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It had been two weeks since Christina had met the vampire in the woods, but of course, she had no clue what really had happened to her that night. The young woman woke up the next morning and noticed the injuries Dwayne had inflicted on her.

All she knew was that she had a nightmare and could not sleep anymore. So she went for a walk in the woods. Christina remembered that she walked along the forest path and finally reached the small clearing.

Something had to happen there, but she just had no idea what! She had lost consciousness, and when she woke up again she was sitting on the damp, cold floor, leaning at a tree.

She was in a panic. Her neck and her hands hurt her terribly. Where these injuries came from she simply did not know, because in her brain instead of memory was only a big, black hole.

After all, she had run home in a panic, not thinking of her flashlight lying on the floor. As a result, she repeatedly stumbled over tree roots and fell down several times.

So Christina finally returned home with dirty, torn jeans and bloody knees. She locked the front door and the door of the apartment and dropped to the sofa, completely exhausted. She thought about calling Zoe, but she just did not have the strength to go over to the phone, and besides - what should she have told her friend? Christina persuaded herself that she would get along, she had finally gotten worse.

When Christina woke up the next morning, she went to the bathroom and took care of her injuries. On the right side of her neck were two marks. As a child, Christina had approached a dog from behind to pet him. The otherwise friendly dog was scared and bit her. The marks on her neck reminded Christina of the wound the dog had left on her at the time.

There was a hematoma on her throat, it shimmered blue lilac and was very painful. Crusts had already formed over the lacerations on the knees and the abrasions on her hands were burning.

Christina hid the wounds on her neck under a large scarf, which was not exactly pleasant because of the hematoma, but she had no desire to answer any questions from her colleagues during the coming days.

The injuries on her hands - well, she would simply tell her workmates that she had a crash with her bicycle. And as far as the knees were concerned, she put a plaster on her wounds and put on clean jeans.

Honestly, she was pretty happy she had the day off. In the ensuing time, she focused on her work and tried to forget about that night. Christina stayed at work until four o'clock every day.

After the incident in the forest, she had become accustomed to doing the shopping and other things on the way home, instead of going to her apartment as before, where she ate a bite and had a fresh cup of coffee.

Christina was always hungry when she left the Boardwalkkids and it was never a good idea to go to the grocery store like this. Most of the time she would buy more than she could eat and eventually throw away food.

Christina didn't like that, her mother had taught her from childhood on, not to throw away food. There were enough people in the world, even in the US, who did not have enough food.

Christina's mother herself, as a young woman, had learned how hard life on the streets was before she met Christina's father, and of course, she passed this knowledge on to Christina. Star wanted her kids to cherish a roof over their heads and enough food, and Christina had just done that.

Well, what should Christina do, during this time of the year, it was dark early in the evening, and Christina just did not want to leave her apartment. She could not explain suddenly appeared fear of the dark because especially in the dark she had always been happy to be outside. Then not so many people were out and about and it was getting quieter.

Christina loved to look at the moon and the stars. Now she only did that from her balcony door while she was smoking a cigarette. She only went out in the darkness when it was absolutely unavoidable, for example when she had to go to work in the morning.

For this reason, Christina also avoided visiting Zoe in the cafe. Unfortunately, Zoe had been on duty every day until eleven in the evening for a few weeks because a colleague had quit and no new employee had been hired. It looked like it would stay that way for a while.

Zoe was Christina's only private contact. Her colleagues at Boardwalkkids were very nice and working with them was great, but they were all busy with their own families and had no time left after work.

Christina spent her time off from work alone. That changed sometime later. Donald, the owner of the pool hall, came to meet her as she was on her way to her car.

Donald Forbes moved from Edinburgh to Santa Carla a few years ago. He had met Sammy, his wife, who was on vacation in his hometown and fell in love with her. The pool hall belonged to Sammy's uncle and he offered the likable Scotsman a job.

Donald was a friendly, attentive man who was very popular with customers. It was not long before Sammy's uncle handed over the hall to Donald and Sammy for retiring. Donald observed that his employees frequently gave up their jobs after a very short time, although they felt comfortable in the hall because the working hours did not match their childcare hours.

After some talks with the women, he had something in his mind. He talked to the other business owners and finally they installed a kindergarten near the pool hall. The store's employees now had the opportunity to bring their children to the facility on the way to work and pick them up when they finished work.

Some of Christina's colleagues worked in the shifting service while Christina herself had fixed working hours. But she also earned less. Donald knew that, so he addressed the young woman this afternoon.

"Hello, Christina, nice to see you, how are you?", He asked her and held out her hand in greeting. Christina smiled. "Thanks, I'm fine, and is everything okay with you?" she asked, taking his hand to shake it.

