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Gradually, Shira could feel something around her again. A confused dream? Eventually, she was taking a wonderful trip with her family and friends. When was the last time they had such a good time together, that you just don't want to go home? And why did she fall asleep in the middle of it? She seldom needed sleep during the day. The tigress also didn't really remember getting tired.

She blinked for a moment, trying to look around. That didn't actually help at first. It was pitch dark here. Is it already night? Smaller light sources seemed to glow around her, yet she could not see everything clearly with her eyes.

What was that? A shadow moved right in front of her. There is someone very close to her. Diego? No. Why didn't she notice somebody else's presence faster? Her senses didn't leave her alone ever before. Although, when she was under narcotics, it always took her a while to re-focus on the environment. When this rabbit gave her this stuff...

Yes, the memories became clearer again in her mind. She was kidnapped. And not alone. Peaches was taken too. Together they then landed in this research labyrinth. So this beautiful family outing was just an illusion. She should have realized this much sooner. Everything was much too perfect. That didn't exist in real life, but it was fine as long as she had her friends and family.

A sound knocking against something ripped her quickly out of her thoughts and her attention focused on what was in front of her. Shira forgot this professor for a moment. Or rather, she wanted to forget everything because the end of her powers was slowly showing. Her will to flee from here became smaller and smaller. The fact that she was put in a kind of glass capsule didn't make the situation much better.

"It's always forgotten how good the material is. Anyway, you should be able to hear better now. Before we are putting you back into sleep mode, it would be nice of us to present you the result of our hard work. You will certainly like that." The tigress didn't even know what the guy was talking about, or how she came in here at all. But her new accommodation was as safe as her old one on the upper floor. Only this thing was smaller with thick and unbreakable glass stocked. Not even her regrown claws could leave scratches on the surface.

"Who's going to panic right now? Do not waste your time on this nonsense and look at this here. BS3936 step forth!" The skunk looked at her closely now, though the order didn't go to her. He probably wanted to study her reaction to what she would see right here. But she could not hide any emotion now either. Who wouldn't be shocked or disturbed when confronting themselves? There were no tricks in this lab, and there was no mirror in front of her, because the thing that looked so like her just looked mute straightforward.

"Impressive, isn't it?" He casually remarked, taking a paw from her copy to show first the claws and then the fur. Everything looked through this window as real as if she had a twin sister. How could this be possible? That just overwhelmed her mind.

"We didn't leave everything true to the original. Some things break down too quickly in a living being and we do not want that."

"That's sheer insanity! What are you doing with this... robot?" That was the only thing she got out after the short stare. Everything in her head made no sense. But this professor probably would not listen to her. Nor needed this any good reasons to implement his ideas. Did he do the same with the mammoth girl? Then why did he train her so much? Hurriedly she looked around the room, at least what she could do from her new prison. But she couldn't find Peaches here in the room. She also didn't know if that was good or bad news. Was she wrong about Julian? The saber-tooth tiger believed that the boy liked Peaches. Why did he then was helping to do these things with her, too? Why did he watch as the girl in this prison slowly lost her mind? At least that's how she felt, but she had a lot more experience from her terrible past.

"We should give her a decent name. You always complained about the numbers and the combinations, so she should get a real name too. How about Shira, huh?" Then she gave him the deadliest look she could muster now.

"No! And let me out of here!" She bellowed, but she also thought that it would not help.

"What did you say? A brilliant idea? Of course. When we think something over, there is always something ingenious about it." The gentleman in the smock grinned as if he was happy with all this. It only disgusted the tigress.

"BS3936 your name gets changed." Both of the unreal eyes of the robot tiger lit shortly up at the same time.

"What is my name?" Shira could not believe that something artificial could even speak. How did he manage that with her voice?

"Your name is Shira from now on." The professor admitted proudly, as if he would name a pet.

"Shira." Repeated the machine rather expressionless and it followed a renewed glow of the unexpressive eyes. The real copy of it got goose bumps, because this one scared her more than a little.

"Enough chatting for today. You certainly want to rest for a while." With that, he pressed a button on her capsule and she quickly became drowsy. Not again, she thought in panic. What was this devil planning with her second self? No, with this copy.

