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"That was so typical again!" A trash can was knocked over, because an angry possum had to run down into the shop and vent the spleen on something. Crash just needed change now and that from everything here. Everything was so confused and incomprehensible. But the chaos wasn't really caused by his brother or him, so they didn't like it either.

This morning, the police again visited their sister and brother-in-law. As if this weren't already routine. The one gentleman probably only wanted to imply that the missing one can no longer be found alive. Nevertheless, the guy could have done this more tactfully. In this profession you probably see some stuff, but they all lived in a quiet town. That is why abductions do not occur every day. In any case, he always thought that. Just because he doesn't look at the news so often, he wasn't so blue-eyed, thinking that nothing happened.

For the first time he was glad that Manny was in a bad mood because the policeman probably didn't take them seriously in this situation. Probably because the man already knew them and had nothing to spare. There you play once a prank and already some animals are always sour. Yes, a shirt from the guy got destroyed in it and others in the street have also noticed. The lover found it funny.

Now that he was thinking about it, the moment seemed strange to him. Eddie was looking for the victim this time and had to take care of where the target animal lived. Maybe it wasn't just the shirt that day.

"Oh, I can't care about this now!" He spoke again to himself. The situation was really never so serious and his brother was already pitied by the skunks again. The younger one of them was fortunately usually at school, so she doesn't noticed the weakness of his brother so much. Lorene also told her daughter nothing. She said the girl has already enough in her head. In addition, it shouldn't come to Ruby's mind to skip school again because of this thing. She couldn't tolerate renewed stress with the teachers and finally send her child to a boarding school. Supposedly, it would also be difficult for her. Crash was never so sure there, but the skunk mother had always been different from Ellie.

And even if he doesn't want to admit it himself, he felt sorry for Eddie in this situation. But pity was the last thing this would like from him. The doctors said that the tablets didn't worked like they should, which he got prescribed. At least he understood it like this. Had the time come when they finally had to pay for their unhealthy lifestyle? Why did not his body begin to protest? After all, as twins, they made almost everything together.

Crash found the whole thing just confusing. When the other opossum left the hospital, this seemed more as healthy to him. Now unintelligibly, it went down the mountain again and he felt something like fear. Was it not enough that their niece and the saber-toothed lady had disappeared? Of course he couldn't tell Ellie the truth about her brother, and he also asked the doctor to hold back with the information. Family or not, her sister had it already hard enough, because Peaches maybe couldn't come back.

"No, no." He said loudly, hitting the counter. Only thinking positively is allowed, he thought further and looked around. Through the window he saw that it was cloudy outside. Rain would only bring down his mood more. On the other paw, there was nothing that could really cheer him up right now. For the first time in long he felt left alone by everyone. Yes, he could look for clues out there with other animals, but the searching groups were getting smaller and smaller every day. None of them believed that they would find the missing ones in the city. Or alive at all. Some were just cruel to talk about such things in hearing distance. Couldn't they wait with their nasty thoughts until they were in their own four walls?

The opossum simply doesn't want to think more about where the two got abducted. The whereabouts could be where else. Whether dead or alive, without the slightest information, it was simply hopeless.

Sighing, he dropped his arms on the counter. So that he could still look out of the shop window, should still someone appear here today. But most of the regular customers were already passing by to get the morning newspaper and perhaps cigarettes. In such situations, he would really like to light a grit again. But he shouldn't take advantage of the situation to use it later as an excuse. Whether he was smoking or not, it doesn't matter at the end, because it wouldn't change anything nor soothe his nerves.

And the depressed opossum thought it couldn't get worse, but then he recognized his stalker on the other side of the road. For a moment, he just watched the guy before he threw everything reasonable out of his head. Somehow, every one gets this time when they're fed up to the back teeth and with him just approached this moment. He would now get out there, push the guy into the side street and then they both deal with it like real men. He just felt as if he had nothing more to lose. Perhaps this time he was allowed to visit the hospital as a guest and stare at some nurses ass.

Quickly once again he went in the pocket of his trousers to feel if there was still his folding knife and then he already took the lower door latch into the paw, which was intended for his size. If you wanted to run a store in this world, you had to have everything for the average size. Besides, the possums also wanted their sister to come by now and then. They both were already looking for a mechanical door, which could be reduced if necessary, so that the unwanted brother-in-law wouldn't be trampling too often in here. Unfortunately they had to realize that the installation alone would be much too expensive for them.

