Faded Legends

BY : Accidental-Ducky
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Nothing seemed out of place at first as Lissy slowly comes back into consciousness, the dryness in her mouth and the hard thing beneath her leading to her believing that she’d gotten drunk and passed out on her kitchen table again until she realizes that her head isn’t pounding and she can’t move her arms from their spot above her head.

"You wiggle a lot in your sleep," a vaguely familiar voice comments," I had to strap you down to keep you from rolling off the altar."

“Thanks,” she mumbles, still a little sleepy and not yet registering how wrong those words were. “You’re a good guy for a giant dog.” After a second, Lissy’s eyes open wide and her head snaps to the side to see who was talking to her because she highly doubts Elijah cared if she rolled off anything and she damn well knew she didn’t have an altar in her house. The person turns out to be Adam, standing nearby and looking at Lissy as though she’s a four-course meal. Oh, this is so not good. "Are you going to kill me?" He shrugs a little with a smile, using a rather large knife to clean the dirt out from under his fingernails.

"I'm not sure yet, Lissy. Depends on which bloodline you share. Are you the witch or vampire?"

"How about C: none of the above?" He shakes his head with that amused smile still in place, pointing the knife at Lissy in a manner that suggests he knows how to use it. "Can we put the deadly weapons down now? I mean, really, a bit unprofessional."

"You're pretty calm for a woman that might be murdered soon. What's your secret?"

"A healthy dose of cartoons every Saturday morning," she states dryly, pulling against the leather restraints that keep her wrists in place. “You’re a real twisted guy, aren’t you? Kidnapping innocent teachers for your weird rituals and then looking shocked when the hostage is sarcastic." His smile widens as he slams the pointed end of his knife down into the wood a few inches from her face, succeeding in getting a terrified scream from her.

"That's it, sweetheart," he laughs, throwing his arms out wide. "Scream all you want because this place is completely soundproofed! Isn't that great?"

“Oh yeah, real convenient.” Adam grabs a handful of her hair, forcing her to arch her back in order to keep him from breaking her neck. “So, you gonna tell me your master plan like the normal bad guy or do you plan on staying like this and pulling my hair? I gotta tell you though, I'm not kinky enough to like being tied down." Adam looks positively giddy, pulling the knife out of the wooden altar and holding it against Lissy’s cheek, careful not to draw blood yet. "Oh, you're into that sadistic shit, huh?"

"Just tell me what you are and I promise to make your death quick." His breath washes over he and I she scrunches up her nose at the smell of decay.

"Why don't you go swallow a tic-tac first?" Obviously not pleased with Lissy telling him his breath stinks, Adam makes a shallow cut on her cheek, his breath speeding up as a drop of crimson rolls across her face and sinks into the wood beneath her. "Was that supposed to hurt or is it foreplay?" Another, deeper, cut to her shoulder. "Come on, you can do better than that." It actually hurts like a bitch, and he can tell that by the way she grits her teeth and her breathing becomes shallow, but if she gives up her secret, he'll just kill her and go after Katie.

"I guess we get to do this the fun way."


"Strong little halfling, aren't you?" Lissy doesn’t answer him, closing her eyes for a small break and she struggles to keep her tears from falling. They would only make the cuts on her face hurt worse than they already do and she really doesn’t need that right now. Adam lets go of her hair and she drops back to the altar, wincing at the impact with the unforgiving wood. She was covered in cuts that were shallow on and around her face, but deep along her shoulders and belly. "I wish I could tell by your blood, but the human in you masks any other taste."

"So if I said 'bite me' you'd take that in the literal sense?"

"You're quirky, I like that. Maybe I'll keep you around to cheer me up when I'm sad."

"Trust me when I say that I'll put a stake through your heart the first chance I get." He shrugs with a soft laugh, tossing the knife aside and walking over to one of the two coffins that are set against the far wall. “I’ve always thought you guys were extinct, no more pureblood vampires alive that we have to worry about. My gramps, another half-blood, he killed some of the last of your kind."

“Too bad Hunters are dwindling these days, they were always fun to toy with.” He gets a cruel gleam in his eyes, like he was about to deliver a killing blow. “The last one I found was this little red-headed woman and she was shaking so hard that she couldn’t even hold the stake. It was adorable, but I drained her anyway. Can't keep Hunters alive, they only train harder and try to kill me at a later time."

