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The next morning, Christina made her way to the city after she had taken a close look at the apartment. It was funny, although nobody lived in the house, everything worked.

The electricity was obviously registered and there was warm water too. The kitchen was small and the kitchenette old, but there was all she needed in it. The bathroom was a door further and equipped with a shower tray. It was tiled white, simple, but it would be easy to get it free from dust.

At the end of the small, narrow hall, to the right of the front door, there was a small closet in which cleaning utensils were and the vacuum cleaner worked. At the other end was the door to the living room.

It was big enough, with a comfy couch, a small coffee table, and a square dining table with two chairs. The three timeless solid wood chests offered enough storage space. In this room, you could go through the double doors to the balcony overlooking the green.

Opposite the balcony was the door to the bedroom. There was actually the black metal bed that Christina had always wanted, plus two dressers and wardrobe with fife doors.

Carpets in different shades of lilac lay on the wooden floor. Christina liked it all very well. She decided to buy curtains suitable for the carpets and to get just such bedding.

When she went to the basement, there was a washing machine that belonged to her apartment. She seemed to be new. Christina thought it all a bit strange, but she would even find out who owned this house and who took care of everything.

In town, Christina wanted to meet with Zoe. She was the younger sister of the Frog Brothers and a few months older than Christina. The two young women knew each other from the time when Star was still alive. At that time, Edgar and Alan Frog had frequented the Emersons and brought Zoe. The last time they had seen each other at Stars Funeral ten years ago.

Zoe had been very happy when Christina had told at the phone that she would return to her Santa Carla. Zoe was already waiting at the agreed meeting point when Christina arrived at the promenade. The two young women fell into each other's arms. "I'm so glad you're finally here," Zoe said with a beaming smile. "Sam told us how Michael treated you, this ass should be really ashamed," she added.

"I am also very happy," replied Christina. "We have not seen each other in such a long time, how do you get along, since your brothers are out of town?"

"Ha, it's cool without my two guard dogs, can you imagine that I was never allowed to walk alone to the boardwalk in the evenings, and it was really a fight until the two got it, that I would stay here instead to go to Luna Bay with them."

Edgar and Alan had never actually managed to convince their little sister that there really were vampires and other supernatural creatures. They did everything they could to persuade Zoe to leave town with them. Zoe, however, was very stubborn, she did not want to move out to Luna Bay.

Her brothers finally consoled themselves with the thought that they had destroyed the vampires in Santa Carla, in addition, Zoe was now grown up. So Edgar and Alan finally gave in and left Zoe to her will, after all, the men could not force their little sister.

Christina shook her head in disbelief. "And why did they have such a problem with it," she finally asked. "Oh, I do not know either, they always talked about missing people and vampires and other crazy things, but it doesn't matter, now that they're gone and you're here, we can hang out on the boardwalk as often as we want."

Christina looked thoughtfully at Zoe for a moment. Her mother also talked about vampires back then? What if Star had actually told the truth at all? Christina still did not really believe in such a thing and finally answered: "That sounds really good, I'm already very curious about the promenade." It is just stupid that I have another way home like you. If I have to go there by car I can never drink anything, I wouldn't like it!"

Zoe grinned at Christina. "What do you like drinking?" She asked. Christine thought for a moment. "I like lovely white wine," she finally answered. Then she started laughing. "My mother always drank red wine, of course dry, I secretly have taken a bottle of it once, the stuff is really disgusting!" She looked at Zoe mischievously, grinning. "I like Rose wine too, and you?"

Zoe smiled, "I also really like sweet wine, which color it has, I do not care," she replied. "And if we're on the promenade or on the beach, you're just going to sleep on my sofa afterward!"

Then the two did the shopping and drove to Christina, who was the first to put all bed linen in the washing machine. Then, with Zoe's help, she brought the old mattress down to the cellar and put the new mattress on the bed.

"Do not you think the house is a bit scary," Zoe suddenly asked. "It's funny, sometimes the light is on here, although nobody lives here." "Well, it's strange," Christina answered. "But surely there is someone who takes care of everything here, but I'll find out."

The two women spent the day cleaning decorating and were very happy when everything was fixed. "Hey, you know, I'll change, and then we'll go to town, I'll invite you to dinner, as a little thank you, and then we'll go to the boardwalk."

"Hm, looks delicious," Christina said as the waitress set the plate of vegetable pizza in front of her. "Yes, you know," Zoe replied. "We used to go here more often when my parents were still alive, and we had the comic shop, but with Edgar and Alan, I never had a chance, they rejected everything that includes the word boardwalk."

Christina shook her head. "Well, I always found the two of them weird." Zoe nodded. "These are my brothers, and maybe I should not say that, because I know that they just wanted to protect me most of all, but they are stupid sometimes," Zoe explained. "Well, I still love them!"

Christina nodded. "Siblings," she answered. "I miss my two little ones, although sometimes they were exhausting, I hope they are fine, and my stepfather can handle them!" The two women looked thoughtfully at their plates.

"Do you want to go to the rides, or would you prefer to go for a walk to the beach," Zoe asked after a few minutes. "Hm, I'd love to do both, I heard there's this old carousel, I'd like to see that, and the other rides are interesting to me, and then we go to the beach," Christina said smiling. "And," she added, "my mother told me about the campfires and the parties that take place after the rides are closed for the night, I really would love to take a look."