Crash took another deep breath, because with such thoughts he wanted only to distract himself long enough. The question was just what he was really waiting for. Strange that his prosecutor hasn't even entered the shop yet. On the other paw, it was also impossible than he was playing with the door lock all the time.

"I'm going out. No, I don't. Maybe I should have the knife already in the paw. Who knows what the perverse guy is doing with me." He just carried the thing with him to cut package tapes or something else in the store, because Eddie left only scissors for children lying around. You cut yourself for one time into the paw when you're making a sandwich and it will never be forgotten again. His brother was sometimes too resentful. Well yes, then dripped a little from his red soup into the mayonnaise glass. What was the problem there? They are brothers, so he doesn't found such things so dramatic.

He left the sharp thing in his pocket as he finally locked the door from the outside. He was still practicing a bit of his dark faces in the shop window, which he hoped that no one saw this and then turned boldly to his stalker.

Good-looking or not, you couldn't do anything with that face. Wait a moment? These were Eddie's thoughts. Not his. For him, he was a foolish suit carrier.

As he walked across the street, he realized that he was supposed to have better words. He was never really good at verbal expression, when it was important and he doesn't want to come over ridiculous right now.

It was much too late for such considerations, because his opponent was only a few steps away from him. Why had Crash suddenly the idea to bring this confrontation so fast behind him that he almost ran into the guy? Still this wasn't making a sound, but stepped back as he continued to approach him.

"Wait a moment! I am the victim here. So let ME pull back, fearfully!" He threw his opponent angrily into the face.

"I... I'm sorry. The whole thing was a misunderstanding. I didn't know..." The other tried to start apologizing, but the possum gave him no chance to come to an end.

"What?! You didn't know that animals feel oppressed and frightened when you follow them in a scary way?" Crash came found that he came over like a mad man and he liked it, because maybe he could finally end the stupid game like this. He was standing one or two steps ahead of the guy and went even closer. It had to be as threatening as possible, like in this film from last night.

However, the opossum doesn't want any protection money and wasn't even caring about the small size difference. With the darkest expression of his face he could do, he stared the other into the eye. His paw on the other man's chest and this couldn't back away anymore because there was already a wall.

Perfect, he thought, because at last he could turn the tables. He would now grab an ear from his enemy and tell him if this lousy tour continues, that he would turn him into Van Goat. Does he imagined this, or did the guy used a very expensive shampoo? At that age you meet only models with such soft fur. It smelled a little like..

"Mama, what are they doing?" Suddenly, Crash turned away from his opponent to spin around. He also asked himself what he had for a dung in his head.

"They only wanted to give each other a kiss, because they love each other. But now come and stop staring!" Said a armadillo mother and pulled her child further. Probably animals who visit here or are on the transit.

"Hey Lady! Don't you have no eyes in your head? I didn't want to..." But of course, no attention was paid to him and the woman quickly disappeared with the little one around the corner. He also found it typical. If he is threatened, there is no one on the street. As soon as he wants to defend himself, animals come crawling from every bush.

"There's nothing to be seen here!" He growled to an older beaver on the other side of the road because this stopped too. He went on quickly, but muttered something of 'the youth nowadays' in his beard. A little hyper, the opossum turned to its real problem.

"And now to you. What were you thinking of bothering me all the time?" He wasn't getting too close to the raccoon or small cat and for the time being it also doesn't seem necessary to grab his knife. Shamefaced, the other looked to the ground, as if Crash was really the culprit. Was that a new trick to keep him mad?

"It wasn't really my intention to scare you. I did not think.."

"Hey, for the record here. I was to hundred percent NOT scared of someone like you." He said sharply as the shorter one and crossed the paws. Yet he doesn't turn his eyes away because he always had to be prepared for an attack. In the end, he doesn't want to disappear next.

"Let me explain. I just thought you were the same as before, and you've been pretending like you didn't know me. Then I slowly understood that you really didn't recognize me because.." Now the opossum found that this conversation took a strange, if not creepy turn.

"Are you the one from the gas station? Listen to me, I was drunk and thought the thing on there.."

