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On Friday, after Christina was in the club with Zoe, she got a call from her friend. "Hi, how did you get home last weekend? Ted said he offered to drive you, but you refused?" Zoe asked.

"Oh, well, I had already ordered a cab," Christina claimed. She had used that excuse back then to get rid of Ted. And now she could not tell her friend anything else, even though she had a bad conscience about Zoe. Usually, Christina was honest. "Oh, I wondered," replied Zoe. "Ted is really nice!"

Christina rolled her eyes, clearly, Ted was not as arrogant as Bill, but Christina was bored that he had no other subject to talk about than his work. If he had told of any hobbies, she would have listened to him, but Christina wondered, did these men even have hobbies? And apart from that Christina somehow had the feeling that she just could not trust these men.

She could not explain herself, but something was wrong with them! It sometimes happened that Christina immediately rejected people, and she had never been fooled by that feeling.

"What else did you do when you left the club?" Christina asked. "We went for a bite to eat, Bill invited me," Zoe replied. "Well, then I've spent the night with him, Bill is really super cute!"

Christina really rolled her eyes as Zoe began to rave about her night with Bill. She really could not understand what her friend saw this guy. Maybe it was just the clothes of the two men. Her stepfather had to run around in suits mostly because of his work and he liked it that way. He had treated Christina badly. Maybe she rejected Zoe's friends just because of that, she did not know exactly and she didn't care.

She would have liked to tell her friend about the encounter with the biker dude who had driven her home, but since she had previously presented her lie, she could not do that. The guy was actually very nice and Christina was grateful to him despite her mistrust that he had saved her from a big stupidity.

She really didn't like to think about losing her driver's license because of driving after drinking alcohol, Christina just didn't need that. In Santa Carla, public transit was not that intoxicating. You needed a car in Santa Carla to be independent. In the summer, Christina would not even mind riding everywhere with her bicycle, but during the dark season, she really did not feel like doing it.

Then Christina remembered something, this guy had just kissed her before he disappeared! Christina could not understand why he had done that and she was very scared at first, but it had not felt so bad and she was annoyed that she had not asked for his name.

The whole encounter with this man was somehow scary. She had acted completely against her own will this evening, which she absolutely could not understand. Christina had simply ignored her mistrust and caution, and let the man get into her car.

But no matter how it went, Christina envied Zoe a little and frankly would not mind meeting the strange man again. That would also mean that she would eventually come together with the rest of this weird biker gang, but if he was nice, maybe his buddies were not so bad either! Christina definitely preferred them before meeting with Bill and Ted one more time!

"Hello, are you listening to me?" Zoe asked. Christina quickly picked up the phone and looked at it as if it could now answer Zoe's question. "Uh sorry, I was just somewhere with my thoughts," Christina finally explained. "What did you say?"

"Christina," Zoe mumbled. "I wanted to know if you would like to come to the club outside the town with Bill and me next night, Ted will be there too and look forward to seeing you again!"

Christina grimaced and shook her head annoyed. "I'm sorry, Zoe," she explained, "but I have a duty in the pool hall next night, Maria is not there, and I do not know how long I have to work!" Another lie, Christina thought, after saying goodbye to Zoe and wishing her much fun.

Of course, she knew exactly when she was finishing work, but she just did not feel like going to this other club! "Do not make lying a stupid habit," Christina said aloud to herself.

Christina decided without further ado that she would go to the club for a drink after the shift in the pool hall. It was late, but she had to leave the house anyway, so she might as well go out and have fun.

Actually, Christina was still careful, but since she had been out with Laddie before she had met people in the club who were nice. To be honest, she really hoped to meet the man who drove her home last weekend. Besides, Christina loved to dance and spent most of her time in the club on the dance floor. There was no need to talk to anyone. And apart from that, she had seriously planned to work on herself to finally get rid of the newfound fear of the dark! After all, she was young and wanted to enjoy her life!

When Christina entered the club the next night, she sat down on a free stool at the bar and ordered "cherry banana", a soft drink. She had her car outside and did not want to get into the same situation again as she had the weekend before. Christina talked to the bartender about a city festival that was scheduled to take place next spring on the Boardwalk when she suddenly noticed a familiar face at the bar.

She really could not believe it, but there was actually Laddie. Of course, Christina was happy to see him, that was completely out of the question, but why had he not told her that he was in town?

