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It's so strange. But good kind of strange, if Elliot could judge that correctly. Being able to judge animals in his job was so easy. But as soon as he stopped working, it all went away from him. No, that wasn't quite true. As soon as he entered the shop of the possum brothers, his head got emptied of any critical judgments. He was still ashamed of his behavior from before, because now that skunk lady told him everything again, he really did act like a mad stalker. But even if he announced that it would be better to stay away, it was simply not allowed. Actually, he should have resisted as Crash led him around like an intern. After all, at school they didn't see each other so often that they could call themselves old friends.

Nevertheless, he stood here today and did trifles, like laying out magazines or seeing afterwards that the floor remained clean. At this time of the year, it was getting cold and you could bring fallen leaves in here.

He didn't know exactly what made him come here again and again in his spare time. Maybe because this somehow got him out of his old daily grind. Otherwise, he would always get something to eat after work, go to the gym three times a week, because his parents taught him to look presentable to get a job. The time he lost all his weight to look like this so others would notice him in a nice way was more than hard. Even the monthly procedure to color his fur will never be pleasant. Because he had to endure that over his whole body and not like most only in some places because of some trend. 'Then let it just grow naturally.' Said Crash when they were alone for an afternoon and the opossum asked him curiously. Not that it bothered him a lot, but subjects that concerned his looks like dieting, he just found uncomfortable to talk about. Even the opossum must have noticed that. Or it just got bored, from his concise answers, because it spoke very quickly of other things.

In general, the others talked more, which gradually attracted attention of this woman, with the name Lorene, already inquired whether he worked here against his will. He didn't come to an answer, because the animal that pulled him in on this rainy day, knocked him encouragingly on the back and said as joke, the new employee must only thaw. And then it happened again, he mimicked the features of the opossum and that happened as if he wasn't in control of his own body. Sometimes the raccoon felt bizarre when Crash uttered something funny and only he laughed. Maybe it was because Eddie and those two skunks already knew these jokes. Still, he would laugh again, if only out of courtesy and because he didn't want to spoil Crash's fun.

In addition, one possum tried at least to remain positive, in these hard times. Yes, he got a lot of brutality in his job, but their city was still touted as one of the most peaceful places to live in. A kidnapping with possible death, he hasn't heard of that before. But Elliot didn't want to see it like this nurse. Of course, he wanted to see everything realistically, since there were no official signs of life of the abductees. Elliot thought he shouldn't know so many details of this family, but nobody except him was against it. Any help, no matter in which way was appropriate. He did so naturally that evening, after hearing about this misery. He wasn't even asked for it. Also, he knew that some calls could still cost him the job if something leaked to his company.

Although he initially didn't quite believe that someone like their mayor caused such things. Unfortunately, he didn't get to hear all the information, because the owners of this shop were the only ones who entrusted everything to him. Other members of this family didn't immediately see him as a friend. Or at least not good enough to be involved in this matter. He had a complete understanding for it and the twins should be more suspicious of strangers. Because he was nothing more than that. A stranger. One for whom it would be better to back out. It wasn't like he couldn't come more often anyway. Only once a month when he has time. Or at the weekend. Or maybe just after work. He sighed, because that's exactly what he was doing and that didn't look like distance.

The shop door made him stop hanging in his thoughts.

"Hello. What can I do for you?" It almost automatically came out of his mouth. This Lorene was probably a little right, as she said he should slowly demand a pay for his time here. Not that he needed money, but he noticed at this remark that he was here so long already.

"Oh, hey." A mammoth came in and looked at him for a moment. Such animals were rare here, but it looked like the woman wasn't here for the first time. Then he saw that she didn't come in here alone. By looking up, he wasn’t even noticing the smaller companion.

