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"This is so great! I mean, it's kind of good that we can enjoy a little variety with all this.." But the sloth was interrupted by his companion.

"Sid you don't have to feel guilty because you have a little fun here. I am well aware that you are also worried. After the last days, we have all deserved a bit of a change. I know it's not so easy to enjoy a break after what happened." But if we don't do this from time to time, we're all get at our ends fast. This last sentence, Ruby thought just for herself, because it was obvious. After these words, the music quickly became louder again in this hall, and she instructed the others to look forward again. Normally the young skunk was not the type to cheer others up, but everyone had to go through it once.

Perhaps she also takes the opportunity to get away from her mother and the whole drama. At least one evening. Slowly it began to be depressing and they can't run forever with hanging heads through the area. Peaches and Shira certainly wouldn't want that. And so she volunteered to accompany the sloth to the concert. All the others didn't want to. She found it unfair to get mad at Sid because he allowed himself to do something like this at that time. Ellie herself also said he shouldn't waste the tickets. But it was obvious to Ruby that she wasn't really keen to loud music now. For her it was unfamiliar to see the mammoth mother sad. Everyone who had only a little bit of a heart would never dare to hurt this woman in any way.

Yet it happened and parents who the child got stolen couldn't be consoled. Yes, Diego also lost his wife, but with him the feeling was a little different. She felt that he missed the tigress. Still, he tried to shut it all down as soon as the little saber was near. A bit she was afraid to stay near the tiger or the mammoths. She was used to be the pertly brat before. But now she doesn't dare to say anything because she was afraid to come over tactless. She wouldn't want to torture anybody with her impertinent mouth, and so she usually wasn't saying much, even if you asked her something.

Though her mother was a bit surprised at her actions as she pushed herself to the forefront and grabbed the second ticket for the music event. At first she saw how her guardian was already taking breath to protest against it, but then nothing happened. It was only said that a sloth would lose his fur if something happened to her. Ruby rolled her eyes at such moments and would like to point to her age. Finally, she was eighteen years old now, even if she couldn't celebrate it. It was clear to the girl that her mother wanted to avoid losing her too, but she couldn't always stay at home because of the abduction.

It was strange that she can think better about all that with the loud music than when it was quieter around her. The singer herself doesn't really hit the taste of her ears, but it wasn't sounding unacceptable either. A little like what was on the radio. For a while you could bear it, and if she could make it to cheer up at least one animal from the group, she would be able to sleep a bit better tonight.

Should it really come to that Peaches and Shira couldn't be found, no matter in which condition, they had to lead all their lives somehow. Even she doesn't quite know what her plans were. Before this terrible event, she almost had clear goals for the future. At least she knew what she wanted to do next year. She also wanted to get her feelings under control. In this predicament, she no longer knew what to do. Eddie seems to her more unapproachable with every day. Of course, he still talked to her when it had to be, but she felt strange around him. The word, unwelcome, is perhaps the best for this behavior, and nothing of it was expressed by the possum itself. Before the whole thing, he always said how much her presence was getting on his nerves. But now nothing of the sort came out. It might sound funny if she ever talks to anyone about it, but he started to act something like nice to her. But not in the way that Ruby wanted, but rather like an adult who was worried about a child. Exactly this became less and less with time, but it came back with the kidnapping. Now she was again the young skunk, that might also disappear at any time as soon as one left their eyes from her.

She wondered if Eddie had tried to change her mother's mind about this trip. But it shouldn't be important to her now, than she was already at the concert. And she's going to be able not to think of the chaos for one evening. Finally, she demanded the same from her companion. He too was still holding back and almost looked as if he was crying.

Ruby then got to know that it was probably due to the music. Each singer probably had such songs in the pocket. Yes, it wasn't easy to be left behind and beat around with all the emotions alone. Damn, she thought with a trembling mouth. Why did the song have to match her situation so appropriately? It doesn't matter to her that her birthday wasn't celebrated because of the unsightly situation, but to have no one to talk at all, pulls you really down. The sad beat and these song lyrics don't make it any better. Sid handed her a handkerchief that was relatively clean. She just doesn't care at all about anything and accepted it without a word. As she looked down, she saw a lighter on the ground. Some of the others around already held up similar lights and so she did too, while the tears weren't stopping to run down her face.

