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Laddie had been back from Modesto for a few days now, but Christina knew nothing about it. David had asked him not to say anything yet, because if he had, Laddie would have had to tell her about the help of the Lost Boys. In David's opinion, it was way too early to inaugurate the young woman in their secret. He knew that Christina was very suspicious of strangers since the incident in the forest.

Laddie had told David that Christina had been at the boardwalk with him a few times during the night, but that did not change David's mind. The leader simply did not want to take the risk that his daughter wouldn't roll with the punches.

After all, David and the other Lost Boys had learned the hard way that it didn't work to force people into their "nightlife," as they called it. There were people who were very resilient, and sometimes they were actually successful. That had nearly killed the vampires back then.

David knew he had acted flippantly and with a vengeance back then. Although he looked cold on others, his daughter was important to him, she had a permanent place at his side. David really hoped that Christina would be willing to voluntarily switch to the dark side of life. He really wanted to spare her any suffering. But he would not let up either, he was quite stubborn, and usually, he got what he wanted.

Since Laddie had been back in town he stayed with the vampires. At nighttime, the fife of them went out to other small towns that were close to Santa Carla. During the day, even Laddie slept. David didn't force him to become one of them yet. The leader had talked about it with Dwayne. He recommended to let Christina and Laddie join the coven together. It would make everything more bearable for both.

Laddie was glad that David gave him time to fully join the vampires. The four vampires had created a home under the workshop, which was reasonably comfortable. In contrast to their old quarters, there was electricity and a bathroom with a shower a toilet, and running warm water. Laddie was really happy. For a long time, he didn't need to think about how to pay his bills. He felt free and enjoyed playing computer games with Paul and Marko or read a book. Later, as a full-fledged vampire, he would try to find a shop to get work as a tattoo artist. He really missed doing this.

On a Saturday night, Christina got persuaded by Zoe to go out with her and two men whom Zoe had met in the cafe. According to Zoe's stories, these two did not exactly match Christina's taste, but she had not been out with Zoe for a while, so Christina wanted to do Zoe the favor. She was also curious because Zoe seemed to have a crush on one of those guys.

The two women hadn't been out for some drinks for quite some time, because Christina did not want to be out in the dark anymore, which she still could not explain. Zoe often served in the cafe until late in the evening, mostly also on the weekend anyway.

Well, since Laddie had been at the boardwalk with Christina, even during the dark, Christina felt a little safer again. Sure, the fear was not gone, but it was not so bad for her anymore. Nevertheless, Christina was startled by every noise and felt like she had to look over her shoulder because she felt like being watched.

Christina wanted to be free from the silly fear! She wanted to go out! She wanted to have fun! She was tired of hiding at home every night. The club had its own car park and Christina just drove there by car. That night the club was pretty busy and Christina had some trouble finding her friend.

Paul also was in there. He was sitting at the bar, watching in amusement as Christina was looking for her friend by squashing through the crowded club with an annoyed expression.

"Hey, there, you finally found us," Zoe shouted to drown out the loud music when Christina discovered them. "Well, boys, this is my friend Christina, Christina, this is Bill and Ted," she introduced her two companions then.

"Hi," Christina answered smiling and greeted the two men a little reluctant. "Pretty crowded tonight, was not so easy to find you, have you been in here long," she asked. "Well, half an hour maybe," replied Ted, the smaller of the two men.

"Yeah, we told Zoe about our work in the bank," Bill explained while Zoe smiled at him. "We have never been here before," he continued. "Usually that's not quite our level."

Christina looked him up and down and did not like him and his friend. "Okay," she finally answered. "And what more matches your level," she asked annoyed, raising an eyebrow.

Ted looked grinning. "Well, we usually go to a better club a bit outside the city," he said. "The public there is, frankly, more like us, but we like Zoe, so we came anyway."

Christina nodded. "Well, I do not like standing on so fine scales, I like it a lot here, nice service, good music, and nice people, what more could you ask for," she said, giving Bill a derogatory look.

Ted shrugged. "Well, tastes are different," he finally said. "I'm not as picky as Bill." Although Paul sat at the bar, his keen senses as a vampire allowed him to understand every word of the conversation, and he grinned in amusement. Zoe's two companions definitely weren't people Christina liked, and they were merciless, talking only about her work in the bank as if nothing else mattered.

