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Part XI

The wedding party left the chamber and entered the main dining hall, which was festooned in emerald and gold ribbons. The tablecloths matched, trimmed in gold as well. Jaal and Kiros were finishing the last of the decorations. Visitors began arriving quickly: Charles and Karina Kenobi-Seremonde, Mace Windu, Adi Galli, Barriss Offee and Maris Diara, Etos and Najara Savros, Geraint Sakarte’ and Janae Ravenas. Many of the other Lords and Ladies of the Fiona Houses attended as well. The room buzzed as everyone greeted friends and acquaintances, many whom had not been seen ilonglong time.

Yoda cleared his throat and rapped his Gimer stick, signaling quiet. “Many friends we have here today,” he began, “some old, and some needing to be renewed. Estranged, the Jedi and Fiona have been for lon long. Since a Padawan I was, it has been so.” He glanced around the room, throwing meaningful looks at the Jedi Council members present and the Fiona Lords and Ladies. “United we are again, by these two in marriage.”

Etos nodded, “Sakarte’s daughter--”

“—is primarily a Jedi,” Obi-Wan interrupted.

Etos threw him a dirty look in response.

Anakin stepped forward. “I will not have this bickering at my wedding,” he said. “Acaciah is a Jedi,” he looked at Obi-Wan, “she is also a Fiona,” he continued, turning to Etos. “She is also my wife; the sooner everyone accepts it, the better off we’ll all be.”

“Right Master Skywalker is,” Yoda chuckled. “Tactful he is not. Accept the will of the Force, we must. Now, most important, we must have cake and punch! A celebration this is!”

The needed levity broke the tension, and the rest of the reception continued smoothly.

Anakin and Acaciah left as soon as they could politely. Eventually the trail of guests tapered off, and Miriam and Obi-Wan found themselves alone.

“Anakin is a patient soul,” she remarked.

Obi-Wan raised an eyebrow. “He used to try to figure out ways to bring Acaciah back, or to join her after she left us originally.”

“Do you blame him?” Miriam asked. “I used to wish that you and Acaciah would come to live at the lake with me. You could have trained her in the Jedi arts, and I could have trained her to be a proper Fiona.”

“You never asked,” he said.

“She said you raised her, not we raised her,” Miriam replied. “Her fate was already decided. It would have been an exercise in disappointment again.” She looked down, shaking her head.

Obi-Wan put his arm around her waist. “I’ve missed you terribly, Miriam,” he said.

“And I you,” she answered. “You don’t have a Padawan now,” her expression became hopeful. “Surely you’ve earned some respite. Come to the lake with me.”

“It may not be that restful,” he said. “Your people are not that fond of me to begin with, and will be less so after word of Acaciah and Anakin’s wedding spreads.”

“Anakin is not the only one who has been patient,” Miriam said. “I know that our life together has been on hold a long time, but I would still like to try.”

“So would I,” he replied, drawing her closer.


Acaciah wondered if it was possible to be happier than she was at this moment. She was alone at last with her husband in their home.

Anakin looked at his wife from top to bottom, obviously pleased. He reached for the zipper on her wedding gown. “Let me have a look at you, Acaciah Skywalker,” he said, emphasizing their names together.

Anticipation trilled through Acaciah as he slid the silky gown from her. It fell to her feet in a puddle. She reached up and freed him of his robe and tunics, relishing his marvelous form. They kissed deeply, and Anakin’s hands slid down Acaciah’s back, caressing the curve of her derričre. He gave her a playful smile. “Don’t move,” he said, and went to their quarters’ kitchen. He returned quickly, carrying a cup of ice in one hand and a pot of hot water in the other. He grabbed a bottle of almond oil and placed it in the pot, and then he popped an ice cube inis mis mouth. Anakin knelt in front of Acaciah and spread her legs apart. He glided the ice up her legs maddeningly slowly as cool droplets slid from his lips down her trembling thighs. Acaciah whimpered softly in frustration, the ice burning cold against her heated skin. He seized her hips, took her heated clit and worked the ice against it. Acaciah laced her fingers into Anakin’s hair, pushing him into her deeper. Her knees buckled as she moaned her pleasure at his touch.

