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„Well, he's nice." Peaches had finally made it, that Nathan meets her best friend. Nevertheless, the evening doesn't go out the way she has hoped. The boys haven't quarreled or anything, but she could say that something was in the air.  

Perhaps the work made her boyfriend tired today and this hasn't mention it, because they would have to cancel the meeting again. Of course she always came over with clever excuses or she doesn't even said something to the molehog because it doesn't work out anyway.

But finally it has happened. Eventually she also would like to hear the opinion of Louis about her relationship partner. She doesn't really know why and perhaps the matter seems a bit weird, but it has always been important to her what the spined one thought.

On the other hoof, her best friend wouldn't also point to anyone and declare that this animal was bad for her. Sometimes there are even moments with him that made her wonder. There came questions up in her mind that she never has spoken aloud. Perhaps that was just better this way.

"Nice?" She asked the other mammoth. At the same time she went to the dishes, which remained from the movie night. Quickly she should forget the emerging thoughts.  

“I'm honest, I haven't expected he would be like that." She was really a little confused now. How has her boyfriend, imagined Louis?

“What do you mean?" The molehog was already gone since an hour ago. He said it was getting late and he doesn't wants to strain their nerves for too long. The time told, it was only ten minutes past eleven. Before, when they were both single, they have sometimes taken the whole night to go through video games or movies. Now they were going to be adults. Honestly her little friend would never be a burden to her, no matter how long he stayed. But Nathan also lived here, so that would maybe be rude to him.

"You have indeed told much about him, but you never mentioned that he is a hedgehog.” He was only half correct, but she took it not so exact right now. The tone of male mammoth made her still to look up from the dishes.

“And I should have necessarily mention it because?"

"I just thought he would be more like your father. Because he's frequently takes care of you. Same way like the injury on the beach." The molehog has just wrapped a bandage around her arm. She doesn't know that recently this was a crime. When she thought about it she grinned briefly at the plates, so that the other couldn't see it. Louis was shorter than her and yet he sometimes behaved like the big brother.

"I don't really know what you want to hear from me. Do you make it a reproach to him that he is helpful or what?"

“No, of course not. I'm glad that you're in good paws when I'm not around." She wondered whether her opponent found it funny, that her best friend wasn't tall as her. If so, she would be angry. No matter how much she likes Nathan, this couldn't just make fun of her friends. After all, she doesn't do it vice versa.


"He isn't a mammoth." Nathan was in fact afraid all the time that their relationship would break when the 'best boyfriend' returns from his trip. Perhaps Peaches really doesn't noticed it but sometimes she spoke continuously of the guy and her parents were no better there. Apart from her father. This showed really rare when he liked someone, but he always hung out with this saber tooth and a sloth. Admittedly, there were stranger things.

And of course he doesn't like it when his girlfriend was unhappy because she missed this Louis. But at the beginning he wasn't thinking that the two were so close friends. It could also be that he doesn't know anyone for so long. In his eyes, also should become the woman on your side the best friend.

As then the long-awaited meeting came, he couldn't just simply go with her because he doesn't wanted to play the third wheel. If he was honest, he thought that she was using that night to betray him and that within the next few days such sentences would fall like 'that with us works no more' or simply ' I kick you out of here'.  When he ever uttered that out loud, it would also be a reason to break up, he was sure.  Because Peaches was someone to be trusted. Nevertheless, he tried to avoid it repeatedly to meet this Louis, because he has expected a handsome mammoth and not a little prickly something. Now his girlfriend has to force him almost to a shared evening, which was actually ok.

"What?" She took him out of his thoughts, where he hoped that they were unreadable. Short he got a half angry, half thoughtfully glance.

"No. It's not like that. I wasn't thinking.."

"So you don't thought that something like a competitive struggle takes place here?" Nothing could help him here, he has to give up because he also doesn't want to be ignored for the rest of the weekend.  

“You are right. But you have to admit, a little jealousy is allowed with your enthusiasm.” She rolled her eyes and threw the dish towel in his face.

"In a fight would Louis win anyway." Peaches grinned at him as he pulled the cloth down again.  

“Because you would help him?"

