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Diego stared at the small open box which presented a ring. He still couldn’t quite believe what he wanted to do. The idea came to him a year before in the head but again and again he had backed out. Constantly going through the advantages and disadvantages in his mind. Last month he has finally found the right jeweler of which had what he wanted. After all, he doesn’t want to give any a ring to his girlfriend. But until now there was still no suitable moment in which he could hand it over. In addition, he was constantly nervous when he thought about doing it. At the end he put the box always back into his pocket.

"Hey, let's see." Abruptly grabbed sloth paws after the box and he closed it hastily again.

“Don’t touch it, Sid!"

"Oh come on." Wailed the other but the saber-toothed packed his gift finally away before he pushed the other of his desk.

"What are you doing here anyway? Except from hiding from work, of course." Caught Sid tried immediately to talk himself out.

“I hide myself from nothing. Also I have earned my breaks after the long hard work.”

“You only distribute... Oh you know what? I just don’t care."

“And you? Are you going to a certain woman today and ask the big question.” The smaller one grinned and nudged his buddy with his elbow in the side.

“I planned a nice evening with Shira and if everything will work out, she might say yes."

"Maybe? Of course she will say yes." Now said a young mammoth behind the two men and they turned around.

"Peaches? What are you doing here?" Diego inquired first, wondering why nobody could knock at his office here.

"I was nearby and I thought I say hello. Anyway, you're long overdue to ask this question, uncle Diego."

"For sure?"

"You two know each other for eight years now and six of them you are officially a couple. I’m surprised that she hasn’t asked you until now." The saber-toothed smiled and nodded then.

“And if she says yes I throw a big bachelor farewell party for you." Then Sid made a gesture so that the other knew he should bow briefly down to him. Sighing, the saber-toothed even did so.

"That will be one of the parties where the ladies take off their clothes, if you know what I mean." The smaller one was grinning again and Peaches just rolled her eyes then she understood everything because her uncle doesn’t master whispering.

"First of all I should bring tonight behind me before you can plan something." Said Diego and turned back to the woman in his office.

“And what can we expect from you soon? You are also entering into the bonds of marriage?" Sid cut of his buddy and this was a bit annoyed about it.

"I? Well.." But Peaches doesn’t get to finish her sentence because there came already the next animal in the room.

“She definitely will not get married so soon." Told Manny convinced, because he wouldn’t let it happen that his only child spends the rest of her life with such an idiot. In addition, his girl is only 23 years old. At that age she shouldn’t even think of something like that.

"Dad!" Complained the younger mammoth and gave her father shortly an angry look. But in the end he was right because she would never want to marry her current boyfriend. They were together for two years now and slowly she asked herself if she had wasted her time. She has met him via chat and because he was working abroad. For one year, they led then a long-distance relationship and when he rented a flat here in the city, she was overjoyed. But unfortunately that doesn’t last long because somehow it was no longer the same if they could see each other when they want. She thought at first that she had to get used to everything. But as much as she tried, and that lasted months, it wouldn’t work out. It also doesn’t help here that he's a good-looking mammoth.

"What are you doing here?" Now asked her father and brought her back to reality.

“Because I was near I wanted to say that maybe I can’t come to dinner this evening."

"But your mother would be.." Manfred was now cut in the words.

"Yes, I'll be disappointed. You weren’t with us for so long and I want to cook your favorite food." Ellie came in the round now.

“Mum what are you doing here?"

"Your father has 'cleaned up' the closet in the hallway with your mother." Answered Sid with quotes in the air at cleaned up.

“Sid! It’s the best you go back to your place. One can see you haven’t enough work to do." Vigorously pushed the oldest mammoth his pal to the door and closed it then.

"What? I didn’t say that you..."

"Just go away, Sid!" Roared Manny still out before he continued the conversation in the room.

"So now explain why you can’t even visit your parents for dinner once in a month. Has this guy forbidden it?"

"Dad I let him forbid nothing. That goes for you too. If I want to marry then I do that."

"What, you want to marry?" Mingled in her mother now because she knew how the relationship of her daughter is.

"No. But Dad thinks... Whatever, I don’t have time for long discussions. Anyway, I can’t come to dinner because I have to pick up Louis today."

"Is this year finally over?" Wanted Ellie pleased to know because the little one left here to collect experience in his profession as an archaeologist. She knew him since he and Peaches went to the same kindergarten. Thus, she was also happy to see him again.

