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The two men sat in William's car, it was finally Friday. They were glad that another week in the bank was finally over. William and Tedrick needed a legitimate job as a cover.

Actually, they were doing a very different job, one that did not pay their rent, mostly anyway. William and Tedrick did their real job out of sheer idealism; it was about freedom, justice, and the American way. The men were hunters, no, they did not hunt harmless animals, they eliminated supernatural creatures!

"I really hope we'll be done with the job in this city soon," Tedrick said to William, who was sitting on the driver's seat and nodding in agreement. "What's up with your nice lady?" Tedrick asked.

"Well, I persuaded her to come to our club tomorrow night. Honestly, after we have seen this damnd freak in her favorite club last Saturday, I'm not willing to take her there anymore! And surely, I don't want her to go into this club alone or with her weird friend," William explained.

Tedrick smiled. "That sounds good. You should get your girlfriend to bring her weird friend, though I don't think she'll be convinced to come with us! We know the fact from last Saturday, I tried a few times to talk to her but she did not let me get any closer. When we finally left, she preferred to drive herself as drunk as she was."

William looked at his friend in confusion. "Well, I offered the chick to take her home, so I might have had the opportunity to at least deal with this problem, but the woman refused the offer, she is very distrustful," Tedrick explained.

William nodded. "It's a pity, it would have been too easy, so you tell me she actually drove herself rather?" Tedrick shook his head. "No, she is not," he explained. "You will not believe it, she thought I was gone and went to her car and now guess who followed her? And what do you think who was going to sit down at the driver's seat after a brief exchange of words?"

William looked at his friend curiously. "I do not know, but I guess you'll tell me soon." Tedrick nodded. "The freak drove her car! He has taken her home, or maybe not! If we are lucky enough, maybe "this" problem has resolved by the tall, blond freak!"

William looked thoughtfully out the window. "Possibly, but I want to know, I'll tell my sweetheart to call her friend to offer her to come with us tomorrow night," William suggested. "Then we know if we need to take care of this problem or not."

Tedrick nodded. "That's a good idea because our friends do not like the idea that their little sister is hanging out with this woman! I'm expecting their phone call later this evening. I'll tell you tomorrow night how the conversation went, I'm assuming that you can't wait to see your sweetheart again! It seems to be something serious, with the both of you."

William just nodded smiling and drove off. The men shared an apartment, that's what they've been doing for years. When they were called to a city where there were obviously too many supernatural creatures, they initially sought a perfectly normal job to maintain their cover and a cozy place to stay.

When the dirty job was done, they initially stayed at this location until their services were needed elsewhere. William and Tedrick then left immediately, taking care of the problem.

Both men had been born in Santa Carla, both of them had to deal with the loss of a family member to the pack of werewolves, that's why they especially hunted the fleabags. And both of them had been moved to another town by their parents afterward around the age of eleven. William's and Tedrick's parents had been friends for a long time, and the men knew each other since they had been very young kids.

William and Tedrick were well educated and they had a university degree. They had studied business as an academic major, therefore they had always succeeded in getting a job in the bank or getting a high position in a company, but they never liked the fact that their jobs forced them to wear formal clothes. But even if the men didn't like it, it served their cover, so they did anyway.

William understood why his sweetheart's friend did not like the club outside the city. She was the kid of a vampire and her mother had been a half-vampire back then. Werewolves and vampires were enemies, and many of the people in the club belonged to the pack of fleabags.

But there was another reason, many of the people in the club also belonged to the upper class, they were loaded and disliked people without enough money. These people were distrustful, because like the vampires they had to keep a secret!

But that's exactly where people William and Tedrick were looking for if you could even call them people. His sweetheart's girlfriend was not one of those people, but she was still a problem, the two men were sure, well, and problems had to be solved, it was that simple.

William was in conflict anyway, and he knew that a lot exactly. He had only made contact with his girlfriend because of his and Tedrick's friends, who were the older brothers of the young lady. They had asked William and Tedrick to keep an eye out for her. It was actually nothing more than a job!

William, however, had seriously fallen in love with her, she was the loveliest woman he had ever met. There were far more beautiful women than she was, but she had a heart of gold and was honest and very happy. A serious relationship was just not a good idea with a job like this!

Her brothers had tried to persuade her to leave town with them, that was many years ago. The two had tried to convince her that many supernatural creatures were at home in Santa Carla. At night the city was a dangerous place.

However, she had not believed one word her brothers had told her and declared the two crazy. Sure, why should she take her brothers seriously, after all, the two could never prove the existence of these creatures.

William worried about his girlfriend because the job he was doing would automatically make her a target. These creatures, and he did not care if they were vampires, werewolves, or whatever, would surely attack her first, she was weak and a good lever. These creatures would, of course, use the fact that William would protect his girl at all costs against him!