"That maybe too, but think about how long he knows me already. Thus he knows some weaknesses of us mammoths." Nathan hasn't really thought on this and maybe he should simply be happy that everything had gone well. At least until now. But he shouldn't think of the difficult things that are before him.

"I know some weaknesses of you." He began to tease her, tossed the dish towel aside and was about to tickle his girlfriend. Smiling, she pushed him away from her.

“No. For the thing before, you dry the dishes. I'm going to take a shower now."

“All right. But after that I allowed to dry you up." Peaches gave him no answer, only winked at him before she disappeared to the bathroom.

He sighed and then went nevertheless to the dishes. Still he couldn't think of how he should ask his girlfriend if she wants to be his wife. He had the ring already in his pocket for some time. Rather, the good piece was by his workplace, so that the other mammoth couldn't find it here. Even if Peaches always claimed to be rather lazy in housework, you never found dust anywhere here. Or she always ordered secretly someone here when he wasn't at home. Curiously, the two women in his imagination were not really cleaning the apartment. But he shook it off for now, so he doesn't drop any of the glasses.  

Also the talk with Manny or Manfred he has brought behind him and got an agreement. That wasn't really easy. He himself was a mammoth and the same size as Peaches father. If not even a bit taller. Nevertheless, he found it hard to address the old men with the first name. His wife was there quite different and sometimes he really wondered how the two had found each other. But that shouldn't be his problem. After all, he would just marry Peaches and not her parents.

Perhaps he really should make another meeting with just Louis alone. If he was the best friend, then he will surely know how to make the female mammoth happy. Of course, he could also ask the female friends for help, but he wasn't so sure if they can keep their mouths shut. If he has to be honest, he was glad that he has a girlfriend on the side that doesn't want to do such girly nights constantly. One of his buddies has captured one of this and the woman went out without the poor guy at least three times a week. For such things, he would be too jealous.

When he finally was done with all the dishes, he threw the towel carelessly aside and ran to the bathroom with a grin. That unfortunately was empty, then he was so preoccupied with his thoughts he doesn't noticed that Peaches already went to bed.

But he was lucky and she was still awake, because when he cuddled to her in the bed, she already wrapped her arms around him. Now, of course, he wondered if she wanted also more. And she smelled so nice that he would accept almost everything. Even if he just should be sitting next to her and only touching himself, he could do it. He started to stroke hair strands from her face and she opened her eyes to give him a knowing look.

"I just took a shower." Peaches simply turned away after that sentence. But the male mammoth wouldn't give up so quickly, because earlier he had looked forward to a scene in the bathroom, which also awakened another part of his body. So he pressed his hip close to his girlfriend, so she knew what she has done to him. At the same time, he wrapped his arms around the female, so that he could massage her breasts.

"Nathan." For him it sounded more like a groan than an exhortation. So he moved his abdomen, so the thing that gets harder rubbed good against her back. Quickly, he slipped under her top with one hand so that he could touch her properly. The other was already going down between her legs.

"Wait." Said Peaches, because the hot thing at her butt, slowly became troublesome.

"Come on, get up, I don't want to change the duvet cover afterwards." She announced and rose up. Nathan doesn't need to hear that twice when she took off her shirt. They don't need light in here. There were enough lights from the outside.

She just wanted to go to him, but he had his pants down faster than she liked. And before anything could happen, he pushed her against the wall. She had once hoped for a little romantic tenderness, but she probably had no luck with the guys for something like that. But her boyfriend could also be nice if they had no sex and so it wasn't really that important now.

She doesn't have time to think further, then he already pulled down her hot pants and pushed his hot thing between her thighs. So only her labia were rubbing against him as he moved back and forth.

"Only that wouldn't be enough." She grinned, but doesn't help much either, except that she touched his tip.

"Peaches." He warned her with a deep voice, but she only teased him more. She just pushed her labia apart, so he rubbed a bit on her clit as he pushed forward. Abruptly, she realized that he wasn't just starting to knead her buttocks. He also drove in between to find a particular place. As he touched her rear opening, it made her a little hotter. She wanted it on one hand because she doesn't do it for the first time and it feels good. But her boyfriend doesn't seem to be in the mood for slow at the moment and that could be a problem.

