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Part X

Acaciah rose early the next morning. Papa Kenobi was waiting for her in the training room. He was startled at how pale and wan she appeared. There were dark circles under her eyes, and he felt that something was bothering her. He knew she had been through a lot lately. Perhaps the extra meditation had done more harm than good. She never complained, however, he reflected, and was truly much further along in her training than other Padawans her age. Feeling a sudden wave of empathy he dismissed her, giving her a day of rest and time to herself to do what she pleased.

Thankful, she stumbled back to her room and curled up under the covers for some much needed sleep. As the morning wore on her unconscious mind brought up the previous evening’s sleep. She woke again at 9 a.m. with the words “Szeckly’s Tea Emporium…10 a.m.,” echoing in her mind.

Ridiculous, she thought, I’m not going to find the answers to my dreams at a Tea Emporium. But still it wasn’t a bad idea. Maybe a cup of tea would help sooth her jangled nerves. She dressed, pinned her hair into an elegant twist and left.

She caught a public transport uptown and arrived at the Tea Emporium a few minutes before 10 a.m. She ordered a cup of tea and the local paper and settled into a booth in a secluded corner. She felt a twinge of guilt taking up a whole booth to herself but she felt the need to be along to figure out the turmoil in her mind and body. She spread the flimsy paper in front of her hoping that the worries of the galaxy would take her mind of her own quandaries. But it was to no avail; her mind and body betrayed her. It ran in circles around Anakin and her erotic dreams. It was so inappropriate to thinks such thoughts, even if he wasn’t a Jedi Master. How could she remain cool and detached if her body burned for his touch day and night? Thoughts of his kisses even invaded her meditation now. It was becoming impossible to control her longings. What if Papa caught wind of where her thoughts lingered, or worse yet, Anakin himself?

As if her thoughts summoned him a tall blond figure slid into the booth in front of her. Looking up she was shocked to find him close enough to touch. No, she must not think those thoughts, especially when he was near. He smiled. Gods, could he hear her thoughts? Here and now, think of here and now, not what you dreamt of last night, Acaciah, she told herself sternly, or you’ll die of embarrassment. She tried to play it cool, and started to say, “Funny meeting you here,” but before she could speak he pushed a book across the table. She looked down, and in bold dark red print it read: The Taravah.

Her cheeks instantly flamed scarlet as her hair, and a teasing smile spread across Anakin’s face. Oh my God, she thought, hear it comes…..he must have sensed my dreams from across the galaxy. Acaciah dreaded the anticipated lecture. She wanted to sink under the table, or under the building itself if it were possible! She looked up at Anakin; he smiled but said not a word. Was he so as to cruel to take pleasure in her discomfort? Before she could say anything he stood and dropped a few credits on the table. He took her hand, pulled her to her feet and out the doors.

“But wait, where are we going?” Acaciah began to ask.

“Shh, don’t say a word, just come with me,” he responded.

“But, but…” she started to stammer, but he laid a finger on her lips. They burned where his fingers touched her them. She ached to take them and suck them, giving him promises of pleasure. Understanding her desire, he stroked her lips softly, and he bundled her into a private speeder. He took her further uptown, into a plush hotel, past its lobby and suites, to an even plusher domedthouthouse at its top. It was covered in a lush garden, with vines twisting around its pillared decks. There was a waterfall in its center, streaming into a small pool. Palm trees and bright blooms festooned the pathways. Each deck had several velvet covered settees where one could recline and admire the scenery. Or we could just admire each other, the thought creeping into Acaciah’s still mortified mind. Her body burned at the thought, and she bit her lip.

Anakin watched his beloved take in the exquisite scenery, knowing she would adore it. He wanted her to relax and feel comfortable here, for she was still hesitant to look him in the eye. He tugged at the pins securing her hair, and her red curls fell loose down her back. She looked up to see him beaming at her. They strolled down the path, and Acaciah relaxed a little, realizing she was not going to get the dreaded lecture. Butterflies crept into her stomach as she couldn’t help but think perhaps she was getting Anakin instead! He slid his arm around her waist, drawing her closer to him. They came to a deck beside the waterfall and sat on a settee, enjoying the view. Anakin slid his fingers through Acaciah’s hair, sending her calming thoughts. She was safe here with him; she could be herself. Acaciah put her head on his shoulder, knowing she was too relaxed but not caring. She ran her fingers through his hair, wanting to touch his skin.