Donald smiled too. "Well, to be honest, I'm glad I met you," he explained. "We do not see each other that often because I'm usually here when you're already home, and I'm only here because Linda and Stacy got sick and will be out for a long time."

Christina looked at Donald in surprise because she did not know exactly why he told her about his problems in the hall. Donald seemed to guess her thoughts. "Christina, I know that you earn less than most of your colleagues, and I know that you are very reliable, so I wondered if you might not be interested in earning some extra money."

"Are you just offering me a job in your pool hall?" Christina asked irritated. Donald nodded. "Exactly," he answered. "I realize that life in this city is quite expensive, especially for young, single people, and you would really help me if you were willing to join in for two or three days a week for about two hours in the early evening. Unfortunately, my wife can not do that because of our children, and I do not think it's good when Maria is all alone in the hall."

Christina nodded and thought for a moment. On the one hand, accepting the offer would mean that she would have to leave the house in the dark, which she really was scared to do. On the other hand, she liked Donald very much, after all, he had also helped her when it came to finding out who she had to transfer the rent for her apartment.

Donald had then referred Christina to Maria, his longest-serving employee. She had spent her entire life in Santa Carla and knew almost everything that was going on in town.

The house where Christina lived was owned by Maria's former boss and his four sons. They suddenly did not show up any more many years ago, but Maria knew that a lawyer was taking care of the house, and Christina had contacted him to settle the matter. And apart from that, Donald was right, renting the flat was not cheap, and Christina could use extra income just fine.

She was thinking about moving. She did not feel safe in her apartment anymore because it was very close to the forest where "whatever" had happened. Well, moving was expensive and if she was unlucky, she would have to buy a complete setup.

Her demands for such things were not very high, she was very grateful for trifles, but she liked it cozy anyway. Christina knew that she could not implement this plan from the money she got from her job in the kindergarten, and the cash from the casket that her Mother had inherited her was almost spent.

Donald noticed, of course, that Christina hesitated, and again he seemed to know why. "Christina, listen, I know that as a young woman, you do not like to be alone on the boardwalk in the evening," he remarked. "How about using my parking lot in front of the pool hall when you're there? I really do not mind parking my car in the public car park at the other end of the boardwalk."

Christina nodded. "Okay," she finally said. "You're absolutely right, I have some plans and I really need the money." Donald smiled with relief. "I'm glad, thank you. If you're not in a hurry, we can go to my office and you can fill in the recruitment form so I can sign you up as a new colleague tomorrow morning," he suggested. "If you want, you can start tomorrow. You will work with Maria. She'll show you everything, and she sure will be happy about your support."

"Okay, let's do it all together, "Christina replied," and I can start tomorrow, otherwise I have no plans." She had a queasy feeling if she imagined that it would be dark at that time she would go to the pool hall, but she also knew that somehow she had to get over this fear. She was a grown woman and did not want to sit at home alone for the rest of her life. Sometimes she loved to go out, she liked to dance.

When Christina arrived in the hall the next evening, it was still pretty quiet, Maria was there all alone. When she noticed Christina, she happily came out of the bar area and greeted her new colleague. "I was very happy when Donald told me that you will help us," she said. "You will certainly like it here. Most customers are very nice!" Then she took Christina by the hand and pulled the young woman into the bar area, Maria opened a cupboard, "Here you can put your jacket and bag in," she explained.

Christina nodded smiling, she liked the warm-hearted woman. After Christina stowed her things in the closet, Maria showed her the rest of the hall. "Okay, your job is easy," the older woman explained as they sat with coffee in the counter area. Most of the guests come here to play billiards. The ques and the balls are only issued for a deposit of twenty dollars, there are no exceptions! You can assume that some of the younger people will refuse to give the pledge to you first because you're new here and they'll test you out."

Christina nodded." Good, I'm fine with that," she replied. Maria pointed to the coffee machine. "You have to ensure that always fresh coffee is available and that enough Coke, lemonade, and sparkling water in the fridge. For the people who play here, all drinks are free, for all others, the prices on the list are over there. You have just seen the small room, which is located in the back of the hall, there, only people who are at least twenty-one years old are allowed in, because there are hanging gambling machines. If you are not sure about the age of the people, you are entitled to ask for their ID. Well, you have to keep order at the individual tables, most players bring their cups and empty bottles back, but some leave everything standing around. In between, we make sure that the gambling machines are clean, glass cleaner and kitchen towels are under the sink over there, oh well, if you have enough dishes together, please turn on the dishwasher. And last but not least, in this drawer is the cash register to change money. Before you leave in the evening we will check the cash. When Donald is here, then he is responsible for the cash register. I know that sounds like a lot, but when you are working for a while, you'll get used to everything very quickly!"