"You have to be Elliot Coon. Your name almost sounds like mine. So I'm Ellie. I'm sorry, can I even use your first name?" He blinked briefly, because he heard this name before and knew that the sister of the possum brothers has that name. But before it never occurred to him that she would look like that. So he didn't know that she was adopted. Or are the brothers adopted? Did Crash once told him and he just forgot about it? He just nodded so as not to appear rude.

"I suppose neither Crash nor Eddie mentioned that I'm a bit out of the family norm." Joked the bigger one.

"But my brothers have already told me about you and since we were around, I thought about getting to know you personally." When he glanced down to greet the molehog, the mammoth lady stepped aside a little.

"I'm sorry. I was just too overzealous again." Then a young-looking man stepped forward a bit. It didn't really bother him that he had been ignored before.

"Hello, I'm Louis. It's nice of you that you help out here, Mr. Coon." There was another click in his head.

"So you are the best friend of Peaches. Yes, I already heard a lot about both of you. Of course only good things. But that's why.." A loud clanking noise from the back room interrupted him.

"The two let stuff fall more often again, hm?" Inquired now the mammoth and sighed, as if she knew what that was. Elliot nodded again and started to go behind to offer his help. But the bigger animal was faster and so he just stopped on the spot. He shouldn't interfere with family matters.

Silence entered. At least except for the muffled voices from behind and a few cars driving outside, nothing was heard. His eyes darted from the back door to the young man who stayed behind in the room. But the molehog had already stepped over to shelf with magazines. This stopped dead in front of one. Since he couldn't see the same from his point of view, he also approached the other slowly.

"Can I bring you something? A cup of tea or coffee?" He started, reading the headline from a gossip. Now he knew why another newspaper was being pushed over it. The skunk girl certainly did that so the possums wouldn't have to see such stupid stuff. The younger man's face also said enough that he would like to run to the phone to give the reporters of this joke sheet a verbal grievance in advance. Written would follow in detailed form in a few days. Otherwise, such things didn't really bother him, but now that he had acquaintances who were involved in it, it annoyed him more than a little.

"I.. You can say Louis to me like everyone else." At last the spiky boy replied, but he didn't take his eyes off the magazine.

"But it has to be mutual." The older one could imagine that the molehog would normally contradict. However, today that was too much work because he was too tired for that.

"And I am aware that we have just met. But are you still doing me a favor?" At first the other didn't seem to have listened completely.

"Hm? Oh yes of course. I have to wait until P.. until Mrs. M comes back. So what can I do Mr.. for you?" The raccoon nodded in a friendly manner, as the salutation worked. Then he glanced over his shoulder again.

"It will probably take a while. So please count the copies of this magazine and I'll get something hot to drink. What do you want?" Certainly the younger would like to refuse, but thought it over quickly, because he asked for mint tea or other tea with herbs. He then said that there is something in the direction and so he set out to go back. Actually, he used that with the warm drinks a little as an excuse to look after the others.

"I offered tea to Louis and.." He was interrupted when Crash just put him in the spotlight.

"Yes exactly. He's a big help here. The other two interns are slowly going boring."

"And too affectionate." Eddie added annoyed.

"Guys, you should both be glad about Ruby's and Lorene's help." The Mammoth immediately warned the two, but quickly became friendly again.

"But you are right. The two have their own lives and shouldn't have to help out here all the time. Even if they do it voluntarily. The same goes for you. You don't have to come every day." The sentences went to Elliot and he swallowed, because everyone looked at him expectantly.

"The poor guy has nothing else to do in his free time. Sister, you can't rob him of all the fun and banish him from here. I mean he's obsessed with me, that here is heaven on earth for him." Crash rejoined and the said things shocked him a little.

"Go up and give us both a cappuccino, please." Eddie removed his brother from the raccoon and he just nodded and hurried up the stairs.

