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That wasn't fair at all. Yes, even if she is now eighteen years old, she should still go to school. And doing housework is no problem for Ruby. Even baby-sitting a saber-tooth didn't bother her. How could one say no to something so cute? Her mother would have been ice cold if Ellie had not asked for help in this situation. However, she would like to look after the child herself again, even when Shira gets back. Actually, she always thought that she couldn't handle such little things, but the opposite came quickly.

'That's what it would look like when we adopt a child.' She should have avoided this comment when Eddie and his siblings picked up the little tiger again. She didn't say it out loud, but rather wrote it as a message to his phone. Then he let her stand alone again, as if she was air.

This man no longer understands jokes, she thought and sighed. That probably was the reason why she had to stay here and not got to exciting things. She was well aware that Manny and the others had found out something new about the missing ones. Alone when the word Dino fell, she became aware. Because she only knew them from TV and chats in the net. Reptiles of this species rarely came through their city, because it was too cold and uninteresting at this time of the year. Or probably always. Her guardian would want her to stay away from that because of the size and nature of the diet. But on the internet there were also dinos that like Diego and Shira don't necessarily have to feed on other creatures. Ok, fish and insects are also part of it, but she herself couldn't do it without that permanently. Maybe if she grew up that way from the beginning. But that's not the point here. So she was allowed again to stay away from the underworld and all the fun stuff, because her mother didn't want her to fall into the claws of voracious monsters.

Of course, the girl could understand that she got scared because of the abduction, but hid it behind her usual maternal care. Because she was once again threatened with house arrest, should she go again to the possums or mammoths. How did her mother know that they were doing something dangerous? Also, this will not know that she will not spend all her time here. Her mother also didn't really say that before she left for work.

The young skunk grinned, because it was said she should leave the adults alone. A certain molehog wasn't mentioned, nor did he counted to her too the animals who now needed isolation. Yes, pity came first to the mind when you met the spiky one. Always the sensible and smart. However, now he barely consumed food during the day. Simply because he forgot with his help for the missing ones. If he goes on like this, he will lose his job. At least Ellie meant something in this direction. At the moment he was on forced free time. Ruby couldn't imagine Louis was being allowed to go with the others in his physical condition. So mean, that she wasn't even allowed to know the destination, where they all disappeared. Surely the saber tooth had to take care of his son first. The mammoth mother didn't sound like she wanted to sit around at home. Of course, she also hoped that this trail would lead to a good end, so that their life finally returns to normal.

Or was this mess better? She didn't dare to talk about it and was even ashamed to think it, but because of the kidnapping, her favorite possum showed feelings to her for the first time since the strange phone call as he got sick. Actually, she shouldn't be happy that Eddie cared for her. He even wrote an text that somehow didn't sounded like him and that she should stay safe. At least he wrote her messages again. A beginning for a normal friendship. At least she hoped it. Before that, he just called her mother so she would tell her something. The guy had her number all the time. Maybe he really should get to know someone else. Just so she could better understand that there can never be anything like a romantic relationship between them. If only she knew what kind of woman he likes, then she would...

She shook her head in the middle of the street and walked briskly on to the zebra crossing. 'Forget it and forget him. There will never come something out of it. It was just an little crush from your teenage years that lasted too long. Now you are grown up and should behave accordingly.'

But it didn't help her to mentally scold herself. Did she have to find someone else to forget this? She didn't really feel like it. Boys of her age aren't looking for someone to tie themselves down. Of course there were also decent ones, but they are all already belong to nice and pretty-looking girls. Which always do their homework and never give a word of remarks. Maybe also are in the cheerleading team or something like that. And then these childish fights in the school toilet, just because you once borrowed a pen from the wrong guy. How should it be, if she has found someone who is at least a bit like the character of...

