Faded Legends

BY : Accidental-Ducky
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It was the next morning when Katie’s cousin woke up, stirring with a soft moan and barely raising his head to look around the guest room. Lissy didn’t notice for a moment, her brain functioning too slowly at first to register the guy she’s been watching over has just opened his extraordinary blue eyes.

“Where am I,” he asks, voice rough from sleep. “Who are you?” The man’s head drops back to the pillow, turned to the right so he could see the only other person in the room. It wasn’t particularly large, mainly used for storage and Kirk’s dishes.

“Oh,” Lissy says, blinking slowly as she returns to the realm of reality. My daydreams of Kiera Knightly are much more entertaining, but Katie would murder me if I let her cousin die while she’s out getting coffee. “Right, sorry.” She clears her throat, rising from the hard kitchen chair and beginning to pace as she waits for Katie to return. “You’re in Davenport and I’m Lissy Collier.” He nods a little, bringing up one hand to rub the bandaged side of his head. “You were hurt pretty badly from that fight last night. I hope the other guy looks worse than you do.” He tenses, his expression going blank for a split second before a scowl twists his full lips downwards and her sits up on his elbows.

“I’ve had worse. Where’s my cousin?”

“She should be back any second. You know, you should really stay in bed.” The man ignores her and gets to his feet, but he doesn’t stay on them long as his legs give out and he tumbles roughly back to the bed. “And this is why women live longer,” she mumbles under her breath. She shakes her head, forcing him to lie back before she covers him with the polka-dotted comforter again. “Now you sit there and be happy I didn’t make you stay where I found your ass.” His scowl deepens and he glares up at Lissy, sitting with his bare back against the headboard in a show of defiance.

“Don’t you have a sandwich to go make?” Anger sparks deep inside of her at the remark, making her disregard his injuries as she grabs the book she’d been reading and slamming it hard against his midsection as hard as she could. The hardback book makes a satisfying slapping sound as it connects with flesh and the low moan of pain that escapes him as he doubles over in pain was even more so.

“Say something like that again and I’m throwing you out on your head, injuries be damned.”

“You’d do good to listen to her, Elijah,” Katie says, voice coming from the doorway behind Lissy. The brunette turns slightly to look at her over her shoulder, takin gin the amused smirk and the cups of coffee in her hands as she leans against the doorway. She looks completely at ease despite the fact that her cousin had literally been thrown through a window last night, hair perfectly done in a low bun and no wrinkles present in her outfit. It wasn’t fair, really. “She’s guaranteed to give you a good ol’ fashioned ass whooping.”

“Damn right I am.” Katie pushes away from the doorjamb and hands Lissy one of the cups, the warmth spreading through her body after a drink, though it was partially from the slight grazing of Katie’s fingers against her own. It was a faint, teasing touch and Lissy was quickly becoming an addict. Completely unaware of the thoughts going through Lissy’s head, Katie sits on the edge of the bed and delivers a playful poke to her cousin’s forehead.

“How’re you feeling?”

“I’m fine,” Elijah says, pushing her hand away. Having them this close, Lissy attempted to find any similarities beyond the bizarre calm they were both exuding. They had a similar mouth shape and eyebrows that could put a model’s to shame, but nothing beyond that. Where Katie was all bright colors, Elijah was dark and brooding. He practically screamed I belong in a young adult novel while Katie was more fit for high fantasy. “Have you called…” He pauses, looking over at Lissy for a second before dropping his voice and whispering something that only Katie could make out.

“Haven’t been able to in this storm.” Thunder booms loudly, reinforcing Katie’s words. “I’ll try if it ever clears up again.”

“We may not have time. He’s getting stronger and he’s going to come after you again!” The sudden raising of his voice had Lissy flinched back from where she’d leaned forward in an attempt to hear their conversation.

“He wasn’t after me this time!” Katie’s voice has risen as well, a stern tone that Lissy’s never heard from her before. It was like she was a completely different person around her cousin or something. “At least, he didn’t think he was.”

“That’s just the thing, Katie, he didn’t think he was at the time. He fell for our plan and went after the decoy, but he’s smart and he’ll realize who he need soon enough to bring you-know-who back!”

