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At last, thought a young skunk as she got off a bus. Her mother hasn't lied, because the summer school was really something special. But not as someone would think. She wondered all the time when there would be something she needed to learn, but nothing like this happened. There were neither lessons, nor annoying and too old teachers. The adults there were quite decent and she had also met a few animals with which she could meet again sometime. She wouldn't say now that she has friends. That would be exaggerated, but she has to admit that it was a little fun to be away from home once. Even though she missed her normal environment.

Of course, she was talking to her mother every now and then, but she couldn't speak directly about the others with her. It was unpleasant for her that she found it  hard to call the possums. They had known each other for years. Nevertheless, she became nervous at the telephone call. Not only because she wasn't good with apologies, even if she was guilty of something. But also because the conversation with Eddie was strange. They talked in three months only once, then afterwards she couldn't reach him anymore. Than either her mother went to the telephone of the opossums or no one took the call. Perhaps she has lost it again and he doesn't want to talk to her anymore. Of course she noticed that Eddie got a cold, because his voice sounded totally wrong on the phone. Still, he insisted on talking to her for a while. She was a little happy about that, than she thought, he really doesn't want to have anything to do with her after the thing in the club.

Looking back on her sixteenth birthday, she actually behaved like a spoiled child since then. Funny that she now could finally see that clearly after her little vacation. She always found everything so unfair, and so she clung partially to the possum. The thought was, if everything else seemed bad, she could choose for herself when she can be happy. It was so stupid of her.

Ruby finally saw that it was dumb of her to press Eddie in the corner like that. In addition, she brought him into some unpleasant situations. Was it still tolerable to fool around with the opossums after all that had happened? Certainly not.

Probably the two needed a break from their mother anyway. Although she could be really nice if she wanted to. At the same time, she was also very tiring when it came to cleaning.

Nevertheless, the telephone conversation with Eddie doesn't go out of her head all the time.  
Not only because it seemed strange that this was ill once. No, there must have been something else that wasn't quite right in the picture. Since she had known the opossum for a while, she knew their behavior almost by heart. But this evening, during the telephone conversation, her conversation partner doesn't really behave like himself. Perhaps it was only the cold, but she heard things from him that he would never say in such a way. Ruby wondered if Crash noticed that too, but she doesn't want to stay so much by the opossums anymore. Just going there and snooping around wouldn't be a good start. But couldn't you also worry as a normal friend?

The young skunk sighed, then she was supposed to arrive here properly first. That meant going home, unpacking things and letting a few days pass, in which she thought only of herself. Well,  herself and the school. Since today was Saturday, she has to visit that again on Monday.  

But something good came to her in the next time. She finally turns eighteen. For a long time she had thought about it in the summer school and it wouldn't be so wrong to make a driver's license with the earned money. At least her mother couldn't say that she was throwing it out of the window.

If she was lucky, Peaches even helped her there. Sometimes she has the feeling that the female mammoths were the only ones who gave enough patience to bear with her presence.

Of course, she could also ask Ellie for driving hours, but she heard that this already had enough to do with her new job. One of them would never have thought that the mammoth mother would stand as a candidate for the vote as mayor. She found the idea quite good and as soon as she got back into the school routine, she would ask if she could help too. Because distraction was always better when one wasted the time for a good cause.

As she strolled home, she also wondered what the molehog had done all the time. Her mother mentioned so by the way that Peaches has left her boyfriend, but this never knew all the details. On the other paw, it counted probably to interfering too much. She doesn't want to do that anymore. The skunk doesn't only want to pretend to be a adult, but really just be one. This also meant not always pushing her head through, if others doesn't agree with her. Perhaps she should also say something like sorry to Louis for her persistent and annoying appearance.  

But first coming home and resting there was more important. A part of it was, no one knows that she came home already. Her mother thought this holiday was going on until tomorrow and went to work today. Ruby was planning this on purpose, because she really wanted to relax in peace. When she entered the apartment, she could, because there was no one here.

Peace can be so beautiful, she thought. Because that was the only thing she rarely, or not at all, got in this summer school. Like how, if you had to share the bedroom with others. Before, she doesn't know how good it can be to be a single child. Well, if you take it exactly, she doesn't want a sibling at the time. Besides, she doesn't believe that her mother was still thinking about a second child. This seems to be partly happy that she was grown up.