No, she definitely didn't feel like it. Over and done with the love stuff. Then she just stays single forever. Her mother also lives almost alone and could handle it. Ruby thought that she would have to strive for such a life as well. At least until she had her own apartment. If she would then meet someone, it would be just her problem.

Maybe the molehog longed today after other topics of conversation. Then this could certainly help her a little bit. Anyway, she hoped that today he is a little more like his former self. Her mother misunderstood her in this situation, because she thought the disappearance means not so much to her. Maybe she wasn't as close to Shira and Peaches as the rest of this many-faceted family. Nevertheless, she also felt pain and suffering. Just when she watched Ellie, she finally wanted to put an end to the whole thing. The mammoth was strong, of course, but she came eventually to her limits.

The young woman tried to forget that for now, while for the second time she was already ringing the molehogs bell on the door. Actually, this should be in his apartment. She pushed the button more often, until the local resident finally opened the door. Well noticed in underpants.

"It was clear that sooner or later you will come by again." Louis said, not really caring for his attire or the skunk. He just left the door open. However, Ruby stopped for the first time, because she thought that the spiky would really be the last to open the door to her in underwear. If the other circumstances didn't exist, then she might already find this moment strange. But she tried to keep a cool head as she finally closed the front door. This was nothing embarrassing. She will not be seduced here or something like that. You could almost compare the outfit with the one on the beach, but even then the other always seemed insecure if you looked at him for a long time. Now she could stare for free. Did Louis really want to do indecent things, and didn't even care with who he was as long as he got distracted from disappearing?

"What?" That was probably voiced because she stood a little embarrassed so far away.

"Can you put some clothes on, please?" The younger one tried to play it cool. Suddenly she heard a shocked sound.

"Why haven't you said something before?! I thought I already put my pants on." The homeowner hurried to his bedroom. Probably he just got up and was so confused of the door bell. And did she just saw peaches on his boxer shorts? She couldn't help laughing.

"Do you do such crazy things when you're in love?" She asked, grinning as he came out dressed properly.

"What are you talking about?"

"From the underpants you've just shown so proud." She was still perplexed looked at, so she explained it even more.

"There were peaches on it." Now the man understood it well and rolled his eyes slightly annoyed.

"I have some, there are lemons on them. What do you conclude from that?"

"That you probably shouldn't take anyone to bed on this days, because otherwise you're just sour."

"Your mother is right when she says you're spending too much time with Eddie and Crash." The young woman looked at him a bit startled.

"Did she talked also about other things?" Ruby knew that sooner or later her mother would gossip about her 'childish behavior'. She only wants her best. What help she got when everyone knew about her problem?

"Yes. That you are currently trying at school to write good grades. I really have to apologize to you, because I actually thought after the school camp you continue as before. But you really stand by your word that I find commendable. Maybe I never said that clearly in the past, but I know how hard school time can be. If you need someone to talk to, I'm always there." She stared wide-eyed at the guy who needed someone to talk to. Of course she knew that Louis was always helpful, but to hear it so seriously left a weird feeling in her. That tone of voice made the molehog so much older. He sounded like he was giving up. She didn't want to ask why he was talking about it. Although it was somehow against her nature to show sentimental gestures or say cheesy things, she still did it at that moment. So she hurried over to him and put her arms around him.

"It may sound stupid, because I'm not a clairvoyant or something. But it's going to be alright, okay? She will be back and Shira too. And then you'll be angry that in all that time you haven't thought about how you finally confess your love." The spiked one briefly returned the hug. At least until the last sentence of her.

"You secretly watch romantic films or read these unrealistic novels." With that he stepped away from her to go to his laptop.

"How do you come to this?" She really did sometimes only out of boredom and if she liked the actors. Besides, it was strange that the other one didn't change the subject right away.

"Because you think I would regret never saying anything as I still had time for it." Somehow the skunk noticed that she was just supposed to talk about other things. But he just kept staring at the screen of his laptop as if nothing bothered him.

"Don't you think that?" Carefully she asked, but dared not to look into his face.