"What? No. Do you really not know who I am, Crash? Elliot Coon. We used to be at the same school." He wanted to hit the guy for just muttering his name, as if it were allowed. But when he heard the name from the past, a bell rang in his head. Also other details about him came back.

"No matter how you've figured it out, good nose. I don't want to hear anything else about it!" Slowly he felt like he should really go to the police. Finally, the perverse was already wandering around in his past. Would this now blackmail him? What would his opponent demand? Money? His body? Crash found himself too young and innocent for something like that.

"But.." No, he couldn't lose and had to keep the upper paw here.

"No buts! I'm sick of the weird game. You can't be Elliot because first of all he was much thicker and secondly he had a fur problem."

Although the boy from the past looked a bit chubby from the beginning, but the unusual thing was the black hair all over the body. Raccoon's shouldn't be single-colored at all and so the poor fellow was also avoided by his species. Eddie and Crash had to go through that too, but most of the time they still had each other. Elliot got no one. He doesn't even have siblings, because his parents were afraid that the next child would be born again with a genetic defect or something like that.

Crash knew it all because he got bored with detention and the teachers had the great idea of separating him from his brother for some afternoons. Apparently this plan should make them both more obedient. Of course, it never helped.

It was strange that only he saw the dark raccoon after class, which he first thought was an exchange student from overseas. Eddie would have told him otherwise of this extraordinary. But he never lost a syllable about it and so he did the same. Yes, the raccoon had more on the ribs, but this one found him funny and nice in a peculiar way. No one ever has told him that so openly. Of course, his family thought so. Eddie probably less. But to hear it from outside made strange thoughts arise in him. Maybe just because his brother and he got from the most outsiders that they were only annoying. He also played a trick on the raccoon and this wasn't reacting like Crash was used to.

But before he could think about more, the fellow disappeared one day and he never saw him again. At that time he simply thought, the other moved with his family somewhere else. As a teenager you couldn't do as much as today and keep in touch with your mobile phone. They both were only detention-mates, not more.

"You know you can lose weight and dye your fur." He heard it from the back, as he thought about what could really prove to him that this was the real Elliot and not a perverse stalker, that had information about him. The possum cursed himself for not being as clever as his sister. But he couldn't get on her nerves now.

"Oh yes? Tell me something that only the real Elliot Coon can know." Cool and waiting, he turned around again so that the situation finally clears up. At the same time, he tried to remember as much of the school time as possible, so that he got no bear on the back here.

Somehow he shouldn't laugh, but at the thought again came the one prank into his mind, where he really had bound such a large animal with his brother to someone. This was really funny, but unfortunately they had stay away from such jokes lately. Nobody should feel compelled to actually lock him and his brother in a hotel for a few nights, where there are bars instead of curtains at the window.

"Are you listening to me at all? Or do you daydream again? Well, now there are no teachers who can forbid that." Inquired his opposite and then laughed strangely. But not like at this event or at another previous time. Somehow it looked more genuine now, thought the possum, and suddenly he got the proof he had asked for. Now the raccoon showed his teeth and one of them was still as crooked as in school.

"There was probably no dentist who could fix that." Abruptly, his opponent closed his mouth and even held his paws in front of it, as if he felt ashamed.

"Hey, this wasn't meant like that. It's not that bad either. Look at my choppers." Crash said something like an apology and opened his mouth, even though he was still a bit undecided about how he should behave towards this guy. For a moment he forgot everything from before and acted like at school. But before he could ask any more questions, it suddenly began to drip from above. First only lightly, but the rain got stronger quickly.

"Come in." He cried, because somehow his former stalker could help him now to beat some time.

"No. I don't want to bo.. "

"What? Bothering me? You should have thought about that before, because now you're obligated to do that." Without thinking, he pulled the raccoon across the street into their shop.

Katie was in the apartment of the molehog for an hour or two. Actually, she just wanted to pass by to look after the prickly one, because she knew it wasn't anything but easy for him. But she thought not to bring the others to this place. Even if not every mammoth has this annoying property, but her friends can sometimes trample around tactless. In addition, Ethan and his buddy also roamed somewhere out there and search for the missing ones. The blonde was sure the man also did this, so he can run away from his wife. Once again. A bit she found it disgusting that the situation got exploited for it. Finally, even more animals could disappear. But Steffie and her friend with benefits, mixed their relationship in this. Are they going to hear in the future that it was also Peaches fault that they were arguing? For sure, she just thought like this because she was mad at her friend. In the end, maybe Steffie probably doesn't also know how to deal with the situation. So she just did exactly what she could do best. Namely, babbling about herself.

