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He just did not know what to do. And Diego really rarely came to such points in his life. After all, he was so educated that a carnivore like him, must always find a way. But for a long time, he had not been one of these beasts of prey any more than his father thought, his life wasn't just about food and hunting. Maybe saber-toothed tigers acted before the eyes of others a bit more civilized with each other today, but in the end came they're the same. Everyone wanted the best place and the best food. Nothing would ever change. Diego not only thought of his former 'friends'. If he could call them that way. That had been decades ago. No, he doesn't just want to hear things but see them. So he crept from time to time out of the city to get news about his race.

Was he supposed to do this now? Everywhere he inquired about his wife and his niece. It wasn't bad enough that these criminals weren't taking consideration of his child, but that they abduct innocents and then don't leave any notes, made him so nervous. Perhaps Shira was involved in the matter because she was a carnivore. But to pull the young mammoth into this, he simply doesn't found fair. It possibly couldn't be about the election campaign anymore, because after all more than two weeks had passed without anyone coming into contact with them.

Although Ellie stopped her new work, the election campaign became very bizarre. No one heard of the serious opponents, nor of the little fishes, who don't have much idea of these things. The only thing that came from the media was that the mayor announced that the election had to be postponed because of a complication in the city. No exact information was ever made and he wondered how long the animals that lived in this town would take this. Friends of the present mayor liked this matter. There were certainly also many who had no interest in the election from the beginning. Nevertheless, an overpopulation became slow impatient and not only those who wanted to vote for a mammoth were counted.

Also he never would have expected, that strangers liked to support him in his search for Shira and Peaches. Of course they would have offered help with the mammoth, but his wife was still a carnivore. Maybe others just wanted to know where she was because of this. The reason doesn't really matter to him, than searching the city alone would take months. Yes, he had his friends with him, but they couldn't all use a good nose like him. At least he told himself that when a day passed and they haven't found anything again.

At least they were able to get video recording from the time of the disappearance of the saber-toothed tigress. The picture wasn't exactly the best because it wasn't the newest technology, but Diego was sure, he knows the criminals from somewhere. One could only see how Shira was dragged into a dark alley, but still he became a strange feeling by this video. There by Peaches area was unfortunately no camera nearby. Although he was a little glad for it. He doesn't want to know exactly how furious his buddy could get, when this saw how his daughter was abducted. He also wants to spare Ellie such pictures, because he knew that she was very worried, even if she showed the strong woman before others. Still, it was a little strange that no other witnesses appeared. Certainly the animals were also afraid to be dragged into dangerous things. Somehow he could understand it, and on the other paw he found it cowardly. Nevertheless, the female mammoth wasn't blaming anyone and even soothed the man beside her, who one might think that this would punch around every moment.

Sometimes the tiger wanted to have a strong character too. But he wasn't like that. He couldn't even look after his own son without a female help. Either because he couldn't concentrate on it, or because the little one was slowly also missing his mother.

For the time being he would stay with his friends anyway and he slept there on the couch. The new house seemed so large and quite abandoned for Diego without his wife. Funny that he was so accustomed to living with her that he really doesn't know how to be alone. Before he first saw Shira, he thought more about the fact that he stayed with his friends rather the lonely tiger. Yes he had occasional female accompaniment, but otherwise was going through his life alone. However, now he became a father and got his own little family. Nevertheless, it seemed as though he doesn't learned anything with all this and wasn't really getting along without his wife.

So he brought little things for himself and the baby from their home with here, that they were also missing nothing. At least almost nothing, because the most important thing was still gone. He also brought a blanket from Shira because of Ellie's idea. The mammoth said this might soothe the little one for a while. His son behaved so bravely at this age, than he began to weep only sometimes in the evening. Probably because he then remembered that Shira had always held him before he went to bed. At any rate, he thought this, he doesn't come home early to see it. A little he was ashamed again that he hardly knew the day's course of the other two tigers. He should know this when he was a family member.