Christina felt very sad and in some way betrayed, which also angered her a little. Disappointment spread throughout her. She had known Laddie all her life and liked him very much. He was always something of a big brother to Christina and she trusted him, like no one else in the world.

Should she go over to him and confront him? Well, that decision was taken from her when someone tapped her on the shoulder. She spun around to see who it was.

Paul was just coming back from outside, he had gone there to smoke a cigarette with David and Dwayne. As the three vampires reentered the club, David spotted his daughter standing at the bar looking over at Laddie with a sad face. He did not have to read her mind to guess what was going on inside her, her face told the vampire every single emotion. He understood damn well that she was disappointed, but he himself had left Laddie no choice.

Christina would understand that very soon! David came to the conclusion that today was a good night to finally get in touch with his daughter. Since she had already discovered Laddie, that was no longer to prevent.

When David found out last weekend that Paul had driven Christina home, he had literally taken Paul apart and only calmed down after Paul assured him that he had not touched Christina. But now David was happy about Paul's arbitrary actions.

He sent Paul to speak to Christina and bring her to the vampires' table. Laddie would help, as Christina trusted him. Christina looked puzzled at Paul as he grinned and asked Laddie to bring him a beer. Now Laddie spotted Christina and approached her with a slightly uncertain look on her face. He stopped in front of her and looked sheepishly into her eyes. "Hello, Christina!" "That's a surprise," said Christina, sounding very disappointed. "Since when are you here?" Laddie looked uncertainly at the floor. "Well, a while," he replied.

"And is there a reason you did not tell me?" Christina continued. "And, where do you live?" Laddie sighed. "Yes, there is a reason, but I can not talk about that right now," he replied softly, cursing himself for not ringing Christina a few days ago. She could keep a secret to herself.

Laddie understood why Christina was mad at him. He glanced helplessly at David, who shrugged and grinned. This was again typical, Laddie had done David a favor by not telling Christina that he was in town, and he was now the villain in the eyes of the young woman.

"I live with my friends," Laddie finally answered pointing to Paul with his thumb. Paul had been listening in silence, with a serious expression. Man, why did David have to be such an asshole sometimes, was he born that way? Paul had heard enough and interfered now. He put a hand on Christina's shoulder to get her attention.

"Hey, come on," said the vampire. "Do not be mad at him, it's really not his fault, we asked him to say nothing to anybody, and you can be sure that there is a good reason!"

Christina looked up at Paul to look him in the eye. "Oh, really," she mumbled. Even though she was rather shy, there were situations, she just could not shut up, and that was such a situation. Besides, although Paul was still a stranger to her after all, she had the feeling that she could tell him everything. "And would you mind telling me this reason?" Now, Paul grinned. "Well, honestly, yes!" Christina just looked at him in bewilderment.

David, Marko, and Dwayne could listen to the conversation from their spot at the table. Marko already rolled his eyes annoyed, while the other two vampires enjoyed themselves. Humans were so emotional!

"Ah, so you have a big secret," Christina stated. Paul nodded, grinning broadly. "Yes, you can say that, but do not worry, you'll soon know this secret, by the way, I'm Paul," he explained, holding out his hand.

Christina sighed and took Paul's outstretched hand. "Well, I'm Christina," she introduced herself, whereupon Paul pressed a kiss on the back of her hand. Christina looked at him in surprise, then turned back to Laddie.

"All right, you're lucky, I'm not resentful," she interjected. "But do not think that the matter is settled here, dude!" While Laddie and Christina finally hugged each other, as they had always done in greeting, David smiled at their reaction.

'Now, what are you waiting for, bring her to our table,' he urged Paul telepathically. 'And get her something nice to drink!' Paul looked over at David with raised eyebrows. 'She sure came here with her car and has to go home with it,' he replied to David. 'She certainly will not voluntarily go into the same situation as last weekend!

David grinned at Paul. 'Oh, is that so?' Paul sighed and shrugged. 'Let her come to us first and get to know everyone!' Then Paul turned back to Christina. "Where is your friend," Paul inquired.

Christina looked at him smiling. "She's in one of those noble clubs with her new lover, I'm alone here," she replied. "Zoe asked me if I wanted to go, but I just feel out of place in such clubs, I don't like it there!"

Laddie then grabbed her hand. "Then come to our table," he said, after nodding again in agreement. "Okay, gladly." laughed Christina, taking her glass and following Laddie and Paul.

