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The following weekend Laddie finally arrived in Santa Carla. Christina was very happy to meet him again after all these years since her mother's funeral. She had spent the day before his arrival cleaning the entire apartment from top to bottom.

Christina had even cleaned the windows and washed off all the doors. These were works that she didn't like. But that was not all, Christina had actually persisted in washing the curtains and getting her bed fresh, although of course, it was clear that Laddie was unlikely to enter her bedroom.

It was a fact that Christina never forgot her mother's cleaning skills when she was expecting guests. Then the entire house had to shine, out of respect for the guests. That was what Star always told her daughter. Christina, however, had a completely different point of view, she felt that her mother had a big problem.

That's why Star was no match for Christina when it came to keeping her own home neat. In Christina's eyes, her mother just had a mania for cleaning that would drive almost anyone crazy.

There would have been no chance to enter the house wearing shoes when Star was around. Star had a bag of felt slippers hanging in all sorts of sizes for her guests at the wardrobe.

Nevertheless, Star hoovered up all the carpets every day and wiped all the floors. Just as the whole family was done in the morning in the bathroom, these two rooms were not safe from Star as well. After use, the bathrooms had to be hearty cleaned, of course, because of the bacteria.

Christina always enjoyed the whims of her mother. As Christina went through puberty, she sometimes used her mother's cleaning habits on her when she was angry with her mother. Christina then deliberately messed up and was pleased when Star was upset about it.

Especially funny was Star's behavior when the family had guests and all sat together while eating. No crumb who got lost on the floor wasn't noticed by the industrious housewife. At first, Star simply stood up from the table, picking up the crumbs and dumping them in the dumpster. At some point, she bought a dustbuster, and that was actually used while the guests were still busy with their meal. Of course, Michael was terribly embarrassed, but Christina thought the guest's response was just delicious. The young woman was a little sad when she thought back to that time, she really missed her crazy but very loving mother.

Christina hoped that she would not walk straight into her mother's footsteps as far as cleaning was concerned. No, she really did not need to worry, she would never behave like her mother. She just wanted to make a good impression on Laddie. He should see that she coped well, even if that was not quite true.

And then it was finally time, the doorbell rang. Christina was so excited, she had not seen Laddie for so many years and now she was hoping that he had not changed into an asshole.

As Laddie climbed up the stairs, Christina was so perplexed that she did not utter a single word and just stared at him. Besides his smile, the man standing in front of her had absolutely nothing in common with the Laddie Christina knew.

The last time she saw him, she had the impression that he did not care much about his appearance. At that time he was wearing his sandy hair in a flattop cut because he found it extremely practical.

He wore rather old-fashioned pants and sweatshirts that were way too big for him. His black jackets looked as if he had inherited them from his grandfather, as did his shoes. At that time Laddie was a very inconspicuous man.

But now, nothing from old Laddie was left. Laddie's dark-colored hair reached almost to the waistband of his dark ripped jeans. He was wearing a black motorcycle leather jacket and a black muscle shirt as well as black biker boots with silver buckles.

In one hand he held his motorcycle helmet and in the other a backpack. For some reason, Christina had to think of the four scary motorcyclists she'd met in the city from time to time. Laddie could easily be one of them, though Laddie was certainly several years older than these guys. He already had some wrinkles around his eyes.

Laddie glanced at the floor sheepishly when he saw Christina's reaction. Christina approached him and smiled. "Sorry," she said. "I'm just totally amazed, you've changed a bit, since the last time we met, you know. I have to say, you look really great!"

Laddie looked into her eyes with a smile. "Thank you, you also look very nice, you've grown up," he replied, putting his backpack and helmet aside and pulling her in a bear hug. "Did you already settle in? This town is different from the place you grew up in, right?"

Christina showed Laddie the apartment and where he could leave his things, then she made a pot of coffee and with that, the two sat down on the sofa. After Christina had told Laddie about Michael, and what he had done to her in recent years, Laddie was terrified.

"Yeah, and after that last incident, I decided I had to leave the city to live my own life. Of course, I'm sad because I had to leave Robin and Denise behind, I really miss the both of them, and besides, I could not keep the promise that I gave to my mother, I told her that I would care for my siblings, Denise was still a baby when our mother died!"

Laddie looked thoughtfully into Christina's eyes. "Now listen to me, dear," he finally said, looking serious. "Your mother certainly did not want Michael to treat you so badly, she would not have wanted you to endure that long, she wanted you to live your own life, and you're happy, she loved you Absolutely nothing to blame, and leaving that boring mess and your old life behind was the best thing you could do! "

Then the two young people silently ate some of the biscuits Christina had put on the table with coffee and both of them were to be lost in thoughts. Christina knew that Laddie was right, but that did not change the bad conscience of her siblings. She was sure that she wouldn't get a chance to meet Robin and Denise that soon.