Diego also doesn't imagine the father and son coming closer because the mother was abducted. Still, he slowly began to understand again how babies are ticking. Before, he knew only about small mammoths and the time had been a while ago.

"You see, you're doing it very well." Ellie gave him a compliment after bathing the little one and dressing for the night. The second saber doesn't give much more out, than he was already tired and so he cuddled up to Papa's shirt.

"If she's back, she'll be very glad you've got so much new knowledge." He sighed a little disappointed.

"I would have liked Shira to stand by and list what I'm doing wrong." The mammoth mother put a hand on his shoulder.

"You're not that bad either."

"I'd just take that like this. When I first heard something like this, Peaches was almost three years old." This came a little louder from the kitchen. Manny probably wanted to contribute a part to the conversation. The little cat moaned briefly, but when Diego stroked him over his head, he calmed down quickly again.

"With some children you can do what you want, they remain eternally a cry-baby." Added the female mammoth and got up from the couch to go to the kitchen, so that the man there gave a rest. The big saber-toothed cat smiled a little at this. He couldn't get mad at his buddy because this sometimes forgot the fact that in the house was baby again. It doesn't happened on purpose too, than his friend missed sleep because of the concern for his own child. Ellie and he were already talking about whether they should give him a sleeping pill so the big guy would rest for at least a few hours without jumping up. The big cat knew that it wasn't easy to sleep when you missed someone. But he tried to stay clear in his head and couldn't let the worries ruin him. After all, he had to do this not only for his son, but also for Shira.

It would be irresponsible to let himself down in her in her absence. No matter how his mammal buddy was still behaving, he would be the last one to blame him. Of course, as men, they weren't talking like women, but Sid and he knew that Manny had lost a family a long time ago. No details were ever mentioned, but that wasn't necessary in their friendship and all these years. The past should rest, the here and now was the most important to him.

When he looked down again, he noticed that his son had already fallen asleep. So he stood up cautiously and put the little boy in his bed, then quietly stepped out of the room and closed the door. Now he was standing in the hallway and there was still a step to the kitchen. When he heard his buddy talking through the door, he asked himself if there was still solutions to their problem.

"My legs starting to hurt." Crash understood that they had to do something since his niece and the saber-toothed tigress had disappeared. But was it really necessary to turn every stone three times? Of course, he was worried somehow, but running to his death helped no one.

"We're just three, no four hours on the road." Added Ruby, who remained near the possums during the search. On the one paw, because she was glad that she could also look a little after Eddie without mentioning a good reason. And because Louis became gradually creepy, the more time passed. She hoped that she would meet later on the prickly grouch. You can't stand it a minute more with him alone. She could say what she wants, he usually wasn't listening, but he wondered what else they should do to find the missing ones. Or worse, he got strange seizures, because he was painting scenes in his head, what could have already happened.

So she preferred to take the twins as a paranoid molehog. Her mother knew herself partly from the work how to handle such a thing and therefore this remained close to Louis.

"Please, deliver me from my suffering. Don't you see that I'm just tormenting myself?" Still, Crash couldn't stop the whining. Normally, his brother would have to take a part in it for long time, but the medication probably made him a bit uneasy.

"Just down the road and then we're going to have something to eat." Encouraged the skunk girl and wanted rather to look at the silent opossum, but suddenly she doesn't saw it anymore. Strange, than he was still running before her a minute ago. Well, they weren't the only three in the searching group.

Perhaps he was already supporting female helpers, she thought. She clenched the paws and pulled at least Crash forward, otherwise he would still be lying here.

"This is very strange." Suddenly the disappeared one jumped out to the street from the side alley and looked thoughtfully to the ground. Ruby noticed that in the front of his shirt, a few more buttons were open. Also, his fur looked a little messy. She looked again into the alley. But there was no one else. If she had seen a lady, the case would be clear. But she quickly noticed that Eddie avoided her eyes. But not for the reasons she had previously in mind.