At the bar table, the three other men were of the odd biker gang were watching the young woman interested. Christina looked a little embarrassed from one of the men to the next.

"Hello," she finally said shyly. The man who seemed to be the leader slowly got up from his barstool without taking his eyes off Christina. He had very fair-haired, shoulder-length hair, wore tight leather jeans, a black shirt, and a long leather coat. He had a piercing gaze and smirked at her.

"Hello, I'm David," he said. "And you have to be Christina! Laddie told us a lot about you." Christina nodded and took his outstretched hand. She felt a little uncomfortable under his gaze, which made him smile even more. "Yes, that's right," she finally answered. "Nice to finally meet Laddie's friends."

David nodded and looked at Dwayne. "The silent guy over there is Dwayne," he explained. Dwayne held out his hand and smiled as Christina hesitated for a moment to grab it. Eventually, she told herself that it was nonsense and that he had never done anything to her and shook his hand as well.

"Nice to meet you," she said, but she just could not look him in the eye, which amused Dwayne. He wore dark ripped jeans, black chucks, and his leather jacket over a black shirt. Christina noticed his eye-catching necklace and she wondered again where she had seen it before. Dwayne looked over at David and smiled. 'I wonder how your little one will react when she finds out that I attacked her in the forest!' David shrugged. 'She will survive and quickly realize that you are not her enemy!'

Paul watched Christina and sighed when he noticed her reaction to Dwayne. 'She has good instincts,' Paul said, referring to David. He nodded. 'I think that's called survival instinct,' he answered. 'She already realized that Dwayne no one to mess with!'

'David is right, she will survive,' mingled Marko, who had not yet been introduced to Christina, but who immediately recognized her scent as the one he had perceived in the cave some time ago, and he was sure that his friends had to recognize it too. 'None of you can be that stupid, she is the human that had been in our hiding place! Who knows what she has discovered there!'

Paul looked over at Marko in irritation. 'Now come on, what's she supposed to find there,' he said into Marko's mind. 'What are you so bad-tempered at once?' Marko just shook his head and rolled his eyes.

The evening had started so well, why did Christina show up now? Marko had been looking forward to a night with his family, but he could forget that now! David smiled at Christina again. "The young man to my left is Marko," he said. Christina also shook hands with him in greeting. "Hello," she said, her eyes falling on his skull tattoo on his forearm.

"Hi," he replied curtly. Marko was a little smaller than the others, maybe five feet five, and still more than a head taller than Christina. A wild mane of curly dark-blond hair framed his innocent-looking face with large green eyes. His smile, however, seemed not to be very innocent, this man seemed somehow devious to her.

Like David, he wore tight leather pants and a white mesh top that did not completely cover his flat stomach, his feet were in black heavy-boots, and his leather jacket hung over a chair. David put his barstool next to Christina. "Where are your manners?", he asked with a grin. "Am I really the only one here who comes up with the idea of offering his chair to the only lady at the table?"

The others looked at him blankly, except for Laddie, who realized that David was right and was now a little embarrassed. "Well, you're just a true gentleman," Paul finally said, laughing. "Sorry, we're just what we are," he turned to Christina, who had sat down on David's barstool in the meantime.

"Laddie told us you've been living in Santa Carla only a few months, do you like it here?" David asked after a while. Christina nodded. "Yes, at least something is going on, I like the boardwalk and the beach a lot. I've spent my whole life in a very small town. It was boring most times," she finally explained.

David nodded. "And what did you do there," he asked with interest. "I have worked in the Kindergarten of an Indian Reservation, and looked after my younger siblings," Christina answered. "That filled most of the days, as you can imagine!" David looked at her thoughtfully. "Why did you take care of your siblings," he scrutinized, though he already knew the reason. "Would not that be the job of your mother?"

Christina looked sadly into her glass. "My mother died when I was 17," she replied. "My stepfather works a lot, and I promised my mother to take care of the little ones!"

'Yes, sometimes some people get what they deserve,' Marko said. 'Damn, Marko, what's the matter with you?' Dwayne asked, annoyed. 'You are behaving strangely tonight! Where do you hide the Marko we know?'

Paul looked at them blankly and took Christina's glass off the table. "Tell me, what is this?" He asked and sniffed at her glass. Christina looked at him. "Cherry-banana," she replied. Paul raised an eyebrow and nodded. "Aha, I already told the gentlemen here that you are certainly here with your car," he said and started to laugh. The others grinned.