Ruby wondered why her mother has never brought home a man. Apart from Crash, which doesn't really counted, because this belonged rather to the circle of friends. Still, she wouldn't find it bad if her mother wants to marry something like this. She could already see this, like her mother was trying not to be interested to much in the celebration of the saber-tooth tigers. But then stands up to get the bridal bouquet in the paws. It was good that up to this event was still time, so she might find someone for her mother.

She shook her head, than she shouldn't interfere too much. Otherwise it ended with that her mother put her again in such short term boarding school. Even if it was somehow funny, in the winter she has no desire for such thing.

Finally Peaches has also managed to get over the unpleasant conversation with Nathan. Strange that she thought she missed him, but when he hung up, she doesn't want to talk to him again. His reasons, why all this happened lately between them, were quite odd too. Her now ex-boyfriend actually turned to ask her father if he could marry her. At first she couldn't really believe it, but she talked with her mother about it and it was the truth. Besides, Nathan was never the type that lied with such things. Nevertheless, she now knew that her answer to the proposal was definitely no. The other mammoth only wanted to marry her, because someone from his family had become very ill and he has to take care of it. She wondered what her job seemed to be there. Should she just play the loving wife and look after the household? In addition, she must move away from here.

She wouldn't be able to get it over her heart. Not only because of her parents, but here in the city lived everyone of her family and friends. Well, she wasn't yet in her mid-twenties, but going with Nathan alone in a region unknown to her, she wouldn't be able to endure that. The homesickness could grab her already at the arrival of the strange place.

In any case, now everything has been done and she made a good end with her ex-boyfriend. True, they said to stay friends but she doesn't believe the other mammoth would call her in the near future. Of course, she could understand that if he doesn't want to do anything with her anymore. After all, you mostly separate because of this. One simply couldn't bear the nearness of the other any longer. Now that this was cleared up, she felt much better and could look at everything more positively.

And then came the moment with her new problem. But she already had a solution, or at least an approach. Peaches has a little more time this noon and so she thought it would be good to visit her best friend. Firstly, because she never went to this workplace anyway. And secondly, because apologizing from face to face was simply better. If she was lucky, he could even eat something with her somewhere nearby. She would rather like that, than to quickly pray her text down before him. It was pretty stupid to have to apologize for a cause if you not even know why you had done it.

It will go fine, she thought to herself as she entered the building where Louis to her knowledge was working. Everything looked very noble here, but somehow not for archaeology. Well, with her father she doesn't also recognized at first sight what he did when she entered his company for the first time.

She saw a sign with different information, but she has no idea in which area the molehog was active. Maybe she should have asked him more about his job. But she always thought he doesn't want to talk about it. Now she got the knowledge why. Her little friend probably thought he would bore her with it. What was the reason for this otherwise?

However the mammoth shook this off for now, than she couldn't stop and sink into her thoughts here. She was certainly in the wrong place for that. Thus, she stopped the next animal which just walked past her.

“Sorry? Is there such a thing like a information point?" She felt a little stupid. After all, she could have asked the molehog by text, where exactly he worked in this building. But she doesn't want to take any risk that he's forbidding her to come here. It doesn't really sound like her best friend, but lately she found everything possible.  

“Oh, if you are new here, you must go back there." The elderly bear who was standing in front of her, looked up from her cell phone and pointed to a glass door with the words 'information' on it. A little embarrassed Peaches said thank you and her opposite sank quickly in this again with what was on the screen of the small device. If she had not been so preoccupied with herself before, she would surely have noticed this door. However, now it doesn't matter. The animals at the information were quite nice and told her, to which floor she has to go. They couldn't tell exactly in which room Louis was staying, but the mammoth wanted to avoid that they called up and reveal that she was here.

No sooner she has arrived at the right floor, she almost jostled someone. Opposite, a few folders are stacked so high that one couldn't see the face. Peaches bent down immediately after the fallen paper.

“I am sorry. That wasn't really my intention." She explained, as the changing pile finally turned and a really beautiful vixen appeared. She put the folders on a cart and then turned finally to her.

“Are you looking for someone specific?" The mammoth nodded and asked if she knew anyone with the name of her friend. The other animal then pointed to a door that wasn't far away from them.

“Thank you. I wanted to go out with him for lunch. That is when I don't get in the way now.” Peaches doesn't know why she told that a stranger. Probably because she hoped the woman could help her. After all, she also worked here. Then the fox made fleeting a peculiar face, as if something bad was being said. But it flew away as fast as it has come.

