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It was 3:30 in the morning, Christina rolled over in her sleep. She dreamed of Michael's last attack, as she often did, only this time she was burning. Michael stood by the fire grinning sneeringly as he kept shouting, "The witch is supposed to burn!"

Christina's siblings were on the other side, desperate because they could not help, and they were crying. Christina woke up wet of sweat. Sleep was out of the question, so she put on jeans, a sweater, and some comfortable boots. She made a coffee to walk, took her flashlight from the drawer in the hall, and left the house.

Christina walked along the path that led into the forest. The paddocks were empty, the horses spent the night in the stable. The young woman was glad that she had thought of her flashlight, otherwise, she would have stumbled over protruding tree roots several times in the dark.

She was lost in thought that she did not notice the campfire in the clearing and the figure staring at her from the other side. When Christina finally looked up, he grinned and she stopped dead in her tracks.

She saw his leather jacket hanging from a branch beside him, then she looked at his face, which was strangely deformed. He had long, pointed catches and was still staring at Christina with a grin and yellow blood-red-rimmed pupils. His face was framed by long, almost black hair.

The whole figure looked very beautiful in a bizarre way, but also very scary. Only the fire was between them and an inner voice screamed at her: "Vampire ... run as fast as you can!"

But Christina could not run, her legs just did not obey her. She just looked at him in horror. Then he suddenly stood before her. She had not even noticed that he had moved at all.

"Well, little lady, have you got lost," he asked with a gruff voice, still grinning. Then he pressed her with one hand against one of the trees that stood behind her and she whimpered.

Christina just reached to his chest and she noticed the eye-catching necklace he wore. It consisted of several interwoven leather straps on which hung various things, such as shells, colorful beads, and an old key.

He stared straight into her eyes and his grin widened. She panicked and tried to scream, but she could not make any sound. Her heart was pounding like crazy.

"And what am I going to do with you," he asked amused. Suddenly he grabbed her by the neck and brutally pressed her against the tree, she could barely breathe.

She closed her eyes and as she felt his teeth against her neck, tears ran down her face. An inner voice just shouted: "No, no, no ...!" She punched the vampire with her fists.

He grabbed her hands with his free hand and squeezed them over her head against the tree. The rough tree bark caused burning abrasions. Then she tried to kick him, but he just put his knee between her legs, so that she was almost unable to move.

"Oh, we have a little kitty here," he whispered, then she felt his teeth piercing her throat again, tearing her delicate skin, something warm running down there.

"Do not do that," she suddenly heard another male voice. "Not her!" A deep growl came from the vampire's throat, but he actually let it go. "Today is your lucky day, little lady," he said in a harsh voice. "But we'll meet again," he added with a laugh.

She heard him take off his leather jacket on the far side of the clearing and something hit her shoulder. "Here, to calm down, and if you wake up tomorrow morning, you don't remember what had happened," she heard the other male voice say, then it was quiet.

Christina did not dare to open her eyes, slumped, and gasped. She remained shocked and terrified for a while, sitting on the cool forest floor, tears streaming down her cheeks.

When she finally looked around, she was, of course, alone. Then she saw the object that had flown against her shoulder; a pack of John Player with a lighter in it. "Aha, that should help calm down, as if I could do this now, silly arsehole," she said angrily to herself but still lit a cigarette.

Eventually, she fainted. When she woke up again, she slowly got up and looked around the clearing in confusion. She did not know anymore what had happened.

She ran home as if the devil in person would be after her. She stumbled a few times over tree roots sticking out of the ground and sharp stones pierced her knees through her jeans.

Christina's neck hurt in the places where he had held her and bit her, and blood was still running out of the small wounds. When she reached her apartment, she slammed the door shut behind her and locked it. She sat down in the dark on the couch, cried silently to herself, and finally fell asleep there.

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