“I’m sorry,” Lissy interrupts, completely lost now,” was that guy from last night trying to bring back Voldemort or do we have a new Dark Lord that nobody bothered to tell me about?” Elijah rolls his eyes at the question, but Lissy can see the corners of Katie’s mouth twitching as she fights back a smile. “What’s going on?”

“I’ll tell you later,” Katie promises, holding up a placating hand.

“You’ll tell her nothing, Katelyn,” Elijah yells. “We don’t need her freaking out because she doesn’t understand.” The look Elijah sends Lissy’s way could have made Satan run for the hills, but she’s received worse looks from her damn cat. Lissy wonders how they’d react if they knew she wasn’t fully human and came from a family of Hunters, but she doesn’t say anything out loud. She was never properly trained and had spent her life living below all kinds of supernatural radars.

“She has a right—”

“The answer is no.” Katie lowers her head a little, her hand clenching the comforter tightly as though she was fighting the urge to punch her cousin. “If she knows, then our plan will fail for sure.”

Your plan, not mine. I was never given the choice to agree and I’ll do whatever I can to keep my best friend safe!” Lissy’s never seen Katie so angry before, so absolutely full of rage that even Elijah backed down for a second. “You might be older than me, but that doesn’t make you my dad.” Elijah looks down at his hands sadly, flexing them under the bandaged Katie had wrapped around them last night. Lissy knew there were stitches beneath the pristine white of the gauze, perfectly done with hands that didn’t shake or hesitate.

“I’m sorry, Katie.”

“Just get some rest, alright? You’re going to need it with you-know-who in town.” Elijah remains silent, watching as Katie stands and loops her arm through Lissy’s and leads the brunette to the living room down the hall. All the glass had been carefully picked up and dumped into the trashcan, the front window boarded up to keep the rain from ruining the carpet. “I’ve got a lot to explain, Lissy, so you might want to have a seat.” She does just that, dropping down on the couch as Katie begins to pace in front of her.

“Katie, seriously, what the hell is going on?” Katie gently pulls a lock of hair loose from her bun and begins to tug on it, something she always does when she’s thinking hard. Lissy saw it all the time when they were in college, usually appearing during their history class or whenever an important essay was due.

“It’s just—” But Lissy didn’t get to figure out what it was because the alarm on her phone went off, the Munsters theme interrupting Katie. She gives a little sigh of relief, grabbing Lissy coat off an armchair and tossing it to her. “I’ll explain when you get home in a few hours.” Lissy shrugs the coat on and then wraps the pale blue scarf around her neck, using part of it to cover her dark hair. “Be careful, Lissy. There are…. Things out there.”

“Will it reach up and pull me to my knees?” She couldn’t help it, it just slipped out, but she can tell it also made Katie look more frantic than she had earlier. It was Lissy’s own nervous habit, to quote or reference the three little chipmunks as something playful to fall back on when she didn’t know what else to do in the situation.

“Make another Alvin and the Chipmunks reference when I’m trying to be serious and I’ll burn every one of their movies you own.” Lissy’s shaking at this point, though that might be because she never ate supper last night and doesn’t have time for breakfast if she’s going to make it to the school on time.

“We’re having a long talk when I get home.” She points warningly at Katie, opening the front door without tearing her gaze off her friend. "And if you burn those movies, you'll wake up bald tomorrow." Katie’s hands fly up to cover her hair and Lissy gives her a wink before walking out in the storm.

Lissy practically throws herself into her car, pulling the visor down in order to check her makeup. She just didn’t want to walk in looking like she’d stood guard all night because Mrs. Johnston would pounce on any sign of weakness like a lion on a gazelle. Satisfied, she flips the visor back up and starts the car, backing out onto the street.

There's things out there,” she sings under her breath as she drives,” sneaking up behind you. Things out there that'll chill you to the bone. Those things out there, you know they're gonna find you. No matter where you go, you know there's things out there." She pauses as she comes to a stop sign, watching a couple of students run across the street before continuing on. "Running through the graveyard, bumping into trees. Something reaches out and pulls you to your knees..."