Christina looked at Paul sheepishly and nodded. Marko looked totally annoyed since Christina had come to the table. If he was honest, he could not even say exactly what was wrong with him. Sure, he still feared the young woman would react like her mother when she learned the truth. Still, Marko was just as curious about David's daughter as the others. He was annoyed at a feeling towards the young woman coming from deep inside, which he thought he had long since discarded.

Marko tried to convince the three other vampires to finally take Laddie into the family and ignore Christina, but secretly he shared Paul's opinion that it would be nice to finally have a female vampire in the family. Well, and who would be better suited than David's child?

The Lost Boys knew female vampires. The gang had friends in San Francisco who belonged to the pack of Phillip, Max's best friend. There were female vampires there. But none of the Lost Boys wanted to have such women in the pack. David and Dwayne had their own opinions about these ladies.

They both believed that most women were too gentle to deal with vampire's lifestyle. The remaining women received this life with open arms, yes, they really longed for it. However, this sort of woman proved to be insane and absolutely down and dirty, even against their own pack!

Who wanted to have something like this in the family? With Christina, however, the third sort of a woman came into the game now. When she was conceived, Star was a half-vampire. Christina on paper belonged to the gang since she was born! This young lady was supposed to fit in perfectly with the family, but Marko simply feared that she might destroy her family, as her mother had done long ago.

On the other hand, vampires could read Christina's mind. She thought quite loudly and each of the four could read in her like an open book. She felt lonely, especially now that she realized Laddie had been living in Santa Carla for a while and had not told her.

Christina tried to hide her feelings but was not very good at it. The young woman was pretty mad at Laddie, she was afraid of Dwayne, David seemed totally scary to her, which of course was very amusing.

Christina liked Paul, but she didn't trust Marko for some reason. Holy shit, how did he earned this mistrust. Well, those were probably the "best conditions" to bring the young woman into the family! And yet, Marko was interested in Christina, no matter how much he denied it!

"Do you know what, girl," Paul finally said, interrupting Marko's thoughts. "I'll get you something decent to drink, and later one of us will bring you home". Laddie looked at him in astonishment. Christina could not resist a grin.

"Ah, that's nice, but you really don't need to do this," she replied. "I wanted to go anyway!" David looked at her again with his piercing look. "You're just here, come on, stay a little bit longer, we'll make sure you get home safely," he said.

Christina looked at the men. Laddie nodded, smiling. "Hey, do not be a spoilsport, it's been a while since we've had a drink together." Christina thought for a moment, "All right," she finally said, looking directly into Paul's eyes. "I guess you would like to get some wine," he asked.

"That would be nice, thank you," Christina answered and Paul disappeared. A few minutes later he was back carrying a tray, David, Dwayne, and Laddie preferred a good whiskey, Marko and Paul liked Bier and Christina wine. They clinked glasses while David stared at Christina, but she did not notice.

"Have you already found interesting places in Santa Carla other than the boardwalk," he asked with interest. "Yeah, sure," she replied, "a few weeks ago I was even at Hudson's bluff. It's totally beautiful up there, the view to the town is beautiful. I discovered something that is totally cool, "she explained, David arched an eyebrow.

"And what should that be," he finally asked," Christina told him totally excited about what she had seen in the cave completely clueless that the men knew exactly what she had to say.

"You know, there are places in town where you should stay away from," Marko replied mysteriously, "and the sunken hotel is one of them!" Christina looked confused at Marko. "What do you mean? I was only there for a few minutes," Christina justified herself. "I had the feeling that there was somehow living there so I left. I would not want any stranger to being so easy in my own living room," she explained. David nodded. "Did you tell anyone about your discovery," he asked. Christina shook her head," No," she replied "I only told you, and Laddie," she added, the four vampires throwing knowing looks at each other, "well then we should just keep this secret for ourselves," David finally said, and the three others grinned, and Christina gave him a quick look "I had no intention of telling anyone else," she explained annoyed, and David nodded.

Christina did not feel so well in the presence of these men. They were kind of creepy. "Maybe I should go now," she said after a while. She got up and was about to reach for her jacket when "Welcome to the jungle" came out of the speakers.

"Nonsense, you're not going anywhere," Paul exclaimed euphorically, he loved this song. "Not until you've danced with me," he added with a laugh, holding out his hand to Christina. The young woman sighed. "Where are you just taking this persistence from?", she asked, taking his hand. The two were just turning around when they heard David's voice behind them. "Paul," was all he said in a quiet dangerous-sounding voice.