Anakin took her chin in his hand and covered her mouth with his own. She felt her belt snap and her tunics loosen and slip away. His eyes drank in the sight of her—her ivory skin, the full globes of her breasts, their pink peaks already taut from his kiss. He attended them lovingly, lavishing them with kisses and soft bites. Acaciah felt helpless to stop him, and she didn’t want to anyway. He continued removing her clothes, never taking his eyes off of her. Acaciah bit her lip again, and reached for his waist to remove his belt. Anakin gave her a look that would melt a glacier as he eased out of his clothes. His golden skin was taut over the muscled plain of his body. He was magnificent from his broad shoulders to his muscular calves te tie tips of his toes. At the moment, however, Acaciah’s eyes were drawn to his hips, to his lengthy member and the pleasures it promised in its ready stance. Anakin parted her thighs and knelt before her, licking his lips at the sight of her womanhood. He caressed her inner thighs, making her burn hotter for him. He trailed his tongue from one to the other, letting his breath warm her mound, delighting in her sigh of anticipation before taking her bud in his mouth and slipping his fingers into her delightfully wet delta. Pleasure coursed through Acaciah, and she tangled her fingers into his hair, pushing him into her deeper. She arched her back and dug her nails into his shoulders as he teased her clit into a near peak before taking his tongue and fingers away. She was squirming with frustration now, her breath coming in little gasps. He licked his lips and fingers, leaning her down on the settee. “Ready?” he asked.

“Oh, gods, yes!” Acaciah breathed. Anakin mounted her and thrust deep, a groan of pleasure escaping his lips. They rocked together in ecstasy, letting the tension build to their mutual bliss. He drew her legs over his shoulders, stroking her sweet spot deeper. She moaned her delight, tensing around him tighter until she melted in ecstasy. Anakin shuddered inside her, drawing her into another peak. They curled together, sated for the moment. Anakin kissed her gently. “You’re not dreaming now,” he said.

“No,” Acaciah agreed. She wanted to ask how and why this was possible, but she was also a little afraid of the answer. Holy Force, she was as brazen as she had thought she was. She’d certainly gone too far for her Papa and the Jedi Council. But oh, to be with Anakin was too sweet for her to resist. How could she bear to be separated from him? I loI love you,” he said. His gaze caressed her. “Marry me, Acaciah.”

She nodded, finding her voice. “Yes, Anakin, I love you!” She felt giddy, as if she might float away.

Anakin beamed, and kissed her again, his eyes sparkling. “Wait until you see our home,” he said. “It’s perfect!” he exclaimed. The excitement lent a boyish look to his chiseled features.

“Perfect?” Acaciah echoed. “I shall have to see it, then.”

“It will be with you there,” he answered. “You stdon’don’t remember, do you?” He frowned. “I thought our being together would bring it back to you.”

“What do you mean? The dreams about us?” she asked.

“The ones of us in the past, on Alameen,” he answered. “What in the Force did they tell you that you did back there?”

Acaciah tried to recall. Her mind felt hazy, her vision blurred and her head hurt. The shimmering sensation came to her again, but it did not pull her in. She groaned and shook her head. “Nothing,” she said, her eyes refocusing on Anakin’s concerned face.

He pressed his hands to her temples, searching for where he could unravel her memories. “Damned interfering Fiona,” he muttered, arousing a nervous giggle from Acaciah, who’d never heard a Jedi Master swear before.

“I know a lot more than that,” he added. “I used to be owned by Gardulla the Hutt, may she rest in pieces. Between her and the space pilots on the station, I think I’ve heard them all!” He shook his head. “This is going to take some time,” he said. Acaciah felt unease creep into the pit of her stomach, and Anakin grimaced at her discomfort. He soothed her, trying to calm her agitation as well as his. He loved her, needed her, and it enraged him that someone had dared to harm her. He wanted to deal with this, but not at the cost of their time together. He sighed.

