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Acaciah was growing restless as evening faded into night. She shifted in her seat, trying to find a comfortable spot. She moved from room to room, trying to avoid the inevitable bedtime. She felt not one whit tired, and the thought of lying down only prompted further thoughts of last night’s unusual activities. She feigned interest in a novel until Papa finally went to bed. She sighed. She felt flushed, as if tiny pulses of energy were eddying beneath her skin. She went to her room and turned ome ome music, soft and low. She decided on “Destiny,” the song Papa had raised such a fuss about, and put it on repeat. It was a beautiful song, and she hoped it would soothe her restless spirit. She lay down, and the pulsing inside her grew stronger. She squirmed in her sheets, willing herself to calm down and be still. Finally she felt herself slip away from the room, out of her usual consciousness.

She was in the Temple Gardens, beside Anakin, but he was a much younger Anakin that she’d ever known. He had a Padawan’s braid in his hair and a sultry twinkle in his eyes when he looked at her. He chased her through the Temple Gardens, through the hedge maze. The dream shifted, and they were in a speeder, flying through an emerald valley, ‘til they stopped at a waterfall. They kissed and kissed in the cool water, and Acaciah thought she would melt. “I’ll keep you warm,” she heard him say, and he began to peel her clothes away. Acaciah felt a strange shimmering, and she sat up in bed. She was still at home, at her quarters in the Jedi Temple. She searched with the Force, and there appeared to be no one there but herself. It was not like Papa to leave in the middle of the night, and she decided she must still be dreaming. She got out of bed. The music was still playing, and she left it on, wanting something normal, familiar in this dream. She walked through the quarters, feeling the cool tile beneath her feet. Nothing she could perceive was out of the ordinary, save Papa’s absence. She went back to her room. She gasped in surprise, as Anakin Skywalker sat at her holocomp!

“You know,” he remarked, giving her a mischievous grin, “I’m surprised Obi-Wan hasn’t changed the lock code since I left.” He leaned back in the chair, putting his feet up on her desk and his arms behind his head. He gave Acaciah the same sultry look she’d seen in her dream of the Garden, moments before. “Miss me?” he inquired, hopefully. “You write Kiros more than you do me. I’m hurt. At least Your Dear Friend Maris sends Kiros her warmest regards. You won’t even send me that!” he teased.

Acaciah was speechless. He knew about Maris and Kiros, and he wanted her regards? Anakin was smiling, watching her reaction. “You do say ‘please’ a lot. Obi-Wan’s done nothing, if not made you polite.” He stood now, and crossed to where Acaciah stood in her doorway. She was unsure of how to act, whether to bolt and run, or to throw herself into his arms. In this zone he felt familiar to her, more than she’d ever dare think, even to herself.

She finally found her voice. “I’m sorry, sir, if I have been too forward—”

“You’re not sorry, and neither am I,” Anakin interrupted. He put his arms around her, pulling her into a deep kiss. Acaciah put her arms around his neck, pressing herself against his body. Anakin drew his hands further down her, drawing her leg around his hip. The other hand slipped beneath her bottom, into her panties to tease her clit. She gave a soft gasp as he slipped his finger inside her, working her into wetness. She thought her legs would give way beneath her. She tugged at his clothes, wanted to be distracted from his touch, wanting to regain some control of the situation. His under tunic came off, and Acaciah kissed him from his Adam’s apple down to the hard bud of his nipple, biting it gently. He carried her to the bed, removing the last of their clothes.

Acaciah drank in the sight of him bare. His body was as disciplined as his mind, honed keen and muscular. She ran her tongue down his torso to the tawny triangle surrounding his manhood. She kissed the tip of it, sliding her lips around his length. Anakin groaned, and lay down on the bed. Acaciah continued her explorations, feeling for his pleasure spots with the Force as she took him deeper into her mouth. He tangled his fingers in her hair atop her head and lifted her off of him so he could pull her hips over his own lips. Acaciah moaned softly as he slipped his fingers inside her and took her swollen bud into his mouth. Eagerly she took his cock back into her mouth. She wanted as much of him as she could get into her. She rocked her hips against Anakin’s face, his tongue lashing against her clit. He found her g-spot, and he banged it relentlessly. He thrust into her mouth deeper with each stroke. Pleasure waved through her body, she couldn’t stop and didn’t want to. She shuddered against him, peaking finally. Anakin came inside her; she swallowed his salty stickiness and licked her lips at him, smiling. They curled together and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, Acaciah rose to check her holonotes. She found another from Anakin:

Darling Acaciah,

Would you please send me a copy of the song, “Destiny”? I enjoyed it very much last night.