"Yes, and that's why I wanted to buy some things that he doesn’t have to cook for himself if he is so exhausted from the flight."

"Why don’t you just come with him to us?"

"But Mum, what if.."

"Oh come on. If it’s going too late, then you two can sleep in the attic." Manfred wanted to step in but his daughter was faster.

"All right. But you get ready for a call with a cancellation. I can understand if he has no desire to drive around after his arrival. Now I really must go." So the young mammoth disappeared quickly and the oldest one looked angry at his wife now.

“Ellie, you can’t offer them to sleep in the attic. We've got just one guest bed there and the two are no longer children." But the addressed animal grinned at him.

"Have you heard an objection from her?" The mother inquired mischievously and Manny sighed.

"She probably doesn’t really realized the whole thing." Then he looked around at his buddy to ask after his opinion but this looked a little worried out of the window.

"Hey Diego? What's happening? You’re not getting cold feet about tonight?"

"Well, to be honest a little." He admitted and sighed heavily. But Manny took his pal playful in a headlock. At such moments, men had to stand together.

"Take it easy. If she says no, we can go for a drink in the tavern."

"Very encouragingly." Ellie pulled her husband away from the saber-toothed.

"No matter what she will say we are definitely there for you." Now he has to smile at his friends and wondered why he actually had so many thoughts about it. When Shira should say no then she still will not leave him. At least he hoped so.

"Thanks, guys."

In another part of the city, a possum was bored to death. Although it was dry outside but the wind blew icy through the streets. That's why this and the store remained empty here.

It was a gift and novelty jokes store. Eddie and Crash operated the store since they are moved with Ellie and the rest of the family here. When they had come to this city, the brothers decided to live no longer with Ellie and the rest together, because in on the long run it was too cramped. So it happened that they have opened this shop here, which conveniently had an apartment above.

Because today showed no customers up, he would like to go up and turn the telly on but he has promised to his brother to stay here. So here he was at the bar and looked either at the latest comics or like now at magazines with scantily dressed women. Of course he has disguised the magazine with one of science.

“So you like girls who look like that." Said suddenly a voice behind him offended and he almost has a heart attack.

"How did you get in here and what are you doing here anyway? If my brother sees you..”

"Now calm down."

"Haven’t I explicitly told you not to come here?" She folded her arms on that.

"What shall I do otherwise when I miss you and want to see you? You never visit me."

"We have talked about that." Said Eddie and packed his magazine away.

"We? You have given me orders. I haven’t seen you for almost a month now." With big sad eyes she looked at the other one.

"Haven’t you missed me a bit?" How he hated it when she does that. Eddie doesn’t know why but he doesn’t like it to see her sad.

"Maybe a little." He told her and she took that as an invitation to be allowed to hug him. A little annoyed, he patted her head. If she grows even further he couldn’t even reach there. She is much younger than him, yet almost a head taller.

“So that's enough. You should go now before my brother shows up." He pushed the girl in a hurry to the door.

"And kiss?"

"I don’t reward you that you just appeared unannounced here." He gave her a little push and so she was standing outside of the locked door. She gave him a glare and held out her tongue before she strode away. He rolled his eyes and then shrugged. Eddie wondered what she found so interesting about him that she came to him again and again. On the one paw he wanted to get rid of her but on the other he doesn’t have the heart to hurt her. Thus, he simply waited until she met someone at her age and then forgot about him.

Slowly, he also wondered where his brother remained because this wanted to stay away only one hour but the clock on the wall showed that it was almost three. He would just wait for him until six pm and then he could close the store.

Sometime later, Peaches was with her car at the airport. She was kind of excited. A year has passed already since Louis has taken off from here and left the country. Of course, they have regularly phoned and written messages. But she held herself back well because she doesn’t want to annoy him in his work. So here and there came a time when they don’t have spoken to each other for two or three weeks. But now all that comes to an end and he would stay here again.

There were so many things she wanted to tell and hear from him. That's why she also hoped that he would decline the invitation to her parents. Was it too much to ask him that only the two of them would spend time on the first night? Maybe. But who wouldn’t do that if someone sees the best friend after such a long time again?