Maybe she just needed that and everyone else will think she found the music so moving. It was getting darker anyway, so she probably no one saw her. Except the sloth next to her that also cried like a baby and wasn't fast enough to wipe the face dry. She had the apprehension that his outbursts wasn't coming from the music too. Yet she wouldn't exhort him now to pull himself together.

So it took a while for them to calm down. Even as happy songs were sung, their eyes were still wet.

"I'm going to make myself a little fresh." She explained dryly and was about to leave, but Sid held her tightly.

"Wait! I'll come with you." Irritated, she looked at him.

"You know I'm going to the ladies room?"

"Uh, yeah. But let me go to the door with you at least. With the crowd here, you can lose yourself easily." She blinked in surprise, but then nodded, because they could indeed lose each other here. But not like her companion thought. In her opinion, this would get lost, not vice versa.

"So? Do you now want to go to powder your nose or something?" She asked him a bit quipping after she came back to the larger animal.

"Oh, I did that when you were in there. I don't need an extra room." The skunk sighed and hoped, he meant only his face.

"But now we must hurry."

"What? So we get home in time?"

"Oh no. I also have backstage passes with the cards." She heard this for the first time. Or previously it escaped the sloth too. She doesn't reply much, except for a shoulder shrug, and followed the other. Finally, she should be glad that the evening wasn't yet over.

It wasn't long before they both ran behind the stage. Just before, as the show was still running, there were two bulldozers that belonged to the species Rhinoceros. She was sure that if they ran in these two gentlemen, they would surely ignore their passports. Finally, crazy fans near the stars are more work for the security types. Sid was still holding back, but he could really be a pawful in the wrong moments.

"Brooke!" The sloth now roared into the fourth door and she wondered why no one had heard that yet. Probably the other one thought, he immediately found a door with the singer's name. Apparently there was no time for this in the preparations.

"Hello? I really don't want to disturb you, but I am your biggest.." Her companion broke off and dropped the flowers, where Ruby already asked herself where they came from. Curiously, she opened the door completely to see also what made the other speechless.

"Ok, of all things you are expecting in a wardrobe, you certainly don't think of such a thing." Now the skunk also thought a little baffled. The frightened artist hurried to the door to close it.

"You must not tell anyone about it. Please, because when that comes out, I can't go out and sing anymore." The singer with the name Brooke said scared, who was much older than she had been on stage. The youngest in the round thought that the woman was probably older than her mother. She could even be older than Manny. At least she always thought that he had to be the oldest in the crazy gang, with his behavior.

"But how? Why? Where?" Of course, the male sloth doesn't quite understand the situation. Like how, if your favorite musician suddenly could be just as old as your parents.

"Well, a few years ago I wasn't so well known and my manager said that my younger self is selling better. You see for yourself how I look now, and you will turn away from me. Still, I have to ask you not to tell anyone that we are using a hologram out there. If you want money.." But then Sid took not only the word, but also the paws of the older lady.

"We don't want to blackmail you. And I think it shouldn't be about money or age. Your voice and the songs still touch me, the age difference doesn't matter to me. I still admire you and will continue to listen to your music." True, others thought the sloth, which was also talking rubbish right now, mostly for stupid. Yet Ruby also understood why he was a good friend for the others. Nevertheless, he must not have to mention this with the age, because that reminded her of an another animal.

Her songs touch him nevertheless, hm. Surely he just said it so he doesn't hurt Brooke, because that would somehow be heartless and a lousy end of the evening.

The young girl thought that to herself and stood more at the side. Now she shook her head, than she should stop comparing different situations. Still, it wasn't really just the hormones in her youth to blame that she thought and felt like this. If only a few years pass faster, she will soon realize how silly her present behavior is. That was what she was told, and that's exactly why, she probably had to repress her feelings until the day of realization. Surely this will never happen, but perhaps she will get to know someone else who doesn't keep her at a distance.

'Too old.' In her eyes, Eddie wasn't that, but he will not understand and the excuse that they don't have anything in common doesn't really count. She spent most of her teenage days with the opossums, and she refused to believe that she was only an annoying child for them. Weren't they friends?

Ruby sighed and closed her eyes. Of course, she made friends with the two idiots. That she wanted more from one of the brothers was actually not their problem. It also seemed to be pointless to blame yourself. Perhaps that wouldn't have happened if she had behaved a little more normal. Meeting animals in her age and stuff. Yes, maybe she would already be with someone who got more accepted by the environment. Or she could also have heartache of a different kind. The whole 'what if' she should finally banish from her head. Perhaps it was true what religions preach. Everything had some reason.

