Faded Legends

BY : Accidental-Ducky
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Adam stands out on his porch late that afternoon, watching as the rain continued to fall as it had for nearly a week now. He loved the cloudy weather, the feel of cold rain misting against his face as he watched the people passing in front of his house. Smoke drifts from the lit end of his cigarette, a bluish-gray color as it rises and blends with the clouds overhead.

“A few more days,” he mutters to no one in particular, thoughts circling through his mind. He’d had these plans in mind for nearly thirty years now, ever since he’d learned for sure who his father was. It had been surprising considering how little Adam looked like the vampire, his skin a light brown and his nose broad while his father seemed to be the complete opposite.

Adam’s mother had been a vampire as well, fleeing from Sicily to Transylvania in the hopes that her creator would be able to shelter her. Clarina Romano had found the count just weeks before his final battle with Gabriel Van Helsing, fleeing before the attack on Castle Dracula with a couple of wounds from the friar and Adam in her belly.

Now here he was, in the middle of bumfuck Oklahoma with nothing to keep him entertained apart from figuring out which woman was his target. He needed someone with Dracula’s blood that was more potent than his own, but it was difficult to figure out who it was. One of the two women he’d been watching was a witch, he knew that much, but was it the blonde of the brunette?

He shakes his head, taking a long drag off his cigarette as he stood up slightly straighter. It would happen at any moment now, the beaten-up Chevy would stop at the stop sign and he’d have a clear view of one of his targets. It was like this Monday through Friday, no deviation to the routine that had the brunette one getting home at exactly three-twenty with the blonde one waiting for her.

Adam wasn’t sure if they were actually lovers, but you’d have to be blind not to see the teasing smiles or lingering touches the pair shared. It could come in useful later on, use one to get the other and then be done with both of them. Two birds with one stone, the world mine to control for centuries to come.

Right on time, the car came to a stop several feet away at the corner of the block, the driver clearly visible to him as his eyes flashed a vibrant blue before settling back to brown. He could see her clearly, hair hanging half out of the ponytail holder from little hands tugging on it whenever she bent over, the shape of her pale green eyes hinting at Asian heritage somewhere along the line, and her lips nice enough to draw the eye. Not bad looking altogether, but overshadowed by the blonde one with the grace of a ballerina that the brunette was missing.

Plans were set in place and he’d find out soon enough which woman he needed to go after. The nightmares served as a smokescreen to delve into their minds, though it was proving difficult to access the more interesting aspects. He needed childhood trauma, but he was mainly getting Alvin and the Chipmunk references and contouring tips. His lips turn up in a smile as he pushes off the wall, tossing his cigarette out into the damp grass before walking back into the temporary house. 

No matter, Elisabetta and Katelyn were bound to put their guards down soon and he’d pounce the second it happened.


When Lissy walked back into her house, exhausted and covered in marker, she’s pleased to smell supper cooking and no sound of children running wild. “Hey, I—” Katie stops talking when her gaze lands on Lissy, her gray eyes widening slightly as she takes everything in. “Whoa. One of those days, huh?” Lissy gives a feeble moan and does a face-plant on the couch, letting out a louder moan when she feels Kirk’s sharp claws digging into her back as the cat settles itself on top of her. "I, uh, I've got chili cooking on the stove and I used your daddy's recipe, lots of cayenne pepper. How 'bout I go and get you that thing of baby wipes and you can wipe the Picasso off your arms?"

"Tyler did it when I was helping another kid," she mumbles, rising up onto her elbows in order to look at the bright blue and orange scribbles decorating her arms. Kirk, annoyed at all the moving, jumps down and runs to the back of the house. "Mrs. Johnston didn't do anything to stop him and I didn't notice until it was time to get them ready to leave." Katie comes back into the room a minute later, handing Lissy a couple of baby wipes and seating herself on the low coffee table in front of the couch. "How's Elijah?" Katie frowns at the mention of her cousin, looking the way Kirk had just disappeared.

"Your demon likes him, he even purred when Elijah picked him up." Lissy frowns too, working on wiping the marker off.