"If someone disappears in this way, would such words have helped?"

"No but.."

"But what? I could have comforted myself with that?"

"You know that's not what I meant. Louis, I.. What are you doing?" When she finally saw what the other one was doing, it distracted her completely from the current conversation.

"That's nothing special. Do you wanted something specific here?" For some reason, the molehog didn't want to show her that on the screen, but she didn't let go and just pushed him aside on the couch. Which wasn't so easy, because the other one was still stronger than he looked at the moment.

"Hey! That's not.. " But the spiky one couldn't really talk himself out there.

"A tracking program for phones? You bad boy. That means they haven't told you also where they go with the Dino." She got a confused look.

"I haven't spoken to Ellie since yesterday and today I can't reach anyone. Nobody's at home and the car is gone too." Ruby had to smile again, but this time friendlier.

"At home?"

"I don't mean.. So at her.. their home .. I .. Now stop it and woe you tell someone that I said that." The skunk ruffled the man's head and laughed briefly, as if she wasn't the one younger here.

"What was that for?"

"I felt like it." She grinned on and made room again on the piece of furniture, so that the other could better see on the laptop.

"Why did they go there?" Louis asked himself more, because his guest certainly had no answer. But the young woman jumped full of verve to the door again after this sentence.

"The question is rather, how do we get there the quickest way?"

"What? No. You can forget that right away! There is a reason why the others and especially your mother don’t want you to go there. I don't want to be guilty that another mother loses her child. Tell me, are you even listening to me?" The skunk stared into space for a few seconds before making eye contact again.

"You're right, she didn't want me to go there."

"That's what I'm saying. That's why you will.."

"No, you don't understand me right. It wasn't about it being dangerous." The apartment owner already downloaded the necessary details on his phone while he tried to follow what she said.

"Okay, about that too. But she wasn't like always. When we met you all, she didn't want me to stay too long near Diego and Shira. Now there is finally a Dino close enough to touch and she doesn't even mention that I shouldn't approach it."

"You always emphasize that you are old enough to take care of yourself." He added, because he didn't understand what was wrong here.

"Do you think she drops that from one day to the next? Maybe it's also because of that. Still, I can't help think about how she accented this sentence. Almost as if she knows what's waiting there."

"Are you not exaggerating it a bit?"

"A few years ago a teacher planned a class trip near this area. Natural History Museum or something similar. That day she asked me if I would like to stay home. I was healthy. Not even a slight cold and yet I didn't have to go to school that day. I didn't wanted to go anyway, so I wasn't thinking much about it."

"Ok, that sounds a bit strange. Nevertheless, you stay here."

"Please take me with you! Again how do you want to get there and since when do you have this helmet?"

"I said no! Do you know that this is not a hide and seek game? I'm not just driving there and then, whoa, you've been hiding here all the time. We should have searched at this place first. It may also be that the path leads again to nowhere."

"Just say you have a scooter or something?" The older one couldn't believe that she didn't listen to him at all and gradually lost his patience.

"Now listen to me!" And he grabbed the skunk girl a little roughly by the arms, so she finally took him seriously.

"No, you listen to me!" She explained in the same stern tone and pushed herself away from him.

"Do you think I'll let you go there by yourself? I know you're worried because I'm younger and all the rest. But what about you? Who will watch after your back, if you go there now?" The prickly man was about to open his mouth to say something. But he quickly realized that she was right. The most intelligent would be to wait here for news at this moment. He wouldn't endanger Ruby or himself.

"So, are we staying here now?" She asked after silence for a few more seconds and tapped his nose, grinning slightly.

"What do I have to be prepared for if your mother beats me up later?" Louis announced with a sigh, knowing Lorene wouldn't be kid-gloved if she got wind of this here. But he made a mental note to himself not to endanger the younger one. He simply hoped that Ellie and the others would have everything under control and couldn't report for a good reason.

