Faded Legends

BY : Khaleesi-Of-Dragons
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Lissy has prayed her ass off several times to any deities listening to let her paranoia be from moving to a small town after living in the city. She’s made sure all of the windows were locked and had curtains covering them, locked the front door, and she even took to sleeping with a loaded pistol in the drawer of her bedside table, but nothing made that eerie feeling go away. It didn’t seem to matter where in the house she slept, that feeling of being watched followed at her heels—the church, the grocery store, the school she worked at—always there like an itch she couldn’t quite reach. She was honestly beginning to think she was losing her mind (what was left of it after college, anyway), and nothing was helping her to make any sense of it.

Her best friend turned next door neighbor felt at ease in Lissy’s house and even slept there while her own house was renovated for three months. Maybe it’s because there’s not as much noise like there was in Stillwater or maybe she really is as insane as her old biology teacher said she was. At this point, it was anyone’s guess. Either way, she doesn’t think endless nights spent pacing and dozing where she can are helping any. Don’t get her wrong, she loves her new house and town, but this is getting a little ridiculous in her opinion.

Even her cat, normally happy around anyone that apart from her, has begun to hiss at random bystanders that drop by occasionally. Of course, Kirk has always had a temper despite the rest of his breed being happy-go-lucky cats. Hers is possessed by Satan, she’s sure of it, but a kitty exorcist isn’t high on her list of things to find. As though reading her thoughts, the white Persian opens its blue eyes to look up at her, then it hisses and scampers off on short legs. The little asshole.

Lissy shakes her head and flops backwards onto her couch, staring up at the ceiling and trying to make out patterns in the drywall mud. She’s exhausted, but every time she manages to doze off she has a weird and terrifying nightmare. She can never fully remember it when she wakes up, a blur of colors like a movie being rewound, but the remnants left behind include a hissing voice and bright blue eyes.

With a shiver, she rolls onto her side to stare at the window across the room, the dark curtain blocking out any moonlight that tried to creep inside. It’s nearly pitch-black outside, rain falling hard and pinging off the metal roof in a soothing cacophony of noise. Hell, the sound of rainfall is enough to make someone that’s wide awake drowsy and it’s damn sure enough to make Lissy’s eyes begin to slide closed.

Slowly, everything begins to fade around her as sleep takes control, the darkness wrapping around her until it felt stifling. The voice was back, echoing through the blackness as it calls out the name her absentee mother had written neatly on her birth certificate, the one no one outside of her family should know about. Over and over again, her name was almost shouted like it was coming from far away yet growing closer as those bright eyes appeared. They were an unnatural blue color, belonging more in children’s cartoons than in a nightmare where they held only a ruthless cunning.

A loud banging sound makes Lissy jerk out of the deep slumber just as the light brown skin of the creature’s face was revealed, the dream disappearing in a puff of smoke as reality delivers her wake-up call. She opens her eyes with a groan, the maroon curtains doing nothing to keep out the bright sunshine.

“Open the door, I have to pee! Lissy!” Kirk walks into the living room, jumping in order to curl up in the armchair as Lissy rises to open the door. Her best friend was on the other side of the screen door, shifting constantly from foot to foot with her hand bunched in the material of her dress. “Move it!” She pushes past Lissy, making a beeline for the bathroom down the hall.

Katie is pretty, almost like a Disney fairy with her beautiful blonde hair, clear gray eyes, and petite build. Her lips were what Lissy loved the most, full and pink, always glistening with the clear lip gloss that Katie hoarded in her spare room. They tasted like strawberries, Lissy knew after one drunken night after finals.

Lissy knew almost everything about her best friend and she knew well enough that all the makeup in the world couldn’t hide the bruises beneath Katie’s eyes. She’s been having trouble sleeping, though she refuses to tell Lissy about any reasons that could be causing it. Despite being downright chipper, Katie Grant wasn’t the type to divulge too much private information before she was entirely sure it was a good idea.