Red-hot rage fills Lissy as she tries to lunge at him, the restraints keeping her from raking her nails down his face. She wanted—needed—to kill him as soon as possible for causing the biggest blow to her family. It was his fault that her older sister was dead, his fault that her father’s grief drove him to suicide, and she would tear his throat out with her teeth as soon as she got free.

“Bastard,” she snarls, jerking and wriggling on the altar in an attempt to get free.

"What's wrong, Lissy? Did that hit a nerve?” In the blink of an eye, Adam's standing over her again and delivering a hard slap that has her head snapping to the side. The contact made her cry out again, her cheek throbbing and stinging from a new cut that had opened up under the ring he wore on his index finger.

“You’d better pray the Hunters get you before I do because you’re gonna die just like your daddy did! It was a werewolf bite that did him in, wasn't it? I bet he cried like a baby before he died and I bet you will, too." That seemed to spark something because he suddenly has Lissy’s neck in a tight grip, his face inches from hers.

"Do not presume to think you know my father."

"He was a little bitch just like you." Adam's brown eyes change to a bright blue color, and Lissy realizes where she’s seen them before. He was worming around inside my head for months as he tried to find out what the hell I am.

"I could kill you so easily, just snap your neck and be done with it."

"Lay another hand on her and I'll make you die slow," a familiar voice growls from the doorway of the room. Adam directs his glare at Katie and Elijah, using his nails to cut through the leather straps binding Lissy to the altar before dragging her against his chest with his hand still grasping her throat.

"Trust me," Elijah says with a dark smile," you don't want to upset my cousin." Elijah's eyes looked like molten gold, the werewolf blood running through his veins beginning to grow stronger and allowing his nails to turn into black claws. "I mean, she's protective of family members and friends, but that's her girlfriend you're threatening, buckaroo." Katie pales at her cousin's words, gripping the silver stake in her hand tighter.

"I told you, we're just friends."

"Yeah, and I'm completely human."

"Can you guys argue about that a little later," Lissy asks. “Like after I ship this bastard's head to Timbuktu?"

"Right, sorry." Jesus, I'm being rescued by two people that decide to argue during a battle. What the hell did I get myself into? "Alright, pal, put Lissy down and fight me or are you a coward?" Elijah holds his arms out, daring the vampire to make a move.

"Do you really think a worthless halfling like you could even do any damage to me," Adam taunts, tossing Lissy to the side. She grunts when she hits the wall, the brute strength Adam has sending her through the weak sheetrock and old wood, and into the next room.

"I don't need any help, go and rescue your crush!" And then Katie is leaning over her, gingerly turning her onto her back and looking her over. "No cheap shots, you prick! That is a cheap shot- Oh, you bastard!"

"Don't pay attention to them," Katie instructs as she sets the stake aside. "Eli has faced purebloods like that prick before and he'll keep this one occupied until I get you somewhere safe." Lissy shakes her head, unable to talk and use her limited magic at the same time. Slowly and painfully, she feels her injuries beginning to heal; her broken arm no longer dented, the shallow cuts stitched back together, and her dislocated shoulder popped back in place. “Come on, let’s get you out of here.”

“No,” Lissy manages, pushing aside Katie’s hand and getting up by herself. “I promised that I’d kill him myself if I got the chance.” The room spins around her dangerously, her head going fuzzy for a moment as though she’d just had morphine shot right into her system.

"You can barely stand up, let alone fight."

"I'd be able to stand up easier if the room would stop fucking spinning!" Lissy holds out a hand, the silver stake on the ground flying off the ground and easily gripped even if her hands were shaking almost violently. "I'm not leaving this yet, Katie. I can't when this is personal." Katie stands quickly and wraps her arms around Lissy when the brunette attempts to climb back through the hole in the wall. “No! I have to kill him!” Lissy struggles hard against Katie, but the other woman is far stronger after all the training Hunters are put through.

"Why do you think you have to kill him? It'd be a suicide mission and I'm not letting you get murdered by vampire!"

"He killed my sister!" Lissy can feel the tears stinging her eyes and she lets them fall as she meets her best friend’s gaze. "He admitted it earlier, told me that she hadn't been ready when she tried to kill him, but she hadn't even been searching for him! I'm the only one in my family left, I have to be the one that delivers the killing blow."

"Well, then let's kick his undead ass." When the pair make it back into the room, Eli is lying on the floor near the coffins, semi-conscious and still throwing out taunts while Adam is leaning against the wall with four long claw-marks running across his chest. The blood that poured from the wounds was jet black, soaking into his shirt and dripping down onto the floor.