“You will not be unwelcome. But knock on his door first. He doesn't like it when you just sneak in." Her conversation partner said with a wink and pushed the cart with the folders around the corner. Now she stood alone in this corridor and went to the workroom.

Be relaxed, but not too put up, she thought, before gently tapping at the right door. There was even the name of the molehog, so she couldn't miss it.

“Come in.” Then she opened the door and she thought she was in the wrong movie when she saw her best friend. The windows here in this office were huge, so much light could shine in here. He sat at a desk and next to the computer, he had also spread some fonts and drawings on the table. Louis wore glasses, which she saw rarely too, although she knew he has one for reading. These serious facial expressions don't fit to the prickly one. Here he doesn't seem to be cute at all, but rather like a grown-up. There was something else she noticed on him, but she couldn't really describe it correctly. It was almost like this confusing dream she had from the alcohol. But she should think of this anymore.

“Do you see, Fio? Knocking isn't that hard and when..” It made Peaches a little nervous that he just stopped talking when he saw her.  

"Hey." She greeted him with a little waving gesture before explaining why she was here.

“Oh right, it must be already after twelve o'clock.” With this he pushed up his glasses and looked at the screen.

“Maybe it's a good idea to eat a real meal.”   

“But only if you really don't mind. I don't want to keep you from work or anything like that.” Shorty she got a puzzled look for that sentence.

“It's really ok. Besides, I wanted to stretch my limbs anyway." To emphasize this, he put his paws up. Then he laid his reading glasses on the desk. Behind the door hung a jacket that Peaches noticed only now because she was still there to marvel at the room.  

Louis must do a really good job that he can work in such an office. That were her thoughts, but at the same time she has no idea of archaeology. She just has to keep it in the back of her head to talk about it in the future. But first, they both have to get behind a difficult issue. Well, it was probably only awkward for her, than her friend seemed like usual.

“The drawing on your table... Did you make it by yourself?” She just has to say something when they both climbed into an elevator. It seemed to her it was to much too quiet here , for that was worked in this building.  

“Oh, I just made that by the way. We found so many parts last year, but unfortunately nothing of it was complete or uninjured. Anyway, I was wondering how one of the items probably looked like before it has suffered like this. Of course, just pure speculation, but perhaps an approach to what it might have belonged and..um, what am I talking about here? It certainly bores you."  

“No, no. After all, I just asked you about it. Besides, it's kind of fascinating to listen to you.” Because it was also somehow rare that he talks almost without a break and so enthusiastically. He was her best friend and now she discovered sides that she has never seen before.

Little suspiciously looked Louis in her face, but when he wanted to add something, they already were down with the elevator. Of course, he knew why his friend was here, because she hasn't said anything more since she just disappeared from his home some time ago. He doesn't really mind that because she said she would have to work. He was much more interested in whether the mammoth has still something of the evening before it in mind.

They sat down in the cafe nearby, even though Peaches was a bit disappointed because he doesn't know a better restaurant. But frankly, he left the building very rarely, if it wasn't the end of the work at the evening. And also, there was a canteen at his workplace. However he couldn't concentrate on it for a long time, because after they had both ordered a cappuccino and small snack, the mammoth came fast to the point.

“I'm sorry. I don't really want it to happen." Maybe she should start like that, to find out what really happened that night because everthing was so confused in her head. She just can't tell what was real and what not. In the dream she has done something with Louis, that would never be acceptable in real life.

"What? That you visit me at work?" He asked jokingly, because he doesn't really like the swing of the mood. She sighed and looked a little insulted at him.  

“No. You know exactly what I mean." Immediately she looked at him apologizing and a bit abashed.

"Even if I was drunk, I wouldn't... I shouldn't have done that." Louis found it strange how his conversation partner reacted, because it was nothing special in her eyes. Or does she remembered everything?

“I was just stupid and Katie too. She shouldn't have delivered me to you."  

"She just wanted to be nice." And he found it better that Peaches landed at his place than with anyone else.  

“If she has drunk a little, thinking isn't really her strength." The mammoth looked out of the window, in order not to have to look at her opposite.  

"I know it wasn't exactly smart of me to drink so much. But I can promise that this will not happen again in the future." Then she looked at the molehog, in order to be able to read in his facial expressions how he saw the situation.

“So, do you forgive me?" Sometimes he wondered what the mammoth could all do to him without him getting angry. Because of course he felt no anger towards her. After all it was just a harmless kiss. Or at least he thought that is the only thing she still knows. He hoped for that.