"Would you like to sit down for a while?" Apparently, the opossum what left the hospital shortly before was exerting too much. Her mother mentioned something casually, but Ruby thought the other looked the way he always did. Now she was ashamed that she had previously thought of nothing but stupid things as to consider Eddie's health.

"Oh, I get it. We don't see the gentlemen for a moment and then he already can take a break? If it's like that, I'm going to open the sewer cover and see if we find someone down there. No one has ever looked so far." Crash said a little bit snotty, because his brother was already touched again with velvet paws. He was, of course, not jealous.

"That's a good idea. Just do it and have fun." Added the female skunk, without looking at the slowly annoyed opossum. This grumbled something to himself.

"It was a joke. Do you think I like to explain to Ellie later why you are stinking? Come on you two, we're going to eat something now." Then Ruby announced a little louder that they would end for today. Because not every animal that helped them could also see in the dark. Sure, some already had flashlights and in some places already lit the street lanterns, but everyone would need a break sometime. So their group agreed to meet again tomorrow morning. Of course it sounded in her ears like giving up, but her powers are also by a end at some point and they weren't looking for them only since today.

So she trotted with the twins in this nearby snack bar. One brother quickly disappeared after explaining what she wanted. The other striped animal sat down with her at a free table. Eddie looked worse in this light than outside. However, Ruby doesn't want to start again that he should take better care of his health. She was still annoyed by the fact that she couldn't get the exact details of why he was in hospital, but she also couldn't force the opossum to tell her.

Probably it was the worry because of the kidnapping, that he looked so unhealthy again. Yes, she was also worried about the two women, though she knew they could defend themselves. What if her mother was right with her guess from the start and it never went about this campaign. In the news came sometimes bad things, which still happen outside of their city.

The skunk quickly shook her head, because first of all, Crash came to them with the food, and secondly, she just noticed that Eddie was watching her silently all the time. Actually, he always stretched out the tongue to her or made other jokes when she looked at him for too long. However, today he smiled at her slightly, but cheerfully. The brother with the food disturbed the whole thing by holding a tray in front of her nose. She was glad about it, because her cheeks became warm and she doesn't know whether someone could see her embarrassment. So she accepted the food silently.

A renewed shake of the head followed, than in such a situation she really should think of something else. So she took her phone out to send her mother a message. She could come here when she was close by. With more distraction, she certainly wouldn't behave silly.

Ruby glanced at Eddie carefully, but he was to her luck deep into his meal. Another look at the other opossum, told her that Crash would probably order more. Than this stuffed the fries into itself, as if this were a bet. Now that she saw his tray, she wondered if they had really walked the same way. Her stomach was already growling, but you doesn't have to exaggerate it.

A moment later, Eddie also took part in this stupid game. Now she really hoped that her mother would show up soon, then she could take care of the misery here.

Probably this was only the way the brothers deal with their worry for their niece. After all, something bad never happened before. At least, Ruby never saw that with the two fools. Or maybe she never got it, because they always treated her like a child before. Although she doesn't found it very nice to have to prove in such a situation that she was growing up. But these are things in life, no one asks you before what you would like.

If this abduction had not taken place, then surely she would have to do it without seeing the opossums. Ellie, after the election, had certain tasks for her brothers. With such a thing she was not always able to participate because she was still going to school and the mammoth found it important that students get enough free time after learning. One advantage was that her mother had been more relaxed since she got to know this family with all animals around. Even though she was very skeptical about the sabers in the beginning. Ruby, on the other paw, never found them dangerous, even though she doesn't knew at that time that the two big cats could also eat meat. But even after knowing this, she hasn't changed her mind. The two have never done anything that they should fear them.

The only thing that bothered her a bit was that Shira perhaps knows about her feelings for Eddie. She wasn't always acting wisely in the past, and the tigress never said anything. Still, there were glances that made her think. She wouldn't want to ask, because then she would have to talk about it. Shira and Ellie were the best friends and certainly told everything to each other.

