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Part VII

Of all the possible conversations that he could have with Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan particularly did not want to have this one. Anakin had been crushed when Acaciah left, and he knew that telling him she did not remember their romance would revisit those feelings. He went to Daelus V to talk to him personally.

“To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit, Master Kenobi?” Anakin asked. “And where is Acaciah?”

Obi-Wan shifted in his seat uncomfortably. “Acaciah is at Miriam’s villa, resting. She doesn’t remember her time travels at all.”

“Excuse me?” Anakin was incredulous. “What do you mean, she doesn’t remember?”

“I mean she thinks she fell down in the garden and bumped her head!” Obi-Wan exclaimed. “Celianthos found her. Miriam and I got there as soon as we could.”

“Celianthos!” Anakin knew how he’d hated seeing them together in the past. “Interfering son of a bantha!”

“Anakin, you don’t know that he did anything to her.”

“But you suspect it too, or you wouldn’t have mentioned it,” he answered.

“Perhaps,” Obi-Wan said, “but until we have some proof there’s nothing we can do about it. I could have Miriam ask Etos Savros to investigate, but you know you’re not his favorite person.”

“No Jedi is,” Anakin rolled his eyes. “Let me see her,” he said.

“I think,” Obi-Wan said, “that we should take this cautiously. For now we should continue on as if nothing happened, and see how Acaciah acts. Her memories may return on their own.”

Anakin glowered. This wasn’t how he’d hoped her return would be.

Obi-Wan continued, “For my part, I am not comfortable keeping her on Alameen if Celianthos has done her some harm. I am taking her back to Coruscant as soon as she feels up to traveling.”

Acaciah sent Anakin a holonote after she returned to Coruscant:

Dear Master Anakin,

I enjoyed seeing you on Daelus V when I was with Papa on Alameen. I am sorry that I didn’t get to see you again before we left. I should have liked to see more of your station. I wanted to have a look at your garden. I hope it is doing better. I’m afraid there’s not much else here to report. Papa and I are still unpacking. Yours,


Anakin opened her holonote, twirling a pen as he read. She made no mention at all of her time with him. The pen snapped in two as he realized that Obi-Wan was right. She had been harmed, her memory was maimed. Celianthos…his interference would not be tolerated; he would make sure of that. But, first, his Acaciah was paramount. How could he help her remember their love? Their bond was strong; he could bring her to him in dreams, at least, and show her what they had done together. He would have to start with the familiar first, though. He didn’t want to overwhelm her. He looked back at the screen. She wanted to see more of the station? That was fine with him; he smiled as he cleared his workstation, and set off to his quarters.

Acaciah flopped onto her bed. She felt quite exhausted after the trip, though she couldn’t explain why. She still felt so disoriented! There was a nagging feeling at the back of her mind, telling her to forget…forget what? It was eerie, and Acaciah didn’t like it. She crawled into bed, hoping to get some rest.

She slipped out of consciousness and dreamt of herself in another room, one she wasn’t familiar with. She felt welcome here, she noticed. She looked around at her surroundings, and decided that she was in someone’s personal quarters, fair-sized ones at that. It was night here as well, and she explored the room quietly. Acaciah kept her hands to herself, looking at the spare, simple decor. There was soft, thick carpet under her feet, much nicer that that of the cold tile at the Temple! She stepped into a short hall. The door at its end was ajar. Curiosity outweighed caution, and she pushed it open, stepping inside. It was a bedroom, and in the darkness Acaciah couldn’t tell if anyone slept in it. She reached out with the Force, letting it enhance her senses. There was a stirring in the sheets. Acaciah turned to leave, not wishing to disturb the dreamer, and nearly stepped into Anakin, who shut the door behind them, switching on a low light.

“Hello love,” he said, his arms encircling her waist. “It’s about time you got here.” He kissed her deeply, his tongue teasing hers, daring her to kiss him back. Her arms wound around his neck as she slipped her tongue past his. He was bare to the waist, and Acaciah trailed her fingers across his strong shoulders. His hands drifted down her from her waist beneath her nightie, slipping her panties away. She moaned against his mouth as he stroked the velvet of her inner thighs. She wrapped her legs around his hips, rubbing her desire against him.

Anakin carried her to his bed. “Tell me what you want,” he said.

Acaciah tugged at the waistband of his pants. “Take it off,” she said, wanting to tease him before she pleased him. He obliged, and she pulled him close with a quick kiss before beginning her explorations. She traced the curve of his Adam’s apple with her lips. She pulled back a moment, looking him up and down; her eyes letting him know she was enjoying the view. He reminded her of a golden panther, tensed and ready to pounce on her with his demanding kisses.