Always yours,


Acaciah paled, and found herself wondering if he meant the song or what they were doing while it was playing. I think I’m in over my head now, she thought. Time to talk to Janae. She got into her Red River Holonote account, and wrote Janae a message:

Dear Janae,

Do you think you could meet me for tea? I need to talk to you. I have a friend who is interested in the Taravah and she can’t sneat tot to see you personally. Would you mind? My treat.


Janae replied:

Dear Acaciah,

I’d be glad to meet you. Meet me at four o'clock standard time tomorrow at the Jawa Juice Joint.


Acaciah flew to Alameen, with Obi-Wan’s leave, dumped her belongings on the guest bed at Miriam’s villa, and headed to the Jawa Juice Joint to see Janae.

Janae was already waiting for Acaciah, and had ordered them both some tea and biscuits. A roguish grin spread across Janae’s features when Acaciah sat down. “Hello, cousin,” she said to Acaciah. “Are you sure you’re not your own friend today?”

“Jedi never tell,” Acaciah replied, assuming a typical Jedi stance, folding her hands into her robes with a smile.

Janae rolled her eyes, laughing. “So, what is the deal with your friend? Surely she has someone to practice the Taravah with?”

“Yes,” Acaciah said. “She needs to know about bonding, I guess. If you do it over the Force, how graphic is it?”

“How dirty is her mind? How dirty is his?”

“Can you have an orgasm?” Acaciah asked.

Janae nodded. “You can go all the way to Force-fucking, if you want to.”

Acaciah reddened a little. “But you can’t get pregnant, right?” She sipped her tea.

“Nah. He’d have to have midi-chlorians off the charts. You’d have to be bonking Yoda or something.”

Acaciah choked on her tea. When she finished coughing, she said, “I didn’t need to hear that.”

Janae gave her a hard look. “You got thing for little green men you need to tell me about?”

“No,” Acaciah replied. “I just really didn’t need that image.”

Janae looked her up and down, unconvinced. “Okay, cousin,” she said. “Here’s a book your friend will find of interest. Use it well and don’t do anything or anyone that can get you pregnant.”

Acaciah bowed to her soon-to-be cousin, and headed for Miriam’s villa. The guestroom had a window seat for reading, and Acaciah decided to look over the book Janae had given her. The Taravah, the title page read, A Guide to Love and the Living Force. Anakin had mentioned the Living Force in her dreams of him. Intrigued, she read on.

Oneness: the state of being when two sentients decide to join together in the Living Force in the physical act of Love. The bond this creates transcends time and space. Oneness is never to be taken lightly, as severing a bond is excruciating and may be deadly to one or both lovers.

“‘We are One,’” Anakin had told her in her dreams. Was this what he meant? But she knew she had never done anything physical with him in person, so how could that be? Oh, she had to be dreaming it all up, didn’t she? Acaciah sighed, vexed. She flipped through the book, and came to a section illustrated with diagrams of different species of sentients. Pulse Points of the Living Force in Various Species, it read. She paused at the human one, feeling her stomach drop. The brow, the lips, the base of the throat, the heart, the navel, and the rod or the flower, depending on sex of the person. She flushed, remembering how Anakin had showed her his and caressed her own. But it was only a dream…except now Acaciah felt that perhaps it wasn’t, and here she was, thinking things about a Jedi Master that no Padawan had any business thinking. How could he want her? It had to be a dream, no, it couldn’t be, but—she put her hand to her forehead, suddenly feeling very tired. She slid the book into her pack and lay down on her bed. Sleep seemed to take her in a deep wave. She was swept into it, and dreamt of Anakin. They were both young, and they were in her grandmother’s villa. They were making love, Anakin teasing her pleasure points as she caressed his. After they peaked, he gave her a satisfied smile. “Now we are One,” he said. “You have to stay with me, Acaciah. We are One in the Living Force.” There was quiet for a moment.

“How do you know about the Taravah?” Acaciah asked him.

“Master Obi-Wan keeps a copy around for sentimental reasons,” Anakin grinned. “Glad I found it?”

She ground her hips against his. “What do you think?” she asked. “I want more.”

Anakin rolled back on top of her. “I do as M’Lady wishes,” he said, with a wicked smile.