Christina and Paul looked at him, her uncertain, he grinning with raised eyebrows. 'Do not worry, I'll be very good,' he told David telepathically and raised his hands defensively, then took Christina's hand again and the two disappeared on the dance floor.

Marko watched the two on the dance floor with a smug grin on his face. "Hey David, it looks like Paul could actually wrap this suspicious woman around his finger," he said after a while. David looked at him with a smile. "Yes, it may be, he is one of us and can manipulate her," he replied, "but she is quite fascinated by your tattoo, didn't you notice that she barely managed to take her eyes off your arm?"

Marko looked at David in astonishment. "Hm, I did not actually notice," he finally replied with a grin. "I had the feeling that she does not like me!" David laughed. "And you just take it that way ... usually these women were always a challenge for you," he remarked. "Even if that has not happened for a long time, where is your fighting spirit?"

Marko was not stupid, he knew immediately that David was trying to manipulate him! Dwayne watched the exchange between David and Marko with raised eyebrows but said nothing. He knew just like David if anyone could manage to influence Christina in such a way that she would join them willingly, that was Marko.

This innocent-looking devil was very good at convincing young ladies like Christina. Besides, Dwayne had long ago seen through his friend. Marko liked Christina, even if he did not want to admit it. He could not fool Dwayne, Marko's body language told the brunette vampire all that was needed. Of course, David had not noticed that he was too busy thinking up a plan that would bring Christina into the family, that he did not notice Marko's ambitions.

"Maybe I should try my luck," Marko said after a while, then put his beer down on the table and headed toward the dance floor with a determined expression. He stood there for a few minutes, when a love song was played, he went to Christina and tapped her on the shoulder. She turned to him and he spread his arms to encourage her to dance.

Christina did not know what to do with Marko's request and glanced over at Paul a bit helplessly. He shrugged and looked around for a blonde Marko had pointed out to him. 'She's been watching you for a while,' Marko had told him.

Laddie watched from the table what was going on between Christina, Paul, and Marko. "What's going on there," he asked, somewhat surprised. "Annoying the lady I would say," David replied laughing. "And as for this young lady, Marko would probably be the better choice for her, he is down to earth and not so unpredictable."

Laddie nodded, lost in thought. "What if she doesn't accept one of them?", he asked. David looked at him smiling. "Well, we'll see what will happen," he said. "But I would be happy if she would fall in love with one of them because then it would be easier for her to become a member of our family. She will join the club, I will not accept anything else. She is my child and it there's only one place in this world for her! What about you, my friend?" he asked.

Laddie looked at him thoughtfully for several minutes. "Well, I really missed you guys and I feel like I can not live a normal life anymore since I was with you when I was a kid, I could not handle other kids anymore. I have always been a maverick without any real friends. I always felt that something was missing, so I would like to join your club, even if it scares me."

Dwayne only looked at him thoughtfully. "We know very well that this decision is not easy," David replied after a while. "We all had to make that decision someday, but in the end, none of us ever regretted it, we'll make sure it'll be the same with you!"

Dwayne put an arm around Laddie's shoulder. "You know, we are your family and would always help you and there is nothing to fear." He had not quite finished that sentence when Paul reappeared at the table, with new drinks, of course. "What are you talking about," he asked. David looked at him laughing. "About making a small party in the workshop tomorrow night," he replied. "Who invites the little one? Will it be Marko or you?", David asked.

Laddie looked at Paul intently. Paul glanced at the crowd on the dance floor, where Christina was already lying in Marko's arms for the second song. "Well, to be perfectly honest, I've just discovered my next meal and Marko and Christina are a sweet couple, just make sure Marko brings her home safely. Your little girl is really nice and I don't want her to get harmed in any way, "he replied.

With these words, he took a sip of his beer. "See you later," he said then, disappearing back into the crowd. After a few minutes, David, Dwayne, and Laddie saw him leaving the club with a girl who was heavily made-up and wearing a very short skirt.

Laddie looked at the two men in surprise. "Do I want to know what's going on," he finally asked. Dwayne and David shook their heads. "Paul," said David. "And a girl who will never reappear. Something like this didn't happen for a long time," he added with a serious expression.

Laddie looked contrite on the floor. "That's what scares me," he said finally. David looked at him smiling. "Boy," he answered. "We are who we are, and you belong to us, and we are there for you and will help you, you can always count on that."

