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Part VI

As Anakin and Acaciah neared their speeder, they sensed a disturbance in the Force. Cloaking themselves, they crept closer to its source.

“Celianthos said that the heretics were headed to the Great House of Savros,” a male voice said.

“They shouldn’t have gone far,” his companion, also male, offered. “We should get to them before Etos and Najara do.” They were attaching an epalier detonator to their speeder!

“We should do in Etos if he recognizes her union,” the original said.

“Zekar, we don’t do that to family!”

“First time for everything,” Zekar replied.

Anakin and Acaciah exchanged looks and drew their lightsabers in unison. ‘Now we really have to get to them,’ Anakin said, coiling for an attack.

He launched himself at Zekar, who drew back in surprise as his blaster was neatly sawed in half by Anakin’s lightsaber. Acaciah gestured with the Force, tripping his companion flat on his face. She grabbed a tether and tied him up. Anakin, meanwhile, deflected epaliers from Zekar, who scrambled to dodge them as they detonated. Tired of playing, Anakin grabbed Zekar and slammed him into a column.

“Where are Master Kenobi and Lady Sakarte’?” he asked.

“You’ll be too late,” Zekar smirked.

Acaciah handed Anakin the rest of the tether. After securing them both, they appropriated the miscreants’ speeder and threw them into its back. She strapped herself into her seat. “You’re the hotshot pilot,” she said. “Now would be a good time to show off your skills, darling.”

Anakin grinned, and launched it toward the Savros’ manor. Acaciah, meanwhile, tried to summon up everything she knew about the Battle of the House of Savros, which she realized was not very much at all. She sighed.

“What’s wrong?” Anakin asked.

“I’m afraid I don’t know much about what’s going to happen here. I saw an Acaciah Sakarte’ listed as being at the battle, but I wasn’t sure it was me, and I didn’t study it, and I should have…”

“That’s Obi-Wan talking,” Anakin said as they reached the battlefield. “He nit-picks all the time. How would you know? Anyway, don’t worry about it, we can handle it.” He squeezed Acaciah’s hand, a gesture which did not escape his Master.

He is distracted by the pretty girl, Obi-Wan thought. He wondered how far Anakin had gone to entertain her. He cleared his throat. “Anakin!” he said sharply.

“Master,” Anakin began.

“Where have you been?” Obi-Wan demanded. “You should have gotten my message last night!”

“We got in late, Master,” Anakin replied, “and the servants had already gone to bed.” Obi-Wan scowled in response. Miriam glared at Obi-Wan in return.

Battle lines has already been drawn. The Rogue Savros numbered ten, and were dressed in military uniforms of bright crimson and black trim. They held epaliers and transpari-shields.

Etos and Najara, the Lord and Lady of the House of Savros, stood with Miriam, Obi-Wan, Luminara Unduli, and Barriss Offee. Acaciah and Anakin joined them, Acaciah standing between Barriss and Anakin.

“Disobedient brethren,” Etos began, “you still have an opportunity to repent your actions and prevent further dishonor to yourselves. Do you wish to recant your actions and end this battle now?”

“It is you who are a traitor to our ways, Etos! We recant nothing!” their leader, Lady Renata, replied. They raised their epaliers.

The Fiona ignited their own epaliers, and the Jedi beside them raised their lightsabers, including Acaciah.

“Traitor!” the Rogue Savros hissed. “Ti’adai Fionn! Traitor!” They threw the first wave of epaliers.

The Fiona in the party cast the epaliers aside, and the Jedi easily parried them away. The epaliers detonated away from them, rattling the ground and gauging great holes in the verdant fields.

They began to work toward the Rogue Savros, evading epaliers and blaster fire. Anakin and Acaciah fought back to back, swiping and parrying at enemy fire, steadily gaining ground.

Obi-Wan chose his attacks carefully, using his skill to maximum gain against his opponents. Eventually the Rogues began to fall.