Acaciah drew a deep breath, trying to regain a sense of self-control. Someone had done this to her on purpose, and she didn’t want to consider the implications of that right now. She slid her arms around his neck, twining her fingers in his hair and she gazed into his eyes, wanting to sink into their azure pools. Anakin gave her a reassuring smile.

“I love you,” he said. “We’ll find your memories, darling. Right now I’m just happy to be with you in the flesh.” He gave her an impish look. “And awake!”

Acaciah poked him in the ribs.

“Hey!” Anakin protested. He grabbed her hands and laced his fingers in hers. “You’re going to get in trouble if you keep that up.”

“I think I’ve been in trouble since I started writing you,” Acaciah replied. “I’m starting to like it.”

“Starting?” Anakin repeated. “I thought we were past starting. I can fix that.”

Acaciah wrapped her legs around him. They intertwined again, totally in delight of each other.

They spent the rest of the day together much the same way, pausing occasionally to nibble a little fruit before resuming nibbling on each other. Eventually spent, Acaciah dozed off. She stood with Anakin in front of the Jedi Council. “Husband and wife, you are,” she heard Yoda say. She jerked herself awake. Goodness, it must be late! Papa would wonder what she had been up to. She felt Anakin’s lithe form beside her. He reminded her of a panther, saving his energy for his next strike. I’m definitely not dreaming now, she thought. I never would have expected this to happen. Anakin did, however, and it seemed to her that he’d been planning this for a while. I don’t think I can hide this from Papa. He probably suspects it anyway. Anakin stirred in his sleep, reaching an arm around her waist.

Papa would not be pleased to see this, she mused. ‘I know that you adore him,’ Obi-Wan had told her once, “but you are no match for him. He’s twice your age, and you are still a Padawan. You mustn’t think of him as your equal.’ But he loves me too, Papa, she thought, what about that?

There was more to it than that, and she knew it. She loved Anakin, and always had. He wasn’t like the other Jedi; he didn’t feign dispassion where he didn’t feel it. He didn’t pretend in order to get along like she did. She admired that about him; she knew she was biding her time until she could be knighted and perhaps go somewhere that the Jedi Code would not be foisted on her so heavily. It was precisely what Anakin himself had done, accepting the assignment on Daelus V, with the exception that Anakin had clashed with Obi-Wan much more openly than Acaciah had. Everyone seemed to expect that she had a difference of opinion as well. It was unusual enough being the only Jedi Fiona, now she would be a married one as well.

Acaciah wondered if they were One now, or if they always had been. She felt content, complete here with Anakin. His eyes opened, and he smiled.

“We are One,” he said, as he had often said in her dreams. “We have been since before you were born.” Acaciah gave him a puzzled look. “You’ll understand when your memories return,” he said.

Anakin considered her a moment, pleased that his plans were going as anticipated. “Are you ready?” he asked.

“For what?”

“To go home,” he replied.

Acaciah’s face fell. No, she’d never be ready to leave this place, to leave Anakin and go back to the Jedi Temple.

He was still smiling. “Don’t be silly,” he said. “I’m not taking you to the Temple. We are going home. I asked you to marry me. I was quite serious. We are going to Daelus V.”

Acaciah beamed. “I’ll be happy to go, then.”

They dressed and took another lift down to a private hangar where Anakin had parked his ship. After leaving Coruscant’s airspace, Anakin typed a brief message:


My fiancée and I have some unfinished business to attend to. We will see you later. Warmest regards,


He sent the holonote and pushed the ship into hyperdrive. Acaciah gazed out the window, her fingers drumming against the pane. Anakin sidled up to her and put his arms around her.

“Nervous?” he asked gently.

“A little,” she admitted. “Aren’t you worried about getting thrown out of the Order?”

“No,” he said. “They know already. Everybody knows about us. They know there’s nothing they can do about it, really. It’s the will of the Force.”