The skunk girl would like to know what was it in her situation. At first she had to find out how the whole thing should continue to live without the missing animals. This isn't easy and she imagined the new school and life year quite differently. But probably this was a part of the adulthood. Nothing can be planned exactly and things change in the shortest time possible and you didn't always get the guilty one into the paws yourself.

At some point, this evening came to an end and at least Sid seemed a little happier than before. While she was continually hanging in her mind, at least one of them enjoyed the musical spectacle to the fullest. Even if her discovery with the older singer was a bit oblique, the two sloths exchanged their numbers. The artist said the conversation with her companion brought her new courage and confidence. She would like to be happy with more further conversations with him. As the two looked away, Ruby rolled her eyes and marched out. You just can't stand the too sweet talking for long. Outside, of course, it was already pitch dark. Since the disappearance of Shira and Peaches, the nights seemed even darker. But there was still light at the back exit. Even if the lamp flickered a little. She could breathe freely again, because no one else was here and a light wind blew around her nose.

After a few minutes, not only did her supposed guardian take too long for the farewell, but also that you couldn't open the back door from the outside. Oh, great, thought the young woman, who wasn't really fond of running around to go back to the entrance. She'd probably have dragged Sid behind her.

Suddenly she heard a sound. Irritated, she looked around for other animals, which also went out at the back. But the door was still closed and there was no further exit.

"Hello?" She asked herself why her voice was so trembling, because there was really no reason to get scared. Nevertheless, she had to remember right now that someone had already been abducted. Was she the next on the list?

"Oh, what am I doing for a bullshit? I mean, what makes it for a sense to kidnap me? Or more adultnap." Ruby tried to laugh a bit at her own stupid joke, so she was no longer so tense. Why did Sid need an hour for a goodbye? That she got because she left the idiot alone.

"Everything is OK. The extra creepy sounds here come only from the wind." She said to herself and took her cell phone out of her pocket.

"Or from us." She heard a voice close to her and picked up reflexes without her brain understanding who was talking to her.

"Ahh!" She cried, still frightened. But when she saw two well-known opossums, she quickly calmed down again. Well, at least a little, because one of them she just hit to the ground.

"Shit, why are you creeping around here?" The skunk scolded as she bent down to Eddie. The other brother laughed, and was glad he wasn't approaching the girl to frighten her.

"Dude, full in the equipment for family planning." Crash jokingly held his paws in front of his underside, but he was ignored.

"Well at least you can defend yourself." Grunted the one who got hit annoyed out between his teeth.

"I am sorry, but it's also your own fault. What are you two doing here at all?"

"We sneaked here because they didn't want to let us in by the normal entrance." Eddie told about the story without revealing as if they had been waiting all along for the sloth and skunk. But, of course, the other man couldn't remain silent for a long time.

"Yes, we could have pretended to be worried parents, what didn't do, but still got no entry."

"You were worried?" Ruby asked with a voice that made her almost puzzled and more timid. Although the young woman spoke to both opossums, she was only looking at a particular one. Her paws were also lying on the arm of this one because she doesn't let go after the help. Played to be angry, the fixed guy shook off the touch.

"Not really. After all, you are old enough to take care of yourself. We're only here because of Sid."

"Apparently, he's also gone, because I can't see him anywhere. The exit door here is certainly also an entrance."

"Crash, you can see that it can only be opened from inside." The skunk now turned to the other brother, who just fumbled at the keyhole at the back exit.

"Leave it only to me. I already have quite different.." The speaker had to break off, because something came in between. To be exact, it was the door, than it suddenly opened.

"Here you are, Ruby. I've been looking for you in there. Oh, hey Eddie. Are you alone here?" Sid finally managed to get out. Eddie had to laugh now. The opossum behind the door wanted to knock the door back from the rage at the moment, but it missed the sloth because it had already taken the two steps, so the slightly heavier thing fell back into the lock.

"I forgot to say I stepped out here." Said the youngest one and then went to the present victim.

"Are you okay?" She asked compassionately, because that looked very painful.

"Ah, there is Crash. Why are you hiding behind the door?"