Peaches couldn't say anything, because she already had two fingers in her mouth. This meant he wanted to do it in that way. It is best to wait until something happens that she doesn't like, because up to now she found everything good. And so she began to wet his fingers and suck.

"Yeah, you're good. So greedy. Maybe you want to use your sweet mouth here?" To take Nathan's manhood into her mouth wasn't really a pleasure for her. It wasn't her boyfriend's fault. Mammoths were just very well stocked and there could quickly be inconveniences, if one blows them.

But both of them lay more quickly on the ground than she would liked. In front of her face, she had the hard thing that looked really enormous from the point of view and she wondered how this fit into her at all. Nathan's fingers were so fast back on her butt that she almost accidentally rammed her tusks into his side. He bent a leg from her so he could see everything better. She tried to do her job, but that wasn't easy with what her partner was doing. Above all, he wasn't gently moving forward, but somehow it had to please her body, because she realized that she became more and more wet.

"Go on." She groaned, but he only rose and she could see him grin in the dark. She assumed, now came the rather unpleasant part. Although she tried to fondle herself, but alone she doesn't manage to bring herself to orgasm. But he still took the lubricant out of the closet and then worked on her with his fingers again. Unfortunately again not enough that she came, because shortly before the climax he withdrew again and distributed enough lubricant on his hard thing. Nathan then lost no time and penetrated from behind slowly into her. At first it felt as good as ever, but the last piece made her so weak, because he couldn't reach so far with his fingers before. Then he slowly withdrew and pushed back into her. He repeated this only a few times more cautiously before it went faster and harder.

The whole thing doesn't really gave Peaches pain, but still she lay half-whimpering in front of him on the ground. Except for her hip, which he held up to push into her.

"Do you feel how deeply I am in you? Yes, you take me so well." Finally the exciting tingling began in her abdomen and she would love to touch herself, but at the same time she has to withstand his violent pounding. She felt that his member was beginning to pulsate. That meant he couldn't stand it any longer.

"Here comes the good stuff!" This came more hot from his throat and she noticed how the twitching thing let out the hot seed in her.

"So much.." She was actually used to it, but it was different every time. After he groaned again in her ear and gave her his last load, he simply dropped onto her. But he turned to the side quickly, so that his whole weight wasn't on her.

"Of course I don't forget you." Suddenly Nathan pulled her back with the trunk on her neck so he could grip her with the free hands somewhere else. One hand went to one breast and the other to the bottom.

"Wait, I... I want.." She felt a little overwhelmed, because she still had his soft going thing in her and he wanted to stimulate her up to orgasm. Only the male mammoth wanted to get it over quickly.

"I can.. ah." She wanted to stop him from touching her so roughly, but after anal she always felt so weak and abruptly her body quivered violently. Orgasm took place, but whether it really was relieving, she doesn't want to question it now.

"Now we both have to shower again." Finally he withdrew from her. She just nodded and let him help her into the bathroom. At least she could sleep well after this exertion. She wouldn't clean the floor until tomorrow. Or Nathan himself saw what he had done and did it himself. But she doubted it.

“Now don't be a grouch. With us you can go at least in here." Said Crash to Sid because the possums thought it would be a good idea to bring her troubled friend to a strip club. Actually Eddie wasn't really up for it, because he had an argument with Lorene in the afternoon today. The skunk mother claimed it would be his fault if her daughter gets on the wrong track in life. What went through the head of this woman? Finally he wasn't the father. Thus he denied the allegations immediately, because he saw the girl no longer since the trip to the beach.   

Perhaps Ruby had finally met friends at her age. Or even a good-looking young man. Finally she slowly came to the age when one starts to be interested in some other things. Then he thought for a moment. Maybe the alcohol was to blame, but he couldn't remember now how old the young skunk was.

“Brother, what are you pulling that face for? You could frighten someone away with it. Come on guys, we get there in the corner. From there you have a good view over the whole place.”  

“Doesn't sound like you're been here before." Noticed Sid and doubted that this was something for his age. All the women looked so young or they had really good makeup. But by this light conditions his eyes could also be fooled.  

