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Christina didn't understand Marko's reaction. He noticed the car that stopped on the left-turn track next to them. Marko did not wait for the traffic light to turn green but just drove off, at breakneck speed.

Christina had no idea that Marko knew the man in the car next to them, and neither had Marko's hateful looks agitated her. Of course, she had recognized Ted, and turned her head away, hoping he would not see her.

When Marko drove off without warning, Christina had no choice but to cling to him, otherwise, she would have fallen off the back of the bike. She could not know that maybe that was a better option. She cried out in shock and saw in the rearview mirror that Marko then grinned sneakily. Christina suddenly felt very uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, Paul was at the boardwalk with his female companion. Tilda or Tina, that was her name, Paul did not listen properly, he thought about Marko and the hunters. 'Shit, the guy comes after us', he heard Marko in his thoughts. Paul's new friend suddenly didn't interest him anymore.

To be honest, the tall blond vampire had long since realized that he had made a mistake. He should have stayed with Christina because somehow Paul wasn't sure anymore if Marko really wanted to get closer to Christina or if he just wanted to test her, as it was Marko's way.

Tilda or whatever didn't stop telling Paul everything about her life. Paul didn't listen, he just wanted a quick meal. But no, Madame wanted to eat something herself, so Paul sat with her in a fast-food restaurant and was getting impatient.

When she finally finished her meal, she suggested to Paul that he could come to her apartment. "You know, I just remembered that I still have something to do," Paul answered curtly. The woman looked at him in bewilderment. "Are you kidding me?" She asked sourly. "We wanted to have a nice evening together," she continued mumbling.

Paul just grinned at her. "Well, I'm sorry, sweetheart, unfortunately, nothing will come of that." And before the woman knew what was happening to her, Paul pulled her into a dark alley and drained her dry. 'Marko, where are you now?' He asked when he was done. 'I'll meet you. I'll just take the other way', he told his buddy after Marko had told him that he was on the way to the workshop with Christina.

Paul knew where Christina lived, and so he could imagine which way Marko would take. There was a short path through a forest area. Marko could use the small path with his motorcycle, but a car could not drive there. So if Marko made it there, he would be rid of his pursuer, and Paul would take care of the man. Paul was annoyed with himself. He was so busy watching Christina last weekend that he had not paid any attention to the two men. That was the only reason he had not recognized the two.

The tall blond vampire had reached his bike in the meantime and brought the engine to life. He did not hear a word from David or Dwayne, it was as if the two were shielding their thoughts. Paul realized why these brothers did that. If Marko did not know what they were planning, he could not reveal anything. Not that Marko would ever reveal his family to any hunters, but the Lost Boys had seen what these two guys were capable of. Against these two men were Edgar and Alan Frog really nice guys!

Paul really hoped the hunter would not catch up to Marko! Marko was much stronger and faster than both hunters together, but they had weapons that could disable any vampire. Shit, Paul was seriously worried, which did not happen very often. He searched in thought for any sign of Marko, but did not hear him!

Paul accelerated his motorcycle. He needed to get to Marko and Christina. Marco passed Christina's house some minutes later. First, the young woman did not react, but then she struck Marko on the back to attract attention. "Hey, stop," she called out to drown the engine. "Damn Marko, you have to turn around!"

Of course, Marko did not react, he kept racing. Christina's punches on the back of the vampire were getting harder and she did not stop screaming at him. "Damn, girl, stop that!", Marko yelled back annoyed. But of course, Christina went on screaming at the vampire, she was terrified because Marko suddenly behaved so strangely. She just wanted to go home, but Marko did not stop!

Christina started to slide on the seat. She thought seriously about dropping off the back of the bike but rejected the thought. She began again to beat Marko on the back. "Damn, Marko, finally stop, I want to get off," she yelled at him and fidgeted in the seat.

Marko then took his hand off the clutch and tried to reach for Christina's hand. He slowed down a bit and watched as Ted's car came closer and closer. Marko skidded and lost control of the bike. He realized his mistake too late, the rear wheel slipped and the machine slid a little, then the bike fell over. That was not a big problem for Marko. When he realized that he would not be able to stabilize the bike again, he simply let go of the gas tap and rose a little bit over his motorcycle in the air.

He watched with a fury that Christina dropped from the backseat while the motorbike crashed into a tree with the engine running. The guardian angel of the young woman was obviously working overtime because even though Christina was not wearing a helmet, she was only suffering from abrasions on her arms and legs. She lay on the floor for a moment, then stood up disoriented.

Marko stood next to his now-rotted motorcycle, Ted had stopped about a hundred meters further watching the show. He let the engine of his Audi run. Marko turned his back on Christina and looked at his beloved bike. He was so angry that his face was now showing his true nature. Christina slowly turned around to face Marko. Every section of her body full of pain.

She was so shocked by the crash that tears ran down her face. She had not noticed Ted had pursued her and Marko. But now Ted played with the gas of his car and Christina looked at him confused.

Marko struggled to regain his human face but failed. He turned and looked hatefully at the young woman. She noticed the change in Marko's face not at all, as her gaze was focused on the Audi. And then suddenly everything happened so fast that neither Marko nor Christina could react in any way.