Anakin looked up at her, grinned, and licked his lips. He scooped her up onto their bed and grabbed the oil from its warming pot. He poured some onto her cool thighs, and she groaned and twisted at the delicious change in sensations. Anakin popped another cube into his mouth and swirled it over her breasts. Her nipples were achingly taut. He poured some oil into his hand and rubbed it over his fingers and he slid his fingers over and over her tensed peaks, drawing Acaciah’s lusty approval. He paused and looked at her, a Cheshire cat grin spread across his face. “Well?” he asked.

Acaciah rolled on top of Anakin and wasted no time mounting him. She slid up and down his shaft slowly, only taking in his tip, teasing him until her grasped her hips and pulled her down. Acaciah gasped as she took him in to the hilt and began pumping him furiously. Anakin reached up and teased her breasts as they bounced in front of him, sending her over the top. She tensed around him tightly, screaming her release. Acaciah leaned down and kissed her husband. Anakin pushed the damp hair from her face and laughed softly.

“I’m not done with you yet, darling,” he said. Acaciah’s eyes widened as Anakin rolled on top of her and drew her legs over his shoulders, and she uttered a cry of delight. Anakin caressed her with the Force, his unseen touch eddying beneath her skin. Acaciah returned his caress, drawing a moan of delight from Anakin. Back and forth the energy between them grew, their bodies rocking together faster, tensing tighter, tighter, ‘til Acaciah could almost see the white light inside their bodies melting together in rapture, peaking.

Anakin marveled at how easily Acaciah accepted his love; how unlike the other Jedi she was! A gift of her Fiona heritage, perhaps, he reflected, or was it the bond they had formed before her birth? Either way, he was delighted with her. They intertwined, sighing in satisfaction and delight. Acaciah closed her eyes and exhaled, focusing.

“Anakin?” she asked, opening her eyes.

“Yes, darling?” he replied.

“The dream I had before, about us both being Padawans at the waterfall, it really happened, didn’t it?”

“Yes,” he said. “Can you remember it now?”

A shooting pain glanced across Acaciah’s temples. “No,” she said, rubbing against the pain.

Anakin put his hand over her forehead, clearing away the pain. “Rest now, darling,” he whispered, caressing her cheek.

Acaciah curled against him and settled into sleep. Anakin remained awake, and mused their situation. The waterfall, he thought, this is the second time she’s mentioned it since her return. He smiled, realizing he’d made quite an impression on her. Can’t blame her there. That place and the girl he’d loved there had haunted him for 18 years. It would do them both good to visit there again, he decided, and resolved to take Acaciah there tomorrow.

Daylight was streaming into the bedroom when Acaciaakenakened the next morning. She sat up and stretched, looking around the room. Anakin sat up beside her. “Good morning, Mrs. Skywalker,” he said. She beamed at Anakin, and they kissed.

“I can’t remember ever sleeping so late!” she exclaimed.

Anakin chuckled. “I can. We stayed busy late then, too!” he teased, and pulled her on top of him…

They finally dressed and went down to breakfast. Jaal was in the main kitchen, along with Shmi and Barriss.

“Good morning,” Shmi said. “I saved you two a couple of plates.”

“Thanks, mom,” Anakin replied. They sat down to breakfast. “Acaciah and I are going to visit Lady Miriam and Master Kenobi on Alameen.”

Barriss smiled. “Maris and Kiros went to Alameen earlier. I believe they had some catching up to do.”

Acaciah paused at that, wondering if Master Offee knew of Maris & Kiros’ romance.

‘They usually know,’ Anakin ’pathed in reply. ‘Master Kenobi knew about you and me. He just wasn’t very happy when it turned out that you were his granddaughter.’

Shmi regarded their silent communications, bemused. “You are two of a kind.”

“Thank you,” Acaciah answered. “Papa Kenobi used to say that, too. He usually meant it as a compliment.”

“Usually?” Anakin echoed, shaking his head. “I’ll have to ask him about that when we see him.”

They finished breakfast and headed for Alameen. To Acaciah’s surprise, they did not head straight for Miriam’s villa. Anakin instead navigated the ship to the valley past Miriam’s homestead.

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