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Part IX

Back on Coruscant, Acaciah turned on her holocomp and started a new message:

Dear Anakin,

Here is the song you requested. I hope you like it as well as I do. I’m sorry I haven’t written you sooner, I went to see Janae on Alameen and didn’t get back until today. I like visiting Alameen but it seems to bring out the strangest notions in me; I even had a dream while I was there that you and I were both still Padawans! Can you imagine? We would have given Papa fits if he’d had to teach us at the same time!

Janae and Geraint are both grateful for your help, and are doing as well as can be expected, being separated for now. They both send their regards. I’m afraid I must go now. Papa and I are off to do some wonderful trade mediations. I may have to do some creative thought shielding to make them more interesting; I don’t want to fall asleep. Neimodians do think sleeping during a conference is rude, don’t they? I’m kidding, I’m kidding, (mostly).



Anakin swore softly as he read Acaciah’s message. His suspicion that she would start to remember their past was confirmed, but damn it, why didn’t she say so when she was still on Alameen and he could have done something about it! He swore a streak that would have made Jabba the Hutt proud. He didn’t know when he’d be able to see her away from Obi-Wan again. He should have pressed her harder when he bonded with her last night. He tapped the screen, considering his next move. Perhaps it was time for him to go meditate. Yes, it was definitely time for some meditation. Master Obi-Wan had always made him meditate about this time of day when he was a Padawan, and he’d bet the old fart hadn’t changed his ways for Acaciah. He grinned in anticipation. He’d finally found something to look forward to in meditation.

Acaciah flopped into the lotus position for her evening meditation. Trade negotiations were bloody boring affairs and her Papa had sensed her tedium and assigned an extra 30 minutes to her usual 20. He said it would help hone her concentration. She wasn’t sure about that at the moment, but the relaxation sounded just fine to her, especially since sleeping didn’t seem to be that restful anymore. She slowed her breath, lowered her eyelids, and let the Force flow freely through her. Its energy coursed through her, caressing her skin. Strange, she thought vaguely, it almost feels like a pair of hands smoothing over me. She shivered, hot and cold at once. A warm breath brushed against her cheek. Startled, she opened her eyes directly into Anakin’s crystal blue eyes. He smiled kis kissed her parted lips, enjoying her muffled cry of surprise.

“Why are you haunting me?” Acaciah asked.

“Because you have haunted me for years,” Anakin replied, matter-of-fact.

She looked at him, disbelievingly. The shimmering sensation from her dreams was returning. “How long? Since you were a Padawan?”

“You find that hard to believe?” he said. “I’ve known you a long time; I knew you were coming before you were born.” He paused. “What did you see when you dreamt of us both being Padawans?”

Acaciah swallowed, summoning up her courage. “I saw us at a waterfall.”

“Did I keep you warm?” he asked smiling. She blushed, all the confirmation that he needed. “You should have told me when you were on Alameen. I’d rather talk to you about this in person.”

“Am I dreaming again?” she asked. “Papa will give me more meditation if I fall asleep! I already have almost an hour!”

“An hour?” Anakin echoed with a roguish grin. He caressed her cheek, his fingertips grazing down her to the delicate V where her tunic cris-crossed her chest. They kissed, and in a fluid motion Anakin pulled off her tunic, cradling her breasts in his hands. He unbuckled her pants, slipping a hand under her panties to stroke her clit. “I don’t think you’ll fall asleep,” he said.

Anakin took Acaciah’s full, pink nipple in his mouth, teasing it erect. He continued working her clit with his thumb, slipping his fingers into her, thrusting against her sweet spot. Acaciah groaned, running her fingers through the long, silky golden waves of his hair, pushing his face against her chest. He spread her thighs further apart and ground his hips against her thigh, teasing her with his stiffened rod. Acaciah moaned and tugged at his tunics until he was free of their restraining material.

They finished undressing, and he drew her hips to his own. He pushed inside her, and Acaciah cried out in pleasure, scratching down his back. She arched her back as she ground her hips against his.

“Acaciah,” he whispered, “my sweet, my love, I need you.”

She thought she would burst with joy. “I love you, Anakin,” she replied, flushing pink under her creamy skin.

“I know,” he said. “I know you do, my Acaciah.” His fingers trailed down her spine, sending little shocks of electric shivers under her skin. “How long have you had the dreams?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” Acaciah answered, suddenly feeling her lack of control. She should stop this, she would; she had nearly lost control as is. s. The dreams were bad enough, now she had to meditate on him as well? He would know; she’d never be able to look him in the eye in the waking world. It was an embarrassment; she was a Jedi, for pity’s sake! She would make herself have more restraint. She was being foolish, and she feared she was beginning to believe her own fantasy.

Anakin regarded her carefully. She looked as if she’d like to bolt; he didn’t want her afraid of him. He tensed, fighting the urge to swear again. Why did the Jedi Order have to be so damned uptight, anyway? Because most of the Masters on the Council desperately need to get laid, he thought privately, trying not to show his grim humor.

Acaciah got up, and Anakin leapt up beside her. She felt very small beside him, his massive silhouette shadowing hers. She summoned her courage, and spoke. “I don’t understand why we are doing this.”

“Because we love each other,” Anakin replied.

“How can that be?”

“We are One,” he said. “The Living Force has made us One.”

“But Janae said you have to do something physical first for that to happen!” she exclaimed. “We’ve never, I mean—”

Anakin raised an eyebrow. “You sure about that?”

Acaciah shook her head, vexed. “I don’t know what to think anymore.”

“You could ask me,” he suggested. “I’d love to talk to you about it in person,” he said, giving her a sultry wink.

“Now I know this is all in my head,” she said. “That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard, and I don’t think the real Anakin is crazy.”

“I see,” he said. “You think this is something that happens to every Padawan?”

“I know bloody well it isn’t!” Acaciah answered.

“Are you worried about getting pregnant?” he asked. Her eyes widened. “I know you were on Alameen.” Acaciah paled. He continued, “Didn’t Janae say something about midi-chlorians and little green men? You nearly choked on your tea.” He gave her an impish grin. “Master Yoda’s not your type, but I am.”

Acaciah shivered. She cast about for her tunic, feeling a bit naked at the moment. Anakin picked it up and threw it over his own shoulder. “I don’t think you need this just yet,” he said, pushing her onto the bed. His mouth enveloped hers, heating her to the core. “I love you so much,” he said. “I’ve been as patient as I can; I’m getting tired of waiting for you. I want you to come home with me.” He trailed kisses up and down her body before entering her again. She wrapped her legs around him, pushing her confusion aside. It’s all a dream! , she told herself. I may as well enjoy it, because it’s as close as I’m going to get to the real thing.

Anakin sensed her thoughts, and he gave her a piercing look. “We were together once, Acaciah,” he said, “and we will be together again, I promise you. The waking world will see us as husband and wife.”

Acaciah’s heart surged at his words, even as her body responded to his touch. They peaked together, and she felt a little of the peace she’d hoped to find in meditation.

Anakin curled beside her, studying her. He chose his words carefully. “If you think this is a dream, go to Szeckly’s Tea Emporium tomorrow morning at 10.”

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