The shock that probably all knew her secret, met the young skunk now like a lightning bolt. Certainly they have already discussed with her mother what she should do now. Or worse, her mother chattered it happily out by herself on a coffee table. The only thing she saved from further actions was this kidnapping. No, now she was really paranoid. Even if something should happen, it was in the end her own fault. Finally, she roared around in this club what she felt for the opossum.

"Hey." These words and a paw on her shoulder brought Ruby back to reality.

"Is everything ok?" Eddie continued, who stood next to her and looked worried. She shook her head to get rid of that for now. Than now there were other problems to think about.

"Yes." She gave out a short answer and looked around. Crash was apparently already in the process of ordering something else. She looked at her tray and noticed that she had hardly touched her food.

"They'll show up again." The opossum beside her, of course thought about the abducted animals. She did too. Only Ruby could do what she wanted, it wouldn't be the only thing that lingered in her head. Rather unconsciously, she stared at the paw, which was still on her shoulder. Even if she always wanted to give the cool one, she looked up from the body part upwards to the owner. He then opened his eyes a little shocked.

"I'm sure we'll find them in a while in one piece. So not that you think someone saws animals here for a magic show or anything like that. Come on, make the water go away from your eyes. You know exactly, I can't see that." Eddie chattered nervously and looked around again, before he briefly but also calmingly stroked the girl over the head. The clock on the wall said that it was slowly late for children to be outside alone. Another voice in his head said that Ruby wasn't alone, and she doesn't have the appearance of a child anymore. He quickly slipped a handkerchief to her, so that no one else could see her tears. The opossum doesn't like to see her sad. But in this situation he could do nothing to change that.

"It's just.. I'm thinking about Louis." When skunk spoke again, he sat back in his seat. In the corner of his eye, he saw his brother as he squirmed at the front of the counter. Certainly because he couldn't wait patiently for his food. Strange, thought Eddie. Normally he would go there too. He had always been different from his relative since he was hospitalized. He even noticed this, but he doesn't mind much. Only when it was about this girl, what was sitting opposite from him, everything bothered him. Wasn't it somehow his plan that she should meet more animals with the same age? But now he was going against the grain, because she was worried about the prickly fellow.

"He's doing fine. After all, he wasn't fished out of the street." Eddie's mouth was more offensive than expected. When the other opossum came back to the table, he immediately grabbed his ordered soy milkshake, then turned away. That even more stuff fell from the paws of Crash wasn't disturbing him. Than everything landed on the table.

"Of course, I think of the other two as well." The skunk girl noticed that she was a little annoyed with her interlocutor. But she thought Eddie knew she was worried about the disappeared ones without mentioning it. Apparently, he doesn't always understands her as she had previously believed.

"Tell me Crash, do you really want to eat it all?" Ruby tried to distract herself by talking to the other brother.

"Ofm courfe nom. Your Mumfter humpf mimf." Probably the muffing opossum thought that he was perfectly understood, for he happily continued to say words with the moth full.

"Oh no. There's the guy who always looks after you!" Eddie suddenly said warningly and the by other came from shock his drink out of the nose, which he just took to himself to flush the whole food down.

"There's no one there." Crash explained a bit annoyed, because such jokes he found not funny at all. When he sat down again, he noticed why his brother just said that. This only wanted to make his girlfriend laugh. Yes, he also noticed that she seemed a bit depressed. But that was normal when someone disappeared. Even if Eddie and he tried to hide their feelings, there wasn't a day when they weren't thinking of the two disappeared ones. They weren't even allowed to visit Ellie every day because their sister knew that they both would notice when she cried.

In other circumstances, the opossum doesn't cared to be unhelpful. But in times like these, in which the others didn't know any further, it was such a bother for them.