“You were very tactful.” He still heard, but when he was standing in the kitchen he closed the door because he didn't want to listen anymore. First because they certainly have better topics than talking about him. He knew that Crash's words were just jokes, but they hurt him. Elliot didn't know what he still should do, because he had apologized for his behavior and really tried everything, that Crash no longer feels threatened by him. Did he still do something wrong? Both possums could tell him if he should go. Even if they didn't, their sister would have done it a long time ago. Or they don't want to burden her with such things in this difficult time. Elliot wants to go home ashamed, but he had to step past the animals below again.

The kettle announced that it was now ready to finish making the warm drinks. So he tried to put on a normal face. After all, he only had to give three cups, then he could run with the rest in front of the shop.

"Thank you." The mammoth said kindly, as if nothing had happened before, and that made it a little easier for him. After he held the tray out to the brothers so they could take their cups, both just nodded with their way of thanks. With Crash he wasn't so sure because this tried to avoid eye contact with him.

"27." He almost didn't know what the molehog wanted from him when he got back to him.

"Thanks for the tea. Some children have just taken chewing gum. I put the money over there." He looked right there and tried to look normal by the way.

"Good. Now bring me all the counted magazines." Before he sorted the change from the counter into the cash register, he took out his wallet to pay for these gossips. Eventually the brothers would notice, but then he could still come up with excuses. He tied all the colorful paper together with a rope into a package.

"So, we have done that. If it's not too much to ask for, please throw it out in the waste paper bin." He was looked at almost incredulously.

"You can take them with you and burn them or put them in a shredder. But that makes it bad with such magazines, because.." When his counterparts smiled weakly and shook his head, he broke off his sentence.

"It's OK. I'll get the garbage out." And with that, the younger boy disappeared outside with the magazines.

"That was nice." Elliot turned around in shock when suddenly a female voice spoke to him.

"This nonsense takes away only space, because no one would buy it."

"Still, you made Louis smile. The boy only compels himself otherwise, out of courtesy. I don't know if you were aware of it, but such trifles give us hope. You are a stranger and with your work you are certainly facing more of the harsh reality."

"From where.."

"Do you think my brothers haven't told me about you? Believe me, I get everything in this family. So get used to it." Oh no, she knew all about his embarrassing behavior when he chased Crash.

"I'm really sorry. After all this time I just shouldn't have thought that.."

"Um, that both of us are still available." Eddie intervened in the conversation unasked.

With that, the mammoth pushed her brother away, apparently not liking the previous tone. Elliot was trying once more to swallow the thick lump that formed in his throat and it would be better to confess everything now.

"I really.."

"It's alright, Ellie2." He was kept from talking further.

"He just wanted to say that we had a rough start. But now we are buddies." Again Crash's paws hung on him as this announced it, the bigger one just shrugged her shoulders and so his anxiety fell away a bit.

"OK. As long as you don't beat each other at that age, everything is fine." Played disappointed, both possums looked up to their sister.

"So who's still doing that?" Eddie crossed his paws and turned away.

"And what does it mean here, at that age? We aren't even that old that we can afford an early retirement." The raccoon could only laugh, but when he noticed that, he quickly put his paws over his mouth again, not knowing why he was doing it lately. Eventually, he was raised to a better character who had manners and when his parents find out that he was chasing somebody, he'll get a punishing look again and on the next few visits, he hears that his cousins never considered such a thing. They were perfect as well, from the moment they were born, each strip was in the right place, and apart from the fact that his fur felt soft, he couldn't say anything more positive about it. At least that's what it was before he started dyeing it. After that, he finally didn't catch on at family gatherings, but he wasn't really accepted, probably because they all knew what he really looked like.

"Hey, earth to Ellie2?" Crash waved his arms around in front of him until he realized that he was just so lost in thought that he did not even realize that the mammoth lady was already disappearing.

"Do you really want to talk to him like this?" The other opossum didn't find the nickname very original.

"Why not? Besides, it's only fair. Our sister was there first." The brother replied a little precociously.

"Really always?" Eddie grinned and stepped a little closer to the other striped in his size.

"Yeah, I told you that." Crash didn't understand what it was going to be about.