While the two women were sitting behind the counter, Maria looked at Christina thoughtfully, and she had already noticed the day Christina asked her about the lawyer responsible for the house where her apartment was located, that the young woman looked very familiar to her.

"You're not from here, are you?" Maria finally asked with interest. Christina shook her head, "I'm from a small town near Washington," she replied. "I was born here, but my parents moved houses when I was about two weeks old, they did not live here for long, why?" She asked. "Oh, I'm just curious," replied Maria, pouring a fresh coffee into her cup. Maria just could not help herself, she had never forgotten the four sons of her old boss.

Mr. Williams, who had been selling and lending videos in a shop at the other end of the boardwalk, had always warned the then twenty-year-old about the four young men. Maria could never understand that because the four were always polite to her.

The "Lost Boys", as the gang called themselves, looked very wild and came every evening to the boardwalk by their motorcycles, but she had never heard a bad word from them.

One day, Max Williams disappeared without a trace. Maria never saw the Lost Boys again. Maybe Maria's imagination played a prank on her, but it struck her right away. Christina looked so damn similar to the Lost Boys' leader.

His face was very memorable, he had charisma; Maria was just sure! Christina had the same delicately curved lips as he did, as well as icy blue eyes. The young woman was very pale, which was extremely rare for people who lived in this state - in Santa Carla, the sun finally shone almost every day.

Even though Christina grew up in another state, she had been in town for a while now. Christina's pallor seemed somehow unnatural, Maria was very hopeful that the young woman was not suffering from serious illness because she liked Christina.

Maria loved the many freckles on Christina's face. Maria suspected that the young woman often had to show her ID if she wanted to go to any club or get into a police check with her car because Christina had grown so short that at first glance she looked like a very young girl.

Well, Maria still wondered if she would just fake it all up because she had been confused for some time anyway. A few weeks ago, a young man with long dark brown hair entered the pool hall, and if Maria hadn't known better, she would have taken him for Dwayne, a member of the Lost Boys.

But that was completely out of the question because Dwayne would have to be well over fifty years old by now. The young man, however, was only in his twenties. She remembered him so much because she was very much in love with the quiet, mysterious Dwayne as a young woman. Unfortunately, there was never a conversation between Maria and Dwayne because Mr. Williams always threw his sons out of his video store.

Mr. Williams always treated his staff very well and was extremely friendly to them, but he always treated his sons with disrespect. Anyway, Maria always wondered why the four young men did not look a bit like each other, and they had no similarity with Mr. Williams.

But she never had the courage to ask her former boss, and it was none of her business. Maybe the four had just different mothers, Mr. Williams was not married after all.

Of course, Maria could not know that the young man she had seen was actually Dwayne. He loved playing billiards and he was playing for money. Usually, he drove to a billiard hall in the neighboring village, where he almost always found someone who was up for a match against Dwayne.

Mostly he won what earned him the money that he needed for his little things like cigarettes or drinks. Dwayne was pretty frugal, he usually wore his clothes until they almost fell apart.

He was not stingy, he just did not see the point in buying new jeans or shirts all the time. He had gotten his leather jacket after he came back from his grave many years after the defeat at Michael's grandfather's house. He rarely wore a shirt, because he usually messed with the blood of his victims and then had to dispose of them anyway.

Well, the hall in the neighboring village was currently closed for modernization work, so he went to Donald's hall. There he discovered Maria, who was on duty.

Startled, he left the place again. He hoped that Maria had not recognized him. The Lost Boys did not want anyone to know that they were still there.

Dwayne had to smile. Of course, unlike him, Maria had gotten older and she was a bit chubby, but otherwise, she still looked exactly like she did then. The brunette vampire liked her smile and her curls. In Dwayne's eyes she was still a beautiful woman, he had always valued her, for she was warm and friendly behavior.

He had nevertheless refrained from addressing her because Max did not want one of the Lost Boys approaching his staff. So he stayed away from Maria to protect his brothers, himself, and Maria. However, that did not stop Paul from chatting up with Maria all the time because the big blond vampire knew that Dwayne wanted to get to know the woman better. Paul thought Dwayne might be too shy, but that was not the case.

Paul had not known Dante, David's older brother years ago when he thought he had found his soulmate, which was extremely rare for a vampire. Unfortunately, even Marko never met Dante.

Max had the idea many years ago, to lure in a whole family, just as he intended with Lucy, Michael, and Sam. Max was then interested in Margret, a widow. She was the mother of Dante and David.