"I wasn't hiding there. If I had known that an idiot.. Ouch! Why are you pressing on it?" The last sentence went to the skunk because she looked at the head of the injured brother. Because he was so lamenting and fidgeting, she quickly took him into the sleeper hold, because besides a bump, the opossum also was bleeding. Not much, but if you don't treat it properly, something like that can become infected quickly. And thanks to her mother, Ruby always had a small first aid kit with her. She once joked about the fact that a robber would get more bandage and patches by an attack. However, now she was glad that she had the stuff.

"So that's done. I put a patch on it. Anything else all right? Are you feeling dizzy?"

"Now don't exaggerate it with my brother! He has a hard head, there gets nothing broken so quickly." When Eddie announced it a little louder, he noticed not only that he was almost roaring, but also that his paws had become self-sufficient. Without even thinking about it, he pulled the girl away from his brother, as if he had threatened her. Strange, but as a Crash was pushed to the chest of the skunk, a fuse almost burned in him. She thought nothing of it, with her willingness to help, and was dealing with them both as always. He shook his head, almost disgusted with his own thoughts, and saw that he was still holding Ruby's wrist.

"In addition, there isn't much up there that could be damaged." He added quickly to divert attention from the strange moment.

"Hey, what is that supposed to mean?" The injured man now muttered.

"It was really not my intention to do that Crash. Shall I perhaps go in again to find ice or something?" Sid tried now to apologize.

"No! I mean, you don't necessarily need it. Or?" The young woman intervened as she turned to the badly injured one, than she doesn't want to waste another hour and wait here. On the other side, she had no desire to walk around the building herself again.

"It' all right. Let's just get out of here. At home, I can at least throw myself into my bed, if I still get dizzy." The opossum did as if it would immediately faint. The young woman smiled and held him up.

"Poor you. Unfortunately, I can't stay with you tonight. But what do you think about it when I tell my mother about this here and she's coming over?" Then he is the one who gets a nurse and also his brother has to clean everything. But as he knew Lorene, this scratch wasn't enough for it. On the contrary, afterwards he had to work again to distract himself from the pain on the head. So the possum got on his own feed a little insulted.

"Better not." And finally all four of them marched to the street. The sloth doesn't give much of himself and wasn't looking at them or anything else. It was much too busy to grin and glance at his phone display. The twins just shook their heads and were already a little disappointed when the skunk pulled Sid away from a lantern, so that he doesn't run against it.

The ordered taxi still took his time and now a cool breeze was blowing in the night. What else could be expected from autumn? Ruby was sure that Ellie had been sent the brothers here because the mammoth was still taking care of everything, despite other worries. Her mother must surely once again return to an emergency in the hospital. Or just take care of something for a short time, which in the end always lasted longer. She sighed, than she would really like to do something to cheer up Ellie. But she could never do it well.

When a jacket fell on her shoulders, she came back to the now and here. A little puzzled, she looked at the owner, who by the way stood nearer to her.

"What? You are cold and I'm not. Don't make a big thing out of it." Eddie said cool or it just seemed to her like that, but she was glad for the nice gesture. Actually such things shouldn't happen any more. She wanted to tell him that he had to ignore her more, so she could finally remove those feelings. As she pulled the jacket around her tightly and she smelled the scent a bit, it wasn't looking like a purely friendly act. A moment later she looked at Crash, because he doesn't give his usual comments out and was very quiet. He also seemed to be writing with someone, because he was looking at his phone.

"He has a boyfriend now." Added the opossum beside her with a certain undertone, which she doesn't really understand.

"The guy isn't my boyfriend! Maybe an old friend or school friend. But that's it!" Crash showed that he had very good ears, despite the fact that he stood almost ten steps away and that there were still city sounds in the air.

"You don't have to keep it a secret. He brings you gifts and even helped you in the store." Eddie couldn't stop teasing his brother.

"He helped you in the shop? So how long do you already know him and why didn't you introduce him to me?" The young woman found the facial expression from the opossum with the damaged head too sweet and had to mix into this. Probably the other wasn't even aware of his embarrassment.

"Because it's not like you think, you booger fisher! He just wanted to make it good again that he stalked me and helped me a few times because of the situation. That's what nice animals do. They don't just think of themselves." Ruby suddenly fell silent. Just like the one who was next to her, than that was no longer a laugh worthy. Anger and grief now came out of the other opossum, but that had not been their intention to get out. Without another word, she ran over to the other brother and hugged him. Of course she knew that it wasn't easy for the twins because of their sister and the lost niece. Calmly, she rubbed over Crash's back and looked to Eddie. The skunk took a paw to signal to the other that he should come to her too. It happened, but not without an eye-roll.