"At any time." Eddie's mouth came closer to his brother's ears to whisper something to him.

"Didn't you take your pills, or why don't you get it?" At first Crash had a normal expression, but after the soft words it changed quickly to shock. He just stared for a few seconds, while the other still with a malicious smile stepped away from him.

"Just ignore that. The two often have such moments." Explained the molehog to the confused Elliot, who could only nod slightly and wondered why the boy was still here. After all, he came here with the mammoth. On the other paw, he didn't know who goes as friend in and out. He did not help out in the store that long, and he wasn't supposed to stay until he knew all the habits. Probably he only should come in from time to time. Maybe to buy a magazine he really was interested in. One that came out once a month. Or every two weeks works too. Once a week? And he needed the newspaper, because his colleagues always complained that he wasn't up to date on some things. Actually, he never really wanted to know the gossip of the celebrities, but if he was allowed to chat with Crash for a while, that's a fair price. No, he thought like this again. He also doesn't always find him here, because the brothers not always take care of the store together.

"I got it! Well, it's already late. Elliot Coon has to go now." Was voiced aloud, but he wasn't even looked at.

"I don't mind if I.."

"Oh no. We've taken enough of your time for today." With that, Crash pushed the suited man closer to the door.

"OK. But if.."

"Yes, if anything should be up, I write a massage or something. So bye." And the raccoon stood in front of the door, which was hurriedly closed. In addition, the nervous possum made sure that you couldn't see through the window with a roller blind.

"I think that was a bit rude now." Louis reported after he finished his last sip of tea. The one in front of the door was a little startled, because he had forgotten the prickly one for a moment.

"This is true. Why did you treat your 'buddy' like this?" Eddie once again enjoyed teasing the other one.

"Just shut up!" Warned Crash and tried to trudge it angrily, but you could see that he was just embarrassed and would like to hide it. A sight which even the molehog rarely saw, because normally the brothers didn't bother anything so easily. There were a few moments, but he just couldn't bring himself to think about it. Such things just started not to matter to him.

"Strange." He just said and put his cup down on the counter.

"I can wash it off." He then added, because he doesn't really felt like going home again. Of course, he never stayed with the others for a long time to be annoying, but then he usually took long walks to distract himself. That's why Ellie found him in this park. Somehow he still didn't know what to say about the letter. They both found in the apartment also the other letters, which.. the mammoth got a few years ago. Unfortunately, without sender. He closed his eyes briefly, thinking that he couldn't even say her name without feeling the pain.

"Forget the dishes. Since my brother decided to close earlier, we're leaving this place." Eddie's voice made him look up again.

"And where?"

"Where you want when you pay."

"Why not." The answer stunned the opossum a bit.

"Really now?"

"Don't have plans otherwise." With a shrug, this explanation came out and the other finally noticed what Ellie meant. The prickly was more than beside him. On the one paw understandable, finally the boy lost his best friend. And a love. On the other paw, it can't be healthy in the long run to go through life this way. And he could understand the pain his prickly friend felt. But his brother and he hid those feelings. Not just because of their sister, but also because someone had to hold their head up here.

"I know a nice snack bar around the corner." He finally said and pushed the molehog towards the back exit.

Answers. That's what Manny finally wants and good results. But what did he get, more confused things, which apparently also have to do with the abduction. The whole thing gradually strained not only his patience. He also noticed how his friend at his side depleted more and more. Of course there was good news too. Anyhow, his wife saw it as a positive message to have received a letter without a sender with a meaningless note. Just because the manuscript might be an acquaintance of Peaches, Ellie had to go and play detective.