Max first lured Dante with a well-paid job. Margret and her sons were not rich, so Dante groped in Max's trap. Finally, Max turned Dante into a vampire. Next was David's turn.

Dante tried to keep Max away from David, of course unsuccessful, Max was far too cunning and much stronger than Dante. When David, who had only been twenty years old at the time, finally realized what game Max was playing with him, it was already too late.

Max let David one choice, either he would change completely, or Max would kill Margret. David loved his mother and did not think long. Margret, however, was nowhere near as naïve as Max had believed; she did not allow herself to be caressed by him.

With her negative attitude, she hurt Max's pride, so he killed Margret. David vowed then, no matter how long it would take, he would at some point take revenge on Max!

Dante and David were young, and Max was their sire, it was hardly possible for the brothers to do anything about him because he always knew exactly what they were up to through their mental connection. So they had no choice but to stay with Max until at some point there would be an opportunity to avenge him.

It took many more years before Dwayne was accepted into the family. At the time, Max was abroad, leaving his sons, as he used to call Dante and David, a small bottle of his blood for emergency use. This gave the two younger vampires the idea that it was possible to create vampires with their own blood as well.

When Dante and David met Dwayne, they came to the conclusion that he would be a good fit for them. Dante and David had long since realized that they could not do anything about Max themselves. But what if they created more vampires who had no mental connection to Max? So they got another small bottle, which they filled with a mix of their blood, they finally gave it to Dwayne and one night later he was one of them.

When Max was back and learned about their plot, he was annoyed to no end. Max almost drained poor Dwayne completely and then forced his own blood into Dwayne. Even though Max kept forcing Dwayne to drink his blood, Dwayne just took in double the amount of Dante's and David's blood.

That's how Dwayne spent many years making his mental connection to Max very weak. At some point, however, Dwayne did not let Max force him anymore and Max finally left him alone.

About ten years later, Dante got to know Linda and made her his mate, but even then, Max knew it immediately and killed Linda. Dante was totally desperate. One night later, when David and Dwayne woke up, they found a letter from Dante. He had left the hiding place of the vampires during the day and was burned in the sun.

All that was left of Dante was his silver bangle and the eye-catching necklace, which consisted of several intertwined leather straps with various other objects hanging next to an antique key. Ever since that fateful night, David has been wearing the bangle and Dwayne the necklace.

Dante had made this gem himself. Of course, Dwayne had never forgotten about Dante's fate, since he had lost one of his sires. It was Dante's story that kept Dwayne from addressing Maria. He did not want to endanger her.

In fact, Dwayne Maria had never forgotten Maria, he still liked her very much. But Maria was now a grown woman, and her life had finally gone on after the Lost Boys disappeared all those years ago. She certainly had her own family, a husband, children, maybe even grandchildren. What kind of man would Dwayne be if he would take that away from her?

Dwayne was not a sentimental idiot, but he was fair. Maria looked happy, and Dwayne was not selfish enough to destroy that luck. Knowing that Maria was working in the billiard hall, he did not go in there anymore, but Dwayne still could not stay away.

He often stayed near the hall, content to watch Maria through the window. Paul would surely make fun of Dwayne if he ever found out. That did not matter to Dwayne, he was the only one of the Lost Boys who went to this end of the boardwalk anyway because there was not much interesting here. Marko and Paul usually stayed at the other end, there were rides and snack bars. In addition, the two did not come every evening.

David felt that the permanent residency at the boardwalk had led the vampires to their downfall all the years ago so it was very rare that he joined his brothers when they planned to roam the place. Therefore he preferred to stay away. The only positive thing about this defeat back then was that the Lost Boys were finally freed by Max. Ironically, he was the only one of the vampires who actually bit the grass, he was burned.

Well, let alone that, after David came back from his grave, he was summoned to City Hall by Carl Owens, the mayor of the city. Carl was not human either, which of course the inhabitants of Santa Carla did not know - Carl was a werewolf, as was the rest of his family.

He had imposed a series of rules on David and made it clear that these were important for the different species to live together in a kind of coexistence in the city.

Of course, David was not at all enthusiastic, but he knew that the wolves would be able to destroy the vampires during the day. Although vampires were actually stronger than the wolves, but easily wounded during the day, so the Lost Boys tried hard to comply with the rules of the mayor as far as possible.

The Lost Boys were still a wild gang, they were still doing what they wanted, but since the four of them had recovered from the incident at Michael's grandfather's house, they were frankly very happy that all of them had survived, they had matured.

They had realized that they were arrogant at the time and considered themselves invulnerable. David and his boys had simply underestimated these children. In retrospect, the vampires were glad that no one had come up with the idea of burning their remains or simply exposing them to sunlight, that really would have been their end.

