Faded Legends

BY : Accidental-Ducky
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The storms carried on through the next few days, rarely giving anyone a break or letting the much-needed sunshine break through the lead-colored clouds above. Elijah could get out of bed and move around the house now, only wincing when he had to bend over to reach something and the stitches in his side were tugged tight against his flesh. As the bruises and minor cuts disappeared, Lissy realized just how gorgeous he really is, his complexion a soft gold and dusted with freckles, his eyes a bright blue, and his lips usually pursed in annoyance. He was built like a warrior, his muscles well defined and flexing whenever he moved, all fluid grace like Katie.

Lissy finds him looking out the windows more often than not, his thick brows furrowing as he looks around the house and only relaxing fully when he has Kirk in his lap. The cat seems to like him better than anyone else, allowing only Elijah to pamper it. Not that Lissy was complaining, the fewer attacks from the little hell beast the better.

Friday morning is a rare one, sunlight waking Lissy up slowly as it streamed in through the gauzy red curtains covering her bedroom window. The curtain turned the light crimson, the clouds passing overhead making the light flicker over the walls like flames. It was still low, not quite seven as her eyes flicker open. She lets out a quiet groan, sitting up and scratching her ankle as she looks around.

Katie was no longer lying beside her, the left side of the bed cold under Lissy’s hand. It wasn’t unusual, Katie was an early-riser and had a habit of cleaning whenever she couldn’t sleep. The latter explained why Lissy’s room, normally the messiest room in the house, was almost spotless. The clothes that had been flung every which way were neatly hanging in the closet or occupying the drawers in my dresser, the books scattered over every smooth surface were lining the bookshelf against the left wall, but the desk across the room was still covered in papers and sticky notes.

Lissy stretches her arms over her head and arches her back, enjoying the pleasant feeling of her muscles stretching before she gets to her feet. She walks over to the closet, picking out a nice skirt that would stop around her knees and a short-sleeved red top that wasn’t too snug. She pulls clean underwear out of a dresser drawer and heads out of her bedroom to the bathroom at the other end of the trailer. She was still half-asleep and missing her heading aid, so she didn’t hear the sounds of a shower turning off until she was already in the room and staring at a stark-naked Elijah Van Helsing.

“My eyes,” she shouts, dropping her clothes and high-tailing it back to the living room where Katie was flinging herself out of a chair.

“Did you walk in on Eli,” she asks groggily, beginning to fold the blanket that had fallen to the floor when she woke up. It was hard to hear Katie without the hearing aid, but Lissy managed to read her lips and figure it out that way. Lissy gestures at her right ear to let Katie know that she was mostly deaf right now, Katie giving a nod and switching over to beginner’s sign language. “Want me to start breakfast?

“No thanks, I lost my appetite when I saw your cousin’s ass.” The words probably came out a little garbled, but Katie’s never made fun of the less than perfect pronunciation before. Elijah enters the living room a few minutes later, blushing hard and dressed in a simple pair of worn jeans and a dark red and gray tee. His hair is disheveled from being dried, the ends sticking out everywhere like an angry Porcupine. Elijah says something, but his lips moved too fast for Lissy and she turns to Katie for a translation.

He said the shower’s free.” Lissy gives her a nod and a grateful smile before moving back down the hall to the bathroom, noticing that Elijah had picked her clothes up and laid them out on the washing machine before he left. Her smiled dims a little as she looks at the neatly folded clothes, wondering why he did something nice when she’d half-expected him to walk over them with his big feet.

Shrugging, she pulls off her tank top and panties, throwing them in the laundry basket, and getting in the bath-shower combination. The hot water felt amazing after walking barefoot through the cold house, her toes no longer freezing as the water from the shower runs down on them while she hunts around through the mixture of bottles to find her own things. A couple of days ago, when it became obvious that Katie and Elijah felt safer in her house, Katie had brought her things over and bought some stuff for Elijah’s use so he didn’t have to smell like cherries or Warm Vanilla Sugar. He demanded the 'manly' smells like Axe, though Lissy thinks it was all a little too macho.

Lissy washes quickly and rinses the soap out of her agonizingly thick hair, but she leaves in the conditioner long enough to shave her legs, giving it a chance to help with the tangles.

All too soon for her liking, she was getting out and dressing in an outfit deemed acceptable to teach in. Once the clothes and flesh-toned pantyhose were on, she moves on to brush her teeth and hair, then pulls her hair back into a nice chignon before walking into the kitchen. Katie and Elijah were working together to cook breakfast, Katie working on flipping pancakes while Elijah mixed up some more batter.

Lissy’s purple hearing aid is set out on the cabinet next to a small thermos of coffee and a pair of black heels were set on the floor in front of the cabinet. Lissy recognized them as the ones she kept in the back of her closet, but Katie had dragged the damn things out because of her obsession with trends. While Katie was distracted by setting chocolate chips in a pancake, Elijah mouths to Lissy that Katie had put a fresh battery in the hearing aid.

“Thanks,” she tells Katie once she has the hearing aid in place and turned up to the right volume, giving her a peck on the cheek. “You’re the best.”

