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Laddie was just getting closer to the highway when four motorcycles passed by on the opposite lane. Laddie recognized the drivers and grinned. He left the lane and stopped. Laddie turned off the engine of his bike, then dismounted and pulled off his helmet.

Somewhat disappointed, he looked in the direction in which the four bikes had gone. He could not hear the engines anymore, obviously, they had moved farther away from him. He was about to reach out for his helmet when he heard the motorcycles coming back.

Laddie turned around again, and then the first bike came back into his view, Dwayne was sitting on the bike, followed by David, Paul, and Marko. When the four approached Laddie, they turned their motorcycles and stopped behind Laddie's bike. He put his helmet back on the seat of his motorcycle and closed the distance.

David stepped off first and greeted Laddie. "Hello Laddie, nice to see you, where are you going?", he asked with a smile. Even before Laddie could answer, Paul had got off his bike and hugged the young man. "Man Laddie, you grew up," he said with a laugh, releasing Laddie. "And you look good, you really look like one of us!"

Marko had also dismounted and put his arm around Laddie's shoulder. "Paul is right, you really look like you're one of us." Marko grinned. "Well, actually you are one of us, it's nice to see you!"

Laddie told the vampires that he had planned to move back to Santa Carla. He had no family he would have to leave in Modesto, and he was self-employed with the tattoos he did.

"Hey, you're coming home," Paul said pleased. "That's cool!" David looked thoughtfully at Laddie for a while. "Is there a place where we could spend the day?", he finally asked.

Laddie thought for a moment and then nodded. "Am I right, you wanna come with me, and help me getting my belongings to Santa Carla?", he inquired pleased.

David nodded, smiling. "Yeah, if you do not mind," he finally answered. "We got nothing better to do tonight. "Hey, cool," Laddie said. " I'd be pleased." "Well then, let's go, boys," David announced.

Marko got off his bike and stood between David and Laddie. "Wait a moment," he said, "wouldn't it be smarter if I would hop onto the back of David's ride for the trip, I could drive your car here and we would not need the trailer, then we'll be faster. What do you think?"

David looked at him thoughtfully. "That's a very good idea," he finally replied. Then Marko hid his motorcycle on a dirt road and got onto David's bike. After two hours, the five arrived at Laddie's home and went into the apartment.

Laddie only had the most necessary things in his apartment, but it had always been okay for him. He never needed that much. He went to the kitchen and fetched a key from one of the drawers.

"Hey guys, come along, there is one more room in the basement. It was supposed to be a place for parties, but I never had use for it, but you could stay there now because it has no windows! You guys will be safe, but I do not know it may be that we need to clean the room."

The four men grinned and followed Laddie downstairs. "Jesus," called Laddie, laughing. " it's completely dusty in there, it's like I imagined, I'll show you where the delicious drinks are, and then I'll clean things up here, will not take long."

The four vampires looked at each other with a smile. "Laddie," David finally said. "A little bit of dust really does not bother us, because after all, it's not like we could develop an allergy to it, but if you insist, we'll clean it together, and then the party will take place down here! Do not come up with the idea that this could become a habit! Otherwise, you can clean up your crap yourself, just that it's clear!"

Laddie nodded. "Yes of course! I'm a bit embarrassed if I'm honest. You're my guests I don't want you to do this!" David grinned and put his hand on Laddie's shoulder. "Do not worry, I didn't talk about you, but if you're condemned to living with them, you have to be careful that there will be no chaos everywhere around you!"

"Hey, calm down, bossman, I can start with Dwayne cleaning the room while you three go for some drinks and get them down," Paul suggested with a laugh, of course, he knew exactly who David was talking about! Paul sometimes was the chaos in person! "That sounds good," Laddie replied, following David and Marko into the apartment.

"Hey David," he called upstairs, "I'll throw some more pizzas in the oven, and I'll have a nibble, too. David and Marko looked at each other laughing. "I've already found everything we need," David let Laddie know while he looked at a bottle of good Scottish whiskey and nodded his approval.