"She will hear nothing from me." The woman said and was glad that she could finally make herself a little useful.

"My helmet will not fit you, but at least take this." With that, the molehog handed her goggles for the ride. She rolled her eyes behind his back, because his small vehicle can't be so fast. After they both went down to the rented garage and the door was opened, she knew how wrong she was before.

"What the... Since when do you have that thing?!" She wanted to know in astonishment, because since she knew her counterpart, she has never seen him with a quad bike.

"Since my twentieth birthday. Why?"

"Why do you never use it?"

"I'll drive around with it when I need it." She gave him an appraising look.

"Of course. That's why everyone always talks about it."

"Okay, maybe I don't use it so much now. And who cares, it's my business." Determined he sat behind the wheel, after he rolled the vehicle out of the garage and closed the door again.

"Does a certain lady know about it?" He simply ignored her stupid question and put on the helmet. For one thing, Peaches already knew that he had this. Second, what good is that to brag about this motor vehicle if he couldn't take his best friend with him?

"Now sit down and hold on tight." Louis announced with a last look on his cell phone to memorize the beginning of their path.

"Although she may not be able to ride it, you still should show her it later. Because I have to admit, you look so damn cool right now." The prickly one sighed again and tried not to picture it in his head.
"Let's move that on later." And with that he gave gas, when he was sure that she was holding on right. Now they should both really focus on other things.

Peaches got that slight headache again. Actually, it has been almost normal lately, if this throbbing didn't get stronger. Almost as if she had gotten used to it. Like so many things. Actually, that shouldn't be. Her everyday.. No, her whole life shouldn't go on like this. The training and the tests, she was so tired of all that. She didn't want to continue like this. Of course, her body always seemed fit for the next showdown. But mentally, she just wanted to sleep and rest.

She slowly knew that she was fed lies. Too late she noticed that nothing really happened here voluntarily. How should one escape? She simply couldn't fight back so many animals alone. This professor, who didn't talk much about himself as the big picture here, saw in her nothing but a test object. Everything that came out of his mouth made less and less sense. Supposedly, she had the best results here, as in a competition. Unlike other inmates, Shira and she had no choice. Maybe the other test objects didn't choose this one either, but their way of thinking has been twisted over time, so they call this here a good thing.

The young mammoth didn't believe it for a long time. Or at least recognized the flaws in this logic of a good existence. How long will she stand that? The sabertooth tiger didn't came out of here. How could she do it then? One might think that breaking out would be easy with her size. Unfortunately, this and her strength wasn't enough. This skunk was smart. Really everything and every complication was thought of. Always and everywhere. Peaches didn't feel able to get out of this situation on her own. Actually, Shira was still at her side. Or much more somewhere in this labyrinth. It's been several days since she heard anything from her. Maybe ten or thirteen. It wasn't easy to keep track of the time here.

She should probably stop thinking about it and finally get up. The skunk wouldn't just let her stay in bed all day. He said that her breaks are spread out over the day and coordinated for her species, as well as condition. What the man didn't understand, she wants to go out into the city or just into nature and see her family and friends again.

Oddly enough, there was something here that she had not seen before. A meadow? At least there was grass under her body. Why was she here? And how did she get here unnoticed? Did Julian have anything to do with it? He promised her that he would try to help her. It's been a while since he whispered these words. His options are probably limited as well. As for him, she also asked herself many questions. These fell more and more into the background, because an escape became more important.

Carefully, she stood up and a gentle wind blew towards her. Nevertheless, there was also a dense cloud of mist in the air. Was this really real? It smelled and looked like it anyway. Again a test? On the other hand, she also didn't know some spots around her city and so far only a little bit of green lay before her.