"Okay," Zoe answered. "I like your plans, I'm so happy you are here!" When the two young women came to the old carousel, the promenade had filled with people of all ages and lifestyles.

"Wow," said Christina in astonishment. "That's really nice." Zoe smiled happily at finally having a real friend and just being on the boardwalk. "Hey, come on, we'll get tickets and go for a ride, which I have not done for ages."

Christina nodded and went to get the tickets.

At the same time, David and his three men were staying nearby, it was very rare that all four Lost Boys came together to the boardwalk. They behaved inconspicuously in contrast to the past. None of them addressed any women or caused any trouble, quite the contrary, if anything was going on, the Lost Boys were gone.

Paul was sitting on the wall separating the old carousel from another, David stood in front of it with his arms crossed on his chest, watching the crowd. Marko and Dwayne leafed through a magazine for motorcycle parts as they talked about how they could continue to beef up their machines.

"Hey, that's the sweet surprise," Paul exclaimed excitedly, pointing to the ticket booth of the old carousel. David followed Paul's outstretched arm with his eyes and then he saw her; a petite young woman.

Her dark hair reached down to her shoulders, she wore a black leather jacket in biker style, David froze, he knew this jacket because he had bought it. He had given it to Star. David remembered exactly how the soft leather felt. This jacket was not cheap at the time, but Star did not like the jacket and never wore it.

Christina had the jacket this evening combined with tight, faded jeans and biker boots. The young woman loved this jacket and actually wore it constantly.

Then the little girl turned around, swallowing at the smoke of his cigarette and starting to cough. Confused, he dropped the butt and burned his hand. He slammed the cigarette on the floor and could not believe what he saw. He almost felt like looking in a mirror, it was incredible.

He did not know that vampires were able to father children, but this young woman drove the Lost Boys' car, she was wearing the jacket David had given to Star and she looked very similar to him. He had a daughter!

For the first time in his life as a vampire, he had no sarcastic phrase in stock and was totally speechless. "What else did Max keep quiet about," he whispered, finally, totally perplexed, while Marko grinned at Paul, who of course laughed out loud.

"Do you like this surprise?", Marko asked placed his hand on David's shoulder, who still stood there petrified and staring at Christina. As Dwayne spotted the girl, a grin spread across his face.

"Well, my friend," Paul smirked, "looks like you've hit a bull's eye with Star." "The little one is cute, too," Marko said with a grin. "Congratulations Daddy," he added.

David slowly regained his composure while Dwayne put a hand on his shoulder. "Obviously, Star gave birth to your child, what did poor Michael say about that?"

"Did you know we could have children?" David asked, still completely surprised, without taking his eyes off Christina. Paul and Marko just shrugged their shoulders. "I never thought about it," Paul finally answered. "At least we now know why longer relationships were off limit for us! " Marko nodded in agreement. "Maybe we should be happy, who knows how many fang kids would be in this city!"

Now David grinned and said, "So she's driving around in our old car, okay, let's see what the kid does, and if it's okay, we'll just have to show her where she belongs!" "Sounds like a good show," Paul said with a grin.

The two girls spent some time at the rides when Christina finally said, "Hey Zoe, let's go down to the beach." Zoe nodded. "I'll just get a bottle of wine, then we can make ourselves comfortable on the beach." With these words, she disappeared into the house that belonged to the Frogs and came back shortly afterward with a bottle of wine.

A few minutes later, they reached the stairs that led to the beach when they heard the sound of several motorcycles coming closer. The two looked surprised because the street was at the other end of the boardwalk about a kilometer away.

Then headlights were at the top of the stairs. "They will not ..." Christina did not get any further. The first machine drove down, the driver honked twice and laughed loudly. The girls pressed against the handrail. The second machine drove down and the driver stared at Christina with a grin, recognizing him again; she had seen him and the third driver at the gas station when she arrived in Santa Carla.

The last machine slowly rode down the stairs, staring at Christina. Once down there, the man stopped briefly, turned to Christina and smiled mysteriously, then he accelerated and followed the others.

"What was that," Christina still asked confused. Zoe just shrugged. The two friends found a place between two campfires were some young people celebrated and quietly emptied the bottle of wine, then strolled slowly to Zoe's home, where Christina spent the night. At breakfast, Christina asked: "Tell me, the bikers at the beach, do you know them? The one who came down the stairs the last looked at me so weirdly."

Zoe shook her head, "I do not really know anybody here, except my workmates from the cafe, as I said, my brothers, did not let me to the boardwalk." "Well, I forgot, I'm looking forward to my new job at Boardwalkkids and I'm curious to see what awaits me, as my boss told me, I'll have to care for the children of the staff from the shops at the boardwalk."

"Yeah," replied Zoe, "this is a cool place to go, with the two classes at your disposal, the kids use the entire boardwalk, sometimes going on beach trips and stuff like that there are really great there, when are you going to start your job?"

"I'll start at two weeks. In the next few days, I will sign my contract, which I have to see the managing director of the billiard hall. He probably had the idea to build a kindergarten for the kids of the employees of the shops at the boardwalk. He is one of the funders."

Zoe smiled. "Max's cool, he's seen how difficult it sometimes can be for employees to accommodate kids depending on their working hours. He talked to the other business owners, and made sure everything went smoothly."

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