"Is always so dark in here?"

“Now sit down, both of you, stop nagging and tell the nice lady here what you want to drink. It's on me." Eddie rolled his eyes, because he hasn't much from the offer then they're living from the same money. Nevertheless, he doesn't complain and tried to enjoy the evening. Perhaps he even managed to find someone acceptable here, with which he could have a bit of other fun. Or he just gets drunk and looks at the beauties they offer here.  

The music became also a little better later and so he decided to wander a bit to the dance floor. Simply sitting in his chair, drinking and gawking, was too boring for him. His companions haven't even noticed that he crept away, although he called something to his brother. This was probably too busy to persuade a lady, while Sid had probably been drinking too much, because that stare from him was scary even for this place.

The further he pushed his way through all the other animals, the less clothes wore all around him. You can't see everything that well from this corner over there, here he has a much better view. Although he heard the word strip club earlier, but he was sure some couples were doing more than just putting the clothes off.  

Suddenly the possum thought he saw someone familiar in the crowd. He shook his head to avert his eyes, because his brain played tricks with him or something similar. Surely he wasn't really that drunk, but it could also be the heat that made him slowly tired.  

So he searched the toilet, to splash a little water on his face. Although it helps a little, but he still couldn't see more clearly as he walked to the dance floor again. He even pondered a moment, what he wanted here. His stomach began to rebel and he quickly ran back to where he just came from to vomit.

Oddly, Eddie couldn't remember to have eaten something that he can't tolerate now. Again he threw water on his face and that until this felt cooler. Probably the mayonnaise on the sandwich wasn't fresh anymore, he thought as he remembered only his evening snack, which was to blame for his current discomfort. But this had to be out now, but the strange feeling doesn't subside.  

Again, among other animals, it all seemed more like a slow silent film. Although he still heard the music, but it somehow was quite far away. The flickering lights are becoming less and also the dancers and otherwise employed gradually disappeared from the area. A spotlight was cast on a curtain, because apparently a real show has been necessary now. However, he couldn't look for long, because he found the light too dazzling. So he thought it would be better to go back to his brother and the sloth.

If he only knew where the two sat. Except for a few flashing lights, which were probably cellphones, he could hardly see. Eddie should seriously ask in the bar what they mix in their drinks. Because his first drink wasn't so strong. Actually, he wanted to stick with something easy so he can look around for company.

After an eternity, he found what he sought. Sighing, he flopped down on this square large pillow. Now where he was able to hang around here, he was feeling a little better. Even though his body felt a little numb.

“Dude, where have you been for nearly two hours?" Why spoke Crash so loud? He was sitting right next to him. So there was no reason to yell like that.

"Dancing." He answered only and couldn't believe that he really was so long away. Now he also noticed that his brother has an odd expression on the face. And it wasn't the one that he could see when he played the other possum a prank. It was more the something-really-sick-goes-on-here-glance.  

His opposite formed more words, but the meaning doesn't quite reached him. Maybe his eyes could help him now. So he turned to Sid. This seemed somehow bewildered but that sloth doesn't looked over here, but forward. Then he remembered that there was a show running. Maybe the light wasn't as bright anymore and he could also look now. So he blinked a few times, then it actually worked.

"Drink." He then said dry, because his throat felt as if any moisture disappeared from it. His brother was already on the spot and handed him a glass in the paw. He was a little glad that it was only water. On the other side he would have liked something strong, because his imagination played him just a very stupid prank. But it doesn't matter how many times he closed his eyes and opened them again, the image on the dance floor doesn't change. There just were three young women which should probably heat up the store with some live music. Two girls played instruments and he thought it was a big fiddle thing and a flute. But he wasn't an expert. Rather, he was interested in the lady who stands in the front and sang. Because she was a well-known young skunk. Abruptly he forgot his discomfort and stood up again. I doesn't matter if he has claimed he wouldn't be the father, someone has to drum a few serious words into this girl. A moment later, he was surprised because normally he doesn't have those things in his mind.

“What are you doing now?" Came it more clearly from Sid, but he wasn't really listening.

