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After breakfast, Christina went home to take a shower. She had seen that a few yards from the house where she lived led a small path into the forest. There she wanted to go now.

Christina loved walking alone in the woods. She liked the peace there. Already in her old home, she had fled into the woods often, when Michael's nastiness she had to endure almost every day became too much.

Christina absolutely did not understand her stepfather. She had never given him any reason to hate her like that. The opposite was the case. She followed his rules, even as a teenager, at the time when her mother was still alive.

Of course, Christina also had to get along with puberty, and like other girls that age, she became a bit rebellious. Still, she never behaved like this, when it got to deal with Michael.

If Michael said something to her or forbade her to do something, she would pout, but she would stick to it anyway. Christina wanted to please him. Michael was the only father Christina ever knew and she longed to get his recognition, which never happened.

The more dismissive Michael was about her, the more she tried to get it right. But no matter how much effort she made, Michael always found a reason to comment defiantly on Christina.

Christina considered the difficult relationship with her stepfather while putting on fresh jeans and comfortable shoes, then slipped into a sweatshirt jacket with the logo of her favorite band on the back. When she was done, she was ready to go.

It was really nice, there were paddocks on both sides of the small path, where there were horses that probably belonged to the rider's yard, which was about five hundred yards from Christina's flat.

At the end of the path, was the forest a small stream led through it, which Christina crossed over a wooden bridge. After about half a kilometer she turned right and stood in a clearing.

On the right side of the clearing stood a bench in the shade and Christina sat there for a few minutes. She decided to come here in the next few days with a book, a blanket, and enough coffee to enjoy the silence of the place a little longer.

On the other side of the clearing, another path brought Christina back to the street, and the young woman returned home. She got her laptop and the internet stick she bought on the boardwalk the evening before and checked if her brother would be online.

She wrote to him what she had experienced so much, that she liked the city well and that she had settled in well. He would answer her the moment he would notice the message. Then she remembered that she had not seen Laddie, a friend of her mother, since her mother's funeral ten years ago. Laddie had been living with Christina's parents for a while. He was a little boy of eight at the time, a runaway.

Star, who herself had run away from home at that time, found him completely neglected on the boardwalk and took care of him, together with Christina's own father and his three friends.

When the Emersons left Santa Carla, Michael refused to take the boy with him, so Laddie was given to a foster home in Modesto. However, Star always kept contact with the boy until she died.

Laddie was a few years older than Christina, but the two had always got along well. The young woman then checked to see if there was a Facebook profile of Laddie Thompson and was lucky.

She sent him a friend request and a message informing him that she had moved to Santa Carla and would be glad if he answered and that they might see each other again.

After Christina had eaten a bite, she drove to the other side of the city in her car. She planed to find the path which led up to the cliffs. The view of the sea and the boardwalk had to be very impressive and she didn't want to walk all the way.

After a while she parked the car, she had actually managed to find the right way straight away. It was gorgeous up there, a great view, no people around and all she heard was the thunder of waves against the cliffs, some birds, and the rush of the wind.

She walked a few yards in each direction, suddenly saw an old wooden staircase that led to an old bridge with warning signs. "Beware of mortal danger" stood on one sign, "forbidden to enter" on the other one.

But since Christina was a very curious person who always would take a chance for an adventure, she crossed the bridge and slowly climbed down the stairs. Down below she saw the entrance to a cave and went inside. "Man, that's gross," she said aloud when she saw the inside.

It looked like the lobby of a hotel you've seen in movies that were playing in very old times. She wondered how it had gotten there. She looked around and found that there was obviously someone there at least once in a while.

On one wall stood a red big toolbox with wheels. It had several drawers. Christina became curious and opened the top drawer. In it were screwdrivers and wrenches accurately sorted by size.

In one corner of the room were several sofas, on the wooden chest, which stood in the middle of the sofas, there was a manual for motorcycles. On one of the sofas lay several computer magazines.

In the middle of the room, there was a fountain, a chandelier was in it. The whole room was decorated with garlands of seashells old records and other sorts of stuff. It all looked very beautiful. Empty beer cans and whiskey bottles were lying around on the floor.

In the back of the lobby was a heavy canopy bed with curtains, or what was left of it. On the bed lay a colorful jacket that seemed to be nothing but patches, dusty as it was, probably no one was wearing the piece of art anymore.

Christina walked over to the bed and picked up the jacket. She shook off the coarsest dust and studied the garment. Since someone had invested a lot of love and time. According to the patches they belonged to a man.

Obviously, someone who had been very skillfully with needle and thread had sewn all the patches by hand to the jacket. The stitches were not as uniform as those of a sewing machine, but very close to it.

It was a mystery to Christina why this unique piece of clothing simply lay carelessly on the bed if she had such a jacket, she would wear it all the time.

Christina suddenly a strange feeling got her and she felt like an intruder. All this obviously belonged to someone, she had no right to be in there, and it was forbidden and dangerous too.

She gently placed the jacket back on the bed and smoothed it, then left the cave again. It was almost evening and she did not want to drive back when it was already dark, there was no street lights up here and there were some deep potholes along the way and thick branches to drive around.

Once home, she sat back down at the laptop to see if she had any messages from Laddie or Robin, and indeed, both had written back to her. Robin wrote that he and Denise were missing her and would love to visit her on vacation, but Michael didn't allow it, otherwise, everything else at home ran as usual.

Laddie's message was a little longer.

"Hi, Christina,

I was very happy to read your message, so you finally made it out of the boring town.

I'm still in touch with Lucy, she told me, that the relationship between your stepfather

and you had gotten very difficult. But she still doesn't want you to be in Santa Carla.

Lucy wonders how Michael will get along with Robin and Denise without you.

I told her, that I always missed Santa Carla, and especially the people that cared for me

all this time ago.

Of course, she didn't understand. But that is Lucy! I would love to visit you at one of the

next weekends.

I'll bring an air bed and my sleeping bag, so you don't need to worry about it.

I'm looking forward to finally see you again.


"Hello Laddie," Christina wrote back. "You can sleep on my couch and I have a sleeping bag here, you don't need to worry about it. I am totally looking forward to your visit, just write when exactly you want to come." Then she sent him the exact address and packed the laptop away again.

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