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Pt. 12

They came to the waterfall from Acaciah’s dreams, and she gasped at the sight of it. The pain came back behind her eyes, and she winced against it.

Anakin put his arm around Acaciah to steady her as they went down the landing ramp. They sat down on a smooth stone beside the falls. She began to squirm in discomfort and the pain in her temples spread. Anakin rubbed her shoulders, and she relaxed slightly. She saw the image of a youthful Anakin slinking into the water wearing nothing but an amorous smile.

Her husband placed his fingertips on her temples. “Tell me what you see, Acaciah,” he whispered.

“We went skinny dipping here?” Acaciah began, and stopped as another shooting pain raced across her head. Anakin followed the pain back to its source, which quickly tried to skitter away.

“I will not tolerate your interference anymore, Celianthos!” Anakin hissed and gestured with the Force.

Acaciah jumped in her seat as she realized her tormentor was choking in Anakin’s grip!

*Mmmmercy!* Celianthos gasped in agony.

“Release her, and never trouble us again!” Anakin replied.

*Forgive me, Lady Renata!* he murmured and collapsed.

A dark wave pooled inside Acaciah; it seemed to scream as it was pulled from her body. She slumped against Anakin in relief. He placed a gentle pressure on her mind, coaxing it free of the darkness that had enveloped her memories. He took care to protect her against any further intrusions, placing his own shields in her mind.

“You didn’t release him?” Acaciah asked.

Anakin laughed, “No, I don’t honestly believe he’ll leave us alone, and Renata needs to understand what awaits her if she tries this again.” He pulled out a communicator. “Obi-Wan, do you read me?”

“Yes, Anakin?” Obi-Wan’s crisp accent greeted them.

“Tell Etos we have the evidence we need for prosecution.”

“Will the Savros really pursue the case?” Acaciah asked.

“We’re going to be Lady and Lord Sakarté someday soon,” he replied. “It’s in their best interests to do so. In any case, he hurt you, and that’s not going unpunished. I’d take care of the matter myself if I had to!”

Acaciah sighed, visibly relaxing. Her gaze roamed over the waterfalls as she adjusted to the changes in her mind. She placed her hand on the stone beneath them, so cool to the touch. Anakin slid her tunic from her shoulders, his touch warm in comparison to the cool stone. A smile of recognition crept across Acaciah’s face, and she gave him a sly look. “Are you going to keep me warm?”

“Mi priana, I thought you’d never ask!” he exclaimed, drawing her into a kiss.

They undressed and slid into the water. Acaciah beamed as they drew together. “Now we are full circle,” she said, and wrapped herself around him…

Epilogue: Six years later…

Obi-Wan Kenobi sat beside Miriam overlooking the lakeshore at her villa. Anakin, Acaciah, Shmi, Aiden and Lawson and their new daughter Danae were out picnicking, enjoying the balmy Alameen evening air. The sun was just starting to slip below the horizon, coloring the shore with a warm pinkish glow. Aiden, their eldest son was quietly tinkering with a small droid as he sat beside his mother. He looked much like his grandmother Shmi, and had her air of quiet understanding.

“Dad!” Lawson bounded up to Anakin. “Can we go out for a ride and watch the stars come up?”

Anakin ruffled his son’s hair affectionately. Lawson was only four, but could already fly most any ship he could reach the pedals on. He had Acaciah’s scarlet hair, green eyes, and a smattering of freckles across his nose, but his mischievous smile and confident bearing were all Anakin’s. “Sure,” Anakin replied. “I’m flying, though.”

“Pass me my baby girl,” Shmi said to Acaciah. Little Danae already had a shock of blond hair that swirled in a curl on her forehead.

Miriam looked at Obi-Wan. “Is the Jedi Council really going to let them train their own children?” she asked.

“I think so,” Obi-Wan replied. “Acaciah and Anakin wrote up an impressive treatise on how the Living Force is tied to family life. The Council was quite impressed. I believe Jocasta Nu even put it in our archives.”

“The Living Force is tied to family; I wonder where they got that idea?” Miriam asked playfully.

“I have no idea,” Obi-Wan smiled, taking Miriam’s hand in his. They rose and joined the party on the shore.

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