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Paul was looking for Dwayne all night. He finally found him in the woods in the small clearing that was not far from the house on the outskirts. He had the little one in a stranglehold and was about to drink from her. She hit Dwayne's chest with her small fists, but of course, it did not help her.

She would never stand a chance against Dwayne, against any of them. When she tried to kick him, he put his left knee between her legs so that she could not fight back. Those vampires were able to even father children, the Lost Boys had not known until Christina crossed their path by chance.

Max, David's sire, must have known it because he repeatedly told the younger vampires that they should not let their sexual escapades live. In the beginning, Paul had no problems with that, he and his brothers had the ability to manipulate people.

For most mortals, one glance was enough, and the vampires could do whatever they wanted with them. Few people had enough of their own will to resist the vampires, but the Lost Boys considered that a challenge, and in the end, they got what they wanted.

So Paul seduced a lot of women over the years, and he finally killed them all. At some point, however, the tall blond vampire realized that not mortals were the losers in the game because the mortals died and had no more problems.

Paul, however, remained lonely, and this loneliness gnawed at him. He was pissed that when he met a woman he liked, he would spend some time with her, somehow fell in love with her, and when it came down to it, he had to kill her - Paul did not want that anymore.

Sure, he was a vampire, and he loved to be one of them, but he was neither cold-hearted nor a thoughtless killer, just like his brothers. Secretly, the vampires longed for feminine company, with a woman at their side, a woman they did not need to hide their true self from.

Paul imagined it wonderful to have someone at his side whom to trust, without fear of being stalked during sleep. But Max forbade the Lost Boys these amenities and condemned them to this lonely life in their men's den. Well, if Paul was thinking of Christina's mother now, he could also come to the conclusion that Max had imposed this rule on them to protect "his sons," but Paul knew Max too well.

The former vampire boss was never about David and his boys. Max already had sons before of them, at least he had said that. He had destroyed them himself when he was tired of them, and David was sure back then that the Lost Boys were about to share this fate.

Max was already working on a more fitting pack than David and his rebellious children. Max was very old and very powerful, no matter how much strength the Lost Boys had, they would have never been able to defend themselves against Max.

Al least this was done by mortals, Michael Emerson, and his grandfather. David knew exactly what Max had in mind. David already knew that Max was looking for a new family, therefore, he eventually ignored Max Rule when the Lost Boys found Star on the beach.

The leader of the motorcycle gang actually managed to keep Star secret from Max for a while. When Max learned of the young woman's existence, he ordered David very rudely to kill Star immediately. David ignored that and instead made Star one of them, and that little mistake was the beginning of their almost dead. David let Star drink Max's blood, he knew it wouldn't be easy for Max now to kill Star himself. David knew that Max would give her a chance, but she failed.

Well, David was a complicated, inscrutable creature, and pretty stubborn. He always knew exactly what he was doing; therefore, Dwayne, Marko, and Paul were made with David's blood. A fact that annoyed Max, what made David very happy.

Paul had only once seen David so furious that he completely forgot himself and went aimlessly at vengeance, which was in July 1987. Well, the consequence of David's stubborn behavior was unfortunately at the wrong time in the wrong place, and obviously walked directly into Dwayne's arms. The brunette vampire was just about to take care of the little one.

Paul could see exactly what Dwayne was feeling right now because obviously, the blood of a child conceived by a vampire was like a drug to the other vampires in the pack. The body odor of the little one alone was like an invitation!

Something had happened to Christina's bad luck that almost never happened - Dwayne had completely lost control of his actions, he was always thoughtful and calm. But now Paul had to stop him!

For a moment he looked at the event fascinating. Paul smelled the blood running down her neck and it was hard for him not to lose control himself. But he held back, just as he kept Dwayne back, she was one of them, though she had no idea. Dwayne growled at him, but finally, let the little one go.

The young woman's injuries were thankfully not life-threatening. She had a couple of bruises and a bite mark on her throat, from which some blood dripped out. After Dwayne licked most of the blood the mark started healing.

The good thing was that the saliva of a vampire made open wounds heal faster. It would only take a few minutes, then only a small wound would be left of Dwayne's bite, and in a few days it would be gone completely, but the spot would still be sensitive for a while, causing pain if Christina would touch it.

The hematoma on Christina's neck that Dwayne had caused by his grip, well, that would take a little more time to heal. Paul was aware that the young woman had to be completely traumatized, but there was also a solution to this problem.

Vampires had the ability to manipulate people's memory, and that ability was used by the tall blond vampire. The little one would have absolutely no idea at the latest the next morning what had happened to her in the forest and where she had sustained the injuries.

However, this manipulation was associated with some somewhat unpleasant side effects. The young woman would almost certainly develop fears she had not had before. It could very well be that she was suddenly afraid of being out alone during the dark and probably would be more suspicious of other people, especially strangers, than usual.

However, Paul accepted the side effects because it was beyond question that the young woman would find out what kind of species her own father and her future family were.