Christina had turned away from the three after a few moments and did not even register how Ted tried to catch her attention. Paul laughed quietly to himself. David, Dwayne, and Marko did not know what they missed here. It was funny to watch Christina and her companions!

Ted tried, again and again, to get into a conversation with Christina, but she did not listen properly. Obviously, Christina had better taste. Her gaze was directed repeatedly to the dance floor. Finally, Christina whispered something in her friend's ear and walked over to the dance floor.

Paul watched her as she danced and closely examined her friend's two companions from a distance. Paul estimated the men in their mid to late thirties. Both men had an accurate haircut and wore expensive suits with ties. The smaller one had dark blond hair which was gelled backward. The other man had dark brown hair and receding hairlines. Both were clean-shaven and wore black, shiny-cleaned expensive shoes.

Christina seemed to dive into her own world after a few minutes as she danced. Paul would have liked to go over to her, her appearance in Santa Carla had aroused feelings in the vampire, which he had always believed he had discarded her with his humanity.

Paul understood well why David was so reluctant to approach his child and make himself known, but that did not mean Paul liked it. But what was he supposed to do, David was the boss, and while the Lost Boys usually made decisions together when the going gets tough, as in this situation, David's word was law.

So Paul had no choice but to watch her because he knew David well enough to know that he had reasons to do so. About two hours later, most of the time Christina had spent on the dance floor, Zoe said goodbye to Christina. Bill had actually persuaded Zoe to go somewhere else with him and it actually looked like they were spending the night together. Christina did not like the idea, she thought the man was an arrogant asshole, and besides, she felt abandoned by her friend. But what was she supposed to do? Zoe was an adult, and if she went anywhere else with this man, please, Christina wouldn't tell her not to do so!

After Zoe had told Christina about her plane to leave with Bill she finally left the club. Christina had drunk some glasses of wine, the last one was still in her hand. Ted offered to take her home. "That's really nice of you," she had answered. "But I've already called a cab," Christina lied, she definitely did not want to sit in the same car with him.

She was also worried about Zoe and was still not thrilled that she had gone out with Bill. In front of the club, Christina was still waiting for Ted to leave, then she went to her car. Actually, she was not supposed to drive after all the wine she had drunk, she was well aware of that.

Actually, Christina had planned to call a cab with her smartphone, but then she had seen that her battery was empty. Stupidly, her companions were all gone and she did not want to ask a stranger about it. It was just too embarrassing.

She could have walked easily, that would take about half an hour, before the incent in the woods she'd done that more often, but the idea of walking all the way through the darkness in the middle of the night was too much for her. She just was not ready to do that. She had already made great progress in her newfound fear of the dark, she did not want to overdo it!

Still, she stood awkwardly in front of her car for a while, wondering if she really should take the risk of still driving in her condition. Christina did not notice that she was being watched by Paul. He had left the club behind her and stood in the shadows a few feet from the parking lot.

Finally, the fear of the dark prevailed. Christina unlocked the car and sat on the driver's seat. As she started the engine and searched for a CD in the glove compartment, Paul strolled slowly toward the car and stopped two meters from the open driver's door.

When she was ready to close the door, he smiled at her. "Hey," he said, raising his hand in greeting. She looked at him perplexed and recognized him again, Christina had noticed him on the first night she had been at the boardwalk with Zoe. He was a member of the "weird" biker gang. Actually, this man was one of the first people Christina met in Santa Carla when she paid for her tank and asked for the way.

This man had also been in the ticket booth of the gas station with one of his friends. That night, he held up the door for Christina. The young woman had noticed his face because he had a very friendly, open smile and very beautiful eyes. But although he looked kindly on Christina, she just could not shake the feeling that anything about this man was odd.

He was wearing faded jeans with cracks on his knees and dark brown western boots tonight. Under the black leather jacket, which the man obviously wore every time Christina saw him, he had pulled a red and black plaid flannel shirt. His long, blond hair had been tied into a ponytail.

The man appeared at first glance as if he might be in his mid-twenties, but his eyes had wisdom that could only be found in older people. Christina did not know how to describe it differently!