Michael hated Santa Carla for some reason, he would not let his kids go there of all places on vacation, and certainly not without his supervision.

"Do you remember Zoe Frog?" Christina finally broke the silence. "I spend my time with her when we are both off from work, and if you feel like it, we'll visit her later at work, and after that, we could go to the boardwalk."

It felt a bit strange when she made the suggestion, but if Laddie was with her, she probably did not need to be afraid out there in the dark. Laddie nodded dreamily. "That would be great, I have not been there since I was eight," he explained with a smile. "You know, I love this city, but since neither your parents, I mean your mother and your biological father, nor the rest of the boys are there, there's nothing here for me!" Laddie laughed bitter. "Well, now you are here, so of course I'll love to visit Santa Carla!"

"That was a crazy story that your mother and I experienced back then, but for me, it was the best time in my childhood," he explained. Christina looked at him sympathetically.

"What happened back then, and what happened to my dad and his friends?" She asked uncertainly.

Laddie swallowed with tears in his eyes. "I was only eight years old then, I was traumatized and was dragged from one psychologist to another by my foster parents, who were really nice and worried about me. These guys tried to talk me into everything But I know what I know, at least today when I was a kid I not so sure, but one thing I can tell you, as unbelievable as it sounds ... "

Laddie was silent for a moment and looked out of the window with a sad expression, then he looked directly into Christina's eyes. "What I'm telling you now will not make you very happy, but it's the truth and I think you have a right to know it!" Christina looked at Laddie intently. "Okay, tell me," she finally replied.

Laddie took a deep breath. "Okay," he commented. "One day I went to sleep as usual, of course in my bed, that your parents and the other boys had prepared for me after they had taken me in. I had run away from home and they found me, but when I woke up I was in a place I didn't know. I found out later that I was in the house of Michael's grandfather, your mother was with me, otherwise, I would have been in a panic. Except for Michael, your mother and me, there was Sam, as well as Edgar and Alan Frog. Later that night a fight started, but I did not hear much of it, except for the terrible noise everyone was making and screams of agony. At least I have no memory of the fight itself, I was in another room, but I was terrified of Edgar and Alan. And even when I met them two years later, I thought they are weird and I never trusted them! Well, as I said, there was a fight, at first, I could not even say exactly who was fighting. In my mind, there is another vague picture. One of the boys, Paul, protected your mother and me from Edgar. I do not remember why. Paul, however, looked different than usual. At the time I thought he had disguised himself as a vampire, and I could not understand why Paul, whom I loved very much, had come to this house disguised. At some point, the fight was over and it went quiet again. In the months before this event, I did not feel well. Almost every night I had bad abdominal pain and my jaw felt like I was getting new teeth. I often had a fever, it was like I was burning inside. Suddenly it was over, I was fine again. I ran out of the room, I wanted to join your mother, who was downstairs. So I ran down the stairs and noticed that the house looked pretty ruined in the fight. "

Christina now had to fight back tears as she imagined the situation Laddie had been in then. "That sounds very, very bad," she said. "You must have felt horrible!"

Laddie nodded. "Yes, but the worst is yet to come, and that, you need to know as well," Laddie hinted, sighing. "I finally found your mother in the room where Michael's grandpa stuffed animals. Michael had also been there. I'll never forget what I've seen in that disgusting room! It doesn't matter to me what everyone's trying to convince me! Your dad was on one of the work desks in there, and under him lay the antlers of a rather large animal. Your father was impaled on these antlers, the horns had staked his chest. I do not know what happened to the other boys, but I never saw them again!"

Laddie swallowed while Christina had tears running down her cheeks. "Laddie," Christina finally said, taking his hand. "Are you really sure that all of this really happened?"

Laddie looked at her completely blankly. "Yeah, I'm sure, and do you know what the worst of this story is?" He asked. "It just did not interest anyone, my family, the best family I've ever had, was torn from me, and nobody cared about it! Michael, Sam, and the Frogs just went on with their lives and were never judged, and I was put into a foster home, and that's it."

Christina looked shocked at Laddie. "I can hardly believe what you're telling, it's just incredible!" Laddie returned her gaze as he wiped away his tears. Then he smiled bitterly. "I know, but it's true, I was reluctant to visit your family when I grew up, I always thought you were Michael's daughter, but your mother kept inviting me, and finally I gave in. At that time, I was seventeen, and you were a little girl, you opened the door for me, remember?", Laddie asked.