"We still have a lot to do today. Let's see how well she can outdo your results in the tests." She heard the nasty laugh only quietly before closing her eyes. Also, she felt a great helplessness now, she had not got in a long time before. This here was all real and she had to come to terms with the fact that she will never see her family again. She disappointed Manny and Ellie because she could not bring their daughter back. And she let down Diego and her son. Fate wasn't fair to her, because she was not even allowed to say goodbye to them. The strong pain in her chest now wasn't comparable to what she had been through here. Her heart ached for a glimmer of hope that would never come. A silent tear rolled down her cheek before she completely lost consciousness.

"What do you mean, they don't want to look for them yet?!" Lorene sharply pointed out to a police officer. The colleague at the desk next to it acted as if he was very busy with his paperwork, because he certainly didn't want to take over the cause. The woman spoke the whole time in a normal tone. Probably also because she didn't want to wake the child, that seemed to be asleep calmly in the stroller. The frame where the child was in it seemed a bit too big for a skunk baby. But he did not dare to get up and look inside. He wanted to avoid attracting attention. Although the other man was trying to seeking help from him, he also tried to hide that he noticed this.

"I know you are worried, Ma'am. But.."

"Ma'am? That's the way you can call your mother-in-law! More animals have disappeared and they are probably in life-threatening trouble..."

"We can not just focus only on one job! Her daughter and friends are not the first animals to be missed."

"In this search for the saber-toothed tiger and.." But the officer probably had enough of a nice chat with her, so he interrupted her again.

"I'm not talking about these two cases. Do you even read the newspaper? For years animals have been disappearing here and there, who are simply gone from one day to the next. Although we were able to track down some of them, unfortunately this remains a rare exception." Suddenly everything got stuck in Lorenes throat, which she wanted to throw in the face of the guy in front of her. Of course, she always heard here and there that someone disappears. She always thought they were animals that did not pay attention to themselves and their surroundings. Maybe even those who beat themselves in a criminal way through life. Her friends didn't belong to such a kind and her daughter of course also not. Nevertheless, not every one of the missing animals could have been on the wrong track. Right?

"When has this started?"

"In the spring..."

"No, not this year. I would like to know when the first disappearances started. So from when it was so... regular." She did not know exactly why, but a horrible feeling crept up in her.

"About twenty years ago." The policeman didn't want to give her any information, but before that the woman wouldn't surely leave him alone.

"I give you.." But at that moment someone else came through the door and the officer didn't came to an end.

"Hello. I want... Miss Seganka!" The official raised an eyebrow in astonishment as the lawyer, who appeared here on several times, entered the precinct. It surprised him, because his clients rarely came in here alone. And it seemed as if the raccoon knew the lady with the child. Maybe he helps to make her disappear. Because he had also other work than to conduct groundless discussions here. They should really just hire someone for this.

"Elliot, please tell me that you know where Ruby and the boys are stuck?" But the other face immediately revealed everything without telling it.

"I am sorry. I first thought that..."

"Could you continue your conversation elsewhere?" Trowed he man who works here in. Then Lorene grabbed the anger a little bit again. Before Elliot could stop her, she reached across the counter for a blank piece of paper. A pen was already at her paw too. Energetically she wrote down the address where she suspected her daughter and the others. Then she slammed the piece of paper audibly on the wood in front of the policeman.

"There you can look, if you are less busy!" She gave a venomous look but spoke in the normal tone.

"We'll go, for now." She added, and Elliot thought it best to follow her. So he politely said goodbye and followed the skunk with the stroller.
If he wanted to reach something at the police station, it was helpful to get more information. So far, all he knew was that Crash did not contact him anymore and that he wasn't home. Not even with the sister.

At first he felt a little ashamed to look there too, because in a sense he was stalking the opossum again. But he couldn't just wait in front of the store forever. But two days have passed and the two brothers wouldn't close the shop that long for no reason. Although both always acted as if they were lazy and not the brightest, but he found that this was not true. And the twins did the job well, otherwise it wouldn't be enough for their livelihood.

"May I accompany you?" Lorene stopped short at the question. This forced courtesy and the suit annoyed her. She just didn't like such guys. Unfortunately, the raccoon was the only one with a right mind left to help her. And if only with the saber tooth baby. Strangely enough, her work with the kitten was easier than expected.