The bright mammoth tried to get the rest of her crazy clique out of her head for now, because she doesn't just come here to sit around. Earlier, when she arrived, Louis wasn't alone. But it was obvious that he was unable to cope with this. At any rate, she recognized it immediately.

Two other ladies seemed to have the same idea like her. If she'd been attentive, one is Louis workmate, who knows exactly how to dress herself. She had no idea that you earn that much money as archaeologist, that you can buy a whole outfit from Fucci. Probably this fox had not only one thing and she hoped she wasn't starring too conspicuously as she entered the room.

Of course, she also noticed Ruby's mother by all the glamour and she wasn't actually coming here to chat about fashion. Perhaps another time when the situation had improved significantly. The blonde also doesn't know before that the little one was so popular with women.

If she had to answer honestly, she wouldn't reject a date with him either. The stuff, with only having eyes for the own species, she left behind for a long time. First, because there weren't so many mammoths living nearby and second, other animals are usually also more interesting. She knew most of the details about her own kind. So it had to be boring in a relationship with another mammoth. At least she always thought that.

On the other hoof, she never talked to the little one about it because she wanted to spare everyone the inconveniences. The molehog saw perhaps just Peaches in this way. Useless to try to start something and then only finding out that he was really just into this one mammoth. You can't control your own feelings, even if this would make things much easier.

In addition, her peach-colored friend would always stand between them and perhaps even learn things she doesn't want to hear. Katie doesn't want to destroy the special friendship between Peaches and Louis, just because she was sometimes a little curious.

It was also odd to her that Peaches doesn't ever noticed the feelings of her best friend at all, because even their whole gang was more or less aware of it. Even if the smaller one mastered it well to hide this. Sometimes there were still clear sights of it. Then he looked at Peaches as if there was nothing else in the world that needs his attention. Yes, there were moments when she felt something like pity for the prickly one. But slowly she realized that he was trying to live without Peaches. Only he never really cuts the first love out of the picture. When he took the trip a year ago, it came to her mind that he also wanted to get away from his best friend. Perhaps there was something going on, than the matter seemed so sudden to her.

So many questions in her head, but she couldn't ask them. At least not now. Even if she shouldn't put her trunk in everything. She had to take care of the essentials.

This white vixen would probably not return for the time being, than Louis managed to convince her that he was doing fine. But he couldn't convince the skunk so easily, while she sat quietly in the middle. Of course, the molehog was more than on the ground in the situation, but he doesn't need twenty-four hours of care. Did he seemed to others weak and helpless in the moment?

Maybe Katie had no look for something like this, because she noticed nothing. Finally, he designed quick a map that was much clearer than any other city maps. So they were fast divided into better search groups after the first few days. They searched everything and gradually they realized that the missing animals were no longer here. Obviously, policemen were allegedly looking for signs outside of the town, but nothing has been found. Or something has already been discovered, but the public shouldn't know this. At least not until a 'pleasant' solution was feasible. Although she was never so interested in politics and the rest, but she also got the conditions here.

No, such thoughts had to disappear quickly. Than what had the current head of the city from concealing two dead bodies, who were most likely murdered? She doesn't know much about the saber-tooth woman, but Peaches would never have surrendered herself with shady figures to summon an abduction with subsequent death. Perhaps the two cases don't hang together and it was just pure coincidence that the two know each other. Probably it could have hit anyone. Or that will still happen.

"Could you go, too?" She was uninflected asked, but Louis doesn't even looked up from his laptop. A moment later the little one noticed in which tone he spoke and so he began to talk again. But this time something more friendly. At least it sounded like that to her.

"I know you care in your own way and want to help somehow. But I've already told Lorene, I feel better in the situation when I'm alone." Still, he doesn't even looked into her face at the announcement. He probably doesn't want to reveal that he too was gradually coming to the end of his powers.

"If you had disappeared, you wouldn't want that Peaches.." The sentence quickly found someone who broke it, because the prickly one couldn't let that get to his ears.