"Oh. Did the evil man frighten you?" Squint laughed amused, even if he was now bound, that couldn't stop him from having fun.

"Shut your mouth! Because of you, we only have this problem." Shira would gladly get rid of the furball in her rude style like in the past.

"Is the kitten sad because it can't go home?"

"One more word from you and I throw you behind to her!" Apparently, that came convincingly enough over, because after that, the hare finally held his big trap. Normally, Shira would now annoy him with who was scared here, but she had to think of more important things. For example, how long the narcotics lasted, what they have given to Peaches.

The last days had been really cruel. Apparently, this drug or whatever it was, doesn't worked in the long run. Nevertheless, the stuff remained in the body and caused new anger outbursts from time to time. She never thought before that this girl could get so strong. But in the end the species still said mammoth. When the substance began to work properly for the first time, they were freed from the cellar vault, but nevertheless she managed to get away with life by a hair's breadth. Actually, they should go to a hospital, but she couldn't wait until something in the car woke up.

Yes, she thought. It was no longer the dear girl, which Ellie and Manny called their daughter. Of course, there were still some moments in which Peaches behaved as usual. But they became increasingly rare. She just couldn't hope that on the next awakening no killer would get up. That's why it would be a risk to go to a hospital. They just managed to drive out of the city. At the same time, she was sure that the nice gentleman would pass on the number plate of her stolen van to his colleagues. She just doesn't know what to do in need. The mammoth beat brutally around her and unfortunately she caught her a few times, but she couldn't just kill the girl. Diego and her friends would never forgive her. Even if, Shira couldn't live with the thoughts that she murdered a kid from someone else.

As badly as she wanted to see her family, she would only put them in danger when she appeared there with the car. The urge to report to Diego and explain everything got stronger with each passing day. But just because she knew him so long, she couldn't risk it. He would do anything for her out of love, but there were things he really should leave the paws of.

No. It was enough that her child couldn't see one parent. Her son now needed at least his father. What she felt and needs really doesn't mattered at the moment. No matter how this was going, she could definitely say that she had some happy years with her friends.

"Why are you driving so slowly?" Complained the little annoying lifeform again. She would like to throw him out of the window at full speed. Would be at least not a bad idea. Unfortunately, she couldn't do it because only the rabbit knew the way to this lab where this drug was produced. At least he could do nothing more, except to annoy her with his loose mouth, than of course, she also remembered a few tie tricks. But of course she took away all his weapons first. At least what was left, because when Peaches turned into this thing the first time, the rabbit doesn't have much time to pick up all his stuff on the spot.

On the one paw, she was glad that she'd left the mess. On the other, it could now also be discovered by false animals. Either Raz came back to notice that they had long disappeared, or other criminals are now crumbling in the rubble during the night.

She sighed and tried to concentrate on the speed. If they drive too fast, they get noticed and if they are too slow, they waste time which they don't have. And she was already breaking some rules on the street. She really doesn't tried to threaten anyone if she ignored red lights, but if the animals knew what was behind in the car, they would probably jump out of the way on their own.

"Hello? I'm talking to you." The little one proclaimed louder. He doesn't like it to be ignored.

"But I will not talk to you if you only give meaningless stuff out!" She wondered if the hare doesn't strain his own nerves, with his constant chattering. If he would at least spit out something useful between the directions, like info's of this drug. But no, stealing things without a plan was the specialty of Gutt's crew. But before that the captain had the ideas. However, now there was no longer this monkey and his former followers had to go through all alone. What looked so easy with him, doesn't really work so well with the remained crew now.

The kangaroo simply did what she wanted. And the others had their own reasons to follow her. Of course, she sometimes had a plan, but she never thought of anything like inconvenience. Probably, Raz still believed that the whole thing with the kidnapping and what was still hanging there, would simply be solved by itself. And of course without any damage on their side. The saber-toothed woman couldn't understand the thinking of her old colleagues anymore for a long time.