"Listen to me and that you should do right! First, leave this salutation garbage. Or should I start now with oh honorable Mr. Coon? But she didn't wait for a reaction.

"You are Elliot for me, or if you anger me, the sucker in the suit. I'm Lorene and now you're in the club of idiots... Oh don't look so arrogant! I know for a fact that you will often appear at the shed of Crash and Eddie. You're a strange guy and that's why you maybe fit to the whole gang." Elliot tried as best to not irritate the woman any further as he followed her. He didn't know where to go, but he understood her anger. Her daughter had disappeared and the others all too. Still, she couldn't do much with a toddler by the side. Animals they saw on the street had to consider them a strange couple, but he didn't care. His highest priority was now to find Crash. Of course, the other animals too. Actually, it should not be a problem if he not often see the possum. But somehow it made him feel uncomfortable now. Not the feeling when he lost a case in court, but much worse. Maybe because they had still so much to talk about from the past. And if he was honest with himself he wished to be accepted as friend.

When she let out her steam on him, the skunk lady apologized also in her own way. Of course, he took it without further words, because she was desperate. Elliot almost thought he was feeling the same, yet he didn't even know all the details. She preferred that they end their walk with silence. At least she didn't talk to him anymore. Only the most necessary with the awakened child.

That lasted until they came to a house. The mailbox gave the raccoon the fact that the big cats live here. Really well, he didn't feel at the thought of being here. Personally, he did not really have an opinion as far as saber-toothed tigers were concerned. After all, there was no time to really get to know the two of them. And he doesn't really come to terms with children. That's why his mother will never see grandchildren. But his parents had to accept that a long time ago. Even if they believed that with his good job and 'normal' appearance, he should have an easy game with the ladys, he will not try it just because of them.

The house really looked... normal. He himself knew this best with the prejudices and yet he did not act better. Elliot was ashamed of his thoughts again. Perhaps it was also the instinct that he feared carnivores, and his nature was omnivorous by nature. Probably he will be shunned by the two tigers anyway, if they get wind of old cases. It didn't happen that seldom, as the mayor would like, that he worked against carnivores in court.

"Come on in now! The little saber-tooth is hungry and it's cold outside."

"But Miss..." By her glance, he immediately corrected his sentence.

"Lorene, is it not strange for you to be here? I mean, when it comes to the kid, there are facilities..." But the lady interrupted him quickly.

"Maybe the two carnivores are not high on my friends list, but Ellie trusts them. Besides, nothing has happened in all these years, so I would classify them as okay too. Now to your question. You're the smart lawyer here! What do you think will happen to a child that should not be here in the city because it belongs to a species that actually eats other animals? You should read your law book again and... Say, could you take a step away? You look down on the little one, as if you were about to announce his punishment and that only because he made the diaper wet. That scares him." The raccoon already knew its effect on young creatures. So he went out of the room, because he didn't want to see how the dirty laundry gets changed. His nose told him that it is more than unpleasant.
He took the time to look at his cell phone again. But there was no new texts. Besides, his last text didn't even arrive. Sending failed. No matter how many times he tried it again, that was the only thing that was new on the display after a few seconds. Again he thought about what she said in order to distract himself. Yes, he knew where the child would go if nobody cared anymore. A conventional orphanage was out of the question.

"You see, after a meal and fresh underwear, we feel better." The lady really smiled at the little one, which irritated him a little.

"What? Am I supposed to make a face like like you with that sweet rascal here? I hope you don't want kids in the near future, because you need to have some lessons in parenting." Everything he thought so secretly, when he went to bed to sleep better, now met pure reality.

"I prefer to stay single and childless." He explained coolly, trying again to focus on the current problem. Lorene surely wanted to throw something at him, but when she saw the features she remained silent. She herself was like that before. One failed relationship after another and then her little girl was born. At first the skunk thought she couldn't take care of a baby. That she would fail like her own parents, from whom she ran away years ago. But suddenly she didn't feel so alone with Ruby anymore and the rest in her life turned to. It was not always easy, but when she looked at her daughter today, it all paid off.

"And if something happens to her, someone will suffer. I'll use my sharp claws." The baby laughed as a paw tickled his stomach.

"Yes, I will Diego Junior." She smiled and the raccoon kept his opinion to himself.