Acaciah’s expression changed from nervous to incredulous. “And they’re okay with this?”

“Okay is not the word I’d choose,” Anakin said diplomatically. “Resigned might be better. Doesn’t matter to me anyway.”

Acaciah put her head on his shoulder. Anakin looked absolutely exuberant. “You’ve been planning this a long time, haven’t you?” she asked.

“Longer than you know. Longer than I thought I could ever bear,” he answered. “We’re together now, Acaciah. That’s what’s important.”

“I love you,” Acaciah said. She paused, and looked up at him. That nagging feeling wouldn’t abate. “I feel that we’re going to have a fight on our hands, dear.”

Anakin assented. “Not everyone wants the Jedi and the Fiona to be reunited. Obi-Wan warned me that we would encounter opposition, just as he and Miriam did.” He paused. “I think Celianthos wiped your memory when he found you.”

“Found me?” Acaciah echoed. “I was in Grandma’s garden. I’m not sure how I came to be in the Aramatiea courtyard.”

Anakin’s eyes narrowed to a slit. “Really?” He leaned back in his seat. “Have you had any more dreams, aside from us at the waterfall?”

” Ac” Acaciah replied.

Anakin sighed. “Well, it hasn’t been that long yet, either,” he reasoned. He wanted her to share their happy memories, but he also knew he wasn’t 16 anymore. Acaciah loved him in the present, and they were going to be happy together regardless. He picked up a holopad and began keying some data in. “Mom should be there when we arrive,” he said. “Mom said she’d send for Lady Miriam, so she may be there too.”

“What about Papa?” Acaciah asked.

“What about him?” Anakin shot back. “He hasn’t let me see you for years, remember? He told me to wait until you were knighted; Force only knows how long that could take! It has been too long already!”

“I’m afraid we will hurt him if we don’t invite him.”

Anakin took a deep breath. “He may not let us get married if we invite him. If we are already wed, there is nothing he or the Council can do. You don’t want to go back to Coruscant, Acaciah, any more than I want to take you there.” He wound his arms around her waist. “You told me once that you felt they were scrutinizing you, as if you’d done something naughty. You did not, darling, and we are not. We belong together.”

Acaciah still looked hesitant.

“He’ll get over it. He’s gotten over everything else I’ve ever done,” Anakin said, winking at her.

She assented, and soon they were landing at Daelus V. Shmi Skywalker was waiting for them on the landing platform. Acaciah felt her stomach turn to butterflies again as she realized that she’d rather deal with Papa Kenobi, whose reaction she knew she could anticipate, than this stranger who was so important to Anakin.

Shmi beamed as they exited the ship. “Acaciah!” she said, immediately drawing her into a hug. “Ani’s told me so much about you!”

“Hello, mom,” Anakin said, and hugged her. “You aren’t dressed yet for the wedding!”

“Don’t be impatient, Ani,” Shmi teased. “The bride isn’t ready either. I think we’ll be fine. Lady Miriam called while you were gone, and says she is on the way with Acaciah’s dress.”

Acaciah’s eyes widened at the thought of putting on her wedding gown. She felt a little dizzy.

Shmi noticed immediately. “Have you eaten breakfast?” she asked.

“No, ma’am,” Acaciah replied.

“Anakin!” Shmi exclaimed. “Do you want her to pass out at the altar? We’ll have to get some food in you,” she said, and whatever qualms Acaciah might have had about Shmi disappeared as she hustled Acaciah toward the kitchen, leaving Anakin to handle the remaining details of the wedding.

They sat at a table in the main kitchen, and Acaciah and Shmi studied each other a moment.

Shmi’s brown tresses were streaked with generous daubs of grey, and her face was well-lined, testament to the hard life she had lived previous to being granted her freedom. Despite this, she was still an attractive woman, and Acaciah easily saw where Anakin’s handsome features came f

‘So young,’ Shmi thought. ‘Ani says she is a powerful Jedi, like him. Surely she’s intimidated by all this. I know I would be.’

