will go to the best friend to talk about this with him. Sometimes the large animal was so predictable that she wondered why Louis wasn't using this to his advantage. Quite simply, the prickly guy had a too nice character. Perhaps the mammoth liked him simply as a friend because of that. Still Ruby believed that the molehog also has other sites.

“Yes I would, if it makes her happy. What do you know of such things? You are still a child and you have never been seriously in love. So don't give me a lecture of it!" He forgot the sound he heard and threw a little cold water on his face to calm down again. The skunk actually managed to make him angry on the easy way. Somewhere she was also right, he couldn't just ignore the issue the rest of his life. But now he found that it wasn't the best time to think about it.

"And if you get the idea to enlighten Peaches about all of this, then I will never forgive you." Thus he just walked out, as he had come in and left the girl back. This rolled her eyes on it and glanced in the mirror before she left the room with a sigh. After what the molehog had said she wouldn't follow him or will talk to him soon.  

She was no longer a child. Why want nobody notice that? From her mother she would always hear it she knew that. But why from her friends? She was aware that Louis just said it, because she annoyed him with her views of the things.  

Nevertheless, she couldn't understand that he hasn't even once tried it in all the years to explain that to Peaches. Finally, she wasn't the kind of an animal that would reject someone in a cruelly way. And who knows, maybe the mammoth even had the same feelings. Ruby was sure that she must have thought about it at least once.  

In the corridor, she looked through a window to the outside. Slowly it began to rain and it somehow fits her mood. At least she could use the weather as an excuse when she arrived late at home. Her mother gets mad as well because Louis wasn't with her anymore, but it doesn't matter to her now.
How should the molehog know if she was in love? He never asked her something like that. Even if he had she knew that the chosen one wouldn't like it if she told everyone about this.

That she got back her phone for the party, wasn't really helpful, because the urge to send a message or dial a specific number, grew stronger with every moment. After she has done such a scene in front of this club, the possum surely ignores her even more than usual. Ruby was just so angry that she was pushed over to her mother and so she has to give up her new job. Luckily, she still got some money for this evening. She also could keep that earned money, but it came to a bank account for now where she couldn't reach it for a while. Her mother thought again for sure she wanted to spend it for drugs or something like that.

That with the money wasn't so bad, but she has to embark on a compromise. Either she goes to a summer school or immediately to the next boarding school. So the first one sounded more enticing, and also she needs to improve her grades after it. That means to go to school every day again. The girl sighed, because now that there are no other students were staying here in the corridors it was much more bearable.  

Why was she actually here? She doesn't even likes that kind of party's. Just meeting and talking nonsense has never been her thing. She probably just wanted a bit time to go out from home. Since the summer holidays began the house arrest wasn't an easy matter anymore. Actually, she could just sneak out when her mother went to work, but she doesn't want to make her upset more. A boarding school would be indeed a change of school, but maybe there were just idiots too. It would then annoy her even more than her current situation.

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