"Brother don't do anything stupid!" Cried Crash and still tried to hold him back. But he pushed away the appendage and went ahead to the singer, who was actually too young for here. She should be in bed at home and learn in the morning or whenever school starts today. Lorene said he was a bad example. Now he wondered what she was for a mother when she doesn't even noticed that her daughter did such things at night.

But that doesn't matter now, he first has to bring the girl out of here and put more clothes on her. For shame any kind was no time. Besides, he asked himself why he still has such a feeling, but he should be really more angry. It was strange that his anger made him sober somehow, than he doesn't even wavered until the envisaged target.   

“Young lady!" He began furious and when she saw him, she had the same shocked face as he previously. But she shouldn't probably be appalled by the fact that a grown man like him visited such stores. She backed away when he was just about to grab her. Too bad that in front of the dance floor was a small step that he could previously mastered, but now totally overlooked. So quickly followed that he kissed the ground. The anger and the adrenaline rush from before disappeared so quickly. Suddenly his body was glad that he lay on floor because everything turned itself off.

"Eddie, is something wrong?" He still heard the slightly panicked voice from Ruby before everything went black.

When he opened his eyes again, he sat right in front of the dance floor, but no one was here anymore. Everything seems deserted. He wondered if this was a trick from his brother again. But then reappeared this headlamp which threw light on a curtain. Music and a voice rang out. Without thinking about it, he now knew what awaited him. The skunk girl stepped forward and began to sing her song.  

He has to admit that her voice was pleasant. But why she has to start a career at such a place? At least no one else was staring at her and she now wore more clothing. Once the thought was finished, she slowly began to come to him and dropped her cover.  

“Do you like what you see?" She inquired with a teasing smile.

“No. Certainly not and now put the shirt back on!" But she ignored him and came closer. Eddie shouldn't endure this longer. So he searched for his cell phone to call Lorene. This one went clearly too far. Unfortunately, he doesn't found the stupid thing. Had he lost it somewhere again?

While he wanted to get up, to start the search for it, he noticed that this wasn't possible. His disobedient body simply doesn't move from the spot. By looking around for help, Ruby came back into his gaze. She stood only a step away from him and the only thing she still wore was her underwear. He swallowed and forced himself to close his eyes. This here doesn't really happened, he repeated again and again in his mind, because it couldn't be the reality. Ruby was young and innocent. She would never voluntarily put such things on that made her look like so female. His own thoughts got more confusing.

“Stop lying to yourself and come here." She demanded from him now but he shook his head violently.

“I don't think so. Who are you that you have the impression you can boss me around?” But his tone doesn't deter her in the slightest. She came unasked ever closer, until she was standing right in front of him and leaned forward. Grinning, he was looked at and he felt her breath on his face. Apparently she wanted to whisper something to him. It was too quiet, because he doesn't understand it the first time. If this was something perverted, then he doesn't really want to know it. Unfortunately, he still doesn't know how he managed to escape from the bizarre scene. Maybe it was all just a stupid dream, because his subconscious wants to tell him something.

"Eddie, wake up." That made really no sense to him and suddenly she shook him. This became stronger, he wanted to say she should quit it.

“Paws off!" But his opponent was suddenly no longer Ruby, but Crash. He was no longer in his place in the club. Much more he lay with his head on something warm. Short he rubbed his eyes and hoped that this strange show was finally over and he had just overslept. When he looked up he saw the skunk girl again. This even had a worried face on. Or he was imagining that. Thus he sat up in a hurry than he lay on her lap. Curiously, he doesn't want and couldn't look at Ruby right now. She certainly knew nothing from his dream, yet he was embarrassed, because the images were still in his head.

"Are you all right?"

"I'll be when your mother picks you up from here."

"What? You can't do that!" And she dared even to hold him by the arm, but he shook her off in a cold way.

“And if I can. I've already tipped her number in.” Threw he furiously into the room and walked to the door to go out.    

After that, everything went relatively quickly. He was shouted at from two skunks and the two were arguing with each other. It was really not his business but the stuff in his body made that he also mentioned some arguments to this talk.