She quickly ran into the building to not to miss him. Watchful she looked around for Louis then this couldn’t tell her when he would arrive here. He said there was still a project that must be completed. Thus, he would call during the evening when his plane arrives here. But Peaches doesn’t want to wait and sit around at home in her apartment.

Nathan must work the whole weekend so she doesn’t tell him what she was doing today. Her boyfriend simply wasn’t interested very much for other fellow animal beings. If she was honest then she also knew very little about his friends.

He will call me back if something is the matter, thought the young woman and kept looking out for the next aspiring archaeologists. On the one hand, she thought it was great that this gets a chance to realize his dreams but then she knew already that it will not be the last time he traveled. With this job, you had to go to specific places in the world to be successful. In their city, wasn't that much to excavate or explore.

When she couldn't find him after half an hour, she just sat down on a bench on the side. Her height was indeed great for looking out, but that doesn't help when the respondent hasn't arrived yet. Maybe she should have waited at her home for him. Because if she has still to sit two or three hours here, then that would be boring. Yet she sat there to watch airplanes and other animal. She also saw a few couples and was a little jealous.

Nathan is actually an attractive mammoth. Also he is a good boyfriend, but he would never react so romantic if they haven't seen each other in a while. He couldn't even act like that if Peaches had prepared everything herself in an evening. His character was so different since they can meet. In it's early days, he wrote such beautiful messages and also often said how he felt. Today it was rather a riddle for her. But she also wouldn't leave him because she doesn't know quite whether it was really him or her. All friends she knew from the past have a relationship or children already.

That was an issue which she wishes to discuss with Louis, but not today on his first day here. Finally, after a tiring flight, he has certainly better things to do than listen to her whining. Nevertheless he is the only one who has always been a good listener to her problems.

"I said call you when I'm here. How long were you waiting?" Surprised, she looked up and not just because she noticed only now that she has turned her eyes to the ground. There he stood and looked waiting at her. For some reason she couldn't answer, but checked him from top to bottom. He still looked like a year ago. Well, almost. The hairs were placed backwards, he wore more summery clothes. So she could see his muscular arms. Exactly at the same moment she wondered since how long Louis heaved weights.

"Peaches?" The smaller one pushed his sunglasses up and now she could see his eyes.

“I, uh take something from you, yes. For a moment I was just irritated if you are still you." She explained to him and grabbed one of the things which he wore before she got up to walk out again.

"I don't look so different now." He said, scratching nervously his head. Then he hasn't compared himself photos of him from a year ago. Yes, perhaps he needed a haircut, but otherwise he could fix the rest with a shower.

“Was the flight very tiring? Do you want to rest at home with me? I also cook you something you want." He grinned and would actually like it, but he also doesn't want to be rude to Peaches mother.

"But your mum already sent me an email." He told her and he could hear a annoyed groan.

"Say that you haven't agreed to it yet?" She played bugged and pleaded to him as they stood before her car.

"But I have. Also, I don't know if I will have time to eat with your family again soon."

"What do you mean with that?" She asked when they had all his belongings stowed in the luggage space and then both stepped in at the front.

“Although I was away to get experience for one year, but I must bring me up to date here again. That could take a while, so I wanted to enjoy this evening still without work.” A little was Peaches offended that he doesn't want to spend the time with her alone. She also thought it was stupid that he doesn't want to do anything with her soon. But she could hardly talk into his work and so she just nodded understandingly. When he closed the door of the car on his side, she took the initiative and pulled him close to embrace him. She doesn't know why she did it. Perhaps a triggered impulse, because she really missed him.

Even Louis was a little terrified because he also hasn't expected it but he was happy that it happened and returned the hug.

"I'm glad that you're arrived healthy here again." She whispered softly and doesn't want to let go of him for some strange reason. But did it then, because they couldn't stand forever on the car park.

"Me too." Said the other, just as quietly and buckled up as she let go of him. As she sat the car in motion in silence, he tried not to think about how fast his heart was beating with excitement just now. He could still control himself when he lay his eyes on her after such a long time, but when the mammoth then embraced him, he wasn't sure whether to be happy or unhappy. After all, he wanted to use the long year also to forget his love for the girl next to him. Finally, it has been clear for long that they just can be friends. That happened just showed him that it hasn't worked. His exgirlfriend was right after all when she said he was a hopeless case.