“Good morning to you too, Katie,” Lissy calls after her with a laugh, deciding to leave the front door open since it was sunny for the first time in three days. She scoops Kirk up in her arms, the cat tired enough that he didn’t struggle to get away from her as she settles him in her lap so she could make herself comfortable in the recliner. “How’d you sleep last night, Kirk?”

The cat gives an annoyed meow, eyes half-closed as his tail twitches back and forth. Lissy nods in agreement, running her fingers through his soft fur. She loved her cat even if he was one step away from being the villain in a Pinky and the Brain episode.

“Okay,” Katie sighs, walking back into the living room and standing in front of the TV with her hands planted on her hips. Like usual, she’d dressed in light colored clothes that made her look tanner than she already was, the dress accentuating her small breasts and baring her arms. “What do we have planned for today and did you sleep on your couch last night?” The blonde seems to miss nothing, though she didn’t exactly have to be a genius since there were a pile of blankets on the floor where Lissy had kicked them off.

“I plan on watching TV until my brain melts and yes, Katie, I did sleep on my couch last night. Where’d you end up crashing last night?” A faint blush colors her cheeks and she avoids Lissy’s gaze for a moment before answering.

“I found my bathtub to be more than accommodating. Don’t you give me that look, Lissy Collier, it was dry and I stuffed a blanket in the bottom of it.” Lissy holds her hands up in a don’t shoot gesture, smiling all the same. “At least my pet likes me enough to cuddle at night.”

“Yes, Loki is a sweet dog, but he doesn’t have that special something that Kirk does.”

“You’re right, you’re absolutely right. Loki isn’t a vessel for Lucifer.” Lissy sticks her tongue out at her, scratching Kirk’s head.

“Don’t listen to her, Kirk, she’s just jealous.” Tired of the affection, Kirk gives a low hiss and jumps down, trotting towards the back of the house where his food and water dishes sat. “Why did I get stuck with the evil one?”

“Cause he was fifty percent off at the pet store and bit Mrs. Johnston.”

“Such a good cat, really.” Katie shakes her head in amusement, seating herself in the armchair on Lissy’s right and turning the TV on. They’re quiet for a moment as Katie flips through the channels, focusing more on the blur of colors than each other. “I had that dream again,” Lissy finally says to break the growing silence. “I think I might go see a therapist about it.”

"Um, no, I dated a therapist and I know for a fact that they guess on what to do half the time." She flips through the channels slowly, pausing briefly on Supernatural before continuing on. "To be fair to the other therapists in the world, Larry did get his degree by accident when he was trying to order pizza."

"There is that." Lissy nods, tucking her feet underneath her as her friend decides on CMT. She didn’t mind country music all that much after growing up hearing it all the time, but she still preferred classic rock over anything.

"Why go to therapy when you can just get it all off your chest by talking to me? I mean, we've known each other since Freshman year in college and you can pay me in food."

"Yes, but the last time I vented to you, you drew what I dreamed and put it on your blog."

"That's because you used to give epic details, but now all I get is the dream stalker has blue eyes."

"Sorry for not wanting to remember something that traumatizes me nightly, dear."

"Yeah, yeah." After another moment where the only noise came from Carrie Underwood singing, Lissy can basically feel Katie’s stare drilling a hole in the side of her head. When she finally faces the blonde, reluctantly tearing her gaze away from Brad Paisley’s ass, she finds the blonde giving her an irritated glare. "Tell me you didn't sleep with your hearing aid in." On instinct, she reaches up and brushes the tips of her fingers over the cold plastic behind her ear, then quickly uses her dark hair as a curtain. “God, how is it not dead already?”

"Just lucky, I guess." Honestly, she hadn’t even thought she’d fall asleep last night and had left it in. It’s not the first time she’s done it and it wouldn’t be the last, so she didn’t see the point in worrying about it. Lissy drops her hand back to her lap, pulling at some lose strings on the shorts she wore. They were old and falling apart faster than she could fix them, but she refused to throw them out just yet. "Maybe we should go shopping tomorrow, spend the day in Stillwater." Katie hums in answer, both of their eyes glued to the TV as one music video bleeds into another, the songs all sounding the same.