At home, he went wordlessly in his private area. 'Phew, I should clean up here again,' he thought, choosing a pair of fresh jeans and a shirt from the pile of fresh linen on his desk. He looked at the two pieces of clothing, shook his head, and took the gray suit from the wardrobe he had brought out of the laundry the night before.

He would love to wear his western boots tonight, but he had to resist. He could only wear casual clothes if he was alone with his buddy. William did not want to think about whether his girlfriend really expected him to wear only suits, there were other things he needed to think about.

Half an hour later he had finished showering and packed his bag for the weekend that he wanted to spend with his girlfriend. "Tedrick, I'm leaving now, what have you planned?"

Tedrick smiled. "I'll try to find out more about the freak and his friends, you know, our buddies beat those guys back then, and that guy ended up just a skeleton, we had seen it when we had been young boys! Still, he managed to come back so we can be sure the other bloodsuckers are also back, however that is possible!"

William nodded. "And what about our actual job?" Tedrick looked at his friend a bit helpless. "I know the situation really sucks, but I'm afraid our job has to wait! Your sweetheart's friend is the child of one of the bloodsuckers, and they sure as hell will do anything to pull into their world, we need to prevent that! She would be one bloodsucker more!"

William looked thoughtfully out the window, he really didn't agree. "You know, I do not like this woman very much," he finally said. "But our buddies have assured us that she has absolutely no idea about who, or better, what she actually is. Is it really necessary to eliminate this woman? That would be murder! We have watched her, she doesn't expose any signs of vampirism."

Tedrick was annoyed now. "I know exactly what you mean, but I'm not willing to wait for that to change! We need to wipe this woman out! Our buddies hate the thought that their little sister is hanging around with her, and I think so do you! Or to state it that way, surely the bloodsuckers have long since heard the news that this woman is in town, and if she dies by our hand, we'll lure those guys out of hiding place, and then they're history! And we will make sure not to work as sloppily as our buddies back then! "

"Hey, they were kids back then, and after all, they destroyed the bloodsuckers," William replied. "No one could have guessed that they would eventually come back from their graves! Our friends made a mistake, something like that happened, they just did not know it better."

"You can not be serious," argued Tedrick. "Everyone knows you have to burn the remains of vampires or leave the corpses to the sun! Our buddies were working carelessly at the time. They underestimated the consequences of their carelessness! If I tell them later that one of the bloodsuckers is back and walking very alive through this beautiful town hopefully our friends will come back to Santa Carla to finish the work they started all those years ago. Then we would finally be able to do our actual job! "

William looked out of the window, agitated. "Well, maybe you're right! Maybe we'll be able to destroy the bloodsuckers before they start manipulating the young woman to pull her into her world. Maybe she would not need to be wiped out, that would make my girlfriend very happy!"

"William, William, you've always been a dreamer and a bit too good-natured, but let's wait, we'll see what happens soon. We will do what is necessary," Tedrick smiled.

William took his bag, which he had temporarily set down on the floor, and went to the door. "Anyway, I'm leaving now!" With these words, he finally went to his car.

He had no desire to continue discussing with Tedrick, it was hopeless anyway. When Tedrick was up to something, he actually did it. William still hoped that the friend of his sweetheart could be saved. Damned, even if he did not like this woman very much, she was completely unaware and had never harmed a person. She did not deserve death!

Just at the moment when William started his car, Tedric's smartphone rang. 'Oh Eddy, on time, as always,' thought Tedrick. "Hey, Eddy, we have not talked for a long time, I was wondering about your email, what's going on?"

"We have a huge problem here," Eddy yelled at the other end of the line. Tedrick took the phone off his ear for a second and looked at it in amazement. That his interlocutor sounded almost hysterical astonished him, that was not Eddy's way. He did not even complain that Tedrick had addressed him by his nickname, that was not normal either.

"Hey buddy, listen carefully," Tedrick finally interrupted his buddy, who somehow talked confusing stuff. "Here's a problem you'll have to solve! We've spotted one of your old friends, and where he is, the three others are not far off! Damn, you showed us back then what was left of that bloodsucker, no more than a pile of bones, and yet he somehow managed to come back from his grave! Looks like you've been doing a very sloppy job! Your brother and you have to come to Santa Carla to finish this job!"

At the other end of the line, it was deathly quiet. "That's not possible, we've all seen their remains," came the answer. "You must be wrong, Tedrick!"

"No, we're not mistaken, this freak is one of them! We have seen the tall, skinny guy with the long, blond hair that was pushed into the tub by the dog, and there's no doubt about that," Tedrick reported. "He's already in contact with your sister's friend, you see, your sister is also in danger! You have to come here immediately!"

"Damn it," Eddy shouted back at the other end, sounding pretty hopeless."We can not come! My brother was bitten, I have no idea where he is! The bloodsuckers have kidnapped him! I have to find him!"