"Diego, can we go now?" The silver gray tigress doesn't understand what was wrong with the man today. If she doesn't knew it better, then she would tell he was nervous about something. Yet their weekly dinner was fairly routine. Because of the work they sometimes see each other not very often in the week and so they make the best of it on the weekends. This often started on Friday night in which they go out to eat somewhere. She has chosen the place this time because they always alternated. Nevertheless with time they had seen all the restaurants, takeaways and other stores in the city.

But that wasn't the point here. Diego was actually the calm and serene type. She rarely saw him uncontrollably or nervous like today.

"Would you still like to go somewhere else or should we immediately drive to our apartment?" She smiled at him briefly as he held the door open for her at the entrance. It wasn't very cold, because the summer came slowly towards them. The sky was clear that night and she could see the stars.

“What do you think if we go for a walk here?" The saber-tooth checked repeatedly whether the small box still lingered in his suit. He knew that this thing wouldn't jump out but it would be so uncomfortable when he falls to his knees and the ring couldn't be found. He answers her with a nod and she came automatically closer to hook her arm with his.

In the past she never has thought that her life would become like this. Back when she was still working for Captain Gutt, she believed that she needed no one at her side. She had work and that was enough for her. Even though this wasn't always very clean and considerate.

Her former employer fished her from the street as she had no one. He saw her potential that he only wanted to take advantage of. She realized that only when Diego crossed their way with his friends and the company. If that wouldn't happened, then she might not be alive anymore today. Because the jobs which she did at that time, were not always harmless. Stealing things from people with power has always attracted consequences.

But the man next to her believed that she wouldn't have to do all that anymore. That her life could change if she wanted it. She wasn't sure until today what it was that she had easy betrayed Captain Gutt thereafter. Maybe she wanted in the subconscious really get out of this chaos.

While Diego was a saber-tooth, he was very different from the others. He was gentle and patient. It surprised her much that he demanded nothing of her as they had the whole thing behind them. She was so used to it if someone did something for her they always want something in return. However, he offered her only the friendship and said he would always help her when it was needed. Since then he was always there for her and even if she knew that he doesn't demand it, she began to flirt with him.

She had never believed in something like love, but with him she just felt safe. So she did everything that he would stay with her. That was in retrospect selfish, but now after all these years of being together she felt something for him as well.

Of course, their relationship wasn't always easy, because they were the only carnivores in a city full of vegetarians. Usually they couldn't be here, but they had been given an extra residence permits as they moved with their friends to this place.

Friends. This was also a matter of which she thought that she would never have it. However when she has a little time in the week she meets Ellie for lunch. At first she started that only because she wanted to know more about Diego but over time the mammoth mother has become her best friend. To the holidays in the year, they always all came together to celebrate.
She doesn't know whether could be even happier. Well actually there was one thing she should talk about with Diego. But that still had time. Because she doesn't want to destroy this nice evening now.

"What are you thinking?" So she was brought out of her thoughts and looked into the face of the other.

“Nothing special. Why?" She noted that he was really nervous and wondered again what was wrong with him today. However he grabbed with his free arm in his suit and held suddenly a small box out to her. A little taken aback she looked motionless on it and he pulled himself entirely from her before he went to his knees. She looked around and realized that Diego has used the moment because no one else was here now.

"Shira, we both know.." But she spoke just in between.


"You have to let me finish it. Otherwise you don't know...Did you just said yes?” Now he looked at her confused and saw that she smiled at him lovingly.

"Yes. I did." So a little shaky, he took her paw and slid the ring on it. Then he stood up hastily to take her gladly close in his arms. For a while they just stood there like this. Closely entwined.

“Were you so nervous the whole evening because of that? Have you thought I would say no?" Whispered the silver-gray tigress in the ear of her fiance. Embarrassed he looked to the other side because he knew that she couldn't see it. But she moved away a little from him to to look exactly at his face.

"Well, not directly. It could have just be the case that you don't want a marriage." He still looked to the side.

“Why didn't you came to me earlier? I mean the ring is beautiful, but we could also have talked about it before."

"How do you even begin such a subject without having a ring in the pocket? We talk about it now and you can change your opinion about it any time.” She smiled and then kissed him without a warning. Of course, the saber-toothed tiger wasn't averse to it, but when she also showed a little more physical effort, he pushed her away. He did so in order to breathe properly again.