The elementary building was only five minutes from her house, made up of dark red bricks that had probably been old when the building was first made back in the fifties. Kids and parents were hurrying back and forth when Lissy parked in her designated spot, not helping her pinpoint why she felt like she was being watched. The hairs on the back of her neck were standing on end, but she could see if it was just the paranoia flaring up again. Get a grip, Collier.

With a steadying breath, she makes sure her coat is zipped all the way out before getting out, locking the car behind her as she sprinted across the street to the school.

“Nice timing,” the principal says when Lissy walks in right as the warning bell rings. "The kids should be coming back from breakfast as we speak. Timothy Graham is someone Lissy’s known all her life, only six years older than her and the one her mom used to call for babysitting duties. Because of that, she and Timmy got along nicely and often teased each other.


“You okay? You look a little sick.” She shakes her head, taking the jacket off to reveal the white top and jeans. It was an outfit that Katie had let her borrow, the top decorated with pale flowers that had been printed on it in places.

“It’s just the rain has me tired, is all.” He nods, still looking concerned but not commenting. "I know I'm not dressed the way the school likes, but it was a crazy morning.”

"Don't worry about, kiddo, we all have those days." She grins as he gestures towards the small white stain near his shoulder. “My son decided to spit up on me right before I had to walk out the door to do my bus route."

“How’s Dalton doing? Natasha told me he was a little sick last time she saw y’all.” Timmy shrugs, running a hand through his carefully styled hair, the brown strands sticking up wildly. At thirty, he’s only six years older than Lissy and still fussed over his appearance even if he was the type to walking around with a diaper bag now.

"He's doing fine, but Cassidy and I are exhausted." And just like that, a simple conversation with Timmy has Lissy slipping into teacher-mode and the feeling of being watched fading to the back of her mind. The kids begin to file into the building soon afterwards, chattering loudly and excitedly as they make their way into their classrooms. "You'd better go on to your class and get them situated. I'll talk to you later." He presses a chaste kiss to the crown of Lissy’s head, still seeing her as the kid he watched Scooby-Doo with instead of his colleague most of the time.

“Tell Cass I’ll swing by next Friday so you two can have a date night.” Timothy nods, heading back into his office and not realizing he had a small pack of baby wipes in his back pocket. Smiling, Lissy makes her way to the last classroom at the end of the long hallway, finding Mrs. Johnston already getting the preschoolers in their assigned places at their tables. As a teacher's aide, Lissy mainly ran errands or filled in when the teacher was sick. It was an easy job and it paid just enough to pay the bills.

"Hey,” Lissy greets. “What’s on the schedule for today?” Johnston sends Lissy the same stern glance she gives the kids, hands moving to her hips as she looks Lissy over. "I already talked with Timmy about my outfit." She makes a little noise of disapproval before handing Lissy a stack of papers.

"I want seventeen copies of each of the earmarked pages and four of the rest for the students who were absent last Friday," she explains tersely. "Do you think you can manage that, Miss Collier?"

"Yes, ma'am." So it’s going to be one of those days, the ones where Lissy was completely drained by the time she got home. She’d be lucky if she was able to stay awake long enough to have that long talk with Katie. Maybe I'll turn my hearing aid off when she goes to give me the end of class why-you're-a-disappointment-to-society lecture in front of the kids.

With the papers in hand, Lissy starts back down the hall to the teacher’s lounge. It was weird walking through the halls when everyone else was in their classrooms, the heels of her boots clicking loudly against slick floors. She eyes the pop machine with a deep longing for more caffeine since she’d forgotten her coffee at home, but she keeps on track to the copier.

She lays the papers down and starts the process of copying them, leaning her hip against the machine and looking around. The prickling feeling of being watched is back and she can almost hear that dream voice calling out her name again, echoing through the darkness. It was silly, she knew that, but the voice almost sounded familiar as it shouted Elisabetta at her again and again. With a shiver, she looks outside again, unable to make out much of anything because of the heavy rainfall.

This is going to be a long damn day.

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