“Peaches, you haven't done anything bad. Therefore there is nothing I should forgive you." He explained and the service brought the hot drinks. The largest animal waited until they were back left alone before she went on.

“Louis, being friends doesn't mean you have to take everything lightly. If you're angry, you can really say that.”

“I don't get it. Why should I be angry?"

“Well, because...friends just don't do something like that." She doesn't really know how to explain that, because she doesn't even understand what was so wrong about it. Wait! Thought she really just for a moment, it would be fine to get close to friends in this way? No, that was absurd, because Ethan was also something like a friend to her and she would never wanted to kiss or do other things with him. And the guy was a mammoth.

But this doesn't seem to be the problem here. Peaches really thought she had arranged her thoughts. Desperately she sighed softly and held briefly the hands before her eyes. With one of them she then supported her head, while her elbow was on the table and the other just wanted to grab her cup. But then she felt a cautious touch. The prickly one had grabbed her hand with his paws and now looked at her cheerfully.

“Everything is ok between us. Really. Besides, it was even a bit better for me that it has happened to me than to any stranger.” The mammoth wondered whether the little one wasn't clear that he was really lucky. After all, she could have done anything to him with all her strength. Immediately, she had images in her head that weren't supposed to be there. So she nodded a little and finally drank a sip of the cappuccino.  

“You know I'm not such a mammoth who does something like that with everyone." She wasn't sure if she should mention it at all, but somehow she wanted Louis to know that.  

And she doesn't even know why. This meeting suddenly seemed a little pointless to her, but she couldn't pull it up and just stop talking to him. Her mother found the situation harmless. She would like to know from what angle the older mammoth looked down at something like this. Maybe then she wouldn't also have a problem with the whole thing.

"Of course."

“I want to be honest with you. I really don't know what I was thinking." The food was served and she paused again until the waitress was far enough away. Peaches felt relieved that her friend was still sitting with her at the table. But at the same time she wished he were a little more strict.

Forgiveness doesn't mean forgetting at the same time. They should discuss how he felt about it and not pretend that nothing happened.

“At first I thought my life would be all right." This time, she started a little quieter.

“That I really have some happy years with Nathan and that's all about it, forever." As she looked thoughtfully out of the window, Louis turned slightly to his drink. It looked like, his best friend still loved the disappeared mammoth. Unfortunately, he couldn't help her in the matter and that made him a little angry.

"Louis? You're going to spill your cappuccino." He looked at his paw. He has grabbed the handle of the cup unconsciously and held it.

“I'm...just going for little boys." And he got up and went for a toilet. Peaches remained a little puzzled. It seemed to her as if she had said something wrong, than the molehog was staring angrily at the table. Perhaps that was all theater before and he was mad at her. But why did he pretend that everything was all right? Or did it hung together withe the work as an archaeologist? No, he would have been in a bad mood from the start.

“Now you can really tell if you're angry with me." When her friend sat back on his seat, it just came out of her. Probably it helps if she says what she really wants here.

“I shouldn't always burden you with my problems. It is only understandable that you are somehow annoyed by it. So let us..." But he has to interrupt her.

“That's not it. I think it's only mean that Nathan left you so quickly. I mean, you always looked so happy when you told me about him. It was far from fair from him to treat you like that.” Louis broke off when he realized that at the end of the sentence he became louder and louder. Some animals in the room already looked at him.  

It wasn't planned that I make an idiot out of myself before her, he thought. But these thoughts disappeared very quickly when a clenched paw was touched. Surprised, he looked the owner of the hand again in the face.  

“That with Nathan I try to get behind me, because frankly, we never really fit together. We liked to ignore problems in the relationship. Or should I say I did. You shouldn't think too badly of him because I have also contributed much to the separation. For example, I never said that I loved him." A little ashamed, Peaches turned back to her food. She wanted to be honest, but she doesn't expected that from herself. Finally, she doesn't want her best friend to see her in a bad light.

“Because you didn't dare?" She then heard his voice again. The mammoth thought briefly about what to answer, but then she found it good to remain by the truth. Than she could tell anything to Louis. She doesn't want to start having secrets, or even lying to him.

“I think I never said anything because I just haven't loved him."

