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Christina was used to be off from both of her jobs during the weekend. The Boardwalk kids also worked on Saturdays and Sundays, but Christina only worked from Monday to Friday. She was happy that it was this way because working with the kids left her wasted most time.

In the billiards hall, there were some employees that only worked Saturdays and Sundays, most of them were students. Maria was there too, but now Maria had Christina asked to take over her duties on Saturday, as Maria had received concert tickets from her son, and of course, Maria wanted to go to see a gig of her favorite band.

Christina didn't like the idea at first because she had planned to go to dinner with Laddie, but Maria had assured her that she had to work at most two hours, then Donald would be in the hall, and also her guest would also have the opportunity to come to the hall and pick Christina up. At least Christina did this favor to Maria.

Christina had just left when the doorbell rang. Laddie thought she might have forgotten something and opened the door. Someone blew the smoke of a cigarette into Laddie's face and the young man was completely puzzled.

"Hello boy," someone very unexpected said. "You look very good, would you mind to let some old friends come in?" Laddie looked at David in disbelief. He had seen this man lying dead on a worktable in this creepy room so many years ago. Laddie had to touch him to be sure that he was really there. For a good two minutes, he looked blankly from Dwayne to David.

Laddie blanched, fearing that his eyes would play a stupid trick on him. Then, realizing that Dwayne and David were indeed standing in front of him, a bright grin spread across his face.

"David, Dwayne, you're really there, I, I ... how is that possible, I can not believe it, you're not dead?" He asked, amazed with tears of joy in his eyes. Laddie beamed at David and Dwayne. "In my whole life, I've never been so happy to see anyone again, you've come to me, how do you know where I am?" he asked astonished.

Laddie could no longer afford to stop asking questions. Dwayne and David grinned, too now, and Dwayne took Laddie in his arms. "I missed you," Dwayne said. Laddie was literally clinging to him, afraid that Dwayne might suddenly disappear again.

David watched the two with amusement and relief. He had not been sure before the visit if Laddie would be happy to meet them. After a few minutes, Dwayne broke loose from Laddie's embrace.

"Come," Laddie finally yelled. "Come in!" The two vampires looked at each other in amusement, 'I told you, he was always loyal to us,' Dwayne told David telepathically. For the first time, they entered the apartment for the first time and went into the living room, where they sat down on the couch. Laddie stood in the doorway and still looked at the two completely confused. Dwayne grinned, watching the young man closely. Now he understood what Paul meant when he talked about "Laddie's great role model". Laddie reminded him in the dress style and with the dark hair on himself.

He got up and took Laddie in his arms again. "How have you been?" Dwayne asked after a few seconds. Laddie still didn't understand what was going on and cried like a little boy. "I thought you were dead, and I would never see you again, I missed you," was all that Dwayne and David understood.

"Hey, calm down," David said laughing. "Do we look dead to you?" He asked. After the young man had calmed down, he looked at the two. "How did you do that," he asked. "We were lucky back then," was all David answered. "I'm sure you'll have something nice to drink to celebrate our reunion," he said with a smirk.

"I think we still have some of Christina's favorite wine here," Laddie replied, giving David a thoughtful look before going to the kitchen to get the wine and three glasses. David possibly didn't know about Christina, at least that's what Laddie thought, but he quickly learned better.

David followed him. "Speaking of her, you know, Christina, my child," he said, looking at Laddie gravely. "Are you my little girl's lover," he asked. Laddie looked at him blankly and shook his head.

"Okay," David said and took the bottle from Laddie's hand. "It's not a cheap swap, is it?" He asked with a grin and took the bottle into the living room when Laddie nodded. Laddie followed him into the living room and filled the wine in the glasses then he handed one to each of his guests.

"I would never touch Christina that way, she's like a little sister to me, and she really has been through enough shit since Star died." Dwayne looked at him thoughtfully for a long time.

"Be aware boy," Dwayne finally explained. "She's one of us since she was born, even if she doesn't know it. Of course, we did not know about her, we even did not know we are able to father children. She needs to come home to us very soon because a few weeks ago, I have almost killed her when she suddenly stood right in front of me in the woods during the night. Do not ask me what she was looking for there that late, but if Paul had not been around ... "

Laddie looked at him quizzically. "What are you talking about, Christina didn't tell me a word about anything like this," he explained hesitantly. "She could not tell you anything because Paul made sure she did not remember," David explained.

Laddie shrugged. "Well," said David after a few seconds with a very serious expression. "That's why we waited until she left because even though she does not remember about it, she's still scared of Dwayne, instinct, I guess," he explained.

"Are you really vampires, is that really the truth?", Laddie asked uncertainly after a while. David smirked. "Boy, you know exactly what we are, so why don't you just believe it?"

"How did all of you manage to come back?", Laddie requested. David starred at him with his trademark smile for a while. "Well, it turned out that the Frog cowards didn't have enough knowledge about how to kill vampires I guess," David explained. "They didn't burn our remains. We are really grateful for their little mistake. We were simply buried behind the house, that did the trick. You know, Laddie, from time to time even a vampire needs a nice long rest to regain his power!"