Laddie was busy with his stove first then entered the living room as well. He took off his jacket and threw it on a chair. "Laddie, you've lost something," Marko said, picking up the tattoo cover that had fallen out of Laddie's jacket pocket.

Marko looked at the picture in surprise and handed it to David, who looked just as surprised. "What's that, is that supposed to be a tattoo artwork?" David asked, astonished.

Laddie nodded. "Why did you do this?" David questioned. Laddie told the two vampires that Christina had to deal with bad dreams almost every night. But since she lived in Santa Carla her dreams had changed a little, and Paul always popped up to be her protector in his vampire form. Christina wants a tattoo of her guardian very badly. I really tried to talk her out of it, but she didn't listen to me. Christina is quite stubborn. I really hope she'll forget about that until I'll see her next time, but still I just can not refuse her."

Marko shook his head, grinning, and desperately bit back the laughter. "The kid has nightmares, and Paul is her guardian, that is unbelievable" David finally smiled. "I do not know if I like that, well, we'll see!"

"Whatever, please do not tell Paul, otherwise it will be even more unbearable," Marko insisted. "He's just talking about Christina for weeks, although she is completely different from any other woman Paul ever dated. She is cute, of course, don't get me wrong. I just don't understand what Paul is up to these days," he explained to the perplexed Laddie.

After a while, the room was reasonably clean and the five men made themselves comfortable on the sofas. "I think it's great that you're here," said Laddie, slightly drunk, about his second whiskey.

"We're also glad to have you back," Dwayne replied smiling. "Laddie, there is a little problem at the moment. We were just heading to get a bite when we met you before. We didn't feed properly for two days!"

Laddie stared at Dwayne shocked. "And what now?", he asked a bit scared. "You guys are not going to feed on me!?" The vampires started laughing. "No, don't be scared," Marko answered. "You are family and we like you. But isn't there anybody around you could invite to our little party?"

Laddie looked at him in horror. "You want me to invite people and feed off them in here, in front of me? You know, I love you guys, but I don't want to see any of this yet!"

Dwayne shook his head grinning. "Laddie, we would feed outside, nobody would ever know! Maybe you know some people you don't like that much, just think about it!"

Laddie still looked terrified, but somehow this imagination sounded appealing to him. He had an idea. "Listen, there are two guys, Marty and Dan, they are in a biker club, and they came to me to get a tattoo each. But afterward, they refused to pay me for my job. They hadn't come here alone, so there was nothing I could do. Of course, I'm still mad about them. But I'm sure, when they know, they may get some drinks for free, they would come back! These guys really are a pain in everybody's ass!"

The vampires looked at him grinning. "Dou you have a phone number of these pricks?", David asked. Laddie nodded. "I'll go upstairs to get my smartphone. A while later Marty and Dan arrived. Laddie took them downstairs and introduced them to his friends.

David and Dwayne had Marty in their middle, while Dan was sandwiched between Paul and Marko. "So, you are really close friends to Laddie?", David questioned them. Marty grinned. "Yes, Laddie is our tattoo artist," Marty explained. David nodded. "And I'm sure Laddie did a great job? He told us about your tattoos," David explained starring at Marty with a serious expression.

Marty and Dan started feeling a bit uncomfortable. They didn't like the expressions of Laddie's friends. Paul was just grinning at them, but he didn't look very friendly, while Marko hid his grin behind his hand, also starring at the two men. Dwayne didn't say a word just looked at them stoically.

"I have something good to smoke in celebration of the day," David said after a while, pulling a joint out of his pocket. "Marty, Dan, what do you think? We could go outside and share it. I would love to get to know you a bit better!"

Marty and Dan looked at each other. They felt a bit better now, maybe this guy wasn't bad after all. They followed David out of the house although they didn't understand why they just didn't smoke the nice joint inside.

"Hey, wait," Paul called after them. "Did you really think you could have this nice smoke without us?", he shouted. Of course, Marko and Dwayne followed Paul upstairs. Laddie stayed back. He needed something good to drink now. He knew, he had lead Marty and Dan into their death, he felt ashamed, because Laddie didn't pity them the slightest. He downed two glasses of whiskey, then he felt a bit better.