"Studies for Natural Science." As she turned again, as her companion pointed out, she read this shield.

"If you're kidding me, I'll kill someone for the first time after years." She explained, than she had no nerve for stupid jokes.

"Ha ha. How without your claws?" Replied the hare thoughtlessly. Shira rolled her eyes and stopped briefly with the van. Then she quickly pulled the knife out, which really belonged to the short animal and pressed the thing to his throat.

"In the end, it's even worthwhile that you keep it sharp." She said, putting the blade away before anyone saw the weapon from outside. Still other cars drove past them, but she already saw that the place for science was a little more secluded.

From one bunker and into the next, she thought, hoping that her new goal would smell a little more pleasant. Only the question was how to get into the fenced-in area. Just ringing and explaining their problem would probably bring nothing. After all, they could also be reporters who would like to take a look inside the institute. They will think that their story is a lie, because in the end, research is done here only for 'nature'.

Suddenly she heard a sound from behind. Her ears twitched a little nervously because she couldn't use it, that Peaches was now awakening and freaks out.

"I think our monster is awakening from his beauty sleep." Squint hopped down from the seat to protect himself from punches or other attacks. Finally, there was only one grid between the driver's cab and the supporting surface that did not look particularly stable.

"Don't call her that! Then you're the monster here, because you gave her the stuff."

"It was actually meant for you." Spitted the other one with the long ears back.

"And what would have happened? Even without claws I would have looked at you like you were a snack. And I just get sick only when I have to look at you for too long." The saber-toothed woman immediately got a strange taste in the mouth at the thought.

"I couldn't know that the stupid mammoth would still move. Besides, that was all Raz ideas anyway!" The hare told a little bit nervous as he watched the grid.

"If it had gone after me, we wouldn't be stuck in this situation."

"Let me guess, your plan would have been to kill us all right away?" Shira sighed, because of course the mind with this guy changed no more. This one nodded a little proud.


"Be quiet!" Ordered the tigress, because something moved slowly behind. However, she couldn't take care of it for a long time, because suddenly someone knocked on the side window.

"I'd suggest you drive your car onto the piece of ground." Said a wolf to her as she made the window go down. She doesn't even notice him because she was too busy with what was going on in the car. The fellow might look like a nice guard, but his tone doesn't please her.

"And what is it, if not?" Of course Squint had to intervene and jumped up to the seat again. The guy who just talked to her wasn't really interested in the tied-up hare and just stared at Shira. Then he drew his coat aside to show her another reason why she should do now what was uttered. She sighed, because she couldn't say no to a machine gun. Of course, she still had the opportunity to throw the hare in the direction of guard and then go back with full speed, but they wanted to go in there anyway. But she really doesn't want to end up as a prisoner there.

The mammoth in the background made her nod quickly and drive through the open gate. Inside, she doesn't have time to marvel at everything, but grabbed Squint by the ears to throw him out of the car. Of course they were surrounded here quickly. The tigress hoped that with the little ruffian she could make something like a peace offer. She just wanted to explain her story so that the animals here could heal Peaches again.

"We come in peace." She tried, raising her paws as she got out of the car. The hare next to her began to laugh and Shira regretted her sentence immediately, because it sounded really stupid. However, in her condition it was a miracle that she could still think clearly.

"Yes, we just want to conquer this planet and enslave you all." Squint was already laughing at the ground. A bang then interrupted him and the tigress would have been glad about it, but the crash came unfortunately from their car. The back door got broken. To dodge or doing other things, she stepped carefully around the car, so she could now see the mammoth.

"What's going on here?" Peaches asked with a yawn and rubbed her eyes a bit as if she had been taken out of bed in the middle of the night. The silvery saber-toothed tiger felt a little relieved that the younger one had just regained her normal personality.

"Sorry, but why.. Shira! What happened to you?" When the young mammoth saw a familiar face, she immediately ran towards it. It was also a mystery to her where and why they are here. First of all it was important that her friend got injured and that had to be treated now.