Christina was a smoker, Paul knew that, and from his own experience, of course, he also knew that nicotine would "get you down." He could not imagine the young woman taking cigarettes into the woods because of the forest fire danger.

Dwayne, who liked to walk in the woods, kept pointing his perplexing brothers to this danger, and meanwhile, David did not even dare to smoke in the forest in Dwayne's presence. The leader of the Lost Boys simply had no need for the dark-haired vampire's long lectures. Dwayne in all those years had never forgotten where he came from and what he had learned in tribal life, namely to respect nature!

But this was an unusual situation, so Paul looked over the fire and pulled his cigarettes out of his pocket. He lit one each for Dwayne and himself, then put the cheap plastic lighter in the pack and threw it over to the young woman.

The pack hit the little girl's shoulder and she winced. Paul grinned and looked at Dwayne, who looked at his fag a little thoughtfully, but then finally took a pull, then the two vampires flew away.

When the two vampires reached Hudson's Bluff, Paul placed his hand on Dwayne's shoulder. "That was close," he finally said. "I understand that you want the girl, as well as Marko and me, but she's David's kid and out of limit."

Dwayne looked at Paul thoughtfully and then said, "I know that, but she suddenly stood in front of me while I was doing a tribal ritual, and her beguiling scent drove me crazy, and then I smelled her fear, I could not stand anymore. And why did she have to take a walk into the forest in the middle of the night? It's about time she comes home, otherwise, she'll soon be done!"

Paul just nodded smiling and the two entered the cave. David stood in front of the old fountain, which was in the middle of the cave, and annoyed watched Marko, who was very angry running into every corner of the cave.

"What's going on here," Paul asked. "Someone was here, don't you be able to smell that," Marko complained, looking petrified, and stopped by the bed, on which his old jacket set. Marko had bad memories; since he was staked while wearing his handmade, colorful jacket. Therefore, he didn't wear it anymore.

Paul and Dwayne looked at each other. Both recognized Christina's smell immediately, they had been so close to her in the forest. Paul was about to say something, but Dwayne shook his head no, so Paul kept his mouth shut.

"I do not smell anything unusual," Dwayne said and Paul just shrugged. David looked at the two in surprise. He knew even before he had entered the cave with Marko that his little girl had been there. Christ, he was a vampire and therefore had a very good sense of smell. He did not really need to come near Christina to sniff her body odor.

It was a mystery to David that Marko did not immediately recognize this fragrance. David wondered anyway because usually, no one ventured into the vicinity of the sunken hotel, the inhabitants of the city were sure that evil spirits lived there, well, somehow they were right with this assumption.

On the other hand, Christina moved to Santa Carla only a little time ago, she didn't know the town, as well as other people, did. And he wondered, would Christina listen to rumors about Hudsons Bluff? After all, David was sure, that his daughter couldn't be purely human. He was a vampire and Christina's mother was a half-vampire at the time of Christina's procreation. Maybe she felt something like being home when she was in the cave.

David knew immediately that Paul and Dwayne were pretending to him, and now he wanted to know why! Dwayne looked at the floor, guilty. He had her blood on his tongue and was struggling with his conscience because she was David's child, after all, and that made her one of them. "Okay, what's up, Dwayne," David finally asked. "Paul," he added with a serious expression.

Paul and Marko met Christina at the gas station when they arrived in Santa Carla. David knew Paul well, so he knew that Christina's scent would be the first thing Paul would remember. The tall, blonde vampire would be able to sniff her scent from a really big distance.

That was Paul's way of "watching" his potential victims before the opportunity arose to seize them. "What should be up?" Paul asked with a grin and then also looked down at the floor with a guilty face. David was silent for a while and smiled at his companions.

"She suddenly stood before me in the forest," Dwayne said suddenly. Marko and David looked over at him, confused. "Who," Marko asked after a few seconds. "Your little one," Dwayne replied, looking David in the eyes.

"When did it happen and what did you do to her?" David asked, realizing what Dwayne had just confessed to him. David didn't wait for Dwayne's answer and rushed toward Dwayne, but the dark-haired vampire had expected such a response from his sire. It was never smart to mess with David when he was angry, so Dwayne just stepped out of David's way.

"Paul came just in time and prevented worse, she'll be fine in a few days," Dwayne replied. "I could barely control myself," Paul said placatingly. David and Marko shook their heads, the two vampires now chuckling, "I know you're all looking forward to having a little sister soon," David said. "And I'm happy, too, but we can not just grab her and drag her in. I mean, we could, but then she'd just react as her mother did all those years ago, she must see the positive aspects of our existence! "The three other vampires looked at him thoughtfully, but no one answered.

David looked down at the floor. "Now it'll get harder, because even though she can not remember meeting Dwayne, instinctively she'll be scared of him and not easily trust us," David said. "But my blood is in her veins, so hopefully that will make it easier for us, so we just have to wait for the right opportunity! She will join our club, whether she wants it or not! She is my child and I want her at my side! And I'm not willing to wait for much longer than necessary!"

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