Around noon, the sun disappears behind dark clouds and the rain starts up again, taking away all traces of warmth. The women stand in front of the living room windows, watching as the rain pours down in heavy sheets capable of drenching anyone to the bone. It would be freezing out there and Lissy didn’t envy anyone that had to be outside.

 "The news said it was supposed to be bad, but I thought it was gonna hit later on tonight," Katie complains, her lips forming a frown. "Loki's gonna be going crazy over there. He hates this weather."

"Why don't you take my umbrella to get to your house, pack an overnight bag, and you and Loki can spend the night here? Mike Morgan said there was a chance of tornadoes and I have a shelter in the backyard that's fully stocked thanks to my dad."

"Sounds good." She moves away from the window and to the hall closet, pulling out the bright yellow raincoat and Lissy’s umbrella before disappearing outside in the downpour. The brunette watches long enough to make sure her friend made it across their shared lawns without a problem before moving to locate the demon that is her cat, knowing he would try to kill Loki the first chance he got. They're about the same size, but Kirk is the meaner of the two and he needs to be locked in Lissy’s room for the rest of the night in order to keep the rest of her house in one piece.

Kirk lets out an indignant meow as she picks him up, kicking his legs back in forth in an effort to escape, and giving her a glare when she finally set him back down in her bedroom. "Don't give me that look, it's not my fault that Loki's nicer than you." Lissy shuts the bedroom door, hearing a faint thump as the feline slams its body against the wood and smiling when she hears its complaining before her attention is drawn to other noises, too loud for a pet to make.

She moves forward a few feet, unsure if she really want to look outside to see what was making so much noise or if she wanted to take her chances with a pissed off cat. Outside, barely heard over booming thunder and rain, are the sounds of a fight; grunts belonging to a man and the sound of flesh hitting flesh. Whoever's being attacked out there, it's not Katie because that girl has more of a flee instinct than a fight one.

Steadying herself, Lissy takes a few more steps forward to just make sure it definitely isn't her friend being assaulted. She creeps over to the screen door, squinting to see past the downpour. Illuminated by the occasional lightning flash, two men are going at each other, not holding back as they come closer and closer to Lissy’s house.

She quickly shuts and locks her front door, stepping away from it as she hears the sound of somebody colliding with her low porch. What the hell am I supposed to do? The cops here don't do their job and the only gun she owns is in her bedroom. By the time I make it in there, the people could be in my fucking house! Her eyes dart between the front door and her bedroom, both so close together that the decision was difficult to make.

"Fuck this," she breathes, moving to run towards the other end of the house and deciding to climb through a window. She barely gets three feet when the front window of her living room is shattered by a body flying through it. The woman lets out a scream, jumping back and ending up on top of the entertainment center.

No one else comes through the window and Lissy stays in her spot for a good five minutes before she convinces herself that the mysterious guy might need some help. As she gets closer, she can see that the man has a tanned complexion and short, dark hair; a few scars decorate his face, three shallow lines of wrinkles across his forehead and near his eyes. Not bad-looking overall, but there was the fact that he had just shattered her window.

The front door swings open suddenly and Lissy scrambles backwards again, grabbing the first thing she can find to use as a weapon. She holds it up in front of her, paying more attention to the dark figure standing in her doorway. It’s not until another flash of lightening that she can make out the battered raincoat and wisps of blonde hair plastered to the intruder’s face.

"Katie?" The blonde walks further into the house, kneeling down next to the unconscious man and gently turning his head so that she can see him better. She's utterly calm as she examines him, as though she's done this hundreds of times before. He has a few cuts scattered here and there from the glass of the window and his left eyes is beginning to swell shut while one side of his jaw turns a shade of dark purple. Overall, he looked even worse than the sleep-deprived women surrounding him.

"Lissy," Katie says after a moment," we need to get him to the guest room and then we gotta get this window covered in case that whack job decides to make a reappearance." It's then Lissy notices that her friend looks beat up as well, Katie’s face holding a few scrapes and her knuckles bloody. "Seriously, hon, put the cat toy down and help me out with my cousin."

What the hell is going on here?

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