She took the offensive, wanting to see if she could make him abandon that cool control and melt inside her. She thought his very gaze might make her melt beneath him. Acaciah covered Anakin in kisses across the golden plain of his chest, gently tugging at his nipples with her teeth, delighting in his soft moan when she did. She continued downward to his hips, letting her breath warm his considerable length without touching him. Anakin twisted one hand into Acaciah’s scarlet curls, the other he pushed into her mouth, thrusting against her soft lips and tongue. His beloved’s eager curiosity inflamed him; he wanted to drop everything and fly to Coruscant to take her personally.

Acaciah teased Anakin’s thighs, nipping him playfully, leaving a mark as he had left one on her earlier. She knew she was getting somewhere with him now, his taut muscled thighs were tensed, his breathing ragged. She reached out with the Force, searching for another sweet spot on him to tease, and found it, flicking her tongue beneath his balls. Anakin groaned. A drop of pre-cum glistened at the tip of his shaft, which Acaciah kissed away. He couldn’t contain himself any longer, and pulled Acaciah to him, enjoying her yelp of surprise as he wrapped her thighs around his face. He ran his tongue along her outer lips, already swollen and slick with her desire. He held her at the hips, controlling the depth of her pleasure as her swirled his tongue on her clit. She wanted to squirm away from the intense pleasure, it was too much, it would tear her in two, but he held her fast.

“I can’t!” she gasped. “Anakin, please!” His only answer was to slip his fingers into her molten core, thrusting them into her, deeper and deeper. She was dissolving, helpless against this loving attack. She felt Anakin’s essence, his life Force pulsing inside her. “More!” she cried. “Anakin, I need you inside me!”

He released her hips and rolled atop her, licking his lips and fingers, ravishing her with his eyes. “Vatsama aya nia, mi priana,” he said, pushing her thighs apart.

“What does that mean?” Acaciah asked. It sounded like high Fiona dialect, which she didn’t know as well as common Fiona.

“Open yourself to me, my flower,” Anakin replied, and mounted her. Acaciah gasped in pleasure. He rocked against her, moaning his bliss. Tiny shivers of ecstasy waved through her, into Anakin, back and forth, growing stronger with each wave. “Acaciah, mi priana, my love,” he uttered, his breath hot against her ear. She writhed beneath him in bliss, tightening around him until he burst inside her. They intertwined, satiated for the moment.

“I love you, Acaciah,” he said, kissing down her throat, nuzzling her breasts.

“I love you, too, Anakin,” she said shyly, almost afraid to meet his eyes. Anakin pulled her near again, and they drifted off to sleep.

Acaciah awakened the next day, bare skinned. She shook her head, surveying the tousled wreck of her bed. Graphic dreams, passing out in public, what was next? Do something normal, she decided, and got dressed and checked her holonotes. She had one from Anakin, sent in the wee hours of the morning, she noted.

Dear Acaciah,

I had hoped your visit would be longer as well. Perhaps next time you will stay longer. I hope so, anyway. I have always held you dear in my memory.

My garden is not well, Acaciah. I know it would bloom if you were here. Your touch gives the breath of life better than mine. If I could build the plants they’d be alright!

Other things here run quite well in spite of my black thumb. Trade through our station keeps us in any goods we like, almost as many as Coruscant. It’s not far from Alameen, and I see your grandmother Miriam occasionally when she come to trade for a big Sakarte’ soiree’. We have a natural atmosphere here, unlike Coruscant, and the breeze is soft and sweet when you go out for a ride. If you go at sunset, you can watch Alameen rise in the horizon with the stars. I think of you every time I see it.

I know that I do not see you as often as I would like, but you are important to me, and so is your well-being. You are special, different from most Jedi, which I am sure you already know. You are a Jedi and a Fiona also, and as such you have a unique perspective on the Force, and how it is best served.

Master Kenobi is protective of you, as he should be. He was of me, too, when I was his Padawan. I remember feeling quite restless in that little room you sleep in on Coruscant! Not much has changed there, I imagine, although I see you have put your jewelry curios over my old bed!