Meanwhile, Ellie was inspired by all the positive things she could experience with her new task. First she had partly believed more her husband and wanted to stop immediately as soon as it turned out that she wasn't really suitable for the job. But that would come so much encouragement from many animals that she takes up as a candidate, it still surprised her. The voting will only be in a month, but from the idea in this cellar until today happened so much.  

Diego and she had also to expect that they couldn't win. But it was still a great experience, because she learned more about her city, where she lived for so long. Some information can't be approached as a simple citizen. Although it wasn't really their intention to reveal secrets, but this is what happens when you want to keep up with the big animals. But she also knew that the saber-tooth had promised her husband to take care of her. So far, this one doesn't really have to. Than even if female mammoths are often considered to be quiet and inconspicuous, they can also distribute, should it matter.

Nevertheless there was a little inconvenience today. With all the things she has imagined, it wasn't really this. Obviously it was normal for the reporter to eagerly ask questions about everything. But still today's conversation came a little unexpected. In addition, the journalists have firmly bitten themselves downright in the subject. They should have been talking about education and work in the city. Instead they talked for almost half an hour about whether or not she has a deeper relationship with her secretary. Ellie thought they were the longest thirty minutes of her life. How could you lengthen a short period of time like this?

“Sooner or later this would have happened anyway.” The saber took the word when he came to their office and brought some coffee. After the conversation with these animals, which were so eager for any information, finally came to an end, Diego disappeared as soon as the reporters were out of sight.

“Do you think so?" The mammoth couldn't even look at him because she thought that thing here was a little uncomfortable. Still, these animals out there were somehow right. She preached that in this city some rules and laws were simply too strict. At the same time, she doesn't have a plausible answer as to why she couldn't fall in love with her secretary. She couldn't just say because he was a saber tooth. The title page of tomorrow occurred already in her mind.

“Hey, that's no reason for despair now. I mean, what has our love life to do with the candidacy?” Then she raised an eyebrow and looked at him a little skeptically.

“Did you really wanted to say that?"

“We were lucky that I didn't mention anything like that before." Meant the tiger a little embarrassed, scratching his head briefly. For him, the whole thing was less surprising, but he doesn't thought that the public would ignore the relations between them and simply struck them as a suitable couple. He seemed certain it had to do with it, that Ellie was advocating carnivore in the city. The opponents now began to use their weapons to look for weaknesses.

“No, we shouldn't let that stop us!" Declared she determining and hit lightly on the table, that the coffee cups wiggled. There will always be gossip and they can't change that.  

“I agree. If there is such a saying again, we will simply explain that it wasn't meant to be like it and that is why we are only working together."  

"This suggest somehow a bit that we had something with each other in the past." Defensively the saber tooth raised his paws. He hasn't meant it this way. At least it doesn't sounded like that in his head.

Ellie stared at him for a moment before she smiled and reached across the table to crawl her secretary over her head.

"You're not going to be embarrassed?" She teased him as she sat back on her chair.

“I...uhm." She laughed really now, because that was already a rare sight. Normally, she knew something like that from Manny when they had met freshly. Somehow flattering that she managed to get that out of other men too.  

"It was just a joke, Diego. When I start to flirt with you at work, then Shira will surely serve mammoth stew for dinner as soon as she hears of it."

"Stew?" Diego was a little confused. They were first imputed an affair, and now they talked about strange cooking recipes. Not exactly as he has planned his day.

“I don't know also what you can cook from us. Recently I saw in the TV..” He has to tell Manfred that this must block the channel with the brutal criminal cases. Ellie watches this a bit too often.

“But back to the important things. Your statement of earlier would nevertheless also confirm that different species with different habits wouldn't get along.” The saber-tooth also tried to concentrate quickly on the significant things. So he took out his mobile phone to plan the remaining appointments better. Journalists rarely helped each other, but when it goes around that romantic relationships between different animal species could be their weak point, then the topic got certainly still more frequently taken up.

“That's true, but before we worked together, we were both forgiven. Do the animals of today have no respect for traditional values? But the more sensational the story, the better, right? Maybe we should also.." But the mammoth stopped him there fast.

“Definitely not. I will not condescend me to this level and think up lies about our competitors." Perhaps Manny got it a little right and his wife was too good for this work, Diego thought. At the same time, he doesn't want Ellie to go home with disappointments.  

“Because we don't have to. I found some interesting info on the web last night.” She announced with a grin and pushed the screen of her mobile phone to the sabers face. Well, she wasn't that much of an angel, he thought and smiled a little when he read the first article.

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