A while later the vampires were back. Laddie saw the bloodstains that decorated their shirts now. He felt bad, but what should he do, it wouldn't take long and Laddie would be like them. He knew he needed to get used to it. Of course, he knew that vampires needed to feed properly, otherwise they would lose their strength. But still, this was the part of being a vampire, Laddie didn't like.

David sat down beside him and placed an arm around Laddie's shoulder. "Don't worry, nobody will ever find a trace of these guys," he said grinning. He lighted another joint and handed it to Laddie. The party went on as if nothing had happened.

All five fell asleep on the sofas just before dawn, Laddie, because he was totally exhausted, drunk and high, and the vampires because a new day was coming.

It was already noon when Laddie woke up. He felt pretty bad after last night. His head hurt and he felt dizzy. He got up anyway and left the room. He had two keys, one he left on the table with a message for the vampires. With the other key, he locked the door before he went to his apartment. Laddie did not want to risk one of the neighbors entering the room and spotting his sleeping friends.

When Laddie was in his apartment, he started the coffee machine and then went to take a shower. After that, he felt a little better. With the coffee, he sank down on the couch and made his attachment. While a CD of Slayer was running, he started to pack his belongings. He filled up three large boxes, his clothes would fit into a medium-sized suitcase, and he'd decided to part with some of the books, the rest he'd put in a sturdy plastic box. The most important for him was his tattooing utensils as well as the real Persian rug from the house of his foster parents.

Before he started packing his few possessions in the old pickup in the late afternoon, he drove the sorted things to the recycling yard. Then he pulled the tarp from the basement to cover the pickup when everything was loaded.

The sorted books were placed on the living room table. Laddie knew that David and Dwayne appreciated a good book, the two should first see if they could use one or the other. He would dispose of the rest.

It was almost dark when he was done with everything. Just as he started to cover the pickup, David put his head out the front door. "Hey, boy," he said. "You're already busy, how did you survive the previous night," he continued with a cheeky grin on his face.

Laddie looked at him for a while and then grinned as well. "Oh, christ, just don't remind me of it. I had a bad hangover when I woke up, it felt like my head was going to explode. I haven't dealt with something like this for ages," he finally answered. "But now I'm feeling much better. And what about you? Did you have a nice slumber? Where are the others?"

David pointed with his thumb to the cellar. "They are late risers," he said. Laddie just nodded. "I'm almost done," he replied after a while. "I have some books I do not want to take with me," Laddie explained. "They're in the living room on the table, if any of you are interested, just take what you want. I remember that you have been curious about the two world wars, there is some interesting literature about them."

After David had helped Laddie with the tarp, the two men went back into the house. "Now, that we have a moment alone, what exactly happened to Christina. Why does she have to deal with her nightmares? And how is she able to see Paul in her dreams, especially as a vampire? I don't get it," David said as he rummaged through the books.

The young man looked thoughtfully at the ground for a moment. "Well, I already told you that Michael didn't treat her very nicely. She looks a lot like you, and I think Michael always saw you when he looked at Christina. After Star had passed away he started to abuse your girl," he finally replied. "His last attack was the worst, he abused her badly because of a video she had made with a band. He beat her and eventually threw her out. She was lucky that she could stay with a good friend. After some days she decided to start again in Santa Carla."

David looked at him angrily. "What is wrong with Michael? He insults us as monsters, but he is able to beat a woman? That is no way to treat a young lady! He got completely insane! Michael should better stay away from me!"

Laddie looked David in the eyes. "Well, do not worry, I don't think he desires to come to Santa Carla anytime. He has no reason to go there, his family moved away a long time ago. Michael does not know anybody there - except Christina, of course!"

"I really hope it stays this way," David answered. "And what about the tattoo?" Laddie looked a little thoughtful." Well, it's about Michael, and how he treated her. If I understand her correctly, she has never really come to rest. Michael has allowed her a very good education, she works in kindergarten, as you already know. He also never asked her to give her money to him because he had built up a little money on his own. For that matter, she was always independent. On the other hand, Michael left the upbringing of his two children to Christina. She made sure that the two of them were well housed when she was working or at school. She took care of the household alone. This has ultimately led to Christina having only a handful of friends."