Acaciah paused at that, wondering when he could have seen that. She felt slightly unnerved. She pushed the feeling away and continued reading:

Master Obi-Wan keeps his feelings to himself, as he interprets this as the best practice of the Jedi Code, and the Will of the Force. Some of us are more expressive than others with our emotions, and feel this is in keeping with the Balance of the Force. You will have to decide for yourself how you can best serve the Will of the Force, but I would be cautious in openly disagreeing with your Master at this point in your life. You should find a place where you can express yourself without his interference if you need to. I often told him what I thought, and he was quite hard on me as a result. I think he is even harder on you because you! u are his grandchild, his flesh and blood. I know he loves you very much, though he has difficulty expressing it. You remind me of what he would be like if he did not feel the need to suppress his emotions. I think he is quite frustrated, and I would hate to see the same thing happen to you. I am here if you ever need to talk.

Always yours,


Acaciah glowed, her whole body warmed by his words. She wanted to melt; she sighed, wiggling in her seat. She wondered if he knew how she felt about him. She’d always had a terrible crush on Anakin. He was so handsome, and he’d saved her life when she was a baby. As a result, he had always been her hero. As Papa’s former Padawan, he was practically family, and she knew he was very astute in his observations of others. He was the Chosen One, after all. She sighed again. She was being foolish, and she should banish such thoughts from her mind. Papa would not approve, and neither would the Jedi Council. She moved to the next message, this one from Kiros:

Dear Acaciah,

My Master is concerned about my interest in Our Dear Friend. You have such good thought-shields. What can I do to make mine better? Our Dear Friend has tried to teach me, but I think I am too distracted in her presence. Gotta go,


Anakin noticed another note from Acaciah to Kiros. She had not yet answered his last letter. He hoped he hadn’t come on too strongly for her, but he felt she needed encouragement. He wanted her to be able to express her feelings for him; surely they must still be there. He opened the message to Kiros:


Thought shielding is a tricky process. You need to not think about You-Know-Who, and instead DO think about the and and now instead. At least, that’s what I do. My cousin Geraint says he pictures everyone around him naked for practice. If you can do it without laughing or offending anyone, you’ve got it down!

You could also ask Master Skywalker. It would help for you to practice with someone in person. He’s not a tight-ass the way some of the HC of T are, and you needn’t tell him why. I wouldn’t volunteer it, anyway. If he asks, I would tell the truth, though. He’s very perceptive, and he’d know if you lied. If you’re not comfortable trying that, there’s always Geraint’s naked people. I personally would try Anakin before I’d go to picturing Master Jaal naked! :-0 I will poke around see if I can find anything else of help. Try not to be anxious, most of all, because that will make it worse. Good luck! In Friendship,


Anakin chuckled at Geraint’s unorthodox shielding technique, so typically Fiona. He decided he would see if Kiros approached him about his little problem, considering the fact that he’d told Kiros to ask Acaciah to refresh him on how to shield. He suspected Kiros’ Dear Friend was Maris, whom Acaciah always mentioned in some subtle way in their communications. The trio had befriended each other when they were in the same clan as initiates, years ago. As long as the girl Kiros was infatuated with was not his Acaciah, he didn’t care. His Acaciah, he thought with a pang of anticipation, was slowly returning to herself, as he’d known her. If he could scoop her up and take her home here and now, he would. But no, not yet, he sighed. Dreams would have to suffice for now, and he would celebrate their union over their bond. She was becoming restless, ready for him to take her. He could see that horizon. Soon they would be together again.

Later that evening, Acaciah returned to her holocomp. She wanted to reply to Anakin, yet what could she, a Padawan, freely say to a Jedi Master?

Dear Anakin, (did she dare to be so informal? She left the greeting as it was, feeling a little naughty.)

Thank you for your interest, sir. I hope that I am not bothering you with this correspondence; Papa says you are a busy man. It is not my intention to disturb or distract you, sir. I appreciate your advice. It would be nice to see you in person more often. I think sometimes that Papa keeps us apart on purpose, though why he would is beyond me. I know deep down he is fond of you, and proud of your accomplishments. You are right, however, that the odds of him saying that to your face are slim to nil.

Is your garden improving any? I shall have to come to see it when I visit next. Also, if all you have is garligrass, you might try planting it with laranum; they help each other grow. My garden is doing well; perhaps you would like to start with some fresh seedlings? I would be happy to give you some. Please let me know if you want them.



Anakin read and re-read her letter, pleased with its subtle familiarity. She was enjoying his questions about the garden; he would have to think of more he could ask her about it. To be truthful, Anakin knew little about plants, and didn’t care much for gardening, but he knew when he took over Daelus V that Acaciah did. So he’d cleared a space for a little garden. It reminded him of Acaciah, and he knew she would enjoy tending it when she could join him there permanently. A flush of anticipation pulsed through him at that thought. He glanced outside his study window. Twilight was draining into inky black outside, and Anakin gave it a welcoming smile. He was ready for the night, but not for sleep.

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