"Not. I am unfortunately not the one who was abducted. So thank you for your visit, but please go now. You can come back tomorrow or in a couple of days, if you can arrange it in time." Katie sighed and nodded before she left the apartment. Even if she doesn't like the words. Louis was acting like he would not to be missed if it had really hit him. It was also clear that the molehog would deal with her tomorrow just as 'nice' as today. But she promised Peaches to always look out for him if something should ever happen to her. Well it was promised at a party with too much alcohol when Steffie got twenty years. Still, she doesn't feel bad about holding on to it.

The animal, which was finally alone in his apartment, sighed and pushed aside the technique things. This stuff couldn't help him. All around him thought he needed company. His family would surely have come up here too if he had told that Peaches disappeared. But he doesn't want that, because then they had another reason why he should move away. They found his idea of living here, always bad. He should better live closer to the family and perhaps work in the company of his brother. He really doesn't want to. Even if his best friend would never..

No, he couldn't start thinking like the others. Were Peache's parents and he only the only ones, who had still hope to find the missing ones alive? Even with the saber-toothed tiger, he slowly got the suspicion that this was on the way to give up. Of course he had to take care of his son by the way. Nevertheless Louis had no understanding for it at all. Yes, it tortured him every day, when nothing was found. Ellie wasn't obligated, but she called him every evening. From time to time it was harder for him not to burst into tears and to say that he was sorry. That one evening he should have better watched his friend, maybe then he had noticed that she wasn't fine. But he only thought of himself and whether his stupid secret was out. Actually, Ruby was most responsible for it.

He immediately shook it off. The skunk girl has done nothing wrong like everyone else. The only culprits were the hijackers.

As if it had not happened a hundred times, he wondered again what there was for a particular reason, just to catch Shira and Peaches from the street. So much could make sense, but he wouldn't want anything to be true.

He slowly lowered his head to the table. No need to go through all the details when there were things he just doesn't know. As a child, he always seemed a little useless and superfluous, but his best friend managed to change this attitude. Even with her size, he never felt small or unimportant beside her.

'It's gonna be ok.' Said the peach-colored mammoth always to him and she usually infected him with her positive attitude when there were problems.

"How if you're not here?" However, now the otherwise encouraging sentence meant nothing to him.

When the saber-toothed tigress awoke this time, she lay in a bright room. Probably because most of the furniture was white. When the sun shone in, one had to get used to the bright light first.

It also took a moment, until she realized with her nose, that she no longer smelt blood, and secondly, she lay alone in this room. Someone had taken care of her wounds and put her in this strange suit. The whole thing reminded her of these films, which are supposed to play in the distant future. Everything seemed new and modern. Nothing was of yesterday. And yet it was probably a prison.

Now that the pain no longer annoyed her, she could really think better. Her head was still buzzing a bit, but it was better to endure than anything she'd felt before.

The decision to come here, she now doubted not only a little. Her inner alarm bells were now clearly recognizable. But what dangers could they expect? And where are her companions? Of course she doesn't care about Squint. If she was lucky, he finally got the deserved job. To end as a experiment object.

She sat up from the bed, which was build of a metal frame and a white-related mattress. It was sufficient to rest and the room temperature was high enough that you didn't need blankets. Probably all this was thought-out so that the prisoners need as little as possible to live here.

Yes, it might look like a normal living space, but she knew exactly the futuristic door on the other side was locked. The mirror, which hung in the corner above a sink, was surely so big that someone else could see in here from the other side. Perhaps she was wrong and cameras were distributed here. All this wasn't important to her at first, because she needs finally answers to her many questions.

A roller blind went down by the window and made sure that it wasn't so glaring in here. Apparently her waking was noticed. So there were mechanical spies after all. Here she was already working with the latest technology, than although she felt rested and almost painless, her nose still heard nothing.

Again she looked down at herself and noticed only now that her wounds had almost healed. Normally it would take days, if not even weeks. For how long was she asleep?

At last her ears heard something and suddenly the mirror showed a different picture than this room here. She knew beforehand that something was wrong with the thing.

"Good Morning. Or should we rather say good evening?" The tigress strode closer to this screen and looked as expected, at this skunk. Apparently, it was amused briefly, with his little joke, but his face quickly became neutral again.