"That's a sure sign that your cousin is possessed himself." The remark doesn’t get the laugh Lissy was going for and when she doesn’t hear anything, she looks away from her arm and to her friend, sitting up fully. Katie’s frown has become more pronounced and less playful, a small crease forming between her brows as she stares down at her hands. “Oh God, the moment you don’t laugh about my cat liking other evil people is the moment I know something’s not right. What’s happening that your cousin doesn’t want me to know about?”

“You really should stay as far removed as you can from this. Elijah was right this morning about you not needing to know.” Lissy scoffs at that, throwing an unused baby wipe at her friend and nailing her in the face with it. “I’m serious, Lissy. Maybe you should take a couple days off work and go see your nephew.”

“Woman your cousin dived through my window last night and I watched over him while you took a nap in my bathtub, and you’re telling me to take off for a few days because it’s none of my business?” Katie stares at her with her mouth opening and closing, but no words come out and she gives a slight shrug of his shoulders. “Ain’t gonna happen, now explain.” Katie drops her head in her hands, elbows propped up on her knees as she looks at Lissy through her fingers.

“Give me your phone.”

“What, why?”

“Because I don’t feel like being carted off to the Funny Farm after I’ve explained everything.” She holds out one of her hands, fingers wiggling impatiently. “Gimme it.” With some difficulty, Lissy pulls her cell out of her pants pocket and sets it in Katie’s hand, watching as she tosses it over onto the armchair. “Alright, it all started a really long time ago in Transylvania with Elijah’s great-grandfather. Gabriel worked for the Vatican and solved little problems that cropped up from time to time, problems that most humans no little about and go hand-in-hand with monsters.” She pauses for a minute to make sure Lissy was still with her. “Well, he and a friar were sent to Vaseria to deal with a problem involving vampires, one of the very first. Only, things didn’t go as planned and he ended up falling in love with the princess he was meant to protect. Her older brother was turned into a werewolf at some point and turned Gabriel before being killed.”

“Werewolves,” Lissy whispers in slight shock during another of the short pauses.

"They knew the vampire had a cure in case the werewolf got out of control, so they went to the vampire's castle to find it and put the vampire down for good. Gabriel went after the vampire while the princess and the friar went for the cure. There was a lot of action in between then and the time Elijah's great-grandfather killed the vampire... And in that time, before the friar managed to give him the cure, he accidentally killed the princess while in the form of the werewolf. He stopped the brides' children from growing to their full age and set the monster the vampire was keeping locked up free, and he didn't love anyone else for a very long time. The thing he didn't know was that one of the vampire's lovers managed to survive, pregnant with Dracula’s son and nurturing a hate in the kid as they fed off the blood of animals and the kid slowly grew stronger.”


"The guy's discovered what he needs to bring Dracula back to life, he needs someone with the vampire's blood in their veins, even if that connection is distant and watered down. Now, he can't use Elijah since there's not an ounce of vampiric blood in his body. Hell, he's got a bit of werewolf blood in him. The vampire that Elijah's great-grandfather killed had slept with a human before that, she was different, had the right bloodlines or did some kind of spell, I don't know. The point is, she got pregnant and she had my great-grandmother. Gabriel had to hunt her and her baby down a few months later when the Vatican found out about the child and Elijah's great-grandfather would have happily killed any child that the vampire had produced, except..." Katie trails off for a moment to take a breath. "The baby looked nothing like the vampire's other offspring, it was mostly human and wouldn't even need blood to survive. Gabriel took the mother and child back to Rome and he helped to raise it even after he found a wife and had his own child."


"Yes, sweetie, try and keep up." Lissy stares up at her best friend, unsure what to do with the information dump just yet. "What I'm trying to say is that the vampire that's alive right now is trying to find me in order to sacrifice me and bring his dad back from hell. He can’t use his own blood to do it because it’s not pure enough like mine would be considering I have no other vampire blood in me like he does. So the Vatican moved me to Oklahoma and arranged for my roommate to be the great-granddaughter of a powerful witch, that's you by the way. They had hoped that your magic would help to hide me from the vampire, but he's stronger than they thought and managed to track me here. The problem for him is that he's not sure which of us is which. I mean, I've spent so much time around you that your magic practically clings to me and confuses all his senses. So he went with the practical method since the Vatican made it impossible for him to do any research on us, he began to watch us, hoping that one of us would slip up. The Vatican found out and sent Elijah to protect us, but he arrived just as I was coming back out of my house with Loki and he spotted the vampire standing in our shared yard."