When the cub had finally fallen asleep in its bed, the two adults could finally talk about the important issues. Coffee was even made, as if they were both staying here more often.

"I was also here at the house party, so I know where everything is. At that time you were probably still busy with stalking." His gaze wandered almost embarrassingly into the black coffee.

"You're a lawyer and you've really seen and experienced a lot. Nevertheless, when you fall in love, you can not think of anything better than to go after someone in a scary way. You know exactly what will happen, if there had been an report." Elliot's grip tightened on his cup.

"I even offered to report myself to the police. At first I thought he wanted to avoid the way because he didn't want to show up at the police station. I realized the brothers are not unknown there, but it took me a while to figure out what the real reason was. Apparently a sexual relationship with a wife from the officials working there. Then I told Crash that nobody had the right to take this into account on a report against my person for harassment. Immediately he went silently or much more angry out of nowhere. Eddie found the whole thing amusing and I was back at a point, where I didn't know what to do or to say. On the one paw, I know the two from the past, on the other paw, it is complicated." The raccoon looked at his counterpart again. Lorene grinned slightly, because she also found the story funny and lifted her mood despite the situation a bit.

"It's so frustrating. Otherwise, I always know what to say or do..." She interrupted him.

"Yes, that's how the boys are. Nothing is the same as before. And try to go on a relationship like that." His eyes widened fleetingly because those words shocked him. But in a hurry he was again the inscrutable type. Lorene didn't even have to mention it, but he knew immediately who of the brothers she meant with her last sentence. He wondered if they still had feelings for each other. But that also was none of his business, Elliot thought.

"What do you think, where your daughter and the others are?" He quickly changed the subject, because relationship dramas were trifles in contrast to their misery now.

"It's so nice to see you again after a long time. But I know the professor didn't just send you to me because of that, Julian." Someone greeted the young male mammoth after working here in silence for a while. On the project or rather, the department where he had to work as a punishment, was rather an easy and stress-free task. The animal that was talking to him had been here longer than he could remember. He didn't even know exactly which species it is. But he was almost the only one here who didn't get scared in this department. The others sometimes hid it well, but they were well aware of the fear they considered respect and professionalism. But Julian would never dare to rub their feelings for these activities under others noses. They all did what they could. More was sometimes demanded often and punished the less. You get used to it somehow.

He never saw anyone in the room before which the mammoth stood now, because there was not much light in contrast to the other departments. There was only darkness in the room where 'The Patient', as the professor always called him, was. It was probably because they never knew exactly what kind of creature was trapped in the room. Strangely, Julian did not get scared. No, on the contrary, he felt the voice and closeness of the other in this room as friendly and welcoming. Almost like a family member. When the professor left this place years ago for a short journey when he was still a child, he escaped his watchers and ran to this place. He didn't know exactly why, but the metal door just stood open and he ran into the darkness to hide. Maybe he was also looking for something or someone. Memories of earlier blurred in his head more and more, the older he got. The professor said it was not that important anyway.

"I'm glad to be here again." He finally added something.

"Don't say that as if you enjoy wasting your time with an old man." It didn't sound angry.

"It has already come through to me that there is someone here now that you like." Julians cheeks got already a little warm on that and he thought again of Peaches. He also hoped that she was fine. But at a recent review, there were no inconsistencies with her. How he would like to go to her now and do everything to make her happy. He wouldn't ask for much. Maybe her friendship, because apparently her heart was already attached to someone else. The one whose name she pronounced in her sleep was very fortunate. Or not, because she was officially missing.

"Oh boy, what a pity that something like this must happen in this hellhole."

"It's cool. I can see her soon again. And I know how he reacts when you over step the rules and yet I just did that." Julian would certainly do that again for the beautiful mammoth. Silence followed again in which he was writing down results that always ended the same for the man in the room in front of him. Actually, he could copy the same stuff from yesterday, but that wouldn't be tolerated if someone noticed it.

"'Stick to the plan and the target. Everything has to be accurate! I have.. No. 'We thought all it through carefully.' He still believes he is two persons in one. Or three. Only his poor skull alone knows how many characters are in there. And not a single soul is good." The prisoner wanted to imitate the supervisor of this place, but apparently he quickly lost the desire.

