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Paul and Marko were members of a motorcycle gang called "Lost Boys". It had just gotten dark outside when they decided to go to the boardwalk. But the two men didn't spend much time there, because there was nothing going on, they were too early.

"Hey Paul," Marko said, "let's go home and come back later." Paul nodded and jumped off the parapet he had been sitting on. "It was a stupid idea to come so early, let's see what Dwayne and David are doing."

"But my bike needs gasoline first," Marko replied, then he turned and walked slowly to his motorcycle. Paul followed, his usual grin on his face. At the petrol station, the two of them were standing next to each other on dispensers and fooling around while the petrol ran into their tanks.

When the black BMW stopped behind Paul at another pillar, the boys looked at each other in astonishment, because even if they had not seen this vehicle for many years, they recognized it immediately.

The whole car was painted a dull black, and over the entire surface of the hood was sprayed an airbrush that showed a vampire with long blond hair. A trained eye would also notice the letters "LB", which stood for "Lost Boys" and the name of the artist, namely Marko.

The background of the airbrush was purple, and in the same color as the alloy wheels. The guys from the gang had done everything themselves, yes, as a vampire you had to seek anything useful to do, so as not to lose your mind.

David was responsible for fixing the engines, he could fix almost everything. Marko was the creative head of the gang, and everything related to technology, such as the car's music system, was the job of Dwayne and Paul.

The two vampires still watched the young woman refueling the E21, then they went inside to pay their bill. They stayed in the cashier's house longer than necessary. They wanted to take a closer look at the girl.

Marko flipped through a computer magazine while Paul was near the door where the headlamp bulbs hung. `Hm, she is cute,' he thought as his eyes glanced inconspicuously over her petite figure. When Christina left the cash register, Paul opened the door for her, smiling, and followed by Marko he left after her.

The two waited until she drove off and followed her with a small distance. As she parked the car in front of the house on the outskirts, the two grinned at each other and they slowed down. In the rearview mirror, Marko watched the young woman look after them for a moment, then she disappeared from his view.

The four vampires still liked to stay at Hudsons Bluff, but they did not use it as a place to sleep after the Frog brothers attacked Marko years ago. It was just too risky.

The hidden workshop of the four had an underground tunnel system, where they spent the day. When Marko and Paul arrived, David was sitting in a chair reading the workshop manual for his motorcycle, and Dwayne was reading "Lord of the rings".

Paul threw himself on the chair next to David and looked at him with a broad grin. Marko grabbed Dwayne's skateboard and tried some tricks as he watched them thoughtfully.

David looked up from his book, first at Marko, then into Paul's face. "Did something happen I need to know?", he finally asked impatiently. "We have a surprise," Paul replied laughing. "A really sweet surprise."

"Paul," David said. "Paul, just tell me," he added, putting his book down on the table. "You were right again," Paul explained. "I did not even believe it, but, our car is in town, you know, the one your ex has taken from us after she thought we were dead."

Now David looked at Paul and Marko with interest. Marko nodded. "Paul is right, definitely our car." Dwayne also got interested, put the book down, and sat on the armrest of Paul's chair. "Could be a coincidence," he said. "Nope," replied Paul. "Even the little bump that Star has created is still there." Marko nodded again. "

"The car also drove with bumps," Paul imitated Star now, that was all she had said after ramming David's motorcycle and nearly knocking it down, while she tried to park the car. She was not used to driving a car at the time. David and Dwayne had tried to teach her, but it took a very long time for Star to get along with it.

Now he only had a sly smirk on his face, when he remembered the situation. He loved his bike. It was not smart to even touch it without his permission. Coming to close to David's bike with a car made him very angry. "Where did you see the car," Dwayne asked, looking from Paul to Marko. "At the gas station," Marko replied. "Guys, now tell us at last, and do not let us fidget forever!"

"A sweet little lady was at the petrol station with the car," Paul replied laughing as he painted Christina's figure in the air with his hands. "She descended in our house on the Suburban. But the surprise is much bigger than you think, David."

Marko sat down on the fountain and grinned in agreement. "Would you two mind to tell us the surprise," David asked annoyed." David, " replied Marko, laughing, "if we would tell you now, it's no surprise. You will know what we mean when you see the little one. And believe me, you'll like it."

" Okay, okay, "David said, raising his hands." Not that my simple question is too much for you. "That ended the conversation and everyone went about his own business he shook his head annoyed and took his book off the table, Marko lay down on one of the sofas and pulled the computer magazine out of his jacket, Dwayne disappeared into the back of the cave and Paul grinned dreamily to himself.

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