She felt a little queasy and did not know how to react, but as already mentioned, he had a sympathetic smile and made no move to get closer. "Hello," she finally answered.

"Are you really planning to drive yourself?" He asked. "You do not really want to do that!" She shrugged her shoulders. "Actually, I do not do that, but it's the middle of the night, and I do not want to walk home, and getting a taxi is almost impossible, so I drive. It only takes a few minutes by car," she said and smiled back in embarrassment.

He nodded. "There's a lot of police on the road, have not you noticed that? They could stop you, are you sure you want to risk it, you've really had more than enough wine," he pointed out.

Christina looked at him in surprise. "How do you know how much I drank," she asked. Paul grinned. "I have eyes as you see and I' am a good observer," he replied.

"It does not matter, I want to go home now," Christina nagged and made a move to close the door, but Paul held the door tight. "You do not really want to risk that," he said again, sounding quite certain. "I could drive you home, you said yourself it's not a long way, what's should happen, really I would not mind!"

Christina shook her head annoyed. She did not know him and did not want to get involved in something like that. Paul's eyes sparkled with amusement as he noticed Christina's hesitation.

He knew that he would not just get into her car and that Christina would not allow him to drive the car. He could not blame her for this mistrust, after all, he was a stranger to her. However, this was not an obstacle for Paul at all, he simply used his special skills and manipulated the will of the young woman.

She tried again to close the door and looked him straight in the eye, now he had her. "Come on," he said in an almost hypnotic voice. "Slide over and I'll take you home." At that moment, a patrol car drove past the two, which Paul was very grateful for.

Christina looked after the car and then back into Paul's eyes. Christina did not know what was happening to her at all. She did not know this man. She did not want him sitting in the driver's seat. But what did she do?

Christina slid over the center console of the vehicle into the passenger seat and watched as the man adjusted the driver's seat to his size. He did the same with the rearview mirrors. Then he looked at her and Christina noticed that his friendly smile had turned into a cheeky grin.

Christina wanted to scream out loud, but since she looked him in the eye, she felt as if she no longer had her own will. She heard his suppressed laugh but was not even able to open the passenger door and simply get out of the car.

Paul closed the door. He could do anything with her now, he could just take her to the workshop where her father could welcome her, but no, David did not want it, so Paul would nicely take her home and then he simply would disappear.

"I like the music," he said before he left after Christina had told him her address, which he actually knew, which of course, Christina did not know. While driving, Paul thought back to the observations he had made at the club.

Christina had behaved quite strangely in many ways. Bill had given the young women some drinks, obviously, the guy tried to impress especially Christina's friend. With Christina, however, he had little success with something like this. She did not like the man and that's it.

Christina had drunk some glasses of wine that evening, and every time the waiter brought the drinks she had no problem with it. Several times, however, Bill himself went to the counter for drinks. Christina didn't drink one sip from these glasses. She always disappeared in the direction of the dance floor and then put her glass down somewhere on the way and later got herself a new one.

Ted, the other man had tried a few times to start a conversation with her, but Christina never really listened. She just did not want to let him get closer. The only person she really talked to was her friend and the bartender. She looked to Paul as if she had plunged into a world of her own.

As she danced, Paul had studied her closely. Her shoulder-length, straight hair was the same color as Star's hair. But that was the only similarity between Christina and her mother.

The young woman was really the female version of David. Her features, however, were softer, and her eyes were not as cold as David's, though they were exactly the same color. Paul liked the many freckles on her face. The fact that she had been so small awakened his protective instinct. Paul found that somehow funny because after all, he was basically an extremely dangerous predator.

Actually, Christina did not comply in any way with his image of women. She was too small, dressed relatively unremarkable, had rather small breasts, but a little too thick thighs, and her belly stuck out a little. Paul did not think she was fat, or ugly, but not pretty either.

Still, the tall blond vampire just could not help himself, he was attracted to the young woman, and that had nothing to do with her inviting body odor. Maybe it was because she was the antithesis of the women he'd met in the course of his life.