“Hello?” Maybe she wasn't alone here. When she tried to brush some of her hair off her face, she noticed that she wasn't wearing that weird jumpsuit, which made her feel a little bit tight anyway. But still she couldn't remember to put in the outfit she wore when they were kidnapped, but neither her pants nor her top had any stains or holes from the exertions. Strange, because it was said that they had everything removed and destroyed, which wasn't from the laboratory. Did Julian started lying to her too? Even so, she believed he was just doing it to help her.

She remembered when she first wrote him a message. Actually, she didn't care about these dating sites and apps. But she felt so alone then, as the only single. Always only the fifth wheel on the car. With eighteen years she found to be the only one without a romantic relationship the worst problem was. Afterward, Julian also confessed to her that he always wrote from an internet café to her and that he could change to normal letter paper. That surprised her the most at that time. A boy at her age didn't have his own cell phone or any other device that could use the network. Even writing letters to him, she first found a little silly. But when the first one arrived at her, she read all enthusiastically. Such words would make any woman fall in love. She almost gave her heart away, but then suddenly her own letters came back. Of course, she also thought of that he moved away, but there came no handwritten letters to her. For a while she worried until the last letter arrived after a few months. There it was announced briefly and succinctly that they weren't made for each other.

Now that she remembered it, the idea came up as to whether this professor might have forced his foster son to write these lines. Was she the reason why Julian was locked up here again? Or did he never really get away from here? It wasn't fair and she felt sorry for him. Also she doesn't want to play the cold one with him when other animals see them together. How long could they pretend they didn't already know each other? Well, what did she really know about this mammoth? Somehow he changed.

Why was she standing around thinking about this pointless stuff? She should explore her surroundings. She walked a few steps already in this fog and yet this meadow didn't stop. At least the day prevailed. At night she wouldn't see anything.

"Hello?! Is there anyone here?" Peaches tried louder again, but when her voice came to an end, there was silence again, nothing was heard. A soundproof room? It wouldn't surprise her. But what about that grass that felt so real?

"Oh, here you are." Now she heard someone close to her and the mammoth almost couldn't believe it, as she looked in the direction from where the voice came from.

"Louis?" The name came out of her mouth with a short breath.

"Yes it's me. What's happened? Is something wrong?" Her hand was touched and only a moment later she dropped to her knees in front of him.

"But how..? How did you come here? Or could I escape? I.." She broke her sentence and had to hug him. Only fleetingly until she remembered what this professor told her. But nothing happened. Could she control it now? Nevertheless, she took a distance and remained confused sitting on the floor.

"Peaches, we just went for a walk and.." She stopped abruptly and moved her eyes to his face. Why did he continue talking and she heard no sound?

"Was he not always nice and helpful?" That was her own voice, but she didn't say a word. Someone stepped behind the molehog. At first she saw only dark shadows, but quickly she recognized herself over there.

"That's another dream." She whispered to herself, trying to wake up. It didn't work.

"Maybe. Maybe not." The other her slowly leaned down to her friend. Apparently he couldn't see the other big animal.
"All the time he was such a good friend and how do you thank him? You bring him into ridiculous and embarrassing situations." Peaches couldn't quite follow what she meant.

"Do you think he liked it when you attacked him drunk in his apartment?" She admitted that it was really stupid. But they both talked about it.

“Talked? He could no longer endure your sympathetic face and by his good nature, he dropped the subject."

"No, it wasn't like that!" She scolded loudly and the prickly man looked at her, startled.

"What wasn't? Slowly, I'm getting really worried. Did you got a fever again? Your mother.." The voice disappeared again and her reflection grinned mischievously at her.

"Do you see? You only cause worry for the poor boy." The other Peaches stroked the molehog lightly over the head. It took a moment for her to realize she was doing the act herself. The smaller one smiled briefly and then pushed her hand away.

"Stop that." Why did the fog get thicker again, that she could no longer see his face. The slight pressure from his paw on her hand also disappeared.

"Louis?" She shouted quickly at him, fearing that he wanted to leave her alone. No, he would never do that.