David was in a twilight state at the time. He had heard that Michael's mother had insisted that the remains of the four be reasonably buried. And so the Lost Boys rested for a time in the dark earth under the paddock behind the house of Michael's grandfather.

The two had even taken the trouble to get Marko's body out of the cave and buried him next to his brothers. In theory, David, who was the least seriously injured, could have gotten up at once, but he knew exactly how Dwayne and Paul were suffering, the both of them would need a long rest to let their wounds heal. So David stayed in his grave.

About ten years later, when the Emersons and grandfather had long since disappeared from the city, he heard Marko's voice in his head. Marko's healing process was almost complete, and Marko was very hungry.

Dwayne smiled as the thoughts flashed through his mind. He looked through the window at Maria again, she was no longer alone in the bar area. When Dwayne recognized the second person, he laughed to himself - it was Christina. "Hello, little lady," he whispered, still amused, before making his way to his motorcycle.

On her second night in the billiard hall, Maria asked Christina to change some money in the Asian snack bar at the other end of the building, as the cash was in short supply. Donald was not in the hall, and only he had a key to the small safe. It did not happen that often to Maria, but if it did, she could send an employee to Mr. Xia at any time. He was the owner of the Asian snack. Mr. Xia was a passionate billiard player and regular in the hall. He always helped Maria out.

Christina was of the idea that she would now have to go along the badly lit path, of course, not so enthusiastic, she found this dark corner pretty scary, and was afraid. Thankfully there were some people out there so she was not all alone.

She turned her eyes to the floor and stepped determinedly, but with a queasy feeling out of the door. She stopped for a moment and looked around. Then she started walking with her head down. Thousands of thoughts pounded through her mind, and she kept wondering what had happened that night in the forest because whatever had happened to her had triggered that fear in her.

Unfortunately, she did not pay much attention to where she ran, and after a few meters, her forehead collided with a young man's chest. Christina looked embarrassed into his face. "Sorry," she said, feeling her own face heat up.

The man had long, very dark brown hair and dark eyes as well. He smiled in amusement as he looked at Christina. He had smelled her the moment she stepped out of the hall. Dwayne saw her approaching, but instead of just stepping aside so she would not run into him, he made a joke of seeing her reaction.

"No problem," he said with a grin. "Nothing happened!" Christina was still smiling embarrassed and she did not know what else to say. Then her eyes fell on the necklace of the set of several leather straps that were intertwined.

Particularly striking was the large, old key and the brown wooden beads, which summarized the bands in different places. Furthermore dangled various shells and something that looked like a fang of a predator on the not to be overlooked piece of jewelry.

Christina got a weird feeling, and she suddenly felt very uncomfortable in the presence of this man. She was sure she'd seen his necklace somewhere before, and she was pretty sure it had something to do with the event in the woods. An inner voice warned her - this man was very dangerous!

Christina got terribly scared and for a few seconds looked petrified at the man. Dwayne was amused by the fact that he knew exactly what was going on in Christina's mind - soon she would understand everything. He was not her enemy, she soon would know that, too. He was sorry that he had attacked her in the forest, she would eventually become his little sister in a short time.

"Are you okay, little lady?" He asked, but that was probably too much for Christina. She stared at him in horror for a second, then ran. Dwayne could hear her heart racing. He looked after her for a moment and then decided to leave.

Christina panicked around the next corner and leaned against the wall of the building to sort out her thoughts. She had absolutely no idea what was wrong with her.

With the leather bag in which the change was in her hand, she went back into the hall. On the way, she kept looking around, but the scary man was nowhere to be seen.

An hour later, Donald appeared in the hall, Christina gave him the cash and quit. She was very grateful that she did not have to walk to the public parking lot. As she started the engine, she decided to drive Zoe to the cafe, as it had been quite some time since she had seen her friend.

Christina did not want to be alone right now, so she waited for Zoe to go home, and Zoe had offered Christina to stay with her. On the short way there Christina came to a traffic light where she had to stop.

On the track next to her stood the four motorcyclists who she had seen on the staircase leading to the beach some time ago. 'They are exactly the people I needed to see right now,' Christina thought annoyed because even the dark-haired man with whom she had collided was one of the bikers.

The motorcyclist who stood next to her on the right-hander track had very light blonde hair. He looked into Christina's eyes for several seconds, smirking mysteriously. When the traffic lights finally turned green, which seemed like an eternity to Christina, he let go and drove off at a rapid pace, followed by his friends.

Christina looked thoughtfully at Zoe. "These guys really scary," she said.

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