He didn't even manage to voice an objection as she set off with the spiky guy. It sounded strange even in his head, but when he looked at the boy, it felt like he was looking in a mirror. The molehog was as much a tortured soul, like his, which almost died of worry and fear. Of course, his daughter mentioned in the past that the smaller one was her best friend, but he never believed that it would last long. But now since he had known the guy for a while, it hurt him to see him like this. Even so, a conversation wouldn't do anything to make Louis feel a little better. Not that he was ever good at it, but now he was ashamed that he threw around such harsh words at the beginning. The prickly boy wasn't to blame and also an apology from him didn't help. At least it was something similar when he had a conversation with the young man shortly after his daughter disappeared.

Yes, she and Louis were no longer children. Manfred always tried to think of it. It helped to keep hope alive because as an adult, his Peaches knew how to fight back.

Sadly, Diego and he didn't get around that they had to watch the house today. And when he made himself comfortable with his friend in the living room, they both noticed how drained their bodies were. Not even real coffee helped. Although the saber tooth cared for his son for some time, but Ellie said that this can't be good for long. Fortunately, the skunks volunteered as babysitters. The young girl wanted that more than her mother, but he didn't care, as long as he got some rest for a few hours. So only two or three. After all, they had to haunt the tracks that were important, unlike those of his wife.

Easier said than done, because when he looked back at his cell phone, he only got a black screen to face. The battery was empty. Of course always in need. Still half sleepy, he moved his head to the wall clock in the living room. His neck hurt because he wasn't supposed to sleep in his chair. But the crackling that followed as he turned to the tiger in shock was nothing to it.

"Diego, wake up!" Again he looked at the clock on the wall, to see on the second blink whether the stupid thing had not stopped again. But no, that device worked and now he heard the annoying ticking. Which is why he could never sleep in this room. But he was so tired that he didn't even care about this. His buddy didn't move at first, so he shook him on one shoulder.

"Hm? What?" The big cat yawned and looked around a little confused.

"We slept for over ten hours!" Manny explained in panic and ran or stumbled much more out of the room to be really sure about other clocks in the house. How could he fall asleep so deeply? His wife could really have awakened him.

"Ellie!" He roared through the house and held his hands over his mouth the next moment, because he shouldn't scream with a baby under the roof. Strangely enough, no lecture followed by a female mammoth. That might mean that no one but they two were here.

"She's not here. She wrote a message to me that she couldn't wake us and that's why she left without us. Since when do I have such a solid sleep?" Silent mouth movements from the mammoth followed at the door. The saber tooth noticed something was in his ears and therefore he couldn't hear a sound.

„And since when do I wear earplugs? Eww, that smells like Sid. I'll use your bathroom for a moment. You still have this strong disinfectant?"

"Just throw those things away."

"I intend to do that. I need the stuff for my ears."

After both used the bathroom and emptied the kitchen, they sat down with coffee at the kitchen table. Well Diego wasn't using the bathroom and the food as the owner of the house. Ellie will be happy if she sees this, the saber tooth thought and sighed. The reason why they didn't storm out again was that the car in front of the house was missing. They could call a taxi too, but with an inaccurate destination it's useless.

"Why does my wife own a cell phone, if she doesn't use it?" Manny grumbled and put the house phone annoyed on the table.

"To be fair, in the last few days you haven't accepted every call from her."

"The next time I'll do it when we're about to be liable to prosecution again to chat about it with her."

"I know you're trying to keep her out so far." The big cat paused because it didn't really want to mess with the mammoth right now.

"But you can't stop a mother from looking for her child."

"On the one hand I want to tell her everything. But on the other.." The bigger broke off, because a picture got up in his mind. Manfred tried to suppress it. So much had he done to leave the past behind. Moments in which something wanted to come to the surface again, he was looking for loneliness. It never stopped for long and he always managed to become master of his feelings. Now that his little girl has been away for a while, other memories are pounding in the back of his head again.