Laddie nodded. At that moment, Christina and Marko came back from the dance floor. David smiled at the young woman. "Well, you must be thirsty," he said, holding out a fresh glass of wine. She nodded and picked up the glass.

"Thanks, I really need it now," she replied. Christina could not understand what had just happened. She danced with Paul when Marko approached her and invited her to dance as well. She did not really want to dance with Marko, but she had the feeling that she did not have a choice and finally gave in to it. Strangely enough, the body contact with Marko felt so right and in the end, she enjoyed being so close to him. He smelled so damn good!

Christina toasted to the men and downed her wine. David watched her with amusement. "Hey, we're having a little party in our workshop tomorrow night, are you coming?", he asked, smiling, in a tone that allowed no resistance. "Marko can pick you up."

Marko looked at his friends with raised eyebrows. 'Is there something I should know?', he asked David by telepathy. He threw him a sharp look. 'You can guess three times,' he finally answered. 'By the way, you're cute together, Paul said,' he added. Marko nodded. 'The little one is cute too, and her scent ... irresistible.'

Christina looked at David uncertainly, and there was that feeling again. Against her will, she said that she would like to come to the little party. Three vampires manipulated Christina at the same time, so she simply had no chance. Laddie, who had missed everything because he was watching the action on the dance floor, was pleased when Christina agreed. He was a bit surprised because he felt that she did not feel comfortable under the intense gaze of the vampires, but nevertheless, he found it great to be able to spend time with her. Christina would realize that none of the men had bad intentions, at least not from the point of view of the vampires.

Dwayne and David looked at each other with a grin. Christina watched the three men confused. It looked like they were talking to each other without words. "Guys, I'm really tired and I want to go home now," she said. "Oh, and you, my friend owe me something, just don't think I will forget about that," she added as she put her hand on Laddie's arm.

Marko looked at her. "I'll take you home now," he said firmly. She looked a little confused, but then nodded and said goodbye to the other three men. David took her hand and held it a little longer, finally, he pressed a kiss on it. "See you next night," he said. "Marko picks you up at one-twenty, okay." Christina nodded.

Marko grabbed her hand and led her from the club to his motorcycle. "You like motorcycles, hopefully," he asked with a smirk as he sat down on his bike. Christina smiled. "Yeah, I used to drive myself, I had a 750 Suzi," she answered. "But I have not ridden a motorcycle myself for a long time, I do not know if I can do it anymore!"

Marko grinned as he imagined the little woman driving such a heavy bike. "Well, I'm sure once you've learned that, you're not going to forget it," Marko finally said, laughing suppressed, then offered his hand to help her on the pillion. "Okay, where are we going," he asked.

Christina told him her address. "Ready," he inquired. "Yes, let's go," she said a little louder to drown the engine of his engine. Marko nodded and drove off. On the way to Christina's apartment, Marko had to stop at red at a traffic light.

Next to him was a car on the left turn lane. When Marko recognized the driver, he barely trusted his eyes. 'David, we have a serious problem here,' he said into David's mind, conveying the picture to the three vampires that he saw himself.

The driver of the car was Tedrick. The vampires noticed this asshole and his buddy about ten years ago in San Francisco. The two pricks were hunters, and although they were actually in search of werewolves, the men had managed to kill two vampires who were friends of the Lost Boys. Before, the men had tortured the vampires. These men were completely insane, especially Tedrick!

He and Marko stared at each other angrily. 'Chill Marko,' Paul reported. 'These are friends of Christina's friend. They are completely harmless!'

'Shit, Paul, sometimes you're such an idiot!', Marko heard Dwayne's answer. 'Think back ten years, these are the hunters who killed Jesse and Severen!' Paul did not say anything for a moment.

'They went to the club last weekend with Christina and her friend,' he finally explained. 'Shit, I did not recognize them!' Marko broke eye contact with Tedrick for a second and looked through the rearview mirror at Christina's face. Shit, he was responsible for her safety!

Marko did not think long about what he should do. He glanced again at Tedrick, who was looking at him with a hate-ridden face. Marko accelerated and left at breakneck speed. It did not bother him that Christina cried out behind him and clung to him! It did not bother him that the traffic light was still red. Marko just raced off and decided to take Christina to the workshop. Nothing in the world could induce him to leave the woman alone in her apartment, not in this situation! He noted that Tedrick had changed lanes and followed them at an equally breakneck pace.

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