Tedrick almost dropped the phone when he heard the news." Damn, Eddy, you can not be serious," Tedrick spat into the phone. "It's getting better and better!"

For a moment, it was quiet. "Okay, listen, actually we're looking for the werewolves, but we'll still try to track down your old friends and finally destroy them! And just find your brother, maybe it's not too late! But if he is one of them, then you know, hopefully, what you have to do!"


By the time the two men talked on the phone, Laddie was standing in front of Christina's door at the far end of the city. He was not sure if he should ring or not. He had a bad conscience about her.

She had offered to stay with her until he had his own place to stay, and probably Christina wondered that she had not heard of Laddie yet. He had assured her that he would put the move from Modesto to Santa Carla into action as soon as possible, and after seeing Dwayne and David, he knew very well that there was nothing left in Modesto that could keep him there.

However, David had asked him not to tell Christina that he was in town. Laddie felt like a traitor to Christina. Of course, he understood David's reasons exactly, but still, but he still didn't like it!

Sure, Laddie had been very happy that Christina was now living in Santa Carla, and he had been pleased to receive her invitation, but the crucial point for his move was the visit of his old family! The Lost Boys and Star were the best families he ever had!

As a child, of course, he had no idea what the Lost Boys really did to survive, but now Laddie was a grown man and knew exactly what he would do one day if he really joined the vampires. He was scared of it! He was scared to death of Christina's reaction when she learned the truth!

She was a warmhearted, good-natured person, and the lifestyle of her real family would not be easy for her if she ever accepted that way of life. But on the other hand, what else did life have to offer her?

Christina had told Laddie that she was disappointed by people. Her stepfather had treated her badly and only exploited her! Christina's mother, the only confidant she had, had left her far too soon.

Christina never had the chance to meet her biological father, and now Zoe, her best friend also turned away from Christina because of this guy. Paul had told the others, that he had seen, that Zoe had skipped out on Christina when they had been in the club with the two guys only to have some fun with the weird man!

Christina had to feel very lonely! Laddie really hoped, that no matter what sort of a creature Christina's father was, that she would accept him and the rest of the Lost Boys! Hell, Christina asked Laddie to draw the template for the tattoo she wanted! It was Paul in his vampire state, and she liked him enough to get his picture tattooed!

Christina would be happy that her father still was alive, and that he would show interest in his little girl like David always called her. But would she be happy to be forced into his lifestyle? David would take her in, if she liked it or not, he had already maintained his claim to the rest of the Lost Boys.

Marko and Dwayne had tried to talk David out of it. They had already tried to get Christina's mother into the family, and this mistake almost had cost their lives, but David was stubborn! He just said that Christina had a place where she belonged, and that was to be with them!

Laddie was sure that the first time in his "new" life would be hard to get along with. He also was sure it would be the same for Christina. Laddie really hoped, in the end, she would realize that not everything about being a vampire was bad. He had watched the Lost Boys, he had noticed how much they cared for one another, even if they sometimes aggravated each other. They were just like every other family.

In a way, Laddie and Christina would become killers, predators, but weren't humans killing other humans each day for less than hunger? Humans killed each other for much lower motives than to feed!

After all, they were people who killed others because they had the wrong religion or color of skin. Vampires killed to survive, that was not possible without human blood or any substances contained in it!

Laddie wondered if vampires enjoyed the hunt, well, maybe they did that sometimes when it came to some assholes who had been a pain in everybody's ass.

But Laddie also remembered many nights when the Lost Boys returned to the cave a bit depressed after they got back from dinner. He was a small boy then and never understood why eating made his family so sad. Of course, he knew it better today!

It was odd but since he lived with the Lost Boys again, more and more memories returned, and he knew the boys had never shown him what their other nature looked like. He had asked Dwayne about it a few days ago, the vampire had just explained that no one wanted to scare a little boy. David had made this mistake with Star, the consequences of this stupidity were well known!

Laddie was now hiding on his motorcycle for nearly an hour under the trees that stood in front of the house where Christina lived. There were a lot of cigarette butts around his bike, obviously, he was smoking too much, but should he really worry about it? Soon, this bad habit would not hurt him anymore. It was just another good side effect of vampirism!

Finally, Laddie decided against the idea of talking to Christina. He still felt bad about it, but he did not want to reveal David and the others yet! It was getting dark and Laddie had assured his friends that he would be back when they got up.

He had assumed a job in a tattoo shop on the boardwalk. David and Dwayne had assured him that he did not need to do that, they would make sure that he had everything he needed to live as they had done back then. But Laddie did not want to live at the expense of the Lost Boys, after all, he was grown up! He smoked another cigarette, then pulled on his helmet, started his motorcycle, and drove back to the vampire's hiding place.

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