"We will find the two." Diego knocked his buddy on the shoulder encouragingly. Nevertheless, he didn't dare to add if they see the missing ones alive again. One of the reasons why he could sleep very badly. The very idea that he had to identify his wife's body in the near future left a pain in his chest that wasn't comparable to wounds from his previous life. Last night could possibly only rest, because Ellie prepared him a herbal tea. He always got it from her when he couldn't sleep with worry. But the problems he once had were nothing in contrast to the current situation. He doesn't want to think about what his mammoth friend and him should do, if the missing animals never appear again. Or at least not as before.

"This badger spoke of one.." Actually, the saber-toothed tiger wanted to break the silence, because it thought it was so loud. But then, he himself was disturbed at his sentence. In front of the house one heard several voices arguing. Blue light could also be seen through the window.

"Ellie." Gave the mammoth monotonous out, but didn't get up. Even the smaller animal didn't want to get out. It recognized, of course, the female and angry voice of the friend, but one couldn't understand exact words. Never before had the fear of a message paralyzed him so much. But they both didn't stay alone forever. Even if the minutes seemed rather long.

"Hey, slowly here Mister! I.. Why are you both sitting in the dark?" At first, Ellie was still in the hall, but she was accompanied by someone. The uniform clearly said police. Nevertheless, the clothes had changes.

„You don't have to explain it to me now. The Mister here would like to speak with you." The lady of the house looked at the stranger a little angry. The male mammoth quickly regained his posture and made it clear with an indignant face that the guy wasn't allowed to do much with them here. Dinosaurs or not, in this region they have long been nothing new and don't deserve any extra treatment. Especially someone who put Ellie in such a mood, should rather get the cold shoulder.

However, Manny tried to be civilized and listen to this raptor. At least he thought it was this species. Since he himself had learned only a few years ago that there was another world in the underground and they didn't want to have much to do with them up here because of the temperatures, he didn't learn much about these creatures. Then he remembered that they had not heard of the weasel for a long time.

"It took me some precious time, but now I finally found you. So where did you hide him?"

"Wait a moment! I thought.. Can you please explain from the beginning why you are here? I don't know how they are going down there, but getting inside the house and making demands is not a good thing here." Diego mingled in the conversation, expecting something completely different.

"Ah, the saber tooth. I don't think you know exactly what is good. Of course, I gathered some information before I went looking for all of you. In my job, it's better to always be prepared." Before the Dakotaraptor could get even closer to the big cat, suddenly a bowl came into view.

"Does anyone want some cookies? These are fish. I don't know if you like them Mister.. I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name when you pushed me in to my front door." The woman in the room said and the policeman sighed.

"Police chief Gavin of District 4. I'm looking for a fugitive suspect." The Dino explained but kept his eye on the cat. Even when he took out his cell phone, his eyes never left Diego. The female mammoth wasn't liking that, because she didn't want one of her friends to get more problems at this time. And this police chief looked very much like he was looking for trouble.

"I thought so." Manfred couldn't help but get annoyed when he recognized someone familiar on the screen.

"That crimes aren't worth it? Not as long as I live anyway. So where did you hide him? It can only have a mitigating effect on your punishment if you hand it over now."

"What evidence do you have that we have Buck here?"

"You stood in his contact details."

"Are you serious? Damn! That's the reason he should be here?! That's where his beloved pineapple comes in. Did you looked at the lady? She seems a lot more suspicious to me." That almost roared the biggest animal in the room. The stranger was a little dizzy in the stomach for a moment.

"Manny, calm down again. That brings you to nothing." His wife tried to reduce his anger.

"We don't know where Buck is, but we miss two animals ourselves. A young mammoth and a saber-toothed tiger. So either you help us with the search, then we will surely find 'your suspect' again. Or you go to the door and get back to the underground." The tiger said. You could almost grab the tension in the air and Ellie cleared her throat and looked with a certain glance to her husband.

"So how do we decide?" With that, the biggest animal in the round pushed his friend a bit away from the Dino. The two don't really have to beat each other. Certainly not in his house. Silence prevailed for a few seconds and the lady of the house didn't like it. They all looked at each other as if they wanted to kill each other. Although it would finally do her husband good, to let off steam. But not in her home and in this way.