"You know that he..." Julian tried but got interrupted.

"Alright, boy. I don't care if he hears that. The professor has not been down here for ages. Even if he tries new stuff on me, he does not appear in person anymore." The younger man grimaced, because it was never good for someone if the supervisor lost his interest.

"Oh do not do a face like that. I can assure you, I'm fine and it will be for a while. Even if he doesn't come here anymore, he can't just get rid of me." A grumbling followed, or something was said, but he didn't really understand it outside of the room. It certainly was not meant for his ears.

"But you're not here to hear an old man talk. Tell me a little bit more about your girlfriend. I bet she is pretty." The warmth in the face of the mammoth came back.

"Yeah, but she's also so very smart and just so wow." Julian paused, not because he was talking about the girl, but because he missed a moment that everything here was recorded.

"It hit you really that hard, huh?" Added the voice with a smile. He couldn't see it, but he just knew the other one did it.

"I.. Yes." That came rather tentatively from the mouth of the young man.

"Julian, you know he will never let it happen. He doesn't need something like that here. Things he can't control are always eradicated. Do you remember? When you were little you had a stuffed animal always with you." Now that it was mentioned, the young mammoth really remembered that he actually owned such a toy. It was at his side so he wouldn't feel alone. Until he didn't want to walk around with it anymore or rather could.

"What did the great professor do with it?" The prisoner wanted to know, but Julian didn't want to reminisce.

"It doesn't matter anymore." So he gave as an answer and yet clenched his fists, because he still knew exactly what happened then. He should go now.

"What did the professor do with the plush mammoth, boy?" Repeated the older voice, slower but emphatically.

"He... He took it from me and... improved it." At least in the skunk's eyes, his beloved stuffed animal seemed too boring. So the man tinkered with it. However, Julian didn't like it that much. He had never been so afraid of his toy, but he loved it before.

'It's the same thing only we have made it so much better.' The professor told him and his cuddly toy crawled toward him in a hurry. It seemed so mechanical and cold. The fur was still there, of course, but only hard metal underneath. How could he thank this man at this moment? What was strangely required of him back then. He was so attached as a child to this stuffed mammoth. He never knew why, but it didn't matter anymore. Anger rose in him, because such a thing shouldn't be done to a child. Or did it happen because he was not good enough? His memories of his past unfortunately had more gaps than he liked.

"Do you really want the professor to do the same thing to her?" He kept hearing, closer to him, probably because the other was leaning against the locked door from the other side.

"I..." As if frozen his eyes wandered to the ground. What should he do about it?

"Do you want to risk that she gets improved? Is she not good enough as she is now?" That was enough and Julian lunged out, because he doesn't want something to happen to Peaches. The professor had promised him. But this didn't have to follow his own rules. The skunk never did.
His hand ached, and he looked up in shock, realizing that he had hit the switchboard of the door.

"I didn't mean..." He was already apologizing because he wasn't really a violent mammoth.

"It's alright, boy. You deliberately destroyed the device so that not only did this door open, but the alarm wasn't triggered." The said door was really open and he looked into the darkness. Still, he didn't feel scared because he somehow knew the other man will not hurt him anyway. After all, there was no reason for that. On the other hand, he never really helped the prisoner before. The word 'escape' first appeared in his head when he met Peaches.

"Once this is noticed, someone comes down to see what a problem there is." Julian explained, knowing that he needed to act now, but he didn't know what plan to do. When he promised Peaches to help her, he just dared get an idea. He was just not smart enough to do such things. Following instructions is probably the only thing he was good at. He didn't even do that flawlessly. Maybe that's why he has no chance with the woman of his dreams.

"Take another deep breath. We still have a few moments until this is noticed." The other one, despite the door open, preferred to stay in his room.

"The one who was watching me is going to take a break a few times. Probably because he or she believes that not much is going on down here anyway. We switch off the simple lamps here as well." As soon as you said that, the ceiling lamp above him was already fired. And this with a stone that hit the wall and fell to the ground in front of his feet.

"Do you have a slingshot with you?" Could the mammoth only a little baffled ask and shook a few shards that came from above of his fur.