One thing led to another quickly. In this case, the word boarding school led to a short silence. Actually, he was sure that he said military school, but Lorene probably knew better what she has to do here. Then came a little cruel thing from which he had to turn away immediately, because he hated it and doesn't even know why. Ruby began to cry quietly.

Unfortunately, everything went not as planned, because normally she calmed down eventually. Not this time. The girl suddenly began to tell in front of her mother what she thought about him. Probably she got also something into the drink. At least he thought so. Before Lorene could mention something or attack him, Ruby got to an an end with her speech so that she cried out loud with a almost broken voice, that she hated him.

So these were all the details, which he still remembered, because he was now finally in his bed. However sleep wouldn't catch up so easily with him. And he was really tired and finished from all that. But he should see the evening from the positive side. Someone certainly had put something secretly into his glass because this one wanted to take him away literally. Today he wouldn't even been picky.

Elsewhere two mammoths slept comfortably in their bed. Manny was lying down later because there came an old action movie in the Tv, which he hasn't seen in a long time. In addition, he probably shouldn't have eaten so much chips, because it let him burp repeatedly now. What caused that his wife offered only her back to cuddle because she doesn't like the smell of onions. But with the things he could brush his teeth as often as he wanted, the smell still rose from his throat. The male mammoth was sure that Ellie would throw that stuff tomorrow even in the garbage, just so he doesn't took it in anymore in the evenings. He couldn't help it that they made them so delicious.

Abruptly, he heard a noise and he let out a irritated sounded growl because he was just before falling asleep. It was a cell phone that rang here in the middle of the night and became louder. He doesn't even thought about to make a move now. The mammoth next to him couldn't simply let the thing alone. Because that was Ellie's device anyway and this reached after it. Apparently she was asleep solid, because it took her a while to see and understand what the display showed.

"We have to get up." She explained then with a slight smile and sat up.

"Why now? No matter what it is, it can wait until tomorrow." But his wife moved already the blanket away from him.

“Diego wrote that their child is just in a hurry to come to the world."  

“Has he written it with an exclamation mark?" Ellie doesn't really listened because she was in the bathroom, which was one room further, to freshen herself up.  

“If he has what? Is this again an in-joke among you men? Anyhow it doesn't matter to me now. Stand up already!"  

“3:35. So it's probably going to be a morning animal just like the mom." He talked to himself because his wife couldn't hear it anyway. But whining wouldn't help now, his saber-tooth pal was there for him, when Peaches was born and he will return this favor. He has even found a shirt, only the pants doesn't quite fit him. Has he gained weight last night and instantly a few pounds?

“Are you already out of the bed? I'll make a strong coffee." She grinned and then remained still in the doorway. Also she turned the light on what he really wanted to avoid. Until now, the brightness of the bathroom was enough to find something here.


"I knew that you like the floral pattern." She jokingly pointed downwards. Manny looked in the same direction to see what was so funny about him. Then he was also aware of why he couldn't put on his pants, because in the dark he tried to get Ellie's skirt over his hips. Luckily he could drop the garment fast enough before his wife even had the idea to make a photo with the mobile phone. But she kept herself no longer busy with him and was the first who goes down. Probably in order to provide the promised hot drink and some breakfast.  

When Manfred finally reached the bottom, the other mammoth held out already a plastic box and a thermal flask. Also Ellie has the car keys with her and he got no more time for anything else, because he was already pushed out the door. She sat quickly on the driver's side, but he needed first to adjust the seat because otherwise he wouldn't fit in. He noted that he got a annoyed look.
“If we are not there in time, the baby will certainly forgive us." He told her while he finally got in. While his wife stepped on the gas pedal, he remembered why he let her drive so rare when they were traveling together.  

At least his cup had a lid on it, otherwise the hot broth would have landed determined in his lap. That would indeed have made him awake, but he preferred the usual alternative. He sipped a little of the coffee, then opened the box. At least it was worth once to stand up for this food, because he got sweet and savory muffins served for breakfast.

“Your backing is one reason why I could never part from you." He bit with relish in a blueberry muffin.

"I love you too, honey." She said, because she knew he only made fun. Because she knew his sense of humor for years.