Acaciah’s eyes opened. She was still at the villa. She had told Papa she wouldn’t be gone long, just overnight. She really ought to holovid him and let him know she was alright. She was so tired, her body felt glued to the bed. Papa would understand, wouldn’t he? She hadn’t slept well in a while, though she did not want to tell him why. Her eyes closed again. She felt a hand slip around hers, the weight of a man’s body beside her in the bed.

“My Acaciah,” Anakin said, caressing her cheek. “Now you begin to remember who you are.”

She looked back into those smoldering blue eyes, ripples of desire racing through her veins. She kissed him, her tongue teasing his; she delighted in the groan of longing it elicited. They stripped bare, and Acaciah wanted to kiss every inch of him, Janae’s advise completely forgotten. He savaged her mouth, taking a breast in each hand, squeezing her nipples. Anakin pushed her legs apart, kissing her thighs before slipping his tongue into her. His fingers found her wet and ready for him. He smiled. “You’ve been dreaming about me, haven’t you?” he said.

“I’m dreaming now,” Acaciah replied.

“Are you sure, mi priana?” he asked.

He pushed against her sweet spot, and Acaciah ground her hips against his hand eagerly. “I don’t know; I don’t care anymore!” she cried.

Anakin pulled his fingers away, and pushed his rod inside her. Acaciah gasped, arching her back as he began to stroke inside her. “I love you so much. Please don’t make me wait anymore. I need you to come back to me,” he pleaded softly.

Acaciah felt the shimmering sensation from her dreams, and she squirmed against it, but Anakin pinned her with his thrusts, and covered her with his body. She scratched and moaned, unable to get away from the pleasure or his demands, unsure if she wanted to get away or get back inside him. The pleasure was winning, and Acaciah looked back into his demanding gaze. Her breathing was ragged over her parted lips.

“I love you,” she declared breathlessly. “Oh gods, I do.” He pushed harder inside her, and she came, her peak driving him over the edge as well. They kissed, their bodies still linked together at the hips. Anakin was pleased—she did indeed return his ardor, even if she felt she couldn’t express it yet in the waking world.

“You never need to feel ashamed of our love, Acaciah,” he said. “We are One by the will of the Force. The Force is what we ultimately serve, not the Jedi Code. We are meant to be together.” He reached for her with the Force as he said this, letting her feel their bond in all its intensity. Acaciah shivered in his arms, and clung to him tighter. She knew she wasn’t afraid of Anakin, but she was of the pain of their separation. Papa would sense its intensity in her, and she did not want him probing her thoughts. Anakin sensed her unease.

“You’re afraid they’ll know, aren’t you?” he asked.

“Yes,” she admitted. “I don’t want them to separate us, or to expel us from the Order.”

“Let me deal with the Council,” he replied, and covered her mouth in a slow, deep kiss. Acaciah shivered again, this time in delight. They found little sleep that night.

She awakened the next morning naked, and unbelievably sore and tight between her legs. She sat up, groaning. He wasn’t there, but the bed sheets were strewn about in a wreck. Her mouth went dry. “...don’t do anything or anyone that can get you pregnant,” Janae said yesterday. Well, Acaciah thought, I’ve already blown that advice on both accounts, haven’t I? She had if it really happened. She had half a mind to go to Daelus V, put The Taravah on his desk and ask him if he’d read any good books lately! But if it was real, what would she do? If her dreams were any indication, she’d show no restraint; she might even run away with him. It was tempting, too tempting, she was afraid. Of course, if it was only a dream, a fiction of her imagination, she’d be throwing herself at him. That would be too humiliating to bear. He could laugh at her; the Chosen One in love with an 18 year old girl! The very thought would be funny to her if she weren’t so desperately in love with him herself. She looked at the sheets, no blood, no cum. She didn’t know what to think, and she sighed. She wondered about her dreams of him as a Padawan. What would he think of that? She decided she would answer his last message, and ask him when she got home.

On Daelus V, Anakin Skywalker’s Jedi restraint was sorely tried. He knew Acaciah was on Alameen, visiting with Janae. After their nightly bond, he wanted to go to her in person, to tell her why they were together, most of all to take her home. She wanted to see him, he knew it, but she was still afraid of the Council. She wasn’t yet aware of the extent of her abilities; her memories had not yet returned. Obi-Wan did not want him to tell her of these things, he knew. Having her so close, apart from his old Master, he could do with her as they both pleased, but she wasn’t quite ready yet, he felt, and it frustrated him no end.

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