“The Jedi have turned against us before, and they will turn against us again,” Renata, told Etos. “You should not be turned against me,” she said. “I am your family. The Sakarte’s, they have always loved the Jedi more. They turn against us. Look at Miriam’s child, who walks hand in hand with them. She even fights like them. For shame, Etos!”

Etos stiffened in spite of his resolve, surveying Anakin and Acaciah. “She is Sakarte’s Daughter, look at her clothes,” Renata continued. “She will take us all back into the Jedi, away from our family. Strike her down and save us from that fate!” The Rogue had curled her blaster beneath her hip. She regarded Etos’ internal conflict with glee. “Ti’adai Fionn,” Etos whispered, gazing at Acaciah.

The hesitation was all she needed. Obi-Wan sensed it coming and tried to deflect the blast, but Etos caught her fire in the leg, crumpling into a heap.

Anakin tackled Renata, disarming her. She was cuffed and detained with the others.

Obi-Wan clapped Anakin on the back. “Good work, my young apprentice,” he said. Anakin allowed himself a hint of a smile. Obi-Wan turned his attention to Acaciah. “And you as well, young Sakarte’. Whoever taught you to use a lightsaber did an excellent job.”

‘He doesn’t know the half of it,’ Acaciah thought, trading a look of bemused understanding with Anakin.

Luminara Unduli and her apprentice, Barriss Offee regarded Acaciah curiously. “Master Kenobi is right,” Barriss said. “What is your name, young Fiona?” she asked Acaciah.

Acaciah traded looks with Miriam. ‘Tell her the truth,’ Miriam prompted.

“I am Jedi Fiona Acaciah Karina Sakarte’ Kenobi Seremonde, Padawan of Obi-Wan Kenobi.” Barriss gave a nod of understanding.

Obi-Wan gave Miriam a mortified look. Miriam only smiled. “Karina is dating a man named Seremonde on Alderaan right now. You look pale, Obi-Wan. Imagine how I felt when Acaciah told me you’d trained her to be a Jedi!”

Obi-Wan’s stare turned from Miriam to Anakin, who was unabashedly joined at the hip with Acaciah, holding hands. ‘Did she tell you?’ he asked Anakin, who looked at the ground and turned the dirt with his boot.

Acaciah gazed at the battlefield around her. It seemed to shimmer and wave in her vision. Anakin sensed it, and gripped her hand tighter. She suddenly felt tired. The cold, shimmering sensation swept over her, buckling her knees. Anakin’s head turned sharply as she felt it, and he scooped her up in his arms and set her at the foot of a tree where she could recuperate. “I think I’m going to have to go soon,” she whispered.

“No!” Anakin replied fiercely. “I don’t want you to go! I love you!”

“I don’t think I have a choice,” she said, her voice cracking. “I love you, Anakin. Please remember me.” Her eyes widened and her body jerked, the cold shimmer taking her rudely this time. She disappeared from sight. Anakin bowed his head, tears streaming silently down his cheeks.

Acaciah felt a change in the Nexus, interference in it this time. Its icy grip tossed her like a ship in a storm. She reached toward Miriam’s garden and was jerked back. She landed finally in the present, ghastly pale beneath a tree in the Aramatiea courtyard. Celianthos awaited her when she arrived, his arms outstretched. Acaciah took his hand, grateful for the gallant gesture. His grip on her tightened, and Acaciah gasped as a wave of darkness passed over her, leaving her empty in its wake. Celianthos retrieved her prone body and carried her into the Great Library.

Miriam and Obi-Wan came as soon as they sensed her return. “We should have brought Anakin,” Miriam said as they entered the Great Library.

“I don’t know if that would have been wise,” Celianthos said, greeting them at the door. He looked almost cheerful. “She doesn’t appear to remember her time travels.”

“What?” Miriam and Obi-Wan gaped in horrified unison.

“She thinks she passed out,” Celianthos replied.

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