"Let him go. Not that something bad happens to him." That voice, which sounded like her own, was getting shriller in her ears.

Suddenly a stabbing pain appeared in the back of her head, she automatically grabbed herself and her surroundings also changed from one second to the next. The soundscape didn't change. The image change made her squint. The light was again unnaturally bright and somehow everything seemed blurry.

"Look at your work!" She heard the skunk say in an angry tone, but this man wasn't in the room, talking to her over a speaker as he almost always did. Why did he sound slightly disturbed? Her vision slowly got better. Something stuck to her hands. She held them up and in front of her eyes. Something red stuck to them and that spotted that light gray suit too. She probably had accidentally broken something on her raging rounds. That annoyed her the most. First she had the feeling of getting angry and then everything went black. Like her brain was sleeping and her body was working on its own. When she woke up, she couldn't remember anything anymore but animals from here tell her some things.

Slowly, she looked down at herself and realized that this color was really covering the most of her.

"How could you do that? We warned you!" She ignored the spoken words when she found a kind of drag mark on the floor that led to her. So she was moving away from something and therefore she smeared the red with her knees underneath her. But behind her everything was still clean. Her vision still didn't get better, because everything that was still a little further away was still so blurry. Carefully, with a gruesome foreboding, she put the tip of her little finger in the mouth, just to taste the red on her hands. Unfortunately it quickly became clear that this was blood and somehow she felt sick quickly. Not because of the taste on her tongue, but because she was really hurting someone this time. In a hurry she wanted to help, because she didn't know if the wounded animal was still in the room. Was it too dangerous for others to calm her down and bring the victim to safety? The stinging in her head wasn't fading either and with that it wasn't easy to think.

Something or someone lay before her. Her eyes finally began to see clearly, but at the same moment she wished she didn't recognize anything. The female mammoth shook her head as if it helped to make everything disappear around her.

"But how..." She whispered, not realizing how her best friend came here to this place, who was now laying with his back to her on the floor. The young woman doesn't want be so sure, but she would recognize the prickly one always and everywhere. Had he read the message? If so, why was he alone here?

"No!" It came barely audible from her, as she realized that the lying one was too quiet there.

"No what? He came here to help you and now look at what you have done!" The voice over the speaker grew louder and louder.

"That can't be true!" She almost whimpered when she saw one arm of her reach out to the little body. There was so much blood and Louis was still so quiet. She touched his shoulder and couldn't feel anything. Maybe her fingers are just numb and therefore she couldn't feel any heat.

"Help? It's too late for that now." Now she realized why the professor was getting louder and louder, than her own screams for help were ringing in her ears now. She didn't know when she started, nor did she notice that she pulled the molehog slowly over the her. She finally realized the situation with horror. She murdered her best friend.

Suddenly she realized she was being shaken. They wanted to get her away from here. Peaches couldn't let that happen.

"Louis, no!" Why was everything again fogged before her eyes? Even if the sight was anything but beautiful, she had to stay with him. It wasn't allowed that he gets in the paws of the professor.
"Hey, everything's alright." Heard the angry mammoth another voice saying friendly.

"Nothing is alright! He's dead. I have.." Someone touched her face and it shocked her that she stopped abruptly to look at the other. She blinked, and as the tears fell away she could gradually see Julian in front of her.

"Nobody's dead. It was just a nightmare." He tried to reassure her, but she hurriedly got up from the bed where she was just sitting to look closely at her. She almost stumbled because she was in such a hurry. But there was no blood on her hands and nothing stuck to the suit. Breathing deeply, she stroked her hair back and looked at the other.

"A dream?" The male mammoth just nodded. He probably didn't understand why she formulated it as a question.

"You often say his name in your sleep. He means a lot to you."