"Yes, but that's unimportant now. Now you can't see from the camera what you have done to the device and that my door is open. It's best to run up to the room where the electricity is being controlled. If somebody asks, say something is wrong with the lamps down here, but you'll take care of that yourself already. Anyone who doesn't believe that can come down by themselves." Julian did not know why, but he got the feeling that the animals who come down here will never go back upstairs. He pushed those thoughts aside.

"What am I supposed to do there?" He asked quickly, because at some point they were running out of time.

"You have to go to the computer there and restart it."

"Oh ok. How do I do that?" Because the young man didn't have much idea of technology that he had never been allowed to use.

"That's easy. If you want my opinion, you can also drive down the whole power system. But then the emergency generator gets turned on and you can't turn that off until the normal electricity is running again. No matter what you decide, it will work out. Then find your sweetheart and leave this place as soon as possible!" He nodded and started to run, but then turned around again.

"What's happening with you?"

"Oh, I'll be fine and now go!" And Julian hurried away with it, even though he really wanted to help the man, who just shot out more lamps. Maybe Peaches will come up with something later in the story. That is, if he even manages to accomplish his current task.

Again, a sound came to her ears. No, Shira just didn't want to wake up again. These dreams were beautiful. Although not a reality, it is better than being awake in this horrible place. She closed her eyes, because this professor only came back to torture her. She could no longer endure all this. He put her into this thing so he only had to wake her up when he felt like playing those cruel games with her. She also doesn't want to allow that. There was a way to end everything and see only beautiful pictures forever. But could she really do that to Peaches?

There was an energetic knock on the glass, she simply couldn't ignore any longer and so she opened her eyes. Oddly enough, a weasel with an eye patch looked at her upside down. It took a moment for them where both are staring silently until she realized who she was seeing.

"Buck!" She exclaimed loudly, at least what her throat was giving out now.

"You're still alive?" Because she saw him before in such a capsule and expected the worst. She believed at first glance that these boxes were coffins. In another sense, they are still.

"Of course, honey. Buckminster doesn't get killed that easy. But now to you. Did he give you anything before he put you in the showcase? I always knew that the guy has a doll fetish. Can't he limit his hobby on the plastic things and..." While the other babbled on the outside of the glass, the tigress thought carefully and checked her body. As good as it was with the little space.

"I... I don't know." She admitted dejectedly, because all she could remember was chatting with the skunk about his ideas to find out something that might be important and suddenly everything went dark. At the next awakening she was already in the capsule. She had lured herself into a trap, like a bloody beginner and without a fight.

She still tried to tell the weasel everything about it, because maybe it was important. You probably had to pay attention to every little thing here. If her opposite survived here and escaped from this glass prison, then surely he could help her escape as well. New hope and also a lot of emotions suddenly overwhelmed her. She was embarrassed, but Buck didn't judged her.

"Shhh, we'll fix it all again. Otherwise, I'll change my name to Becky." She actually laughed at his words. It was good. Even if the weasel looked a little crazy, she knew that he also had a sharp mind. Whether he could only call this partially again, or whether the craziness only served as a disguise, was not her business. The saber-toothed tigress trusted Diego and her friends, and they said Buck was a good guy and she doesn't need more than that.

"OK. Do you think you can turn around in the thing?" She would try everything to get out of here. And after a few attempts, it even worked. Now she was uncomfortable, but this wasn't about that here.

"I knew it. Stinky is so lazy that he didn't even develop the prototypes any further. Windows 95 sends regards." The tigress still heard and then suddenly it became warm in the middle of her back. It almost came to the point that it could burn, but then it stopped abruptly. A slight hissing sound told her that the glass capsule was opening. Quickly she turned around. At least she tried, if there wasn't much time.

"Don't move!" Warned the weasel with a dangerous tone, as she wanted to get cautiously but also quickly out of the box. But it was more that she had to move slowly, because the air outside fogged her a little bit again. Something on her back was seized and abruptly she saw a survival knife flashing in the corner of her eye. Shira couldn't fight back, as fast as it went down behind her. Of course, nothing happened to her. Her suit, however, got a bigger air hole.

"So. All over. The Doctor Bibber evening lessons are paying off again." Buck showed her a kind of metal spider with the piece of cloth that was probably previously attached to her back. The weasel glared at the fake insect and squeezed something that she couldn't recognize from her point of view. However, what she saw was the long needle that suddenly shot out from the middle and was about to land at some point in her back. Or rather in her spine. She didn't need to know if the sting had just paralyzed or killed her. Finally she was free. Anyway, she felt a little freer with the new ally.