“You’re nervous, aren’t you?” Shmi asked Acaciah.

“Yes,” Acaciah admitted with a sheepish look.

“Afraid I might object to your age?” she asked.

“Yes, ma’am,” Acaciah replied.

“Ani has told me a little of how you two met,” Shmi said. “I don’t claim to understand it all, but I understand that you make him happy, which is what I want most for him. I know he has missed you terribly, Acaciah.”

Acaciah found herself wishing she could remember the pertinent details as well. Thinking of it made her head ache. She felt disoriented, disconnected from her own body. The table in front of her turned upside down as Acaciah passed out. Shmi shouted for Anakin, who came instantly to them.

Acaciah awoke to find a cool compress on her head, Miriam and Shmi by her side, and a tense Anakin pacing the room. She had never seen him look so venomous.

He stopped and spoke to Miriam, “Celianthos is behind this, I’m sure of it.”

“We don’t yet have proof,” she replied. “Etos will not move on Celianthos on just the hearsay of a Jedi. It would be an incredibly unpopular decision to make.”

Anakin’s eyes darkened. “Etos should reconsider his position; if he does not deal with Celianthos, I will. I assure you he will not like how I will deal with him.”

“You’d be pushing the Dark Side, dear,” Miriam said.

“I’ll push a great deal more if they continue to harm Acaciah,” he growled. Acaciah sighed, making her conscious state known. “Do you know what made you pass out?” he asked her.

“Yes,” she began. She took some of the food Shmi had offered her earlier. “I was trying to remember how we met. I feel like something or someone’s deliberately interfering when I try to remember. I think the memory is still there but they don’t want me to use it.” She could hear the knuckles popping in Anakin’s fists, which he held tight at his waist.

Shmi stood and took her son’s hands in hers. “Memories or no, today is your wedding day, Anakin,” she said, “and if this man is as wicked as you say you should not attack him today. He wants to ruin this special day, and if you stay angry at him now you will be giving him exactly what he wants.”

Anakin squared off his shoulders in response. “You’re right,” he said. “It’s time to get ready.” He looked back at Miriam again. “Celianthos will get his soon enough,” he said.

“I will speak with Etos after the wedding,” Miriam replied.

Shmi and Miriam helped Acaciah into her wedding robes. They were made of a heavy white silk embroidered with green and gold thread and reached the floor. The obi sash was red with gold trim. Miriam piled Acaciah’s hair atop her head and placed the crystal headpiece Anakin had given her in her hair. Finishing touches complete, Acaciah entered the room where her groom awaited her. Anakin was regal, clad in dark brown Jedi robes and tunics. He beamed as she came to him and stood at his side. She looked around the room, wondering who would preside over the ceremony. A familiar voice greeted her from below, “Ready you are, children?” Anakin chuckled, amused at being called a child at his age. “All children you are, when my age you reach,” Yoda said.

They recited their vows of marriage, and Anakin slipped his wedding ring on Acaciah’s finger. She knew he’d made it, and it was perfect as every other piece he’d given her. She returned the gesture, placing a ring on his and they linked hands as Yoda pronounced them husband and wife. They kissed, and Acaciah thought she might burst with joy. Miriam and Shmi both applauded. Another wave of applause sounded at the hall entrance.

Obi-Wan Kenobi stopped as soon as he knew he had their attention. He looked to Anakin. “You told me you would wait until she was knighted! You told me you would ask my permission!” he accused.

“You told me you would let me see her,” he answered coldly. “You lied.”

“What about her training? She’s still a Padawan.”

“I can finish it,” Anakin replied. “I am Master Skywalker now, even if you do forget that.”

Obi-Wan could find nothing to say to Acaciah, but the disappointed look he gave made tears well up in her eyes. Yoda stood between the two Masters and poked them both with his Gimer stick. “Finished, Acaciah’s training is,” he said, “but visit Coruscant more often, you two must.” Yoda smiled at Obi-Wan. “Earned some relaxation, you have, I think, Obi-Wan. Stubborn, these two are. Not easy were they to train.”

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