"Oh my..."

"They started fighting and I joined in, but the vampire managed to get away before we could stake it through the heart. Now we're both in danger because he's got it in his head to take us both if he can't figure out which one of us is the witch." She finally stops, giving Lissy a concerned look when she doesn’t say anything. "Honey, you okay?"

"Alvin and the Chipmunks never prepared me for this."

Lissy sets the bowl of chili on the bedside table before helping Elijah to sit up against the headboard. Kirk is curled up at the end of the bed, purring contentedly since Lissy’s leaving her alone. “Here,” she says softly, still trying to work her way through everything as she hands him his dinner. She’s known a bit about the supernatural all her life, but nothing so intricate as what Katie has just explained. “You want some Kibbles and Bits to go along with it or are you good?” He scowls up at her, showing her a finger that shouldn’t be raised when in polite company

“She told you, huh?”

“Yes she did, Fido.” She grins at his snort, pausing in the doorway to look at the disgruntled man over her shoulder, watching him shovel a spoonful of the chili into his mouth. “By the way, should I pick up a flea collar the next time I run to Walmart? I wouldn’t want your scratching to annoy my cat.” He chokes on his food as she walks out, the smile on her face self-satisfied. Yeah, she had the tiniest bit of werewolf blood from her father’s side, but it was still nice to pick fun at the guy that broke her favorite window. “Remember, Elijah, pee on my carpet and I’ll rub your nose in it!”

Lissy can hear Katie laughing in the living room, obviously finding the jibes funny even if her cousin doesn’t. Lissy pauses in the kitchen long enough to ladle some chili into her own bowl, crumbling up a few crackers in it to take away some of its bite before joining Katie in the other room. Batman Versus Dracula is playing on the TV and Lissy can’t help the noise of uncertain disbelief that escapes.

“That is too weird for words,” she says, arching up a brow.

“Indeed,” Katie agrees, stuffing a spoonful of chili in her mouth. “And they got him all wrong. I’ve seen paintings of ol’ Vladdy and he was sexier than this. ‘Course, he wasn’t nearly as sexy as the princess.” That’s one thing Lissy loved about Katie, she thought everyone, no matter their gender, was sexy. She’s like a real-life Jack Harkness without the dirty jokes.

“You know what we should watch later?” She doesn’t look away from the TV, but Lissy can see her tilt her head in her direction. “That movie where Kate Beckinsale and Michael Sheen duke it out, but are interrupted by Davy Jones.”


“That’s the one.” Katie nods with a smile, taking another bite and swallowing it down with a sip of Coke. Lissy takes a bite as well, closing her eyes as the feeling of home settles over her like it did every time she tastes her dad’s chili. It warms her more than coffee ever could and reminds her of winter nights spent in comfortable silence while she, her father, and her sister read as they ate. She gives a small laugh as Penguin wakes up from the trance Dracula had put him in. “What are we going to do, Katie?”

“Did your family teach you anything about witchcraft?”

“My father was strictly against training because he thought it would draw in other supernatural beings. Still, I know how to start fires and I can put them out occasionally.”

“That’s not gonna be any help except to keep up the façade of me being magical.” Lissy shrugs, scraping her spoon around in the empty bowl as she continues to stand near Katie’s chair. “He took my dog.” Lissy looks away from the TV, eyes landing on her friend as the gray eyes begin to shine with tears. “The stupid vampire stole Loki while I was running to my cousin.” Without hesitating, Lissy sets her bowl aside and squeezes into the chair beside Katie, pulling the blonde onto her lap and hugging her tightly.

“We’ll get him back, Katie, and we’ll kill the son of Dracula while we’re at it.” Lissy pauses for a second, her and Katie sharing a look before bursting out into a fit of laughter. “I never thought I’d be talking about the best-known vampire in history so casually. Could this day get any weirder than it is right now?”

“Oh, most definitely.”

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