Faded Legends

BY : Accidental-Ducky
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Lissy had hoped that she would be able to get to her car without any more parents running up to her, but she barely got out the door of the school when a man comes running up to her. He’s attractive, maybe in his late twenties with brown hair that stops at his shoulders, a fit build, and a sort of goatee. He’s definitely never had a kid in the preschool class because she would’ve remembered a dad that wasn’t balding.

"Hi, I'm new to town and I was told to come up here to enroll my son," he says with a shy smile. "Are... Can I do that here?"

“What grade is he,” Lissy asks, digging the keys to the classroom back out of her purse.

“Ah, he’ll be in preschool this year.” She gives him another smile, gesturing for him to follow her into the building. “I didn’t think teachers dressed like that.” It was said in a joking tone and Lissy gives him a laugh. She’d undone the top button of her shirt to reveal a small bit of cleavage after the meetings were done.

"Technically, I'm a teacher's assistant until next year."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah, and this is just the outfit I wear to the liquor store so I get a discount." It's his turn to laugh this time, the sound pleasant and sending shivers down Lissy’s spine. She pushes the classroom door open and walks over to the desk, digging around in the center drawer for the papers he’ll need to fill out in order to enroll his kid. “So, what’s your son like?”

“He’s kind of stoic for his age and likes to keep to himself.” Lissy nods as she continues her search for the leftover packets. “He’s got my hair and eyes, but his mother’s personality. His name’s Parker.”

“That’s a cute name.”

"Thanks, his mom picked it out. What about you, teacher’s assistant? What's your name?"

"Lissy Collier, what about you?" She can hear him walking around the classroom and for the first time in months she doesn’t have the feeling of being watched for a brief moment. She straightens up slowly, setting the packet on the desk and looking around for the man.

“I’m Adam Dragulia.” Lissy jumps as his voice comes from directly behind her, trying to turn only to have him grab ahold of the back of her neck and slam her head down against the desk with enough force to make her see stars. “Maybe the Hunters in your house told you about me.” She lets out a feeble groan of pain, not able to manage much more than that when he wrenches her arms behind her back and uses zip-ties to keep her wrists bound. “What are you, Elisabetta? Are you the witch or the one with my father’s blood?” Lissy can feel his nose against her throat, wincing when she feels his sharp fangs scratch against the sensitive skin. “Mm, I guess we’ll find out soon enough.”

Adam straightens and pulls her up with him, holding her upper arm tightly in one of his hands as he walks her over to one of the windows near the back of the room. Lissy’s stomach lurches at the movement, but she grits her teeth as she fights to stay upright and not collapse as the room around her sways.

“They’ll find you,” she states confidently, knowing there’s no point in struggling against someone so much stronger than her. Even if she wanted to, she was too unsteady to make it out of the room by herself. "And then they're going to kill you just like Van Helsing killed your daddy."

"I hope they find me, sweetheart." He unlatches the window and swings it open before tossing her out and hopping down to stand beside her, hauling Lissy back up. "When they do, I'll kill the male Hunter and the woman, if she's the witch, will be a meal for my father." He chuckles as he forces Lissy to walk, the clouds covering the sun and plunging the playground into shadows, allowing Adam to walk in the open without fear of the light. "Why not make it easy on yourself and tell me if you're the useless one?"

"Because the only way I'm spilling my deepest darkest secrets to an insane vampire is if I'm shit-faced drunk." Adam makes an amused sound, looking down at her with a hint of a smile. His eyes are really dark, his pupils dilated in his excitement and serving to make his eyes seem darker than they were earlier. "Don't even think about it, buckaroo, ain't gonna happen."

"You seem so sure that I plan on getting you drunk when there's a simple test I can use." They come to a stop under the shade of a huge tree near the end of the playground, Adam’s grip tightening even more. “You see, witches react differently to a little friendly…. Persuasion.” He cups her chin gently with his free hand, staring down at her intently. She can feel him prodding around in her mind, the wall she usually had built up beginning to crumble away until the only thing left is the voice in her head. Let go, Lissy. Just close your eyes and go to sleep. She tries to fight her body’s response to the command, but it’s not long until she’s fast asleep.


It's relatively easy for Adam to scoop up the unconscious woman in his arms, though a human may have staggered slightly under her weight. He's still unsure about what she is; she gave in to his hypnosis easy for a witch, but not quick enough for a human. No matter, he would find out once in the safety of his house, then he'd figure out whether or not he needed to steal away with the attractive blonde woman that lived next door to Elisabetta.

Magic clung to her as well but he knew there was a high chance of Katelyn sharing his father's blood. The way she moved and her looks alone practically screamed supernatural DNA while the woman in his arms radiated innocence despite the way she really acts. It's strange and confusing to the vampire's senses, the urge to protect the woman despite the fact that he plans on killing her without remorse.

"What are you," he asks softly, staring down at her peaceful face as he cuts through his neighbor's backyard and into his own. The woman doesn't respond, her body limp in his arms and her breathing steady. She was fighting him still, an unconscious effort that he could feel in his own mind.

His lips quirk up in a smirk as he lays her down on the little alter he'd constructed over the last few weeks, made up of slabs of oak and ash wood with detailing around the edges of it. Lissy fit nearly perfectly on it once he cut through the zip-ties and crossed her arms over her chest like one would do to a corpse. She's nearly the same pallor as a corpse, he muses, if not for the slight movement of her chest she could easily be mistaken for dead.

Adam closes his eyes, resting one of his brown hands on the woman's head, concentrating to see how her thoughts flow through that strange mind of hers. The first thing he sees as he begins to sift through the thoughts and memories is a strange scene of three dancing chipmunks, then a dark gritty memory of the night her father stumbled in drunk and beat her and her sister senseless—that particular memory had anger coursing through Adam's veins like molten lava, though he put it down to the magic inside of her. He focused on her sister’s face, recognizing her as the untrained Hunter he’d killed in an alley behind a pub in Brașov.

After a while, he'd come to realize that, before a particularly nasty memory, he would find the cheery picture of the chipmunks. A defense mechanism? Something to cheer her up after a bad situation? He doesn't know, but he's willing to bet that if he woke her up right now and claimed that he'd killed Katelyn, then she'd think back to the chipmunk named Theodore to keep control on her unstable emotions.

He lets out a shaky breath, taking his hand back and staring down at the pitiful human being. They're so delicate, like a glass figurine sitting precariously on a shelf just waiting for something big to knock it down and break it. As a vampire, Adam always felt the urge to break weaker things, to make them submit to him and be happy about it, but he also had a feeling that this woman wouldn't let this happen to her.

She's been wrapped up around supernatural things since before she knew what was going on, though the memories had been carefully packed away in her subconscious—memories of the little ghost named Abby that lived in her closet, the first real victim of Lissy's father and Lissy's protector while in that house, memories of the werewolf family that lived down the street from her in California, memories of Adam himself as he watched her run around a playground in Texas when he first caught on to her scent.

Even from the beginning, he was drawn to this pitiful little thing and she ended up leading him to what he needed in order to resurrect his father. Perhaps that's why he followed her everywhere, why he never allowed her father to hide her from him for long. Somehow, even all those years ago, Adam knew that Elisabetta Collier would play a major part of giving him what he wanted most in this world.

Now all he needs is Katelyn Grant and his father will roam this world once more with Adam at his side.

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