Laddie looked thoughtfully to the ground and for a few minutes. He noticed the vampires had changed a little bit, but that was something he should expect after so many years.

David's mullet was gone, the hair on top of his head was as long as the rest. He had used styling gel to keep his hair out of his face. He didn't wear the black trenchcoat anymore. He preferred to wear his leather jacket over a black button-up shirt. He still had his boots, but without the spurs. David was wearing new-looking leather pants. Dwayne had cut down his hair a little bit, and he wore a shirt, otherwise, he was the same man Laddie liked so much.

The three men silently enjoyed their wine. Dwayne looked at Laddie attentive. "What are you doing, how are you doing," he asked after a while to break the silence.

Laddie smiled. "I keep afloat with tattoos, I have a small study room in my apartment in Modesto, and it works fine, but after coming in contact with Christina again and seeing Santa Carla again, I really want to come back here there's nothing that keeps me in Modesto, my foster parents died a few years ago, and now that I know you're still here, one more reason for me."

Dwayne nodded, "that sounds good," he said finally. "Ah Dwayne, I have something for you," Laddie explained after a few seconds. Dwayne glanced at Laddie, who had jumped off the couch and gone into the hallway, where Dwayne's old jacket was hanging at the wardrobe. With the jacket Laddie finally came back.

He spread it and handed it to the astonished grinning vampire. "Michael had put it into a fire, but Christina saved it, and gave it to me on my first night here. I'm sure you would like to get it back," he explained with a smile. Dwayne got up and handed the jacket back to Laddie. "It is yours now, come on put it on," he said curtly. "Are you sure," Laddie asked. Dwayne just nodded.

"Cool, thanks, tell me, where are Paul and Marko?" Laddie asked. "Oh, they're on the boardwalk," David answered. "They would have liked to come with us, especially Paul, but we did not want to shock you too much," he added with a grin.

"What did you tell Christina about us?" David asked. Laddie shrugged. "Well, I could not tell her much, because my memories of our time together are so blurry at the time, I remembered your faces and Hudson's bluff, and I know that Dwayne looked after me like a father and that Paul, too, was always there for me, but everything else ... Like the story with that ominous bottle, or your parties, all gone, I do not remember anything about that."

David nodded, smiling. "And you told her that?" Laddie nodded. "Of course, she wanted to know everything about her father, Star did not even give her your name, but Christina wants to know where she's from, well, she'll be happy when she hears you're alive, she'll be curious and want to meet you."

"Hm," David replied then. "Please do not say anything to her at the moment, I do not know how to take her in at the moment. I can not go to her and tell her, that I'm her daddy! She wouldn't believe me. And I'm sure when she finds out that "your" Dwayne is the one she's scared of, she may not be to be so happy anymore!"

Laddie nodded a little shocked because he had just realized what Dwayne had almost done. "It should not be so hard to keep a secret for now. But still, I do not like lying to her."

The two vampires nodded, smiling, and Dwayne put his hand on Laddie's shoulder. "We also don't like it, but it's for her own protection," he replied. "We just want to prevent her from reacting like her mother when she learns the truth, she must know that she is safe with us first!"

Laddie looked at him thoughtfully. "Seriously, I'm really glad to know you are still alive, we did not want you to get hurt or die," he explained. "We," asked David.

Laddie nodded. "Yeah, we, that's Star and me, man, she loved you to the end, and she realized very quickly that she had made a big mistake when she preferred Michael. If she would have known that you were alive she would have come back with Christina."

David looked at him incredulously. "Understand this woman had always been hard for me," he finally said. "How did she die?" He asked.

"Star had a brain tumor," Laddie explained. "Unfortunately, there was nothing to do. Christina virtually raised her younger siblings after Star passed away." Then Laddie told the two vampires, all about Michael's attacks on Christina, and why the whole situation finally escalated.

"Michael is a coward," David said. "Why did not she leave there," he asked. "I think she felt responsible for her siblings, but I'm not sure. We've had no contact since the Stars funeral," Laddie explained. The three men emptied two more bottles of the wine, then Dwayne and David said goodbye just before Christina came home.

When Christina was done in the pool hall, she was a little sad, because she had firmly expected that Laddie would keep her company. Again and again, she had looked out the door in the hope of finally discovering him. But he just did not show up.

When she later arrived at the level of the riding stable, she saw two motorcycles driving away from the house where she lived. She was very surprised because Laddie had not told her about expecting guests. Christina would have loved to meet his friends. He had never actually talked about any friends during their time together. She was a little disappointed, frankly! When she entered her apartment, Laddie lay sleeping on the couch, looking so happy that Christina immediately forgot her disappointment. On the table were still the three wine glasses as the three empty bottles.

Christina grinned, 'Well, we'll have to buy new wine tomorrow. Jesus, the two of them were still driving after so much wine,' she wondered. She noticed again how happy Laddie looked asleep. She took the blanket off the sofa and covered him with it, then got herself ready for bed and went to sleep.

When David and Dwayne got back home, Marko and Paul were already curiously waiting in the sleeping quarters of the vampires. They lounged on a sofa and played a PlayStation game together.