David stared dumbfounded at Laddie but said nothing. "Well, you know, David," Laddie went on, "since Michael has always devalued her, she was always introverted and unsure, and I've often wondered how she could get along with her job since she had to deal with the kid's parents.

Well, to come back to the dreams and the tattoo, it's probably always the same, but since she's in Santa Carla, Paul always turns up as her savior, and Christina is convinced that that must have meaning, that's why she wants this tattoo!"

David nodded absently. "And what about the band?" He finally asked. Laddie smiled. "The bandleader was probably at school with Christina, they both went to the music lessons together, and like her mother, Christina likes to sing and she can sing. This guy probably recognized the potential of Christina and persuaded her to do a video with his band. Christina has written the lyrics but she refused to tour with them because she quickly realized that these guys are not good. They had to do with drugs, booze, and petty crime. Christina did not really want to have anything to do with them. The guys, of course, didn't like it!"

Angrily, David threw one of the books on the table and lit a cigarette. "I would most like to pay them a visit, and Michael too, he almost destroyed my family, but Christina has done nothing wrong! Her mother betrayed us, even if in the end she felt sorry. I almost lost my family," David said, his face deadly serious.

The two men had not noticed that Dwayne stood in the door all the time listening. Now he came into the room and put his hand on David's shoulder. He turned around in surprise and looked from Laddie to Dwayne. "Do they still sleep," he finally asked. Dwayne nodded. "Like babies," he answered.

David looked at Laddie. "Laddie, show him the template," he finally said. Laddie went to his backpack, pulled the picture out, and handed it to Dwayne. Then he explained to him what he drew it for and why. Dwayne looked at the picture of Paul for a while.

"David, he has already protected her from me, at night in the forest," he said. "Maybe there is a connection between the two, maybe it always existed, but nobody could tell because the two never met."

Dwayne was about to say something when Paul and Marko's laughter was heard in the hallway. David took the pattern from Dwayne's hand, put it back in Laddie's backpack, and asked Dwayne not to tell Paul. He shrugged, but David knew he could count on him.

"Hey guys, are you all feeling as fine as I do?", Paul asked cheerfully as he entered the room with Marko. "I see you survived last night, Laddie!" Marko rolled his eyes and looked at Paul annoyed, who had sat down on a chair. "He did not quite open his eyes when he started talking about Christina again," Marko explained, his eyes lowered. "I know you do not want to listen to me, David, but have you never wondered if the young lady might be like her mother? Maybe she doesn't want to be with us after she learns the truth ?" Laddie just stared dumbfounded but said nothing.

Paul shook his head, grinning. "Nope," he answered. "She'll love us!" David raised his eyebrows and sighed, "Yes, most likely you," he remarked dryly, causing Paul to laugh.

Then David looked Marko up and down. "I already told you that it will not be easy to get Christina on our side, but she has no choice! She will join the club! If she declines the gentle tour, then she'll find out the hard way. It won't take long anymore until she knows where she belongs!"He was silent for a while.

"I really hope the hard way will not be necessary, "David finally continued, Dwayne had been listening in silence, well but he looked from one to the other. "Yeah, yes, that worked so well with Michael," he finally said,

"Will you question me," David snapped, glaring at Dwayne, who raised his hands placatingly Marko grimaced, "Nice, we're arguing about the girl already," he said, "does that remind you of something?"

Paul took a deep breath. "Stop it, everyone! Christina is not Star, just wait and see," he said." She'll be glad to have someone to take care of her for once. She no longer has to bear any responsibility and can finally settle down. Maybe our friend Laddie will help us here, and maybe he would also like to come back to the family!"

The others looked at the big, blond vampire in amazement, because it was not that often that Paul gave a serious comment on the best. He had learned to hide his intelligence and play the group clown during his time as a vampire. "I think it would be nice if I could be part of the family again," Laddie remarked a little shyly. The four vampires smiled and nodded, "We really would like it, too," Dwayne replied.

The vampires and Laddie stashed his last belongings in the car after that, the five of them made their way to Santa Carla.

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