"Would you like one?" There were eight of them, but only when he saw the last two, he remembered to offer his wife some. But the things were just too small for a mammoth stomach.  

“No thanks. I have eaten some at home, while you went through my clothes closet to think about what you could put on." The car stopped at a traffic light.  

“Just wait you.." He began to tease his wife a little for this sentence, by tickling her from the side.  
"Stop it, Manny." She laughed and pushed his hooves aside again.

“I don't think that the insurance takes it, if we have an accident because you had to sexually molest me."  

“So you're lucky that we sit in the car. Otherwise I would certainly have attacked you." Ellie waved him off smiling before she focused back on the road.  

"Again a red light." After twenty minutes, the driver looked slightly annoyed by the flashing traffic signs. Manny stroked her short over the thigh to calm her down after he drank his last sip of the stimulant.  

“Take it easy. Should the child already be born when we arrive, you can still see it anyway.”

“I know, but I'm a little worried. Shira has namely told me that the doctors said that a pregnancy at her age isn't always harmless. She doesn't really wanted to hide it from Diego, but she also couldn't burden him further."

“You've also noticed that he is a bit under high voltage lately." She nodded, but doesn't looked away from the road.

“Everything will be fine. And every father goes a bit nervous and mad the first time. Diego couldn't  certainly do it worse than me." He took her hooves in his to hold it as long until the traffic light showed green again.

“Let us arrive first. I'm sure we will find nothing more than a big cat which plucked his fur." A nod followed from the driver and then silence came between them. The male mammoth found it not good, when his wife got too many worry lines, something like that was always his thing.

“So..uhm, because you have a special bond with our daughter as a wife, I wanted to know whether you noticed something on her." At least that was a change of subject, but he couldn't quite put his thoughts openly, because he hasn't told Ellie much from the man-to-man conversation. Of course, it was clear to him that she will be over the moon when Peaches marries. But a little something in his head told him there was a thing that he had overlooked. The women also have their secrets, which he doesn't necessarily have to know.

However, now he has to play a guessing game why Nathan wanted to marry his daughter in such a hurry. Whereby the guy doesn't want to bring it over the stage that quickly because Peaches still hasn't told them such news. Or has she even declined the proposal? But he also would have heard that from Ellie.  

“Manny although we are her parents, but if she still wants a new piercing or tattoo, then we can't forbid that anymore."

“No, I was going rather in a different direction there." Nevertheless, he wondered just what his partner meant by another one. The only thing he found acceptable, are earrings. Manfred shook his head, because he shouldn't discuss that now.

“We especially can't forbid her such piercings and I have also read that it.."  

“Stop that! Don't speak of that anymore!" If there is something that he never wanted to hear, it was the word coitus and his daughter in one sentence. His girl was innocent and would never do such things.

Ellie rolled her eyes, because she has forgotten that her husband still lives behind the moon by such subjects. Nevertheless, it still wasn't clear to her what he just wants to know now.

“What do you mean then?" When her passenger had calmed down and took the hooves from his ears, she tried it again. Also she heard even how he briefly breathed in and out. Since that it was almost clear, that it seemed again to be one of those matters that he too overvalued.

The trip would still take at least ten minutes anyway and so they might get faster over the time. Moreover Ellie was sure she would get handed a few sedative voluntarily when she entered the hospital with a raging mammoth.

“Is the stork knocking on our daughters door?" Manny inquired seriously from her but she couldn't help but burst out laughing. First was assumed that she wants a child and now Peaches was the next one in the line.  

Or does Nathan wanted to talk with her husband exactly because this needed some advice about this news? Her good mood passed away at that thought because the two young mammoths were  standing just at the position where they had to decide whether to stay together or separate. In relationships there comes the point when you know each other well enough and also went through some difficult things. Then one begins to ask, if they would like to stay longer with this partner or perhaps share the whole life with them.

Although she doesn't know what was going on in Nathan's head, but she was sure her daughter has such thoughts at the moment. That could explain why Peaches wasn't so talkative by their last calls.

"Ellie?" The mode of thinking from her man totally was on her already too, yet she should answer truthfully.

"I don't know."

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