"It's not so bad." The tigress answered her a little pleased, which only confused her more. Finally, the wounds looked really painful. Only now did she realize that armed animals were standing around her.

Were they responsible for Shira's injuries? Or was something done to her?

Than when the girl looked down, she realized that she wasn't just running around in torn clothes, but that dried blood stuck to her too. It smelled of her, so she had to be hurt. Strange that she felt no pain at all. It was also weird that she tried to remember how it came to this moment, but everything seemed so black and empty in her head. She remembered the kidnapping and wanted to protect the big cat from an attack. An attack with a syringe. Exactly and then everything was just dark.

"What's going on here? Why are we trapped here? Did we do something illegal?" The last question asked Peaches rather timidly, because just because she doesn't remember anything, doesn't mean that nothing happened at all. The mere fact that she woke up in a wagon of a car should give her a thought. With these strange headaches, however she found it not easy to focus on something.

"I can help you a little, darling. So you only wanted to.." But the tigress quickly made sure that Squint held his mouth again. The girl had been through enough in Shira's eyes, it was unimportant that she now learned the whole story.

"What is he doing here?! Shouldn't you rotting somewhere in a prison?" Said the young mammoth when she recognized the hare. Even if it was years ago, she still remembered Gutt and his crew. Because of this guy, she sometimes got nightmares at night, but so far she doesn't told anyone. It wasn't really worth mentioning, because the criminals were locked away. At least she believed that until that moment.

Squint bit into the paws of the larger animal, who wanted to ban him from the words. Whereupon he landed again on the ground again, but could jump around at his own pleasure.

"Shira has been bored in her life and wanted to see me again. Then she just freed me from my uncomfortable home." But the mammoth wasn't falling into the lies of the rabbit.

"I don't know how we got into the situation, but I think most of it is your fault." The young woman knew that the saber-toothed woman never told everything openly as her mother, but that wasn't bothering her family and her. She had a good character and that's what counts most with friends.

"You don't know her at all and therefore you have no pale glimmer what she would do and don't. I.." For some reason, Peaches wanted to continue to defend Uncle Diego's girlfriend, but that just kept her from it. A paw lay on her shoulder and she looked away from the little annoying something. The tigress also looked somewhere else, so she did the same. At last movement came into the play with the animals that surrounded them, who previously only observed them. Some guards, or whatever they were, walked back a little, opening the circle.

"Give the professor a little more space!" The two women looked braced in the direction. Always ready to defend. Especially the silvergrey tigress slowly got an uncomfortable feeling that they had came here. Perhaps her physical situation also deprived her judgment, but she would remain vigilant.

It wasn't long and there were two gentlemen before them who apparently worked in the building. A middle-aged skunk with a white scrubs and glasses, but it was hanging from a chain at the neck. The white fabric also saw better days, because there were some splashes of liquids on it. Shira could no longer tell whether it was blood, because she had already had too much of Peaches and her own in the nose.

The other guy, who was a younger mammoth, looked more like an assistant or treadmill. The saber-toothed woman quickly noticed that he was staring at the female specimen next to her. She also wondered how much time would have to pass before someone explained or asked questions. Probably it was only seconds of silence, except the armed animals in the background, who always whispered or stepped from one leg to the other, but all this took too long for her.

"We want.." But Shira doesn't come to the end of her sentence.

"Julian?" Heard the big cat from Peaches confused and she was clear, the two mammoths knew each other.

"Haha! Gupta owes me money because he said that not all of them same species know each other." Squint was almost proud and she thought slowly, the guy wasn't disturbed by ropes around him anymore. Shira sighed annoyed and was about to beg that someone had to free the idiot from his suffering of stupidity. But there was no time for that, because this guy in the white coat suddenly ordered something and then the three got shot. The tigress doesn't felt pain, so she assumed that they were all only benumbed. At least she was now allowed to rest a little.

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