"Well guys, I have to..." Sid suddenly came trampling into the door, which was still open. First, he wanted to announce something, but thought it quickly over by the looks he got. Then everyone started to cough.

"Maybe you should get a humidifier." Marked the sloth.

"Or did I fall into a flu group here? Then I'll go right back out. I don't need a cold."

“No, Sid. No one has a cold here..." However, Diego had to sneeze and couldn't speak more like that. Manny hurriedly opened a window.

"That's a lot better. Are these your torture methods?" Than even Gavin didn't endure this stench, which inexplicably appeared.

"Using him for such a thing would be more than cruel." Answered the male mammoth as Ellie pushed the new guest out of the door.

"You're trying new scents again, huh?" She started a bit of small talk outside, because she didn’t really want to get rid of Sid. This was exactly the right distraction, so that the men don’t jump at each other in there.

"It's probably the wrong one." Here, Sid smelled again under his arm, because he found the smell in the store great.

"I told you that not everything matches to your own body odor. What happened to the minty smell last time?"

"They probably don’t produce that much anymore that it comes into our stores. Besides, I don’t want to take the same stuff forever. What does Manny take?” She squinted at the smaller animal, who could really distract her. Both of them could talk about perfumes and aftershaves all day without thinking of other things.

"Come take a shower. Then you can help us." Her counterpart nodded with an agreed ok and they both walked back inside.

"Don’t bring him back in!" Complained the owner of the house, who now sat with the other two at the table.

"Really that bad?"

"No, Sid. He exaggerates again." The mammoth lady pushed the little one further down the hall in the direction of the bathroom. She handed over a fresh towel and washcloths.

"You know where everything is." And so she went back to the kitchen.

"So men, how far is the conversation?"

"Ellie you shouldn’t maybe.." But Manfred was interrupted by a sharp look, which gave him after over twenty years of marriage, still a cold shiver down his back.

"Yes sweetheart. What should I not?" She warned him, because everything that can be revealed in the next time, she must also hear. No matter how hard the reality is.

"I don’t think a woman .." The addressed one hit strongly on the kitchen table, that also the Raptor flinched and then the woman leaned on her hand forward to the guy.

"And I think I have to remind you that this is my house. Did you tell someone that you are here and that you are on the surface without a passport?" The Dino swallowed, but the passport thing was just a guess. Ellie had once picked it up from Buck, but didn’t really know if they still existed.

The policeman cleared his throat and quickly tried to regain his posture in the chair. Just good that he came here alone, because if his colleagues had seen this, he would never have peace in the department again. Finally, he arrested larger species in his zone.

"If it has to be like this, then fine. We were just clarifying how the cat is suspected of having planned the kidnapping with his partner." Because carnivores remain in Gavin's eyes forever carnivores. He and other dinosaurs could only avoid this by undergoing an infusion cure on a monthly basis. Missing substances are pumped into their bodies so that they don’t lose too much of their deficiency or even become ill. Not a cheap thing, but someone like him can afford it. Ever since he thought he could be paid for hunting and adrenaline, he wanted to have this job. But he only got it because of his outstanding physical achievements. And because they urgently sought supporters of the community.


"Well, his last case isn’t that long ago. He wouldn’t be the first to relapse. Sometimes a little stressful situation such as pregnancy or childbirth is enough and they are already breaking loose." The saber tooth showed its teeth again, because it was one thing when he was under suspicion. But involving Shira made his blood boil with rage. But before he could bite back, the female mammoth hit the wooden table again. This time with both fists and leaned dangerously close again to the foreign guest.

"Shira and Diego are among our closest friends. They wouldn’t even think of the atrocities you imagine in your mind!" She folded her arms and sat down in anger on her chair. She also looked away from the intruder, who had no idea of their life. All what the Raptor found out are hard facts, such as that a saber tooth had sharp teeth and claws that the breed had to use today as well.