Christina had finally realized that something was wrong with Marko's face. She screamed and backed away from him. The worst of it was that the trauma of the incident in the forest some time ago came back. Dwayne had attacked her in the forest to kill her!

"I knew you were going to cause a lot of trouble," Marko spat at her. "You are as stupid as your mother!" Marko had no time to insult her more. Ted had given full throttle and pinched the vampire between a tree and the Audi. Marko gave a short shout and watched as Ted got out of the car, growling. Christina also watched Ted.

At first, she thought about running over to him, hoping for help from the man, but then she noticed the awful-looking weapon he held in his hand and the hateful look he gave her. Christina just wanted to get away, she turned and ran. However, she did not get far. She stumbled over a towering tree root and fell to the ground.

Marko shook his head and laughed briefly. That was so clear, Star's daughter wasn't even able to run away. The vampire tried angrily to free himself from his situation. Under normal circumstances, that would be absolutely no problem and he would just push away the heavy Audi. But Marko's foot was stuck on some car part and he had to release it first.

Ted immediately recognized Marko's predicament and grinned. He could now take care of the woman first. His weapon, reminiscent of a crossbow, was loaded and he could kill Christina immediately. But then he had a better idea, he would take her with him and do some tests on her. He would prove to William that this woman was more vampire than human! Of course, it was clear that this woman would not survive the tests, no matter what the outcome would be.

Ted glanced over at Marko, who had not managed to free his foot. "Well, bloodsucker, shit happens," Ted said mischievously, then he walked over to Christina, who was trying to get up off the floor. The man hit his weapon with force on Christina's head and the young woman fainted immediately. Ted looked down at her with a grin, then turned to Marko.

"Do you have a problem, bloodsucker?" He asked, laughing at Marko. "Wait until I've freed myself," hissed Marko. "Then we'll see who really has a problem here!"

"Why should I do something stupid, you can say goodbye to the world," Ted said dryly, then raised his weapon and shot one of his arrows at Marko. The vampire growled at Ted. As the holy water and garlic mixture spread into Marko's body, the vampire screamed, then everything around him went pitch black.

When Paul arrived there a few minutes later, all he found was Marko's demolished motorcycle and discovered Christina's handbag lying in front of a tree, like some of the young woman's blood. Paul, like the two other vampires, had naturally felt Marko's pain as the holy water was shot in his body.

David had not hesitated a minute, he had to act. That meant Laddie had to decide what he wanted now. The vampires needed his help and now it was Laddie's time to show his loyalty. He was the trump card of the vampires, because of him the hunters certainly did not know.

Paul was on his own and was not sure what he should do. He tried to somehow reach Marko's thoughts again, but he received no answer. He also could not find David and Dwayne in his thoughts. "Damn," Paul screamed angrily into the forest and then decided to drive to the workshop first. He hoped to meet his brothers there. Paul picked up Christina's bag from the floor then sat on his bike and started racing home.

While Marko and Christina got into big trouble with Tedrick, the alarm clock was ringing in another state in the home of Michael Emerson. The day had just begun and it was still dark outside. Michael struggled out of bed and went tiredly into the kitchen, where he first got worked on the coffee machine.

Actually, he could have slept for a few more hours, but since he threw Christina out, Michael was forced to change some things in his daily routine. He downed his coffee after showering and getting dressed, then gathered the ingredients for his children's lunch and laid them on the kitchen table.

Michael sat down with a knife and various small bowls at the table and began to peel and cut the fresh vegetables. Michael's mother had advised him a few weeks during a phone call to get the meals for Robin and Denise ready so that the two only had to warm up their food after school.

Michael did not feel like doing such work, but he still had to admit that it had worked well. Michael wondered how Christina could do that, apart from her work in kindergarten, she had organized everything so perfectly. The house was always spotless, and it hardly ever happened that Robin and Denise came home from school, and there was no healthy, fresh-made meal ready.

Christina had no long way to go to work and had come home every day during her lunch break, cooking for her younger siblings. The young woman had never broken the promise that she'd given her mother back then, helping Michael to take care of the two little ones.

Michael missed the energetic support of his stepdaughter. His own daily routine was just difficult since Christina no longer lived with them, as well as the relationship with his children!

Robin had not talked to Michael for weeks after Christina was thrown out of the house, and even now the boy spoke only the bare necessities to his father. He behaved naughty and rebellious.

Well, and Denise? Michael's cute little girl had become totally dismissive towards him. The little girl usually stayed with Stella, her school friend, and just came to dinner and went home to sleep. On the weekends, she often went to Stella very early, and when Michael got up he found only a note on the kitchen counter, so he would know where his daughter was. The little girl would have preferred to move in completely with her friend.

Michael was really alerted about the behavior of his children. Especially in Denis's case, he could have stopped it, but he feared that she would only hate him more, and if Michael was honest with himself, he could not even blame his children for this behavior.

He just should have known better, Christina was a mother substitute for Michael's children and a good one for that. The young woman had renounced her own life to take care of her little siblings, and now she was gone, and Michael was completely overwhelmed!