"Well, how has it gone," Marko asked before David and Dwayne could take off their jackets. David shook his shoulder-length platinum blonde hair out of his face and sat down.

"Laddie wants to come back here, thinking about cutting his ties in Modesto where he lives now," Dwayne explained. "Well, and I'm almost sure he wants to come back to us too, he was very happy to meet us, he was asking for you," added David.

"Wow, it would be great if Laddie were one of us again," Paul replied smiling and Marko nodded. "And what about the little one?" Paul asked. "Well," said David. "He says she'd be happy to hear that we're alive, and she'd like to meet her daddy, but after the story with Dwayne in the woods it's not going to be that easy."

For a while nobody said anything. "We should ask Laddie to help a little," Marko finally suggested. "The two have been friends for a long time, and she trusts him, besides, Paul is not talking about anything else since he knows she is in town, I do not know how much longer I can stand it," he added with a laugh.

"Ha, what, I really like the kid, I can not think of anything else at the moment," Paul replied laughing. "Well, I would love to make her mine," he added with a grin. David shook his head. "Maybe she does not accept your nice offer, ever thought about it?" He asked with a grin. "We will see," replied Paul.

When Christina came into the living room the next morning, Laddie was already dressed and sat with a cup of coffee at the dining table. He did not look quite so happy anymore. "Good morning," said Christina loudly. "Oh, please," Laddie answered. "Not so loud, my poor head seems to explode."

The young man was not used to so much alcohol because he went everywhere with his motorcycle. "You must have had a merry evening," Christina stated in amusement as she took the cup from Laddie's hand and drowned it.

"Want some more coffee," she asked and went to the kitchen when Laddie nodded. "Who were the two guys I saw leaving the house yesterday when I got home," she inquired curiously. "Oh, some old friends I have not seen in ages," he replied with a smile. "They may have heard that I'm in town and were just around the corner after you left yesterday, and I was really happy about them coming here," he added.

Christina looked thoughtfully at Laddie. "I would have liked to meet your friends," she said. He looked guiltily to the floor, thinking of Dwayne's explanation and David's request not to say anything. "You'll get to know them, I promise, I just do not know when," he answered. "I want to tell you something else, I'll drive back to Modesto tomorrow!"

"What, why so suddenly," Christina whined sadly. Laddie raised both hands and smiled. "I have to fix some things at home because I decided to break up my tents in Modesto and move back to Santa Carla. I want to live here, I'm home here," he explained.

Christina looked at him incredulously. "That's great news, I'm really happy," she said. "Can I help you with anything?" "Well," replied Laddie. "If I'm allowed to use your laptop, I could ever cancel my apartment by email, I just have to pick up my personal belongings in Modesto, I do not have my own furniture, what I own fits in my car, and I'll borrow a trailer to get my bike here."

Christina looked at Laddie happily. "Listen, Laddie, until you find a place to stay, you're welcome to live here, that's great news, I can not believe it!" After showering and having breakfast for both, Christina looked at him uncertainly. "You could do me a favor too," she finally said. "Please don't laugh at me. I know my idea is completely crazy."

Laddie looked at her irritated. "What's up, just tell me. I promise not to laugh," he said, grinning. "Well, okay," Christina explained. "I've had nightmares for a long time because of Michael's abuses, and since I'm in Santa Carla there's always someone in my dreams who helps me, I really don't know how to explain any better. Well, I've seen some tattoos you have done and I like your work. Therefore I decided that I would like to have a tattoo of the guy that always saves me in the dream!"

Laddie looked at her with a grin. "Are you sure you'll have to get along with it for the rest of your life?", he finally asked. "I know," answered the young woman. "I told you, it's crazy, but you know, when he shows up, everything's fine again, and I'm not scared anymore, although I should be afraid of him! But he's like my protector. Oh please, Laddie, don't look at me like this, I know that sounds insane! "

"Why should you be afraid of this savior, what is wrong with him," Laddie asked curiously. "You'll see that when we finish the tattoo cover together," Christina explained.

"Okay," Laddie replied thoughtfully. "If you want, we can draw him right away," he added. Christina nodded, smiling. "I want him on my upper arm," she pointed out. "I hope he does not get too small, I do not want the details to get lost."

Laddie nodded and sat down with his pad on the table, smiling. After a good hour, they were finished and Christina looked at the template with satisfaction.

"Yeah, that's exactly what he looks like," she explained. Laddie looked silently at the drawing for a while. He knew the face he had painted, in fact, he knew his human face.

"This is a vampire," he justified incredulously. Christina nodded. "Okay," Laddie finally said. "When I get back, you'll get your tattoo." Secretly he hoped that she would change her mind.

The next day Laddie waited until Christina returned from her work at the Boardwalkkids, it was already dark when he left. "Hey, drive carefully and give me a call when you get home," Christina said goodbye. "Yeah, do not worry, I'm always careful, I'll call you and I'll be back soon." The two embraced each other, then he rode off. Christina watched him until he disappeared, then she went back into the house.

Author note: It had been a bit hard to write this chapter, I hope you still like it.

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