"What am I doing in here and where is the mammoth girl?" Shira doesn't want to know more at the moment. The other rolled his eyes, probably because she looked a bit indignant.

"Otherwise everyone wants to know everything about the lightning trick and this place here. But well, we couldn't also talk around it for a long time. After all, you should immediately know that you will live here forever." She couldn't hide the shocked face by these words.


"Don't be afraid. Of course, the mammoth will stay here too, and you may occasionally see her." The other explained this like it should be a comfort to her.

"But we have families and friends. They.." However, the guy in the white coat wasn't letting her talk.

"Will look for you and miss you? You should have thought about that before you came in contact with number 27."

"Number 27? Do you mean that what was in the syringe?" This striped animal was doing nothing, and yet the saber-toothed cat would like to jump at his throat if there would be nothing between them.

"Well, no master has fallen from heaven yet. That's why we needed a few attempts to find the right recipe."

"But I didn't get an injection." She said with a spark of hope, to get out of here and free Peaches later.

"Do you think we haven't already figured this out? Everyone who enters this building, or comes unconsciously in.." He again did like this all was a joke, but tried to keep his grip and not to laugh.

"... gets thoroughly checked." And then he pointed out to her that he knew what her name was and where she came from.

"So Shira." That she was spitting at him, of course, doesn't bother this guy in the least. But she hated it that he talked to her as if they were old friends chatting about the weather.

"You know too much and that's why we can't let you go." Again, he smiled and it only made her angrier.

"That's not fair! We were abducted and forced into this situation. Can't you simply heal Peaches and then let us go?" Probably the skunk wasn't liking it to hear that.

"Fairness doesn't exist in life. You have to come to terms with what comes to you. A cure is out of the question, because the mammoth isn't sick. On the contrary, this is a chance we can't miss. Until now, the girl showed excellent results. It would be a waste to put that to rest." The tigress was now more horrified, than they didn't seem to be afraid of murder.

"Forgive me, we have probably used the wrong word. Nobody gets killed here so quickly, because that would also be somehow a waste and we don't particularly like that."

"Why do you want to keep the girl here? She is still young and has her whole life. It's ok for me to stay here. So you can keep me and give me the drugs. But please, let the mammoth go." Already as she said that, she knew it was in vain. It wouldn't be easy for both of them to come out here or to contact their families.

"Don't you see Shira? It's going to be so good because she is still so young. Even the mind is still malleable. In addition, we can't give anyone here number 27 simply. Normally only selected animals are included in the program. The mammoth is a lucky hit. First, because her physical condition is very appropriate and secondly, we can finally test a larger specimen." Now she also noticed that her claws weren't re-blended during her mental absence. This doctor or professor seemed to be very sure of his cause.

"She isn't an experimental object! But you take the dumb little animal that was with us for that." To remain calm was really not easy in this unpleasant situation.

"Oh yes, the rabbit. What was his name again? Squint? He has only smelled the truth serum and chattered without end. We don't know exactly what to do with him. Even if he isn't smart enough to break in here alone, he still helped steal some samples from number 27 and that should be punished in any case. Also, you will hear the rules from here very soon and keep to it. We don't like it when someone is disobedient. Then we are always forced to go through harder means. Usually this doesn't end up nicely. But lately it was rather quiet here. Well, if you ignore the burglary and your visit. Oh, I see there is eating time now. We talk again later. After all, you shouldn't feel disadvantaged. So if you choose to live here, you also need a job."

"No! Wait, I.." But then the screen returned to the mirror and she only saw her desperate image. How could they get into something like that? What had they done to deserve this place here? It looked more homely than this bedraggled building from before, but it still doesn't feel any more free. Mindless to let her rage out on the the interior decorations. It wouldn't bring her any further anyway, because this crazy guy really knew what he was doing here. Shira must unfortunately stay patient, because there was always a way out. She would use her chance with the slightest mistakes of her opponents. Of course, everything had to be planned very well because she shouldn't fail.

A little bit felt the saber-tooth ashamed, because somehow with this challenge came at the same time the thrill, which she doesn't actually need in a peaceful life. Surely only imagination, because it can't possibly be fun to break out of a dangerous prison.