She tried focus for a short while and to breathe normally. But most of all she would like to beat everything here short and small. She used to find it always childish when the rest of the pirate gang had to start a devastation. Now she wants to, just riot. At least until she saw her free back, reflected in one of those gleaming devices.

"I like low-backed clothes." The saber-toothed tiger smirked a little while the other one gave her almost the same expression and fleetingly scanned her body with his eyes.

"Me too, but I don't like wearing it at this time of year." She still shook her head with a smile, trying to test all her limbs to see if everything was ready. Suddenly the light flickered. Shortly thereafter, it happened also with the illuminated buttons and hoses of the machines standing around here. That made Buck laugh out loud.

"Ha, so we have luck on board. Well, we cheated a little bit. But hey, if the professor doesn't play by his rules, we'll think of our own too." The smaller animal jumped with his long knife full of energy through the room and destroyed all the cameras.

"Was that necessary?" Actually, she wanted to ask a lot more, why he was doing that only now.

"Nope, but it's fun. But of course you should have some too. Come on, I'll show you the room with the toys." And they left the room hurriedly, even though Shira wondered a little what had happened to the rabbit. She had to take care of it later. Now, finding Peaches and breaking out was at the top of her to-do list. Of course, it wouldn't be a bad thing if she was allowed to destroy a lot here or even kill this professor personally. This man had more than earned her former self. But the tigress also knew that she was different now. If she kills someone here, fresh blood sticks to her paws and she didn't know what her family would think, because she wouldn't keep it a secret from Diego.

Her thoughts were interrupted as she realized that they were both not running up to the stairs, where she came from before. No, they continued to run downstairs. She didn't even know that there was another staircase at the end of the corridor. But she trusted the weasel, so she doesn't asked useless questions. Buck jumped along the wall and continued to have fun destroying the devices that were supposed to record everything here.

"Ta da!" Her smaller companion stopped and with a wush-noise opened a thick steel door in front of her. Shira looked into an armory. It didn't even shock her anymore, what was laying all around here. Someone who had gathered so many different kinds of animals under the roof, of course, needed something to defend himself too.

"But these weapons look very different..."

"As the things that these guys carry out there? Of course. This here is too common for the professor. It's just a collection of stuff that visitors or intruders have brought with them." Buck then stuffed some things into his backpack as if they were really in a toy store.

"Milady, surely you can handle some equipment here, can you?" The saber-toothed tigress wanted to listen to him, but a slight smell in her nose brought her away. Immediately she went after the smell, because this lay lightly in the room.

"Oh yeah. I should have warned you. The dirty laundry is right next door." The weasel told her as his new partner stared at a door in the corner.

"Since someone hasn't yet done the housework because he suddenly flew on vacation. Wasn't even looking for a substitute..."

"Open it!" Interrupted the taller one him, because she had to know exactly what she smelled.

"Please." She added, because her tone was neither nice nor fair to her rescuer. He just shrugged and walked over to the panel where a number was typed on. Green light flashed and a new wush-noise was heard. Now several smells came to her nose, which only slightly overwhelmed her, because before she didn't smell anything except herself and maybe disinfectants.

"They're here." She whispered in disbelief as she looked at the pile of clothes that was the only thing in the room. Emotions spilled over her more than she now clearly recognized her family with the nose. Hurriedly she ran in and searched angrily through the things. It wasn't long, but she didn't find anything that belonged to her child. Shira decided to be relieved to be aware of this fact. She also found a top that still smelled slightly of Diego and squeezed it to her face briefly. It didn't reassure her that he was staying here too.

"Why are they all here?" She asked, looking back at the laundry pile. There were also unknown odors, she noticed on the side. She pressed her fiances garment against her chest.

"They volunteered to find you and the girl. They couldn't know that they have to stay longer involuntarily." The anger grabbed Shira again and she let go of the clothing to turn back to the armory. Sitting and crying here would help nobody. Especially not now, where she was allowed to move more freely.

"So? What's the plan?" Braced for anything and armed to the chin, she waited for her fighting partner to reveal everything.

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