Christina nodded, and now both had to grin when they thought back to it. "Mommy, come quickly," I called back then, Christina laughed. "Mommy, there is an odd man at the door!"

"Yes, yes," smirked Laddie. "I saw you with your funny braids in standing right in front of me, your hair was very pale blond, almost white. I soon realized whose child you really are, and I was speechless! You look so much like your dad!"

Laddie and Christina looked at each other and snorted. A few minutes later, they locked eyes with a serious expression. "You know, the day my mother died, she told me something weird," Christina finally explained. "I do not dare to repeat it, and it's certainly total nonsense, she said back then that my father was a vampire, and that it was her fault he was killed, was my father a vampire?"

Laddie looked at her doubtful. "I do not know," he answered. "I do not really believe in such things. But they really had odd habits. They slept all day, and at least so did your mother and I. They never wanted me to be with them when they went anywhere to get "their" food. Later they picked up your mother and me and we went to the boardwalk, so your mother and I got something to eat. And always the boys got themselves some dinner as well. I never came to know why."

Christina nodded. "Well, as you know my mum had a brain tumor, and that's what killed her, her mind played pranks on her. But I must confess, I could never forget the story she told me back then. It sounded so convincing. That's why I dared to ask Michael about my father on the day my mother was buried. Michael got angry and beat me for the first time, remember? "

Laddie nodded. "Well, you were the only one who intervened that day," said Christina. "Everyone else just didn't say a word, nobody cared. I was a bastard to them, unwanted by my stepfather. Michael kicked you out and told you not to come back to his house ever again, did he?"

Laddie nodded again. "You know," Christina explained, "I've often thought of what my mother told me about my father, even though I do not really believe it. That's why I let the" Immortals "persuade me to do a video. This song was about a woman who loved a vampire she could never forget. When Michael found out about this video, he threw me out and did not care what I was going to do."

Laddie looked at her sadly. "Well," he finally said. "Star thought Michael was the better choice, but she was wrong, the result was that the Lost Boys, that's what the gang called themselves, probably paid with their lives. I'd love to meet with Dwayne again, but I have to accept that this is no longer possible."

Now Christina had to fight back tears. "Is this Dwayne my dad," she asked. Laddie shook his head, smiling. "No, not Dwayne, your father's name was David, a very charismatic guy. Sometimes when he looked at me with his piercing eyes, I really got scared, I always felt like he was reading like me an open book. He was able to make threats in a very calm, soft voice. But he never did anything bad to me or your mom, we were family. We got almost everything we wanted. "David did not even freak out when I took a swing to this mysterious bottle."

"Huh, what bottle," Christina asked, interested. "I still do not know what was in it, but once, when I was alone in the cave with your mother, ..." Laddie tried to explain.

"What cave," Christina interrupted him completely confused. "Hudson's bluff," Laddie replied. "It's up there on the cliffs, we lived there then, a totally cool place."

Christina looked at him incredulously. "Why did you live in a cave? I've been up to the cliffside sometime ago. I located a very interesting place up there. there was a weird old wooden staircase and there are warning signs saying that you can not enter the stairs? But of course, I was curious, so I went down and found a cave. This place looked like a house in a cave."

Now Laddie was irritated and nodded dumbfounded. "You have been there?", he asked. "Yes, but I didn't stay there for a long time, I felt like the place was inhabited and I was a bit scared, so I left there again."

"Well," said Laddie. "Maybe some kids are staying there." "Hm, possible," replied Christina. "And what about that weird bottle," she asked.

Laddie grinned. "As I said, I do not know what was in the bottle, but Dwayne always warned me that I can not drink it at all, but that night I was terribly thirsty, your mother slept on one of the sofas and the boys weren't there. I found nothing else to drink, just that bottle, so I drank, then I felt weird. I had to throw up, my stomach hurt terribly, and I woke your mother. I told her what happened and she later told the boys when they came back. Dwayne and Paul took care of me, Marko raced to get us something to drink, and your dad took me on his lap, asking me how I felt. Then he finally told Star, that I had to get along with it now, there was nothing he could do."

"Funny story," Christina said and Laddie just nodded. "I felt really sick for several months, but as I mentioned earlier, it was suddenly gone during the terrible night."

Laddie smiled and said, "Come, let's go to the boardwalk! Whatever happened back then, I finally wanna see this place again"

Christina nodded. "We could go there with my bike," Laddie suggested. "Yes, that would be cool," Christina answered with a grin.

"Have you had the bike for a long time? I mean, if you visited us earlier, you were always there by car," Christina requested. "Yeah, I have not had a car for several years," Laddie explained. "I often think about Dwayne, who was like a dad to me, and I remembered how happy I was on the back of his bike, so I bought myself one some years ago, do you really feel like riding a motorcycle? "

"Yes, of course," answered Christina. "I even have the matching jacket, it hung in my mother's wardrobe, it was hers." Then she laughed out loud. "My mother and a leather jacket are two components that absolutely do not fit together."