'So if you choose to live here', the sentences of this skunk repeated in her head and she snorted contemptuously. Choosing?! She wondered how this guy defined this word at all?

She wants to go home, or at least only hear the voices of her family and friends. Shira thought of her son and Diego and whether the two got along well without her. Surely. Her fiancée would do the job best. Even if this was very nervous at the beginning, it faded away with the time. As if she wasn't suffering from nervousness here and there. The male saber-toothed tiger always represented everything as if she were the one who could solve everything perfectly. But she only managed to do this with him and their friends.

And here she was alone now. Alone with her thoughts and alone with this problem. Although the young mammoth was also somewhere here in this area, but still she knew nothing from the girl. She just hoped that this madman in the coat wouldn't hurt Peaches.

Again a sound was made in the room and tray of food was pushed through a wide slot a at the door. It seemed a little like eating from hospitals, but she wasn't as interested now as the light scent of a male mammoth.

"Wait! Please, tell me she is alright. Her wounds.." But she was interrupted by the guy outside the door.

"Why did you guys do such a stunt? Somehow absolutely crass dangerous. I.." You could hear a faint voice and she doesn't understand everything, because it was probably a walkie-talkie or something like that. But she knew it was the skunk.

"Yes understood. Sorry, it was only.. No,I just.. Understood." The other one behind the door sounded down, probably because this professor was commanding this guy. She wondered what the mammoth had for reasons that it was just obeying. He stood before that door, but that doesn't mean that he could get away from here.

"Peaches is on the way to recovery. You going to hear more later." Order from above, she thought with an eye-roll because he couldn't see it.


"I know your name. It's just forbidden.."

"It's okay. You can call me like that. Your name was Julian, if I haven't misheard it." First give out a fake friendly nature and at some point she will use her claws. She hoped she doesn't have to do it with the boy, because he seemed like a victim in this game. But she could be wrong. In this shack she couldn't trust anyone so easily.

"Yes that's right. It's only.."

"Your boss wants you to talk to us only with numbers or some code names?" The silence lasted for a long time and so her question was confirmed.

"Are you talking to Peaches like this too?" Asked the silver-gray tigress, because she thought that there might be feelings between the two and she could use it for the escape. At least if Julian felt something.

"I missed the time to chat with her." This striped guy, who is supposed to be the boss here, wasn't likely allowing that the two mammoths meet.

"I understand that. It's probably a hard job here. Well, I don't want to stop you any longer." She said, because she knew he would return sooner or later. To sound too desperate now wouldn't bring her anything.

"Boah yes, that can be quite exhausting here. But maybe my d.. the doctor will get a better mood if he can deal with new animals. But you.. No, you're right. As you can see.. Oh, sorry. You can't. In any case I have to bring the others something to bite. See you later." And the slot closed and she doesn't heard anything anymore. The food was still on a tray and hung at the door, which she had never seen before. This space was then also sound-proofed. But that doesn't mean that her observer couldn't hear her. It was probably best to take the tray and sit down at the table. Nobody would help it if she refused food here and starved.

She felt a little bit relief already, when she realized that they had also substitute food here. If they would have forced her to eat real meat, she could never again enter the world out there. Either such a thought came to this skunk not yet or it wasn't so easy to get meat. That too made her a little more glad. At the same time she thought about the fact that probably not everyone was aware of this substitute food and could also starve because of the lack of meat. Something like this could happen to any carnivore, no matter what age.

Shira closed her eyes and tried to forget this for now. Wasn't enough to be trapped here? Did she have to put other problems into her head? Was it the work and her life that distracted her from such things all the time? Probably. Since Diego and her are the only official carnivores in their city, she never needed to think about it. However, now there was their child and perhaps it does not remain with one. And what if it's possible that even more of their kind come to the city?

The taste of the food brought her back to the carpet of facts. It wasn't that you couldn't push it in the mouth, but at home she would never eat that voluntarily. She was in a laboratory and so tasted the food too. Almost too perfect and yet missing something. When Ellie cooked, the tongue never got the same. Here some of these herbs, there once too much pepper, because the house owner himself passed the stove and complained last time, it would be too light.

Despite her position the tigress had to smile when she thought about past meals with her friends. The mammoth mother could always be praised as a cook, than she cooked with the heart and joy. Here, of course, it wasn't like that.

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