"So think twice about what you're going to say next." She added impatiently, because the conversation wasn’t going on fast enough.

"OK. Suppose that a carnivore has nothing to do with it. Who else should have done it?"

“We already have a track there." Manny explained and already knew that he got annoyed later because he did not tell his wife about the badger. But that was only incidental. He glanced at his buddy, wondering if it was really okay to reveal the story. This nodded slightly. Probably they had no choice. So they talked about everything they both of them have learned about this incident. Strangely enough, or fortunately, the stranger also revealed some information.

"I have never heard of such drugs. This is not really my specialty, but it certainly is a forbidden and dangerous substance." Gavin came here, hoping to finally be able to grab the weasel, so it would get its right punishment. But the matter seemed more complicated than first thought.

"Of course the stuff is forbidden and dangerous. Which .." But Sid, who also wanted to interject something, was hastily interrupted.

"We're not talking about drugs that teenagers and other young people try out of boredom. How I hate this pack when they say it was only once. But if something goes wrong, the cops are to blame because we .. But I don’t want to discuss that now. I just wanted to point out that this stuff is certainly not about 'feeling better'."

"Still doesn’t make sense to me. But where could this substance come from?" The sloth tried to help, even though he didn’t really see through it.

"Is there any hideouts in the city where you could make such a thing?" The Dino was sure that like in his home, the underground businesses would run here as well.

"Not really. The city is not very big. The map on Zoogle is .." Diego stopped when the female mammoth laid a folded piece of paper on the table and spread it.

"That's from Louis. You can see everything a little better on this. Here disappeared my daughter. And here Shira." The spots were already marked by the molehog, but she explained it to the Dakotaraptor again. However, Gavin didn’t look at the woman, only at the paper. He found them pretty much better than the ones on the internet. It must have taken hours, if not a day, to do it. But he didn’t have to hand out compliments, because that wasn’t his job.

"Wait a minute!" Manny also compared the paper with what his cell phone could offer him and soon he noticed something.

"Maybe he made a mistake. But it’s still strange.” By the work with Ellie of course the big cat had seen a complete city map with all inhabited and uninhabited areas. Only what he saw before was a bit older. Nevertheless, they should actually be up to date.

"Did you also copy the file?" The lady of the house agreed quickly and got the device with the map stored on it.

"Do you see? Supposedly nothing has been changed at the borders for years and yet there is this piece of land which Louis has added on his card, but it is neither officially nor on the Internet.” The female mammoth already wanted to call the prickly one and ask how he came up with that this large property belongs to their area. The Dino interrupted her from it.

"Someone wanted to be very clever. A plan from outside indicates that this little spot here belongs to this city.” Somehow, the Raptor found more and more a liking to the case.

"And for our map, the area didn’t exist. In this place you can do what you want, as long as you go unnoticed.” All in the room wanted to rush at almost the same time, but the biggest animal roared in again.

"And how do we proceed now? Just ring the bell and ask politely wouldn’t do it. Even if we do that, they will not tell us the truth. Yes, not even to you as guardian of the law.”

"We should track down these pirates and knock everything out of them. They still have to pay that they did this to me." Ellie looked around as they all took a step away from her.

"Was that too over the top? I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like letting off steam." The Dino grinned in the direction of the woman.

"That sound like a nice trip." He added almost smiling and opened the front door for the female mammoth. Then Gavin wanted to follow her, but outside Manfred pushed him away, to his vehicle.

"Slow down here." The big guy growled and climbed into his car. Followed by the saber tooth and the sloth.

"She's married." Sid added, also wanting to give the cop an evil look, but ran into the car door that Diego had opened. A moment of irritation and then the Raptor still got the mean glance. Even when the vehicle started moving it wasn’t stopping.

"That is really going to be something special." The man of law rather said to himself and put on his helmet before he drove after the other car.

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