“What about me,” Elijah asks, gaining a look of mock offense. Lissy gives his shoulder a sympathetic pat as she grabs the thermos and slips her feet into the low heels, starting for the door.

“You’re a good doggie.” The offense is real this time around and she gives him a mischievous wink. Katie chases her out the door and to her car with Elijah following after her at a slower pace, his hand covering his left side where the stitches are. “What is it?” Katie has worry showing clearly in her eyes when she reaches Lissy, looking anxiously around the empty yard.

"Why don't you call in sick until we figure this out,” Katie asks. “Timothy would understand and make an exception for you since you're his third favorite person in the world." She grasps Lissy’s shoulders gently as she speaks, Lissy able to feel her shivering. “I mean, you’re going to school with absolutely no protection and this vampire could strike at any time. What do you think he'd do to you when he figures out that you don't have the blood of Dracula in your veins?"

"Roast me over an open fire like the chicken that I am," she suggests dryly. Elijah scowls and delivers a sharp slap to the back of Lissy’s head. "Guys, they're out of subs and I have to go attend a parent-teacher conference since Johnston's out sick. If this isn't sorted out by Sunday, then I'll give Timmy a call and tell him that I've got a cold." Still seeing the worry on her face, Lissy gives her friend a tight hug. "I've got my pistol in the glove compartment. It might not kill him, but a bullet to the face should slow down any undead piece of trash." She gives a soft laugh, pulling back and moving to her cousin's side.

"If you get yourself killed and it upsets Katie, I'll bring you back and kill you again," Elijah warns.

"Ah, just admit it, Fido, I'm growing on you." She gives the pair a cheeky grin before climbing into the old Chevy and waving at them. She starts the car and turns the radio up as she backs out, beginning to hum along to the song playing as she drives through the familiar streets.

And all that jazz,” Catherine Zeta-Jones was singing,” find a flask, we’re playing fast and loose and all that jazz.” Lissy nods along with the beat of the song, tapping her fingers against the steering wheel. “Right up here is where I store the juice and all that jazz! Come on, babe, we’re gonna brush the sky. I betcha Lucky Lindy never flew so high!” She cuts the ignition after parking, leaning over the center console to make sure the glove compartment is locked.

"Let's get this day over with and then get drunk." It's the best pep talk she can manage, knowing she'll have to deal with several asshole parents for the next six hours.


Adam watches the brunette run across the street, the heels of her shoes only hindering her a little bit once she reached the gravel walkway. She was pretty in a strange way, a way that made you want to keep her safe, though he supposed that could be the magic that came off her in waves. It would fog the brains of most humans, but it was easily ignored by the vampire.

No one noticed as he stood across the street from the elementary school, watching the parents and children move in and out of the school for their meetings with the teachers. He'd known that Elisabetta wouldn't have shown up today if Johnston hadn't called in, so he'd used his abilities to put the rotund woman into a trance and then killed her once the call was made. Her blood tasted sour, mirroring her bitter personality, and he'd had to lie down the rest of the night to recuperate.

The sunlight was harsh, even with sunglasses and a coat, but he endured it for a few minutes longer before ducking into the shadows. She'd be here most of the day and he could come back when she was ready to leave. It shouldn't be too hard to 'convince' her to come with him back to his rental home here in Davenport. Then again, if this one really is the witch, then his ability to put people into a trace state might not work on her.

Adam stuffs his hands into the pockets of his suit jacket as he walks through the back streets to his house at the edge of town. It was a fairly nice one, painted a boring white and light-blocking curtains hanging in all the windows, the lawn a bit overgrown now thanks to the frequent rain. He chose it for a reason after researching Davenport, the house built right over a forgotten graveyard. The bodies beneath it gave off a dark aura that only the dead were capable of and he reveled in it, wondering if his father would exude a similar feeling. His mother hadn’t, she’d been warm even as she taught him the best way to disembowel Hunters.

Adam kicks the front door shut and runs up the stairs with a smile, heading into the first room at the top of the steps. Most of the rooms were empty as he didn’t own more than what could fit in a suitcase, but this one held a wooden altar and two coffins. He runs his fingers over the polished mahogany of his father’s coffin, impatient to finally see him in person instead of just in an old portrait that had degraded fifty years ago.

His father’s coffin had been purchased from a wood carver in Louisiana, a small mural carved into the bottom that showed his father’s final battle with the famous Van Helsing. Inside is made up of plush blue velvet with a single white pillow for his father's head to rest on while he sleeps. As it is, there's only a pile of old bones resting on the velvet, too fragile to move often.

Adam would have to bring the women back here in order to have his father back. Once the sacrifice was finished he would give his father the witch as a gift, knowing the other vampire would be starving after his years spent in Purgatory. Adam nods a little before climbing into his own coffin and shutting its lid. Unlike his father's, this one was much simpler and made of wood that was bleached white under the sun, the inside equipped with a small pouch sewn into the green velvet to hold his alarm clock.

Dracula would rise again and soon the world would be plunged into darkness and fear once more.

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