"Did someone already has enough?" She teased him as she started wandering with her paws on his body.

"No." But when Shira arrived at his waistband, he stopped her.

“But we should save us more for later.”

"Killjoy." She said only and thus turned away from him.

A little he thought now that he had just completely spoiled the mood. But that lasted only until the car. The parking lot was in fact just dimly lit and his girlfriend wanted to take advantage of this. As soon as they were both in the car, his seat was folded back and she was on him.

"Will that not be going uncomfortable?" He inquires when she started taking off her jacket.

"I wonder if that here isn't uncomfortable?" She grinned and rubbed a little on his erection to underline her sentence. He sighed, because he wasn't good at hiding the thing from her. Nevertheless, he was slow getting to old for such actions in the car. But he also just couldn't say no to her. Not that she would have accepted it if he now inserts contradictions.

The idea that she would ride him like a wild animal, turned him quite on already. But he had to calm down. Ater all, he couldn't come too early. For several attempts he was also clearly too old.

"Hey, don't think about other things." Her voice sounds a little offended. Diego grinned and pulled her down to him, to kiss her again. This time he isn't reined in because who should see them here and if it wouldn't matter. If his lady demanded his attention now, then she would get it.

While their mouths were busy, he managed to open her top. Practically she was wearing something that you don't need to pull over the body. Surprisingly, she doesn't wore a bra underneath.

"What? I thought I make it for you a little easier. So I've taken it off before." He gave her a little slap on the ass for it. Also so she finally stops to rub on his already hard middle with her hand. He wanted to hold back and let her do. But if she doesn't stop such actions, he will turn things around at any moment and then he was on her. Diego distracted himself with massaging her breasts. This usually brings his tigress also a little down. But not today.

"For slow we have time later." She said almost in a commanding tone and undid his pants. Her skirt she had quickly pushed slightly higher and only now he noticed that she wore no underwear there too. When she had his manhood in hand, she rubbed him a few more times before she did the same with his tip at her opening. Diego clawed with both hands on the sides of the seat. He tried to not to accelerate the whole thing.

“I have been looking forward to this all day." She explain in her hot voice and let herself sink slowly on him. As always, she felt even with a small movement so good and so perfect to him. When they did it the first time, it was very difficult for him not to come on the spot. And Shira really wasn't the first woman he had. Probably his buddy Manny was always right. If it's someone you really want, then your body is more active.

"Hey, you're supposed to think of me!" So he did that, she began to move but not slow. She was aware how she had to do it to make him sweat. The tiger had the feeling every time she got up, she automatically tightened. Like her middle don't want to let him go again. For a while she tortured him until he finally had enough and grabbed her hip.

“If you want to achieve something, then you have to do it like this." He explained to her and pulled her down to him to kiss her. Meanwhile he decides how fast it goes. Although he doesn't expected something tonight, but he wasn't longer the guy who is playing with himself alone. That's why he needed this here too.

First she probably wanted to complain, but after a few thrusts from below she just remained in this position. She could no longer kiss, but only moaned hotly into his ear. That he gave her such pleasure, it spurred him even more and so his movements became faster and faster. He knew that he lost control but when she suddenly bit him in the neck to damp her voice, he was also done. His body reigned almost of its own accord when he clawed at her and spilled in a final violently thrust into her.

As both found slowly their breathing rhythm again and she rose a little from his shoulder to see his face again, then both had a satisfied smile on.

"That was something different." She whispered, kissing him thankful.

"But that don't must be our daily routine now." He answered and slowly sat up with her.

"Hey, we can't indeed drive home like this." Diego explained to her as she made an unhappy face. He also would like to cuddle but it is getting cold and uncomfortable in the car. When he was sure that there really was no one out there, he turned on the light. He took off his coat and gave it to her, because he could see that she felt the cold. He quickly dressed as her.
"I'll wash all the things immediately in the morning.”

"I am sorry."

“That you've taken me so passionate, my tiger?" She inquired mischievously, because she knew that he doesn't probably mean that.

"No. The scratches on your hip."

“This is not the first time that something like that happened with us. In addition, there was a time your back looked even worse.” He smiled as he thought back to that night and finally started the car.

"I'm sorry that my mum was so curious." Apologized Peaches when she got into the car to drive her friend home.