He was so lost in thought that he did not notice his unexpected guests until he heard a loud knock on the kitchen window. Michael startled and looked over at the window, surprised. Who came up with the stupid idea of knocking on people's windows at this time of day? Michael rolled his eyes annoyed when he recognized his younger brother Sam, who stood wildly gesturing at the window.

Sam had not bothered to leave his comfort zone in Arizona for many years to visit his brother. Sam and Lucy were not very happy about how Michael handled his stepdaughter. They didn't even know that Michael sometimes had abused Christina.

Sam, as well as his mother, felt that this child needed care and understanding. Sam also felt that Christina should be well watched to detect changes that would suggest vampirism. Sam was sure that Christina could not become a normal, young woman! Sam was sure that Christina was a half-vampire!

For Sam, it was only a matter of time before the monster would prevail in the girl, then you had to act in his opinion. Nevertheless, Sam didn't like his brother's behavior towards Christina. She had not chosen her parents after all.

Michael had never noticed any changes in Christina's behavior, and he had no interest in watching it. If he was honest, he was too busy giving his stepdaughter a hard time.

Michael sighed and put the knife on the table. He looked again at the window and saw that Sam's eyes were quite annoyed. Michael took the kitchen towel and cleaned his hands with it, then went to the front door and opened it.

"Hello Mom," he greeted first his mother and let her hug him. He watched  Lucy, who squeezed past Michael and then disappeared into the kitchen, where she was satisfied that her eldest was finally able to prepare simple meals for his own children. When Lucy was out of sight, Michael turned to Sam, who had not said a word yet, which was completely atypical of him.

"What are you doing here at this time, why did not you tell me you wanted to come here?" Michael asked a bit snotty. Sam glared at his brother for a moment. "That's a nice welcome," he finally answered. "You look a lot shitty, you obviously have a lot of stress since Christina does not live with you anymore!"

Michael laughed briefly. "How do you know that?" He questioned. "The kids did not tell me you were on the phone." Sam shook his head gravely. "My information comes from another source," he told his brother. "May I finally come in? Then I'll tell you how I know that!"

Michael shrugged and stepped aside to let his brother into the house. The men heard Lucy busy with the pots in the kitchen. She was obviously completing Michael's work. Sam and Michael went to the living room, where Sam stopped in front of a family photo hanging on the wall. "Those were good times," he remarked, then sat down on the couch.

"Do you want a beer or should I get you a coffee?" Michael asked. Sam smiled. "Well, actually I do not drink alcohol in the early morning," he replied. "However, I have news for you that you will absolutely not like, and honestly, I could handle a little stronger!"

Michael looked at his brother in surprise, then went to the cupboard and got a bottle of whiskey and two glasses from the bar. He poured the drink into the glasses and handed Sam the whiskey. Then he sat down on the chair.

"All right, Sam, why did you bother coming to see me after all these years?" Sam looked at Michael with a serious expression. "Do you have any idea where Christina lives now?" Sam asked back.

Michael laughed briefly and shook his head. "As far as I know, she's been staying with a friend," he explained. "But to be honest, I'm not particularly interested." That was a lie, because somehow Michael asked himself, what had become of her. His children did not tell him anything anymore.

Sam grinned. "So you sounded a bit different when you talked to Mom some time ago," Sam chipped after. "You told her that everything is too much for you, and to be honest, when I look around here ... When did you last tidy up or clean up here?"

Michael was getting angry. What did Sam imagine? Everyone knew that he had quite a drug problem. That's why Sam was left by his wife years ago with the two children. He was hardly the right person to give a lecture to Michael!

"Did you come all this way from Arizona to talk to me about how I run my household?" Michael asked angrily. Sam laughed at his brother's question and shook his head. "Stay calm, Mike, I'm not your enemy, all right, I know you do not care much about Christina," Sam said, "but she's in great danger! Santa Carla is drawn? You remember, the 'murder capital of the world'?"

Michael looked at Sam irritated. "That can not be serious," he cried angrily. "What does she want there? Christina knows no human soul there!" Sam grinned. "Well, you sure remember Zoe Frog?! And listen to me, buddy, you and me, we will go there! Our nice little trip to this damn town starts tonight! I've already reserved a room for us in a hotel next to the boardwalk!"

"Oh no, I certainly will not do that," Michael yelled at his brother. Lucy had come out of the kitchen by now, listening in silence to their sons' conversation. Now she intervened. "Listen to me, young man," she said to Michael. "You threw your stepdaughter out of the house. It's your fault, she's gotten into trouble, so you'll want to get her out of there and make sure she gets back home!"

Michael looked at his mother uncomprehendingly, having sworn after the incent with the vampires, never again set foot in this cursed city, but it looked like he had no choice now! Sam was not thrilled with the idea either, but Christina was family! The young woman had no clue about the danger she was in.

Edgar had told Sam some news he didn't even dare to tell Michael right now. That had to wait until they finally arrived in Santa Carla! Sam wasn't looking forward to it. Ande The two brothers were on their own this time. Edgar had to save his own brother!

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