Laddie nodded, grinning. "Are there purple stars embroidered on the back," he asked. Christina nodded.

Your mother was always cold while riding with your dad, but his jacket was way too big for her, so he donated her an own one, the stars were by embroidered Marco, he was very skillful with things like this. He always wore a jeans jacket. He sewed so many patches on it that you could not even see the denim anymore, totally cool."

Christina smiled and something gnawed at her memory when Laddie mentioned that man's denim jacket, but she did not remember what it was. "I love this leather jacket and wear it all the time, Michael found it and another leather jacket in my mother's closet when she died, he wanted to burn both of them, but I saved them from the fire and hid both of them."

"What jacket are you talking about," Laddie asked with interest. "Wait, I'll show you!" With these words, the young woman disappeared into the bedroom and came back a few moments later. She was holding a brown, well-worn leather jacket in her arms. On the left sleeve of the jacket was stitched a large leopard, which extended over the entire sleeve.

Laddie carefully took the jacket from her arm and looked at it thoughtfully for a while. "That belonged to Dwayne," he finally said sadly.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I did not mean ...," Christina stopped in mid-sentence. "Hey, Laddie, I got an idea, why don't you just keep the jacket?", she asked. Laddie looked at her in disbelief. "Are you sure," he then inquired.

"Yes, go ahead, I'm sure Dwayne would be happy if you would wear it," Christina replied. "And now let's go, I have not been on a motorcycle for ages." At the boardwalk, Laddie parked his bike at the same spot the Lost Boys used to park theirs. Then they visited Zoe, who was happy to see Laddie again.

Christina and her companion then moved on and each got a portion of fries. The two did not notice that they were being watched. Paul and Marko were also on the boardwalk, and Paul saw Christina climb from Laddie's motorcycle.

"Who's that guy," he asked Marko, who just shrugged his shoulders, "Maybe he is her boyfriend or something," he replied, then Paul and Marko got closer to the two of them and listened to their conversation. Of course, they noticed that the strange man wore Dwayne's old jacket.

"The guy has Dwayne's old jacket," mocked Marko, "let Dwayne see that, then the guy's done." Paul just nodded, laughing, "and I'll grab the lady," he finally said. Marko looked annoyed at his friend and then shook his head. "No, you can't do this, remember, she's out of limits!"

The young woman got up from the bench and said, "Hey Laddie, let's go get a drink, what do you want?" Laddie smiled "I'm the driver, so Coke for me, please!" Christina nodded "Okay, I'll be right back," she said Paul and Marko looked at each other perplexed, "Laddie, this is Laddie, unbelievable! He grew up," Marko said finally," Well, they'll all come back someday, "he added with a grin."

"Hey, keep cool," Paul answered," he was a little boy back then. He loved Dwayne. Come on, let's see where the others are and tell them that the boy is also town too."

Marko nodded and they both left. After the meal, Christina and Laddie strolled to the beach and sat down on one of the benches. With Laddie Christina felt safe and for a long time, it was the first night she had no problem being out in the dark, the two of them sat in silence for a while. "Laddie," Christina said after a while. "What sort of man had my dad been? "

Laddie shrugged. "The boys were pretty wild and unconventional, and they were always out in the dark, David, well, he was just okay, but a rough fellow who knew exactly what he wanted. But he had some tenderness when it came to your mother. Like I told you before, you look pretty much like him, you have the same shade of blue eyes. Your smile is also like his."

Christina smiled. The two of them talked for a while, and while they were sitting on the bench, David and Dwayne had joined Paul and Marko on the boardwalk. Marko had asked them to get there through their mental bond and the four men stood beside Laddie's Harley.

"Is a nice bike," said Dwayne, smiling. "And where is my boy now?" Paul and Marko shrugged. "They went to the beach, I think," Marko finally said. "I don't know if they are still at the beach!"

"Okay," Dwayne answered, "let's go check," he added. David shook his head. "No," he said. "I have a better idea, I know for sure that my little girl is on duty in the pool hall tomorrow night, we'll wait until she's gone, and Dwayne and I will pay Laddie a visit."

Marko nodded. "And what about us," Paul asked. "He was my boy too!" Then a grin spread across Paul's face. "However, one can see exactly from his appearance who is his role model."

With that, Paul put his hand on Dwayne's shoulder. "Okay, boys, we got a plan now," David finally said with a chuckle. "It will not be long before my little girl will join us, and it looks like we're getting Laddie back!"

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