"Sid also?" Inquired the sloth, that saw the outbreak also.

"Come here." Said the young woman with a smile. It might have seemed cheesy to others around, but such a hug sometimes caused miracles. If only small one, so that nobody feels left alone with the problems.

"No!" Peaches woke up, breathing heavily as if she had a marathon behind her. Normally she doesn't not come out of breath so quickly, but that changed, like so much lately. She looked down at herself and was glad that she was still wearing this strange but clean suit that doesn't showed any marks or other traces of a fight. Even if she doesn't saw blood when she closed her eyes, it was there. Everything was so real in her dreams but she would never hurt anyone. Not at all on purpose. Yet the stuff she was given made her a beast.

Of course, she doesn't believe a word of the whole when this was said for the first time, but they showed her scenes of things that she couldn't remember. Nevertheless, she was there. No matter how much she was reluctant to acknowledge this as a truth, everything was real. She saw herself, beating her fist against a wall, and she still felt the slightly dull feeling in the hand of this action when she watched the video.

No one got hurt, but now she knew she was really guilty of Shira's condition. Why did she attack animals she knew? No matter how this drug worked, her whole being had to know that it was wrong to attack friends. Nevertheless, it would probably happen again if she left this place too early. Then she could do real damage and even kill someone. She just couldn't risk it.

The female mammoth tried to resist the tears, which wanted to come up by the though not to be able to see her family and friends anymore. First it had to be recognized, why she always got such film fissures and goes into rage. At least she thought so, if she knew the reason that she could control it better. This other self. That which stopped on nothing to destroy. She had never felt so unsafe in her own body. Would it be like this forever? All her life?

Peaches had to get up and needed light and fresh air. The darkness here just let her see these cruel scenes from her head without closing her eyes. She wants to talk to someone. But the one with whom she could always discuss everything shouldn't come near her right now. Although she wasn't a doctor, she knew that the saber's wounds weren't just superficial scratches. What would she do to an animal that had a smaller and weaker body? This nightmare from before, gave her a little glimpse of what might happen. Her body began to tremble uncontrollably, as if it were cold, but what she felt couldn't be combated with the sun, a heater or other sources of heat.

Peaches tried to calm down again. Everything she saw in her sleep wasn't happening and will never happen. As long as she was only attending to this professor or doctor, whose name she had already forgotten. Somehow it was as if her brain had not really picked up since she was here. Time didn't really have any meaning in this place. Was she in this institution for three weeks or three months? She felt a little like a maniac, who was taken to an institution.

Perhaps something was wrong with her, and certain things in her head sprang from her imagination. Even if it were so, her parents would still want to come to visit her. Until now, no one appeared here. Either because this video was shown to the others how she went into rage. Or worse, they all didn't know where they were. She couldn't see Shira yet, but they were allowed to make a phone call. Unfortunately, Peaches was too cowardly to talk to the tiger. She still felt guilty for the friend's injuries.

Nevertheless, she wondered why the saber tooth had to stay here too. Could she, at least, see her friends and family? Finally, she heard that only she came in contact with number 27 or how it was called by that skunk. Because she had no idea of such research, she herself doesn't see any solution to her problem.

"Louis would understand everything a bit better." After the light got on she moved around the room, also realizing that if there was no way out, she could never see her best friend again. Never again just go by and annoy him at unusual times with her problems.

Did she really think so much about herself in the past? The molehog doesn't bother her with anything. She always had to ask. In his work, she was finally able to experience how he enthusiastically talked about things that really inspired him. Even though she felt alone for one year without him, it would never occur to her to bring him from another trip. Peaches thought it was wonderful that he had found a job with archaeology that he could enjoy and develop in it. Perhaps he should look for a woman who was as wise and able to support him with something more.

Suddenly the cold fell a little from her, than her face became a little warm. At the thought of Louis finding another girlfriend, she also thought she was no longer in question. Since when did she see herself as a potential candidate for the molehog? Ruby perhaps came closer in the circle. But not a mammoth that was much heavier and bigger. They were only best friends and they should remain so.