"Is that the best you can do," Eli slurs, spitting crimson blood from his mouth and trying to sit up until Katie places a hand on his shoulder. "I can do this all day!"

"Shut it, Eli," Katie instructs," you're in worse shape than Lissy is." Lissy doesn’t look down at the cousins, her eyes focused on the vampire standing a few feet away. Adam looks like he went three rounds with a twister and came out on the losing end; large chunks of his hair are missing in places, one of his eyes has been gouged out while the left one was swelling shut, and a few of his sharp teeth had been knocked out. "Go get 'em, tiger." She grins at Katie's encouragement, holding the stake tighter as she charges the vampire. Adam raises his hand, grabbing the front of her tee and slamming her against the wall, plaster dust raining down on them.

“You’re as pathetic as your sister was,” he growls, but no longer sounded as sure as he had a minute ago. With a stubborn glare, she lets the stake drop to the ground and lunges forward, singing her teeth in the thick skin of his neck until she could taste the rotten, dead blood filling her mouth. He lets out a howl, backing away and clutching at his throat in an attempt to stem the flow of blood as Lissy takes a threatening step towards his, spitting the blood and flesh out at his feet. He was choking on it now, the black fluid covering his hands and coming out of his mouth as his body began to disintegrate until only charred bones remained.

"I thought you were half witch." Lissy uses the hem of her shirt to wipe the blood off her mouth, spitting again and making a face at the nasty taste left behind.

"I am," she answers, dropping to the floor beside Eli and Katie," my mother was a witch and my grandfather was a werewolf." Lissy shrugs a little, leaning back against one of the coffins. "Can we go get that whisky now? I really need a drink."


“Are you sure you’re ready to head out,” Lissy asks, handing Elijah another of the shopping bags. Two weeks and eleven shopping trips later, Eli was finally heading back to Italy to inform his superiors of what had happened. She’ll have to join him in a few weeks to register as a halfling, but she plans on relaxing at home until then. “I mean, you could always send those guys an email.”

"We don't have WiFi there," he explains, earning a horrified look from her. When she gets there, she’ll have to stay and train to fill the space her sister left behind and that means at least two years without the internet. Well, she didn’t have to, but she wanted to finish what Leora had wanted to do. "Relax, you'll be kept so busy that you won't even think about it until you get back home and realize you need to binge watch Netflix to catch up on all your shows." He grins at Lissy, ruffling her hair in a way he seemed fond of since learning of her bloodlines. Werewolves have to stick together and he'll be one of her teachers when she comes to the Vatican to train.

Katie joins them with a smile lighting up her face, handing Eli a plate covered in saran wrap and getting up on her tiptoes to give his cheek a peck. "I think that's everything," she sighs, wrapping an arm around Lissy’s waist. "And if it isn't, then we'll bring whatever you forgot with us when we head back." Eli nods, opening the door of his truck and getting inside, wincing a little when the fresh stitches in his side tighten. "Careful, I'm not gonna stitch you up again so soon after doing it the first time."

"Love you too, cousin." He gives her a wry smile, shutting his door and rolling the window down so he can still talk to the women. "Hey, Collier." Lissy looks up from her sneakers to meet Eli's stare. "Take care of her, alright?"

"No problem, Scooby-Doo." He scowls at the nickname, but Lissy can tell that he's grown used to her little remarks over the time he's spent in her house. "You better hit the road before it gets too dark." The expression he gets on his face has her nervous, stepping slightly behind Katie in case he tries to ruffle her hair again. Instead of doing what she thought he would, he starts up his truck and puts it into reverse, meeting her eyes for a moment.

"Don't howl at the moon too loudly tonight, Collier. We wouldn't want animal control called on you." And then he was backing out as fast as possible, leaving her standing behind Katie with an impressed smile.

"Your cousin's an asshole."

"I know," Katie nods. She turns to face her girlfriend, pulling slightly on Lissy’s hips until there's barely any space left between them. "But he's a pretty good guard dog most of the time."

"True," Lissy murmurs against her lips before she pulls the blonde closer, sealing any gaps that may have existed before and kissing Katie like her life depended on it. After a moment, Katie pulls back and grabs her hand, tugging on it until Lissy was running after her into the house again where Kirk and Loki were curled up together in a chair.

"We won't be able to spend much time together while you're training," she explains with a mischievous grin as she walks backwards, keeping her eyes on Lissy. "So we should spend as much time together as possible before we have to leave." Lissy’s grin matches hers as she kicks the bedroom door closed behind them. "Come along, little witch, let me corrupt you."

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