“Nonsense, I already knew beforehand what I was getting myself into. Moreover, it was a nice evening.” Said the molehog when he jumped into the passenger seat.

“You really haven't changed. Besides that you got yourself a few muscles. I wonder..” But Louis shoved the third animal in the car back away from him.

“Stop that. You know as an archaeologist you don't only rummage around in the dirt." The skunk girl that sat behind smirked.

“No matter where the muscles come from, I'm sure it's a eye-catcher for the Ladies." He sighed annoyed, but couldn't help to look briefly to the driver. This was of course busy to watch the street. But then he shakes his head. Finally, he will soon have plenty of work, there wasn't the time to sink into self-pity.

"I'll bring this up with you." Meant the mammoth, as they arrived at the building where his home was. Louis wanted indeed to hinder the taller one but she was faster as they took the things out of the luggage space. When they were here earlier, he doesn't want that one of them had to walk up again, so he took only the important things up.

“You really don't need to." Ruby, the skunk in the back of the car, sighed annoyed because the two not even noticed that they behaved like a married couple. The skunk has held herself out always so far because until now both were constantly in a relationship with others. Now that Louis is single and it's not going so well with Peaches current boyfriend, she wanted finally to try to bring together the two. Well, she would also do it out of boredom and to distract herself a little from her own problems.

In her eyes the whole life wasn't fair. Slowly she is old enough. Her mother always tried to play cool, but she doesn't understand a lot. Although the young skunk could have guessed that it isn't simple to raise a child alone. Ruby doesn't know much about her father, only that he died when she was still a baby. Slowly she doubted if that was really the truth. Finally, her mother could tell her a bit about him.

She thought back as she wanted to run away for the first time to look for her father. At that time she was twelve. Ruby always thought that she could do many things alone. But then she got lost in the city, which she should really know. Because her mother always wanted to protect her and even pick her up from school, she doesn't know much about the outside world.

Fortunately, there was someone on the way who could help her further. Now she is embarrassed for it, then she just cried like a toddler. But the molehog with the glasses still couldn't just let her stand in the dark. He took her by the paw and made sure that she could find her mother right away. Although Ruby wanted to run away, she was happy to be back at home. The molehog, named Louis, said that she should be more careful next time.

That evening he looked so cool that she slightly fell in love with the boy. The girls at school often talked about some guys but she was never interested in that. But her savior was different. Nice. Clever. What needs a girl more? And so she skipped a day of school and ran again to the place where she was found by the molehog for the first time. It wasn't long and Louis came by again.

Somehow he doesn't seem so cheerful as when he brought her home that other night. Nevertheless, she followed him to his apartment.

Now she could only roll the eyes about what she has done then. Strangely, the molehog doesn't rejected her completely. He even offered her mother to look out for her every now and then. Probably he knew even then that her mother sometimes needed a break from parenting.

So great the dream was, it doesn't last long enough. Because Louis was already in love with someone else. What shocked her even more was that the chosen one don't replied the love. Also the girl is a mammoth. She has peachy fur and answered on the name Peaches.

By the time she and her mother got to know the family of the mammoth as well. It's nice sometimes to see her mother with friends and not so stressed. Not only that, her mother began get along very well with an uncle of Peaches. This is strangely a possum.

Somehow she found it funny then, that so many different animals are friends. Her mother was skeptical when she heard that this includes saber tooth tigers but she soon learned that the two are also ok.

Even if their families met each other from time to time, nevertheless the relationship between her mother and the possum Crash didn't last long. But they still see each other sometimes. They flirt with each other for fun and make also other things. Than Ruby wasn't blind and no longer a child.

Since Crash went in and out of their home, he sometimes brought his brother Eddie with him.

In the past he always did like he was annoyed when he has to play the nanny. Nevertheless, he never said no when her mother asked him to take care of her.

She wondered if that possum liked her mother too? She never wanted to find it out.

Of course she tried occasionally to spend time with Louis, to make it clear to him that he has deserved something better than Peaches. But she only pushed him to look for a molehog girl. And she was a pretty thing. Even Peaches family was surprised.

But also that relationship didn't last long. And she wasn't really interested in that matter at that time.

Ruby always wondered where Louis family was, finally he very rarely told something about himself. But the peach colored mammoth who is his best friend, doesn't seem to be bothered by this. She accepted the prickly one as he is. Somehow that was enviable and she also wanted to be like that a little. So she can fall in love with the right animal the next time.