"How.. You are watching me." The woman turned away from him and went to the sink to make her face fresh with water. It was just a dream. Like a mantra, she repeated that phrase in her head. She wants to see Louis or at least call him. But the guy in the coat will not change his mind just because she slept badly. What she didn't understand, why was the molehog usually the victim in her nightmares. Since they both know each other, she never got any concerns that she could hurt the spiked one because of her size and strength. At that time, both of them were still children and weren't thinking about such things. The animals around her did that. Good that she learned from her mother not to pay attention to such comments. If Peaches had started thinking about it earlier, perhaps her long friendship with Louis wouldn't exist. Because of these madness blackouts that have occurred since the involuntary injections, it was certainly better if she never sees him again. What she saw in her sleep was possibly a warning. A signal from the subconscious.

"I am sorry. Yes, he records your sleep pattern." The peach-colored mammoth instantly knew who was meant with 'he'. Julian tried hard not to call this doctor a father in her presence. Did her counterpart really grow up here? So many puzzle pieces that didn't fit together yet. But she remembered that it wasn't her job to clarify these questions now.

"It's ok, I think. If you had not woken me up, then I would still.." The woman stopped. Talking about it alone was difficult. The molehog wasn't here and he was fine. Even if she missed him and the others. A lot. Peaches saw that she had to solve this problem herself for the safety of her family and friends.

"Can I talk to Shira today? I haven't heard from her for a long time." Somehow it had to go on. Because she only saw it in the corner of her eye, she thought it was just her imagination. Because it looked as if the other flinched at the name of the tigress. Piercing, she looked at Julian from above. He was still sitting on her bed. She thought he looked almost shy as he nervously scratched his arm. Once again the question came up, why the other mammoth was here. He didn't fit here at all. Still, it didn't seem like this professor was trying his tests on Julian. She repressed that too for the moment.

"Go to him and say that I want to see her today. Otherwise, I don't do anything anymore."


"No but! You said that you will help me."

"I try that too. It is only.."

"Not so fast?! Do you think this is a holiday for Shira and me? We just want to go back to our normal life. I.. I don't know how much longer I can go through this before I lose my mind." She said a little bit desperately, but she quickly recovered, than it wasn't her turn to give up.

"Either something happens quickly or I think of something myself. Slowly I don't care what 'He' will notice. He should oppose me like a man." Julian got up, took one of her hands in his and looked pleadingly into her face.

"Although I haven't been able to do much, I will never allow that. I don't want you to have to see what he's capable of. I know you are slowly losing patience, but as long as he.. While you're still here, I can take care of you." Peaches felt that he was trembling with fear. Afraid that the professor might hurt her. She forced a slight smile and held his hands to calm him.

"It's nice of you to worry about me. But do you want me to stay here forever?" The female mammoth liked him, but that wasn't the future for them. He shook his head slowly.

"You don't belong here."

"If only you would tell me more. You just wanted to say something again. As long as he what? Why am I 'still' here?" She whispered as she leaned her head carefully against his. Probably it was wrong to find his closeness, but somehow she felt a little safer. Maybe because her brain was more attached to that Julian, who wrote her letters, as the mammoth in front of her. This now looked down to the ground and then stepped away from her to go to the door.

"Answer me!" She demanded and before she wouldn't just let him go. Of course, with his back to her, she couldn't read his face. A swallow was heard. Almost as if the other would rather choke everything down so as not to have to say it.


"The saber-tooth tiger. I simply couldn't keep her away from him. I'm so sorry, but she is now.." A high and long beeping interrupted his sentence. Frightened, Julian glanced at his multifunctional bracelet.

"It's starting." Peaches only heard before he hurried through her door and closed it again.

"What do you mean by that? And what about Shira? You can't just leave now! Julian!" Exclaimed the young woman angry and confused over the alarm or what it was. This simply didn't stop. The hatch at her door opened again.

"No matter what, it's important that you stay here until I come back. Please promise me that." She nodded clearly, because she thought it made no sense to keep screaming.

Where should I go, she thought a little annoyed, because her door was indeed safe against mammoths.

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