Christina was deep in her thoughts. She thought about the words her mother used to preach to her when Christina intended to meet with her few friends. 'Do not trust a stranger! Do not take drinks from people you do not know! Never leave a drink unattended somewhere! Should that ever happen, buy a new one! Never drink from a bottle without an etiquette ...! ' There were still a lot of rules of this kind, without which Christina had never come out of the house when her mother still had been alive.

Star had never told the young woman why. Christina was not stupid, and for some of these rules, no explanation was needed. It happened often enough that young women in clubs or at parties were made limp and raped after they were given drugs. Everyone knew that.

Christina had always assured her mother that she would be careful, but nevertheless, the constant warnings made Christina grow into a very distrustful young woman who was having a hard time making new friends. Christina sometimes had the feeling that her mother wanted to lock her up somewhere until she grew up.

Stars constant admonitions influenced Christina's behavior. Her friends found her a bit strange as well. Nobody could understand why she sometimes tipped off a half-full glass and then got exactly the same drink again. She could not understand it herself.

Christina had just known that Michael was praying her siblings exactly the same rules again and again since the two were old enough to get out with friends on their own.

Michael did not care where Christina went or what she did! The longer she stayed away, the better he was. Star and Michael had more arguments over Christina, which gave him another reason to hate the young woman. Star had often cried secretly when her husband once again made comments about Christina. Christina knew that exactly, but what should she do? She just tried to act so that Michael had no reason to complain.

And now she sat in her car next to this strange man with the sympathetic smile and let him drive her home. Christina was not happy with this situation and did not understand how it was possible that she had acted against her own will. The strangest thing, though, was that she somehow trusted him. She could not explain, but she was sure this man would not harm her in any way.

The ride, which was silent, did not take very long, maybe five minutes. "So, here we are," he said suddenly into her thoughts and looked at her with a smile. Christina smiled back.

"Oh, we're already there," she replied as she unlocked the passenger door and got out of the car. "Is the central locking broken," he asked. She nodded and closed the doorknob again. He locked the car and walked around the car, dropping the key into her hand. "My friends and I have a workshop," he said. "Maybe we can fix that for you."

"Thank you," she said with a smile. "But you've helped me already, that was really nice of you." He looked at her for a moment. "No problem," he answered. "But now in with you, you're certainly tired." Christina nodded, feeling surprisingly safe in his presence. "Okay thank you again and have a good night," she said. Before she could turn away from him to open the front door, he grabbed her and gave her a peck on her lips, then he turned around and walked away. Again Paul couldn't help himself, he simply had to steal a little kiss from her!

Christina looked at him startled and turned away from him. Then she remembered he hadn't even told Christina his name. She turned back to face him, but he was gone. She was very surprised because she could see the street well in both directions, but he was not there anymore.

She had not heard a car he could have climbed into. He was just gone without a trace. Christina still felt his lips on her own and touched her lips with her right hand. Why had he done that?

Of course, Paul had the ability to fly, as the other Lost Boys, and while he was on his way to the boardwalk, he wondered a bit about the feelings that this young woman aroused in him. He had not been able to think of anything else for weeks when he looked at her, he just felt the need to protect her. She was so small, so fragile that he would never hurt her. It must have been because David's blood ran through her veins, which connected this girl to the boys, otherwise he could not explain it.

"Hey, where have you been," said Marko, who suddenly stood next to him when Paul reached his motorcycle, that he had left behind on the boardwalk. Paul turned to his best friend and laughed.

"I had to save David's little one from stupidity," he replied. Then he explained everything to Marko and both had to laugh. "People are a bit reckless sometimes," Marko said finally. "And what happened between you," he then asked with his typical innocent grin.

Paul shook his head. "I really had the wish to take her home to her daddy, but I'm not allowed to, although I do not know what David is waiting for, he wants to have her in our family too. Okay, to be honest, I've stolen a little kiss from Christina." Marko shook his head and raised an eyebrow. "Paul, you're really unbelievable," Marko told his friend.

Then Paul told Marko about the feelings he had for Christina. "I found it really hard not to grab her, and you know what to do," he finished his report. "You really want her," Marko smirked. Paul nodded, smiling.

"She's really cute," Marko explained, "but she is the exact opposite from every woman you ever had more to do with." Paul shrugged. "Well, I just can not help it, I've never felt anything like this before," he finally said before starting his engine and driving home followed by Marko.

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