But the life meant it apparently not well with her as the years passed like in flight and now she was almost eighteen. Nevertheless, nothing would go as she planned it. She often quarreled with her mother. She couldn't bring herself to care about school since teachers and students are just idiots there. And the tip of the iceberg is that she started to like someone she actually shouldn't like in that way. What does she do wrong?

When she looked at her phone, she noted that there still was no new text of a certain guy. She only writes the word idiot in capital letters and hit send.

The other two were already walking up the stairs.

“You had a long day behind you and I can at least help you a bit." The molehog therefore doesn't resist further and let her do it. On the way up to his apartment, both chatted a little about what they were up to in the coming week. Louis found it nice to hear that his friend was happy. With her parents she doesn't talked much about her boyfriend but now she mentioned him briefly and that all is going well. Even at work she was lucky and everything is ok.

Peaches also said she wishes he soon finds a girl that fits so well with him too. Yet she also meant that it wouldn't be that bad if it doesn't happen soon. She would be always be there for him. Louis knew that it was meant as purely friendship but such moments were the reason why he should plunge himself into the work for the next time.

“You really have something to look forward. But you have to promise me that you don't over work yourself. First of all get again used in the course of events here." He sighed than in a way she was right, but easy going and slow doesn't finish his duties.

"At least I can promise you..."

“Not to be back home on time?" Spoke suddenly another voice between. The two friends don't noticed until now that they already arrived at the apartment, but they weren't the only ones here.

“What are you doing here?" Welcomed Louis another girl a little irritated. Because he wasn't really prepared for visitors of this kind.

“Your mother told me that you would come back today and so I thought I'll visit you again. After all, we are a family.” Peaches could only stare a little shocked at her and that what she has in her arms.

“Couldn't you have called me first? Then I might have been here earlier. Or would have said that I don't have time for it." Gave Louis annoyed out and opened up his flat. The mammoth put the bags she was carrying into the hall before she again marched hastily out.

"I see that you have things to do, so I don't want to disturb you any longer." So she took quickly back the way down. This was just too weird to stand there. Ruby, who was now sitting in front in the passenger seat, looked puzzled at her as she got into the car.

“What was going on up there? You look like as if you had seen something incredible." Meant the skunk half amused and made a bubble with the chewing gum.

"Louis has a child." Pop and the gum stuck a little in her face but then she began to laugh.

“With that joke you got me for real. As if he ever.."

“If you like, you can even go up and convince yourself. There is a pretty girl with a baby in her arms." As serious as the older one told that, Ruby has to believe her. That doesn't make any sense. She knew for one hundred percent that Louis was still in love with Peaches. Of course he had here and there a girlfriend but with his last he broke up about a year ago. Actually, it looked like as if it was going out well for him, but then he suddenly left that girl. Probably because of this trip, but Louis never mentioned the exact reason.

"Was that his ex girlfriend?"

"What? I don't know. I've never met her." The taller one was a little sad that her best friend hasn't told her that he had become a father. They usually share everything with each other.

"How old was the child?"

“With molehogs I'm not so good to estimate that, but it can't be older than two months."

“It must be older, otherwise with the procreation isn't something right. She must be from around here if she shows up now. Maybe a slip-up in a one-night stand.” Although the skunk doesn't really believe in that but he has a child now. There you got a whole new perspective on someone.

"Louis isn't the type for something like that."

"How do you know that? He's just a guy and will also not tell you everything. Otherwise you would have known that he has his own family now.” Peaches doesn't answered to that and also drove Ruby home before she went to her apartment, which she shared with her boyfriend.

It was just all so unexpected and she doesn't want to admit that now her best friend has to look after a child. If he has a wife and a child now, there she couldn't just show up as often as before on his door. She always told herself that she only did it so that he isn't alone. Yet Peaches was the one who despite boyfriend felt lonely for the last year.

First he wanted only be there for his work and suddenly he has a wife and a baby on his side. It was oddly hard for her to see Louis as a father of a family. Not that he wouldn't be good at that but in her mind the future was somehow different. Nevertheless, the skunk was also right, best friend or not, he doesn't have to tell her everything.

It made her a little sad again. So she decided to take a shower and then go to bed. Tomorrow will everything surely look better again.

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