Nevertheless, even here, at this place, she felt warmness around the heart, thinking that Louis had perhaps also considered more. When they both went to school, some rumors made the round that the little one was only with her because he liked her in that way. She never listened to what the others were talking about. Teenagers were plagued with hormones enough, and often invented lies. Peaches would surely have noticed that someone who was so close to her, felt more than just friendship for her.

Again tears rose in her eyes, than she would surely never get answers to the confused stuff in her head. In this state she simply couldn't be seen by her family and friends. Also because she couldn't cope to read in their faces what they thought of her now. But most of all, because she doesn't want to hurt anyone anymore. To remain here and to help these animals on the spot in order to improve her situation was the only way to see the others one day again.

There was a sound on the door, but when she saw who was there, she breathed a little relieved. As much as she wanted to help to get it right with this second self, doesn't mean that she liked everything that happened with her. The delivery of blood and fur samples was the lesser bad.

"Good morning." Julian was always in a good mood with her that she doesn't really dare to scream at him or anything else, still when his mood was sometimes for sure annoying. But she tried to swallow it down, and normally the other one was an amiable mammoth. Only in this situation did she find him more than out of place. When they had met each other outside these walls, he never talked about where he came from. Peaches could now understand why. This here wasn't letting girls hearts beating faster. In the end, the other couldn't really do anything about it from where he came. She learned not to judge something like that. Now that she was in here, it seemed to her somehow a little difficult to find Julian's character believable. If he had ever lived here since he was thinking, then it was a great surprise that he has turned out like that. Polite, approaching, and not a spit of malice in the voice. No matter what they were talking about. Well, strictly speaking, they weren't talking so much.

"Morning." She said with a faint smile when she noticed that he wasn't going to leave. Probably he doesn't just want to bring her food. Surely his boss allowed him to talk to her longer this time.

"No other duties today?" She asked without looking at him. What wasn't difficult with the door anyway. But there was a big window on the other side, through which she could watch everyone. And the other way around. This reminded her again that she had landed in a prison here. Researching back and forth, most other animals certainly had a similar problem and certainly didn't want to be here.

"No. Not really. I have a bit of free time and thought I'll spend it with you. I know it's just not really easy for you. But if there is anything I can.."

"We already had that. You can't help me get out of here and also can't contact my family."

"Yeah, you got that right, girl. That would be fully against the rules." He shook his head. The female mammoth looked more out of the corner of her eye. Mutely, he motioned to her to come closer, then reached out with his arm through the hole of the door. Peaches couldn't react so quickly, as he already pulled at the zipper of the suit, only to then grab her on the chest. Of course, she immediately pushed the hand away and closed the suit again.

"Even if I'm really the only female mammoth here, it doesn't mean you can do with me what you want!" She shouted angrily, but at the same time realized that something was poking in her breast. Julian was already running away with an excuse, because if she made a noise, others would soon appear.

"Everything ok?" Wanted the professor's voice to know a few seconds later and she just nodded because she knew it was on the camera what happened. Certainly the events were already seen from before. So it was pointless to give great speeches about it.

Now she hurriedly got into the shower, because there was the only place with no observer devices. In any case, she was taught this very strongly. She put the shower on and stood so that her front couldn't get wet yet. Now she fetched the disturbing something from her Bh, which was previously put there. Clever, Peaches thought, pulling out a little piece of paper.

'Sent a message to your family. J.' There was no more on the paper. She turned it, but that really seemed to be all. So she let the writing get wet until everything softened and she could rinse it down the drain. At least someone showed a heart here, but still she doesn't know what message came to her family. Did Julian tell them that she was doing well? Or even more? Maybe he was lying in the news, and her parents thought she was dead already? No, then the secret note made no sense, than the doctor certainly wouldn't mind such lines. If no one else were thinking of them, no one could come here to bother this institute. But something forbidden had to leave these walls, which was unacceptable. At least in the eyes of this skunk.

The female mammoth showered a little longer and then dried off in peace. Although everything was finest, she also missed her home. Nothing worked perfectly there, but it was her own four walls. No one was watching her there. Even when Nathan lived with her, she always felt free. She will probably miss that the most in this place.

However, now she could do nothing more than hope that Julian's message really came to her family. She doesn't care how he found out where they lived. She only wanted one to come here to help her out. A simple visit of familiar faces would be enough for her at the moment.

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